Still Loving You – E52

Rain pours onto the love birds as Yeonmi’s motherly instincts kick in at the prospect of Eunsoo seriously dating.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 52

Grandma Choi furiously yells at Bitna about Eunsoo working at the company. But, Bitna knows that the more people who know about the fiasco, the more people will know how bad her family is. So, she holds on to her grandmother and orders that Eunsoo leave quickly. Bitna tells her grandma that they will discuss it later.

After they come home, Bitna’s grandma offers to make it an investment condition that they fire Eunsoo. Bitna quickly tells her grandmother that it would make it more suspicious.

At the Yoon residence, Soohyun suggests that they either fire the employee who dropped the hot soup on the customer or make her write an official statement. Mrs. Yoon jumps in to note that the employee is the one who worked there the longest. They can’t do that to her. Mr. Yoon ends the conversation with the statement that he will think about it.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi pulls Eunsoo aside to tell Eunsoo to go on an official seon or a blind date with the understanding that both sides are evaluating marriage. Yeonmi explains that Sooho is nice but he’s unemployed and young. She tells Eunsoo to think about it.

The next morning the employee who spilled the soup (Jisook) tells Mr. Yoon that she wants to resign for being so irresponsible. Mr. Yoon tells her to go home and rest to think about it.

When Sooho hears about it, he tells his father that they can’t let Jisook quit when it was only because Jisook’s responsible personality that she lasted so long. Sooho lists the issues with their restaurant: they don’t have enough servers or kitchen help, they don’t have enough official vacation days or sick days and there’s not enough spaces for the employees to rest.

Mr. Yoon, to his credit, takes in Sooho’s complaints seriously. He asks if the working conditions were that bad. Sooho answers that their restaurant isn’t the worst but it isn’t the best.

At lunch time, Mina decides that she wants soy bean paste soup for lunch again. The manager complains about having the same kind of food three days in a row. So, Mina takes the other female employee (Jieun).

The manager and Eunsoo leave together for lunch but run into Bitna. Since it’s clear that they are going out to lunch, Bitna sighs that there’s a report that needs to be finished by three… The manager offers to stay back and do it. However, Eunsoo can’t leave her superior to work while she plays. She volunteers to do it.

At the same time, Bitna’s grandma begins sweeping around the table where Eunsoo’s grandma and her friends are eating kimbap. Eunsoo’s grandma and company leave to avoid a confrontation. The childish Bitna’s grandma follows the others around sweeping at each turn! However, when it’s time for Eunsoo’s grandma to leave, she hands over s roll of kimbap for Bitna’s grandma…but, Bitna’s grandma throws it in the trash. Wow.

Yeonmi’s broker friend rushes over with good news! She had a possibility for Eunsoo’s seon-a government employee who’s level 7! (The entry level is 9 unless you test in.)

Then Mrs. Yoon arrives to chat and the broker leaves…

At the same time, Mr. Yoon comes home to pick up a contract. He runs into the housekeeper…

Later Yeonmi runs into Jaewoo at the gym. He asks her why she is staring into space. Yeonmi sighs that her daughter is seeing someone but she doesn’t approve of the guy because he’s unemployed and younger than her daughter. She sighs that she’s become so materialistic.

Jaewoo smiles that all parents become like that since they don’t want their kids to suffer.

Then, they run into each other as they leave. Jaewoo hasn’t dried his hair and Yeonmi chastises him for not taking care of his health. She also gives him her scarf.

On the side, Hyunshik waits in Soomin’s office until the staff kicks him out as they are closing. Hyunshik tries waiting outside but gets bored. He takes out a sharpie and begins drawing on Soomin’s poster…

Then, Soomin walks out. She sighs and tells Hyunshik that she will let him draw a webtoon based on her as she thinks the stress will be the same whether she refuses and he keeps protesting or he writes a webtoon.

At the same time, Eunsoo arrives at the restaurant at Sooho’s request. He comes out wearing an apron like the chef and announces that his goal is to get acknowledged as a three Michelin star chef. He’s made soy bean paste soup and eggs.

Eunsoo begins eating and exclaims that his cooking has gotten better. Then, her mom calls and tells her to come home soon.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Yoon is surprised that there’s no food ready for dinner. Mr. Yoon pointedly asks about dinner and Mrs. Yoon tries to lie that dinner will be ready in half an hour…But, Mr. Yoon declares that he told the housekeeper not to return.

Eunsoo goes home where her mom pushes her to go out on the seon. Eunsoo tries to convince her mother otherwise by saying that Sooho got a job. Yeonmi sighs that it’s not any better…she knows that money isn’t everything but a life obsessing over money to cover costs is also hard. Yeonmi asks Eunsoo to just meet with the guy.

Eunsoo falls back into bed as Sooho texts about the weekend. She doesn’t answer his text.

The next day is the weekend and all of the Yoon family is all tired to be up so early. Mr. Yoon announces that he wants to give the same benefits to those people who work at the restaurant as those working for the company. Soohyun asks if it’s really necessary with Bitna in agreement.

However, Sooho isn’t paying attention. So, Soomin jokes that Sooho hasn’t matured after all. This causes Mrs. Yoon to snap that Sooho has matured; Soomin should focus on herself. Mrs. Yoon sighs that her friend’s daughter is going on a seon.

Sooho zones in at the mention of Mrs. Yoon’s friend. He demands to know which friend. Mrs. Yoon answers that it was the fellow intern. Cue Sooho running to Eunsoo’s house while Eunsoo’s phone is off.

Hyunshik comes home around that time and tells Sooho that he should have convinced Eunsoo earlier. Sooho forces Hyunshik to tell him where Eunsoo is on her seon and begins to run to the cafe.


Well, Yeonmi sure turned into a hypocrite in this recent subarc. Technically, she’s doing the same thing to Sooho and Mina did to Eunho. However, with that said, I cannot blame Yeonmi. It is true that a life of poverty has its own issues and it’s a common concern for parents to want their children to live without worrying about such difficulties. It just feels off with Eunho also being unemployed…

While we discuss Eunho, Mina does not seem at all affected by the breakup. She’s charging forward toward Sooho with happy excitement! I really hope that Eunho ends up with Soomin or any other woman than Mina, as she clearly did not love him.

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