Still Loving You – E75

Peace is found in the Yoon household when Bitna and Eunsoo agree to split up the chores in half. Whoopie.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 75 RECAP

The Yoon family sit around the living room as Mr. Yoon demands to know what Bitna was thinking by lying to the family like this. Sooho is laughing at the ridiculous situation and Soomin wonders how secretive Bitna was if Soohyun did not even know. Bitna apologizes.

Unsprisingly Sunyoung chimes in to tell her husband to let it go since the girl apologized. After all, she doesn’t want her ticket to expensive presents to be so sad, Bitna leaves. Mr. Yoon snaps at Mrs. Yoon for not being reasonable and then thanks Eunsoo again for preparing Mrs. Yoon’s birthday meal in Bitna’s place. He declares that Bitna will clean the rest of it up and storms into his room.

Sweet Sooho giggles his whole way into his room declaring that it feels so good that Bitna got into trouble after making life hard for Eunsoo! Awwww! What a husband <3

Eunsoo smiles as she’s thankful and then tells Sooho softly that he should not embarrass Bitna in front of everyone next time. She also adds that she made Bitna help out a lot, which surprises Sooho that Eunsoo knew and kept quiet. Sooho jokes that Eunsoo must be an angel and she gets embarrassed, going downstairs to help clean up. Yep, Eunsoo-as a representative of the modern young woman, you are definitely walking in thin ice of Candy-land.

Then Eunho calls Sooho as Yeonmi’s fever is getting worse. Sooho immediately runs downstairs to tell his parents that he and Eunsoo need to go visit Eunsoo’s family as Eunsoo’s mother’s sick. Kid’s definitely got the new-husband attitude right!

Meanwhile, if we aren’t convinced that the Yoon’s are unfairly choosing the Confucian customs that they want, the next scene confirms it. Hyunshik runs out of ideas for his webtoon and calls Soomin to pick her brain and memories. Soomin picks up the call in her room as she lays around reading a magazine and eating fruit. Because, daughter-in-laws aren’t people; they are servants while daughters get to indulge being respected as a member of the family in the Yoon’s system. Seriously, who would date a Yoon family son if they knew the family was so messed up? Got to sort out the bad apples before you develop a relationship!

Soomin agrees to meet since she isn’t doing anything and jumps up to put on makeup.

On the side, Jaewoo gets a call from an old friend. A smaller hospital in the country-side has a position available for a new head of the hospital. The friend had floated Jaewoo’s name and the directors are interested. Jaewoo smiles and agrees to think about it.

Soohyun continues his texting counter attack by letting Grandma Choi know that Bitna finished dinner and is eating fruit. Grandma Choi begins to show frustration at the multiple texts and grumbles that Soohyun is too stiff.

Eunsoo and Sooho arrive at the Oh residence just in time. Yeonmi had only taken two spoonfuls of the porridge before declaring that she cannot eat any more and laying back down. When Eunsoo comes in, Yeonmi smiles to see her daughter and agrees that she needs to eat to keep up her strength…eating when Eunsoo feeds her. Ah, the symptoms of a cursed love. Too bad the curse here is easily remedied by Bitna facing the music.

On the side, the Team Leader stops by Soonjung’s cafe for his usual coffee. She’s still bitter about her one-sided love and does not smile or chat with him as usual. When he asks why Yeonmi’s dry cleaners is closed, she almost yells at him saying that she has no idea.

Hyunshik and Soomin also meet in Soonjung’s cafe to talk about funny hospital and life episodes for the webtoon. Soomin tells him that one random happening was when she thought she saw a streaker in the park and kicked him. Hyunshik looks at her intently and asks if it turned out the guy was not a streaker.

Soomin confirms while laughing and then wonders how he knows. In seconds, she realizes that Hyunshik was the guy and she runs out of the cafe in embarrassment.

Back at the Yoon house, Bitna dries the plates in the kitchen. Soohyun comes in and sighs that she should have known better than to lie like she did. Bitna only snaps back that Soohyun never tries to understand her position even though he’s her husband.

The rest of the younger generation enter the kitchen at that moment and Soohyun directs his frustration on poor Sooho. Soohyun yells at Sooho for outing Bitna in front of the family instead of telling Soohyun separately. Then he leaves the kitchen without giving Sooho a chance to respond.

Sooho doesn’t bother brooding about it implying that Soohyun is prone to outbursts. He instead turns to Bitna to ask if she has some time to talk…

Cue Bitna sitting across from Sooho and Eunsoo upstairs. The talk is about how to split up the household chores between the two daughter-in-laws because it makes no sense to the Yoon family raised by Mr. and Mrs. Yoon, why Soomin/Soohyun/Sooho should all share in the burden since everyone eats and has clothes to wash.

The three agree that cleaning and washing clothes will be every other week while Eunsoo prepares breakfast and Bitna takes care of dinner with Mrs. Yoon’s help. Soohyun is even proud at the end of the negotiations that Bitna’s work got cut in half. Bitna sniffs and tells him that if they lived separately, they would have hired help and she would have none of these responsibilities…Instead of her work getting cut in half, it technically doubled.

Soohyun’s only answer is to ask Bitna to wait a couple more months… They will be able to leave soon.

The Yoon’s can’t even say it’s because Soomin works late or is busy. She’s off sitting on her bed mooning over Hyunshik. She then decides to read his webtoon.

Sooho finds Eunsoo in the room calling Eunho to look in on Yeonmi. After the call, he tells Eunsoo that he is sad she kept Yeonmi’s health and Bitna’s fake cast from him. He wants her to keep no more secrets from him so he can help her. Awww, puppy <3 Although, you were trained wrong by your parents, you’re too sweet to hate.

At the same time, Grandma Choi gets ready for bed when her cell phone keeps beeping. She looks and finds messages from Soohyun letting her know that Bitna showered, put on a face mask and fell asleep. She sighs that she needs to sleep and puts her cell phone on vibrate…only for it to continue to vibrate as she lays back in bed.

Suddenly, Soomin is in her office when Hyunshik walks in. He does not say anything as he approaches her desk. He leans over and then pulls off her glasses before pulling her into a kiss…and, Soomin wakes up! She slaps herself lightly and remembers that the scene was similar to the one in the latest webtoon chapter that was uploaded.

We turn to Grandma Choi who gets more messages from Soohyun about Bitna getting up and noting that she had a good dream. Grandma Choi snaps and texts back that she thinks Soohyun must be doing well as a husband and hopes he will stop reporting everything to her by text. She also promises not to keep texting him as well.

In the morning, Sooho wakes up early enough to taste test Eunsoo’s soup for breakfast. He also refuses to go up and rest while Eunsoo has to cook.

Later during the day, Team Leader Lee gets a call to deliver some documents to Mr. Yoon at the restaurant. Usually, they send Eunsoo but Hyuna stops her since Eunsoo is working on an assignment rested by Bitna…

So, Jiyoon goes to the restaurant. Before she leaves, Sooho stops her to taste his new soup, which was created for those with high blood pressure. She tries it and comments that it still tastes good and not watered down.

Sooho happily goes back into the kitchen and Jiyoon wonders about Sooho’s cooking skills to one of the serving ladies. The lady laughs that it’s because Sooho takes after his dad and Mr. Yoon is known for his cooking. She then gasps and asks Jiyoon to keep Sooho’s relationship to the Yoons a secret.

Jiyoon rushes back to the office to tell both the Team Leader and Hyuna. Hah!

On the side, the Team Leader visits Yeonmi’s dry cleaners to ask her on a date that weekend. She tries to turn him down. Then, she sees Jaewoo in the hallway and loudly agrees to go.

Jaewoo goes back home to drink wine by himself. He gets a text from his friend at the hospital asking him to consider the new hospital position carefully as the hospital has a college and Jaewoo can even teach.


Nothing much to comment on in this episode either.  The writer somehow thinks that equality and fairness is achieved by having Bitna and Eunsoo split up the chores between just the two of them.  Why not Soomin? Because she’s a doctor? Well Bitna is a director of a company.., Why not Sooho or Soohyun? Because they are guys? If they had lived separately from the Yoons as most newly-weds in Korea do, then the husbands would have helped with the chores.  The logic does not hold up unless you assume that Mr. and Mrs. Yoons insistence that only the daughter-in-laws do all of the household work makes sense.

You readers probably know my view on that.  So, I won’t say anything else other than Eunsoo is really starting to get on my nerves with her subservient attitude.

Please see pictures of the actors and actresses instead.  As always, thank you to those who are working hard to bring us this story!

Eunsoo who started out as such a role model – working hard to become a teacher. Getting back up to become a cooking teacher and then obtaining an office job! Now, meh.

Bitna with her makeup artist. I really like this actress and I hope that one of these dramas will cast her as the main lead.

Sooho eating?

Soohyun posing.


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