Still Loving You – E54

Sooho gets Yeonmi’s blessing and introduces her to Soohyun and Bitna.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 54

Yeonmi thinks about getting the scarf from Jaewoo and smiles that he is right. If Eunsoo’s hear feels warmer because of Sooho, then it’s enough.

Then, she looks up and sees Sooho and Eunsoo walking along hand in hand.

She stops and they end up going to a nearby pojang macha. Yeonmi asks how much Sooho can drink. He answers that he can drink one bottle of soju.

Yeonmi smiles sadly that Sooho drinks more than Eunsoo’s dad. So, even if he were alive, he wouldn’t be able to test Sooho on his drunk habits…Sooho suddenly takes both soju cups and fills them up. He clinks them together before announcing that he will drink both! Yeonmi can judge him while she’s sober!

Yeonmi quietly notes that she doesn’t like him. She doesn’t like that he’s younger; he doesn’t have a stable job…and, he might have an attitude because he has a good looking face. But, then, Yeonmi sighs that she saw him keeping Eunsoo’s hand in his pocket and it looked really warm. She tells Sooho to take care of Eunsoo and not let her get hurt.

Sooho immediately thanks Yeonmi for her blessing… The next thing we know, Eunsoo and Sooho are carrying a drunk Yeonmi home.

That night, Sooho giggles to himself about telling Eunsoo about his family. He’s sure that she has to be happy to find out.

The next day, Mina is especially prickly because she found out that Sooho is dating Eunsoo. She sniffs that Eunsoo must have found out that Sooho is Mr. Yoon’s son.

On the side, Nara tells Woori that he should study since he sucks at dancing and singing. Woori sends a video of himself dancing to Soomin to ask her opinion.

Soomin laughs as she watches the video that he’s cute but he’s not talented enough to become an idol singer. She asks Hyunshik what he would do if he knew of an elementary kid who wanted to be a webtoon author but didn’t have the talent. Hyunshik answers that she has to be honest; hope won’t help the kid. Soomin worries that the kid is too young. But, Hyunshik adds that if the kid would give up after one discouragement, he doesn’t have the tenacity to make it in the real world.

Soomin and the nurse leave for lunch leaving Hyunshik to watch the office. Hyunshik wanders around before deciding to wear Soomin’s coat and parade around like a doctor.

Just then, a patient arrives with the same issue that Hyunshik has. Hyunshik tries to explain that he’s not a doctor but the patient is in so much pain that Hyunshik first makes the guy sit down as he describes all of his symptoms.

Soomin walks in at that moment and immediately yells at Hyunshik to take off her coat. She also orders that he leaves immediately! She gave him permission to watch and observe not commit the unauthorized practice of medicine.

Hyunshik tries to explain but she isn’t listening. The nurse tells Hyunshik to leave and come back when Soomin has calmed down.

Meanwhile, Bitna’s grandmother is cleaning when she hears two of the volunteers gossip that Eunsoo’s grandma might be getting an award for her service. They compliment how Eunsoo’s grandma always volunteers, treats the other volunteers nicely and even brings snacks.

Bitna’s grandma decides to get sushi catered for all the of the volunteers. The other volunteers arrive and Bitna’s grandmother announces that she prepared snacks for everyone since it’s the obligation of those who have to share. Her words rub some of the volunteers the wrong way. However, the volunteers decide to try the sushi… but, it doesn’t meet their taste.

Then Eunsoo’s grandma comes in with porridge and kimchi! Everyone runs over to Eunsoo’s grandma for the food that they are used to.

At the same time, Sooho visits the office and finagles a trip to storage with Eunsoo. Eunsoo asks about the big secret that Sooho had mentioned the other night and whines that it’s not right for them to have secrets.

Sooho takes a deep breath and tells Eunsoo that he’s Mr. Yoon’s younger son. Eunsoo stares for a minute before laughing. She tells him to stop joking.

As Bitna and the manager are walking by, Sooho calls Bitna, sister-in-law. But, Bitna pretends that she doesn’t understand Sooho and the manager backs her up.

They leave first and Eunsoo snaps at Sooho for joking around about that. She also adds that she doesn’t dream about becoming a “Cinderella” so she doesn’t appreciate those kind of jokes.

Meanwhile, Hyunshik comes home to find Woori sobbing. Soomin told Woori to focus on studying since it’s better for him. Hyunshik demands the woman’s phone number as he will tell her off for his son. But, both Nara and Woori stop him yelling that the woman is a nice lady! Hah!

Soohyun gets a call and agrees to something. Then Bitna drops by and Soohyun invites her out for dinner that night.

After work ends, Eunsoo walks out to find Sooho waiting. She’s worried about his job since he already took a half day off when he just started working. He insists that he got permission and explains that he wants to introduce her to his brother and sister.

They walk into a nice restaurant to see Soohyun and Bitna waiting for them. Bitna freezes and Eunsoo stops in the front of the sitting area. The two just staring at each other.


Awww, Yeonmi’s actress did a wonderful job portraying a mother dealing with her daughter growing up. In Korea, the roles between the mother and father are clearly delineated… So, it would be a really difficult time for Yeonmi as she comes to terms with her daughter growing up and all of the wedding planning.

On the flip side, as a viewer, the Yoon family (with the exception of Bitna as a sister-in-law) seems to be a lovely family to have join your own. They aren’t perfect but it seems that they seem flexible to change and viewpoints. And, to the extent that there are random purely stubborn or selfish elements, the other members of the family fulfill the role of a large family magnanimously- stepping in to be the clear voice of reason.

I hope that the wedding planning does not pit the Yoons against the Ohs in a makjang manner. So far, the drama has managed to avoid going pure makjang. And, both the mothers and Eunho and Soomin are friends… So, let’s hope! A happy wedding and married life with just Bitna/Soohyun getting their comeuppance for Bitna ruining the Oh family life and Soohyun throwing away Chaeyoon for money.

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