Bride of a Water God – Shin Sekyung Feminine Business Casual

What I love about Korean society is that it generally believes that business professional does not have to lose colors or femininity.  After all, why must a look be boring or “not-feminine” to be serious? Is not that inherent thought anti-feminist?

Shin Sekyung’s coordinators did an amazing job in styling her for Episode 3 of Bride of a Water God’s professional school reunion scene.  She’s meeting with other psychiatrists and needs to be professional but that does not mean she has to fall back on a boring suit.  Rather, she floats into the scenes with a nice blouse and pencil skirt.

The stylish part of it? Sekyung trades the traditional blouse for a beautiful lace blouse and swaps out the usual colors of black, navy, and gray for a bright and summery green.  These two changes keep the outfit business casual but gives it a special stylistic edge that just makes the outfit pretty.

Luxury/High-End Options


Regular Drama Heroine Splurge Options

Now for a green skirt. Surprisingly enough, it was hard to find a high waist green pencil skirt.  But, I saw this one in a nice jungle green that I would totally wear.

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