Still Loving You – E57

A calm episode of Eunsoo and Sooho enjoying dating!

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 57 RECAP

Sooho stares at Eunsoo while she tries to work.  Finally, she gets nervous and asks him to take a nap since he hasn’t been able to sleep lately and it’s bothering her.  Sooho answers that he wants to remember everything about her but then puts his head down and closes his eyes.

Sooho walks Eunsoo home but grabs her hand when she’s about to go in.  He tells her that he wants to visit her family to get official permission to date.  She smiles and agrees to tell her mom.  So, Sooho finally lets her go.

Eunsoo goes in and asks her mom if she can bring Sooho over the next day.  Yeonmi laughs that she needs time to prepare and asks for a few days.

Meanwhile, Sooho comes home to find Soohyun handing over a slice of an apple lovingly to Bitna is laughs happily.  Soohyun invites Sooho to join them but Sooho huffs that even he knows better than to tag along with a couple.  He sniffs that he should get married soon, too…Words that keep Bitna awake at night.

Eunsoo is in a joyful mood the next day and brings everyone tea instead of coffee.  However, Hyuna is Hyuna as usual.  She insists on coffee.  When Eunsoo notes that they ran out of milk, Hyuna suggests that Eunsoo just goes out and buy some more.

Eunsoo forces a smile and walks out.  She runs into Bitna in the hallway who snarks that Soohyun and she disapproves of Soohyun’s relationship with Eunsoo.  Eunsoo sighs and asks Bitna if she’s so worried.  Usually people get chatty when their wall is in the back.  Then Eunsoo sniffs that if Bitna keeps forcing Eunsoo into a corner, she might become more chatty about what happened 8 years ago.  Eunsoo walks off as Bitna stares.

On the side, the real estate broker lady comes in to tell Yeonmi that her old Team Leader is rich.  He asked for an apartment around the area and did not care about the price.  She suggests that Yeonmi does well with the Team Leader.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo gets nervous when her coworkers ask her about what she does for skincare since Eunsoo is older (at least thirty).  Eunsoo thinks back that she was in school when Sooho was still not in school!  She’s about to shudder but then she gets a video love message from Sooho.

Later, Jaewoo stops by to meet with Yeonmi.  However, he hears yelling and pauses outside.  He overhears how the customer accuse Yeonmi of ruining her coat.  Yeonmi tries to explain that she had warned that the stain would not come out at their dry cleaners…but the customer insisted that Yeonmi tried.

The customer yells at Yeonmi that she only left her coat at this dry cleaners because she pitied Yeonmi who is running the dry cleaners alone.  Jaewoo cannot hold himself back anymore and storms inside.  He tells the customer to stop.  She can file an official complaint and if the investigation finds that their dry cleaners was wrong, they will compensate her for everything.  However, if they find out that they were not at fault, the customer better not set foot in their dry cleaners again.

The customer asks what Jaewoo’s relationship is.  Jaewoo announces that he’s Yeonmi’s husband.  This gets the customer to leave in a huff and Yeonmi giggles that Jaewoo was kind of cool.

They go to the gym and start off on the treadmill together.  Soon, the Team Leader (Soowoon).  He gets on the treadmill next to Yeomni and pretends to see her coincidentally.  Yeonmi introduces Soowon to Jaewoo and they start a huge competition to see who can work out harder… Yeonmi sees the two running within seconds of the introduction and slowly walks off…After the workout, both Soowon and Jaewoo ask Yeonmi to dinner.  She uses her mother as an excuse and tells the two to have dinner together since both are don’t have anyone to go home to while she needs to eat dinner with her mother…HAH!

At the same time, Bitna arrives at dinner with her two high school friends…Maybe her only friends? They laugh that her life seems perfect and Bitna agrees.  She explains that her husband is running late.

Except, Soohyun never shows up even though Bitna continues to call…Finally, Bitna’s friends awkwardly note that they need to leave since both work the next day.

Meanwhile, Sooho and Eunsoo happily walk together joking around.  They decide to have drinks…And Eunsoo leads Sooho back to the restaurant.  Sooho thinks that Eunsoo wanted some kissing time but Eunsoo just wanted to work on creating the new menu that is good for high blood pressure people.  She gets Sooho to wear an apron but he continues to flirt as Eunsoo focuses.

On the side, Soohyun finally calls Bitna to ask where she is.  She sighs that it doesn’t matter where she is.  So, Soohyun replies that he will see her at home.  Bitna blows up and asks how Soohyun can flake on her important dinner.

Soohyun apologizes that he was so busy.  Bitna hangs up.

Bitna looks up to see Eunsoo and Sooho gleefully walking down hand in hand.  Bitna pointedly asks if Eunsoo forgot Bitna’s warnings.  Sooho angrily demands to know what Bitna said to Eunsoo.  Awww, ready to defend his girl no matter what!

Eunsoo calms him down by smiling that Bitna seems to be having a bad night.  She smiles that Bitna didn’t say anything weird and Bitna doesn’t need to be so worried since Eunsoo and Sooho’s relationship is going swimmingly.


This episode seemed more like a filler.  But, fillers play an important role in 100+ daily episodes.  Through fillers, we get a more organic view into the characters’ lives, personalities and thought-processes.  This episode was no different.

While Eunsoo and Sooho embark on “officially” dating and are a cute bickering couple, we see cracks in Bitna’s and Soohyun’s marriage.  On the surface, Soohyun is caring for Bitna – sticking up for her when it’s proper due to either his mother or father going on the attack.  However, when it is not “necessary” from society’s point of view or Soohyun’s programming, he doesn’t instinctively feel that Bitna’s concerns are wishes are important enough for him to prioritize.  In other words, he will help Bitna when he sees it in front of him.  Yet, when he’s busy he cannot even take the time to call Bitna to let her know that he won’t make it to the dinner with her only two friends.  Does the guy really love her? DRAMAFEED’s verdict – No.  Soohyun married Bitna because she’s pretty, convenient and had the money that his family’s company needed.

Why is this important?  Maybe this is a hint to the final form of revenge on Bitna? Or, maybe, this was meant to explain Bitna’s future makjang – the emptiness will cause Bitna to continue to make Eunsoo’s life miserable (if or when) Eunsoo and Sooho get engaged/married.

The early arc was premised on the fact that Bitna is not evil…She’s just an insecure girl who turned into a bully because her father was distant and too busy to care while she felt like her grandmother treated Bitna as a substitute for Bitna’s dead mother.  Hence, when she saw Eunsoo have such a loving and happy relationship with Yeonmi, Bitna decided to ruin it when Eunsoo attempted to stop Bitna’s bullying of her friend.

Bitna’s older now.  But, she’s still insecure and has a marriage full of cracks. Her “job” is just a cushy internal position that her husband gave her.  What will happen when she sees Sooho treating Eunsoo like the woman he loves while Soohyun does not do the same?

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  1. I so hate the idea of pitying the villainess but looks as if I’m going to end up doing just that… with of course a little bit of schadenfreude. I just hope she suffers for a long long long time. I don’t want her suddenly realizing the evil of her ways at episode 99 or 119. After all the evil she has done and probably will do, she can’t just up and repent and be forgiven. Drama, you’ve been perfect up til now. Keep being perfect!

    • Carole, thanks!!! And I know what you’re talking about. I feel like I’m betraying Eunsoo when I feel bad for Bitna. I think the biggest task for this drama series will be making Eunsoo and her family whole.

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