Run, Jang-Mi – E41

Taeja introduces Jang-Mi to his grandfather as the family schemes to get Taeja with Minjoo.



Jang-Mi warns Mrs. Choi to stop abusing her. She notes that if Mrs. Choi continues to verbally or physically attack Jang-Mi, Jang-Mi will tell Taeja everything. Jang-Mi does not give Mrs. Choi an opportunity to respond and leaves.


Minutes after Jang-Mi leave, Taeja arrives at home because he saw the text from Mrs. Choi. They go into the house where Mrs. Choi cries that Minjoo is suffering so much and asks Taeja to come and visit. Taeja declines explaining that he doesn’t think that his visiting would be appropriate at this point.


However, Jang-Mi calls off their after hours menu researching because she’s still reeling from the encore with Mrs. Choi. Taeja decides that he should visit Minjoo and brings over a basket of fruit.


Minjoo gets up when she sees Taeja and whines that Taehee at least had time to organize her feelings. Taeja apologizes that the circumstances are different and he likes Jang-Mi.


Then when Taeja walks into the living room, the whole family jumps Taeja asking him to help Minjoo suffer less. Taeja agrees and gets up. But, Mincheol asks for a drink.

Over some alcohol, Mincheol laughs that Taeja probably only hears one side of the story. He explains that he loved Jang-Mi but then he felt betrayed when it turned out the family lied. Taeja asks how Mincheol could leave Jang-Mi when he father died. Mincheol sighs that he just couldn’t get through his betrayal.

Taeja brings up Jang-Mi’s miscarriage. Mincheol lies that he was going to get back with Jang-Mi for the baby but she lost it. It wasn’t meant to be. Taeja cuts the conversation and notes that Mincheol can leave Jang-Mi and move on. Taeja will care for her. So, Mincheol goes home wondering how his tactic of telling Taeja about the miscarriage didn’t work to scare Taeja off. Jerk.


Taeja goes to ask Joonhyuk for advise instead. He notes that he feels so confused and overwhelmed by Minjoo’s declaration of her feelings and the problems. Joonhyuk tells Taeja not to tell Jang-Mi about Minjoo going crazy. Taeja agrees while Jang-Mi broods about whether she can continue fighting for this relationship.


The next day, Jang-Mi tells Taeja that she’s afraid to continue dating him as his status as heir to SL Foods is too much for her to handle. Basically, she tells him that if she falls for him further, it would only hurt her.

Taeja answers back that no one wants to be born into a poor family. In the same way, he didn’t pick his family and he wants to keep trying. He promises to protect her.

Taeja then goes to meet his grandfather to ask about Jang-Mi. CEO Hwang laughs that he was surprised but Jang-Mi is too good for Taeja. This makes Taeja smile broadly. He adds that he needs to confess that Jang-Mi had been married before and also had a miscarriage. He explains that she was divorced right after the honeymoon when her father died and in the aftermath, lost the child. Taeja asks if his grandfather can keep his promise to support Taeja’s choice in a girl.

To CEO Hwang’s credit, he muses that he would never have guessed since Jang-Mi is so bright. He promises to support Taeja as long as Taeja is serious about protecting Jang-Mi instead of taking this as a light commitment.


Taeja flounces back home to show his grandfather’s declaration that the grandfather will support Taeja. This reassures Jang-Mi, who smiles and also relays the news to her mom.


Jang-Mi’s mom goes back to meet with Mrs. Hong but decides to stay as the house manager.


On the side, Minjoo gets out of bed to fight for Taeja again. Her first stop is the rice cake shop instead of work, because why not? She loudly announces in front of Jang-Mi that she got better because of the fruit that Taeja brought her.

Jang-Mi cannot help herself but get affected. She stalks off to the back where Taeja confronts her feelings. Jang-Mi explains that she doesn’t like the fact that Taeja made it seem like he would not go see Minjoo and went in secret. Taeja hugs her and promises to not keep anything from her.

To make things better, Taeja tells Jang-Mi to think of three things that she wanted to do after she got a boyfriend. So, Jang-Mi goes to ask her mom about her dating. The next day, they each write down the three things and pull it out of a box.

The winning slip? It’s Taeja’s wish to go to a sauna with his girlfriend.

The next day, they go to a sauna where they read comic books and then Taeja lays on jang-mi’s legs. Afterwards, they go off to eat and Jang-Mi orders chicken feet.

Taeja is grossed out at first. But one statement from Jang-Mi that it’s difficult for a couple to last if they don’t have similar tastes has Taeja trying it out.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi’s mom runs into Mrs. Choi at the Hwang house. Mrs. Choi follows Jang-Mi’s mom out and tells her again to keep Jang-Mi away since Taeja is heir to SL Foods.


This warning works. Jang-Mi’s mom’s first thing that she asks Jang-Mi is whether Jang-Mi knew that Taeja was heir to SL Foods. When Jang-Mi confirms, her mom tells her to break up. Even if she were the mother in the SL Foods family, she wouldn’t approve of Jang-Mi either… this relationship is doomed.

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