Still Loving You – E59

Trouble in paradise causes Sooho to turn to interesting measures.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 59 RECAP

Eunsoo pops out with her coat and surprises Jaewoo. Yeonmi awkwardly asks Jaewoo if he has any clothes to leave. He answers that he doesn’t and just wanted to return the containers for the porridge.

Eunsoo picks up on the weird atmosphere and invites Jaewoo to dinner. Yeonmi agrees that he should when he seems hesitant.

Suddenly, they are having some barbecue with Jaewoo happily cooking and cutting the meat. Eunsoo apologizes that she should be doing it as he youngest and he answers that a man should be the one cooking the meat. Yeonmi also explains to Eunsoo about all of the times that Jaewoo helped her out.

Eunsoo steps out to go to the bathroom. Doc Jaewoo tries to explain that he’s not a driver but Yeonmi cuts him off. She tells him that there’s nothing wrong with being a driver. Rather, if he had several degrees or were rich, she would have felt uncomfortable and unable to approach him. In the face of this confession, Jaewoo decides against coming clean about his true position.

That night, Yeonmi asks Eunsoo to keep her friendship with Jaewoo a secret from Grandma since she doesn’t want to unnecessarily worry Grandma. Eunsoo tells her mother to stop worrying about her, Eunho or Grandma and think only about her own happiness.

The next day, Eunsoo runs into Bitna in the recreation room again. Bitna tells Eunsoo to remake her coffee in the cup that Bitna always uses. Eunsoo smiles that she heard from a cool guy that they aren’t paid to make coffee. She tells Bitna to wash her own cup and mak coffee.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo’s grandma teases Bitna’s grandma by giving her gloves to help her with the recycling. Bitna’s grandma makes a big fuss for the camera that she’s feeling ill and shouts that she will rest for five minutes.

At the same time, Hyunshik and Eunho go to Soomin’s office. Eunho had plans to grab lunch together. Hyunshik immediately notices that Soomin is wearing makeup and heels. He wonders if Soomin has a crush on Eunho.

By the time that Bitna’s grandma wakes up in her car and returns to the center, she finds all of the recycling done! Before we can be too curious, a coughing Eunsoo’s grandma who smells of trash tells us clearly that it was she who helped Bitna’s grandma out so Bitna’s grandma didn’t get into trouble with her probation officer.

Back at the office, the manager asks Eunsoo to drop something off at the restaurant. Soohyun is there and quickly offers to do it himself. He tells the manager to minimize the employee rant tasks to the restaurant making Hyuna pick up on the fact that Soohyun seems to disapprove of the relationship.

Then work ends and Eunsoo walks out to find Sooho waiting for her. They run into Bitna in the parking lot and she offers to give him a ride. Sooho agrees and brings Eunsoo on with him. He unabashedly flirts with Eunsoo in the back seat.

During the ride, Bitna asks Sooho to meet with her friend the next day. She made reservations at a nice restaurant and wants him to show the friend around. Sooho agrees as long as Bitna comes to the restaurant to take over his work at 2.

Then, Sooho smirks and asks if Bitna’s friend is pretty. Bitna smiles that her friend is really pretty and an international lawyer. She’s confident that Sooho would be surprised, too.

They arrive at Eunsoo’s house and Sooho sends Bitna home first. Eunsoo clearly is depressed so Sooho asks if she now knows how he felt when she went on the blind date.

Eunsoo asks Sooho if he can live without her. Sooho laughs that it’s such a weird question. Eunsoo sighs that she thinks that he can live without her and she feels worried and nervous… she started to like him more and more.

Meanwhile, Bitna comes home to find Soohyun already there. He asks why she’s not talking with him. She sighs.

Soohyun then apologizes for flaking the night before. Bitna responds that she doesn’t care since he’s just saying it without meaning it. But, Soohyun then takes out a bracelet. He explains that he heard from the manager that this bracelet is very popular right now. It’s a gesture of his sincerity.

Soohyun clasps the bracelet on Bitna’s wrist and pulls her in for a hug.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo broods in her room about the words from Soohyun and Bitna. She sighs that it’s clear that their relationship won’t go anywhere and wonders if she should end it.

Back at the Yoon house, Sooho consults with Soomin again for a friend. He asks her what it means if a girl asks the guy if he can live well without her. Soomin first guesses that the girl wants to break up.

When Sooho answers that he’s certain the girl doesn’t want to break up, Soomin then muses that the girl must be pushing the guy to show how serious he is about the relationship. Sooho jumps up announcing gleefully that his sister should have been a psychiatrist and runs out.

Later, Bitna gets a call from her friend who checks in that she’s having fun with Kim Jong-Min. Bitna, who’s already teary and sniffling from the onion, realizes that Sooho tricked her and bites into an onion to silence her scream of frustration. When Mr. Yoon walks in to check, Bitna snivels that it’s really hard and her hands are cold. Mr. Yoon helps us all out by responding curtly that he does this every day and reminds her to quicken up the pace so that the ingredients are ready in time for dinner prep.

On the side, Jaewoo stops by the dry cleaners where Yeonmi is out for deliveries. Grandma is surprised to see him and he lies that he came to drop off clothes but he forgot the clothes…

Then, Soowoon drops by with coffee. He recognizes Yeonmi’s mother-in-law as the mother-in-law and introduces himself as Yeonmi’s friend who worked with her at the mall. Grandma is noticeably less happy about this guy who makes it clear that he’s kindof interested in Yeonmi.

Later, Eunsoo wanders around in front of a bridge as that’s where Sooho asked her to meet him. She’s about to get frustrated because she doesn’t see him when she hears a click. Eunsoo turns around to see a bridge lined with lights and a pavilion decorated with rose petals and couple pictures. On a table stands a large picture of Eunsoo with Sooho in front of block letters spelling out “marry me.”

Music starts playing and Sooho walks out with a bouquet of flowers. As he sings, he walks toward Eunsoo to hand them over.


So, to get this straight, Sooho met Eunsoo a month before their three month internship which ended a couple of weeks prior… In other words, Sooho has known Eunsoo for approximately four to five months maximum. Of those, five months, they spent the first month as strangers learning and teaching cooking. Then, they gradually turned into friends in the next two-ish months. This leaves two months to fall in love?!

While Sooho had been on an amazing character rehabilitate trajectory, this decision is definitely a blimp on his record. I find it difficult to believe that two months is enough to fall in love and really get to know someone to make an informed decision about the counter party being one’s life partner. (I caveat those who go on marriage blind dates where the sole purpose of the date is to find a marriage partner. Usually, those processes are faster and love is not the main measurement in deciding marriage. Rather, both people and families make the decision based on a number of factors ranging from family compatibility to finances. But, it’s clear that love isn’t the issue so time for love to develop is not necessary.)

Here, the whole point is that Sooho and Eunsoo love each other to contrast the loveless marriage of convenience and obsession between Bitna and Soohyun. This seems a bit forced and more like a push from the production team to jump to a point of restaging the conflict between Bitna and Eunsoo as sisters-in-law within the Yoon household.

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  1. I’ve fallen in love at first sight. I met my husband at a Valentine Day’s Party February 1981. We started living together a week after that. We’ve been happily married for 33 years. Just saying: love is a strange thing and young folks, especially, just kinda go with it. Especially if they’re reckless like Suho is. I wouldn’t recommend sudden marriage because one can end up in unhappy marriages. But Suho and Eunso have been observing each other: they’ve observed, primarily, each other’s kindness. Suho has changed profoundly because of Eunso. Both had no real desire to fall in love and suddenly it grabbed them. Eunso sees someone who will hold onto her unlike her former fiance, and someone who has grown. Suho has repeatedly seen how Eunso didn’t care about his wealth or status. Those observations really affected them, i think. So i believe in this love. I also think that many viewers will believe in this love. And this marriage. This drama is more a parable than anything else. It has so arranged events and fate that it can be nothing less than a parable and a moral lesson. The audience understands this. We understand that Bitna represents something and that the something Bitna represents must be challenged. Thus, we instinctively know that the universe is setting up everything to redeem, restore, and enlighten Bitna’s soul and to punish her with love, kindness, and a kind of cosmic revenge that will make her learn the truth. If we have bought into the fatalism that abounds everywhere in this drama — the interrelatedness of all the characters, the forcing together of everyone, and all this is crowned by the chocolates Eunso made returning to her– we can’t decide there is one “forced” event we will challenge. Because of that implicit and explicit fate/destiny theme, because the story is soooo about fate (more than the typical kdrama) we can believe in this love. Because FATE/THE UNIVERSE/KARMA is at work here. Thanks for recapping this drama.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Maybe I am a bit more pessimistic about the whole love at first sight thing… It’s really cool that you and your husband are still happily married after 33 years! I heard that marriage is a continuous process.

    I also agree that many viewers will view this as love…

    However, I don’t know if I agree that this is just a parable. One thing that is different from Korean daily dramas as vs. Korean regular dramas that air 2 episodes per week is that the regular dramas usually tell a more fanciful or grand story. In contrast, the dailies focus on family life and relationships in a more normal setting with “makjang”/exaggerated elements. A lot of times, while some of it is exaggerated, the dramas include elements of tension in real life (which is why so many focus on the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law conflict). So, Korean viewers watch and gasp but they empathize at one level or another. I also know of a Korean woman who’s in her early 30’s who has also done worse than Bitna…She literally did several things that every adult condemned (except for her husband and parents) as rude and unbelievably selfish; those who are over 60’s who know about it/and those who are obsessed with “propriety” were so shocked that they declared that they would never want to be in a same social function with this girl and her husband ever again. This girl also literally left the country instead of fixing the mess that she started. So, it would be nice if dailies were theoretical or parables… But, I am not so sure they are.

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