Unknown Woman – E15

Yeo-Ri finds solace with Do-Chi while Mooyeol deals with the fact that everyone is calling him out for what he is.

A Woman Without a Name Episode 15 RECAP

Maya shakes her head and refuses to apologize to the other child.  She demands that the other student with the broken teeth apologize to her and Gaya first.

Yeo-Ri asks if they can speak without Maya.  Mooyeol dismisses Maya to wait in the car.

Yeo-Ri explains that the victim child’s parents have decided to escalate the situation if they do not get an apology.  They will make it an issue of violence at school.  She recommends that Mooyeol convince the children to apologize first.

Mooyeol demands to know why Yeo-Ri wants to help.  She smiles that even though she is representing the other side, she wants to help him.  She feels like he was sincere about his feelings to the woman that she resembles.

Mooyeol goes home  with Maya.  When he meets Haejoo downstairs, he asks her how she and Jiwon could leave Maya at school like that.  Jiwon walks down at that moment and snaps that they are not taking sides; they just wanted to make sure that Gaya was fine.  She asks if Mooyeol isn’t worried about his son.  Mooyeol runs up and finds that Gaya is fine.

Yeo-Ri goes home to have a drink with Maryun and her father.  She sighs that Maya was beautiful and it makes her so angry that her own daughter could not grow old enough to talk…

Maryun asks about Do-Chi whom Yeo-Ri left when she got the call.

Yeo-Ri rushes back to the Chaplin restaurant where Do-Chi waited for her in costume.  They have a late dinner with Do-Chi managing to comfort Yeo-Ri with jokes and taking her mind off of things.  Awwww… One point for Do-Chi.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol cannot fall asleep.  He leaves his cell phone at home and waits for Yeo-Ri at her building.  Yeo-Ri walks in unaware to be accosted in the lobby.

Mooyeol asks what she is doing and why she is meeting with Do-Chi.  Yeo-Ri explains that Do-Chi was her prior client and she is a lawyer.  He questions the fact that Yeo-Ri is a lawyer.  But, Yeo-Ri cuts him off telling him that they have no reason to meet other than as the plaintiff’s lawyer and defendant.

Mooyeol goes home when Yeo-Ri storms up.  Haejoo is waiting for him in bed.  He lies that he got a text from a friend and went for a drink.  She sighs that Mooyeol is lying.

The next day, the adults discuss the fight.  Doyoung is angry that this could escalate into a scandal for WID Group.  Haejoo grumbles that she’s going to have Gaya stay in the hospital longer and return with a countersuit.

Mooyeol calmly asks everyone to let him handle it.  They don’t want to make it into a big scandal…

Later, Sora enters Do-Chi’s apartment while he’s showering.  She sees Yeo-Ri’s wallet that Yeo-Ri left in the car.  She opens the wallet and sees a business cared with Seollee’s name.  Then Seollee calls and Sora picks up.

Sora tells Yeo-Ri to speak with her since she’s engaged to Do-Chi.  Do-Chi walks out at that moment and snaps the phone away.  He yells at her for picking up his phone and promises to call Yeo-Ri back.

Afterwards, Do-Chi calls Yeo-Ri to apologize about Sora.  He explains that they are not living together so that Yeo-Ri does not have to worry.  Yeo-Ri smiles that she has no misunderstanding and he should not worry.

Haejoo and Jiwon visit Yeo-Ri’s office to discuss the lawsuit.  Yeo-Ri sees them first and runs back in.  She tells Maryun the situation in a panic.

Maryun takes water  and a mop out.  Then she spills it on Haejoo talking with an exaggerated accent.  Maryun suggests that Haejoo goes home to change her clothes.  She also tells them that the attorney is currently out on business.

Yeo-Ri then calls Mooyeol to snap at him.  She had been clear that she only wanted to talk to one representative.  So, why was his mother-in-law and wife visiting?  He apologizes as he had no idea and promises that it won’t happen again.

Haejoo and Jiwon go home where the lovely in-laws drop by.  Of course, the mother-in-law pretends that they are not visiting to get additional benefits.  However, Haejoo tells them that she’s tired and just wants to know their demand.

Hence, the mother-in-law confesses that she and Yeolmae are there to borrow a car since Yeolmae has a blind date with a lawyer.  She can’t go in a cab.

Haejoo sighs and give them the keys to her car asking them to leave since they are business about the kids.

The mother-in-law acts like a normal human and decides that she’s more worried about her grandchildren instead of her daughter’s materialistic insecurities.  She drops Yeolmae off on a side to grab a cab and goes to the school to get more information on the victim child.

When the mother-in-law arrives at the hospital, she sees Yeo-Ri walk out after meeting with the parents of the other child.  She brakes and prays to all of the gods to keep the ghost of Yeo-Ri away from her… The mother-in-law follows Yeo-Ri but loses her and then runs into Oliver’s car.

Later, Yeo-Ri meets with Maya at school, which she already told Mooyeol.  I’d say this is unethical to speak with a child without her legal guardian or representative.  But, since Yeo-Ri told Mooyeol about visiting, I assume that we are to believe he gave her permission to speak with Maya?

Yeo-Ri takes Maya to a park and asks why she got into the fight.  Maya does not want to talk about it.  So, Yeo-Ri agrees to trade secrets.  She tells Maya about having a beautiful daughter who died first…named Bom.

Maya agrees to share her secret.  She tells Yeo-Ri that the other child said that her father was a Beggar Prince and that the other child’s mom said it… Maya tears up and cries that the other child needs to apologize to them about talking bad about their father.

Yeo-Ri hugs Maya close.  She tells Maya that the child did not know what he was talking about.  Mooyeol works incredibly hard for the family.

Yeo-Ri tells Maya that she has a plan. Maya can apologize to the other child first for her father…Then she other child will likely apologize.

Mooyeol had arrived at the park area at the last part of this.  He hears Maya say what caused the fight and walks away to vent his anger on a bathroom wall.  His mind returning to the scene where his coworkers also said that he betrayed his love for money…to be a male Cinderella.

Yeo-Ri gets a call from Oliver that Mooyeol is drinking at his bar.  Yeo-Ri rushes over and grabs his hand to bandage it.  Mooyeol angrily grabs her hand.  But, Oliver walks up and grabs Mooyeol.  Oh! The love triangle grab!

Yeo-Ri nods that she is find to Oliver so he walks away.  Then Mooyeol tells Yeo-Ri that he betrayed his love.  He got his comeuppance today. What? That his child got into a fight because of rumors about him? WEAK SAUCE.

Anyways, Yeo-Ri goes up on the stage and announces to everyone that this may be her last performance.  She wants to sing a song to comfort one person there…

Then, Yeo-Ri takes the drunk Mooyeol home.  Haejoo keeps calling Mooyeol who does not answer.  But Yeo-Ri sees the caller ID and rings the doorbell.


First, I was surprised that while I felt bad for Maya and Gaya getting hurt at the words of their friend, I had no sympathy for Mooyeol.  What, he’s hurt by words that are just telling the truth?  Basically, he’s whining that he’s hurt about being called a male Cinderella or going from a beggar to a prince…which, are all true.  He was the one who promised to love Yeo-Ri and even proposed to her.

Haejoo continued to throw herself at Mooyeol but he held on to Yeo-Ri and even got her pregnant.  Then, he decides to jump ship for one reason – money.  Even when he’s told that his lover has a child, he throws that woman away.  So, he is the male Cinderella.  Why is he so sensitive and insecure about it? Everyone has insecurities. Deal with it without causing harm to others due to your own insecurities.

Nice development of Do-Chi’s relationship with Yeo-Ri though.  If a person is not interested in the other, why would he wait hours just to have a meal with her? I loved how Oliver told Maryun that Yeo-Ri is laughing happily.  Because, it gives us hope that Do-Chi may be the guy who can actually protect Yeo-Ri from the world unlike Mooyeol who tossed her to the wolves.

Also, loved the little throwaway scene where Yeo-Ri calls and Sora picks up.  It seems to me that the whole purpose of the scene was to set up Do-Chi telling Yeo-Ri that he and Sora are not living together.  Why would he even care if he loved Sora and not Yeo-Ri? Ah… DRAMAFEED is wavering onto the Do-Chi/Yeo-Ri ship!


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