Still Loving You – E68

Predictability gets thrown to the wind as dramaland’s time line shows flexibility and characters suddenly change.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 68 RECAP

Sooho walks Eunsoo home but pauses in front of her courtyard. He tells her to cancel her request to live with his family. He sighs that his mother is stubborn and has a temper. He’s certain that his mom is going to make Eunsoo’s life difficult! Awwww, I love how Sooho admits his mother’s fault honestly so he and Eunsoo can frankly discuss what to do about possible problems.  The worst possible thing is to tell the girl that it’s not a big deal and imply that it’s all in her head.

Eunsoo is warned and she smiles that she will try her best. She thinks Sunyoung will warm up to her after knowing her.

The next day, Eunsoo’s teammates wonder who to give the wedding gift to, Eunsoo or Sooho. Then when Eunsoo arrives, the Team Leader asks if Eunsoo has already found her venue.

Meanwhile, Sunyoung drops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners. She’s clearly there to apologize but she never says that she’s sorry. However, we can give her points that she promises to not be a horrible mother-in-law like Yeonmi said. Yeonmi gracefully doesn’t demand an apology and agrees to let bygones be bygones.

Then Sunyoung goes home to meet with the wedding planner with Eunsoo. The planner is the same one that Bitna used and Eunsoo frowns at the estimated costs of everything. Even though Eunsoo’s family and Sooho’s family agreed to go half and half, she worries out loud that the wedding is a bit expensive.

The planner suggests lowering the costs of the studio/makeup/dress portion and offers to rerun the quote while leaving the venue alone. Eunsoo agrees.

A few minutes later, Bitna arrives with a bunch of catalogues for Sunyoung for Sunyoung to pick out what she wants as bridal gifts. (Cultural background: In Korea, when two people get married, the parents usually do some weird negotiations tango to decide what the bride’s family is giving to the groom’s family and thew newlyweds and what the groom’s family is giving to the bride and the newlyweds. This is usually done by the mothers and most people find it easiest to do this upfront since it’s part of Korean culture while dancing around it usually leads to more awkwardness or hurt feelings later.)

Sunyoung suddenly turns to Eunsoo and sighs that she cannot control her curiosity. Why did Eunsoo quit her wonderful job as a teacher? (Cultural background: In Korea, families loveeeee professors and teachers because they assume the mom who is a professor/teacher can raise smart kids. It’s also a matter of prestige as everyone still respects the teacher in Korea where your college decides so much of your future.).

Eunsoo pauses as her mouth opens but no sound comes out. Across from her, Bitna also freezes. A long couple of minutes pass and Eunsoo begins to answer…But, Bitna jumps in that Sunyoung is SOOO elegant and refined, she wouldn’t be the type to pry into another’s personal past. Sunyoung is like putty in foxy Bitna’s hands and laughs that she is pretty refined. She agrees not to pry.

At the same time, Yeonmi worries with Grandma Kim about Eunsoo agreeing to live with the Yoon’s. The two are adamantly against it and tell Eunsoo when she gets home. Girl… from my experience, when a majority of elders warn you against something, ignoring it is at your own peril.

But Eunsoo smiles that she agrees with Mr. Yoon. Living together and bumping into each other will be the only way to become a family. Yes, if you are willing to live like a domestically abused daughter-in-law if you have a foxy witch like Bitna around… Mr. Yoon’s remark only works if everyone in the family is willing to work and adjust to each other. The Yoons were forced to work with Bitna because of her money. But, Eunsoo, you don’t have have protection and Bitna will still be scheming in the background…

Yeonmi and Grandma Kim are not convinced as well. Eunsoo’s explanation only elicits sighs from the older folks who warn her that people don’t change. In other words, once a selfish witch, always a selfish witch…And, poor bearish Eunsoo… You aren’t cunning enough to fight Bitna head on. (Cultural tip: Koreans categorize women into foxes (cunning/manipulative/sexy types that can hide their feelings to manipulate others) and bears (sweet, earnest but honest/blunt and unable to hide ones feelings type). Being a bear myself, I agree with Yeonmi and Grandma Kim. When bears fight foxes, the most likely reaction from the others nearby are people asking the bears why they are overreacting because clearly the foxes didn’t mean any harm.)

Eunsoo goes to her room after reassuring her mom and grandma that she is confident that everything will go well. Then she sighs as she looks through the catalogues that she brought home from Sunyoung which is a list of what Sunyoung wants… including a fur coat and a television just to begin… Eunsoo sighs and gets a call from Sooho who is petulant that she left without seeing him.

Eunsoo and Sooho hang up after promising to meet with the two of them in very different emotional spaces. Eunsoo is already drained while Sooho happily dreams about the honeymoon giggling to himself and hugging the honeymoon catalogue on the sofa between his room and Soohyun’s room.

Soohyun and Bitna come up to see this scene and Soohyun asks Sooho what he’s so happy about. Sooho responds that he’s just happy. Bitna looks down and asks if Sooho proposed. Sooho enthusiastically answers that he proposed but was declined. Then he realizes that he should propose again.

Sooho asks what Soohyun did for his proposal. However, Soohyun doesn’t understand the question. He asks if giving a ring isn’t the proposal leaving Sooho shell-shocked at his brother and Bitna laughing maniacally on the side. Bitna quickly controls herself and adds that she didn’t want an event so the topic is closed but you can see in her tone that she’s lying.

Our beacon of maturity and graciousness – Sunyoung laughs to herself that Yeonmi must have been shocked by the gift request list. She thinks to herself that if Yeonmi asks Sunyoung to decrease it, she will out of pity. This lady… really.., No words.

The next day, Sooho and Eunsoo meet at a sunny cafe and have juices. Sooho is still in the just-engaged happy mode but Eunsoo is noticeably serious.

Suddenly, Eunsoo tells Sooho that she has something to say. She was engaged before but the guy left her when she needed him most. Sooho pauses. However, he quickly regains his smile and asks if that wasn’t when Eunsoo mentioned that everyone didn’t believe her. He adds that he’s fine with that.

So, Eunsoo haltingly begins that she also has another confession. She was a teacher but she got her teaching license taken away. She begins to explain why but before she gets two words out, Sooho shouts out for her to stop.

Eunsoo looks up and Sooho looks straight into her eyes. He tells her deliberately that he does not care what happened in the past with her job as he will protect her from now on. Heart flutter. Swoon. >_< Aw, Sooho… how did a guy like you grow up under a woman like Sunyoung?

Eunsoo continues that she has one more request. Sooho doesn’t even blink an eye as he asks her what. Eunsoo tells him that she wants a smaller wedding that she and he can afford. Even though Sooho had previously told his parents that he wants his wedding to be as grand as Soohyun’s, he immediately agrees that he would be happy with anything Eunsoo wants.

The girl continues! Dang… this is like Eunsoo’s naming day or something. She tells Sooho that she doesn’t want to do the gift exchange. She adds to make up for her demand that she doesn’t need a diamond rig either. Sooho responds that they should at least do the diamond ring but Eunsoo shakes her head. She just wants Sooho to love her forever.

Sooho finally talks his position. He tells Eunsoo that he has one request, too. He hopes Eunsoo’s heart will never change. Well kiddo if you keep your promise and always protect her, why would her heart change? The two smile lovingly at each other admits the violin music.

It’s unclear if time passed but we check in on the other characters. Bitna whines to Grandma Choi back home that she’s jealous about how Sooho is doing everything for Eunsoo when Soohyun did not. Girl, you stole him away from Chaeyoon! Let’s not forget ourselves.

Then, Yeonmi exercises with Jaewoo who asks if he can stop by the wedding even if unofficially to see her daughter. Turns out the wedding is in two weeks! Korea and their quick engagements, yo. Considering that everyone’s wearing the same clothes, we can’t have jumped several months.

Jaewoo frowns that he has to go to his son-in-law’s younger brother’s wedding that day and asks Yeonmi to send his regards to her daughter.

Suddenly we rehabilitate Mr. Yoon’s character. Two weeks away from the wedding (assuming all invitations went out), Eunsoo and Sooho tell Mr. and Mrs. Yoon over tea that they want a smaller wedding, which they will pay for themselves. Surprisingly, Mr. Yoon immediely agrees! Gasp!!!! I expected him to put his foot down as many a fights range over the guest list and Eunsoo isn’t the first person who offered to pay for it if they can do a smaller wedding at a venue of one’s choice.

Mr. Yoon overrides Sunyoung’s protests and agrees to the small wedding with just family and a few close guests. Then, Eunsoo asks them if they can not do the gift going and coming and Sunyoung whines that she doesn’t want it. But, again, Mr. Yoon agrees that if the engaged couple doesn’t want to do it, they don’t have to. He even laughs as he thinks that going for the smaller wedding is quite practical and likes where their heart is. This sudden change in character is making me nervous… we need continuity of character! But, I’m starting to move Mr. Yoon to Team Sooho (with Soomin and Sunyoung – or the modern family/ reasonable family team, in which a Korean woman doesn’t have to dread becoming the three words “daughter-in-law”).

On the side, Grandma Choi texts Soohyun for the second time. The first to warn him not to make Bitna lonely and the second to let him know that Bitna wants to go on a trip. If Bitna weren’t some homewrecking coward, this would be cute and sweet.

Then it’s Eunsoo’s turn to tell her family. We ignore the fact that the wedding is in two weeks and invitations should have gone out. The Oh’s are happy to hear that the kids will have a smaller wedding even though Yeonmi and Grandma Kim worry that Bitna won’t regret it later since girls dream about their weddings from when they are kids.

Eunsoo smiles that she won’t and asks her mom to make her wedding dress. Yeonmi immediately worries that she doesn’t have the skill (or time in the next two weeks?!). Sweet music plays in the background telling us that this is a sweet moment even though you stare at the fact that Eunsoo is asking her mom to suddenly make a wedding dress within two weeks even though the lady works…. Yeonmi agrees happily.

Before we start thinking that the Yoon family might be okay after all Sunyoung does her thing. She gets up from lying in bed with rage and whines to her husband that they are the family of “Yoon Ga Foods”, how can they accept no gifts at all when if they put Sooho on the marriage market, they would get better women than Eunsoo?

Mr. Yoon snaps at his selfish wife and tells her to calm her bottom down unless she’s willing to go out and help the kids financially.

Mrs. Yoon’s response? To run off barefoot after yelling at her husband for showing off…

Mrs. Yoon goes off to the kitchen where she downs a glass of water and then complains to Soomin that she cannot believe she’s being so disrespected and ignored by both her husband and her son. Her son? He doesn’t care about her if it has to do with Eunsoo. (DRAMAFEED-Why lady! He’s getting married. The basic transaction is that a NEW family is forming. And, this is why Korean dramas are focused on the family issues between daughter-in-laws and mother-in-laws while American movies less so.)

Soomin pauses and then tells her mom that she will meet with Eunsoo separately to say something. Mrs. Yoon immediately brightens up at the thought that someone will lecture Eunsoo and I am reminded why I disapprove of Eunsoo’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Eunho comes upstairs to tell Hyunshik that he has an idea for the webtoon. He finds Hyunshik preparing the kids’ books for the semester and asks why Hyunshik is writing “Kim Nara” and “Kim Woori” when Hyunshik’s last name is Park. Hyunshik smiles and begins that when he was 22, there was a woman that he really loved to death…

Then the day breaks and Soonjung asks Yeonmi to watch over the cafe as she runs an errand. Minutes after Soonjung leaves, Bitna arrives with some travel brochures that Soonjung had requested.

Yeonmi greets Bitna who doesn’t even look Yeonmi in the eyes. Lack of a proper upbringing I tell you. Yeonmi asks if Bitna has a moment to talk.


I’m not sure what to say about this episode as it felt off. It was like the staff woke up one day and realized “oh shoot, we are nearing the 2/3s point and we don’t even have Eunsoo married!”  They tried to fix this by randomly playing with the dramaland timeline, Eunsoo/Sooho’s wedding is set for “next next week” but no invites have gone out or anything and everyone is still in the early planning stages. Over all, as a viewer, the lack of continuity was jarring.

Another lack of continuity was Mr. Yoon. He went from being a male chauvinistic father who really only cared about the peace in his household to a beyond reasonable future father-in-law out of the blue. As his past character was the type to approve of his son breaking an engagement and getting married to another woman within two months, silently consenting to his wife’s humiliating episodes, and generally having two standards for his daughter compared to his daughter-in-law, I am not sure where this reasonable character came from? Why was it so weird? Usually, the number of guests is a big issue in Korea for the parents. It’s not one that people give so easily (even if the future daughter-in-law’s family offers to pay for it all, which is a commonly used tactic). He also agreed to no gifts without a second thought, which was surprising since it was clear that his wife did not agree. This is so different than him willing to disapprove of the wedding completely just to save his wife’s face.

The only really shining scene in this episode? The cafe scene between Sooho and Eunsoo.  It’s a difficult feat but the drama managed to take a sweet and goofy Sooho, who really has not succeeded in any kdrama-sense, and made him into a real male lead.  Sooho’s response to Eunsoo’s confession in not judging her but telling her that regardless of what she has to confess, he will always be on her side and her protector… That scene conveyed why Eunsoo fell for Sooho and is trying to marry him even though she knows that Mrs. Yoon is a crazy makjang mother-in-law and Sooho’s sister-in-law is Bitna.

So, what’s going on Shine Brightly Eunsoo? Are you trying to convince viewers that the Yoon family is not a horrible in-law family picking and choosing traditions of the past that they want to keep?


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