Still Loving You – E62

Eunsoo breaks up with Sooho and Sooho finds out why after a long episode.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 62 RECAP

Jaewoo takes Yeonmi out for some barbecue beef and alcohol.  He cooks the meet while sighing that it must have been hard on Yeonmi to hear such words from a friend.

Yeonmi sighs that she didn’t mind being disrespected for running a dry cleaners on her own.  But, she could not stand the attacks against her daughter.  Yeonmi then notes that Jaewoo is different from all of the people she met through her work.  Many people disrespected her because she clearly did not have a husband.  Men would try to approach her thinking she would be easy. But, Jaewoo has always been comforting while keeping a respectful distance…She wonders if she can grow out her hair again and wear dresses.

Yeonmi half-laughs that she’s a horrible mother.  On one hand, she feels so angry because of her daughter but she kind of feels happy…Yeonmi finds Eunsoo sitting on a bench in their courtyard just staring into space. Yeonmi sits down next to Eunsoo asking why she doesn’t go in.

Eunsoo fights back tears as she turns to her mom. She ekes out that she broke up with Sooho and begins to cry. Yeonmi pulls Eunsoo into a hug and cries as well that she’s sorry… While, Eunsoo cries back that her mom shouldn’t be sorry… She’s sorry for making her mom hurt.

Meanwhile, Soohyun wakes up to the sound of a loud thud and groans. He walks out to find Sooho passed out in the hallway. Soohyun quickly takes Sooho into his room before waking up Bitna to help with some wet towels necessary to clean Sooho up a bit. Sooho stays unconscious throughout the whole thing only mumbling, “don’t go Eunsoo.”

The next morning, Mrs. Yoon continues her starvation protest against her son marrying the daughter of her friend (who in the past was so rich that Mrs. Yoon’s family rented a room from Yeonmi’s family). I guess Mrs. Yoon doesn’t care about family history or roots.

Mr. Yoon stoically announces that it doesn’t matter since Mrs. Yoon will eat when she gets hungry and Soonjung sniffs that the atmosphere really kills her appetite. Mr. Yoon then orders that Bitna clean up after everyone before she leaves.

After breakfast, Bitna schemes by giving Sooho a credit card. She explains that he should use it to date since all girls like being pampered. Sooho doesn’t answer so she stuffs it into his pocket. Then, she explains for our benefit that Sooho’s spending should tell her more about what’s going on in the relationship.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi is still fast asleep. Eunsoo’s grandma watches over her sighing that Yeonmi must have been emotionally affected by everything. Then she wonders who Yeonmi drank with. She finds the handkerchief from Jaewoo in Yeonmi’s pocket and sniffs it.

At Yoon Ga Foods, Bitna corners Eunsoo in the hallway to see if she could get anything out of Eunsoo.  She notes how Sooho was black out drunk and kept throwing up.  She asks if they fought since Eunsoo’s eyes are swollen.

Eunsoo is unable to say anything.  She just excuses herself and goes into the recreation room where she checks her text messages.  There is a flood of texts from Sooho frantically asking why Eunsoo is acting this way.

At the same time, Hyunshik continues to interview Soomin.  He asks her what she does when she’s not at work.  Soomin snaps that she reads, attends seminars, etc.  After a pause, Soomin adds that she also does yoga.  Hyunshik asks that they go to yoga.

Eunsoo is sent on an errand from Soohyun to deliver something to the restaurant.  Mr. Yoon and Sooho are both on the floor when Eunsoo comes in.  She explains that she was sent to deliver the file.  Mr. Yoon accepts it and dismisses her.  So, Eunsoo leaves.

Mr. Yoon tells Sooho to attend to the customers but Sooho runs after Eunsoo.  He catches up to her on the bridge and grabs her arm.  He yells at her for pretending not to see him and asks that she speak with him.  Eunsoo turns to look at Sooho.  She tells him that she has nothing to say to him other than that she wants to break up (because your family is crazy red flags yo).  She walks off without looking back.

Meanwhile, reporters are interviewing the grandmothers at the volunteer place.  Eunsoo’s grandma takes the opportunity to tease Bitna’s grandma even more.  When the interviewer asks about Bitna’s grandma, Eunsoo’s grandma whispers something.

Later, we find out that she told the interviewer that Bitna’s grandmother is a rich lady who came to volunteer and later felt moved by the cause so she donated the money with Eunsoo’s grandma.  To add to it, Eunsoo’s grandma had noted that Bitna’s grandma planned to donate $50,000 more!  Bitna’s grandma is horrified but she’s unable to refute it as it’s in front of the cameras. Everyone gasps and claps Bitna’s grandmother for her generosity.  HAHAHAHA.

We turn to Sooho who never returned to the restaurant.  Instead, he went to a fancy bar and opened a tab to start drinking.  He also called Jong-Min so he doesn’t have to drink alone with Bitna’s card.

Jaewoo also gets some screen time.  After seeing one of the patients, he looks at the worry doll and remembers Yeonmi’s drunk confession that she is thankful that Jaewoo is around…and how she feels like she can grow her hair out again.  She feels giddy like a young woman.

Jaewoo drops by the dry cleaners only to find it dark.  He’s about to turn around when Yeonmi arrives. They go in and Jaewoo tells Yeonmi to relieve her stress with other hobbies instead of drinking.  Yeonmi shyly answers that she doesn’t have the resolve to do it alone.  Jaewoo smiles that he would join her!

As for Soomin, she took Hyunshik to Soonjung’s Cafe because the yoga class was closed until the afternoon. Hyunshik notes that Soomin sometimes seems like an amazing elite male but then other times seems like an innocent girl who has never dated…Then, both try to leave first without paying but Hyunshik wins.

At the same time, Sooho is completely drunk. Jong-Min asks if Sooho cannot think of anything that he did wrong since Eunsoo does not seem like the type who would just cut it off for no reason.  Sooho begins by insulting Eunsoo as a cold woman who stayed unflirtatious even though he tried so hard.  But then Sooho’s voice wavers that she would help everyone around her…and is so pretty.

Sooho puts his head on the table.  Jong-Min sighs and tries calling Eunsoo with Sooho’s phone.  Eunsoo doesn’t answer.  So, Jong-Min tries with his phone.

Eunsoo answers and Jong-Min hands the phone over to Sooho who angrily asks if Eunsoo forgot his voice.  Eunsoo quietly tells Sooho that he’s drunk and should go home soon.  She tells him that it’s not his fault and hangs up.

Jong-Min drags the drunk Sooho home and Soonjung carries the episode! As Sooho lays half-conscious on the sofa, Soonjung snaps that this is all Sunyoung’s fault! Sunyoung went and made a huge fuss at Eunsoo’s dry cleaner’s.

Soomin asks Soonjung what she’s talking about. Mrs. Yoon isn’t even repentant.   She yells that she only said what was the truth that she did not approve of Eunsoo because of her family background of being the daughter of a dry cleaner owner.  She adds that she did it for Sooho since Eunsoo was likely planning to fix her life style by “marrying up.”

Sooho opens his eyes and yells at his mom asking if it’s the truth.  He asks how his mom could do this to him when this whole time he was starting to hate Eunsoo for being so cold.  He gets up to go and apologize to Eunsoo and her mother but Mrs. Yoon tries to stop him.

Sooho pulls away and Mrs. Yoon falls into the other couch.  Suddenly, Mr. Yoon who had been watching from the back rushes over and shouts at Sooho.  He tells Sooho to stop this instant if he’s going to act in this manner.  He can bring Eunsoo home but even he (Mr. Yoon) won’t approve.


Wow.  Are any Still Loving You viewers on the side of the Yoons at this point?  While we already knew that Mr. Yoon was a male chauvinist (the way he disrespected his wife, got angry at Soomin for her specialization choice, and has different standards of expectations between Bitna as his daughter-in-law and Soomin as his daughter), he still seemed to have values so I did not want to rag on his character as he was fair when it came to his company…

Yet, in this episode, Mr. Yoon joined the red flags flying highly behind Sooho in the whole – should Eunsoo give Sooho another chance decision.  He has seen Eunsoo at work and knows that she is a sincere and enthusiastic employee who also has great cooking skills (winning the recipe competition).  He has also heard the whole family argument and knows that his wife literally went at least once to make a makjang scene at Eunsoo’s mother’s house.  If anything, he should be embarrassed to meet Eunsoo’s mom as his fellow in-law.  Once he finds out that his other in-law that he respects (Bitna’s father) has a thing with Eunsoo’s mom, I’m sure he will regret the day that he decided to indulge and protect his wife even though she was clearly behaving in an unacceptable manner.

The only saving graces in this episode? I thought the comedic relief of forcing Bitna’s grandma to donate to charity was a cute way of getting revenge from Eunsoo’s grandma.  Also, loved how Soonjung continues to call out Mrs. Yoon so that Eunsoo’s noble idiocy doesn’t have to go long.  I’m happy that the drama painted Soonjung with a characteristic that a lot of Korean Americans have – honesty and sincerity.  We judge objectively whether you are family or not – if your actions are incorrect, you should be called out and your actions corrected – not swept under the rug under the cover of “protecting family and image.”  Now, all of the Yoons know exactly how low Mrs. Yoon fell.  Each character’s behavior forward will be ripe for judgment or praise 😉

Personally, I know that Eunsoo has to end up with Sooho but I currently am turned off by his family.  If Eunsoo were my girlfriend and I heard about these red flags, I would be so stressed for her.  I don’t know how the drama is going to convince me that the Yoons deserve a second chance.

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