Still Loving You -E26-27

Soohyun gets approval for his wedding while Sooho and Eunsoo begin working together as interns for Mina’s team.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 26-27 RECAP

Eunsoo’s grandmother holds on to Bitna’s grandmother and tells her to apologize to Eunsoo. Bitna’s grandmother pushes her away and yells that Eunsoo should be repenting for breaking Bitna’s fingers and forcing her to give up on her dreams of becoming an international pianist. Eunsoo’s grandmother grabs on again and shouts around that this grandmother framed her granddaughter and got her fired. At this point, Soomin’s staff member walks out and sees the scene. He grabs Eunsoo’s grandmother and Bitna’s grandmother runs away.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo and Sooho stop by Mr. Yoon’s restaurant to deliver the samples and try the newest soup recipe. Eunsoo doesn’t notice much more than it tastes good. However, after one spoonful, Sooho knows that they cooked the soup differently as it’s smoother. Mr. Yoon smiles broadly and explains that they tried a different mushroom this time…

That night Mr. Yoon meets with Soohyun in a pojangmacha outside their house. Even if he is trashy, he’s still their son. He sighs that he became trash in the eyes of his friend but he’s fine; he just doesn’t want his son acting like trash and being labeled as such by others. Mr. Yoon asks if Soohyun really loves Bitna. Soohyun answers that Bitna is dependable and someone he can rely on while growing Yoon Ga Foods.

Mr. Yoon relents and tells Soohyun to arrange for the official meeting between the parents. Nooooo Mr. Yoon! You were the only voice of reason!

We fast forward to the meeting. Grandma Choi asks about the house that they will prepare so Bitna can prepare the furniture. Mr. Yoon answers that they want the children to live with them for two years.

Grandma Choi sighs and explains that she wanted a grandson-in-law who would live with them. However, Bitna refused anyone but Soohyun… Since Bitna is her only granddaughter, she’s willing to provide a 80 pyung apartment if the kids can live independently. Mrs. Yoon brightens up at the idea of a new apartment but Mr. Yoon answers definitely that he will pretend he didn’t hear it.

After the dinner, Grandma Choi orders that Bitna call Soohyun over immediately. She worries that they didn’t raise Bitna to go live with the inlaws. Bitna’s dad intervenes and notes that they have time to resolve this over time.

Woori and Nara are buying a set of manhwa books at a local store when they are told that the total cost is $5 more because the online prices included a 10% discount. The kids beg for a discount as they don’t have enough money but the cashier doesn’t relent. However, Soomin is right behind them in line and she smiles to hear that the books are a present for their dad. She covers for them and the kids get her number to pay her back.

Is Singyul the second lead? Eunsoo finds out about the birthday from the kids as well. So, she makes home cooked seaweed soup and a birthday cake for Singyul. The kids have the cake candle blowout without their dad but he recognizes that everything’s homemade by the taste. Then, Eunsoo comes up with a present.

Singyul walks Eunsoo back down to the courtyard. But, before Eunsoo is able to go in, she gets something in her eye. Singyul gets up close to blow it out and Eunsoo’s mom walks out. She sees what looks like Singyul making out with Eunsoo and exclaims. The misunderstanding is quickly cleared up.

The next day, Eunsoo and Sooho are sent out to man the booth and represent their company at a supermarket. Eunsoo happily takes on this new challenge while Sooho is expectedly sullen for being sent out to do sales work. He even decides to leave early as he didn’t sign up for sales.

Singyul goes in for a follow up with Soomin. It’s gotten better but it’s also chronic. Soomin tells him to avoid cigarettes, stress, etc. Singyul complains back that a person can’t avoid stress in life and Soomin dismisses him to leave since he’s giving her stress, too.

Meanwhile, Grandma Choi goes to a shaman to get a perfect day for the wedding. The shaman tells her that the couple has two different types of personalities, one is fire and the other is ice. He warns that this could be good or bad. Then he wonders as it looks like there would be two weddings soon.

Back at the company, Bitna goes to pick up Soohyun. He offers to grab dinner nearby and Bitna asks to go home and eat as her grandmother has invited him. Soohyun quickly apologizes that he has a lot of work left. Hah!

Bitna sighs and asks about the living together situation. She explains that she’s not comfortable living with strangers. Soohyun answers that he’s the oldest son and has to take care of his parents. Bitna sniffs that no one lives like that anymore but Soohyun doesn’t budge.

On the side, Eunho meets with Mina. Sooho asks about the cosmetics that he gave her and cautiously asks if there are any female staff members on her team. Mina glares that she found out the cosmetics set is part of a pyramid scheme. Eunho quickly changes the subject to the movie they should see.

Then Mina gets a text from a friend saying that there are tons of good looking guys around. Mina decides to ditch Eunho and go check out the guys.

Eunho goes home where Eunsoo accidentally found the inventory of cosmetics sets. She yells at Eunho for not focusing on getting a job. Their yelling brings in Mom and Grandma.

Eunho continues that this isn’t all his fault. He wants to get hired, too but he has no family connections or money! He even adds that another kid got hired at the company who rejected him and that kid had a worse resume and education but the kid’s uncle was on the board of directors… he even asks if Eunsoo’s situation wasn’t also caused because Eunsoo had no one to protect her. Mom slaps Eunho and he runs out. (Oh man… Since Mrs. Yoon had sighed about Mom being the daughter of upper class parents who only became poor when her husband’s company went bankrupt, this is even more heartbreaking, we know her heart breaks even more. She knows what it’s like to have power and money as her family did.)

The next day, Sooho complains to his dad about being sent to the mart. Mr. Yoon dismisses it lightly saying everyone starts out that way.

So, Sooho has to go to work. He thanks Eunsoo for not telling the company about him leaving early the other day. But, Eunsoo is lost in her own thoughts and doesn’t answer.

Then, a lady reaches for a tub of soy bean paste on the stop shelf. She cannot reach the top tub so she reaches for the one right below which would set off the top tub as well. Just as the top tub is falling, Sooho pushes Eunsoo to the side and gets hit on the shoulder in her stead.

Eunsoo doesn’t see the tub fall and lashes out at Sooho for pushing her aside. She asks if having connections let’s him blow off work like this when she has to try her best not to get fired. She also adds that she never felt embarrassed about not having connections before now and warns Sooho that he’s an embarrassment to his family.

Meanwhile, an angry customer confronts Eunsoo’s mom about pants that are now too short. Eunsoo’s mom reminds the customer that she tried the pants on before paying and asks if the customer didn’t just wash the pants at home improperly. The customer angrily responds that Eunsoo’s mom doesn’t know who she is and she can spread rumors about the dry cleaners.

The customer leaves Eunsoo’s mom crying about the unfairness of it all.

Bitna’s dad had stopped by but he only watches her crying through the window and doesn’t attempt to go in.


These two episodes were more of supportive episodes that set up future plot lines. On that note, they did a great job. Some of the future tensions that may appear:

-Mina is freaking seeing other guys even though she’s almost engaged a/k/a Mina’s betrayal
-Bitna living with the Yoon’s and a mother-in-law who’s ready to hand off the responsibilities to someone younger
-Soohyun’s betrayal? Is it me or did the scene where Soohyun just dismiss Bitna’s worries without really listening to them make people uncomfortable. I don’t think Soohyun loves Bitna at all. What might happen is someone comes into Soohyun’s life after the wedding who really makes Soohyun feel like Bitna feels about him. What happens then?
-Eunsoo’s mom/Bitna’s dad… the shaman said there’s another wedding? The two mother-in-law grandmothers who aren’t even the biological parents of these two will have a mess on their hands.
-Singyul? Who is your wife? And who is your female counterpart? Are you the second lead for Eunsoo or Soomin?!

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