Run, Jang-Mi – E60

Jang-Mi is pulled into headquarters to be Taeja’s personal tutor while Mrs. Hong finds out that Minjoo planned the whole ring incident.


Minjoo denies it! She smiles that she has no idea what Taeja heard but she didn’t frame Mrs. Na.

Taeja just stares back at Minjoo. He quietly notes that it already shows on Minjoo’s face so she should confess. When Minjoo doesn’t immediately fess up, he adds that Taehee already told him that Minjoo knew that Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mother when the ring accident occurred. He asks if he should call Taehee over to confront Taehee.

Minjoo tries to lie that she knew about Mrs. Na but she pretended she didn’t because she thought people would assume that she framed Mrs. Na. However, her words don’t move Taeja and Minjoo gives up. She resorts to her usual tactic of crying and saying she had no choice, she was so angry that Jang-Mi seduced Taeja.

Taeja brings Minjoo over to Jang-Mi’s house to kneel and apologize to Mrs. Na. When Mrs. Na hears the truth, she loses it and begins hitting Minjoo and shouting that they need to go to the police. Mrs. Na cannot continue to live being labeled a thief!

Jang-Mi asks Taeja to take her mother into another room to calm down. Then she asks Minjoo how Minjoo could lie like that. Minjoo answers that she liked Taeja from elementary school… She couldn’t accept that Taeja would love another woman.

Jang-Mi is left speechless. She asks Minjoo to leave. Minjoo agrees but first asks Jang-Mi to keep it a secret from Mrs. Hong. Jang-Mi scoffs that Minjoo sure has a lot of guts to ask for more. But, Minjoo reminds Jang-Mi that Jang-Mi owes Minjoo as well – Minjoo got Jangsu’s settlement.

Minjoo then goes home to throw a fit in her room. Erm? This girl is psychopathic. She truly has no idea that she is the problem here…

At the same time, Mincheol gives Yuri some recent samples of their masks. Yuri doesn’t take them and asks that Mincheol give them to her parents directly. Hence, Mincheol goes to visit and confirms that Yuri truly has a huge house. He goes home to tell his parents he was surprised how big it was.

The next day, everyone is a mess. Taeja, Minjoo and Taehee all take the day off. Sheesh! It’s so easy to call in sick in this drama! Mrs. Hong finds out about Minjoo from Taehee and even calls to check in.

Taeja goes to the shop and laughs to Jang-Mi that he feels comfortable at the shop. He whines that he’s so lonely at his office alone. Whine. Whine. Wine?

Meanwhile, Mrs. Na decides that she can’t just leave things as is. She goes to visit Mrs. Choi’s office. Mrs. Choi first tries to demand why Mrs. Na is visiting; she admits that Minjoo made a mistake but sniffs that it’s because of Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Na demands an apology and refuses to leave without one. So, Mrs. Choi apologizes.

On the side, Minjoo checks in with Mrs. Hong. When Mrs. Hong hears that Minjoo hasn’t any further with Taeja, she offers to call Taeja. Minjoo immediately shouts for Mrs. Hong to stop. Minjoo lies that they cannot push Taeja too far too fast or he will turn away.

That night, Mrs. Hong has Taeja sit down for a chat and asks him again to consider Minjoo as a woman. Taeja refuses. So, Mrs. Hong notes that she likes Minjoo more these days since Minjoo is such a nice child who has never liked anyone but Taeja. In comparison, she sneers that Jang-Mi comes from such a bad family where the mom would even try to steal a ring.

Taeja finds that he cannot stay silent longer. He tells his mom that Minjoo was the one who framed Mrs. Na. Mrs. Hong asks if he isn’t misunderstanding. Taeja repeats that Minjoo, herself, confessed to it.

Back at the company, Grandpa Hwang is updated that Taeja isn’t really learning about the company from Joonhyuk. He has Jang-Mi moved into the main office as a personal assistant to Taeja in the morning. She goes back to work at the shop in the afternoons. Why, hello, again makjang!

That evening, Jang-Mi runs into Joonhyuk in the courtyard. Joonhyuk tells Jang-Mi not to suffer too much-Taeja doesn’t study well. Even back in college, he only read outlines.

So, Jang-Mi, who has no economics background reviews all of the research, proposals, and contracts and summarizes them in one night! It turns out she’s a genius! She gives Taeja the notebook of notes and tells Taeja to learn them as she split it out into days. Taeja only agrees if she gives him a prize after ten assignments.

Minjoo drops by Taeja’s office only to find Jang-Mi there. Minjoo also sees the extra desk and realizes that Jang-Mi has been given a new position. She goes to tell Mrs. Hong.

Mrs. Hong goes to the office the next day to rage at everyone. But, she sees Jang-Mi’s notes on Taeja’s desk. Taeja even asks his mother to leave so he can continue reviewing before Jang-Mi’s exam the next day. Then, Mrs. Hong finds his son asleep over the notes that night.

Mrs. Hong is moved and she even invites Jang-Mi out to dinner. Taeja drops Mrs. Hong off at home, where she tells Taeja to see Jang-Mi home. Minjoo sees it from her car.

When Taeja and Jang-Mi arrive at home, Jang-Mi wonders if they shouldn’t tell Mrs. Hong about the miscarriage. Taeja refuses saying that they just recently got Mrs. Hong to consider Jang-Mi. They should wait until Mrs. Hong is open a little more…

However, Minjoo is having tea with Mrs. Hong at the same time. Minjoo asks about splitting Taeja and Jang-Mi. Mrs. Hong answers that she might let it go for a while because Taeja has decided to focus on the company business.

Then, Mrs. Hong asks if Minjoo doesn’t have something to say to Mrs. Hong. Minjoo smiles that she has nothing additional to say and Mrs. Hong frowns. She muses that Minjoo wears her ring every day; while, it used to look good on Minjoo, it doesn’t seem to pretty now. The sudden talk of the ring pings Minjoo’s suspicions that Mrs. Hong knows about Minjoo framing Mrs. Na. She decides that she has to distract Mrs. Hong and tells Mrs. Hong that it’s not the time to be lax about Taeja… They have to turn Taeja’s heart before he falls further as Jang-Mi not only was married to Mincheol but was pregnant with his baby before having a miscarriage.


Okay, I should pretty much expect a lot of makjang elements when watching a daily drama. However, it’s annoying to watch the writers drop in a solve-all plot device just to keep the plot going. Usually, the more mainstream dramas at least try to keep the makjang elements at a minimum or tie in the elements to the story such that the viewers are happy with the makjang elements; we want it to happen for the characters because we are so invested and we know that within the time frame, we can’t achieve the goals with some makjang magic. Here? Not so much.

That also brings us to Minjoo. First, the good-go Taeja! He won some serious points when he didn’t just overlook Minjoo’s crazy antics and made her apologize. A lot of times, the crazy character is enabled by the characters around her. Like if Taeja had made Minjoo confessed and then just told Jang-Mi that he found out the truth-Minjoo is crazy but tells Jang-Mi not to worry as he “handled it” by telling Minjoo not to do it anymore-no other consequences. Then, the Minjoo character continues on her irritating rampage of infecting the lives around her with her crazy. I was glad that Taeja made Minjoo acknowledge that she made a huge mistake to Jang-Mi and her mother and apologize.

As for the bad, how did Minjoo get the way she is? Well according to this episode, Mrs. Choi! Talk about an enabler. I was shocked that Mrs. Choi would say that she had no problems with Minjoo until Jang-Mi came along. She seriously doesn’t see the fact that Minjoo is trying to win over Taeja through his mother or lying to people left and right as a problem? That Minjoo has no other goal in life other than marrying Taeja who is in love with another woman? The Mrs. Choi’s of this world allow for the Minjoo’s of the world to exist. Epic fail. Shudder.

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