Unknown Woman E31-35

Yeo-Ri gets shocked when she finds an empty urn at Bom’s memorial. Meanwhile, Mooyeol teams up with Yeo-Ri to get revenge among revenge.

A Woman Without a Name Episodes 31-35 RECAP

When Do-Chi walks out to greet Yeo-Ri, Mooyeol follows and sees Do-Chi hugging Yeo-Ri. He immediately walks over and pulls Yeo-Ri away. He tells Do-Chi to stop bothering women.

Do-Chi glares back that it might look weird but they have a reason to be hugging. Yeo-Ri quickly jumps in and cuts Do-Chi off. Then, Do-Chi gets a call from work and has to leave

After Do-Chi leave, Mooyeol asks Yeo-Ri if she likes Do-Chi as well. She denies it and gets saved by Haejoo walking out.

The dinner goes on during which Jiwon asks about Do-Chi showing up at the shop a lot. Maryun answers that Do-Chi has a one-sided crush on Yeo-Ri and asks to push them together. The Koo family gets awkward and asks what Yeo-Ri thinks. Yeo-Ri dodges the question by saying she thinks Do-Chi is not a bad person.

After dinner, Haejoo asks about Maryun’s eye mask. She answers that she used to be a big loan shark. When she decided to leave the business after having her child, the people on the industry kidnapped Dooshik. She gave up her eye in exchange for him.

Once Yeo-Ri and her family leaves, the Koo family convenes because Doyoung decides that he wants to support Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi dating so that Maryun will sell her land. They don’t want the two getting married and will stop it right before the wedding. But, until then, they will support the relationship and even offer Yeo-Ri a position at the resort so that she does not tell Do-Chi about the impending sale of WID Fashion.

Then things get more complicated as Do-Chi visits Yeo-Ri right before Mooyeol arrives to plot their own “future.” Yeo-Ri takes Do-Chi to her parents and lies that she’s getting some drinks.

Yeo-Ri then goes down to meet with Mooyeol in his car. Mooyeol tells her that the family plans to support her relationship, so, she should date Do-Chi and take his shares in the company. When Yeo-Ri expresses concern about manipulating Do-Chi’s feelings, Mooyeol reminds her how horrible the Koo family is while conveniently forgetting that he took the Koo family side like a cowardly snake.

Afterwards, Yeo-Ri goes home just in time to pull Do-Chi from her room so that he doesn’t see the mirror outline of revenge.

The next day, someone calls Maryun to say that the land which held Bom’s ashes was sold. Maryun tells Yeo-Ri who immediately rushes over…

They dig up the urn. However, Yeo-Ri walks in a daze and trips. She drops the urn…only to find it empty.

To make things really clear-the scene shifts to Maya coming home. She had an accident and her leg is in a cast. Jiwon gets angry at her as usual but Haejoo whisks Maya up to the room so that Maya can pull out all of her gifts including an angel doll for Yeo-Ri! Is Maya actually Bom?!

The next day, Jiwon’s lack of love for Maya is even clearer. Maya wanted some ramen and Gaya made some ramen…but, he drops it and Jiwon finds out. She offers to make ramen for him and Gaya awkwardly confesses that it was for Maya.

Jiwon storms up to Maya’s room and even pulls the cables from Maya’s monitor. She then yells at Maya for ordering her brother around just because she’s hurt. Haejoo has to come in and pull Jiwon out.

Dooshik comes home and tells Yeo-Ri and Maryun that his investigation was futile. No one had dug up the urn before now… Maryun muses that this means the urn might have been empty from the beginning. Yeo-Ri gears up to meet with the social worker who took Bom but Maryun stops her reminding her that Dooshik and Maryun should do the leg work or people might get suspicious.

Later, Mooyeol brings Yeo-Ri out to meet Maya at a coffee shop. The little girl walks over in her crutches and hugs Yeo-Ri tightly. Then she gives Yeo-Ri the angel doll and explains that she named it Bom.

Yeo-Ri freezes and tells Maya that she has to leave first. Mooyeol follows Yeo-Rib out and asks why Yeo-Ri is being so cold. Yeo-Ri screams back that her daughter is dead and now lost, how could Mooyeol expect her to be nice to Maya.

Later, Yeo-Ri and company go to meet with the old social worker who’s now in a nursing facility. The social worker remembers taking Bom out of prison but doesn’t remember Bom dying. Yeo-Ri rushes over and asks for more information confessing that she is Bom’s mom.

The social worker answers that she knows where Bom is. But then, an employee comes in saying that the social worker needs to go through tests.

Yeo-Ri runs out after the social worker. But, it’s too late. She has dementia and she no longer remembers what she said.

At the same time, Mooyeol overhears Doyoung and Jiwon talking. Doyoung tells Jiwon that he wants to bring Haejoo into the main company so that she can prepare to take over. He adds that he never thought of Mooyeol as the successor-Mooyeol is not family.

On the side, an employee from the cemetery calls Do-Chi to pick up Yeo-Ri’s cell phone. In all of the shock and chaos, she had left it.

Do-Chi finds it weird that Yeo-Ri would go all the way out into the country side and visits the cemetery. He walks around and spot’s Bom’s memorial, the name triggering the memory of Yeo-Ri’s earlier meltdown. He also remembers how Yeo-Ri had told him that she had to confess something when she told him her feelings but got called away…

Then, Doyoung and Jiwon call Yeo-Ri into the office. They tell Yeo-Ri to officially date Do-Chi and ask her to keep the sale of WID Fashion a secret since he cannot do anything. In return, they offer to make her the Vice President of WID Resort. Yeo-Ri evades by saying she needs to think about it.

Mooyeol’s attack is next, facilitated by Yeo-Ri. He invites Haejoo out for a nice dinner. However, as they begin to drink, they overhear coworkers talking at a nearby table. The coworkers scoff at Mooyeol who doesn’t have any equity in the company even though Mooyeol’s children even have equity…

Mooyeol stops Haejoo from exploding and pretends that he is not affected. Then the two men leave and get envelopes of money from Yeo-Ri.

When Mooyeol and Haejoo arrive at home, Haejoo tells Mooyeol that she wants to give him half of her equity. She doesn’t like that he’s being disrespected outside because they assume that he’s disrespected at home.

That night Do-Chi visits Yeo-Ri at home. They meet in front of the apartment building where Do-Chi suddenly hugs Yeo-Ri and tells her that he wanted to hug her all day. He also adds that he does not care what kind of secrets Yeo-Ri has; he loves her and hopes that he can be her fresh water.

So, Yeo-Ri tells him about having a child who died of pneumonia. Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri that he suspected as much. He also confesses honestly that it’s a shock but it doesn’t change anything. He still loves the woman in front of him.

Do-Chi goes off to buy some drinks when Dooshik gets a call that someone found at the orphanage who remembers Bom. They call Yeo-Ri who decides to leave with Do-Choi’s cell phone since this isn’t something she can wait.

Yeo-Ri and her new family meet with the employee who remembers Bom. However, the employee remembers that Bom was sick and died. They ask what hospital Bom was at and hear that it was Kangnam Hospital.

When Yeo-Ri hears that, she immediately leaves for Jiwon’s house. She knows that the hospital is controlled by WID Group and assumes that Jiwon had something to do with Bom.

At the same time, Haejoo tells her parents that she wants to give half of her shares in WID Group to Mooyeol. Jiwon and Doyoung assume that Mooyeol tricked Haejoo but don’t get to discuss it as Yeo-Ri arrives.

Yeo-Ri announces that she has something to ask Jiwon and then Maryun arrives. With Maryun’s arrival, Jiwon smiles and excuses herself and Doyoung to get dressed since both were in their pajamas offering the office for Yeo-Ri and Maryun to discuss.

In the study, Maryun tells Yeo-Ri to snap out of it and think straight. They have no evidence that Jiwon was involved with Bom’s death. If Yeo-Ri confronts her right now, Yeo-Ri will go back to jail and all those that helped her will become accomplices. They need to find proof so that they can take care of Jiwon without risking everyone…Maryun also tells Yeo-Ri that Bom wouldn’t have wanted Yeo-Ri to give up everything.

This calms Yeo-Ri down somewhat. So, when the Koo family is presentable, Yeo-Ri and Maryun lie that they came over to tell the Koo’s that Yeo-Ri will date Do-Chi. However, Yeo-Ri adds that she needs comfort that Doyoung will keep his promise about making her Vice President if she keeps the sale of WID Fashion a secret from Do-Chi. She asks for 1% of Doyoung’s shares.

Then the talk about Haejoo giving Mooyeol half of her stocks to Mooyeol is taken up again. Doyoung and Jiwon stick to their position that they are adamantly against the gift. Doyoung adds that a couple becomes strangers when they divorce.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri goes home where Do-Chi was waiting for her. They have some time to discuss in his car and Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri to lean on him; he wants to visit Bom with her from now on. Yeo-Ri then confides in him about finding the empty urn and Do-Chi offers to look for Bom together.

The next day, Yeo-Ri calls Kangnam Hospital as a lawyer for WID Group and lies that they are conducting a surprise regulatory check on whether the hospital is keeping records according to policy. The representative on the other side tells her that they do and that she called on a date where they purge documents that are over ten years old. Yeo-Ri quickly asks them to wait until she can do a cursory review and rushes over.

At the hospital, Yeo-Ri accidentally spills coffee on the hospital employee buying her some minutes of privacy. Then, she searches and prints out Bom’s record.

Yeo-Ri gets back the office but has no time to brood over the new information as Doyoung comes in and asks to talk. He offers 2% of his shares in exchange for the land deed for Maryun’s land. Yeo-Ri evades answering by asking for a chance to discuss it with her mother.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol enters the empty office and sees the report. He’s still holding it when Jiwon walks in and demands to see what he’s holding as he looks so startled.

Mooyeol has to hand over the report and lies that he got a call from Yeo-Ri in the past telling him about his other daughter. Jiwon glares at him and tells him to focus on his current family instead of those who have already passed on and stop asking Haejoo for her shares.

Then Yeo-Ri comes back and we get the details of corporate takeover. Yeo-Ri’s 2%, Mooyeol’s 7 % if Haejoo gives him half and the shares of the children get them near 20%. Mooyeol tells Yeo-Ri to also take Do-Choi’s 5% and have Maryun buy more WID Group stock to counter the Koo family’s remaining 30%. His additional plan is to temporarily raise WID Fashion’s share prices before having them fall, that allows them to sell when prices are high and buy more of the shares when the prices are low.

Mooyeol announces that they can then get back together. Yeo-Ri smiles thinking to herself that it will be at that time that she will make Mooyeol fall to his knees.

Then Yeo-Ri gets a call from her parents because they found Bom’s doctor who signed her death certificate.

Off the family goes to track down the doctor.  Luckily, he remembers seeing a child patient with a birth mark in the shape of a four leaf clover on her side.  However, he does not remember signing her death certificate.  The child was healthy at the end when he saw her…He also tells the family that only the doctor or the nurse with whom he works has the ability to adjust a doctor’s report.

At the same time, Mooyeol and Haejoo arrive at his mother’s apartment to celebrate her birthday.  However, since Mooyeol’s mom and Haejoo were celebrating with William, who they tried to get to rent Mooyeol’s room and broke his back while he was changing the light, the two women have William hide.
Mooyeol immediately assumes that Mooyeol is a scammer who plays off of richer older women.  Haejoo sighs on the side that she cannot believe Mooyeol’s mother would bring a man into her house.  Of course, the description of “her house” angers Mooyeol’s mom who conveniently assumes that Haejoo gave her this second apartment instead of just letting them live there.
Mooyeol’s mother blames the whole mess on Haejoo.  She says that this all happened because Haejoo cut her allowance and stopped the cards.  What ever happened to Mooyeol’s mother and Yeolmae working to get their money instead of blaming everything on their daughter-in-law? Sigh, makjang.
Mooyeol’s mom announces that Haejoo would not act so audaciously to cut off her mother-in-law from her credit card unless Haejoo wants to divorce Mooyeol. Righttttttt… Haejoo snaps back that Mooyeol can decide since Haejoo is tired with dealing with all this mess.
Mooyeol knows that if he leaves Haejoo now, he has nothing because he’s a talentless little snake that has nothing other than what his in-laws provided him.  So, he chooses Haejoo and pulls her out of the apartment.
To add cherry on top, Mooyeol even arranged for a motorcyclist to drive dangerously close to them.  Mooyeol pulls Haejoo out of the way and falls dramatically on the ground.  He then tells Haejoo that he’s fine as long as Haejoo is fine.
Then, Haejoo decides that she does not want to wait any longer.  She goes to the office and tells Yeo-Ri to help.  She wants to give 10% of of her shares to Mooyeol.  She smiles that she wants to help save her husband’s pride.
We turn back to the search for Bom.  Yeo-Ri enlists William for help and he calls up the old doctor’s nurse and lies that he’s scouting nurses.  He promises better pay and asks for a meeting, which the nurse agrees to meet.
At a cafe, William asks if the woman remembers a child named Bom with a four-leaf clover birth mark on her side.  The nurse accuses William of lying and gets up to leave.  So, William tells her to sit down or he can call the cops on her for modifying a hospital report.
The woman sits down and bites her lips.  She starts to say that there was another nurse who could not have children…And, then, she runs away and jumps into a cab before Yeo-Ri can stop her.
Do-Chi then calls and invites Yeo-Ri to meet him at this company that he found out through one of his earlier projects.  They take an earlier child photograph and sketch what the child or person looks like after they age.
At the same time, Maya’s friend from soccer camp in the United Kingdom arrives.  Her name is Bom and music gets crazy suspicious…
And, Yeo-Ri receives a sketch of what Bom would look like now.  Basically any other young Korean child?
Dun. Dun. Dun.  All of a sudden, there is another ten year old girl named Bom from the United Kingdom? Is she Yeo-Ri’s child or is Maya Yeo-Ri’s child? Is Jiwon horrible to Maya because she’s Yeo-Ri’s child whom Jiwon could not kill? Or is Jiwon just a nasty woman who hates the sight of her granddaughter? I am of the view that Jiwon is raising Maya who is Yeo-Ri’s actual biological daughter.  Why? Jiwon was never this nasty to Haejoo even when Haejoo was nothing but the older step-sister to Jiwon’s son.
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