Run, Jang-Mi – E51

Mrs. Hong begins her calculated attack.



Jang-Mi nervously waits on her best behavior in front of Mrs. Hong at the Japanese restaurant.  Things get worse within minutes when Minjoo flounces in.  Mrs. Hong greets Minjoo like a future daughter-in-law.  She fawns over Minjoo’s ring specifically noting that it looks better on Minjoo than on her own hand and she’s happy she had it reset for Minjoo.
Then Mrs. Hong hammers in the final nail.  She hands over an envelope to Jang-Mi, thanking Jang-Mi for taking care of Taeja as a supervisor.  Mrs. Hong even apologizes for misunderstanding the situation when it would be illogical for anything else to happen.  The lunch ends in a similar atmosphere with Mrs. Hong leaving with Minjoo while pointedly leaving Jang-Mi to go back alone – not part of the family.
Jang-Mi returns to her work dazed but lies to Taeja that she had a good lunch with Mrs. Hong.
Meanwhile, Taehee talks with Joonhyuk who’s worried about Taeja and Jang-Mi.  Taehee tells him that she cannot do anything or tell Taeja as Mrs. Hong threatened to cut their relationship if she did.
At the same time, Jang-Mi and Taeja walk home together.  Taeja loses himself in a daydream of driving Jang-Mi around and runs into a tree. Heh!
Minjoo goes home to gloat to her mother about Mrs. Hong treating her like a daughter-in-law.  They happy celebrate the successful step into entering Taeja’s family.
The next day, Taeja forgets to send his morning greeting picture to his grandfather and CEO Hwang ends up checking in.  On a spur of the moment, Taeja sends over a picture with Jang-Mi, which CEO Hwang smiles as he sees.  However, when CEO Hwang goes to wash his hands before having some fruit, Mrs. Hong takes a peek at his cellphone and sees the picture.  She growls with a smile to note that everyone seemed to have known about the couple except for her.
Later, Jang-Mi hands over a gift for Mrs. Hong to Taeja.  It’s some body wash supplies.  Taeja takes it to the musical that Mrs. Hong invited him to.  Yet, when he arrives at the hall, he finds only Minjoo waiting for him.  Even when the musical starts, Mrs. Hong doesn’t arrive.  Ah kdrama set-up.
After the musical, Minjoo tries to get Taeja to buy her dinner so that she can go on another date with him.  But, Taeja is stubborn.  He refuses her saying that he has to check on his mother and leaves.
Minjoo warns Mrs. Hong who stays in bed so that she looks sick when Taeja arrives.  She pretends that she is really feeling under the weather, which was why she couldn’t join Taeja and Minjoo.
Taeja asks Mrs. Hong to stop inviting Minjoo on their dates.  But, Mrs. Hong pretends not to understand.  She reminds him that Minjoo is HIS friend.
Taeja sighs and drops the conversation.  Instead, he leaves Mrs. Hong Jang-Mi’s gift before going.
Mrs. Hong finds the envelope of money in the gift with a letter explaining that Jang-Mi could not accept such a large sum.  Mrs. Hong smirks that Jang-Mi is more tenacious than she expected.
The next day, we get some good news! The team has agreed upon the new menu taste.  They go for seafood to celebrate, which only reminds Joonhyuk how much Taeja has changed.  Taeja used to hate seafood which takes a lot of effort to eat.
Off on a side story, Chef visits Ara’s bar in leather. She wants him gone but he insists that he’s a customer. ^^
Then, more hijinks ensue! Yuri decides to visit Mincheol’s house without announcing.  Hence, Mrs. Choi is in an apron and Mr. Choi is in sweats as Mrs. Choi stopped washing his clothes.  When Yuri sees Mr. Choi’s outfit, she silently but clearly stares.
Mrs. Choi drags her husband into their room and forces him to change into a suit instead.  They sit with Yuri in the living room until Mincheol comes home to jump with surprise that Yuri is there.  Yuri continues to insult the size of their home and also announce that the apartment is too small for all of them to live together…AKA Yuri is announcing that even if she marries Mincheol, they better not expect her to live with the Choi’s.
At the same time, Jang-Mi comes home to find her mother opening up the present that Jang-Mi had given Mrs. Hong… Burn.
When Minjoo comes home, she finds the family discussing Yuri.  Mincheol wonders out loud that he feels a bit weirded out by how Yuri is checking out his assets and financial situation.  But, Mrs. Choi snaps that Yuri is practical, which is much better than Jang-Mi who had no idea that her family was going bankrupt.
As for our main couple, Taeja asks Jang-Mi to wish him luck for the next day as he has something important to do.  Jang-Mi lends Taeja her father’s ring, which she wears around her neck for luck.
So, Taeja goes off to his driver’s license exam with the ring and passes! He happily announces it to Jang-Mi who is less than impressed by the achievement that most people accomplish in their lives.  Taeja also tells Joonhyuk who is more impressed by how Taeja was able to overcome his trauma.
Joonhyuk finds that he cannot keep it a secret any longer that Mrs. Hong knows when Taeja is willing to overcome his trauma for Jang-Mi. Joonhyuk asks Taeja to grab some drinks and drops the bomb.
Taeja broods over the new information all night before asking Jang-Mi if she trusts him in the morning.  Jang-Mi agrees and off they go… Taeja brings Jang-Mi home to introduce her to his family.
Well…Well…Well… Mrs. Hong’s character definitely surprised me with her actions in this episode.  I am impressed.  I expected Mrs. Hong to go out guns blazing against Jang-Mi.  Instead, she decided to pretend that she has no idea and attack by pretending that a relationship between Jang-Mi and Taeja is ludicrous.  This would only work if Jang-Mi and Taeja are considering marriage, which they are.  Otherwise, a regular couple wouldn’t care that the parent is not taking them seriously.  Additionally, I was begrudgingly surprised by this strategy because it means that Mrs. Hong has an iron will.  It’s not really easy to pretend to be nice to someone that you presumably hate with all of your being for even contemplating marrying your son.  Will Mrs. Hong’s character eventually unravel? I hope not! I think it’d be interesting to see how a couple fights against a future in-law who stays polite but continues to reject Jang-Mi.
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