Still Loving You – E40-41

Eunsoo runs around trying to find the truth of this allegation of plagiarism while Bitna tries to kick Eunsoo out of the company.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episodes 40-41

Suddenly, Eunsoo’s life is turned upside down when a lady furiously storms into the office demanding Eunsoo. She is a blogger and she accuses Eunsoo of stealing the blog’s recipe that she posted last summer. Bitna’s next scheme?

Eunsoo gets called in by Soohyun and Bitna. Bitna is ready to fire Eunsoo but Soohyun decides to put Eunsoo on leave until they investigate it further.

On the side, Bitna’s dad gets a visit from Soohyun’s dad to check his lower back pain… They end up getting lunch together when Bitna’s grandmother arrives.

Over lunch, Bitna’s grandma asks about Bitna’s dad’s luxury suit that they left with the dry cleaners as Eunsoo’s mom had called about all of the clothes that were taken during the burglary. Bitna’s dad lies that he picked it up that morning.

Then one of the other customers takes pictures of Bitna’s grandmother after recognizing her from the video. Soomin demands that he deletes it immediately. But, his girlfriend/wife responds back that the grandmother is the one in the video who got violent after drunk driving. Sooho’s dad gets involved without knowing all the facts and reprimands the stranger for accusing the Grandma of something horrible… and, within minutes the serving lady recognizes Bitna’s grandma as well! She tells Bitna’s grandma not to live like that!

Eunsoo tries calling the blogger to meet. The blogger refuses and then turns off the phone.

Eunsoo looks up to see Bitna peering down at her. Bitna tells Eunsoo to work from the conference room since Eunsoo is on forced leave.

Eunsoo asks if this is Bitna. Bitna smiles that Eunsoo has a victim complex.

Sooho comes back with lunch for Eunsoo only to see her storm out. Sooho follows her and she asks what she should do now. Sooho answers that she has to defend herself. Eunsoo sighs that this isn’t the first time that she was framed and wonders why this keeps happening to her.

Sooho opens the samdwich box and tells her to eat. He knows that someone like her would never be able to do something cunning like steal another blogger’s recipe. He also promises to find out the truth for her.

Meanwhile, Bitna’s dad hides in his office when he sees Eunsoo’s mom with her grandmother. She is following her mom around with the shop closed because of the burglary. He’s tense all through his appointments but Eunsoo’s mom doesn’t come in because of a call.

As for Bitna, she doesn’t disappoint with her usual trashiness. She comes home early to tell Mr. Yoon about the accusation. She suggests that they fire Eunsoo before it gets bigger.

Mr. Yoon tells Bitna that business is about looking at the person’s humanity. He decides to give Eunsoo a chance to defend herself.

Eunsoo reviews the blog post repeatedly when she sees something on the map.

She ends up waiting in front of a restaurant until the blogger and kid appears. The blogger turns away when she recognizes Eunsoo and takes her kid home. Then, in the hallway in front of her apartment tells Eunsoo that she is willing to do anything for her child.

Meanwhile, Bitna goes to visit Soohyun. She tells Soohyun that she told Mr. Yoon. Soohyun sighs that they have not finished the investigation yet. Bitna snaps that no one is listening to her. Soohyun asks why Bitna is unable to be objective about this matter. Bitna answers that she just wants to get recognized by Soohyun and Mr. Yoon.

Bitna goes home where she finds Chaeyoon’s old engagement ring in the drawers…

Meanwhile, Sooho introduces Eunsoo to his friend Jongmin (the guy who took Sooho’s money). Jongmin is an IT whiz. Except Jongmin doesn’t know how to hack anything! Hahaha!

Jongmin notices that it’s weird. Every other post has over 100 comments but this one post has only three comments that are vague such as “tasty” or “sharing!” The group decides that the blogger must have switched out the recipes and the commenter who shared the post must have shared the original posted recipe! Jongmin sends the other blogger a direct message. He also tells Eunsoo that the best thing to do is ask for help on other cooking message boards to see anyone else shared the original blog post from last summer…

Eunsoo and Sooho leave together. Eunsoo thanks Sooho sincerely for believing in her and he cannot help but stop smiling.

Soohyun comes home where Mr. Yoon pulls him to the side. He tells Soohyun not to forget that until they are sure that Eunsoo plagiarized, Eunsoo is still part of their family and should be protected.

Soohyun agrees and goes upstairs. Bitna immediately confronts him about the engagement ring that she found in the desk. Soohyun sighs that there is no meaning in the ring and Bitna’s reaction is tiring. Bitna stares at Soohyun in shock for his inability to understand why finding the old engagement ring would hurt her. She throws the ring on the floor and grabs her coat.

Soohyun stops her by grabbing her arm and earns her that if she leaves now, he won’t stop her. Bitna goes home.

Grandma and dad ask Bitna if they fought. She lies that Soohyun sent her home to rest because she was feeling under the weather.

The next day, Mr. Yoon asks about Bitna and Soohyun confesses that Bitna went home after a fight. Mrs. Yoon wants to call her home but Mr. Yoon stops her. He sighs that Bitna probably didn’t learn much from her grandma who’s filmed drunk driving and running into people only to deny it. Hah!

Sooho wakes up and meets Soohyun in the living room. Sooho laughs that Bitna’s grandmother is amazing before telling Soohyun that Eunsoo didn’t plagiarize. Soohyun walks off without answering.

Mina is unhappy to see Eunsoo and asks her upfront why Eunsoo came to work when she has nothing to do. Sooho adorably comes to her defense and tells Mina that it’s all a misunderstanding and someone framed Eunsoo.

Soohyun calls Eunsoo into his office to ask once again if she didn’t plagiarize. Eunsoo firmly answers that she didn’t. So, Soohyun asks if the company can involve the police. Eunsoo pauses and asks for some time to find out the truth herself. Soohyun accepts her request.

Bitna comes in after Eunsoo to ask about the fight. She asks why Soohyun isn’t asking about where Bitna slept and Soohyun tells her that her father called.

Bitna asks what Eunsoo was asking about. Soohyun tells her about how Eunsoo wanted time to find out the truth before they go to the police. Bitna muses that it’s suspicious.

Bitna then finds Eunsoo in the recreation room. She tells Eunsoo that it would be better to quit now as Bitna can find Eunsoo a job in another company. Eunsoo answers that Bitna should know better than anyone why Eunsoo would not trust the law when the law was the reason Eunsoo got kicked out of her school after being framed. Eunsoo also announces that she won’t just be a victim again.

Mrs. Yoon’s arrival interrupts the conversation and Bitna takes her mother-in-law into her office.

Mrs. Yoon asks about the fight and Bitna answers that they fought because Soohyun kept his old engagement ring in the drawers of their room. Mrs. Yoon laughs that Bitna must be mistaken. Bitna doesn’t back down and adds that Soohyun acknowledged that it was the old engagement ring but said it didn’t mean anything.

Mrs. Yoon pauses and sighs that there is a problem with all of the Yoon family. Wow, didn’t expect Mrs. Yoon to acknowledge the fault in her child so easily! Is she not a makjang mother-in-law after all?

Mrs. Yoon then goes to Soohyun and asks if Bitna’s words are true. Soohyun tells Mrs. Yoon that it wasn’t anything. And, Mrs. Yoon snaps back that it’s a huge issue for girls! She tells Soohyun that he messed up so he should apologize and convince Bitna to come home. Wow! Major points Mrs. Yoon for being a reasonable mother-in-law who tells her kid to apologize to the daughter-in-law when her kid is wrong!

Eunsoo then goes to meet with the blogger Saeyoung again. But, only Saeyoung’s daughter is at home. The little girl opens the door and tells Eunsoo that her mom isn’t home.

Eunsoo feels bad about leaving the kid alone and asks the kid if they should wait for mom together…

Later, Soohyun goes to pick up Bitna in her office and sees a copy of the “plagiarized” blog post on Bitna’s desk… before he can look at it carefully, Bitna comes back and tells him she’s going back to her house that night.

Soohyun goes home alone where the world’s best sister in law is! Soomin tells Soohyun that she hears about the fight from Mrs. Yoon and repeats that Soohyun was wrong. Soohyun asks if his simple mistake was worthy of Bitna leaving the house. Soohyun firmly answers that it is a big freaking deal to find your husband’s ex-fiancée’s engagement ring- it’d be weirder if Bitna did not get angry. She tells Soohyun to apologize again.

Meanwhile, Saeyoung comes home and freaks out to find Eunsoo in her house. She immediately pulls Eunsoo out and demands to know what Eunsoo is doing. Eunsoo tells Saeyoung that she wants to know the truth; the recipe isn’t just a simple recipe but her attempt at a new life after turning thirty…

Saeyoung yells at Eunsoo to leave and threatens to post the plagiarism issue on her blog if Eunsoo comes by again. However, inside, she finds fried rice set aside for her and a note from Eunsoo telling Saeyoung that Eunsoo followed a recipe from the blog and could feel Saeyoung’s love for her daughter.

At the same time, Sooho finds something in a picture from the blog and asks his friend to enlarge the photograph.


I love it! I love that Bitna is dealing with a comeuppance for ruining both Eunsoo and Chaewon’a life through the fact that she’s in a forced and loveless marriage. Soohyun does not love Bitna as this subarc makes clear. He only married her for the loan to save his company.

An interesting question popped into my head this subarc. Could it be? Did Soohyun love Chaewon even if a little bit? Why else would he hold on to the ring which is a momento to his failed engagement that he broke off? It’d be complete revenge if Soohyun later decides that he did love Chaewon and leaves Bitna…

The fact that Soohyun is the vehicle of revenge is pretty cool. This allows for us to not hate the Yoon family. Again, I had to recheck the time of this drama when Mrs. Yoon and Soomin turned out to be so reasonable! I was like am I watching a daily?! Love. Love. Love to the drama team for portraying a family that isn’t perfect but isn’t complete makjang even though they are he in-law’s. Mr. and Mrs. Yoon are by no means perfect but when it comes to the important things- they aren’t afraid to do what’s right. That is a powerful message that should inundate all dramas as it is in line with the changing tide.

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  1. So true about the family in this drama not being makjang. The Yoons feel very real and the story, barring all those kdrama coincidences, feels so normal that when the coincidences come up we just think of them as part of the moral lesson: “Be kind to everyone because the world is very small.” (A motto I’ve seen pop up in other kdramas but which this drama is totally committing to exploring to the n-degree. Yet it doesn’t feel over-the-top or ridiculous or even preachy. It’s exemplifying the worst case scenario with the most human situations and well-written characters. If the writer had made Bitna totally evil, we couldn’t draw much of a lesson from her life. But Bitna’s self-involved, spoiled, protected by her wealth, self-willed and young. She doesn’t know that getting her way in life might be one of the worst things can happen to a person, especially if that person has gotten her way by stepping all over people. The other thing about this drama is that it blends humor, family life, and suspense so well. That is so hard to do with dailies, apparently, because I’ve seen some dailies that are downright downers. But with Bitnara Eunso I almost always leave the end of each daily with a big giggly giddy smile on my face. Thanks so much for recapping this and sharing your insights with us.

  2. Yes! I love that it doesn’t go over the top! Because, when dailies go over the top, it gets SO frustrating some times and you wonder where they get all this makjang? Although, on a side note, there are still several families out there that are quite makjang in real life…But, here, several characters have makjang elements (like Mr. Yoon’s male chauvinism) but then the drama itself makes fun of the makjang with the whole family complaining about his male chauvinism. Meanwhile, the drama leaves Bitna as our main antagonist. The fact that she’s still bitter at Eunsoo even though she ruined Eunsoo’s life? Interestingly, the drama is showing us that Grandma Choi is also a self-absorbed flawed character. It’s like the drama is saying – look at Bitna’s “mom” no wonder Bitna turned into such a self absorbed idiot.

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