Run, Jang-Mi – E50

Taeja introduces Jang-Mi to his friends and Mrs. Hong finds out about the relationship.


Jang-Mi coolly reminds Minjoo that she agreed to take care of her feelings or Jang-Mi would not have leant Taeja to Minjoo for the day. Minjoo gasps with anger at Jang-Mi’s direct confrontation. She tells back that her feelings are private and Jang-Mi has no right to control it.

Jang-Mi smiles that she understands but if Minjoo continues to develop her romantic feelings, it will be difficult for all of them including Taeja. Minjoo is about to say something back but Taeja comes back at that moment. Minjoo gives him the car keys and storms out.


Taeja realizes that something happened and asks Jang-Mi. She apologizes that she might have told Minjoo to watch the boundaries. Taeja laughs that he likes jealous Jang-Mi.


Minjoo then goes back to work only to drink at the office. Geez, someone give me her job! Anyways, Taehee isn’t the usual boss who would be angry that an employee decides to drink on the job and instead asks what happened. Minjoo sobs a story that Jang-Mi told Minjoo to stay away from Taeja now that they are dating.

Then Minjoo goes home to son to her mom…


The next day, Minjoo wakes up hungover just in time to hear that her mother left in the morning even though it’s summer break. The girl isn’t an idiot and rushes to grab a cab to Taeja’s house where Mrs. Choi is about to ring the doorbell.


Minjoo tells Mrs. Choi to stop and leave things alone without making things worse. Just then, Mrs. Na walks out and overhears Minjoo call Mrs. Choi, “Mom.”

Mrs. Na asks if Minjoo knew that Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mom. Minjoo denies it and drags her mom home instead. At home, Minjoo tells her mom about the ring incident and how Mrs. Na working for Mrs. Hong only helps them because it will set Mrs. Hong against Jang-Mi.


Meanwhile, Taeja drops by with fruit for Mrs. Na. Mrs. Na tells him that she found out that Minjoo is Mincheol’s sister. She asks if Taeja and Minjoo were in a relationship. He denies it and explains that they are like siblings. But, Mrs. Na frowns and wonders out loud if Minjoo knew about Jang-Mi and framed Mrs. Na on purpose. Taeja frowns but Mrs. Na moves on.


Jang-Mi stops by the construction site to bring some rice cake snacks for Taehee’s contractors. Taehee arrives and pulls Jang-Mi aside. She tells Jang-Mi to stop wasting her time trying to win points from Taehee and be nice to Minjoo who is Taehee’s best friend.

Jang-Mi goes back in feeling awkwardly depressed. She runs into Taeja in the locker room and asks to pick out another date idea from their idea box. It’s Taeja’s wish to introduce each other to their friends.


Cue obligatory shopping scene! Taeja decks Jang-Mi in a new dress, shoes, and bag! Then he brings her to a meeting/party that he called.


One of the mean girls gloats that Minjoo was cast aside and decides to call Minjoo to rub it in. She even pretends to be shocked that Taeja would bring a girl when he never even introduced Minjoo to everyone. This ends up being the last straw and Minjoo calls Mrs. Hong.


At the same time, Taeja’s friends start to investigate by asking what her family does. Jang-Mi freezes and Taeja smoothly tells his friends off for being rude. He takes Jang-Mi to the girls instead.


Except, instead of being friendly, the mean girls speak in awkward and accented French to make fun of Jang-Mi. They note how all of the clothes are new and assume that Taeja bought the outfit for her. Jang-Mi awkwardly stands there before deciding to leave and tripping over another mean girl’s foot.

Taeja rushes over to yell at the girls and pull Jang-Mi out. When his friend tries to calm Taeja down, Taeja shouts at the friend to never invite such girls to these meetings in the future. Then Taeja drags Jang-Mi out into the hall where he apologizes.


Minjoo and Mrs. Hong arrive in time to see Taeja embrace Jang-Mi. Mrs. Hong is about to storm in but Minjoo stops her. They go home and Minjoo explains that Taeja has fallen hard. She also asks Mrs. Hong to help her win Taeja. Mrs. Hong agrees to think about it.


Taeja brings Jang-Mi home. Then he goes into his car to grab the steering wheel. With the feelings from the night still raw, he grabs the steering will paving the way for his learning to drive.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds a bunch of “worry dolls” in her locker. Taeja smiles that the dolls are supposed to worry for her. Chef and Ara walk in. Chef sees the dolls and asks for one as he has lots of worries, too. Jang-Mi happily hands one to both Chef and Ara despite Taeja’s protests.


Later, Mincheol is surprised when Yuri comes to his hospital without telling him advance. He laughingly asks if Yuri is there to check out how well his hospital runs and Yuri barely denies it.


Joonhyuk also takes Taehee out for lunch. He tells her how Taeja is changing because if Jang-Mi, which includes learning to drive. Taehee pauses and tells Joonhyuk about her mom knowing about the relationship.


Then, Mrs. Hong calls Minjoo over. She tells Minjoo that she had originally not thought Minjoo would be right for Taeja cause her family is not affluent enough. However, she promises to help Minjoo as long as Minjoo gets rid of Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Hong doesn’t waste time. She calls Jang-Mi for lunch the next day and invites Minjoo.


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I thought this episode was good for a daily drama. It showed how both Taeja’s and Jang-Mi’s feelings for each other were developing deeper. First, Jang-Mi agreed to date Taeja because she liked his attention when she had just been betrayed by Mincheol. Appreciating Taeja’s affections is different from Jang-Mi liking Taeja so much that she’s willing to confront her rivals (Minjoo) to draw a line and establish that she and Taeja have a special relationship that welcomes no one else.

Similarly, it’s nice that the show focused on how Taeja changed because of Jang-Mi. Specifically, Jang-Mi gave him a purpose in life again, which would force him to confront his trauma from the car accident that killed his father. Since the upcoming fight with Mrs. Hong will focus on the huge asset disparity between Taeja and Jang-Mi, it’s good to remember that Jang-Mi does something for Taeja as well.

I have to admit though that Taeja’s development is less satisfying. Sure, he wants to get over his trauma to go on dates with Jang-Mi. But, is that really moving? It kind of still feels like Taeja is smitten and his actions are stemming from such puppy love. It’s not really Jang-Mi that changes him… it’s Taeja’s own infatuation that makes him change.

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