Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu Season 2 – Episode 3 Recap

Sabu performs open heart surgery on the general to save his life and Doldam becomes the grounds for a hostile takeover.

Episode 3

Chaos erupts outside of Doldam as the reporters descend. Everyone wants the scoop on what is happening with the General…
We return to the scene where Woojin was about to call Sabu as the general’s temperature was rising and Dr. Park was demanding control over the patient. The General’s heartrate is falling as the doctors argue with Dr Park’s minion not letting Woojin call Sabu and the General goes into cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest makes Dr. Park’s crew back off and Woojin begins CPR. Only when Woojin order for surgery does Dr. Park barge in. It’s been 2 minutes and they need to exchange doctors pumping. Woojin refuses to get off to protect the patient but Sabu arrives and yells at Woojin to get off and let the other jump on.

Dr. Park wants to begin with an exam but Sabu asks for a stapler and surgical tools. Dr. Park demands to know if Sabu can handle the liability. Sabu yells back that a doctor should ask if they can save the patient and not worry about the liability first… Woojin and Dr. Park’s minion switch places again.

As everyone watches in shock, Sabu begins to massage the heart directly. It’s as if the world stops because no one can do anything but watch as Sabu continues…until the heart begins to pump by itself. The room lets go of a collective sigh. Sabu compliments Woojin for doing a good job.

Afterwards, it’s cute to see that Woojin’s hands are shaking as he staples the General back together. The oldies all tell Woojin he did a good job. Woojin sighs that he didn’t do anything but run around in shock and Head Nurse smiles that he protected the patient until Sabu arrived…When they all leave, Woojin’s legs give up and he laughs.

Sabu walks out to see Dr. Park and minions sitting in the lobby in silence. Dr. Park tells Sabu that he is surprised…He has only seen open heart surgery three times in his life. Why does Sabu stay in such an unknown country hospital when so skilled – does he have a psychological issue? After all, Sabu is one of the only doctor’s in Korea that has triple boards… It’s not money or fame.

Sabu answers that it’s because he’s needed. Dr. Park walks up close to Sabu and continues… He only came down to Doldam to see Sabu. Now, he thinks that Sabu is a pathological liar or crazy. Sabu laughs and walks off.

Sabu goes back to his office to look up Dr. Park and finds out that he graduated from Johns Hopkins and that he was on the same bus accident that Sabu was in 11 years ago.

The next day brings its own set of problems. Eunjae wakes up incredibly tired as the new anathesiologist doctor not only stole her stuffed animal as a pillow but snored… Woojin is sleeping on the couch so Eunjae takes out a sharpie to draw on his face. Except he wakes up and an awkward moment ensues.. When Woojin comes out – he is a bit disheveled and Eunjae has a mustache on her face.

To fix it, Eunjae runs to the emergency room and grabs a surgical mask.

Meanwhile Dr. Park holds a press conference about the general. He implies that the condition is so bad that they have to have a follow up second surgery… not that it’s just a simple follow up.

Woojin meets with the anesthesiologist who tells him that he changed. Why should he care if the headquarters doctors take Sabu’s patient. Woojin should act the way he always did – not care as long as he’s paid. Woojin goes straight to Sabu to see if Sabu is going to fight losing such a famous patient.

Sabu? He’s calm and kicks Woojin out of his office. He says that the doctors are competent and this gives him a chance to relax. Something they direly need. Woojin asks Euntak after he leaves why they are all pretending nothing is happening just because Sabu decided not to fight. Euntak answers that they care. However, they are following Sabu’s lead because he respect him.

The head nurse, however, does not seem to care. She tells all of the support staff and the nurses that they will not cooperate with the headquarters doctors… Ensue some fun as the doctors from the headquarters hospital get blocked at every step. They refuse to give up the charts or provide any information without the primary doctor – Sabu’s permission. They are only able to get the info through Dr. Moonjung who has no idea about the power struggle happening. We later find out that Sabu told Moonjung that it is fine

Eunjae runs into Dr. Park and immediately goes to Woojin. She tells him that they should partner up. Dr. Park wanted someone who had been in the original surgery to help with the follow-up surgery. So, she wants to pair up with Woojin since she had to run out in the middle. They can agree to help Dr. Park but only on the condition that they are brought back to Seoul.

Woojin tells her that she can do it herself. He does not want to be involved and is warning her that she is being an idiot. Eunjae yells back that they aren’t close enough for him to say such things to her and Woojin walks out…to run into Areum who had been listening. Hah!

The General’s bodyguard/secretary relapses so the doctors call Sabu in. Something had erupted in the stomach. It looks like both surgeries will happen in five minute – the General by Dr. Park and the bodyguard by Sabu.

Woojin and Eunjae meet up in the locker room before the surgery. Woojin asks Eunjae if she’s seriously going to help Dr. Park… He thinks that Sabu is scary because he’s legitimate and sincere.

Eunjae responds that she hates people who do not need her. She remembers all of the harsh words by Sabu telling her to quit being a doctor if she is going to be that way… At least Dr. Park seems to need him.

Oh my heart. The General’s main body guard signs off on the surgery for the general as his children are on their way… Euntak asks about the family of the secretary who is about to be wheeled into surgery. The head body guard answers that the man only has one older brother… Him.

As we get ready for the surgery Eunjae introduces herself to the doctor. However, she’s scoffed at and dismissed. A junior doctor tells Eunjae that they cannot use the help of someone who has surgery anxiety. Eunjae asks who will help in the surgery and Woojin walks in Eunjae asks what happened and the junior doctor explains that Woojin betrayed Sabu.

Woojin does not say anything but we get a flashback. Sabu ordered him to help Dr. Park. Sabu tells him that it’s routine but it is always best to have someone who was in the first surgery help guide the follow up. Woojin refuses and Sabu laughs – so does Woojin want Eunjae to go in and run out in the middle of surgery again?

Both surgeries start.

Flashback Epilogue – Eunjae asks if they are friends and Woojin thinks back…

On the first day of medical school, both Eunjae and Woojin are late. Eunjae is freaked out about being late but Woojin barges in. He’s the one who tells the professor his name while Eunjae quietly goes in without being caught… She does so well in school that it looks like the other friends hate her. Rumors are she does nothing but study…

Woojin watches her from the side.. And, cue surprise when Woojin gets a 100% on a test in the same class that they were both late for.

Woojin is working at his part time job at a restaurant when he finds Eunjae sitting there. She ordered a bunch of food. She asks to partner up. She knows that he does amazingly well on the practical tests but sucks at the written tests. IF he can help her with the practical tests, she will share her notes and all of her homework assignments.

He agrees and opens up her book at the library. Out falls a note. Our ice princess actually is human. She has a list of the benefits of quitting medical school including sleeping, eating, having fun with friends, raising a dog, surfing, etc. She has one negative item of quitting – her mom would be sad.

Woojin’s voiceover tells us that Woojin was surprised to find out that Eunjae wasn’t just succeeding. She was surviving day by day. He rips up his official notice / resignation from school due to not having enough money.

Next, we see Woojin teaching Eunjae how to stick a patient with a needle. She clearly has anxiety about this and kind of sucks. Poor Woojin gets stuck badly. HAH.


Television is a safe way to explore universal concepts and problems. With the changing scope of society, and new generations crop up – new issues and questions or iterations of old questions are asked. Woojin’s and Eunjae’s integration with old Doldam highlights one of these interesting questions. Passion versus work. Being a doctor was not a passion for Eunjae as Woojin finds out. But, she’s good at it (with the caveat of her surgical anxiety). She “survived” medical school just as she “suvives” being a doctor, but is that wrong?

At the same time, Doldam versus Dr. Park’s posse is an interesting struggle as well. As Sabu states, Dr. Park is a competent doctor and his team is full of competent people as well. Otherwise, he probably would not allow for them to be on his team. Yet, where does the focus on competence become too much and loses sight of potential as with the case of sidelining Eunjae even though she clearly is a competent once we get rid of her extreme anxiety?

As for the show itself, it was another fun episode. The hour was over before I knew it. I cannot say any of the character’s acting made me annoyed or bored. The writing is entertaining and, even though it is an episodic series, I love how each episode is teaching us more about the characters while slowly building out each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

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