Unknown Woman 56

One of my favorite episodes. Do-Chi shows us that a “married” Korean man can still act in a way to make people swoon!

Woman Without A Name Episode 56 RECAP

The friend prisoner (Sonyeo Wang) rolls around on the ground crying that it hurts so much.  She calls for the guard and states that she wants to file a claim…

At the same time, Haejoo brings Gaya to check in on Jiwon.  Gaya happily congratulates Jiwon for becoming number 1 of the company. But, Haejoo interrupts to say that Jiwon is only number 1 until grandpa wakes up. Jiwon frowns.

Jjang-Gu shows Do-Chi the whistle-blower’s video.  Do-Chi notices that the person preparing the chicken has  tattoo, which neither Maryun or Kidong has.

As for the two – Maryun and Kidong decide that they will liquidate their assets and sell the land to pay back the investors.  However, they note that they cannot sell WID Group stocks since that would take them down from being the top 2 shareholder and Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi won’t have anything to fall back on.

Do-Chi comes over and shows them the video.  They realize that it was the new hire but he does not pick up.

The new hire Kichul is meeting with Sonyeo who is his wife. They decide that they will do what they need to get money for their kids.

Then Kichul leaves.  However, he runs into Do-Chi outside the prison and asks for an autograph because his wife is a huge fan.  Do-Chi agrees and makes out the autograph to the wife “Sonyeo Wang”.  As he hands back the pad, he notices the tattoo and grabs Kichul’s arm.

Do-Chi asks if Kichul worked at the chicken restaurant that has been on the news lately. Kichul denies it and runs to a cab…Do-Chi returns back to Maryun’s house since Yeo-Ri is in solitary confinement.  He explains how he met Kichul and Do-Chi believes that Kichul’s wife is in prison – Wang Sonyeo.

Maryun recognizes the name.

At the same time, Prisoner 104 (cell leader) comes in to sneer at Yeo-Ri who is able to eat during all this. Yeo-Ri answers that there is probably a reason for all this.  Then the guard comes in to tell Yeo-Ri that Sonyeo decided to file a claim … If Sonyeo wins, Yeo-Ri’s time will be increased.

The next day, Mooyeol reports to Jiwon that Maryun put her land for sale at a cheaper price. Jiwon orders that Mooyeol buys everything that Maryun puts up for sale.

Yeo-Ri goes to her investigation and asks Sonyeo to just say that this is all a misunderstanding.  Yeo-Ri insists that she did nothing and asks Sonyeo if Sonyeo really believes that the person behind all this would protect Soneyo. Sonyeo refuses to admit that the whole thing is a sham. Yeo-Ri then tells the investigator that there was a witness – Prisoner 104.  Except, she’s outside the prison right now.

Afterwards, Yeo-Ri calls Maryun and hears about the chicken shop incident.  She explains how Sonyeo is acting weirdly inside prison as well.

Then Yeo-Ri asks Prisoner 104 for help.  Prisoner 104 refuses.

Yeo-Ri asks why Prisoner 104 hates her.  Prisonder 104 answers that Yeo-Ri makes her angry reminding her of how she was betrayed by her friend…who was also a lawyer. The lawyer had thrown Prisoner 104 under the bus to save her own daughter from a battery case.

Yeo-Ri tells Prisoner 104 that she should not give up.  No one has the right to ruin another person’s life just to protect their own interests.  Yeo-Ri explains that she was also betrayed but she’s not giving up.

Later Prisoner 104 chances on Sonyeo’s call with Jiwon.  They go to the nurse station where Sonyeo asks Prisoner 104 to keep this a secret.  She even offers to share half of the money that she will receive.

Then Sonyeo gets called away as she has a visitor – Maryun.  Maryun innocently asks about when Sonyeo will get out soon and what she will do when she’s free.  Sonyeo explains that she got back together with her husband and chanced upon some money. So Maryun asks for Sonyeo’s husband’s contact information and offers to help invest Sonyeo’s money.  Sonyeo happily gives it to her.

So, Do-Chi calls Kichul out to meet about an investment opportunity.  When Kichul arrives, it’s Kidong waiting for him.  Kichul headbonks him and then runs out. He rips over Do-Chi’s foot.  Then Kidong and Do-Chi confront Kichul.

Ki-Chil insists that he does not know the person who ordered him to do everything.  He was only given money.  Do-Chi pulls out a photograph of Mooyeol and Kichul confesses that it’s him.

Next, it’s time for another investigation session. Prisoner 104 gets called in to testify.  Prisoner 104 announces that Sonyeo did everything herself and glares at Sonyeo.  Prisoner 104 snaps that the thing she hates the most is betraying your friend for money.

Then Maryun comes in with Kichul who tells Sonyeo to give it up. Maryun declares that they are going to sue for defamation.  Suddenly, Sonyeo and Kichul are begging Yeo-Ri for forgiveness. Yeo-Ri tears up and states that she’s not going to press charges against Sonyeo.  However, there is a condition that Kichul makes it clear to the public that his whistle-blowing was all fake.

The news outlets publish Kichul’s confession that the original report was fake. Then, Do-Chi storms into Mooyeol’s office and accuses him of masterminding the plan. Mooyeol denies it…until Kichul walks in.

Do-Chi smirks and tells Mooyeol that they will turn him over to the police unless Mooyeol is willing to void the sale contracts for Maryun’s land.

Jiwon is told the news and she calls Mooyeol in…with Maryun and Do-Chi following. Maryun slams down the deed of sales and demands that they void the contract. If not, Maryun will turn Jiwon over to the police as well. Jiwon rips up the contract in anger. Do-Chi also warns Jiwon that if Jiwon does anything else against Yeo-Ri or her family again, he won’t let it slide.

Do-Chi and Maryun leave to high-five in the hallway.

Time passes because we have 2 years of Yeo-Ri’s sentence…Yeo-Ri and Prisoner 104 become fast friends as Yeo-Ri develops her design skills.

A year jump.  WID Group is in trouble as the share prices are tumbling. Jiwon yells at Haejoo for being unable to bring WID Fashion up to par and Do-Chi tells Haejoo to lower the job applicant requirements and focus on talent instead of a resume’s application.

Haejoo has her team upload the next competition/search for WID Fashion…and even sends one of the posters to the prison?


This may just be DRAMAFEED’s rant about cultural issues but I was so happy to see Do-Chi actively helping Yeo-Ri and Maryun.  Usually, when the in-laws family is bat-shiz crazy, the male lead goes through this useless period of angst where he cannot make a decision. Then, he apologize to his wife because he knows that his family is bat shiz crazy and has hurt her (stress, attacks, etc) but asks THE GIRL to understand and accept the bat shiz crazy because – FAMILY.  Usually, in dramas, the girls then try their best to accept this whole new level crazy that not only inconveniences them but attacks their values and perspective on life.  I’m not even limiting this to makjang dailies as you see this in the regular 2 drama a week shows and weekend family dramas.  This is the basic tenet of most of Korea’s mother-in-law/daughter-in-law issues, which the women of Korea eat up since most of them have had to deal with it in one shape or form.

However, this episode was just lovely because Do-Chi breaks free of such useless social constructs.  He knows that Jiwon is orchestrating all of this and as a result Maryun had to sell her land at a loss. Even know he knows that helping Maryun would put his family at risk, he does and then even tells his family to their face in front of Maryun not to mess with Yeo-Ri or Maryun. Because, finally, some people realize that maybe the fact that family dramas in the United States does not usually revolve around the horrible mom-sters-in-laws is because the social expectation is that the in-law family actually pretends to be normal and decent?  When that line is crossed, society expects the husband not to falter and question whether he should do what’s right v. what is necessary to save his family’s image from the embarrassment that they would have to deal with if the public knew how his family acted and they confessed to their actions.

Just putting it out there…But maybe the fact that so many Korean men complain that their wives only focus on the children and not them could indicate that these women ended up turning away from their husbands when such situations occurred and the men did not back up or protect protect their wives? Women are strong but you can’t blame them if the person who one prioritized above everything else never returned the favor… Hence, the women turned to other outlets for their emotional anchors – children? Just food for thought as a Korean America, it seems that there are a lot more affectionate American couples while Korean couples focus on the children.

However, I end this random thought train on an optimistic note.  With the change in demographics leading to more women being educated and having careers, there has been a huge shift in Korean culture. From what I am aware, it is embarrassing to be a “makjang mother-in-law” these days because that means that your family did not include the values of equality and that the mother-in-law likely did not raise a smart/professional daughter.  After all, mothers and fathers who raise successful women are less likely to treat a new member to their family like an indentured servant if think on their own daughters.  Hence, this shift is shown on television with more daughter-in-law characters with a backbone such as the current weekly Father Is Strange, etc.  I have read and heard that the reaction to the smart lawyer daughter-in-law who tells her crazy ignorant and selfish mother-in-law to back off or that she’s wrong or crass when the woman is, has been quite positive.

I truly believe that as more women of our generation become mothers and raise our daughters knowing that they do have a right to be treated politely by everyone, this horrid lingering societal bacteria/bug? will end up being the outlier in the next century. 😉

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