Still Loving You – 13-15 RECAP

Bitna confesses to Soohyun and gets shot down.  Our female antagonist isn’t one to let a refusal to stop her; she even declares to Soohyun’s girlfriend that she will take Soohyun away.  Meanwhile, Eunsoo ends up tutoring Sooho.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 13-15 RECAP

Bitna is hard at work as a fund manager/investment banker? Not sure. Anyways, she’s wearing the glasses so we know the drama wants us to think “professional” and “smart”.

We turn to Sooho who is getting kicked out by Eunho. Sooho answers confidently that the paper isn’t his but Eunsoo doesn’t budge. She sighs and turns off his computer. When Sooho starts asking those around him if the paper is theirs, Eunsoo bends over and whispers that he can go out alone or he could be escorted out by the police for making a scene. The other proctor supports Eunsoo and Sooho has to storm out.

Suddenly, Bitna is at an investor meeting that Soohyun is holding. What’s this? The most junior member of an investment team isn’t stuck to her desk reading offering documents or monthly investor reports? She even announces that she’s from one of USA’s premier investing firms – EMS. Methinks an investment bank in the USA wouldn’t let a junior run around like that but meh…She raises her hand to toss Soohyun an easy question and her grandmother looks up in surprise to see Bitna.

After the presentation, Bitna goes up to ask Soohyun to go out with her for a coffee. But, Soohyun smiles that he has work.

Meanwhile, Sooho waits for Eunsoo until the proctors are walking out. He again declares that he didn’t cheat and Eunsoo ruined his life. Eunsoo snaps back that she didn’t tell him to cheat.

Soohyun’s next stop is at a prospective business partner, A Foods. The representative finishes the meeting by giving them a pamphlet for a charity that makes kimchi for the less fortunate. Soohyun’s coworker agrees to donate some of their products but the A Foods representative clarifies that the charity only accepts cash. He repeats that with a contract with A Foods, they would profit by over 30 million…

Soohyun and his coworker walk out at the end of the meeting quietly. The coworker asks if the other representative wasn’t asking for a kickback of some sort. Soohyun answers that they don’t know for sure so they shouldn’t act on it.

We turn to Soomin who’s working at her clinic. The patient is shocked to find out that the doctor is a woman and tries to leave. He then pauses when the pain gets too much and ends up getting treated at Soomin’s hospital.

After the operation, Sooho arrives to complain about Eunsoo. He demands for contact information for Eunsoo’s brother since he’s Soomin’s underclassman. Soomin tells him to go home and complain to their mom since Sooho was wrong for even acting suspiciously during the test. However, she pauses when Sooho leaves to wonder that Eunsoo is kind of funny.

Bitna visits her dad in his sole practitioner office. She sighs that she’s sorry that he had to give up his position as the head of a huge hospital because of her incident. Bitna’s dad smiles that it wasn’t her fault. He even adds that he’s happier now since he didn’t have time to raise her when he was at the bigger hospital.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo finds Sooho’s scratch paper in her pocket. She does a double take when the handwriting on the paper is so different than the cheat sheet. Unable to focus, she goes to the convenience store where she runs into her neighbor.

They grab drinks outside and Eunsoo sighs that she feels bad… if Sooho was really innocent, she would never forgive herself as she was also the victim of a similarly frustrating incident. The neighbor (Singyul Park) tells her not to worry too much. Everyone knows that you should avoid suspicious behavior during an exam. He also tells her not to dwell on bad events but live looking forward.

They walk home to find Eunho knocked out in front of the house. Singyul carries Eunho home where Eunho drunkenly apologizes to everyone for failing to get the job.

At the same time, Soohyun wakes up in the car. A quiet voice surprises him. It’s a Chaeyoung who is Soohyun’s dad’s best friends daughter. The two are seeing each other while considering marriage. He asks why she didn’t wake him up earlier as he slept around two hours. Chaeyoung smiles that Soohyun was sleeping so soundly she couldn’t.

Soohyun goes home after coffee with Chaeyoung to find his mom and Soomin talking about Sooho. Their dad walks in as Soomin tells Soohyun that Sooho was acting suspiciously before he got kicked out. The dad gets furious to hear that Sooho messed up again and demands that Sooho come home.

When Sooho comes home, Dad tells him to work for the family company. But Sooho refuses. He insists that he wants to start a business. Then, Sooho goes as far to ask why his parents gave him such bad genes.

Dad is about to beat him up when Mom comes in to shout at her husband. Sooho declares that he still has two months before their contract ends. He promises that he will be a certified chef by the end of the period and Dad pauses. Dad turns to Soohyun to ask if he’s seeing Chaeyoung well. When Soohyun nods, Dad tells him not to dwaddle and marry her soon. He also turns to Soomin to tell her to go on a arranged marriage date.

Eunsoo gets to buy her knives finally! The seller wishes that she’s able to make great tasting legacies.

Meanwhile, Sooho’s aunt puts on a face mask and naps at a sauna. Coincidentally, Sooho’s mom arrives and decides to get her own mask and nap, too. The two ladies head off into dreamland when Sooho’s aunt turns and rests her leg on Sooho’s mom’s belly. Sooho’s mom throws it off a couple times when Sooho’s aunt wakes up.

The two end up in a fight where Sooho’s aunt threatens to go to the hospital to see if she’s hurt by Sooho’s mom pushing her. Meanwhile, Sooho’s mom accuses Sooho’s aunt of being a scammer. They agree to take off their masks at the same time…

And end up with Sooho’s aunt crying in front of Sooho and his parents. It turns out that she lost all of her money when she was engaged. The fiancé was a scammer that gave her fake gifts and then told her that he needed more money to buy their house… she gave him the money and he disappeared.

Sooho’s dad immediately tries to toss the aunt out.

Later that evening, Grandma Choi gets annoyed because she gets stuck in traffic and fires her driver. So, when Eunsoo’s mom comes over to deliver the dry cleaning, she sees Bitna’s dad taking stuff out of the car and assumes he’s the new driver. Eunsoo’s mom hands over the dry cleaning and warns him to live thin but long – do whatever the grandmother says and appease her no matter what as she fires people on a whim.

Bitna’s dad takes offense at the advice and tells her to mind her own business. But, when he goes inside, he asks his mother in law to reconsider firing the driver as the driver’s wife is sick.

The next day, Bitna charges forward. She asks to meet Soohyun at his restaurant. When Soohyun’s mom arrives, Bitna happily calls her “Mother” and notes how happy she is that she was able to see the mom. Soohyun’s mom is completely won over by Bitna’s sweetness and comfort with adults.

When the couple leaves, Mom sighs that they make such a beautiful couple. Dad snaps that Soohyun already has a partner so they shouldn’t make waves.

After coffee, Soohyun asks when Bitna is leaving for the United States. She answers that she transferred to the Korean branch of her company’s office. He asks why. Bitna sighs and tells him that she came because of him. When Soohyun tries to laugh it off, Bitna pulls him in for a peck on the lip.

At the same time, Soomin has an awful date with a guy who asks about her profession and the revenue. Then, he gets freaked out that she specializes in urology. Soomin lays it on thick that she’s seen many men’s genitals as well as touched them to treat them. The man freaks out even more and leaves.

That night, Eunho can’t focus on his studies. He decides to work as a daeri driver (you call drivers who come to drive you and your car home) to make money to buy his ex girlfriend a diamond ring. A string of interesting clients are shown from a restaurant owner who has no money to a crying man to a guy trying to get laid. The final one is not only drunk but he’s an aggressive drunk. He gets angry at Eunho for following the directions of the navigation and begins to hit Eunho on the head… Eunho is distracted when he makes a turn and crashes.

That night, Mom asks Soohyun about Bitna. Soohyun answers that she’s just a college friend. She sighs and then asks if Bitna’s family is well off. Soohyun smiles that they are well off and asks how his mom knew. Mom answers that Grandma Choi came to eat at the restaurant and other customers mentioned that she’s a big investor.

Cue flashback. After the confession, Soohyun told Bitna that she is not his type. He doesn’t like selfish girls who throw tantrums or stubborn girls. Bitna smiles that she’s not going to give up.

The next morning, Eunho awkwardly follows Eunsoo into her room and stands to the side. She asks what he needs and he sighs that he needs to borrow $3,000.

Eunsoo takes Eunho to the car repair shop where the owner is adamant. He explains that he wanted to go through insurance but Eunho begged him to settle it on the side. Eunsoo tries to negotiate that they pay 50/50 since the customer got drunk and hit Eunho. But the customer denies ever hitting Eunho. He yells that all he does when drunk is sleep. He gives them a final ultimatum, either pay up or he will go through insurance. (Korean insurance is weird where they make the people pay out and might have higher costs.)

Eunsoo turns to Eunho to vent her frustration. She asks him to mature and focus on getting a job. Instead, Eunho has been going out to meet friends and go on dates…

But, Eunsoo runs around to help. She returns her knives and begins calling friends to see if any can lend her money.

Fortunately, Eunsoo’s instructor has a new tutoring position that needs a tutor. The student needs to pass the national chef’s exam. Eunsoo agrees to do it and asks if she can get the full payment upfront.

A Foods calls Soohyun to tell him that they want to contract with Yoon Ga Foods. The A Foods representative says that they can sign up the contracts after a business trip.

Meanwhile, Eunho’s ex girlfriend (Mina) shows her true colors. The coworker tells Mina to call back the ex… because a friend had gotten tired of waiting on her old car boyfriend to turn into a sports car. The acquaintance had broken up and the old broken down car turned into a sports car – from a failure to a law firm lawyer. Omg… anyone else here wanting to shout at these girls to become their own freaking sports cars?! This is sending the wrong message.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo calls Eunho to tell him that she sent the money to the car accident guy. She tells him to focus on getting a job and not to do random part time job anymore. Just as she hangs up, Sooho spots her and shouts out. Eunsoo unconsciously runs into the elevator to flee him.

At the same time Sooho’s aunt (Sooyoung) visits Soomin and runs into Bitna’s dad in the hallway. Her mouth literally drops open and she freezes until Soomin walks out.

Sooyoung goes in and chastises Soomin for choosing urology. Soomin calmly replies that there’s no rule that a urologist has to be male.

Back at the Yoon Ga Restaurant, Bitna goes to visit Soohyun’s mom. She hands over the number of the laundry that her grandmother uses and declares that she likes Soohyun. She asks if Soohyun’s mom doesn’t like her. Mom answers that she likes Bitna for being cute and being nice to her.

Mom tells Bitna to come over for dinner as she will call Soohyun over.

Then Chaeyoung arrives to Mom’s surprise. Dad is off asking about whether Chaeyoung will continue to work after the wedding but Mom backpedals and tells Chaeyoung to think carefully and not rush into marriage. Chaeyoung frowns even though Mom adds, “don’t misunderstand me, I am just saying this for your benefit.” Yes, Mom, we all clearly understand that you’re not that into Chaeyoung.

Chaeyoung stays silent as there’s nothing to answer and Mom tells Dad to dismiss Chaeyoung. But Dad answers that Soohyun is coming for dinner so he wants Chaeyoung to stay.

At the same time, Soohyun goes shopping for a diamond ring.

Mom paces to and from in the restaurant brooding about how to stop Bitna from running into Chaeyoung. However, Chaeyoung gets a call from Soohyun asking her to meet in the restaurant across from there. Mom happily goes to the bathroom now that the immediate crisis is averted.

But, Bitna arrives when Mom is in the bathroom. She has a seat and overhears the staff gossiping about Chaeyoung being Soohyun’s possible wife. When she hears that Chaeyoung got called to the opposite restaurant, she walks heads on out.

Bitna walks straight up to the couple and asks if she can join as her friend never showed.


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