Still Lovivng You – E12

Eunsoo gets fired from work but gets a neighbor.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 12 RECAP

Sooho’s aunt adamantly insists that Eunsoo must have seen the pouch and begins to describe it. Since the group is making a scene, another waitress comes up who speaks up to say that she saw the pouch in the girl’s bathroom. Sooho’s aunt runs to the bathroom but it’s too late. The pouch which was in the trash can still contains all of the makeup products but not any of the money…

Hence, Sooho’s aunt sniffingly drags herself to Sooho’s house. She pauses in front of the doorbell with her finger lightly set on it but unable to press when Sooho arrives home drunk. He’s surprised to see her and before she can answer about why she’s there, Sooho’s mom comes out. Cue Sooho’s aunt dashing away to hide. Mom drags him into the house telling him to be quiet so Dad doesn’t wake up.

Thanks to Sooho’s drunken state when he should be quietly repenting after the jail incident, the whole family wakes up. Soomin wonders out loud if Sooho isn’t crazy for getting drunk when their father is still angry and Mom yells at her daughter for no apparent reason. Dad wakes up and sighs at the sad state of the son but Mom only complains that Dad’s disrespect for her allows their daughter to disrespect her, too? This lady is nuts or stupid. Anyways, Soohyun comes down as Sooho runs into the bathroom to throw up and takes one look at the scene before grabbing Sooho to take him up to their room. Soomin also notes that their mom is ruining Sooho (ya think? You have to discipline the kid sometimes or he’s gonna be a useless piece of trash to society people!) and heads in.

In the morning, Mom’s best efforts at disciplining her currently useless son is to hit him halfheartedly once and whine that she cannot even take his side if he acts this bad. She’s even made the kid hangover soup.

Soohyun arrives after his morning run and reminds his brother that he’s almost thirty soon, so Sooho should stop letting getting drunk and playing be the only thing on his resume. Soohyun also gives his mother a bag that he bought on his last trip.

Meanwhile Grandma Choi looks into new places to invest her money. She wonders about Family Yoon Foods.

At the same time, Grandma and Mom on Eunsoo’s side watch as their upstairs neighbor moves in. He’s wearing a flowery print shirt with a thick gold chain necklace, a bracelet and even a gold ring! He speaks with a weird accent roughly yelling at the movers and stands and walks with a swagger.

Mom and Grandma quickly agree that he must be a gangster. But Grandma adds that she’s so confused, the accent goes back and forth between Jeolla accent and Kyungsando accent!

Mom tries to tell him that she is cancelling the contract but Gangster neighbor reminds her that the breacher has to pay double the deposit as a penalty. With that, Mom can’t say anything and he continues to move in.

Back at the restaurant, the manager apologizes to Eunsoo. He calmly explains that he tried to explain it to their boss but the boss didn’t like the unresolved feeling. The boss also noted that if something happens in the future, they will suspect Eunsoo. So, they are firing her now.

Eunsoo meets the kids of their new neighbor on her way in. When she gets inside, Grandma whispers to Eunsoo that they mistakenly rented out the spare room to a gangster. Grandma even wonders if the gangster isn’t abusing the children. Eunsoo laughs that the kids are coming back from academy; a gangster wouldn’t take care of kids that he’s using like that.

At lunch, Eunho meets with his girlfriend Mina at a bunshik restaurant. Bunshik is like Korean fast food, cheaper but delicious! Mina gets angry that Eunho isn’t taking her to fancy restaurants and sighs that they are too old for bunshik. She adds that she thinks they need to think about the relationship and leaves.

Eunho follows her out and asks her to talk. Mina tells him that she knows he didn’t get hired. She also notes that she was jealous of her friend who got a diamond ring… she asks if Eunho can buy her a diamond ring if she asked for it. When Eunho stares at her unable to answer, Mina continues that she knows it’s hard to get a job in this economy… You have to have a good family to back you. She asks if Eunho has such a family before leaving.

Later that day, Eunsoo takes her grandmother to the supermarket to get groceries. Luck would have it that Grandma Choi and Bitna are at the same supermarket. When Eunsoo goes off to grab a fish and Bitna goes looking for olive oil, the two grandmothers meet. Specifically, Grandma Choi runs her cart into Eunsoo’s grandma who’s bagging potatoes.

Instead of apologizing, Grandma Choi snaps at Eunsoo’s grandma for blocking the way. Hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here. Like grandma like granddaughter? No wonder Bitna did the unimaginable of not accepting Eunsoo’s apology when Bitna was clearly the aggressor… she learned it from her grandma.

Grandma Choi walks off before Eunsoo’s grandma recognizes her. Eunsoo’s grandma freaks out and runs after Grandma Choi. But, it’s too late. Grandma Choi blended into the supermarket lanes.

Eunsoo finds her grandmother standing in a daze and her grandmother isn’t able to tell Eunsoo that she ran into one of the people who ruined Eunsoo’s life. Instead, Eunsoo’s grandmother haphazardly babbles that she feels dizzy and accidentally forgot their cart.

They go home and prepare a large dinner to invite the neighbors from the rooftop. Eunsoo happily goes up but overhears the neighbor as she is about to knock.

 He’s saying that it won’t be fun if they kill off a guy too quickly. He muses that they should break off every single bone before making the victim dig his own grave. Then the neighbor laughs that the other guy has already been taken care of; he can send over a copy of the death certificate… Eunsoo runs downstairs to call the police in order to prevent murder.

The police come by and then leave. Eunsoo and Mom go to where the neighbor explains that he’s a manhwa artist. He likes to get into character at the start of every new story. When Eunsoo apologizes, he laughs that he understands her misunderstanding as he was in gangster character mode. His daughter Nara pipes in to add that the police came by in their last apartment as well; they thought he was a pervert.

At the same time, Sooho studies for his cooking exam. But he doesn’t seem to remember simple science from high school and has to ask his brother about the concept of PH. Not feeling very confident about this one… character rehabilitation in the works soon?

The next morning, Sooho’s Mom continues to show her colors as she grabs the bowl of seaweed soup from Soomin. She yells at Soomin for having some on the day of Sooho’s test day and screams that if Sooho fails, it’s Soomin’s fault. (In Korea, they believe that if you have seaweed soup, you will fail your test because the soup is so slippery that you will “slip” up.). Sooho’s dad comes into the kitchen and grumps some reason – if Sooho was meant to fail, he would regardless of what other people do.

Then it’s time for Sooho’s exam. He bends over to tie his shoe when he sees a rolled up paper. He grabs it just as Eunho spots his suspicious behavior. She grabs the paper from Sooho and opens it up to see a cheat sheet. She announces that he failed on the spot.


I like the comfortable pace of this drama. It’s developing all of the main characters all the while not dragging itself in the weeds. I feel like enough screen time is given to both side characters and our main characters such that we don’t feel like the drama is off roading, but we start to get interested in the other members of both families.

The big question left from this episode? What role does the manhwa artist play in this story? He seems young enough to be a romantic interest for both Eunsoo and Soomin. But, he has two kids. What is his backstory?

I loved the fact that he’s kind of free spirited enough that he will immerse himself into his characters for each novel. Most of Korean society frowns upon the individuals that stick out so seeing someone who sincerely embraces that characteristic of himself is really refreshing. Points added that it helps his career!

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