Unknown Woman – E16

Haejoo starts going crazy while Yeo-Ri finds out that her father cared for Do-Chi.

Woman Without a Name Episode 16 RECAP

Haejoo looks into the intercom video and sees Yeo-Ri staring back at her.  She screams and tells Jiwon that Yeo-Ri is at their door.  Jiwon and Haejoo run out to see Mooyeol propped against the gate alone.

Jiwon tells Haejoo that they need to bring Mooyeol in before Doyoung gets home.  Jiwon then goes out by herself to check and finds no one there.

Doyoung comes home and sighs at the sigh of his useless son-in-law. Mooyeol gets up to vent his frustration by saying that he knows that Doyoung is unhappy that the kid from the slums could have the audacity to drink without the permission of WID Group.

Jiwon steps in at this point and tells Haejoo to take Mooyeol upstairs.  She also pulls Doyoung away telling him that Mooyeol is drunk.

Haejoo then freaks out about Mooyeol coming in drunk.  She’s positive that Mooyeol was with Yeo-Ri.  She runs to the car and checks out the dashcam footage and wonders about the bar that is photographed.  She then goes through Mooyeol’s cell phone.

The next day, we get an update on Yeolmae.  She comes home drunk.  The guy was ugly and had a complaining attitude. She cries to her mother that there needs to be another guy who’s worth her.  What did she expect? How about shes goes out and gets a job? Not expecting her to be a rocket scientist but any productive member of society would be nice.

Back at the Koo house, Jiwon and Doyoung only tell Mooyeol that he should only drink as much as he can handle as a man.  Mooyeol promises to not do it again.

Doyoung asks Mooyeol about how the lawsuit is coming.  The kids come in at that moment to announce that they will apologize.

Then Yeo-Ri calls to tell Mooyeol that the plaintiff child also agreed to apologize to Maya and Gaya.  Everyone is happy except for Haejoo who is positive that Yeo-Ri is back.

Haejoo goes to Oliver’s bar to ask about Mooyeol with a photograph of him. She asks questions about who called for the substitute driver for the man and requests security camera footage.  She offers to pay whatever he wants.

Oliver frowns and kicks Haejoo out for her rudeness at this point.  And, Yeo-Ri walks out from behind the bar.  She thanks him for taking care of Haejoo.

Oliver asks what Yeo-Ri was thinking going with Mooyeol to his house.  The worry is clear in his voice.  Yeo-Ri answers that it was the next necessary step.

Things move along in an unexpected manner. Jiwon decides that she likes Yeo-Ri who has helped out with Do-Chi and the children’s lawsuit.  She calls Yeo-Ri directly and offers to buy her a meal.

Yeo-Ri politely declines saying that she has a trial that she’s preparing for.  She then hangs up.  Yeo-Ri tells herself that she will decide when they meet again.

Jiwon smirks that someone would actually hang up on her.  She decides that it’s normal for someone who does good work to be high maintenance.

Yeo-Ri then gets up and grabs her bag.  Except, she is missing her wallet.  She realizes that she left it in Do-Chi’s car.

Coincidentally, Do-Chi arrives with the wallet at the same time.  Yeo-Ri happily comes around the desk and accidentally knocks over a frame.  Do-Chi picks it up and recognizes the picture of the stranded boat.  He exclaims that he has a painting of the same scene.  He received it from a nice uncle who used to treat Do-Chi like family.

Do-Chi sighs that even though he shared his birthday with the uncle, the birthday ended up being the last time.

Yeo-Ri suspiciously asks if he really has the painting.  So, Do-Chi confidently answers that he’s not just playing a line on her.  He was going to take out the painting anyways and offers to bring it over.

Yeo-Ri jumps to the same conclusion that it must be the painting that she made for her father.  She runs out to meet Do-Chi at his apartment…

Yeo-Ri arrives and sees the painting.  It even has her signature.  She pauses in shock as she realizes that it’s her painting.

Do-Chi is smiling in front of her saying that if the uncle were still alive, Do-Chi would have lived as if the uncle were his father. Yeo-Ri is unable to figure out her emotions and excuses herself.

At the same time, Sora has gotten a call from a reporter asking her to confirm the rumors that she and Do-Chi were engaged.  She confirms and goes to Do-Chi’s apartment where she sees Yeo-Ri walk out.

Sora is angry about the woman walking out.  But, Do-Chi is more furious about the article regarding his marriage.  He tells Sora that she should hold a press conference denying the rumors or he will.

Jiwon calls Sora out.  Handing over a white envelope, Jiwon instructs Sora to go abroad and shop.  She will handle the Do-Chi wedding article.

On the side, insecure Haejoo installs a spy camera in Mooyeol’s car.  Looks pretty obvious to me with the black dot.  But, we will go with it.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri stares at the article about Do-Chi remembering Do-Chi’s words that he was really close to the uncle who gave him the painting.  He would have lived with the uncle as a father had the uncle not died… Yeo-Ri broods about planning to use the man that her father cared about in her revenge plot.

Mooyeol calls and Yeo-Ri hangs up saying that she’s busy.  But then, Mooyeol comes to pick her up at her office. He has her get into the car and begins driving without telling where they are off to.


Here be angst! Here comes the brooding.  Can Yeo-Ri effectively use Do-Chi to obtain ultimate revenge on Jiwon/Haejoo? That would mean forcing Do-Chi to turn back to the company so that he can take it over.  He would need to directly fight against his only remaining family (though they be jinsangs on society). Then, she would need to take over so that the company no longer stays with the Koos…

Can Yeo-Ri do that when Do-Chi can make her laugh and happy? Can Yeo-Ri do this when her father also cared for the man? Well, as a viewer – I hope so!

On the side, I like the organic emotional breakdown of Haejoo.  Even though she has been married to Mooyeol for around ten years, she still is not confident in her love for her.  That’s the price of taking another woman’s man with money.  Hence, the first sign of infidelity has her convinced of an affair and the return of the original woman.  I wonder how she will react when Yeo-Ri fights her directly for the company.

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