Run, Jang-Mi – E45

Once Taeja gets involved, Minjoo solves the issue with Jangsu. Meanwhile, Taeja and Jang-Mi get over their first real big fight.



Taeja shouts back that Jangsu is important to him as well. He also notes that it’s not fair that whenever something happens, Jang-Mi tells Joonhyuk but not him…

Jang-Mi tries to explain herself but Taeja cuts her off and leaves. He goes home where Joonhyuk wants to talk as well. Taeja tells him to leave as he’s disappointed in Joonhyuk as well; even though Taeja thinks the world of Joonhyuk, it seems like Joonhyuk doesn’t feel the same for him.


The next day, Jang-Mi tries to talk to Taeja at work. But Taeja keeps ignoring her. It gets so obvious that the chef chastises them. The chef notes that it’s okay for the two to date but they should keep their squabbling to themselves.


Meanwhile, Mr. Jang stops by Mrs. Na’s house because he thinks that she’s sick. He finds her in the middle of trying to write a declaration in support of Jangsu. Mr. Jang offers to help and ends up writing the whole thing for her.

Mrs. Na asks where Mr. Jang graduated college and finds out that he stopped schooling in high school. She awkwardly backpedals that schooling obviously means nothing and gets up to get snacks for him.


Taeja is icy all throughout their meeting with Joonhyuk and Jandi. He even declines Jang-Mi’s invitation to go out and grab a meal.


Taeja instead goes to meet with Mincheol. The two go off for a drink and Taeja explains that he came without telling Jang-Mi to ask Mincheol to settle the issue. Mincheol frowns that Jangsu needs to learn a lesson… He attacked Mincheol in the past and also ignored Mincheol’s warnings to stop spreading rumors.

Taeja insists that he will do anything he can to help… he can pay for the lost profits. Taeja repeats that all he asks is Mincheol to settle.

Mincheol smirks that Taeja truly has fallen low. Mincheol adds that he wants to earn Taeja that while Jang-Mi is pretty, the family is bad. The brother is an example of how crude the family is. Taeja sighs and returns the conversation to settlement but Mincheol gets up.


Mincheol tells Minjoo about Taeja’s request. When she hears that Taeja got involved, she changes her mind and asks her brother to settle the matter so that Taeja doesn’t think badly of their family. However, Mincheol refuses.


The next day, CEO Hwang drops by and asks Jang-Mi about her glum expression. She explains that this time, it was her fault and she made a huge mistake… she doesn’t know how Taeja will forgive her. CEO Hwang laughs that dating is like this; it can’t always be sunny. A couple gets closer together by going through hard times.


Meanwhile, Minjoo meets up with Taeja at a cafe where she hands him a signed settlement letter. Taeja reads the settlement with shock since Mincheol refused so adamantly. Minjoo begins crying that she couldn’t sleep at all the night before after she hears that Taeja had lowered himself to ask for a favor from Mincheol. She couldn’t bear to think that it would happen again and fought with Mincheol for the settlement.

Taeja sighs that it’s not a problem if it’s Jang-Mi’s problem. He also promises to never forget it. Minjoo sniffs that she hopes he will do something for her, too.

Taeja goes straight to Jangsu to give him the settlement and take him to Mincheol. At the same time, Mincheol gets a text from Minjoo apologizing that she signed the settlement agreement by forging his signature.

Within a few minutes, Taeja comes in with Jangsu who apologizes. Mincheol doesn’t accept he apology but Jangsu steadily promises to never do it again. The two leave while Taeja leaves an envelope of money to cover the lost earnings.


Mincheol goes home where he fights with Minjoo. But Minjoo isn’t even apologetic as she’s convinced that without the settlement, she might have lost any chances with Taeja.


Jangsu also goes home to tell his family the good news. When Jang-Mi hears that Taeja helped, she calls him into the courtyard to thank him. Taeja comes out to see her but he cuts her off curtly that he didn’t do it for her gratitude. He notes that Jangsu is important to him as well and goes inside.


The next day, Taeja arrives to find a rice cake in his locker. He cuts into it to find a letter from Jang-Mi. The letter lists all of the things that she’s thankful for from him helping her before they were dating, waiting for her to open her heart, helping her even when she couldn’t rely on him.


Taeja is completely moved. He goes over to give Jang-Mi a back hug and tells her that in the future she should just tell him her feelings.

They also meet with Joonhyuk who confirms that the attorney thinks that the case will be resolved with the settlement agreement. Taeja also apologies for taking out his anger on Joonhyuk before asking Joonhyuk to tell him the next time something similar occurs.


Later, Taeja is invited over for a feast cooked by Mrs. Na! She explains that she is willing to accept their relationship as long as Taeja promises to not let anything happen that would make Jang-Mi cry.


There next thing we know, Mrs. Na is telling Mrs. Hong that she is willing to accept the position of running the Hwang household. Mrs. Hong gives Mrs. Na a credit card to run the household and gives her authority over the other help.


At the same time, Minjoo tells Taehee about getting the settlement from her brother against his will for Taeja’s benefit. She whines that their brother-sister relationship was almost ended because of this.


Then Taeja calls Minjoo out and she happily goes to this restaurant only to find that Jang-Mi is there, too. Jang-Mi thanks Minjoo and hands over a scar, which Minjoo sniffs and drops onto the chair next to her. Jang-Mi pretends not to notice the slight and dinner goes on with Taeja cutting Jang-Mi’s meat and even offering to take Jang-Mi to apologize to Mincheol if she needs to go.


Minjoo storms home and amidst tense music, cuts up the scarf.


Well, at least Run, Jang-Mi  doesn’t keep us in agony with Taeja unaware about the whole Mincheol v. Jangsu issue for long.  The one thing that stood out of this episode was Minjoo’s fast and direct decisions.  Her ability to turn on her brother without a lick of guilt remaining afterwards reminded me of Mishil’s character in Queen Seondeok.  While, I don’t approve of Minjoo being obsessed over Taeja, it was nice to see a female lead character acting decisive and getting things done.

Otherwise?  Yay for Mrs. Na joining Team Jangja.  Now, it looks like it will be everyone versus Minjoo/Mrs. Hong/the Kang family (minus Minjoo’s father).  The teams are pretty evenly spread out.

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