Still Loving You – E56

Valentines Day and some random advice from Soomin pushes the couple into becoming official!

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 56 RECAP

Bitna jumps up in anger and surprise. Her mouth automatically opens. Eunsoo smiles that she has no intention of breaking up with Sooho so Bitna should wake up from thinking the world revolves around her and her wishes. Eunsoo leaves after saying that.

Eunsoo runs into Soohyun outside Bitna’s office. She awkwardly greets him and he returns a cold but polite greeting.

Eunsoo is then able to go back to her office. She gets a text from Sooho asking her to make a decision soon as he cannot concentrate. Eunsoo sighs and asks to take the rest of the day off… The manager agrees but Mina snarks that Eunsoo hasn’t been a permanent employee for long before she started slacking off.

Meanwhile, Soomin is surprised when Hyunshik doesn’t arrive to research her.  The fact that the usual buzzing bee isn’t around makes her oddly nervous.

He’s actually chilling in Eunsoo’s living room. When Eunsoo wakes up after a nap, he smiles that she seemed sick and he knew that everyone was out. He couldn’t leave her alone. He asks what is wrong.

Eunsoo explains what happened. Hyunshik falls back into the older brother role easily. He wonders about her use of the word “muree” which could be translated as either too much, impossible, or crossing the border of society’s expectations and rules. Hyunshik tells Eunsoo that if she thinks that it’s impossible because of the differences between the two families, she should still try since trying the impossible is part of love.

On the side, Nara comes to ask Eunsoo for help. She wants to prepare cookies! Eunsoo teases Nara about having someone she wants to give it to. Nara laughs that it’s just for her dad and brother as all guys are immature. But, Eunsoo spots one bag of cookies with a different color ribbon.

The next morning is Valentine’s Day. The manager gets huffy when none of the girls brought chocolates for him. (In Korea, Valentine’s Day is a day on which girls give guys chocolates. Then the guy gives the girl a gift in March.)

The question for Nara is answered quickly as she gives the special chocolate to Eunho!

Meanwhile, Soomin dozes off in her office as Hyunshik sketches her sleeping face. Soomin murmurs that she’s not a heavy person…and, then wakes up. She’s surprised to see Hyunshik sitting across from her and yells at him for watching her sleep without her permission.

Hyunshik laughs that she looks the most innocent and nice as she sleeps. When she’s awake, she’s always glaring at him and yelling at him. He quickly switches the topic to ask about what she meant by saying she’s not heavy.

Soomin sniffs that she didn’t mean it literally on that she weighs a lot. She meant that she’s not a heavy burden on guys, asking them to carry stuff for her or help her out. Hyunshik smiles that sometimes guys fall for girls like that as it’s harder to approach perfect women who don’t need help.

Soomin sniffs that Hyunshik can meet a very heavy person.

At the same time, Eunsoo is told to bring some samples to the restaurant. Mr. Yoon tells her to wait a minute as he helps a customer pay so Eunsoo looks around. Her sight lands on a couple who are trying to eat but their toddler keeps interfering by crying.

Sooho looks at the kid like she’s an alien from another planet and Eunsoo swoops in. She offers to carry the kid around while the parents eat. The mother refuses at first but Eunsoo picks up the girl and begins walking around the restaurant pointing out different things. The little girl’s curiosity is perked and she calms down while both Mr. Yoon and Sooho smile as they watch.

Afterwards, the parents leave with the mom profusely thanking Eunsoo. Mr. Yoon also thanks her for holding the kid for so long, which isn’t an easy task. Eunsoo happily answers that she likes kids and she saw her own mother eating at the sink while growing up because her mom always had to take care of Eunsoo and Eunho. She wanted to give this mother a chance to enjoy her lunch.

Mr. Yoon asks her to wait as he goes into the kitchen. So, Sooho comes over and peers into her face. He whines that he feels like he hasn’t seen her in a month and asks if they can date that night. Eunsoo declines explaining that she has to work late and reminds Sooho jokingly that she saw him the day before.

Then, Mr. Yoon comes out which ends their conversation. He has a small container of bean paste that was made using a new recipe and offers it to Eunsoo. She accepts it gratefully and leaves.

The older generation women chat in Yeonmi’s office with Mrs. Yoon, the broker and even Soonjung who arrives with coffee and chocolates for everyone. Aww, looks like they are all becoming friends.

Meanwhile, Bitna drops by Soohyun’s office with chocolates. She asks to go on a date but he turns her down. He reminds her that he would rather that his parents and family are happy than they just spend time together. Girl, this is why you marry someone who loves you.

At the same time, Jaewoo calls Yeonmi to ask if she’s going to the gym. She confirms and he offers to pick her up.

When Yeonmi closes up her shop, the Team Leader who was drinking coffee in Soonjung’s cafe sees and rushes out after yelling that he’s thankful for the chocolates. He runs out just as Yeonmi gets into Jaewoo’s car and follows them to the gym. He sees the two together and ends up signing up for one month of the gym membership.

That evening, Soomin goes to eat dinner at the restaurant where Sooho is obviously gloomy. She asks if he fought with his girlfriend and Sooho nods. She offers him some chocolate that Sooho refuses because he doesn’t need pity chocolate from his sister.

Sooho asks “for a friend” who has a girlfriend who “needs time,” but won’t say how long. He sighs that his friend is going crazy.

Soomin laughs and tells Sooho that when a girl says she needs time but hasn’t really gone off the grid, she means that her thoughts are complicated and wants the guy to help out. She tells him not to go empty handed, at least bring the chocolates that she originally offered.

Sooho gives up his pretense of asking for a friend and grabs the chocolates before literally running out.

At the same time, Eunsoo works while checking her phone every few minutes. She realizes what she’s doing and laughs to herself that she asked Sooho for time but she’s waiting for him nonetheless.

Just as she thinks the last thought, Sooho arrives with a bouquet of flowers and the chocolates. Eunsoo sees the chocolates and immediately recognizes them as the ones that she helped Nara make. She asks if he got it from Nara and he answers that he got it from his sister. Eunsoo is surprised and she explains that she helped make these chocolates.

Sooho smiles that they are soul mates since the chocolates that Eunsoo made ended up in his hands. Sooho walks in and kisses Eunsoo.


Okay, maybe I’m in a pessimistic mood but this episode only makes me nervous about the suffering that Eunsoo might have to endure once Bitna realizes that Sooho is serious about Eunsoo. It feels almost unavoidable…

The breakdown: Mr. Yoon is pretty checked out of family affairs except when he’s a bit male chauvinistic. But, at least, he expects it from Soomin as well as Bitna. Sooho genuinely seems sincere and sweet although a bit naive. Soohyun… Now, he’s calculating. He will throw away his fiancé to get married to Bitna for money. And, Mrs. Yoon? Unfortunately, she can go either way. She could be a great support for Eunsoo as Yeonmi’s friend. Also, Eunsoo seems to want to be the type of daughter-in-law that Mrs. Yoon wants, very household focused. Finally, Soonjung is too simple and easily bribed to be of any help to Eunsoo; she will turn Team Bitna as long as Bitna buys her things.

So, the result? The upcoming engagement and marriage life after could be total makjang in your face to Eunsoo if Bitna decides to continue acting like the incorrigible person that she is and Soohyun/Mrs. Yoon/Soonjung back Bitna up. Hence, is it a good thing that Sooho won Eunsoo over? Who knows!

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