Still Loving You – E47

More cute shenanigans ensue as Eunsoo broods about competing for the one full time employee position.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 47 RECAP

Eunsoo enlists help from the security guard in moving Sooho onto a couch in the office. Since Sooho has a severe fever, Eunsoo finds a random towel and bucket. She uses it to keep Sooho’s forehead cool.

To the unconscious Sooho, Eunsoo confesses that she already knows that Sooho is a great guy. However, she is afraid of love.

Sooho wakes up to see Eunsoo sleeping next to him. Eunsoo wakes up with a start and asks why Sooho is watching her sleep. Sooho smiles that he wanted to see the face of the first woman who slept next to him. Eunsoo gets embarrassed and mutters that Sooho must be fine before running out.

Meanwhile, Grandma Choi asks Bitna’s father to write a diagnosis for her that says that she can no longer volunteer because of her age. Bitna’s father firmly refuses saying that he cannot compromise his doctor’s values.

The next day, Bitna drops by the kitchen to give some money to Mrs. Yoon, separately of the amount that each person is supposed to contribute. Then, Bitna carefully asks if she cannot hire a housekeeper so that Mrs. Yoon can also have some time to herself, getting massages, etc. Mrs. Yoon seems sorely tempted and Bitna smiles that they will keep it a secret from Mr. Yoon.

At the office, Sooho finds a hand made tea for him with a note from Eunsoo. When the manager asks for a cup, Sooho dramatically refuses.

Then we turn to Yeonmi. Her Team Leader from the mall came by… he still has a crush on her and he’s the one who’s been leaving the mass orders. Yeonmi grabs tea with him and they catch up.

Of course, Bitna’s dad drops by around that time and sees the two together.

The team leader confesses that he’s been thinking a lot lately. He hasn’t not seen other women but he couldn’t forget about Yeonmi. He doesn’t expect something immediately but would like to just grab meals together and maybe see a movie together.

Yeonmi sighs and apologizes. She thanks him for his interest but explains that she lives with her mother-in-law and two kids… and, even though she has always been thankful to the team leader, she doesn’t reciprocate.

Sooho and Eunsoo are sent to the restaurant where Soohyun and Bitna are already eating. There’s no free tables so Mr. Yoon invites them to sit together. Sooho of course walks over without a thought.

They sit down and begin to eat. Bitna is her bratty self as she snipes that the two go around together a lot and wonders what will happen when they have to separate soon…hinting at the upcoming end of the internship. Eunsoo stiffens.

Sooho glares and begins to shout with his mouthful that Bitna is too much for saying that over lunch when lunch is so important for employees. Rice goes flying everywhere particularly near Bitna’s food since she sits in front of him. She isn’t happy and she awkwardly asks to get up first with Soohyun.

After they leave, Sooho turns to Eunsoo to ask if he didn’t do a good job. She’s surprised that he did it on purpose and he answers that he knows she’s uncomfortable around them. Awwwww, he’s already protecting her from the witchy sister-in-law!

Meanwhile, Soomin meets with Hyunshik at Soonjung’s cafe to discuss last minute details. Soomin wants to redo the part where you only see the girl as she seems too sexy. Hyunshik fights back that the commercial is for the hospital but it has his name on it, too!

Eunsoo jumps up when it’s time to leave. But, Sooho stops her to grab dinner. Eunsoo says that she’s tired and wants to go home. Sooho promises to not make her uncomfortable and just eat.

They go to a sushi place. Eunsoo tells Sooho not to try too hard on being a “man” since she likes him better as he is.

Then, Sooho walks Eunsoo home and tells her that he has a favor to ask. He wants Eunsoo to say that she wants to try to become an official employee. He knows that she’s wavering since it might mean that he doesn’t get a spot but he adds that he has other plans. He hopes that Eunsoo will trust him since it will work out.

At home, Eunsoo has a second meal which her grandma prepared since she felt too bad eating a lot of sushi. Over the dinner, Eunsoo wonders about leaving for the factory in the countryside. Her grandma tells her not to worry about mom or grandma but to focus on her career.

The next day, Soohyun and Bitna call the two interns in. They ask if the interns have made a decision. Eunsoo announces that she wants to continue to work. Then, Sooho states that he wants to continue to remain at the company as well.

Bitna announces that they only have one spot so they can have the interns go through a test.


Not sure about you guys, but I felt like the drama began to focus on turning Sooho’s character into the main lead in these past two episodes. We had over 45 episodes of Sooho being a spoiled child who cutely bickers with Eunsoo. Now, we need to see if Sooho (nearing if not at 30) can act like a man responsible for Eunsoo. It’s not like he can ask his parents to take care of him even after he gets married after all.

From what I see, it looks like the transition will be smoother than expected. Since Sooho and Eunsoo have a great rapport, the scenes where Sooho does something for Eunsoo doesn’t seem out of place or random such as Sooho forcing his brother and sister-in-law to leave early when Bitna started to be rude. Hopefully, he will continue to do so or I may jump to team Hyunshik again.

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