Unknown Woman – E36-40

Yeo-Ri and family find Bom…Or do they?

Woman Without a Name Episodes 36-40

Mooyeol looks uneasily at Bom since it’s too dramaland coincidental that his daughter would befriend a girl with the same name as his other dead daughter. Jiwon decides to throw an all out temper tantrum and demands to know Bom’s English name. Bom answers that it’s Kelly. So, Jiwon orders that everyone calls the girl Kelly and glares at the little girl.

At the same time, Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri that he got her a spot on a program so that they can make the search for Bom public. He is surprised when she lashes out at him for acting without asking first. But, then, he assumes that she does not want to go on television as his family might find out that she had a child.

When Do-Chi comes home, the music gets tense implying that Kelly might be the real Bom. She does look like the montage that Yeo-Ri received.

Do-Chi goes to meet the friend but Jiwon gets there faster annoyed that the two girls would play loudly at home. They run into Maya’s room to hide under the covers from Jiwon’s ceaseless nagging and Do-Chi laughs that he will have to meet Kelly the next day.

The next day, Yeo-Ri joins her father who is staking out the nurse’s (Juyoung’s) apartment. He sighs that no one has come in or out and Yeo-Ri also found out that Juyoung took time off. They end up checking the electricity odometer which shows that someone is inside.

The two then go to shout “fire!” in front of Juyoung’s apartment. When Juyoung comes out to check, they corner her.

Unable to run, Juyoung kneels for forgiveness and confesses that she gave away the doctor’s password to an anonymous person on the phone who had offered a lot of money. She knew that it was wrong but her mother needed money for her surgery. All she remembers is that the person was a woman.

Yeo-Ri asks about the other nurse that Juyoung had begun to mention. Juyoung explains that she doesn’t believe the other nurse was the one who bribed her for the code but it was weird. The other nurse was infertile and really took to Bom. Shortly after Bom visited their hospital, that other nurse quit. Recently, she heard that the other nurse was spotted in England with a child.

At the same time, Kelly has a reaction from something in the food. Cue mysterious music.

We turn to Yeo-Ri who continues to move her own plan in Mooyeol’s plan for revenge. He has her bump into the representative from Blanc, who came to discuss acquiring WID Fashion. She is to switch brief cases so that the representative takes their brief case filled with money and one post it with their number.

Then they meet the representative again in a public cafe. Mooyeol explains that the money is the representative’s if he can make it seem like Blanc agreed to acquire WID Fashion for their asking price. At that point, Mooyeol even promises to give two times the amount in the brief case. Unknown to him, Yeo-Ri records the conversation.

Then Doyoung calls Yeo-Ri to check on his offer to buy Maryun’s land in exchange for the asking price and 2% of his stocks as well as the Vice President position. Yeo-Ri agrees.

So, that night, Yeo-Ri arrives and accepts the stock certificate in return for the land deed? The group also has dinner, adults only downstairs and children upstairs.

Suddenly, Do-Chi calls. He had been looking for the nurse that Juyoung had mentioned and found her as well as the child. He tells her that he even has a recent photograph.

At the same time, the idiot makjang in-laws continue to wreck havoc. Yeolmae had visited Mooyeol earlier to tell him that their mother wasn’t eating, which is not completely true. The lady is pretending not to eat.

Mooyeol had answered that if Yeolmae holds on a little longer, he will come home and live with them alluding to coming home with Yeo-Ri. Yeolmae assumed that this meant Haejoo was kicking Mooyeol out like he deserves and rushed to tell their mom.

Their mom decides that instead of waiting for Haejoo to kick Mooyeol out, she will bring him and the children home. She conveniently forgets that Korea is a land of fault divorce and unreasonable overbearing in-laws that clause strife as well as adultery are causes for divorce that allows the remaining spouse to avoid spousal support. Since the apartment is also under Haejoo’s name, the idiot greedy threesome would be out on the streets until the mom finds another guy to live with like she did in the past or Yeolmae finds an idiot to marry. After all, it’s not like Doyoung would not fire Mooyeol.

Do-Chi arrives at home and immediately beelines for Bom. In his room, he shows her the picture of Kelly and her mother explaining that it’s the nurse with her daughter “Bom”. Yeo-Ri tears up exclaiming that it must be Bom.

Of course, the kids are right out side waiting to meet Do-Chi. But then, Mooyeol’s mother comes and Haejoo takes the kids upstairs.

Mooyeol’s mom declares that she is there to take her son and grandchildren. Because, Mooyeol will be able to make enough to feed five people in Seoul! Hahahahaha! She even throws the apartment deed down and tells Haejoo that she’s giving it back.

Mooyeol is predictably horrified. At his mother’s rude behavior or the prospect of feeding and housing five people without any connections, we will never know. Haejoo sighs at this repeat ignorant behavior and matters that it is really crass.

The comment gets to Mooyeol’s mom who then attacks Haejoo asking if she were so proper when she seduced Mooyeol even knowing that Yeo-Ri was pregnant with his child. Jiwon sighs and steps in at this point telling Mooyeol’s mother that she crossed the line and needs to be polite since Doyoung is at home, too.

The ruckus goes upstairs with Mooyeol’s mom yelling for the kids. Yeo-Ri comes out and excuses herself since it seems like a family matter is at hand.

Mooyeol also does damage control by dragging his mother home and promising to never leave her…which, in itself is fitting revenge. I hope that when Mooyeol is kicked to the curb, he gets stuck without WID Group and has to cater to his family’s exorbitantly showy life on only his own earnings while Yeo-Ri can live with Do-Chi and her child in comfort.

The next day, Dooshik goes to England to search for the nurse while Mooyeol’s plan is placed into action. The false news that Blanc is acquiring WID Fashion has hit the runout outlet. Mooyeol is ecstatic assuming that his takeover of the company is near and Yeo-Ri smirks that his falldown is near as well.

The other directors meet with Doyoung to confirm the rumors since Blanc won’t officially confirm or deny. Doyoung lies that it’s all a misunderstanding. Then he tells Mooyeol to connect him directly with the Blanc representative so that they can finalize the sale quickly before the other directors move to block it.

Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri run to meet with the Blanc representative when he leaves his hotel and ask if he really intends to meet with Doyoung. The other guy answers that there is no reason he needs to avoid the meeting and states that he will tell Doyoung that Blanc has no intention of buying WID Fashion at their asking price.

Mooyeol decides to give the representative another bribe to keep his mouth shut. Otherwise, Doyoung would find out that Mooyeol lied about successfully getting Blanc on board with the sale and when the news leaks out, the WID Fashion stocks will also fall. Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri have already bought of the stocks in preparation for this jump in price and cannot afford the hit when they fall.

Since Mooyeol does not have any money, he borrows the amount from Maryun using the shares he got from Haejoo as collateral.

They then go to the cafe where Doyoung planned to meet with the representative. They stop the representative before he goes in and successfully bribes him.

It’s also the day that Kelly goes back to England. Maya and Haejoo take her to see one of the palaces. Then, Haejoo gets called away by work where an angry customer demands to meet with the boss. She calls Jiwon who is in the shower. So, she calls Mooyeol. Yeo-Ri picks up and answers that he’s in a meeting and gets asked to watch Maya and Kelly for 2 hours.

Haejoo leaves before Yeo-Ri arrives telling Maya and Kelly to stay put at the meeting spot. However, it is so hot that Maya offers to go buy ice cream for them. Then, Kelly sees a KBC van and runs off to see if she can find Grandpa Do-Chi at work…only to get lost.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri arrives to find Maya worried about Kelly, they go around the palace everyone they can see if Kelly was seen.

Then some strangers see Kelly crying on the side and take her to a cafe. She doesn’t know anyone’s phone numbers…But, she knows that the actor Do-Chi is Maya’s family so the good samaritans call Do-Choi’s agency, which gets Do-Chi and Haejoo the alert.

Kelly goes straight to the airport since her flight time is near while Yeo-Ri takes Maya home.

Then Dooshik arrives and tells Maryun what he found. The nurse Soomin Kim lives alone with one child. She doesn’t have a high salary but lives in an expensive apartment making those around her wonder if someone in Korea is sending her money. Right now, she sent her daughter to visit a friend in Korea and went on vacation herself.

Maryun calls Yeo-Ri to update her. Yeo-Ri is dropping off Maya and connects the dots. She asks Maya if her friend’s name is Kelly Kim. Maya confirms and adds that the friend’s Korean name is Bom.

Cue frantic chase by Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi for the airport. They arrive after Bom has gone through security and beg the agent to let them through to find Yeo-Ri’s daughter. The agent refuses and Do-Chi illegally pushes past.

When he returns, Kelly is with him. Bom cries as she hugs Kelly close.

Kelly had to go to the bathroom so Yeo-Ri takes her and checks to see that Kelly also has four dots on her side.

At the Koo house, we get another scene of Jiwon favoritism. Gaya throws a tantrum that Maya only played with Kelly while she was in Korea. He keeps pushing Maya and tells Maya to go live with Kelly.

Maya gets angry as well and pushes Gaya declaring that she can push back. Gaya falls while knocking over a flower vase and Jiwon runs out. Gaya immediately starts crying and Jiwon yells at Maya for hurting her older brother. She is about to drag Maya into her room to discipline her when Do-Chi arrives and smooths over the situation bringing Maya to her room instead. He listens to her side of the story making the little girl feel a little less wronged.

Back at Yeo-Ri’s house, Yeo-Ri sighs at the state of Kelly’s clothes and assumes that Soomin did not love Kelly a lot since most of the clothes are worn down. Yeo-Ri tells this to Maryun to advises that Yeo-Ri get proof that Kelly is her biological daughter. So, they take Yeo-Ri’s and Kelly’s tooth brushes to send in for a DNA test.

Then Kelly’s mom, Soomin calls. Yeo-Ri lies that something was wrong with Kelly’s passport and Kelly’s legal guardian has to come to pick her up. Soomin agrees.

Then, someone texts Jiwon that they are coming to Korea and will visit.

The next day, Yeo-Ri calls in sick for the morning. She then takes Kelly out shopping for new clothes…which, Mooyeol sees when he’s surprise visiting different vendors who carry their clothes. He asks Yeo-Ri if she went to the mall but she denies it.

Do-Chi sees another article about the sale of WID Fashion to Blanc. He rushes to Doyoung’s office where Doyoung denies the rumors. He promises that he wouldn’t make such an important decision without consulting with the directors and major shareholders. Do-Chi is not fully convinced and threatens to return to WID Group if Doyoung sells off WID Fashion, which Do-Chi’s mom and dad developed.

That night, while Yeo-Ri goes to ask Haejoo if Maya can come visit Kelly, Dooshik gets the DNA test results! Kelly is biologically Yeo-Ri’s daughter!

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri realizes that Jiwon is up to something since when Yeo-Ri dropped by Jiwon dropped a suspicious black brief case in shock. Yeo-Ri follows Jiwon’s car but Jiwon sharply pulls over and confronts Yeo-Ri.

Yeo-Ri asks if there is some place Jiwon needs to go that Yeo-Ri cannot know about. The tension mounts as neither woman wants to back down. But, Haejoo’s frantic call interrupts since the family is freaking out about Blanc’s declaration that it is not purchasing WID Fashion.

Yeo-Ri is about to follow but she gets a call from home that Dooshik and Do-Chi brought Soomin to the house. Yeo-Ri goes home instead and takes Soomin into her room where she confronts Soomin about illegally doctoring medical records without authorization so that it looks like Bom Son died.

Doyoung, Jiwon and Haejoo meet up. Doyoung sighs that they don’t have time to find another company to buy WID Fashion as they won’t make the deadline for raising funds to buy Maryun’s land at that point.

Back at Yeo-Ri’s apartment, Soomin denies Yeo-Ri’s accusations. So, Yeo-Ri brings out the DNA test results stating that she and Kelly are biologically related.

Soomin bites her lips and then forms up. She confesses to have worked at the hospital where Bom was treated. But, she insists that she adopted Kelly legally and even agrees to bringing in the police.

So, Soomin, Yeo-Ri, Do-Chi and Dooshik troop over to the adoption agency where Soomin adopted Kelly. She comes back out with Kelly’s record showing Kelly’s biological information, which is different than Bom’s.

Yeo-Ri cries that she does not believe it. Since Soomin was able to modify Bom’s medical records illegally, she could also alter the adoption records.

Soomin snaps that she is going to charge them with kidnapping. Then she even calls Haejoo to ask why she let Yeo-Ri and Co., take Kelly.

Yeo-Ri pulls the phone away and quietly confesses that Haejoo does not know that Maya did not leave Korea. She asks Soomin to keep it a secret.

Soomin goes home to pick up Kelly. Yeo-Ri tells Soomin that she does not believe Soomin since Kelly has the four dot birth mark on her side. Soomin turns to tell Yeo-Ri that she doesn’t believe the DNA results. She had randomly seen Kelly at an orphanage and saw the birth mark…Since she liked Bom, she thought it was fate and adopted Kelly. They all agree to do another round of DNA testing.

The next day, Mooyeol tells Yeo-Ri to buy all of the WID Group shares since they sold the WID Fashion shares at an all time high.

Meanwhile, Yeolmae and Mooyeol’s mom happy go house shopping for a new place to live for six people. They are ecstatic at moving to a new place on someone else’s money.

Back at the office, Mooyeol announces that they have enough shares to control WID Group – more than Doyoung.

Then, it’s time to get the DNA results. Everyone goes to the testing place to view the report…which says that Yeo-Ri and Kelly are not related. Soomin simultaneously gloats and glares at Yeo-Ri and her family. She even declares that she will sue them all.

Yeo-Ri cannot believe it and runs into the lab to ask if it was a mistake but is told that the report is accurate. Yeo-Ri comes back out defeated and falls to her knees in front of Soomin asking for forgiveness for kidnapping Kelly and accusing Soomin of being a kidnapper through tears. Soomin continues to glare saying that Yeo-Ri and her family deserve to be punished for everything that they did to Kelly and her. But, Kelly runs to her mom and asks her mom to forgive Yeo-Ri who has been nothing but nice to her.

Soomin relents declaring that she’s only letting it go because of Kelly (and the fact that Yeo-Ri actually apologized probably).

Then we turn to the kids through a flash back… In the chaos of the morning, Kelly and Maya had switched tooth brushes as Kelly’s brush had the white tip and Maya’s brush had the pink tip…

Back in the present, Maya begins changing and we see that she has a four dot birth mark as well.

Yeo-Ri faints from the trauma of losing Bom again. Do-Chi has to carry her into the taxi, where she opens her eyes and then declares that Jiwon stole Bom.

Even though her family tries to stop her, Bom pulls free and jumps into a taxi. She arrives at the Koo family residence and yells for Jiwon to come down.

Jiwon asks why Seollee is there. Yeo-Ri screams for Jiwon to give back Bom. Jiwon stiffens but then lies that she has no idea about what Yeo-Ri is talking about.

Yeo-Ri glares and yells at Jiwon to give back the child that she stole from her twin Son Yeo-Ri who ended up in prison because of Jiwon. She declares that she’s there to get revenge for her poor twin sister and to find her niece, who is alive since she found proof that Bom’s medical records were doctored. The child never died.

Jiwon snaps back that Seollee has no proof. Seollee cannot do anything without proof. The yelling seems to have calmed Yeo-Ri down. She quietly agrees to find proof and take Jiwon down before leaving.

After Yeo-Ri leaves, Jiwon has her secretary find the nurse that gave the doctor’s code and goes to meet her.

At the same time, Doyoung is told by a few directors that they want him to step down for trying to sell WID Fashion. He refuses so the directors press for an emergency meeting of shareholders to discuss his position.

Doyoung demands the list of shareholders from Mooyeol and finds out that Haejoo gave half of her shares to Mooyeol. Suddenly, the man is all polite asking if his son-in-law also thinks he should step down. Mooyeol smiles that they are family and he will try his best to convince the others.

Meanwhile Jiwon asks the nurse who gave away the doctor’s password to his medical records about Bom. The nurse assumes that Jiwon is with Yeo-RI’s group and sighs in exasperation that she told everything she knew last time – she needed money and sold the medical records password. She does not know who bought the password.

Fortunately, Yeo-Ri had followed and smirks that Jiwon also found the same nurse. She goes in and dismisses the nurse.

Jiwon lies that she was only curious as to what happened to Bom. Yeo-Ri asks how Jiwon knew that the nurse who sold the password is Jieun. Jiwon presses her lips but answers flippantly that even if she only knew about Jieun because she was the guilty party, Yeo-Ri has no proof.

Jiwon then goes home and immediately heads toward Maya. Grabbing the girl, Jiwon declares that she’s going to take Maya to get her birth mark erased.

Maya cries that she doesn’t want to as the dots are lucky. Fortunately, Haejoo is home and comes in to pull Jiwon away. In Haejoo’s room, Haejoo tells her mother to stop treating Maya so horribly. After all, it was Jiwon who brought Maya to Haejoo as a baby suggesting that Haejoo adopts Maya.

Jiwon snaps that she only did it since Haejoo was going crazy when Maya died. She didn’t expect Haejoo to actually come to love the child. Haejoo just frowns and suggests that Jiwon can find Maya’s true parents then. Jiwon yells that she cannot because she does not know who they are.

Jiwon awkwardly changes the subject saying telling Haejoo to be careful. Seollee came for revenge on behalf of Yeo-Ri.

Jiwon tries to tell Do-Chi to break up with Seollee next. She tells him that Seollee is only using him for ulterior motives. But, Do-Chi refuses.

Yeo-Ri calls him out and Do-Chi happily goes to see her. However, Mooyeol gets worried because he has not seen Yeo-Ri all day and goes to check on her. He arrives in time to see Do-Chi go inside.

Mooyeol calls Yeo-Ri and asks if she is sleeping with Do-Chi. She denies it but then tells him that he’s in no position to control her affairs since he’s still married to Haejoo. So, Mooyeol says that he’s going to divorce Haejoo on the day of the shareholders meeting.

At the last minute, Yeo-Ri decides not to break up with Do-Chi since he has a work trip starting the next day for ten days…

Back at the Koo house, Doyoung explains the whole meeting to have him step down. He decides that he needs to bring the shareholders evidence that the resort plans are developing. For that, he needs Maryun’s land.

Doyoung asks Jiwon if the can use her building (under her name and Haejoo’s name) as collateral to get some liquidity. The deadline to fund the purchase price is the next day and if they don’t fund, Maryun does not have to sell but Seollee keeps the shares she received. Jiwon agrees.

Jiwon comes out and sees Yeo-Ri for a second. Except it’s just Maya and Jiwon yells at her as usual.

The next day, Doyoung gets his money but runs into another glitch. Maryun has closed her account due to a voice fishing incident.  They need another way to pay Maryun…and Yeo-Ri did not come to work that day.

Doyoung runs to the chicken shop only to find it closed.  And, the family does not open the door at their apartment…They leisurely eat fruit and wait for the banks to close before calling Doyoung.  Maryun laughs gleefully that Doyoung was inexperienced enough to breach the contract like this.  Since he breached, she’s no longer selling.

We jump forward to the day of the shareholder meeting.  Mooyeol takes the kids to school and brings a filled out divorce petition…Except, he does not take them to school. He brings them to his mom and tells her not to open the door if Haejoo comes.  He’s preparing to fight for custody of the kids.

We turn to Do-Chi who’s excited to see Yeo-Ri.  He’s even bought a diamond ring for her.  They decide to meet at lunch.

Without further ado, it’s lunch and Mooyeol tells Haejoo that he wants a divorce. The scene immediately changes to Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri at the Chaplin restaurant.  Yeo-Ri is about to say that they break up but Do-Chi tells her to stop as he has something to say first.  He pulls out the ring and asks her to marry him.


One thing that the daily drama has on main dramas is timing.  What a fast subarc! Were any of you guys successfully led astray by the red herring?

I have to admit that I was a bit suspicious but even I doubted that Maya is really Bom.  With all of the suspenseful music playing whenever Kelly came on the screen and Yeo-Ri’s family rushing to keep her from leaving Korea…Then, the DNA test showing that Kelly is Yeo-Ri’s daughter? I was hooked.  I figured that Jiwon is just a horrible grandma that truly treats her grandson differently than her granddaughter.

One twist that I did not expect was the revelation that not only is Maya Bom but Haejoo knows that Maya is not her biological child.  I had wondered if one of the twins died and Jiwon had switched the babies like other makjang dramas.  But, no! Here, Haejoo had actively decided to adopt another baby and then fell in love with that child unlike how Jiwon could not.  Now, the question remains – does Mooyeol also know?

Finally, nice development in pushing Doyoung into a corner so that Doyoung breaches the land sale contract.  It was very organic and general.  I totally wondered if they would be able make the deadline for the land sale.

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