Still Loving You – E66

Yeonmi stands firm as the last line of defense.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 66 RECAP

Sooho announces that he wants to marry Eunsoo starting the family discussion by even kneeling in front of everyone for their blessing and approval.

Mr. Yoon sighs that marriage is not a simple thing as someone is reborn through it. Sooho declares that he knows that he’s not perfectly ready but he’s sincere.

Mr. Yoon agrees to consider it and asks Sooho if he got approval from the Oh family. Soonjung jumps in to begin a vote-she approves. Soomin does too.

Soohyun only asks if Sooho has thought this through since he has not saved money and just started developing his career. Soonjung asks Bitna but Bitna stays silent.

So, Mr. Yoon decides that he will approve. He overrides Sunyoung’s protests and orders that she joins him in the bedroom to discuss.

Once they are alone in the master bedroom, Mr. Yoon tells Sunyoung that he thinks Eunsoo is too good for Sooho. It was less than a month ago when he was living off of his parents money without a job and being arrested for getting into drunk fights. He tells his wife to focus on who changed Sooho for the better, which they couldn’t do.

Meanwhile, the discussion is quicker at the Oh family house. Grandma Kim approves quickly and even Eunho gives his blessing noting that he will change his mind if Sooho makes Eunsoo cry again.

Before Yeonmi makes her decision, Eunsoo pauses and takes a deep breath. She confesses that she has one more thing to disclose… the student who made her get fired from the school is Sooho’s sister-in-law.

This changes everything. Yeonmi tells Eunsoo that even if everything is perfect and both families are happy, marriage is something that causes cracks in families. In this case, Eunsoo wants to get married into a family with a crazy mother-in-law and her life enemy. Yeonmi declares that she can never bless such a marriage and gets up.

Grandma Kim looks at Eunsoo with regret and adds that she also cannot approve of this marriage anymore.

Meanwhile, Bitna asks Soohyun if it looks like Sunyoung will end up approving the marriage. Soohyun responds flippantly that it looks like it since Mr. Yoon approved and Sunyoung should be worried about Sooho acting out again.

The next morning, Sooho begins by texting Eunsoo about Mr. Yoon’s approval. Eunsoo has to apologize that she has yet to get approval.

Then, the broker friend drops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners as Yeonmi sighs. The friend asks if Yeonmi is sighing over the Team Leader or the gentleman with glasses. The broker friend adds that she supports the gentleman with glasses since Yeonmi always smiles when he’s around.

The conversation is cut short when Sooho arrives. Yeonmi sits down with him. She tells him that she knows he’s a good guy who loves Eunsoo. But, she cannot approve of this marriage.

Sooho asks if it is because of his mother. He apologizes on her behalf and asks for one chance to show Yeonmi that he can make Eunsoo happy.

Yeonmi stands firm. She explains that this is not an issue with Sooho but the situation. Even if Sooho tries his best, there is no guarantee that the situation will change. She cannot bless a marriage where she knows her daughter will suffer.

Yeonmi gets up and asks Sooho to leave. Sooho gets up and stands there looking like he will say more. So, Yeonmi adds that she’s about to go out for delivery.

Meanwhile, Jaewoo broods over the fact that Yeonmi has not contacted him after his confession. He texts to ask if she has time for dinner. Yeonmi responds back curtly that she’s busy and will contact him.

Then, Mr. Yoon drops by and the two go to Soonjung’s cafe where Mr. Yoon officially introduces himself. He first apologizes for everything that happened including the actions of his wife Sunyoung. At Mr. Yoon’s gracious acknowledgement of fault, Yeonmi immediately responds that she was no better and Sunyoung probably acted that way as they are friends.

Mr. Yoon smiles and continues that he always thought Eunsoo is a lovely woman who changed Sooho for the better. He declares that he and his wife have agreed to accept Eunsoo as their daughter-in-law. He asks if Yeonmi could also forget all of the past and bless the kids marriage. Le sigh. Another incidence of the aggressor asking the victim to forget the past and move on. If scars were so easy to forget we wouldn’t have many television series.

Yeonmi answers calmly and politely. She notes that she thinks they should think about the marriage more while the children continue dating. She explains that she likes Sooho who seems like a fine young man but marriage is a complex thing and there are still things she is worried about.

Mr. Yoon asks if it is because of his wife, whom he can take care of. Yeonmi denies it saying she knew Sunyoung from when they were kids. She knows Sunyoung is not a bad person. But, she cannot bless the marriage. She apologizes for not giving him the answer that he probably wanted.

Mr. Yoon tells her that it’s fine and he feels more confident about his evaluation of Eunsoo after meeting Yeonmi. Yeonmi excuses herself.

After Yeonmi leaves, Soonjung comes by to ask what happened. Mr. Yoon is not a complete idiot and asks in return if Sunyoung had been that ridiculous. Soonjung answers objectively that Sunyoung was ridiculous.

Then we turn to the volunteer center where Grandma Choi stops by. We continue with the theme of the “evil” characters using force selfishly as Grandma Choi insists Grandma Kim sees her outside. When Grandma Kim doesn’t get up, Grandma Choi grabs Grandma Kim’s arm and yanks her up. The other grandma friend sees this and quickly gets up announcing that the two can talk there… She was just about to leave.

Grandma Choi’s urgency is the fact that Eunsoo might marry Sooho. She yells at Grandma Kim once they are alone to remember their status. She also threatens to tell the Yoon family exactly what Eunsoo did to Bitna and how she got kicked out of teaching. Please do! Let’s finally get the truth of the matter out!

Grandma Kim sighs that Grandma Choi has not changed a bit from her volunteering. She reminds Grandma Choi that Eunsoo is a precious granddaughter as well. She snaps that she hopes they never meet again even after death.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yoon comes home to find Sunyoung laying around in bed. She sniffs that Yeonmi should be happy hearing that they approved.

Mr. Yoon sighs that Yeonmi didn’t approve. Sunyoung laughs that it’s for the best and they should just forget about the marriage. So, Mr. Yoon reminds her of Soonjung. They disapproved of her first love and she never found another match…Who can guarantee that the same won’t happen to Sooho?

Mr. Yoon suggests that Sunyoung go see Yeonmi. But Sunyoung only glares asking if he wants her to beg for forgiveness. (DRAMAFEED -Yeah, that might be a start!) But, Mr. Yoon just explains that if they are friends they should be able to make up and leaves for work.

Instead of reflecting on what she did wrong, Sunyoung sarcastically answers “of course, it’s ALL my fault.”

We turn to Yeonmi who’s cleaning up the dry cleaners. She finds Jaewoo’s handkerchief and calls him.

Jaewoo happily picks up and Yeonmi apologizes for calling back so late. Jaewoo understands that she must be busy with her daughter’s issue. Yeonmi also asks for some time to think and Jaewoo agrees. There’s a cute subdued calm between the two which is sweet.

When work ends, Eunsoo gets a call from Eunho calling her home…

It turns out Sooho is kneeling in the courtyard with Hyunshik, the twins, Eunho and Grandma Kim watching. They sigh that he followed the kids in when the twins came home and has been kneeling there since.

Grandma Kim tells Sooho to get up and go home but he insists that he will wait for Yeonmi. So, Grandma Kim gets him a seat mat to kneel on.

Eunsoo arrives only a few minutes before Yeonmi. Before he can say much other than it’s all fine, Yeonmi snaps at Sooho to go home. She then has the family go inside and Eunsoo close the door.

Eunsoo reluctantly closes the sliding door as Sooho smiles at her reassuringly. Awww man, why is it always that the children have to suffer for their selfish and thoughtless parents’ actions?

Eunsoo follows her mom into the master bedroom to ask if her mom can’t just relent just once. Eunsoo promises that she can handle everything that Yeonmi is worrying about. Yeonmi asks if her daughter is crazy for wanting to join the family of a life enemy and a crazy mother-in-law.

Eunsoo sighs that she loves Sooho more than she hates Bitna. But, Yeonmi reminds her that they don’t know what Bitna will do if Eunsoo joins the family.

Eunsoo repeats that she’s also changed. While, she couldn’t fight back when it happened the first time, she won’t just be a victim if Bitna does anything.

Yeonmi doesn’t change her mind. So, Eunsoo goes out with a blanket to ask Sooho to return home. He insists that he cannot leave…

Cue Eunsoo joining Sooho in the courtyard on her knees and Yeonmi looking through the door crack to see her daughter smile at Sooho.


I am completely with Yeonmi on this one. Usually, I side with the romantic kids but this episode showed that Mr. Yoon doesn’t even understand the extent of damage that his wife did on the Oh family which was why he was surprised Yeonmi did not gleefully accept his offer to take Eunsoo as a daughter-in-law. Add the fact that Sunyoung is not even a bit repentant and you know that the Yoons don’t have the same values as the Ohs. They only value their own selfish desires. (Sunyoung wanting some fancy daughter-in-law and Mr. Yoon just wanting quiet in the family…) Finally, noting the hidden crazy wild card of Bitna? I don’t think Yeonmi should relent.

Sooho has not shown us how he will protect Eunsoo from his crazy mom. And, Mr. Yoon’s promises are empty as well. All he did is suggest that Sunyoung think about talking to Yeonmi. How about acknowledging that going to another’s work place and making a scene is wrong and apologizing? Not rocket science just basic manners. No, I am not convinced that Eunsoo can get married and have a happy life.

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