Unknown Woman – E10 RECAP

Yeo-Ri gains another supporter in Oliver – Seollee’s old fiance.  Meanwhile, she finally leaves enough bread crumbs for Mooyeol to follow to the bar.


Mooyeol orders that his cab follow Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri sees the pursuit from her mirror and smirks. She pulls off the highway at a fork on purpose. Then she pauses to watch Mooyeol’s confusion.

Yeo-Ri remembers how Mooyeol had told her how he isn’t complete without her…She shakes her head and reminds herself that Mooyeol betrayed her.

At the same time, Haejoo tells on her mother-in-law to Jiwon. When Mooyeol comes home, Jiwon stops him in the hallway. She tells him not to be too disappointed by Doyoung’s decision on Mooyeol’s position. She reminds him that Doyoung only has Haejoo as a child so Mooyeol should pay more attention to her and be patient.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri approaches Seollee’s fiancé through the audition he’s holding for singers at his live jazz bar. He comments that she sings well but then frowns when Yeo-Ri gives her name as Yoon Seollee.

Yeo-Ri apologizes for putting him in a difficult position when he gave up being a doctor after Seollee passed away. She kneels and begs him to let her use Seollee’s identity to get her revenge. She even notes that he was the doctor who helped her give birth to Bom. But, he does not budge and threatens to call the police.

Haejoo finds Mooyeol drinking alone in the dining room. She hugs him from behind and promises to forgive him as it hurts her to watch him this morose.

Mooyeol apologizes on behalf of his mother and Haejoo relents.

Maryun and her husband arrive in time to calm Seollee’s fiancé down. Maryun sends Yeo-Ri and her husband outside where he tells Yeo-Ri that Seollee’s old fiancé just needs time to process everything. Maryun’s husband had been against the idea when he first heard as well.

Maryun does her best to convince the young man telling him that it was fate and how Yeo-Ri lost her child. She tells him that Yeo-Ri had as much “han” or regret/anger/frustration from being helpless or feeling helpless as them. However, she fails in convincing him at the time.

The next morning, Do-Chi wakes up. He’s surprised to find himself naked with his underwear on the table.

He gets a call from Doyoung as he wanders around the hotel room wondering what happened.  So, he runs to his birthday breakfast with Doyoung and the family late. Even though Doyoung hates tardiness, he and Jiwon plaster on fake smiles as they welcome Do-Chi in hopes of helping him develop a successful acting career so that he does not feel any desire to return to WID Group.

Less than ten minutes into breakfast, Do-Chi gets a call from his manager telling him that the girl from the night before is threatening a rape suit. Do-Chi apologizes and leaves early.

Then, Haejoo gets up to throw a tantrum at her father. She blames him for treating Mooyeol worse because he’s a son-in-law. Mooyeol suffered in China only to get promoted to senior manager.

Mooyeol apologizes to his in-laws and drags Haejoo to their room. He tells her that her actions hurt him since she’s not being subtle or tactful. Haejoo glares back accusing Mooyeol of comparing her with Yeo-Ri who was always tactful and subtle.

Mooyeol turns to leave and Haejoo immediately begs forgiveness. She promises to never bring up Yeo-Ri again. And, that is the episode’s lesson girls! Never marry a man that does not love you or you will forever be the beggar.

Meanwhile, Jiwon kowtows to the Korean custom of at least pretending to respect Mooyeol’s mother. She sends over a bunch of expensive food as gifts and calls to apologize for Haejoo’s behavior. Mooyeol’s mother pretends to be gracious in the face of the food (and her living arrangement). Then, Jiwon hangs up and sighs that Mooyeol’s mother is so stupid that she thinks tossing her petty gifts is really respect when Mooyeol’s mom is laughable.

At the same time, Oliver (real Seollee’s old fiancé) goes to visit Seollee’s grave while brooding over Yeo-Ri’s words about the pain of being left behind…of waking up and wondering why. He pauses when he sees that Yeo-Ri is already at the memorial.

Yeo-Ri apologizes to Seollee for hurting Oliver when his scars are probably not healed. She explains that she needs revenge for everything and then will take the consequences.

He approaches her but she gets called away. Do-Chi left his car in his panic that morning. A store owner saw Yeo-Ri’s business card and assumed that it’s her car. So, Yeo-Ri was called.

Yeo-Ri is non-committal and Do-Chi’s manager appears for the car. He remembers that she’s a lawyer and engages her services.

Then, Oliver arrives at Yeo-Ri’s office and asks if she’s confident that she won’t regret her decision.  Yeo-Ri nods.

The day continues and Moo-yeol arrives at the mall to buy Haejoo a I’m-sorry-present perfume.  He tells her that he will arrive at home within ten minutes.

But, then Yeo-Ri walks by and Moo-Yeol dashes after her to the garage.  Yeo-Ri gets into her car but loops around so that Moo-Yeol has enough time to get into his own car and pursue…to Oliver’s bar.


The scene where Maryun’s husband has the chat with Yeo-Ri was a nice touch.  What kind of normal adult would have reacted to a grown woman convicted of murder requesting to take on the identity of his lost child would agree easily?  It would seem crazy.
Similarly, it would not make sense for Oliver not to take time before agreeing to help Yeo-Ri.  It helps that the drama spun it as Seollee’s parents actively helping her and his having that fated encounter with Yeo-Ri as the doctor who helped her give birth to Bom.  Not a lot of daily dramas try to make their plot lines believable so I appreciate that Unkown Woman is going the extra mile. 
I also really like the two female actresses.  I have not seen Oh Ji-Eun before even though she is an older actress (1981) who was around since 2009.  I hope that this role helps Ji-Eun to get more roles like Lee Yoori who was in Heaven’s Promise another daily covered by DRAMAFEED and who is now in the hilarious Father is Strange. If I was not so swamped at work, I’d totally be recapping it.  It’s a weekend drama where Lee Yoori is one of the female mains.
Haejoo’s actress is pretty good, too. Choi Yoonso. Usually the female antagonist actresses veer into over-reacting or hysterics.  However, Choi Yoonso manages to prick our anger without Yoonso having to be “evil” but rather just a mean girl.  Let’s hope she keeps her course with her natural acting.
Finally, as for the plot, the writer is definitely making fun of Korea’s in-law culture.  Specifically, the male in-laws.  Mooyeol’s mother and sister are the caricature of shallow leeches on society. Neither work. Both live off of the money that Haejoo’s family gives them.  And, it seems that Mooyeol’s sister’s only dream is to get married so that her husband and/or his family takes care of her.  Why is it that out of 3 dramas, there is always at least 1 drama with a character like this?  Are there still so many young women in Korea being raised to dream of marrying a guy who will take care of them for the rest of their lives? Can, we please stop hobbling 50% of our society?  Maybe then South Korea will get their own Michelle Obamas, Hillary Clintons, Elizabeth Warren and Sally Yates (… the list goes on!) instead of Park Geun-Hye.
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