Still Loving You – E71

Get your ice cream out. The Yoon’s go full out makjang in-laws.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 71 RECAP

Eunsoo wakes up at 4 AM to make breakfast for the Yoon’s as part of a throw back to the oldfashioned and male chauvinistic Korean culture where the daughter-in-law is a maid…

She has breakfast all prepared and even brings out vegetable juice for Mr. Yoon and Soohyun in the morning. Mr. Yoon’s only response is that he gets to try different juices with Eunsoo and Soohyun looks uncomfortable as Bitna is not doing the same.

During breakfast time, everyone eats happily. Sooho manages to let everyone know that Eunsoo woke up at 4 to prepare all this. But, Mrs. Yoon’s response? She doesn’t like other people going into her kitchen and making a mess.

Eunsoo promises to cleanup and Mr. Yoon just remarks that Mrs. Yoon can do everything herself then. Of course, the rest of the family protests since Mrs. Yoon sucks at cooking.

After breakfast, Sooho hugs Eunsoo in their room thanking her for acting like their family’s indentured servant. After all, how is it fair that when everyone in the family works, Eunsoo is the only one who wakes up at 4AM?

On the side, Grandma Choi goes to see Jaewoo and ends up sitting next to Grandma Kim. Grandma Choi peers over Grandma Kim’s shoulder on the couch to peek at the magazine and both are shocked to see each other. Grandma Kim is called up first and tells Grandma Choi to take care of her health.

That evening, when Eunsoo comes home, Bitna and Mrs. Yoon are laughing over a magazine in the living room. She announces that she’s going to cook and no one looks up. Hence, Eunsoo ends up cooking alone.

Over dinner, Soohyun asks for another bowl of rice to Bitna. Eunsoo jumps up to get the bowl. And, Sooho barks at Soohyun to get his own bowl next time.

Bitna smarts from Soohyun’s praise of Eunsoo’s cooking and wonders out loud if Sooho and Eunsoo should not trade jobs since Eunsoo cooks so well. Mrs. Yoon is happy to jump on board as usual. But, Soomin enters the conversation to say that it’s wrong to think that a woman should be in the kitchen just because of her gender when Eunsoo got her position fairly. Mr. Yoon ends the conversation by taking Soomin’s side.

Afterwards, everyone leaves and poor Eunsoo is left doing the dishes for 8 people. Sooho at least has the decency to help Eunsoo by drying the dishes instead of sitting in the living room watching television as if it’s normal for the new family member to be a maid.

Of course, our cultured Mrs. Yoon comes in to snap at Sooho for helping with the dishes when he should be tired. Sooho does not realize that his mom is in her crazy mode and tries to reason that he just wants to help since Eunsoo worked all day as well but no one helped. Mrs. Yoon’s response? She did it all by herself until the night before! (Well, they are all YOUR kids.) Sooho just laughs and notes that Eunsoo made him mature. However, since Eunsoo is standing there uncomfortable, he ushers his mom out.

At the same time, Jaewoo tries calling Yeonmi again only to be ignored. He runs into the Team Leader instead…and, they get into another work out competition.

Later, Sooho and Eunsoo drink beers in the area outside their room. Sooho lays on her lap and then pretends to be a baby causing Eunsoo to burst out laughing.

Bitna overhears in her room and gets jealous. She bursts out to tell the couple to quiet down. Sooho snaps back at Bitna that he was patient with Bitna and Soohyun’s honeymoon antics and even their fighting. She should be patient in return.

Soohyun quickly comes out to apologize to Eunsoo for Bitna’s rude behavior. Eunsoo just awkwardly suggests that they go in and peace is returned.

Bitna sighs that they are also newlyweds but they don’t act like Sooho and Eunsoo. Soohyun picks up on Bitna’s jealousy and suggests that they do it, too. He tries to lay on her lap but cannot get comfortable and Bitna sniffs that her leg is falling asleep. They decide that it doesn’t work for them.

The next morning, it’s Eunsoo alone in the kitchen again…Sooho wakes up later and walks downstairs to find his father in the living room and Eunsoo alone in the kitchen. He asks what his mom and Bitna are doing. (What about Soomin?!). Eunsoo calls him down to make juice, which he brings out to his dad.

Sooho then sits down next to his dad and asks if this is fair that Eunsoo is doing all of the work. Mrs. Yoon comes out in the middle and asks if Sooho is tattling. Sooho answers that Eunsoo does all of the cooking and cleaning. Mrs. Yoon’s response? She has two daughter-in-laws, so she doesn’t want to cook and clean any more. (DRAMAFEED- And, this makjang selfish behavior is why the current custom is that newly weds live separately from the groom’s parents. More on that rant below.)

Sooho’s chauvinistic response to ask about Bitna. Mrs. Yoon again has a ridiculous answer that Bitna is a protégée because she studied in the United States. She sniffs that Bitna is an entry level employee and is different.

Mr. Yoon clears his threat and ends the conversation in a quite chauvinistic manner. He tells Sooho that Sooho isn’t helping Eunsoo by defending her and causing harm to their precious family peace. His only remark to Mrs. Yoon is that she act like a proper adult.

Meanwhile, Bitna takes a long lunch to go whine to her grandma. Does this girl work at all? Her issues? She’s jealous that Eunsoo is cooking and falling into the Korean daughter-in-law role so easily. Me thinks your well of insecurity knows no end.

Bitna then gets the brilliant idea that she will be a better “Korean daughter-in-law” than Eunsoo so that Mr. Yoon will let them move out. Right.

Jaewoo visits Yeonmi’s dry cleaners because she’s still ignoring his texts. Yeonmi just answers that she has been busy. Before Jaewoo can push, Grandma Kim comes in. She exclaims in surprise to see her doctor and makes the introduction.

That evening, Eunsoo is cooking dinner for the family with Sooho next to her in the kitchen. Unclear if he’s helping but at least he’s not sitting in the living room watching television. He remembers to call Eunsoo’s mom and offers to hand Eunsoo the cell phone. But, Eunsoo declines.

Instead, Eunsoo tears up as Sooho hangs up. Sooho turns to ask why she won’t get on the phone with her mom and Eunsoo just answers while holding in her tears that she’s cooking. (DRAMAFEED Rant – Well, you took someone’s precious daughter and made her cook and clean for a huge family when her mom did that for her at home. Obviously different cooking for two and cooking for 5 plus people most of whom are strangers. Eunsoo’s probably thinking of how she never did all this for her mom but YOUR mom clearly expects it in addition to just making sure your family is happy with her adjusting to your family culture? Enough to make any girl homesick.)

Sooho doesn’t pick up on everything that’s wrong but he decides that Eunsoo must be homesick. He tells her that they should go to Eunsoo’s house over the weekend. Eunsoo says they can do it later. Sooho suggests that Eunsoo be more confident like Bitna since she does what she wants and says what she wants.

Eunsoo’s answer is that she wants to be as good to Sooho’s parents as he is to her mom. Sooho declares that Eunsoo is beautiful and hugs her.

At the same time, Yeonmi stares at Eunsoo’s wedding dress and sobs.

The next morning, Eunsoo gets up at some ungodly hour again. By the time that Bitna comes down, there’s three people in the kitchen – Eunsoo, Mrs. Yoon and Sooho. Can we hope that the lady decided to get off the makjang horse and help?

Sooho remarks that Bitna sure woke up early. She apologizes that she set her alarm but could not wake up. And, Mrs. Yoon jumps in to say that Bitna’s thought alone is sweet.

Eunsoo suddenly gets a nose bleed and she runs to the bathroom to clean up. Sooho turns to his mom to say what we are all thinking. How is this fair when Eunsoo also works but she has to wake up at dawn to make Mr. Yoon’s juice and prepare breakfast for the whole family? Then she goes to work and comes home to clean and make dinner. It’s too much for one person.

Mrs. Yoon’s response? All women do it. Say what? Then she tells Eunsoo as Eunsoo comes in, that if it’s too hard for Eunsoo, Eunsoo can quit her job.


Well, I warned you all that this is an anger-inducing episode. My commentary that follows will be a rant so I suggest you skip it unless you want to read furious commentary on the unfair lingering social standards of Korea.

First, I think Eunsoo was stupid. Sunyoung has clearly shown that she’s neither logical or fair in the past. Capitulating to such selfish people who know nothing but to protect “their peace” only increases their demands. Which is why with Eunsoo trying her best to manage all of the household affairs on top of her work has not resulted in Sunyoung appreciating Eunsoo’s efforts and suggesting that they split up the workload fairly… But, rather this illogical step that Eunsoo quits her job to be an upaid maid. Eunsoo should have set her boundaries, which is one thing that Bitna actually did tremendously well.

Second, it’s incorrect to say that all women work and take care of the household chores for the in-laws family this generation in Korea. Currently, the social norm has shifted (at least where I can see) so that newlyweds never live with the in-laws to prevent the possibility of the daughter-in-law turning into the defacto maid. This is one of the biggest issues for mothers of brides-to-be, whether the groom’s family will provide a separate residence. Usually, the groom family provides it but if they cannot, it is not unheard of for both sides to pitch in to get a rental so that the kids can live separately. Hence, the new bride only has to take care of herself, husband and later a kid. A wife taking care of her husband is vastly different than her having to cater to a mother-in-law/father-in-law and possibly sibling-in-laws.

Finally, telling Eunsoo to quit her job? That is unheard of in proper society. Her flimsy excuse that it’s for Eunsoo’s benefit doesn’t convince anyone.  To say the least, Yeonmi did not raise Eunsoo to be a teacher just so that Eunsoo would give that up when she got married to be the Yoon family maid. No one raises their daughter dreaming, “Oh, when my daughter grows up and has a job, she can get married and just quit to be the unpaid housekeeper and indentured servant of her husband’s family catering to the mother-in-law’s flippant mood swings.” It’s one thing if Eunsoo’s dream is to be the perfect homemaker. But, that is Eunsoo’s choice and Sunyoung demanding it like that? Sunyoung totally overstepped one of the cardinal rules of being a normal or decent mother-in-law and I do not know what to say other than – WRONG.

Do I have a more fair alternative? Yes.  Mr. Yoon should get off his male chauvinistic high horse and allow the family to use a housekeeper that comes once or twice a week.  Each person or couple (including Soomin) should pay an equal amount to pay the housekeeper’s fees.  Additionally, Korea has great banchan service.  If everyone is so busy working, they can split the banchan and housekeepers fees equally.  If the prorated amount to be pitched in is too much, the couple can decide to cook/clean.  However, I think the cooking/cleaning should also be split evenly between everyone (Soohyun, Soomin, Bitna, Sooho and Eunsoo).  Why, goodness, since there are 5 of them…It’s like one per day! How convenient!

Caveat – Don’t misunderstand.  I do think that mother-in-laws have a right to say something if the daughter-in-law is selfish and ridiculous.  For example, if some young newlywed wife (who hasn’t worked in the past two years, had no kid, was not going to school) was spending like 3 months in a different country without her husband…spending her husband’s money to go on trips and shopping luxury brands with her mom… Well, if I would be an annoyed mother-in-law and would ask said daughter-in-law why she did not want to live in the same country as her husband when she isn’t working, going to school, or raising a kid.  To be fair, I’d also be annoyed at my son. However, this hypothetical selfish daughter-in-law situation is clearly on the different extreme than Eunsoo.  (I admit that this hypothetical scenario sets a low bar…) So, Sunyoung has no ground to stand on for her makjang behavior.

Still Loving You Crew… You gotta rehabilitate this family because I’m starting to get stressed watching this drama. -_-x

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