Unknown Woman – E06

Yeo-Ri runs away and accidentally kills a man in self-defense.


Yeo-Ri pulls herself up thinking that she is safe.  When she looks up, she sees Jiwon standing to the side and gasps.  Moo-Yeol leaves silently and Jiwon sits next to Yeo-Ri asking with a snarl that this was Yeo-Ri’s back-up plan.

Two goons in suits arrive and pull Yeo-Ri out. Yeo-Ri screams for Moo-Yeol who is in another room with Haejoo…

Yeo-Ri manages to pull free and runs into the room to ask why he isn’t doing anything.  She reminds him that he told her that he is not complete without her…She even tells him that she is pregnant with his child.

Moo-Yeol clenches his fist.  Then the goon squad storms in and pulls Yeo-Ri away.  Moo-Yeol turns to go but Haejoo stops him.  She tells him that if he chooses Yeo-Ri right now, she won’t give him another chance.

Moo-Yeol runs out and stands in front of Jiwon’s car. Jiwon grimaces and Yeo-Ri manages to run out in the chaos. But, Moo-Yeol only tells Yeo-Ri that he did not choose to abandon Yeo-Ri and the child. Rather, he decided to choose a different future and dream with Haejoo and WID Group.  He repeats that he does not want the child so she should give up thinking that the child will be a way to keep him.

Yeo-Ri falls to the ground.  Jiwon listens to this from the side and tells the goons to put Yeo-Ri back in the car.  They leave and Haejoo runs up to hug Moo-Yeol.

Back at home, Jiwon arrives with salad and a green juice.  She explains that Yeo-Ri needs to be healthy to save Haesung.

Yeo-Ri throws the spoon and announces that she cannot save Haesung.  However, Jiwon repeats that Yeo-Ri has to save Haesung.

Yeo-Ri asks if the only reason that Jiwon adopted Yeo-Ri was to save Haesung.  Jiwon answers that it’s true.  However, she adds that she did her best and more than any normal parent. If Yeo-Ri will just help out, they can help each other out.

Yeo-Ri responds that she wants to protect her child. Jiwon interestingly responds that Yeo-Ri has no idea how hard it is to live as a single mother with a child that the father does not want.

Yeo-Ri calmly answers that it’s her choice. Jiwon tosses the table with the food and announces that Yeo-Ri has until the next day when there’s an appointment at the hospital.

Jiwon goes out and locks the door. Haejoo is waiting in the hall and hugs her mom – thanking her for being her mom and not Yeo-Ri’s.  Yes, DRAMA, we picked upon the irony that Yeo-Ri is Jiwon’s real mother and not Haejoo’s.

Anyways, Jiwon goes downstairs and Haejoo yells at Yeo-Ri through the door to give up. Yeo-Ri yells back that Haejoo bought Moo-Yeol.  Haejoo sniffs that it’s another way of love. Love isn’t just forcing what you want on the other side but also helping with what the other side needs. In this case, Moo-Yeol needed money,

The doorbell rings and Haejoo goes downstairs to find Do-Chi. He demands to see the girl who stole his camcorder. Haejoo lies that the girl ran away with a lot of other expensive stuff so they already called the police.  Do-Chi remembers helping the random girl running out of the house and assumes its her.

He also rushes into check if he lost anything else. But, Haejoo tells him to leave since Haesung is sick again.  Both of her parents are really sensitive. Upon hearing about Haesung, Do-Chi agrees to leave.

Meanwhile, Moo-Yeol drinks at a fancy bar as his mind dwells on Yeo-Ri and her statement that she’s pregnant with his child.  Then some of his “acquaintances” saunter over and exclaim in surprise to see Moo-Yeol drinking at a “more expensive restaurant.” One of the jerks joke around that Moo-Yeol must be working at the restaurant and drinking leftover alcohol.

Moo-Yeol gets up and asks if only rich people can drink at this restaurant.  The tools answer that Moo-Yeol is getting riled up for nothing…

We turn to Moo-Yeol’s mom who’s doing her hair. Haejoo arrives and Moo-Yeol’s mom happily welcomes her. She also thanks Haejoo for getting Moo-Yeol out of prison.  Haejoo smiles that she cannot but help since she is dating Moo-Yeol.

Moo-Yeol’s mom is surprised since Moo-Yeol has Yeo-Ri. Haejoo just responds that Yeo-Ri went to another guy.  Moo-Yeol’s mom laughs that Haejoo can joke about many things but how is she supposed to believe Yeo-Ri left Moo-Yeol?

Haejoo glares and snaps at Moo-Yeol’s mom to never say Yeo-Ri’s name in front of her or Moo-Yeol ever again.  Seeing Haejoo so angry, Moo-Yeol’s mom backs off.

The phone rings and Haejoo hears about Moo-Yeol getting into a fight at the restaurant.  She rushes over. But, Moo-Yeol is drunkenly exclaiming that they can do whatever they want to him – they should beat up trash like him.

Haejoo glares at him and announces that if he’s doing this because of Yeo-Ri, he can stop.  She doesn’t want him while he still loves Yeo-Ri.

Moo-Yeol pulls Haejoo in for a kiss.  But, Haejoo pulls away with a satisfying slap.  She glares at him.  Instead of backing off, Moo-Yeol decides that it’s a great idea to take Haejoo’s hand and lead her to a room?

The next day, Yeo-Ri is still awake in her room.  She decides that her only help might be Do-Chi…Since he helped her before. When Ji-Won comes in to her room, Yeo-Ri apologizes for making trouble and tells Jiwon that she changed her mind.  She is no longer confident about raising a child alone and she thinks she should help Haesung and Jiwon.

Jiwon is surprised but relieved to hear that Yeo-Ri changed her mind. So, when Yeo-Ri asks to see Jiwon’s phone to view some pictures, Jiwon happily agrees.

Yeo-Ri then texts Do-Chi to meet at the same meeting place.  At a red light, she runs out.

Meanwhile, Haejoo wakes up in a hotel room.  Moo-Yeol is sitting at the edge of the bed already awake.  She hugs him from behind and smiles that he cannot turn back now.  Moo-Yeol just grunts.  But, Haejoo leans against him and announces that she’s so happy that he’s hers. Talk about obsessive need to possess someone.

Everything looks like it might work out but Do-Chi is not at the meeting place. Instead, he calls Haejoo to tell her that he is meeting with the thief.  So, Jiwon and goons arrive instead.

Yeo-Ri is able to see the goons arrive and she rushes into a bus station.  She purchases the next bus out…She ends up in some random city where she books a room.  Inside, she kneels and pulls out a photograph of her father.  Clutching it, she sobs for his help.

The next day, Yeo-Ri goes to an ATM.  She only has around $22.  So, she takes out $10.

At the same time, Moo-Yeol hears from his little sister that his mother took Yeo-Ri’s father’s insurance proceeds. They aren’t even feeling guilty about it.

Haesung’s condition gets worse. So, she escalates her tactics.  She tells one of her goons that she knows he’s here illegally from China. His task is to find and bring back Yeo-Ri no matter what methods.

The goon goes to Yeo-Ri’s neighborhood just after she gets kicked out of her room because she has been unable to pay the daily rent.  He spots her in front of a foot cart and the chase is on!

At the same time, Haesung’s condition gets worse and the doctors have to resuscitate.

The goon chases Yeo-Ri up a roof.  Her stomach makes her twitch and the man finds her.  Yeo-Ri throws dirt into his eyes and runs away.

The goon trips over a bottle and Yeo-Ri turns around…Somehow, the goon’s fall was close enough to the wall that he’s now holding on for dear life.  She runs back and tries to help him up.  However, Yeo-Ri is not strong enough.  Even though she cries for the man not to give up, the man gives up and falls.


Interesting development.  Moo-Yeol and his useless family do not warrant much attention as they are second dimensional characters…Baggage on the main character’s life.

However, it is interesting that Yeo-Ri is guilty of manslaughter.  Her action of throwing the dirt into the goon’s eyes were the direct cause of his fall.  Sure, Yeo-Ri was only acting in self defense.  But, does that matter if this incident will scar and change her character for life? A normal person does not see another human being die in front of her (as a direct result of something that she did) without being changed.

Yeo-Ri is forced to change by this incident.  She had no real control over it but she was the catalyst. She is forced to make a choice between fighting the reality or fleeing from it.

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