Unknown Woman 62

Yeo-Ri finds out that Maya is Bom.

Woman Without a Name Episode 62 RECAP

Mooyeol sits in the living room after saying hello to Doyoung. He broods over how Doyoung clearly asked about both Secretary Hong and his wife. He comes to the conclusion that Jiwon is not Haejoo’s mother.

At the same time, Enok gasps at seeing Yeo-Ri embracing Maya and the two happily being together. Instead of finally telling the truth, she tells Yeo-Ri to go home.

Oliver calls Enok to tell her to come out to the shop. There’s an internal leak and all of the store owners need to come and sign the maintenance forms. Yeo-Ri offers to watch Maya but Enok refuses. She grabs Maya to take the poor girl with her dragging her along.

After a few steps, Maya falls while cradling her stomach. She cries that the area that she had the surgery on hurts. Finally, Enok acts like a grandmother and sighs that it’s too early to rush Maya around. She tells Maya not to tell Yeo-Ri about the poster and leaves.

Left alone with Yeo-Ri, Maya asks if Yeo-Ri knows that Maya is adopted. She cries about whether she has to leave her family if her biological parents come looking. Yeo-Ri smiles that Maya won’t have to leave…Everyone loves her.

Then Yeo-Ri helps wash Maya’s face. She also tells Maya to change since her clothes got wet. When Maya changes, Yeo-Ri sees the scars from the earlier scar removal surgery. Maya is about to answer but Mooyeol arrives.

Yeo-Ri goes back to Maryun’s house. Maryun explains that a child called saying she’s the girl on the poster. She also adds that Kidong is running the telephone number.

That night, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri get back to the Koo residence late. Do-Chi decides to stop by Doyoung’s room and pauses outside when he sees the door slightly ajar even though the lights are off. It’s Jiwon just standing there staring at Doyoung.

Do-Chi turns on the lights and enters asking loudly what Jiwon is doing. She brings him back outside saying that Doyoung needs his rest. So, Do-Chi tells her that he’s going to hire guards for Doyoung’s room. Jiwon smiles that she’s the only thing that Doyoung remembers, does Do-Chi really want to take that away from Doyoung?

The fight continues in the morning. Jiwon has had Doyoung moved into their room and tells off Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri when they confront Jiwon about moving Doyoung too early.

After they leave, Jiwon tells Doyoung not to trust Do-Chi or Yeo-Ri. She tells him that he sent Do-Chi to the United States as a child to take over the company, which Do-Chi knows about. Do-Chi is now trying to take the company back. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri entered the family trying to get revenge. She pauses and smiles that she’s truly on Doyoung’s side so he should trust her and only her.

Do-Chi is unable to work. He calls Maryun and Kidong asking them to visit and keep an eye on Doyoung. They happily agree to help.

Maryun and Kidong immediately go to keep an eye on Doyoung. As they have tea, Kidong gets a call with the address for the telephone number.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri has a meeting with the design team where it’s announced that her design was most popular on the online vote.

And, Mooyeol meets with a private investigator who confirms that Jiwon is Doyoung’s second wife…Mooyeol then goes to accept Jiwon’s offer to be on the same team.

He adds that he has one condition since he doesn’t trust her after she backstabbed her husband of decades. He wants half of the shares that she took from Doyoung.

Jiwon immediately orders that Mooyeol leaves the company and the house. Mooyeol smiles and adds that she cannot be so confident… After all, she’s not Haejoo’s biological mother. What will Haejoo do after she finds out?

Jiwon backs down and offers 20% of the shares. Mooyeol agrees.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri gets out of her meeting and checks her phone. Do-Chi had sent her a message letting her know that they found the address. When they get together, Yeo-Ri recognizes the address.

They run into Yeolmae on the way to Maya’s apartment. Yeo-Ri asks if they ever let in any other child other than Maya. Yeolmae confirms that no other child has stayed with them.

Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi rush off and Yeolmae goes to tell Mooyeol about the weird run-in.

On the way, Yeo-Ri runs through her memories and realizes that Maya is Bom. Back when the DNA results confirmed parentage, they didn’t even think about checking Maya when Kelly had stayed at Maya’s house.

Finally, Maya calls Yeo-Ri back on the cell phone. Yeo-Ri strains out the question if Maya called the missing child line. Maya confirms.

Yeo-Ri asks why Maya called. Maya answers that the picture on the poster was hers… Yeo-Ri bursts into tears.


Finally! After 60 episodes and basically all the baddies knowing, Yeo-Ri finds her child again. This is after years and two stints in prison! Can you imagine how happy Yeo-Ri must feel?

Now that the secret is out, let the mother’s fury rage and burn all of the Koo’s and Kim’s that stood in the way lying to Yeo-Ri and her family and even ridiculously blaming her for Maya’s accident when it’s their fault.

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