Run, Jang-Mi – E43

Minjoo sets Jang-Mi up and Jangsu walks into a trap set up by Mincheol.


Jang-Mi frowns and gets up to leave but Mincheol grabs her arm. He asks the annoyed Jang-Mi to stay for a little bit as he had questions for her.

Taehee and Minjoo also walk in at just that moment. Taehee freezes steps in front of the door when her eyes take in the scene of Mincheol holding Jang-Mi’s arm. At her side, Minjoo also exclaims in false surprise at the two. Minjoo insists that they go to another venue and the two leave. Taehee excuses herself as she just wants to go home.

Minjoo goes back as Jang-Mi pulls herself away to walk away. She asks Jang-Mi and Mincheol to sit. When the two sit, Minjoo explains that she called both of them there as she has decided to give up on Taeja. However, she cannot give up her friendship with Taeja. So, she wanted to clear the air of all misunderstandings between Jang-Mi and her family, which includes the problem with her brother.

Jang-Mi sighs and tells Minjoo that she can try to work with Minjoo… but, she cannot feel comfortable with Mincheol. She excuses herself and leaves.


Meanwhile, Taeja arrives at Jang-Mi’s house with a bunch of food from different restaurants. The food includes boba tea, cheese cake and sushi. Each dish is one of Mrs. Na’s (Jang-Mi’s mom’s) favorite.

Mrs. Na refuses to eat the food at first. But then Taeja insists and leaves. Then Jangsu sighs that if she doesn’t eat it, he will just toss the food and be cursed as they believe that throwing away food curses them. Mrs. Na gives in and eats the food.

Afterwards, Mrs. Na leans back happily. She muses that it would be perfect with just handmade gelato. Just then, Taeja arrives with gelato!


Mrs. Na exclaims with embarrassment for getting caught having eaten the food. Then, the main light bulb runs out. Mrs. Na tells Jangsu to replace the light bulb but he insists that he doesn’t know how. So, Taeja does it.


The next day, Minjoo tells Taehee that she asked her brother about the meeting and he told her that Jang-Mi called him out… Minjoo adds that Jang-Mi asked Mincheol to leave the fraudulent marriage a secret…this only lowers Taehee’s view.

Later, Mincheol’s nurses are waiting for the elevator on the first floor when the two women next to them and Jangsu excitedly talk about getting Botox. Jangsu jumps in to lie that he knows a friend who went to the hospital and had a bad operation. One of the nurses quickly takes out her cell phone and records Jangsu clearly warning the women away.

At lunch, Taehee arrives at a Chinese restaurant to find that Taeja also invited Jang-Mi. When Taeja goes to the bathroom, Taehee gets to the point. She tells Jang-Mi that she saw Jang-Mi meeting with Mincheol. Jang-Mi tries to explain that Minjoo called them both there but Taehee cuts her off. Taehee warns Jang-Mi that there are eyes everywhere, Jang-Mi cannot win by just convincing Taeja about her side of the story. Then she leaves.


The branch workers get a present and a bonus for the new year from Mr. Jang. Taeja brings his to his grandfather and mother. CEO Hwang is again satisfied to receive a gift from Taeja. Taeja also asks his grandfather to help convince Taehee. CEO Hwang tells him that it would be better for Taeja to convince Taehee without his intervention.


On the side, Mr. Jang comes home and runs into Jangsu in the courtyard. Mr. Jang asks about whether Mrs. Na liked the rice cakes. Jangsu bristles and tells Mr. Jang that his mother is really naive and nice to everyone… Mr. Jang shouldn’t just assume that her friendliness means anything.

The next day, Mrs. Hong visits Mrs. Na. Mrs. Hong explains that she wanted Mrs. Na to return to the household…she never tried to keep help but she’s trying because CEO Hwang liked Mrs. Na’s cooking so much. Mrs. Na apologizes and explains that she has a personal reason for why she might not be able to work for Mrs. Hong. She promises to try to come to a decision soon.

Jang-Mi and Taeja come home together right on time to run into Mrs. Hong and Mrs. Na walk out of the house together. Taeja stops in surprise and asks what Mrs. Hong is there. She answers that she brought some fish for Taeja.

Mrs. Na also tells Jang-Mi to give up again. She explains that Mrs. Hong definitely seems like the type who would be judgmental.


Taehee meets with Joonhyuk and they discuss Taeja. Joonhyuk muses that he thinks Jang-Mi is honest about her feelings. This makes Taehee snap that Jang-Mi must be a fox for being able to twist all the guys around her around a finger… Taeja, Joonhyuk and Mincheol.


Joonhyuk is shocked that Jang-Mi’s ex-husband is Mincheol. He pulls Taeja aside to suggest that Taeja gives up… Things are way too complicated if Jang-Mi was married to Minjoo’s brother. But Taeja refuses.

Later, Mrs. Na and Mr. Jang go off to a judo class that Taeja bought for them. Mrs. Na is a natural while Mr. Jang suffers.

The next day, things pick up. Jangsu gets a call from the police station… Mincheol has filed a complaint against Jangsu for tortuous interference… At the same time, Jang-Mi and Mrs. Na open up an envelope that came addressed to Jangsu. It’s an official summons regarding Mincheol’s complaint.


Well things are moving along swimmingly. Taeja and Jang-Mi seem to be cautiously enjoying the fun, flower filled times of dating while working on the inevitable enemies in the background. I think the drama’s treatment of Mrs. Hong as the evil mother-in-law to be makes this series more like a live action fairytale version of the drama. Everyone knows that Mrs. Hong will be the issue… Each person tries to figure out a way around Mrs. Hong’s explosion of evilness… As they do, the Jangja couple addresses and attacks one small enemy at a time ^^

On the side, Jangsu’s mistake is definitely going to cost Jang-Mi. In this case, Mincheol did have a right to sue since Jangsu has put Mincheol’s hospital’s livelihood at stake. If someone asked either of the nurses, they would probably commiserate with Jangsu about Mincheol being an arse to Jang-Mi but cutting off clients might have put them out of business. Would any employee like that? Probably not!

However, since Jangsu has been pretty responsible in getting a job and consistently going, I won’t bash him out for this costly mistake. Let’s just hope that Jang-Mi doesn’t be to suffer too much or get trapped by Minjoo for this.

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