Run, Jang-Mi – E40

Another episode of semi-normalcy for our main couple.  Jang-Mi is even introduced to Grandpa Hwang but Minjoo and mom are in the background fuming.



Taeja apologizes that he cannot accept Minjoo’s feelings and gets up.  But then, Minjoo screams that she did not wait for Taeja throughout all of their time in the United States so that Taeja would be snapped up by a horrible girl like Jang-Mi.  Taeja pauses and turns around.  He tells Minjoo that Jang-M is a good woman; Minjoo should stop saying such things.


Taeja goes back to work and hugs Jang-Mi close.  She’s confused at his behavior but he doesn’t explain.


Meanwhile, Professor Choi follows Jang-Mi’s mother’s out and screams outside of Taeja’s house.  She tells Jang-Mi’s mother to stay away from Taeja’s family and to keep Jang-Mi away from Taeja as well.  To prove her point, Professor Choi sniffs that Taeja’s mother is the type that would never accept a girl like Jang-Mi.  Jang-Mi’s mother pauses to ask just what kind of family is Taeja’s mother but Professor Choi does not answer.


Taehee also arrives back at her work where Taehee is furious. Minjoo skipped out on a meeting, which Minjoo was responsible for preparing for.  The clients have already left.


Minjoo cries and Taehee backs off. Minjoo sniffles that Taeja has been seduced by a divorced woman who is only interested in Taeja for his wealth.  Taehee does not question Minjoo’s words since Minjoo has faithfully kept suck light women from Taeja in the past. Minjoo asks Taehee for help in protecting Taeja.


Taehee carefully asks Taeja if he couldn’t reconsider Minjoo since Minjoo has always been there for him. Taeja smiles that he cannot as he likes someone else. Taehee continues and notes that he doesn’t know the new person that well… she could be after his money.

Taeja frowns and his voice rises when he replies that Taehee should understand him better than anyone. He calms himself down and adds that he’s happy… he’s happier than he has ever been; so, he’s even nervous.


Taehee backs off and leaves. In the courtyard, she runs into Joonhyuk who confirms that he knew about Taeja as well. Joonhyuk answers Taehee’s questioning looks with the sigh that he’s just worried that the couple might get hurt because of Taehee’s family. Taehee smiles and asks Joonhyuk to look after Taeja.


Meanwhile, Minjoo and Professor Choi strategize about what to do now that Taeja “proposed”. (Note asked to officially date with parental permission not get engaged.) Minjoo tells her mom that she’s not going to tell Mrs. Hong yet. If Mrs. Hong knows, she will try to tear them apart which will only make them closer.


The next day, Mr. Jang runs into Jang-Mi’s mom into the courtyard. When Jang-Mi’s mom sighs that she’s worried about her job since Jang-Mi and Taeja are dating, Mr. Jang agrees. He encourage her to quit.


Jang-Mi’s mom goes to tell Mrs. Hong. But, Mrs. Hong tries to stop Jang-Mi’s mom by offering to double her pay as well as giving Jang-Mi’s mom responsibility over the household affairs.

Jandi also finds it about the couple and Taeja treats her to lunch for helping out. After dinner, Jang-Mi and Taeja find that cabs are not available. When Taeja goes home, he considers driving again but the trauma from the childhood car crash overwhelms him.

Instead, Taeja starts to confirm internal allies. He calls his grandfather to meet up for a meal with his girlfriend.

As for a side line, the Chef catches Taeja winking at Jang-Mi. He whines that it’s hard to watch the couple and Taeja jokes back that the chef should just become an internal couple, too. The chef winks at Ara who smacks him with her gloved hands and announces that even if Taeja were the only man in the world, she wouldn’t take him. Ara leaves with the chef looking hurt.


Then Taeja introduces Jang-Mi to his grandfather at a traditional Korean restaurant. Both Jang-Mi and CEO Hwang freeze when they first see the other. CEO Hwang recovers first and laughs that he would never had guessed. But, he promises to keep up his part of the bargain to support Taeja with whoever Taeja chooses.
Jang-Mi is still quiet when they go home. Taeja tries to raise her spirits with jokes but Jang-Mi sighs that she feels a little betrayed. It’s one thing to believe that Taeja got his job through connections. It’s another thing to know that he is heir to the company.

Jang-Mi goes in first. Then Minjoo calls to ask to meet Taeja. Taeja declines even though Minjoo threatens to wait until he comes out.

So, Minjoo spends the night in her car and sees Taeja flirting with Jang-Mi in the morning. This breaks Minjoo’s delicate obsessive sensibilities; she rushes home to skip work and drink in her room. All Minjoo can do is cry for her parents to call Taeja.
Meanwhile, Jang-Mi has to go back home to pick up her notes on new rice cakes. She’s about to leave when Professor Choi arrives to find Taeja. Professor Choi accuses Jang-Mi of taking Taeja who would have been with Minjoo otherwise.

Jang-Mi responds back by interrupting and telling Mrs. Choi to wake up and face the facts. Mrs. Choi told Jang-Mi that Taeja and Minjoo were dating when they were not… if they had been as romantically involved, they would have gotten together before Jang-Mi got into the picture.

A normal woman would see some reason. But, we have established that Mrs. Choi is neither normal or sane… She decides that Jang-Mi defending herself warrants a physical attack and grabs Jang-Mi’s hair.

Jang-Mi pulls away and shoves the psycho off. Mrs. Choi gasps that Jang-Mi would pull away and pulls her arm back to slap Jang-Mi. Mrs. Choi begins to bring her arm down but gets foiled by Jang-Mi catching Mrs. Choi’s rust and declaring that she will not accept the abuse any longer.


It’s amazing how many grown adults go around with delicate sensibilities and living in their own world like Mrs. Choi. While, it is improper in Korea to even defend yourself against such a person because you are disrespecting your elder, I think that takes it too far. Our female main characters don’t need to stand through verbal or physical abuse just because the abuser is older. Episodes like this make me wonder if we can’t have a separate agency which can be alerted for smaller assaults and batteries. There would also be an internal registry if the victim wants to report the aggressor to the registry. Then, at least, the aggressor cannot pretend that it’s unusual for something like this to occur. The agency members accompanied by the police would know who is more likely to be the aggressor.

As for another note, what do you guys think of Jang-Mi keeping Mrs. Choi’s crazy to herself? If I were her, I would record Mrs. Choi every time she comes around… that way, she can show Taeja and Taehee the truth about the crazy lady.

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