Unknown Woman – E09

Yeo-Ri begins setting the base for her revenge. Comeuppance for the jinsangs of this dramaland! Yaaaaaas!!!

The Woman Without a Name – Episode 9 RECAP

We return to the scene where Do-Chi and his manager stare into the Han River for Yeol-Ri. As it’s a river where many Koreans attempt to take their lives, the two assume the worst even as the police are called.

Someone calls Jiwon to inform her about Yeon-Ri’s death. Jiwon looks shocked at the news as if she is not the cause of all of this.

Jiwon stumbles out to the living room and tells Haejoo. The two men of the family also come home and hear the news that day as well.

Meanwhile, Maryun and her husband wait at the side of the bridge. Maryun tells her husband to hold on since Seollee won’t lose to the river… Seollee is the girl who self taught herself the law in jail and passed the difficult civil law exam during scheduled out-visits with their dead child’s identification.

They wait as sirens get closer. Then Yeol-Ri emerges. The two rush toward her with blankets and towels.

In the car, Maryun dries Yeol-Ri’s hair. Yeol-Ri hears the radio announce her missing/attempted suicide after being excused for a hair stylist professional exam. She turns to Maryun and her husband to thank them and promise that if she gets caught, she will make sure they don’t get dragged down.

Maryun smiles that Yeol-Ri is her daughter now. She thinks it’s fate that this happened when Maryun had not filed the death certificate for her daughter.

The new family arrives at the national legal training center and Yeol-Ri walks out in a suit. (FYI, while Korea recently created law schools, it used to be the process that Koreans graduate undergraduate with a major in law. They then have to pass the national civil law exam. Afterwards, all who pass have to go to “yeonsoowon” to be trained for 2-3 years in the law.)

Time jump 3 years. Haejoo and Mooyeol arrive with the kids from China. They had gone over to help establish WID Group there.

Jiwon greets them at the airport. She showers Gaya with attention but barely pays any attention to Maya. The dear little girl seems to take it in stride, trying to get her grandmother’s attention but accepting it when she cannot.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol heads off to the company to work first. He drops by Doyoung’s office. Doyoung thanks him for successfully getting the contract signed and promises a new position for Mooyeol.

Mooyeol happily leaves only to see the posted bulletin. He’s been promoted to senior manager not Vice President, CEO, or director…

Doyoung gets into the elevator with his secretary and notes that they have to keep Mooyeol tightly controlled.

We turn to Do-Chi who is excited about his birthday drinks with friends later that night. Suddenly, the red sports car in front of them stops. Do-Chi’s manager steps on the brakes but Do-Chi lightly hits his head.

The driver steps out of the front car. It’s the new and improved Yeol-Ri! She’s wearing nicely fitting clothes, red heels and even sunglasses to top her new “lawyer” look. She passes Do-Chi’s manager her business card and asks them to contact her if they have any issues from the accident.

Since Do-Chi is a celebrity, they tell her that nothing’s wrong.

Next attack. While Haejoo and Jiwon are oblivious to the scheme being spun around them, a delivery person brings a package. It’s the same painting that Haejoo ripped up years ago.

Haejoo is certain that Yeo-Ri painted it. She wonders if Yeo-Ri told someone about their past… It’s too coincidental that the painting arrives around the date when Yeo-Ri died.

Jiwon tells Haejoo to calm down and not make a big scene of it. Then she calls her secretary to order that the painting gets fingerprinted.

Mooyeol comes home in a temper because he was only promoted to senior manager instead of Vice President or something. Talk about entitled. He tells Haejoo to get ready so that they can greet Mooyeol’s family.

Haejoo tells him that they should go the next day since they told his family they return the next day. He insists even though she sighs that she’s not in the mood…

Meanwhile, Mooyeol’s mom and sister are having a memorial for Yeo-Ri and her father. They assume that nothing will happen since Haejoo and Mooyeol would not come for another day…

But then Haejoo and Mooyeol arrive. Mooyeol’s sister tries to hide the photographs behind her back but it clearly looks like a memorial. Haejoo finds the portraits and freaks out. She asks how her mother-in-law can have a memorial for Yeo-Ri in the house (second) that Haejoo’s parents bought her while she is living on the money that Haejoo gives.

Even though Haejoo is one of the antagonists, one has to agree with her…However, if the mother-in-law was rational, smart and empathetic, she would not be a mother-in-law in Korean dramas, right? Mooyeol’s mom yells back at Haejoo for being SO RUDE after giving them such a SMALL apartment! Wow.

Haejoo answers that she won’t be able to just overlook this and storms off. She even drives off before Mooyeol can get into the car.

Mooyeol runs back in to ask what his family is doing. Just because they prepare the memorial does not mean that his sin to Yeo-Ri and her father are forgiven. Correct!

Mooyeol’s mom answers that she’s doing this for him. Yeo-Ri even gave birth to his child, they need to appease her spirit. What if she tries to sabotage him from the beyond?

Mooyeol sighs that the person who is sabotaging him is his mother. He has to prove his worth, love and ability every day since he chose Haejoo after throwing away his fiancé and the girl who was pregnant with his child. Who would trust him easily?

At the same time, Doyoung comes home minutes before Haejoo. He tells Jiwon about only promoting Mooyeol to Senior Management. Jiwon protests since Mooyeol has been working so hard and it’s been nearly ten years since Mooyeol joined the family.

Doyoung responds that it doesn’t matter. If Haejoo had not been pregnant, he would never have approved of Mooyeol. How can someone trust a man who would throw away his fiancé?

The drama makes it really easy to watch when tired. Maryun finds Yeo-Ri brooding in her room so we get a clear summary of what’s to happen… Yeo-Ri will make Haejoo get a divorce, marry Do-Chi and take over WID Group. Fighting Yeo-Ri! DRAMAFEED is fully behind you getting revenge on the jinsangs of kdrama world!

Then we turn to one part of Yeo-Ri’s plan. Do-Chi. He is getting drinks with his friends when a group of girls come in invited by a friend. Do-Chi excuses himself after one drink saying he has to take care of himself.

Do-Chi walks out but his vision gets blurry. He holds on to the wall and the girl that sat next to him comes out asking if Do-Chi is alright.

At the same time, Mooyeol calls Haejoo from a cab apologizing on behalf of his jinsang mother. Haejoo refuses to go out to meet him.

Mooyeol sighs and looks out the window to see Yeo-Ri. It seems that he recognizes her.


Oooh, it’s only one episode into the revenge and I am finding it deliciously refreshing! There is a new trend in Korea called “cider” people which make you feel cathartic by their actions like if you drank sprite/sevenup (called “si-ee-da”). For example, they used it to describe the eldest sister in Father is Strange when she told her future mother-in-law, it’s only her duty to inform ignorant and rude people of their issues as a response to the future/potential MIL accusing her of being rude for the unforgiveable sin of “talking back”.  (Have you noticed that almost all of the people who fall back on that line are usually the uneducated and most uncultured?  Usually, if you have a logical or even practical response, you don’t resort to the “how dare you talk back to me” line.) Pretty much a bunch of female viewers drank and toasted to the girl’s Idontcareifyouareolder, you’re still stupid and a jinsang attitude. And, I refuse to be silenced! YES! Here’s to the hope that the young women of 2050 will never have to deal such ignorance and that older people will be wise enough to know when to be embarrassed.

Here, I love that Yeo-Ri has barely shaken the pot and Haejoo and Mooyeol’s mom are at each other’s throats already. Serves them both right. Mooyeol’s mom was one of the reasons Mooyeol fell to Haejoo’s Temptation with money and she also made it clear that she didn’t care if Mooyeol chooses Haejoo or Yeo-Ri. Had she been clear that she wouldn’t accept Haejoo acting like a future daughter in law when Mooyeol was dating and engaged to Yeo-Ri (which is the decent thing to do), I might have been more sympathetic.

As for Haejoo. Well, she’s the simple antagonist. Doesn’t have talent and has tons of insecurity. Hence, focuses on taking away what is precious to the main character. Girl totally has this coming.

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