Unknown Woman – E41-45

Haejoo signs the divorce papers for Mooyeol. Yeo-Ri breaks up with Do-Chi.  There’s a vote to fire Doyoung and Mooyeol gets charged with manipulating the stock market.  My, oh, my!

Woman Without A Name Episodes 41-45 RECAP

Haejoo refuses to agree to the divorce. So, Mooyeol signals for the gangster to come out. Haejoo tries to explain that it’s all a misunderstanding but Mooyeol isn’t listening to her excuses.


Haejoo goes home and finds stuff all over the place. She hears that Mooyeol was by and immediately realizes that he took the kids. She rushes to Mooyeol’s mother’s apartment but the lady refuses to open the door. She pettily gloats that she has no daughter-in-law assuming that Mooyeol will take care of everything.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that she does not want to marry him and goes to the company where she meets Jiwon in the elevator. Jiwon follows Yeo-Ri to the office and begins throwing everything on the ground ordering that Yeo-Ri leaves. Well, you know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If the daughter is a rude ignorant gangster, the mother is probably not that different.

Yeo-Ri sighs and tells Jiwon that she has no reason to leave the company; she’s an employee. Jiwon should leave.

Haejoo then remembers how Mooyeol’s mother told Haejoo that Haejoo should have been more feminine… because blaming the victim is what aggressors do. She calls Yeo-Ri out and slaps her. Yeo-Ri smiles that she will take one slap since Haejoo is divorced. But, then Haejoo slaps again and Yeo-Ri glares that Haejoo has no right to be so furious – she took Mooyeol from his family as well.

Then, it’s time for the shareholder meeting. Maryun and Dooshik walk into Doyoung and Jiwon’s horror. Doyoung even refuses to shake Maryun’s hand.

The beginning of the meeting starts off badly for Doyoung as Mooyeol speaks up first saying he supports Doyoung being removed for working behind the shareholders’ back and trying to sell WID Fashion.

The vote is completed. Then, prosecutors interrupt as there was an anonymous tip that Mooyeol manipulated the stocks for his own gain. Mooyeol runs out like he can run from the law.

It’s unclear what happened with the vote as everyone ends up going home. Jiwon finds out that the children were taken away and goes to Mooyeol’s mom house. She keypad opens the door when Mooyeol’s mom doesn’t open and grabs Gaya.

At the same time, Do-Chi goes to Yeo-Ri’s house because he cannot accept breaking up. Yeo-Ri has to walk out and take Jiwon’s call, which gives Do-Chi the time to spot his old camcorder that he lost to Yeo-Ri. He absentmindedly opens it to play the video and sees the childhood video of himself.

When Yeo-Ri walks back in, Do-Chi demands to know why she has it. She stutters that the camcorder was switched…Do-Chi stares with disbelief realizing that Seollee is Yeo-Ri.

Meanwhile, Jiwon pulls over and tells Maya to get out of the car. She drives off. However, she has the decent to feel guilty and turn her car around in.

Yeo-Ri begins to explain who she is to Do-Chi. But, he gets a call from Doyoung about Haejoo going crazy. He stops Yeo-Ri telling her that he has to leave.

Switch to Jiwon yelling around for Maya who is no longer at the place she was dropped off. Then, Gaya wakes up and Jiwon lies that Mooyeol’s mom came to pick up Maya while Gaya was still asleep… The lie starts to fray when she gets home. Confronted by the family, Jiwon lies that she left Maya with Mooyeol’s mom since it was too hard to bring both children home.

Yeo-Ri decides to go meet with Do-Chi and come clean to him about everything. She goes to the Koo residence just as a taxi with Maya arrives. The driver explains that he found the child crying in the streets and no one was picking up their phones. So, he brought Maya to the address that she gave.

Yeo-Ri thanks the man and gives him some money. When he awkwardly answers that she doesn’t seem like Maya’s mom, Yeo-Ri hands over her business card. Feeling comforted, the man leaves.

However, Maya cleans to Yeo-Ri crying that she doesn’t want to go inside… Her grandmother will discipline her… Yeo-Ri feels bad and brings Maya home for just that night.

The next day, Mooyeol calls Yeo-Ri from a payphone. He asks her if she was the one who turned him in. She answers with a question if if he doesn’t trust her. Then Mooyeol spots some police and has to leave.

Yeo-Ri goes into work only to get attacked by Haejoo who is gangsta at always. After all, shoving is just the beginning. Haejoo grabs Yeo-Ri by her hair and accuses her of stealing Mooyeol. Yeo-Ri sighs and pushes Haejoo off.  All I can say is if you ever have the bad luck to run into someone who is not intelligent enough to use her words and resorts to shoving … RUN from the makjang of it all.

Then Mooyeol calls Yeo-Ri to meet. She agrees to meet him at Chaplin and allows Haejoo as well as Doyoung to follow.

Yeo-Ri comes home to find Maya pouting. She refused to eat and continues to cry as no one seems to be worried about her. Yeo-Ri tells Maya to eat and even feeds her.

Suddenly, Do-Chi arrives seeking the truth. Yeo-Ri confirms that her real name is Yeo-Ri Son… just as Jiwon hears from her secretary that he found Maya and Maya is with Yeo-Ri. Music becomes tense as Jiwon jumps into a car to get Maya before Yeo-Ri sees Maya’s birthmark.

Yeo-Ri also explains how she was the one who was betrayed when she was with child…She was the one who was in jail.

Do-Chi just wants to know one thing. Is Mooyeol the father of Bom? Yeo-Ri agrees but then she adds that Mooyeol has no right to call Bom his daughter. She decided to have Bom by herself… She also tells Do-Chi not to forgive her since she intended to use him for her revenge.

Then Jiwon arrives. The fight stalls and Maya comes out to run into Yeo-Ri’s room.

Yeo-Ri opens the door and Jiwon accuses Yeo-Ri of kidnapping Maya. Yeo-Ri sighs that Maya didn’t want to go home.

Jiwon denies it. She goes into the room and locks the door. She then tells Maya that no one even looked for Maya other than her. No one cares about Maya other than her. So, Maya needs to follow Jiwon’s instructions and Jiwon will love Maya. She asks Maya if Maya understands and the poor girl nods.

Jiwon then finds Yeo-Ri’s board with the master plan, she bring sit out as proof to Do-Chi about how terrible Yeo-Ri is. Do-Chi leaves without another word and Jiwon also leaves with Maya.

Jiwon’s then takes Maya to a plastic surgery clinic to get Maya’s birthmark removed. Maya says that she does not want to get her birth mark removed and the doctor suggests that they wait until Maya is older. But, Jiwon insists.

On the side, Doyoung has Mooyeol beaten up before giving him to the police.

Mooyeol uses his one call to call Yeo-Ri to ask if she’s ok. She tells him that she’s fine because Maryun did not have time to sell the shares as they planned.

Do-Chi comes home and gets yelled at by Jiwon for being sad about Yeo-Ri. He goes to check in on Maya who has a fever he asks her if Yeo-Ri kidnapped her. Maya explains that Yeo-Ri only took her home because she asked Yeo-Ri. Do-Chi asks why Maya didn’t want to come home. Maya covers her mouth and refuses to answer since she’s afraid of Jiwon.

Time for Mooyeol’s mom and Yeolmae to get their comeuppance. They being movers and kick Mooyeol’s mom and Yeolmae out. Of course, suddenly without nothing to their name, Mooyeol’s mom changes her tune from “not having a daughter-in-law” to asking Haejoo how she can do this to her mother-in-law?! As if she ever acted like a mother-in-law or even a polite acquaintance.

Mooyeol’s mom cries on the streets until Mooyeol arrives. He was let go because although there was an anonymous tip, the investigators don’t have proof that he actually manipulated the stock market and then profited off of it. He tells his mom that they can live well after selling his stocks that he got from Haejoo. He tries to sell the shares at a computer lab…But, it doesn’t work.

He suddenly remembers that he used his shares as collateral for money. He had until today to pay Maryun back. Since he didn’t pay, Maryun had foreclosed on the stocks.

Haejoo finds Mooyeol as he walks out of the computer lab thanks to Jiwon tracking his phone. She throws the signed divorced papers in his face. When he asks if Haejoo turned him in, she laughs that it was all Yeo-Ri.

Meanwhile, Do-Choi cannot get over the fact that the painting that he has was signed by “Yeol”. He even asked Doyoung and Maryun who confirmed that Yeo-Ri is old Mr. Son’s daughter.

Mooyeol goes to Yeo-Ri’s apartment. Because, once you have illegal trading charges on your record and pennies to your name with two greedy family members, the best thing to do is blame someone else. He catches her as she’s walking in and demands to know why she’s not answering his calls.

Yeo-Ri smiles that she even has to tell Mooyeol. She got what she wanted, which was revenge.

Mooyeol grabs Yeo-Ri by her collars because his family never taught him manners. Luckily, Do-Chi arrives in time and punches Mooyeol. He tells Mooyeol to leave Yeo-Ri alone. He’s trash that left his pregnant wife to marry someone for money. Now, he’s tying to leave his family again.

Mooyeol glares back that Do-Chi is an idiot. Mooyeol is the one who told Yeo-Ri to seduce Do-Chi. He punches Do-Chi. Do-Chi falls and hits his head.

Yeo-ark tries to run to Do-Chi but Mooyeol pulls her away. He tells her that he can forgive her if she forgives him. She snaps back that forgiveness is not for everyone.

Then, Do-Chi comes over to beat Mooyeol. Because a real man protects the woman he loves.

Yeo-Ri hears that the police came and arrested Do-Chi for battery. She goes to the police and asks Mooyeol to settle the case. He refuses and Yeo-Ri even kneels.

Mooyeol tells her that he will settle the battery claim if Yeo-Ri returns to him. She quietly agrees.

So, Do-Chi walks out. And, Yeo-Ri tries to help Do-Chi one last time. She tells Do-Chi that the rumors of the sale of WID Fashion is true. He should stop believing everyone and protect what he wants with his own strength.

Mooyeol is trashy as usual. He goes to the chicken shop and demands that they give him his shares. Maryun crosses her arms and answers that he never repaid her so she does not have to.  Because, why should she acquiesce the demands of a boy who cannot even keep his promises? Clearly – not a man.

Mooyeol turns to ask Yeo-Ri that she promised to return the shares in return for letting Do-Chi go. She smiles that she promised to leave Do-Chi not to return his shares.

Mooyeol then threatens to tell the police about Yeo-ark being the escaped convict. Yeo-Ri smiles and plays the recording of Mooyeol telling the representative from Blanc that they will pay twice the amount if he allows rumors to spread that Blanc is considering buying WID Fashion. Yeo-Ri adds that she would be free in one more year anyways. But, he has at least ten years for insider trading and would lose any chance of custody of the kids.

Dooshik kicks Mooyeol out and Maryun throws salt on him for added affect.

Mooyeol decides then that his other option is to go back to Haejoo. Because, he didn’t ever do anything himself. He just married for money. Haejoo ignores his texts.

So, Mooyeol goes to the Koo house. Jiwon answers to tell him to go away. Doyoung arrives and tells Mooyeol that Mooyeol is an idiot for losing his shares to Maryun. He goes to the one room in a motel that he was able to rent for his parasitic mother and sister.  His sister is her lovely self as usual.  She complains about the situation without really contributing anything.

The next day, Yeo-Ri finds her painting torn apart in front of her door. She sighs and tells the air that Do-Chi did well. He should forget her and move on.

Do-Chi then goes home to confront Doyoung again. Doyoung manages to push Do-Chi away by just yelling louder. But, Do-Chi overhears Doyoung panic and tell Jiwon to send Attorney Kim on vacation. Attorney Kim was close to Do-Chi’a mother…If Do-Chi wants to join the management, he might reach out to Attorney Kim. Also, he adds to make sure Attorney Kim keeps quiet about the will.

At the same time, Haejoo goes to work deciding to make Yeo-Ri’s life difficult. Yeo-Ri pretends that she doesn’t care if Haejoo takes over Mooyeol’s job.

Jiwon also follows Yeo-Ri out and asks if she found anything else about Bom. Jiwon also sneers that Yeo-Ri should be nicer. If, Yeo-Ri is nice, she might give Yeo-Ri a hint if she knew anything about Bom.

Ah, revenge is sweet. As expected, no one wants to hire Mooyeol after the insider trading and share manipulation charges.

Mooyeol’s answer is to try to get the recording. He calls the keypad lock maker company and lies that it’s malfunctioning. They tell him how to reset it and he starts rummaging through Yeo-Ri’s stuff.

Yeo-Ri remembers that she forgot her bag and walks in just as he finds the recorder in her bag. Mooyeol makes a run for it with the recorder and even makes it into a cab.

He then calls Yeo-Ri and threatens to tell Jiwon about Yeo-Ri’s identity if Yeo-Ri doesn’t give him the shares that he never paid for… He then tells Jiwon to wait thirty minutes…

Yeo-Ri refuses to show up. She tells him that he can even put her on speaker phone if he wants. He gloatingly does. Then, Yeo-Ri plays the copy of the recording that she had on her laptop.

Jiwon and Haejoo glare at Mooyeol asking if his big news was to play proof of his illegal activities. He gets kicked out by additional security guards.

The next day, Attorney Kim meets with Doyoung. He complains that Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri keep calling…Doyoung asks for the original will and not the modified one. Attorney Kim refuses since without the original will, Doyoung could always turn on him.

Doyoung then tells Attorney Kim to go live abroad. Attorney Kim refuses so Doyoung threatens to blow the lid on all of the funds that Attorney Kim siphoned off of the company. Attorney Kim frowns and answers that it would be mutual destruction. If Doyoung gets Attorney Kim in trouble, Attorney Kim will reveal the original will.

Do-Chi comes home in time to see Jiwon leave with some guards. He quickly follows with Maya still in the car.

Jiwon tells Attorney Kim to go abroad. Attorney Kim refuses and gets up telling her to stop threatening him. Jiwon tells someone in the car to get ready.

Do-Chi calls out for Attorney Kim as he leaves and they go back into the cafe. Do-Chi asks sincerely why his parents wanted him to go to Attorney Kim if they died.

Attorney Kim confesses that he altered the will. Do-Choi’s parents wanted Do-Chi to inherit the company.

At the same time, Maya gets bored and calls Yeo-Ri with Do-Chi’s phone… She tells Yeo-Ri where she is and gets out to meet Yeo-Ri. Maya then sees Jiwon telling her lackeys to beat up Attorney Kim, even if it means breaking his bones.

Do-Chi comes out with the attorney and gets punched in the gut by the men who take Attorney Kim. Do-Chi gets into his call and follows after telling Maya to put on her seatbelt.

Do-Chi cuts off the other car. He even tries to block them with his body. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri calls Maya as no one is at the cafe and Maya explains that they moved, trying to explain their new location.

The men in black refuse to back down. In the end, they drive through Do-Chi…

Then Jiwon arrives. She freaks out and begins calling for the police but then stops. She leaves dropping her brooch and Maya sees everything.

Maya then gets out and picks out the brooch…right before Yeo-Ri arrives.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol and Jiwon separately are the missing child posters with Bom’s old picture when she was taken out of jail as well as what she would look like now. Jiwon quickly pulls down what she can. And, Mooyeol recognizes Maya.


Another week of episodes and another subarc where many things happen.  I really like how this drama is not dragging at all.  The timing is a bit worrisome since this is supposed to be another 100 episode drama but we are only halfway. Hopefully, it won’t drag later on.

Now on to my thoughts about the story in this subarc.  I love how Yeo-Ri is not your average helpless candy. *Cough*Cough* Like Eunsoo in Still Loving You.  Yeo-Ri knows that Mooyeol is a traitorous snake that would turn on her when her revenge.  So, she plans in advance to keep enough evidence of Mooyeol’s illegal activities as insurance for Mooyeol’s inevitable threats of turning her in.  The best part was when Yeo-Ri has Mooyeol put her on speakerphone as she plays the recording of her illegal dealings.

An interesting twist that I did not expect was the car running through Do-Chi.  Will he regain consciousness quickly? Or will this mean that Do-Chi will become an unconscious part of the storyline that frees Yeo-Ri to take over the company?

Final thoughts are we know what the next part of the plot will turn on.  Mooyeol has no cards left up his sleeve. However, he recognizes that Maya is Bom.  Will he be a decent human being and let her know that he’s found the daughter she has been pining for? Or will he continue to be a snake? I am not really hopeful.  I guess that since he has nothing and he’s trying to provide for a family of three on a kitchen/restaurant helper’s salary, he’s going to try to use this information to extort money.

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