Run, Jang-Mi – E37

Taeja backs off when he finds out the truth and Jang-Mi’s noble idiocy ends.  Suddenly, the space allows Jang-Mi to open up a little more.


Minjoo’s father acknowledged that they did what they should not to Jang-Mi by abandoning her when her father died. He sighs that Mincheol was just not good enough of a man to take responsibility for Jang-Mi and her family.

Taeja stares in shock. Then he asks how this could be.

Minjoo’s father just quietly answers that Jang-Mi has been hurt by his family. So, she would be even more sensitive when anything involves them. He asks Taeja to let Jang-Mi go since his wife wants Taeja to marry Minjoo.

Taeja quickly quips that he already explained it to Professor Choi that he doesn’t see Minjoo in that way.

Minjoo’s dad changes his request and tells Taeja to be more strict toward Minjoo and her mother…


At the same time, Jang-Mi meets with Professor Choi who proudly hands over the envelope. Professor Choi sniffs that she is willing to give Jang-Mi the money if she promises to keep the relationship with Mincheol a secret. Jang-Mi leaves the envelope on the table and leaves.

But Jang-Mi runs into Taeja on the street as she returns to work. He pulls her to the side and yells at her for being stupid. He asks why she didn’t tell him earlier and he would not have subjected her to continuing to meet Mincheol, who hurt her. Jang-Mi mutters that if she kept quiet, things would have returned to normal eventually.

Taeja pulls Jang-Mi into an embrace and declares that her hurting actually hurts him. He doesn’t want her to suffer alone anymore. He also promises to give her space until she’s ready to open her heart to him. But, he adds that he hopes she will turn to him when she feels even a little bit like her heart is opening.


That evening, Minjoo’s father calls everyone home and explains that he told Taeja everything. He asks his family to please leave Jang-Mi alone.

As expected, everyone freaks out even when Minjoo’s father tells her that she’s not meant to be with Taeja. Minjoo’s dad sighs that his conscious wouldn’t let him alone.

Cue Minjoo running into the room to sob and Minjoo’s mother declaring that she wants a divorce. I’d say let them both go! Good riddance.

Meanwhile, Joonhyuk’s dad eats dinner with CEO Hwang. Over delicious food, CEO Hwang teases Joonhyuk’s dad about the “female friend”.


In the morning, Jang-Mi is off to work when Taeja runs out to intercept her. He tells her to rest and cool off her head with a movie ticket. There’s only one so she doesn’t even have to be burdened by him! Jang-Mi grudgingly accepts it and goes.

She finds that she’s the only person sitting on her side of the theater (row). (In Korea, you get assigned seats when you buy tickets. Presumably, Taeja bought out all of the seats on her row so that Jang-Mi can be comfortable.) Jang-Mi doesn’t realize but Taeja sits three rows behind and even follows her around as she tries on shoes and eats.


Then, Minjoo decides to try to do damage control. She meets with Taeja to assert that she had no idea about her brother’s and Jang-Mi’s relationship. She also adds that her brother’s actions are understandable as Jang-Mi’s parents hid their financial troubles. Taeja glares that it still wasn’t right to leave Jang-Mi right after the honeymoon right after her father died.

Minjoo backpedals and agrees that she knows her brother was wrong. But, she thinks that Mincheol’s actions were not completely incomprehensible. Taeja isn’t convinced.

Minjoo tries another tactic by asking Taeja to back off now before he gets too emotionally attached for Jang-Mi. Minjoo brings up Taeja’s mom as the reason. Mrs. Hong had disapproved of Joonhyuk just because of his background…There is no way she would approve of Jang-Mi. Taeja frowns that it’s too late. He’s come too far and would do anything to protect Jang-Mi.


The next day, the Chef brings in early New Years presents! It’s the shoes that Jang-Mi tried on. Totally clear that Taeja bought it and is giving the shoes through the chef. However, it’s not all smooth sailing as the shoes Taeja bought for the chef’s assistant (Ara) are too big… she pouts that the chef got the right size for Jang-Mi but not hers.

Meanwhile, Minjoo drives Mrs. Hong around and even home. Minjoo doesn’t spill about Jang-Mi but sneakily asks if Mrs. Hong can’t convince CEO Hwang to bring Taeja into the main company sooner. Then, at Taeja’s place, Minjoo snaps at Jang-Mi’s mother for not being more careful with the expensive dishes.

A little later, Jang-Mi’s mother brings in snacks for CEO Hwang and Joonhyuk’s dad. As soon as they spot each other, both freeze awkwardly. Jang-Mi’s mother quickly flees and Joonhyuk’s dad excuses himself to follow her out. He asks why she’s working there.

Jang-Mi’s mother explains that it was a request by Mrs. Hong for just the week…she also asks him to keep it a secret from the kids.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi and Taeja keep working on their black bean rice cake. They decide to add jujube and it’s a hit!

The two bring it to headquarters so that Friend Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk can also evaluate. Everyone agrees that it tastes great!

To celebrate, they go off to bowl. Even though Taeja wants to team up with Jang-Mi, Friend Jang-Mi quickly says they should mix and match. Suddenly, Joonhyuk is teaching Jang-Mi how to bowl and Taeja is burning up with jealousy.


Later that night, Jang-Mi’s mother asks Jang-Mi about a drawing she found under the shoe’s padding. It’s obviously Taeja’s drawing and it says “Good luck.”

Jang-Mi confronts Taeja who quickly confesses and apologizes. She asks if he was following her all day and he agrees…but, Jang-Mi doesn’t accept his apology saying she’s just thankful.

Taeja then demands a dollar and Jang-Mi gives him 50 cents. Taeja laughs that he did not buy her the shoes since presenting shoes means the other side would run away. He tells Jang-Mi to put the drawing back. That way, Jang-Mi can always bring good luck with her everywhere she goes.

The next day, the calm gets disturbed again when Minjoo calls Jang-Mi out. Minjoo apologizes for her family and asks Jang-Mi to leave Taeja.

Jang-Mi looks back and answers that she cannot as she likes Taeja, too.


I’m a bit tired so I will keep this part short.

But, I must say that Minjoo’s father is a breath of fresh air! I love the fact that his conscience would not let him sit back as his family continues to torture Jang-Mi.  He told Taeja that it was Mincheol’s fault and lacking even though it could hurt Minjoo’s non-existent chances with Taeja.  LOVE!

Korea has a huge community-centric and family-centric philosophy that gets in the way of families turning on their black sheep.  As a result, you rarely see people acting in a manner that would hurt a member of their family.  This assists in the noble-idiocy plot devices.  Here, the noble idiocy plot device gets gutted when Minjoo’s father tells Taeja everything and I almost jumped with happiness!

Another thought that went through my mind while watching this episode was a scene from back in college.  At a church retreat, the pastor had analogized that lovers and stalkers are really similar; the difference is how one perceives him or her.  This episode seemed to be the perfect example.  On one hand, it was really cute how Taeja bought out the movie theater’s row and then followed Jang-Mi around even having dinner opposite of her (although on different floors).  On the other hand, if we had not already been convinced that Taeja was a good guy and the producers had included creepy music, this would have totally been a creepy stalker scene where Taeja follows the ignorant victim.  Just food for thought that Korean drama can perpetuate dangerous stereotypes if are not alert!

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