Run, Jang-Mi – E55

Taeja negotiates that he will return to the main branch in exchange for his mother promising to consider Jang-Mi.


Taeja and Jang-Mi go to the nearby restaurant to eat some soup.  It is the same restaurant where they went after Taeja “saved” Jang-Mi when she went into the river to get her photograph back.  The restaurant owner recognizes them and Taeja brags about being engaged.  Jang-Mi confesses with a smile that she had been a bit nervous because Taeja was both moving his room as well as going back to the main branch.
That night, Taeja prepares bbq for the Jang family and the Baek family.  Mrs. Na is annoying as usual as she pouts that it feels like Taeja is going away forever.  Can this woman please mature?
Anyways, Mrs. Na notices that Jang-Mi doesn’t seem too sad and Taeja announces that the next party will be their wedding celebration. Then Taeja walks Jang-Mi home after she walks him to the car.  Jang-Mi takes the opportunity to peck him on the cheek.  They get engaged before they even share a cheek kiss yo.  Jang-Mi goes in and tells her mother that Taeja proposed to her.
Taeja happily goes into work the next day to find out that he’s first position is as a Vice President. Taeja frowns and yells that this would be ridiculous.  CEO Hwang also comes in to check on Taeja, who shouts at his grandfather that he only went in to work so that his mother would consider Jang-Mi.  CEO Hwang sighs that it was Mrs. Hong’s condition.  They have no choice.

Taeja rushes home.  He demands that his mother sincerely consider Jang-Mi as his future wife and leave him alone even if he just plays video games all day at the office.  Mrs. Hong agrees that he can do whatever he wants in the office but pauses when Taeja insists that Mrs. Hong considers Jang-Mi as a daughter-in-law.

Minjoo is on top of her game as she drops by during Taeja’s lunch time to grab lunch together.  But, Taeja blows her off with a prior appointment – he goes back to the rice cake shop where he brings Chinese food for his ex-coworkers. Then he promises to pick her off after work.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Choi brings a bouquet of flowers for Mincheol.  She directs him to give it to Yuri since all girls love flowers.  She’s barely able to keep from sneezing since she is allergic to flowers but she wants to do her best to win over Yuri.
Then Mrs. Choi “coincidentally” runs into Mrs. Hong who is scheduled to get a massage that day.  However, Mrs. Hong still draws the line and asks Mrs. Choi about the “fraudulent marriage,” which the Baeks insist wasn’t a fraud.  Mrs. Choi insists that it was a fraudulent and tries to invite herself to lunch but Mrs. Hong excuses herself because of prior plans.
However, Mrs. Choi runs into Jangsu on her way out.  Jangsu is annoyed by Mrs. Choi’s sniping remarks about his upbringing so he smirks back that he’s very thankful for the settlement that his future brother-in-law arranged – Taeja.
Mrs. Choi immediately rushes over to Mrs. Na’s house and invites herself in.  Mrs. Choi then announces that Mrs. Na needs to be aware that Mrs. Hong considers Minjoo as a daughter-in-law.  She explains how the families are preparing to officially meet.
Mrs. Na isn’t willing to be bullied and answers that Taeja loves Jang-Mi so she has nothing to do or say.  Mrs. Choi smiles that Mrs. Na should think about Jang-Mi who had a miscarriage.
That is enough and Mrs. Na kicks Mrs. Choi out.  But, Mrs. Choi pushes Mrs. Na down.  Mr. Jang arrives at home just in time to see Ms. Na fall.  When Mrs. Na shrieks that Mr. Jang needs to kick Mrs. Choi out, he helps… Mrs. Na also rushes out to throw some salt at Mrs. Choi.
Afterwards, Mr. Jang goes in to ask what happened.  Mrs. Na answers how Mrs. Choi warned her to stop Jang-Mi from seeing Taeja as Mrs. Hong considers Taeja engaged to Minjoo.  She also cries that she wishes that she would never see Mrs. Choi again as Mincheol was Jang-Mi’s ex.
Meanwhile, Mincheol has dinner with Yuri.  Things get awkward when Yuri thanks Mincheol for the flowers but adds that she doesn’t really like flowers, which are impractical.  She asks him to check in with her before he gets her additional presents as she would give him a list of what she likes.  Mincheol also tries to compliment Yuri’s eyes and she immediately asks if it’s clear that she had plastic surgery done on them. HAH!
At the same time, Mr. Jang goes to Taeja to warn him about Mrs. Choi making a ruckus at Mrs. Na’s house.
So, Taeja takes things into his own hands.  He stops by the Kang residence and tells Mrs. Choi that there is nothing between himself and Minjoo.  He asks why Mrs. Choi went to visit Mrs. Na.  When Mrs. Choi stutters that she didn’t mean anything, he asks her to stop interfering or getting involved with the Baek family.  He also asks Mrs. Choi to clarify that it was not a fraudulent marriage to his mother.
Taeja runs into Minjoo in the garage.  Minjoo is happy to see Taeja but he’s cold.  He asks why Minjoo didn’t tell her parents about how the relationship ended.  Minjoo goes home to scream at her mother for making another mess.
Later, Mrs. Hong calls Joonhyuk to her house.  She asks him to take care of Taeja as his right-hand man.  She reminds him that Joonhyuk did a great job when Taeja went to college.  Joonhyuk respectfully reminds Mrs. Hong that helping Taeja deal with work is not the same as doing Taeja’s homework.  But, Mrs. Hong repeats that she has faith that Joonhyuk can support Taeja as his superior.
Joonhyuk goes home laughing at Mrs. Hong’s insistence that Joonhyuk clean up Taeja’s messes.
At the same time, Taeja calls Jang-Mi who had fallen asleep in the locker room waiting for Taeja. She wakes up and pretends that she already went home.
But on her way, she runs into Joonhyuk.  He’s in a foul mood so he asks Jang-Mi to join him for drinks.  Jang-Mi doesn’t pry more than musing that it looks like Joonhyuk has a lot of on his mind – he must have run into a new life’s homework like he told Jang-Mi before…Sometimes, life throws assignments at you.
Taeja calls Jang-Mi to ask if she’s asleep.  She tells him that it’s fine and hopes that he gets in safe, too.
When Jang-Mi goes back to the table, Joonhyuk is completely drunk.  She recommends that they go home and helps the drunk Joonhyuk falter home.  On the way, Taeja spots Jang-Mi carrying Joonhyuk.
Well, at least this episode was a little better than the last episode.  Instead of Jang-Mi acting like a noble idiot, she immediately tells Taeja how she feels insecure about being able to fight for their relationship. If Jang-Mi had decided to become a noble idiot and cut off the relationship, I would have had to stop watching for two reasons.  First, the noble idiot concept really bugs me.  I can only keep watching if the main characters are eye candies.  Second, if Taeja insists on pining for Jang-Mi even after she cuts him off, it would feel too forced.
On the side, I hope that the writers develop the Joonhyuk/Jang-Mi relationship such that Taeja’s own character grows.  He really hasn’t grown if his decision to go back into the main branch only extended to physically attending work.  So, he expects that he will be taken care of by his family’s money for the rest of his life?  How does he expect to do anything that his family disapproves if they are his financial life-line?  Again, it just reinforces the fact that Jang-Mi really hasn’t changed him much.  She’s just another girl in his life.
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