Still Loving You – E10

Sooho’s dad tells Sooho to learn how to cook as the other characters return to Korea.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 10 RECAP

The episode starts with a flashback. Sooho is drinking with his friends who warn him about avoiding the friend Jong-Min. He’s been borrowing money from friends to start a game company but the company went bankrupt last year. Sooho angrily tells his friends off for not trusting their friend and announces that he’s starting a company with Jong-Min who will arrive later.

At the same time, Eunho meets with his friends as one is going to study abroad.

Things converge when Sooho decides to go home after realizing that he’s been defrauded. On his way out, he bumps into Eunho’s friend. Eunho runs over to pull his friend away when he gets punched by Sooho. The fight quickly commenced.

Back at the station, the police officer announces that the security camera showed that Sooho started it. Sooho’s sister also arrives to get him out and the officer announces that the direct parties should settle it. In Korea, if the aggressor doesn’t settle with the victim, the aggressor has to be bailed out until it can be figured out in court.

Eunho recognizes Sooho’s sister and offers to settle but Sooho doesn’t apologize until the end.

Sooho’s dad finds out when Sooho’s mom gets the report. Eunho’s teeth were even broken.

The parents rush to the police station but Sooho’s peacefully sleeping off his alcohol in a holding cell. Sooho’s dad frowns and declares that they are leaving. Sooho’s mom tries to stop him but he grumps that a day in jail won’t kill their son.

Sooho’s mom buzzes around her husband the whole night to convince him to bail Sooho out. But he continues to pretend to sleep. Soomin comes him and consoled her mother that the injuries aren’t that bad so they should be able to settle the matter. When her mom complains about their father ignoring Sooho in jail, Soomin laughs that their father is correct – Sooho is too old to get into this trouble. He needs to learn his lesson.

Soomin then tells her mother that she’s disappointed that her mom invested in Sooho’s business plan but not Soomin’s hospital. Soomin’s mom snaps back that Soomin’s father would have invested if Soomin had just chosen a normal specialty. Hmm?

Sooho’s mom charges back into the bedroom to wake up her husband but he’s already gone to bail out Sooho. He gives Sooho some tofu and tells him to live a more moral life. They then go to a nearby restaurant to have breakfast.

After one spoonful, Sooho frowns and growls about the overwhelming taste of MSG. He even calls over the restaurant owner to confront her about the use. Sooho’s dad frowns.

When the owner storms away after announcing that they only use a minimal amount of MSG, Sooho’s dad offers to invest in Sooho’s business if Sooho will promise one thing. Sooho agrees and they leave as Sooho’s dad also sighs that the food is inedible.

Dad has Sooho sign a contract that he will not screw up again. He also has to add that if he screws up again, he will do whatever his father orders. Sooho thoughtlessly signs for the investment.

The condition? Dad wants Sooho to get a cook’s license within two months. Sooho laughs that he doesn’t want to work in a restaurant. But Dad insists that Sooho can do whatever he wants after getting this license.

Time to check in on Eunsoo’s mom! She’s alive and healthy. She even runs a laundromat. Grandma arrives with breakfast and the two sigh over the horrible mess that Eunsoo went through. Grandma smiles that they should be thankful that everyone is doing well.

Time to add more characters. Soohyun arrives back in Korea from his business trip. Minutes later Bitna walks into the airport. She’s back.


Sigh, Sooho’s character doesn’t seem to have much going for him other than looking half decent. Over breakfast, his dad noted that he’s been out of college for six months. That means it’s been half a year and the kid didn’t even get a job… the only thing he managed to do is get frauds by a friend. Who decides to invest and then hands over the money right away without doing research?! Cringe…

Also, Sooho’s mom’s actions throughout the episode worries me as well. She totally protects her son even when he’s wrong without correcting him. No wonder he’s a grown adult who is kind of useless. In contrast, the children who don’t have as good/coddling relationship with the mom turned out to be decent members of society.

I’d Eunsoo ends up with Sooho, I see two huge issues. One, I don’t expect the mother in law to be a good one.  She has some major pent up bitterness from being disrespected by her husband.  She’s the type of character that will take it out on someone she thinks that she ranks higher of – the daughter-in-law. Two, since Sooho is the younger one, Eunsoo underanks Bitna in the family. If Bitna were raised well or had good character, this wouldn’t be a deal breaker. But, considering what we have seen… this feels like Eunsoo is walking into a life of suffering.  Everyone prepare your sweet snacks, we may need it.

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