Run, Jang-Mi – E57

Mrs. Hong makes life more difficult for Jang-Mi because of Taeja’s outburst and Jang-Mi responds by trying to suck up to Mrs. Hong.  This fails and the couple realize that they have to give Mrs. Hong some space.  On the side, Joonhyuk begins to chafe under the corporate responsibility of training the heir to the company.



Taeja continues about how much effort Jang-Mi put into seeing the show with Mrs. Hong- memorizing the storyline and lines.  At this point, CEO Hwang storms into the kitchen to yell at Taeja to apologize.  He tells Taeja that Taeja should know better than to yell at his mother like that.  So, let his mother act like a witch?
Taeja shouts back that he wasn’t wrong this time – his mother was.  He leaves after slamming the door and CEO Hwang asks Mrs. Hong what she did to make her son so angry.
Mrs. Hong decides to strike back by calling Jang-Mi out.  From the beginning, Mrs. Hong accuses Jang-Mi of tattling on Mrs. Hong and breaking up the relationship between a mother and a son.  Jang-Mi answers that she has no idea what Mrs. Hong is referring to.  Mrs. Hong laughs and tells Jang-Mi to go ahead and tell Taeja about this meeting as well.  Then she leaves.
Mrs. Hong then goes to visit Minjoo because Mrs. Hong does not have any friends.  She complains to Minjoo about Jang-Mi telling Taeja about not going to the show.  She scoffs that she had to hear words that she never heard from her son before.
Minjoo realizes that it was because she told Taeja but doesn’t say anything to Mrs. Hong.  Instead, she answers that she’s also angry at how Jang-Mi is ruining the relationship between Taeja and Mrs. Hong.  Taehee stops the meeting when she comes in and Mrs. Hong leaves.
Taehee turns to Minjoo and warns her that if Minjoo is still working with Mrs. Hong, Minjoo should not trust Mrs. Hong.  Taehee explains that she’s not sure if Mrs. Hong truly supports Minjoo’s feelings with Taeja or if Mrs. Hong is just using Minjoo to break up Taeja’s relationship with Jang-Mi.  Minjoo looks shocked and asks if Mrs. Hong could just use her.  Taehee sighs that she is not sure what her mother is capable of.
Meanwhile, Taeja blatantly plays during Joonhyuk’s presentation for the directors.  He plays with his cell phone and then even shouts happily when Jang-Mi responds to his text saying that she loves him.
After the meeting, CEO Hwang storms into Taeja’s room and demands to know what Taeja is doing.  CEO Hwang clearly states that Taeja is acting irresponsibly.  Either Taeja can reconcile with his mother or become capable enough that Taeja can live without his family’s money with Jang-Mi.  If Taeja cannot do either of those things, Taeja needs to give up.
CEO Hwang then calls Joonhyuk into his office and yells at poor Joonhyuk.  CEO Hwang accuses Joonhyuk of not preparing Taeja for his position as vice president and reminds Joonhyuk that only Joonhyuk can teach Taeja. Joonhyuk clenches his fist at being yelled at just because Taeja isn’t being serious about work…But, he cannot say anything back.
Instead, Joonhyuk throws a bunch of company materials on Taeja’s desk and tells Taeja to shape up.  Joonhyuk notes that he’s busy with his own work to always clean up after Taeja.
At the same time, Jangsu’s friend takes Jandi out for lunch without Jangsu… In an earlier episode, Jangsu had accused his friend of trying to seduce Jandi because Jandi has a job with a big corporation.  Looks like Jangsu’s intuition was right.  The friend asks what Jandi’s type is and when she answers that she wants an oppa, he asks about younger guys.  Jandi smiles that any guy can be an oppa to her and he tells her to call her “oppa.”
Meanwhile, Jang-Mi asks Ara for tips on getting close to the in-laws. Ara smiles and confesses that she ended up divorcing BECAUSE of the in-laws.  She also notes that there is no single answer to getting close to the parents-in-laws.  All that a girl can do is keep trying sincerely and doing things that the parents-in-laws like.  Ara suggests that Jang-Mi prepares food for Mrs. Hong.
Jang-Mi goes home to ask her mother what kind of food Mrs. Hong likes.  Mrs. Na explains that Mrs. Hong likes Italian and calls in a favor with the housekeeper.  Off Jang-Mi goes to prepare some pasta for Mrs. Hong.
Mrs. Hong walks in and frowns as soon as she sees Jang-Mi in the house.  The housekeeper directs Mrs. Hong to the dining table where she shows the pasta and suggests that Mrs. Hong try it.
Jang-Mi also adds that she believes that there must be a misunderstanding.  She asks Mrs. Hong to try the food and give her another chance.
Mrs. Hong takes the plate and pours the pasta into the sink.  She yells at Jang-Mi for ignoring her words and basically being impudent.  She tells Jang-Mi to leave immediately.
Taehee comes home at that point and and rushes in but Mrs. Hong is unstoppable. Jang-Mi runs out pretending not to cry and Taehee rushes to offer Jang-Mi a ride.  Jang-Mi tells Taehee that everything is fine.  She asks Taehee to keep it a secret from Taeja and walks off.
But Taeja arrives at home, too.  Taehee immediately tells Taeja everything so that he can run after Jang-Mi. He grabs her arm and yells at her for keeping it all inside without relying on him.  Jang-Mi turns to him as she wipes her tears and asks Taeja to help then…Tell her what she can do to help win Mrs. Hong’s heart.  Um, how about something other than forcing yourself into Mrs. Hong’s house uninvited to try to blatantly bribe her with food?
At the same time, Taehee asks her mother how she could be so rude.  She reminds her mother that she herself will be a daughter-in-law someday and asks her mother to think about how Mrs. Hong would feel like if Taehee had to deal with the same thing.  Mrs. Hong snaps back that Taehee is different from Jang-Mi.
Taehee laughs at the absurdity and tells her mother that Jang-Mi even asked Taehee not to tell Taeja…But, she told Taeja anyways.
Meanwhile, Taeja takes Jang-Mi to a restaurant.  Jang-Mi tells Taeja that she doesn’t want to break up the relationship between Mrs. Hong and Taeja.  Taeja smiles and promises to do his best.  My best guess is that the only solution is for the relationship to end if she cannot handle the stress.
At the same time, Yuri is meeting with the Kangs.  Yuri suggests a round of wine.  But, Mincheol answers that it’s too early for drinking.  So, Yuri recommends that they play Go-Stop, which is technically Korean poker.  Yuri smiles that her father believes that one can only see the other side’s true face through playing Go-Stop.
They start playing and Yuri wipes everyone clean.  The Kangs end up giving up and Yuri laughs that it was inevitable…Her father taught her to play Go-Stop in kindergarten.
Taeja goes home where his mother was pacing while waiting for him.  Instead of blowing up at her, he gives her a glass of tea and tells her that he understands that Mrs. Hong needs some time.  He walks out after telling her to take the time that she needs.
Taehee also reaches out to Joonhyuk.  She confesses that she only thought that her love life was traumatic but she’s beginning to think that it is worse for Jang-Mi.  She asks Joonhyuk to take care of Jang-Mi if he can.
The next day, Minjoo shows the first draft of the wrapping of the new menu item at a meeting.  Things get tense when Minjoo comments on Taeja’s condition looking bad as if she’s the girlfriend.  Then, the group discusses Minjoo’s design and Jang-Mi comments that it looks a bit too flamboyant; she wants something that would complement the rice cake item instead of overshadowing it.  Minjoo immediately reacts defensively by insulting Jang-Mi’s experience with design.  But then Taeja and Joonhyuk back Jang-Mi up and Minjoo reluctantly agrees to redraft it.
However, in the elevator, Minjoo accuses Jang-Mi of complaining about the design only because they are both fighting over Taeja.  Jang-Mi replies that she’s only speaking from a professional perspective.
Minjoo is unconvinced and she waits in her car for Taeja.  Then she immediately volunteers to go with Teaja when he says that he’s leaving early to prepare a surprise event for Jang-Mi – he wants to prepare a meal for Jang-Mi’s family.  On the ride to the market, Minjoo asks Taeja about how Jang-Mi is handling Taeja moving out.  Taeja answers that he reassured Jang-Mi by proposing to her.
Minjoo is shocked but pretends that she’s okay.  Then, Minjoo goes in to get Taeja some cold medicine.  She lies that she got the non-drowsy version and gives it to him.  Taeja begins feeling drowsy soon after…
Minjoo smiles that it’s probably because of the cold and promises to wake Taeja up when they get to his place.  Of course, Minjoo doesn’t.  Night arrives and it ends up being time for Jang-Mi to have her daily video call with Taeja.  When Jang-Mi calls Taeja, Minjoo picks up and answers that Taeja is sleeping next to her.  In reality, she’s in the car with Taeja but she doesn’t add the extra info.
Jang-Mi bristles like any girlfriend would do after hearing that her boyfriend/fiance is sleeping next to another woman.  She demands that Minjoo wake Taeja up.  Minjoo pretends to ask Taeja to wake up but Taeja is under the influence of the cold medicine and only mutters that he’s so sleepy he wants to sleep more.

Okay, Mrs. Hong being irrational was covered in my rant for Episode 56.  On to whose brilliant idea was for Jang-Mi to forcefully invite herself to Mrs. Hong’s home and kitchen?  While Mrs. Hong’s reaction was rude, I think that Mrs.Na and Jang-Mi were idiotic to think that this would even work! A home is a person’s sanctuary – a place where you have some control over your environment.  At the very least, a person should come calling with advance notice or when the owner is at home. (In contrast, even though Yuri didn’t give the Kang’s notice, at least she visited when Mrs. Choi and Mr. Kang were home).  By barging in without permission and when the owner is not there, Jang-Mi insulted Mrs. Hong and invaded Mrs. Hong’s privacy and territory.  She then gave herself free reign to all of Mrs. Hong’s kitchen appliances and dishes, etc. I think Mrs. Hong’s anger was kind of warranted. Many people would be angry to find someone that they don’t like waiting for them at home.  Add to it that someone gave that hated person access to your kitchen?  Who would be in the mood to eat the food that the person cooked? Not me.

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