Unknown Woman – E08

The catalyst.  Bom grows too old to stay in the prison system.  But, when she leaves, she’s too sick.  When she loses Bom, Yeo-Ri turns to the path of revenge.


The social worker calls Yeo-Ri “Bom’s mom” and leaves. Jiwon smirks that Yeo-Ri should not assume that her sins are covered by this alone. She walks out after the social worker.

Bom freaks out. The show is not clear if she thinks that Jiwon is behind the social worker or if it’s because Jiwon now has all of the knowledge to take Bom (knowing the social worker and Bom’s name). Yeo-Ri tries to follow the social worker screaming that she is going to raise her child but the guards stop her.

Outside the prison, Jiwon smiles at Bom and then notes that the child looks sick. She explains that she knows Yeo-Ri very well. The social worker answers that the child is sick and the girl starts crying. Jiwon innocently offers to drive the social worker to the hospital.

Yeo-Ri is finally let out of solitary confinement one month later. She asks if anyone has heard from Bom and her two friends awkwardly look away. The new co-prisoner tells her that Bom is dead.

Yeo-Ri screams at the newcomer not to say such things and take it back. The lady slaps Yeo-Ri and tells her to get her wits together. Her daughter is dead.

One of the guards allows Yeo-Ri into the office. Yeo-Ri is given a copy of Bom’s death certificate with an apology that none of he guards could tell her the news when Yeo-Ri had such a hard time letting Bom go to the orphanage…

Yeo-Ri is then taken to Bom’s grave where Yeo-Ri sobs for Bom to come back.

Time passes and Yeo-Ri continues to grieve for Bom. The newcomer gets fed up and tells Yeo-Ri to snap out of it. They all have issues. The prisonmates agree in hopes to cheer Yeo-Ri up telling Yeo-Ri how one of them was in prison for attacking her husband and his mistress while the other one went after a customer when she was a substitute driver because he refused to pay $30 when he had dropped thousands on alcohol.

Yeo-Ri does not budge. She continues to stare into space. So, the newcomer, who turns out to have been a successful loan shark shares her rice cake with Yeo-Ri. The rice cake does not tempt Yeo-Ri but the newspaper that it’s wrapped in gets her attention. There’s a picture of Jiwon’s family, which has created a children’s foundation.

And, it starts!

Yeo-Ri calls Jiwon and we flip the script from the night that Haesung died. Yeo-Ri informing Jiwon that Bom died because of Jiwon who made Yeo-Ri into a murderer. Jiwon just smiles that Yeo-Ri can finally understand how Jiwon felt after losing Haesung…how the heart aches even on the most beautiful days.

Yeo-Ri warns Jiwon that Yeo-Ri will get revenge for Bom. Yeo-Ri will come after, Jiwon and her family. Jiwon scoffs through the phone that Yeo-Ri cannot do anything from prison.

Then, we turn to the newcomer loan shark (Maryun). She remembers how her husband visited to bring her rice cakes and eats another piece. Then, it gets stuck and she struggles to get help.

Yeo-Ri arrives and does the heimrich maneuver, which gets Maryun to cough it up.

Afterwards, Maryun tells Bom that Maryun never forgets a favor. She gets to leave prison in a week. What does Bom want other than killing anyone.

Bom sighs that she needs nothing if Maryun cannot kill. Maryun tells Bom that if she wants revenge, she has to put her all into gaining strength.

Cue Yeo-Ri learning the law? She reads, memorized and tears out pages to eat them. Yes, drama, we get it. She is devoted to studying.

We jump time and it’s been three years since everything started. Moo-Yeol has adapted into his kept husband role well. He even prepares a surprise anniversary event for Haejoo thanking her for loving him when he had nothing. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri continues memorizing law?

On a side line, Moo-Yeol’s family continues the two dimensional Korean “jinsang” behavior. The mom loses the apartment in her gambling or business, who knows. They go to Haejoo’s parents for help. I’m starting to think it was a blessing in disguise that Yeo-Ri did not have to call this lady “mother-in-law”.

Then, drama continues to go down the line of “A Wife’s Temptation.” Yeo-Ri’s prison mates get a a letter from Maryun letting them know that Maryun’s daughter died. That daughter had coincidentally been studying the law.

Maryun visits Yeo-Ri to apologize for being so harsh when Yeo-Ri lost Bom. Now that Maryun lost her own daughter, she truly understands what Yeo-Ri was going through.

Yeo-Ri tells her not to worry as she has forgotten the past. She asks if Maryun’s offer of giving her a wish is still valid…If so, she wants to “become” Maryun’s daughter.

Then the plot gets started. Do-Chi has claustrophobia. So, when he was supposed to fly to China for a drama production, he faints and they have to reneg on the contract. It becomes a public scandal.

Do-Chi’s agency decides that they need to clean up Do-Chi’s image since he periodically has these scandals. Their idea? A prison fan has been sending love letters to Do-Chi every month. They will arrange for one date to show how much Do-Chi cares for all of his fans.

That prisoner fan? Soja is one of Yeo-Ri’s cell mates. Soja sends Yeo-Ri out because she’s not confident about her appearance.

Yeo-Ri asks for the “date” to be moved to the bridge since she’s shy and Do-Chi grudgingly complies.

Yeo-Ri stands at the bridge waiting when Do-Chi comes complaining. He’s a total jerk who makes it clear that he did not want to come out and meet the “ajumma” fan.

Yeo-Ri turns to him and asks if he does not remember her. He does not recognize her so she tells him that she was the one who accidentally switched their camcorders.

Do-Chi then jumps to the conclusion that Yeo-Ri planned all this including the “ajumma” story to get at him. Yeo-Ri smirks and thanks him for being a jerk so she does not have to feel guilty for dragging him into her plan.

Do-Chi snaps that she’s crazy and turns to leave, walking away. He stops when Yeo-Ri calls his name twice.

He turns to see Yeo-Ri’s scarf fluttering. She had jumped off the bridge…

At the same time, Soja finds a letter on the floor from Yeo-Ri apologizing and stating that she wants to follow Bom…

Then, we pan to under the bridge. Yeo-Ri surfaces declaring that Yeo-Ri is dead. Only Maryun’s daughter Seollee is alive.


The speed of the storyline unfolding is quick enough not to drag out the angst. It also gives enough details to plug any large holes about why our characters ended up in the situation of the present plot line where Yeo-Ri is throwing her life into getting revenge from Jiwon’s family.

The only thing that worries me is that the story seems to parallel A Wife’s Temptation in all of the major storyline devices (betrayal by fiancé/loss of baby as a result of betrayal/ betrayal by the inlaws whom girl gave her life to/ older woman savior who “lost”/loses a daughter/ the girl starts over thanks to “drowning”). I checked but the writers are different. Kim Sun Ok wrote A Wife’s Temptation while Moon Eun-Ah is writing this drama. Hopefully, the similarities end here and the rest of the drama is a bit more original.

However, even if they don’t. I’m totally on board.  It’s been a while since we have had such a satisfying revenge drama. This and Father is Strange seem to be the dramas that keep me going these weeks.  Shout-out to the eldest sister character there >_< girl crush!


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Unknown Woman – E07

Past meets present. Yeo-Ri has to give Bom up.


As the goon drops to his death, Haesung flatlines.  Yeo-Ri stares down in shock and then runs down to check.  She cries for him to wake up but stops when she sees the blood flowing from his head.

Jiwon freaks out in the hospital screaming that Haesung cannot die.  She gets dragged out into the hallway where she decides that Haesung would have lived if Yeo-Ri had not run away.

Jiwon calls the goon’s cell phone, which Yeo-Ri picks up.  Yeo-Ri asks for help but then Jiwon answers.  Jiwon tells Yeo-Ri that Haesung died and Jiwon will come after Yeo-Ri.  Jiwon states that she will make sure Yeo-Ri knows the pain of losing a child.

Yeo-Ri falls and drops the cell phone into a bucket of water. Construction workers walk onto the scene where Yeo-Ri is crying next to the dead body of the goon.  Yeo-Ri repeats that she is sorry to Haesung.

Yeo-Ri gets taken into the police station where she stops speaking.  She just keeps fainting out of fear that Jiwon will come after her…

Yeo-Ri wakes up where the officer tells her to confess. She opens her mouth but then another officer comes in to say that both the victim and Yeo-Ri’s finger prints have come up with nothing… The goon does not come up because he’s in Korea illegally…

As for Yeo-Ri? Remember how she was supposed to update her registration but did not because everything went crazy?

Yeo-Ri decides that she’s safest inside of a prison.  She confesses to the officer in writing that she’s the murderer.

Back at home, Do-Chi comes in to give his sympathies to Do-Young.  Do-Young just responds that this changes nothing; Do-Chi will get nothing from WID Group since Do-Young built it into what it is.

Do-Chi snaps that Do-Young is heartless. Do-Chi had come to give his consolations.  He does not expect anything from WID Group as long as Do-Young does not interfere with Do-Chi’s film ambitions. Do-Young agrees as long as Do-Chi never lets the truth out that he’s part of the WID Group by blood.

Then we turn back into near present – Yeon-Mi is sentenced to ten years in prison.

Life is returning to normal for Haejoo.  She tells her parents about being pregnant and gives an apartment to Moo-Yeol’s mother.  Moo-Yeol’s mother and sister are blatantly happy about getting a rich daughter-in-law.  Then, they tell Haejoo to treat them with respect because they are the “in-laws” or “the sky”. Gag.

Time fast forwards to the wedding, Haejoo is joyful but Jiwon stops Moo-Yeol to quietly warn him that if he returns to Yeo-Ri, she won’t leave him alone.

Jiwon is going crazy.  When Haejoo gives birth to twins, she smiles crazily into the nursery and announces that the boy looks just like Haesung.  It does not help that right before Haejoo told Jiwon that Haejoo is pregnant, Jiwon had a dream in Haesung’s room that a white bird flew down into Jiwon’s hand.  Do-Young looks worried.

At the same time, Bom grows up healthily in prison.  The prison guard tells Yeo-Ri to think about it carefully.  When Bom turns three, they have to send Bom to a relative or the orphanage.

Random scene.  Some rich(?) git makes a drunk ruckus on the plane.  Suddenly, an older woman with an eye-patch subdues him.

A virus runs through the prison so the guards take Bom away.  Yeo-Ri is told that if she does not want Bom to go to the orphanage, she better call the dad. Yeo-Ri tries calling Moo-Yeol.

Jiwon hears him call out Yeo-Ri but before they can say more, Haejoo calls out for Moo-Yeol to help with the twins.  He hangs up and goes to see the kids.

Jiwon takes the opportunity to call for a trace on the call.

Then it’s time for Bom to go to the orphanage. One of the prison mates reassures Yeo-Ri that she can find Bom by the four dots on Bom’s side that looks like a lucky four-leaf clover. Then Yeo-Ri hands the baby over.

At that moment, Jiwon walks in and asks if Yeo-Ri gave birth to the baby that Yeo-Ri chose over Haesung?


That’s a first for a daily drama to surprise me like that.  I did not expect that Bom would choose to go to prison to hide from her mother/foster mother when I first saw the opening scene.  It’s such a bandaid solution.

Just like the last scene implies, Bom got safety but she gave up all of her choice by going to prison.  She can give birth to her child but she cannot take care of the child once the child grows old enough to be taken away from the mother…Meanwhile, Jiwon is outside with all of her money, power and anger.  I am legit worried for Bom.

The teaser suggests that Bom dies? Or at least that Yeo-Ri believes that Bom dies.  I hope that it’s a lie and Bom lives.

Also, is the lady with an eye-patch, the master who teaches Yeo-Ri how to get revenge? ^o^ I love the fact that she flew first class only to beat up the spoiled brat and now is in jail.  Hopefully, she gets out and bankrolls Yeo-Ri like the mommy-long-legs who helped the girl in A Wife’s Temptation.  If this drama goes a la A Wife’s Temptation, it would also be ironic since Jung Gyubin (the stupid useless husband in that drama) is Do-Young here.

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Unknown Woman – E06

Yeo-Ri runs away and accidentally kills a man in self-defense.


Yeo-Ri pulls herself up thinking that she is safe.  When she looks up, she sees Jiwon standing to the side and gasps.  Moo-Yeol leaves silently and Jiwon sits next to Yeo-Ri asking with a snarl that this was Yeo-Ri’s back-up plan.

Two goons in suits arrive and pull Yeo-Ri out. Yeo-Ri screams for Moo-Yeol who is in another room with Haejoo…

Yeo-Ri manages to pull free and runs into the room to ask why he isn’t doing anything.  She reminds him that he told her that he is not complete without her…She even tells him that she is pregnant with his child.

Moo-Yeol clenches his fist.  Then the goon squad storms in and pulls Yeo-Ri away.  Moo-Yeol turns to go but Haejoo stops him.  She tells him that if he chooses Yeo-Ri right now, she won’t give him another chance.

Moo-Yeol runs out and stands in front of Jiwon’s car. Jiwon grimaces and Yeo-Ri manages to run out in the chaos. But, Moo-Yeol only tells Yeo-Ri that he did not choose to abandon Yeo-Ri and the child. Rather, he decided to choose a different future and dream with Haejoo and WID Group.  He repeats that he does not want the child so she should give up thinking that the child will be a way to keep him.

Yeo-Ri falls to the ground.  Jiwon listens to this from the side and tells the goons to put Yeo-Ri back in the car.  They leave and Haejoo runs up to hug Moo-Yeol.

Back at home, Jiwon arrives with salad and a green juice.  She explains that Yeo-Ri needs to be healthy to save Haesung.

Yeo-Ri throws the spoon and announces that she cannot save Haesung.  However, Jiwon repeats that Yeo-Ri has to save Haesung.

Yeo-Ri asks if the only reason that Jiwon adopted Yeo-Ri was to save Haesung.  Jiwon answers that it’s true.  However, she adds that she did her best and more than any normal parent. If Yeo-Ri will just help out, they can help each other out.

Yeo-Ri responds that she wants to protect her child. Jiwon interestingly responds that Yeo-Ri has no idea how hard it is to live as a single mother with a child that the father does not want.

Yeo-Ri calmly answers that it’s her choice. Jiwon tosses the table with the food and announces that Yeo-Ri has until the next day when there’s an appointment at the hospital.

Jiwon goes out and locks the door. Haejoo is waiting in the hall and hugs her mom – thanking her for being her mom and not Yeo-Ri’s.  Yes, DRAMA, we picked upon the irony that Yeo-Ri is Jiwon’s real mother and not Haejoo’s.

Anyways, Jiwon goes downstairs and Haejoo yells at Yeo-Ri through the door to give up. Yeo-Ri yells back that Haejoo bought Moo-Yeol.  Haejoo sniffs that it’s another way of love. Love isn’t just forcing what you want on the other side but also helping with what the other side needs. In this case, Moo-Yeol needed money,

The doorbell rings and Haejoo goes downstairs to find Do-Chi. He demands to see the girl who stole his camcorder. Haejoo lies that the girl ran away with a lot of other expensive stuff so they already called the police.  Do-Chi remembers helping the random girl running out of the house and assumes its her.

He also rushes into check if he lost anything else. But, Haejoo tells him to leave since Haesung is sick again.  Both of her parents are really sensitive. Upon hearing about Haesung, Do-Chi agrees to leave.

Meanwhile, Moo-Yeol drinks at a fancy bar as his mind dwells on Yeo-Ri and her statement that she’s pregnant with his child.  Then some of his “acquaintances” saunter over and exclaim in surprise to see Moo-Yeol drinking at a “more expensive restaurant.” One of the jerks joke around that Moo-Yeol must be working at the restaurant and drinking leftover alcohol.

Moo-Yeol gets up and asks if only rich people can drink at this restaurant.  The tools answer that Moo-Yeol is getting riled up for nothing…

We turn to Moo-Yeol’s mom who’s doing her hair. Haejoo arrives and Moo-Yeol’s mom happily welcomes her. She also thanks Haejoo for getting Moo-Yeol out of prison.  Haejoo smiles that she cannot but help since she is dating Moo-Yeol.

Moo-Yeol’s mom is surprised since Moo-Yeol has Yeo-Ri. Haejoo just responds that Yeo-Ri went to another guy.  Moo-Yeol’s mom laughs that Haejoo can joke about many things but how is she supposed to believe Yeo-Ri left Moo-Yeol?

Haejoo glares and snaps at Moo-Yeol’s mom to never say Yeo-Ri’s name in front of her or Moo-Yeol ever again.  Seeing Haejoo so angry, Moo-Yeol’s mom backs off.

The phone rings and Haejoo hears about Moo-Yeol getting into a fight at the restaurant.  She rushes over. But, Moo-Yeol is drunkenly exclaiming that they can do whatever they want to him – they should beat up trash like him.

Haejoo glares at him and announces that if he’s doing this because of Yeo-Ri, he can stop.  She doesn’t want him while he still loves Yeo-Ri.

Moo-Yeol pulls Haejoo in for a kiss.  But, Haejoo pulls away with a satisfying slap.  She glares at him.  Instead of backing off, Moo-Yeol decides that it’s a great idea to take Haejoo’s hand and lead her to a room?

The next day, Yeo-Ri is still awake in her room.  She decides that her only help might be Do-Chi…Since he helped her before. When Ji-Won comes in to her room, Yeo-Ri apologizes for making trouble and tells Jiwon that she changed her mind.  She is no longer confident about raising a child alone and she thinks she should help Haesung and Jiwon.

Jiwon is surprised but relieved to hear that Yeo-Ri changed her mind. So, when Yeo-Ri asks to see Jiwon’s phone to view some pictures, Jiwon happily agrees.

Yeo-Ri then texts Do-Chi to meet at the same meeting place.  At a red light, she runs out.

Meanwhile, Haejoo wakes up in a hotel room.  Moo-Yeol is sitting at the edge of the bed already awake.  She hugs him from behind and smiles that he cannot turn back now.  Moo-Yeol just grunts.  But, Haejoo leans against him and announces that she’s so happy that he’s hers. Talk about obsessive need to possess someone.

Everything looks like it might work out but Do-Chi is not at the meeting place. Instead, he calls Haejoo to tell her that he is meeting with the thief.  So, Jiwon and goons arrive instead.

Yeo-Ri is able to see the goons arrive and she rushes into a bus station.  She purchases the next bus out…She ends up in some random city where she books a room.  Inside, she kneels and pulls out a photograph of her father.  Clutching it, she sobs for his help.

The next day, Yeo-Ri goes to an ATM.  She only has around $22.  So, she takes out $10.

At the same time, Moo-Yeol hears from his little sister that his mother took Yeo-Ri’s father’s insurance proceeds. They aren’t even feeling guilty about it.

Haesung’s condition gets worse. So, she escalates her tactics.  She tells one of her goons that she knows he’s here illegally from China. His task is to find and bring back Yeo-Ri no matter what methods.

The goon goes to Yeo-Ri’s neighborhood just after she gets kicked out of her room because she has been unable to pay the daily rent.  He spots her in front of a foot cart and the chase is on!

At the same time, Haesung’s condition gets worse and the doctors have to resuscitate.

The goon chases Yeo-Ri up a roof.  Her stomach makes her twitch and the man finds her.  Yeo-Ri throws dirt into his eyes and runs away.

The goon trips over a bottle and Yeo-Ri turns around…Somehow, the goon’s fall was close enough to the wall that he’s now holding on for dear life.  She runs back and tries to help him up.  However, Yeo-Ri is not strong enough.  Even though she cries for the man not to give up, the man gives up and falls.


Interesting development.  Moo-Yeol and his useless family do not warrant much attention as they are second dimensional characters…Baggage on the main character’s life.

However, it is interesting that Yeo-Ri is guilty of manslaughter.  Her action of throwing the dirt into the goon’s eyes were the direct cause of his fall.  Sure, Yeo-Ri was only acting in self defense.  But, does that matter if this incident will scar and change her character for life? A normal person does not see another human being die in front of her (as a direct result of something that she did) without being changed.

Yeo-Ri is forced to change by this incident.  She had no real control over it but she was the catalyst. She is forced to make a choice between fighting the reality or fleeing from it.

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Unknown Woman – E05

The betrayal.


The pregnancy test shows that Yeo-Ri is pregnant.  She’s surprised but happily so and decides to get it officially checked up.

At the same time, Do-Chi realizes that the camcorder that he brought home is not his.  He calls Haejoo to ask if she’s been in his room or seen his camcorder. Haejoo tells Do-Chi that she saw the girl who’s living with them stealing his camcorder.

Do-Chi gets Yeo-Ri’s number and calls her.  But, she does not answer because she’s about to get checked up for her baby.  An ultrasound shows that she’s pregnant and 10 weeks along…

Yeo-Ri happily goes home to stare at the ultrasound.  Haejoo walks down to see the picture and snatches it screaming that she will never approve of it.

Yeo-Ri tells Haejoo to hand over the picture.  Yeo-Ri continues that she and Moo-Yeol are adults who do not need Haejoo’s approval.  They can have a child if they want and Moo-Yeol proposed the other day.

Haejoo snaps back that Yeo-Ri is stupid since she has no idea what Moo-Yeol is actually going through.

Yeo-Ri rushes over to Moo-Yeol’s house while Moo-Yeol’s application for a personal loan gets rejected.  He ignores Yeo-Ri’s calls.

Yeo-Ri gets a text from Do-Chi about his camcorder and agrees to meet at 6pm the next day.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi stares at alcohol at a neighborhood pojangmacha.  Haejoo arrives since there’s nothing like a stalker to know your habits. She tells him to drink instead of just staring if it would give him comfort.

He answers that he has to keep his head clear. Haejoo tells him that his answer is standing in front of him.  Even if he gets a position at WID Group, the ultimate goal is to become rich like Haejoo and her father.  He can have both of that by marrying her.  However, he doesn’t have forever.

The next day, Moo-Yeol gets ready for his interview with WID Group.  Yeo-Ri arrives with $100,000 and tells him to at least pay the most urgent bills.  It’s the insurance payout that she received from her father’s death.  He tells her that he does not need the money.  He does not need her help – she can take it and leave.

Yeo-Ri walks out and Moo-Yeol’s mom stops her.  She takes the money and agrees that she will be borrowing the money on Moo-Yeol’s behalf.

Yeo-Ri goes home to find Jiwon panicked.  Yeo-Ri asks if she can borrow money.  Jiwon is about to ask what the money is for, but then answers that she can help financially as she’s Yeo-Ri’s mom.  Yeo-Ri thanks Jiwon explaining that Moo-Yeol’s family needs money.

Jiwon agrees that Yeo-Ri is too sweet not to let things go without helping. She then asks Yeo-Ri to help with Haesung since the leukemia is back. Yeo-Ri’s hand unconsciously goes to her stomach and asks for some time to think about it.

At the same time, Moo-Yeol is about to leave for his interview with WID Group. But, then the gangsters arrive.  They don’t let him leave, however. Moo-Yeol’s mom runs out with Yeo-Ri’s $100,000.

The gangsters don’t seem convinced and push Moo-Yeol to the ground.  They don’t let him go until the “interview time” is over. Then they announce that they are going to take the girls and sell them into prostitution forcing Moo-Yeol to fight.

Something is not as it is seems.  The gangsters don’t hit Moo-Yeol. Rather, they let Moo-Yeol toss them around and aggravate their injuries…

Haejoo watches from the door. A flashback shows that she had already paid off Moo-Yeol’s debt of $300,000 that she got from her father.  She also offered them another $100,000…They asked what she wants in return and she answered that they are to make Moo-Yeol and his family’s life miserable to the point that they are about to snap without actually physically harming them.

The gangsters do just that. By the time that the police arrive, only the gangsters sustained visible injuries and Moo-Yeol is locked up for battery.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri goes to her father’s memorial.  She asks her father if she is making the right decision…She wants to protect her child but she also needs to protect Haesung…She walks out and apologizes to her child that she’s sorry…It’s not that the child is not important but she has people that she has to protect.  She asks to meet the child again in a better place…

Jiwon calls as she cannot help herself with worry.  Yeo-Ri answers that she will do the surgery.

Then a delivery guy on a bike goes by and Yeo-Ri falls clutching her stomach.  In the hospital, the doctor announces that the baby is fine and lets Yeo-Ri listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  Yeo-Ri clutches her fists to her mouth and cries that she’s so sorry.

Yeo-Ri walks home in a daze where Jiwon meets her in the living room asking what happened. Yeo-Ri apologizes near to tears and answers that she cannot help this time as she is pregnant. Jiwon freezes.

Then Jiwon answers coldly that Yeo-Ri cannot decide against saving Haesung for an unborn child. Yeo-Ri has no choice.

Yeo-Ri apologizes that she is going to leave and runs to her room. Jiwon follows and then tries begging one more time.  But, when Yeo-Ri tries to reason with Jiwon that Yeo-Ri wants to save her unborn child and her only blood relative, Jiwon snaps at Yeo-Ri.  Jiwon then locks Yeo-Ri up and breaks Yeo-Ri’s phone.

Meanwhile, Haejoo finds Moo-Yeol at the jail.  He had called her. She tells him that she has only one condition – he leaves Yeo-Ri for her.  Moo-Yeol pauses.

Haejoo turns to walk out.  Moo-Yeol grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. Haejoo declares in her mind that she won’t let him regret his decision.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri pretends to have an accident in her room when one of the guards go to the bathroom.  The other opens the door to find her on the floor in a pool of blood.  He slips on the fake blood (medicine) and Yeo-Ri runs out.

Do-Chi arrives in a car as he gave up on waiting for the “camcorder” woman just as Yeo-Ri runs out.  She gets in and begs him to leave.  When the men in suits run out, Do-Chi steps on it and Yeo-Ri asks to be taken to Moo-Yeol’s neighborhood.

Moo-Yeol is walking out when Yeo-Ri comes walking.  She falls against him sighing that it feels so nice to be with him…Then she loses consciousness.

Yeo-Ri wakes up to Moo-Yeol calling her name. She gets up only to see Jiwon standing next to him. Moo-Yeol walks out without another word.


It’s unfortunate that a character generally does not develop strength without some sort of betrayal and suffering.  I just hope that through Moo-Yeol’s and Jiwon’s betrayal, Yeo-Ri ends up surviving to be an amazing strong woman who gets her revenge. And, I mean true revenge none of Eunsoo’s “oh-let me just appease their makjang” business.

On the side, this episode did a great job making Moo-Yeol’s betrayal believable.  While he is an average sweet guy, he is nothing but that.  He isn’t spectacular. In that sense, his mother is an insurmountable hindrance.

She is the quintessential makjang mother.  She is selfish, stupid and creates financial problems that Moo-Yeol just does not have the capacity to resolve.  Hence, it was inevitable for Moo-Yeol to betray Yeo-Ri.  As a viewer, I cannot wait until Yeo-Ri joins with Do-Chi for the ultimate revenge!

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Unknown Woman – E04

All seems to be normal in daily drama land until Moo-Yeol’s mom decides to borrow $200,000 from the loan sharks…


Jump forward three years. Jiwon and Haejoo wait at the airport for Yeo-Ri…all while Haejoo complains about her mom making her come hold a “Welcome Back” sign.

Within minutes, Moo-Yeol also arrives with a bouquet of flowers.

Yeo-Ri, however, never comes out because she changed her flight to an earlier one. She’s waiting for Haesung in front of his elementary school. She picks him up and takes him to her father’s memorial to tell him that she’s back from art boarding school in the United States and Haesung is healthy just like he wished…

Cue a flashback from Jiwon. She had used Jiwon’s resignation letter to forge his signature on the guardian consent for Yeo-Ri to be a donor. Then, she slipped in the signed paper into the box of things found in the car. Yeo-Ri had fallen into the trap and assumed her father wanted her to be a donor.

Meanwhile, we see nothing has changed for the others in their ride home. Haejoo continues to be jealous that Moo-Yeol only cares for Yeo-Ri and even throws a tantrum making her mom drop her off on the side of the road after screaming that she’s tired of hearing Yeo-Ri’s name from Moo-Yeol.

Haejoo goes to a club where she drunkenly dances with different guys. This is clearly not the first time because Moo-Yeol shows up soon after to yell at her to go home. Then the guy with whom Haejoo was dancing gets angry and he and his friends commence to beat up Moo-Yeol…

Afterwards, Haejoo buys Moo-Yeol medicine. He tells her tiredly that he can never return her feelings and he hopes that she won’t ruin herself because of him.

Haejoo freaks out screaming at him about why it can’t be her. Even when Yeo-Ri jumped at the chance to study abroad, Haejoo stayed in hopes that she can get closer to Moo-Yeol.

Haejoo comes home later drunk and declares that she’s moving out since she cannot live with Yeo-Ri. When Yeo-Ri brings up some water, Haejoo warns her not to get too comfortable as Yeo-Ri is not really part of the family. They will throw her away when she’s useless.

At dinner, Do-Young seems to sincerely welcome Yeo-Ri back. She tells him that she’s planning to transfer from the United States college to one in Korea. He promises that the family will support her with anything if she needs help.

Interestingly, Haejoo scoffs on the side that they should do their charity by helping beggars instead implying that Yeo-Ri is a beggar. Do-Young frowns and reprimands Haejoo in front of everyone telling her that they could turn the other eye in the beginning but now Haejoo’s behavior is unacceptable.

Jiwon jumps in to de-escalate the situation. She tells her husband that Haejoo is all talk but she doesn’t really mean it.

Then Yeo-Ri gags and apologizes that she has a crab allergy. She runs out.

Jiwon runs out after her but, Do-Chi arrives to confront Do-Young about pulling the funding from every movie that Do-Chi has been casted for.

Do-Chi accuses Do-Young of interfering with his life, investing in films and requiring a change of actors or pulling out. Do-Young just responds that it’s an automatic right of investors to want a say in casting.

The fight gets nasty as Do-Young tells Do-Chi that even if he wants to get involved in movies just like the ones that he watched with his father and mother, he cannot return to the time when Do-Chi was spoiled as the only heir to WID Group.

Do-Chi snarls back that it’s actually Do-Young who should stop being overly defensive about not being the true heir to WID Group. Do-Young slaps Do-Chi who storms out.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri walks out of the bathroom inspecting her arms for hives and assuming that it’s fine. When she asks Haejoo and Jiwon about the fighting, Haejoo snaps that it’s a family matter.

Haesung wakes up at that moment and Jiwon asks Yeo-Ri to take Haesung upstairs. Yeo-Ri complies by offering to play hide and seek with Haeaung.

The game leads Yeo-Ri to look into Do-Chi’s room, which had originally been off limits. It’s full of movie posters. There’s a projector that turns on when Yeo-Ri turns on the light and t projects little Haesung dancing around like a comedian.

Yeo-Ri goes back to her room to get a camcorder to film it so that she can show Moo-Yeol. Then, Do-Chi comes in and Yeo-Ri hides behind the chair.

Do-Chi packs up despite Jiwon’s half hearted attempts to call him down.

Jiwon then goes to Do-Young. She warns him that they still have to be careful even though Do-Chi left the house. She also brings up Yeo-Ri. Even though they formally adopted Yeo-Ri, both agree that Yeo-Ri will inherit nothing since they don’t truly believe Yeo-Ri is their daughter.

Jiwon stops Yeo-Ri before she goes out to meet Moo-Yeol and asks her to sign a statement relinquishing her rights as a legal heir.  She explains that she hopes that Yeo-Ri is not too hurt since they will make sure that Yeo-Ri is provided for.  However, they want to prevent legal issues later.

 Yeo-Ri thanks Jiwon and tells Jiwon that she’s already received so much.  Then Yeo-Ri goes out to meet Moo-Yeol.
At the same time, Moo-Yeol’s mom gets ready to go out. But then the loan sharks descend.  She owes them $300,000!
At the park, Yeo-Ri listens to jazz with Moo-Yeol resting on her lap.  She asks him what his ambition is. He gets up on to one knee and asks her to marry him – his ambition is to make her his woman.  He promises that he would never betray her.
Yeo-Ri agrees and Moo-Yeol puts the ring on Yeo-Ri’s finger.  They tell each other that they love each other.  Then, Moo-Yeol gets a call from his little sister…
Moo-Yeol rushes home where the loan sharks are leaving.  They tell Moo-Yeol that if he does not give them back their money – they will sell his mom and sister into prostitution.
Yeo-Ri is following a few minutes behind but Haejoo gets to Moo-Yeol’s house first.  She sees the scene and quietly walks out to stop Yeo-Ri.  Instead of saying anything, Haejoo just takes off Yeo-Ri’s ring and tosses it onto the side of the road.
Meanwhile, Moo-Yeol hears the whole story from his mom.  She had borrowed $200,000 from the loan sharks to make $300,000.  He asks her why she made such a stupid and risky mistake?
Moo-Yeol’s mom stands up and asks in return how he can be so heartless.  She only borrowed the money to provide for the children… Doesn’t Moo-Yeol realize that he was able to study because his mother did not give up her children for adoption?
Moo-Yeol yells back that he’s sick and tired of hearing that excuse and his mom storms into the room.
At the same time, Yeo-Ri finds her ring among the bushes.  Then she feels nauseous and goes to the bathroom.  She finds this suspicious since she has not eaten anything food with crabs.  So, she goes to a pharmacy and gets a pregnancy test.
Meanwhile, Jiwon rushes to Haesung’s school.  Haesung is taken away in an ambulance…The doctor tells her that the leukemia is back.
This episode establishes the bar from which Yeo-Ri changes into the woman in the beginning of the series.  She is trusting.  She thinks of the Koos as something similar to family if not her real parents…maybe like an aunt and uncle?
She happily studies abroad, has a seat at the family table and appears to really care for Haesung. She’s a confident and lovely woman that is not darkened by the loss of her father because she has found a loving foster family.
I have watched the next few episodes but the subsequent future is going to be trying.  Hopefully, it won’t last longer than episode 10.
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Unknown Woman – E03

A packed episode as Unknown Women sets the stage for Yeo-RI’s impending suffering and development into the woman we come to see.


Ominous music plays as Yeo-Ri is surrounded by black suited goons and Jiwon asks if Yeo-Ri’s father is around. Yeo-Ri has no idea what is going on. She answers that Juwon is not home.

Suddenly, Jiwon changes her tactic and tells Yeo-Ri that she actually came to take Yeo-Ri to Juwon. Yeo-Ri unconsciously realizes that something does not add up and remembers how her father warned her to not talk with any of Jiwon’s family. She refuses saying that she has to call her father first.

Juwon sits at the stoop of the church gasping for air now that he knows that Yeo-Ri is actually Jiwon’s daughter. He sees Yeo-Ri’s name pop up on the caller ID but does not pick up.

So, Yeo-Ri follows Jiwon to Jiwon’s car. But, in the nick of time, Juwon texts Jiwon to meet. Jiwon assumes that Juwon has changed his mind and tells Yeo-Ri that something came up.

Meanwhile, Do-Young has sent his goons to pack Do-Chi up and take Do-Chi to the airport. Do-Chi does not want to leave and tries to reason with Do-Young at his office asking if he can’t stay for one more day…Do-Chi explains that he cannot do anything in the United States and wants to return…he also notes that it’s his birthday.

Do-Young answers that Do-Chi has a responsibility to the company to continue his studies (in exile). He gives the empty promise that he will call Do-Chi back one day.

It gets gets dark by the time that Jiwon drives to meet Juwon at the church near their orphanage. It’s even starting to pour but Jiwon is optimistic that Juwon will agree to let Yeo-Ri be a donor; she even brings with her the deed to an expensive building, which she plans to give to Juwon as compensation.

Jiwon happily races to the front of the church and shows Juwon the deed. She tells him that all he has to do is sign the guardian approval.

Juwon looks at Jiwon sadly and tells her that he first has something to say about Yeo-Ri. However, Jiwon does not want to hear any of it. She races from accusing him of wanting more money to calling her out there just to refuse her. Jiwon’s screaming does not allow Juwon to say anything and she declares that she has waited long enough! She storms out and begins driving home with Juwon frantically following.

After a couple of minutes on he hill side road, Jiwon realizes that the hospital might not allow her to have Yeo-Ri donate without Yeo-Ri’s guardian’s approval even if she kidnaps Yeo-Ri. She turns the car around to ask Juwon once more.

Suddenly, a deer of dramaland fate appears on the road. Juwon swerves and that forces Jiwon to swerve…Jiwon’s car hits a rest spot bench area and flips over on the edge.

Jiwon jumps out of her car to find Juwon pinned down. She pulls at the driver seat door in panic but it does not move. Jiwon continues to tell Juwon that he can’t die like this!

A coincidence? Or a line of future angst? Or our hope? A random passerby driver screams down at Jiwon asking if Jiwon has called the police. Jiwon screams yells back at the woman to call the police as a person is pinned down.

Then Jiwon pauses as she thinks that if Juwon dies, Yeo-Ri becomes an orphan and her problems of guardian consent are solved. But, Juwon coughs at Jiwon to help her.

Jiwon gets up and goes to her car where she takes a tool box out of her car. When she turns around, the car blows up.

Jiwon panics and drives home where Haejoo meets her. Jiwon lies that she was at the hospital and goes in.

At the same time, Moo-Yeol’s mom paces in front of Yeo-Ri’s house. She worries that her son will be unhappy if she comes back with debt again. Her swollen and bruised face implies that she was either in an abusive relationship or works as a prostitute. She gives up at the last minute and leaves without going in.

Do-Chi arrives at Yeo-Ri’s house because he was invited by Juwon. They even share the same birthday and Juwon has already confessed to Do-Chi that he feels bad about not being able to protect Do-Chi…

It turns out Do-Chi and Moo-Yeol were classmates. Moo-Yeol watches Do-Chi suspiciously in front of the birthday table as they wait for Juwon. After a while, he tells Do-Chi to leave since something must have come up.

Meanwhile, Jiwon burns her clothes and tells herself that she was never there.

The next morning, Yeo-Ri goes to Jiwon’s house to ask if the family knows about her dad who never came home the night before. Jiwon awkwardly lies that she wasn’t able to meet Juwon either and hugs Yeo-Ri close.

At the same time, Do-Chi opens up the letter and gift from Juwon that Moo-Yeol had passed on. The gift was the painting of the landed ship. In a letter, Juwon tells Do-Chi that he heard Carnegie had this painting hanging in his office because it symbolized that fresh water will eventually come to those who are stranded…In the same way, Juwon hopes that Do-Chi won’t give up because better timeill come. Do-Chi tears up and declares that he will succeed to show Juwon.

Do-Chi then enters through security. The suited goons watch this and report to Do-Young.

However, after they leave, Do-Chi sneaks back out.

Later, Haejoo finds her mother’s heels all broken and asks about it. Jiwon realizes that the heel must have broken off at the accident site and goes to bring home the evidence. Randomly, while she is there at the site, Jiwon’s cellphone rings and Jiwon brings it home.

Then the police alert Yeo-Ri about her father and a funeral is held. Jiwon and Do-Young drop by telling Yeo-Ri that they will cover the expenses. Jiwon is ever the loving aunt.

Days past and Jiwon goes to visit Yeo-Ri. However, she doesn’t come out of her room. Jiwon listens closely at the door and determines that Yeo-Ri must have fainted. She tells Moo-Yeon to break down the door.

Moo-Yeon dutifully breaks down the door to show Yeo-Ri barely conscious because she hasn’t been eating…

At the same time, Do-Young is about to leave for work when he notices a drawer ajar. He opens it to see a random trinket box. When he opens it, he sees a cell phone. Of course, he decides to turn it on to show a background picture of Yeo-Ri and Juwon…

Meanwhile, Jiwon accompanies Yeo-Ri to the emergency room and waits for her to wake up. She lovingly tells Yeo-Ri not to worry about anything because from now on Yeo-Ri is her daughter.


I am liking the fast pace since I want to return back to the present where Yeo-Ri has her daughter Bom and we focus on how Yeo-Ri puts the pieces of her life back together.  While the veteran actors are really talented, I’d rather not spend more than 5-10 episodes on the past since the function of establishing the past is to show the bottom from where Yeo-Ri needs to stand up.

The first three episodes are great in that they show us a happy and naive Yeo-Ri.  While Do-Chi seems to be chafing at his exile and traumatized by having seen what looks like an incriminating scene of his step-brother talking about wishing that Do-Chi’s mother was dead…Yeo-Ri was raised with love.

Yeo-Ri is confident in her self value that she fights Haejoo over the painting. She also still trusts people, going to Jiwon and Do-Young when her father does not come home.

Interestingly, Jiwon seems quite human so far even though she’s a mother who is using her biological daughter to save her biological son.  While, Jiwon seems very driven with her decision to try to kidnap Yeo-Ri and then driving to the church during the pouring rain, it’s Jiwon’s hesitance that shows her humanity.  She wants to do anything that she can to save her son, Haesung.  However, if she is given a chance, she isn’t ready to do EVIL yet.  Hence, even though she decides to bring Yeo-Ri to the hospital herself, she backs off when Juwon calls…And, why she tries to compensate Juwon for his consent…And, why she walked away from Juwon only to get her toolbox.

I am curious.  Will we manage to stay with this flawed female anti-hero who is not unbearable?

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Unknown Women – Episodes 1-2 First Look

DRAMAFEED got fed up with the 21st century Candy offered through Eunsoo in Still Loving You, which drama boiled down to a girl can have a career and independence until she gets married.  Then, her goal should be to gain favor with her selfish and makjang in-law family. So, we jumped ship! Hello to a first look into Unknown Woman! 


The scene opens up at a sentencing hearing.  The girl silently sheds tears while hugging her stomach while the presiding judge announces with his gravel that the defendant “Bulsang Kim” (literally translated into Poor Kim) is sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Kang-In Cho.

Next thing we know, Bulsang (real name being Son Yeo-Ri) is giving birth but there are complications.  Her prisonmates help her while another guard runs for the doctor.  Yeo-Ri cries out in pain and prays to her father to help her.

At the same time, another woman (Haejoo) gets a diamond ring as a congratulatory gift from her mother for giving birth to twins.  The parents look on fondly as she reapplies her makeup before her husband (Moo-Yeol) rushes in.

We switch back to Yeo-Ri who holds a baby daughter in her hands.  She smiles and announces that the baby’s name is “Bom”, which means spring.  This surprises the other people in the room as Yeo-Ri had remained mute throughout everything so no one knew anything about her…They thought she was just medically mute.

We jump three years into the past in some art studio.  Younger Yeo-Ri is mopping the floor when Haejoo storms in.  Haejoo demands HER painting.  Yeo-Ri points to a landscape painting and refuses Haejoo’s envelope of money.  Yeo-Ri explains that she’s doing it for Haejoo’s mother (Mrs. Koo).  Mrs. Koo is frazzled all the time since her only son is critically ill, she does not need to worry about her daughter’s ability to get accepted into college.

Yeo-Ri gets a call and tells Haejoo to pick up her painting.  Yeo-Ri  steps out to take a call.  Haejoo grumbles that Yeo-Ri is tough for someone who needs to work part time for her art lessons.  Then Haejoo sees that one of the easels is covered up.  She uncovers it to find a painting of an upturned ship on the beach.  She decides to take it.

Switch to the hospital and meet our resident evil Mrs. Hong Jiwon.  She stares at her son Haesung who is unconscious.  None of the family members are a bone marrow match.  However, the doctor notes that one of the family members of an employee showed up to be a match when the hospital ran the exam across all employees and their families…

Jiwon drives over to Manager Son Juwoo.  She finds him waiting outside a hotel room as her husband is sleeping with a model.  She brings him to the cafeteria and falls on her knees.  She begs him to help since the only person who has been found to be a match is Juwoo’s daughter – Yeo-Ri.

As for the children, Yeo-Ri yells at Haejoo through the intercom for the painting back.  Haejoo sniffs that she won’t go out and there’s nothing that Yeo-Ri can do.  After all, even Haejoo’s mom knows that Yeo-Ri is ghost-painting for Haejoo.

Yeo-Ri continues to shout outside the gates of Haejoo’s house.  Then Jiwon arrives at home.  She sees Yeo-Ri and only thinks of her son.  Suddenly, Jiwon is fair.  She brings Yeo-Ri into the house and demands to know if it’s true that Haejoo took Yeo-Ri’s painting after having Yeo-Ri ghost paint for her.

Haejoo whines that her mom already knew.  Yeo-Ri is only acting like this to get more money or to submit a better painting to the colleges for her own admissions.  Jiwon snaps at Haejoo for being so rude.  She grabs the painting and gives it back to Yeo-Ri telling Haejoo to apologize.

Then, Haejoo grabs the painting and screams that if she cannot have the painting, no one can.  Yeo-Ri gasps.  Jiwon slaps her daughter for acting so rude.

Haejoo looks up at her mother in shock and storms upstairs.  Jiwon then walks Yeo-Ri outside still pretending to be the nice lady.  She tells Yeo-Ri not to worry about money for her art development and college.

Yeo-Ri takes the painting back to the studio where she tries to put it back together.  But, then Haejoo arrives and tries to take the painting on the grounds that Yeo-Ri got paid for it.  Haejoo grabs the painting and the two girls end up in a fight over the painting.

Haejoo pushes Yeo-Ri and she falls on her painting tool cutting open her hand.  Kim Moo-Yeol arrives at that moment and takes Yeo-Ri to the hospital. Afterwards, he announces to Haejoo that he’s Yeo-Ri’s boyfriend so she should leave Yeo-Ri alone.

Haejoo pauses and looks back resentfully.  A flashback at home shows that she illegally went to a club where some of the dregs tried to bug her.  Moo-Yeol arrived right on time to kick the guys away and wipe away her tears telling her not to come back until she’s older.

The next morning, Haejoo’s father’s (Do-Young) step-brother arrives in Korea (Koo Do-Chi).  He’s probably been sent abroad to avoid business politics.  But, he came back to see if he was a match for Haesung.

However, minutes after he arrived, Do-Chi gets a call. Do-Young tells Do-Chi there is no need for Do-Chi to come back to Korea since they found a donor.

Meanwhile, Juwon continues to look for Jiwon’s first baby as asked by Do-Young.  It turns out that Jiwon had been dating some rich guy.  But, then she got dumped after she got pregnant…

Jiwon freaks out after Haesung has a complication and picks up Yeo-Ri from school.  Yeo-Ri gets a call from her father but Jiwon snaps at her not to pick up.

Juwon gets freaked out from Jiwon’s frantic call about how she cannot continue to wait.  He calls Moo-Yeol only to hear that some rich lady picked her up…

Yeo-Ri is in the backseat of Jiwon’s car where Jiwon begins to explain that Juwon and Jiwon were at the same orphanage…That’s why they are like family. Jiwon takes Yeo-Ri’s hand…

Then Juwon arrives and yells at Yeo-Ri to go home first.  He tells her that he won’t be able to help her and leaves.

Juwon goes home and tells Yeo-Ri not to speak with or meet with anyone from WiDo Group.  Yeo-Ri asks if something is wrong but Juwon only yells at his daughter to understand.

Meanwhile, Jiwon walks home in a daze. Haejoo flounces down as she snuck a peck on Moo-Yeol and asks what is for dinner since she wants meat. Jiwon asks how Haejoo could be so carefree when her younger brother is about to die.

Haejoo screams back that ever since Haesung got sick, her parents only think about Haesung.  Is she not supposed to live because her brother is sick? She even adds that she cannot believe that her mother would even slap her.

Do-Young arrives to hear the last part before Haejoo storms upstairs.  He walks into his room silently with Jiwon following.  Jiwon tries to explain that she wanted to get into Yeo-Ri’s good graces so that Yeo-Ri would be Haesung’s donator.

Do-Young just answers that if Jiwon touches Haejoo once more, it’s over.  Jiwon stops Do-Young from leaving the room by asking how he can treat her like a step-mother for one slap? After her own baby died, she found Haejoo crying when she came over with some files.  She took the baby who was left behind by its own mother (who had been the daughter of a general) because Do-Young had not been the son of the first/original wife.  She knew even when he proposed that he just needed a mom for Haejoo…But, she tried her best.

Do-Young tells her to calm down as she seems overly excitable. He also asks her if her first baby really died. Jiwon answers that she would have found the baby if the baby still lived…

Meanwhile, Do-Chi is in jail for trying to run without paying after he ate.  They called Juwon so Juwon arrives to bust him out.

Juwon goes home in a better mood after seeing Do-Chi.  He asks Yeo-Ri about her hand then sighs over her scar on her shoulder…It’s a burn mark.  He tells her that they should get it removed when she gets into college.

Yeo-Ri smiles that she does not mind since it’s been there since she was little.  She asks how she got it and Juwon pauses.  He awkwardly answers that it was his fault.

We turn to Do-Chi who is having an episode in the hotel room.  He opens all of the windows before sitting on the bed clutching his heart.  Suddenly, he has a flashback of playing with an airplane when he hears Do-Young telling Do-Chi’s mother to just die…Do-Chi and his mother need to disappear for Do-Young to easily take over the company.  Do-Chi drops his toy airplane and Do-Young looks up just as his hand had been on the life support system.

Then, the life support system beeps as Do-Chi’s mom dies.  Do-Chi wets his pants.

The next day, Moo-Yeol and Yeo-Ri go shopping for her father’s gift.  Haejoo finds then outside of a shop and tries to hold onto Moo-Yeol’s arm.  Yeo-Ri accuses her of being a stalker.

So, Haejoo announces that Moo-Yeol is her boyfriend.  They even kissed! Yeo-Ri looks up and asks Moo-Yeol if it’s the truth.  He answers that it was not his fault.

So, Yeo-Ri turns to Moo-Yeol and tells him to kiss her.  He bends over and complies.

Haejoo goes home in a huff. But then she consoles herself that Moo-Yeol will come to her eventually. She counts down and the doorbell rings.

Moo-Yeol arrives as recommended by a professor to tutor Haejoo.  Jiwon coldly tells him that he’s welcome though she only agreed to hire him because Haejoo insisted.

Haejoo flounces in and greets him as her first love. But, Moo-Yeol leaves.  Haejoo follows and asks him to stay.  But, Moo-Yeol only accuses her of trying to play with his life.

Haejoo frowns and tells Moo-Yeol to stop and open his eyes. Remember who she is and remember what’s behind her. She is the only daughter of WiDo Group.  Even if people graduate at the top of their classes, they dream of getting hired by the company.  Take her hand while he can.

Moo-Yeol tells her that he is resolute and leaves.

The next day, Yeo-Ri presents Juwon with a pair of white sneakers painted by Yeo-Ri herself.  Moo-Yeol and his little sister also arrive to wish Juwon a happy birthday.  They agree to meet for dinner.

Juwon then goes to give his letter of resignation to Do-Young.  He explains that he will take Yeo-Ri and live quietly elsewhere.

Do-Young asks what can change Juwon’s mind.  Juwon answers sincerely that nothing can change his mind as Yeo-Ri is not his biological daughter.  He loves her so much but she has to suffer by meeting a father like him…He cannot ask his daughter to go through a painful operation.

Juwon promises to find Jiwon’s other biological child before leaving. Do-Young snaps that it is no longer needed. Do-Young confirmed with Jiwon that the baby died…Otherwise, they would have asked the child to get tested to see if the child is a match with Haesung.

Juwon is shocked at the cold reply and walks out. But then he gets a call with another friend of Jiwon’s from the past.  The friend confirms that Jiwon truly believed that her baby died…She cried so much after the child died just like Jiwon cried after burning the child.  She had fallen asleep and hot formula splashed on the baby.

Cue Juwon driving back to the orphanage.  He talks with the person in charge and hears that there were two babies that were given up on that day…One of the babies died…Though the head cannot remember if there was a burn mark on the dead baby…

The orphanage head is called away and Juwon falters thinking that Yeo-Ri is Jiwon’s biological daughter.

At the same time, two men in black suits and Jiwon arrive at Yeo-Ri’s house.


Well, it’s full of expected makjang tropes since it’s a melodrama.  However, since even the comedy light ones like Still Loving You has tons of makjang in it, I figured watching one expected the makjang will be better.  At least here, we are promised that good will triumph in the end and Jiwon’s crew will get their comeuppance.

The preview seems to imply that Juwon ends up dying and Jiwon finds out that it’s her daughter? But, who knows if Jiwon is willing to give up her cushy life for her biological daughter.  Now, if Jiwon and Do-Young “adopt” Yeo-Ri in order to foster her and get a donor for Haesung, we have the basics for a makjang melodrama. My guess is that Moo-Yeol is the father of Bom but no one knows and Yeo-Ri cannot tell everyone after Moo-Yeol chooses success/riches through marriage to Haejoo. Then, Haejoo/Jiwon will frame Yeo-Ri for the murder and we get to our first few seconds?

As for the revenge, hopefully, Do-Chi will end up falling for Yeo-Ri. Then together, they can take down Jiwon/Do-Young/Haejoo/Moo-Yeol as they take over the company and live happily ever after.

Still Loving You – E77

Another episode of calm bought by Eunsoo giving up her weekend to serve her in-laws.


Without asking what the dispute is about, Mr. Yoon declares that Eunsoo has to always be respectful to Bitna since Bitna is above Eunsoo in the family hierarchy. Because, clearly, right and wrong does not matter. What matters is this socially constructed hierarchy.

Mr. Yoon leaves after Eunsoo apologizes to Bitna.

Bitna smirks and skips up to the room where she whines to Soohyun for being so busy all the time. He sighs that he’s trying his best. Bitna asks sarcastically what it would have been like had he not tried. Well, you forced him to marry you even though he was already engaged…

Soohyun leaves and Bitna goes to work only to call Grandma Choi and complain.

The next scene, sad music turns on in the background. Eunsoo calls her mom and lies that she thinks she married well and she’s so happy. Yeonmi tears up saying that she’s happy as long as Eunsoo is happy.

On the side, Hyunshik brings sandwiches to Soomin’s office. Except, she’s not there. So, Hyunshik offers to share with the nurse. Over sandwiches, Hyunshik wonders at how he and Soomin have opposite tastes as she gave him her meat the other day. The nurse looks up weirdly. He notes that Soomin loves that part of the chicken…

Meanwhile, Soonjung goes to work and gets flagged down by Yeonmi. The dry cleaning is done! Even though Yeonmi is doing it for free, Soonjung sighs that a coffee stain has not been taken out. Yeonmi agrees to do it again. Soonjung smiles and agrees to be nice to Eunsoo.

Later that evening, Bitna prepares soup for dinner as only Sunyoung, Eunsoo and Bitna are eating dinner at home. Bitna tries the soul and sighs that it’s so bland. She ends up using ramen soup…Eunsoo stops by when Bitna does and catches her in the act. However, she smiles and does not tell Sunyoung.

At the same time, Sooho and Mr. Yoon close up. Half of the proceeds were from Sooho’s Well-Being Soup. Sooho preens saying that he thinks creating the soup was the second best thing that he did in his life after marrying Eunsoo. Mr. Yoon smiles and tells Sooho to keep it up now that he’s starting his own family.

The next morning, Sunyoung walks into the living room where Mr. Yoon is reading. She asks if he wants water and he gets up himself. She’s so shocked that he would get his own water.

Mr. Yoon smiles that it’s all because of Eunsoo. She asked him to stop ordering Sunyoung around. Sunyoung sniffs that she’s being saying the same thing for over thirty years but he never changed. Now, he’s changing just because their daughter-in-law said one thing.

The scene changes to show Soohyun and Bitna in their room. Soohyun agrees to go to the spa with her that day as she’s been whining. He’s even going to tell their parents that they will spend the night.

Then it’s time for breakfast. The family eats without Soonjung who is sleeping in. Sunyoung muses that it’s because spring is finally here. Soonjung probably wants to wear a dress and go on a date. Soomin laughs and asks if that’s not what Sunyoung wants.

Cue Sunyoung sighing that it’s been forever since she’s been on a date. Eunsoo pipes up and tells Sunyoung to rest with Mr. Yoon since she can help out at the restaurant with Sooho.

Mr. Yoon begins to say that Eunsoo should be tired as well from working. But, Sunyoung does not give it a second thought. Since Sunyoung accepts, Mr. Yoon does not bother rejecting.

Meanwhile, Bitna elbows Soohyun as he needs to his parents that they won’t be coming home that night. Soohyun just awkwardly elbows her back feeling embarrassed that his brother’s wife is more “dutiful”.

Sooho notices all the elbowing and asks if the couple is worried that Eunsoo will be overwhelmed with the extra work and thinking about helping.

Bitna decides to get ahead of t and calls out to the parents. But, Bitna is unable to say that they are going to the spa as Soohyun interrupts and announces that they have spa tickets so the parents should go to the spa.

Sunyoung quickly agrees. Mr. Yoon wonders how they can leave all the work to Eunsoo. Right on cue, Soohyun announces that he and Bitna can help out as well.

Mr. Yoon announces that he’s so happy he raised his kids since he can rest like this with their help.

Bitna complains the whole time she’s helping while Eunsoo gives it her all with a smile. Eunsoo keeps asking the customers how they like the Well Being Bean Paste Soup and looks lovingly at Sooho when each customer reacts positively.

Later that night, the two men wait for Yeonmi who walks briskly…to meet with the Team Leader. They go in to the concert together.

At the same time, Jaewoo sits on the side next to the stage of a karaoke restaurant. All of the other singers go first as Jaewoo only checks his watch…It’s already over 9:30p.m. and he’s up.

Jaewoo begins singing. It’s a ballad about how the lover seems so sad. Jaewoo’s voice rings out singing his heart out that he knows…she does not need to be sorry as it’s not her fault. He wants her to go.

Unknown to Jaewoo, Yeonmi arrived to listen and watch from the entrance. She leaves when he finishes and he does not see her.

Meanwhile, the second generation cleans up while Bitna rests. Eunsoo even offers to let Soohyun and Bitna leave first. Bitna agrees but Soohyun rejects their offer and stays to help.

Yeonmi arrives at home to fall against the gate. She stares up at the sky trying not to cry.

The next day, Eunho wakes up with his muscle issues. He cannot move his neck without his shoulder and neck hurting. Grandma Kim takes him to Jaewoo who treats Eunho sincerely. Then, he tells Grandma Kim that he’s leaving his practice to take up a job in the countryside. He also promises to give her a referral.

Grandma Kim is saddened to hear that the doctor she liked a lot is leaving. She goes to Yeonmi to tell her about Eunho and the doctor. When Yeonmi hears that the doctor is leaving, she drops her cup.


Somehow the focus shifted and it’s like the drama decided to focus more on Yeonmi/Jaewoo. I support it since the Eunsoo plot went haywire with the character turning a 180 against what she stood for in the beginning. Now, it’s as if Eunsoo’s dream had to get married and be a housewife…The job as a teacher and joining Yoon Ga Foods were just hobbies until she got married.

I hope that once the Yeonmi/Jaewoo line is tied up, they rehabilitate Eunsoo’s character. Currently, she’s not a good role model for young girls at all. I really hope I don’t regret watching and following this drama.

As for the Yeonmi/Jaewoo loveline, I don’t know how they will get to happiness within 25 episodes that they have to share with the Eunsoo plot line. Somewhere along the line, Jaewoo has to find out about the connection between Eunsoo and Bitna. There may be some noble idiocy thrown in. Then after Jaewoo and Yeonmi get over it, we need to see how Grandma Choi and Bitna react. Considering their track records, they won’t be reasonable and it would take a couple of episodes or some magical drama plot device to keep them from ruining Jaewoo’s happiness.

So, Shine Brightly Eunsoo, get to it! You are on the clock!

And mini-Eunsoo:

Still Loving You Episodes 77 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E76

Eunsoo continues to try her best to be the best daughter-in-law fully catering to the Yoon family needs.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 76 RECAP

Eunsoo wakes up to see Sooho happily staring down at her. She stretches and asks what time is it. Sooho answers that it’s 6:30AM.

Eunsoo panics as she has not prepared breakfast. Sooho laughs and tells her not to worry as he’s already prepared the rice and soup.

He explains that she looked too tired; he turned off her alarm so she could rest. Eunsoo smiles back that he shouldn’t do that in the future since it’s her job…She’s been brain washed!

Sooho laughs back that his job is to make Eunsoo happy.

They go down where Mrs. Yoon finally woke up as well. She asks where Eunsoo went after preparing breakfast. Sooho is about to lie that Eunsoo came up to check on him for his stomach and Eunsoo interrupts that she overslept so Sooho did everything.

Mrs. Yoon smiles that she appreciates Eunsoo for telling the truth. She had thought it was weird that the rice was a bit dry and the soup wasn’t like Eunsoo’s other soups.

Eunsoo ends up running to work with clothes to drop off at her mom’s dry cleaners from Soonjung. Jiyoon snaps as soon as Eunsoo walks in that Eunsoo is the latest out of all of them even though she’s the youngest. She also wonders about the clothes prompting Eunsoo to apologize and go drop them off in the storage room.

After Eunsoo leaves, Hyuna and Team Leader Lee ask why Jiyoon is being so mean to Eunsoo all of a sudden when she knows Eunsoo is part of the boss’s family. Jiyoon announces that they should not have to be nice just because Eunsoo is part of the Yoon family and she’s going to just act the way she used to.

Hahaha! Hyuna and Team Leader Lee sigh that Jiyoon is too young to truly understands the complexity of corporate life.

Bitna drops by Soohyun’s office to ask that they go to the spa that weekend. Soohyun agrees without paying attention until Bitna asks if they can sleepover the night. He sighs that his parents won’t like them sleeping out of the house so soon after the Jejudo trip.

Bitna sniffs that the trip was all messed up anyways with Soohyun working all the time and their hotel reservations being wrong. Soohyun tries to defend himself by saying that it was because he planned it suddenly after Grandma Choi ordered him to.

Bitna stiffens when she hears that Soohyun only went to Jejudo with her because Grandma Choi told him to. She’s about to yell at Soohyun and he tells her that they can discuss the rest at home.

On the side, Grandma Choi visits Jaewoo in his office. She tells him that she heard about the offer to head the hospital and asks why he never told her or why he’s even taking so long to think about it. She notes that a reputation and position are everything for men and Jaewoo has nothing to worry about in Seoul. He awkwardly thanks her and agrees to think it over.

At the restaurant, a group of customers come in and ask about the “Well Being Soy Bean Paste Soup”. Sooho smiles that they added lentil beans to decrease the sodium while keeping the taste alive. When the men worry that the soup won’t taste as good, Sooho tells them that if they don’t like the soup, they don’t have to pay. They order one for each of them.

Mr. Yoon sticks his head out of the kitchen and notes that none of the people refused to pay so far. Sooho smiles that he feels really proud.

Later, Grandma Kim stops by the dry cleaners with lunch. The realtor friend is there and Yeonmi gets called away for a pickup.

The friend takes this opportunity to tell Grandma Kim that Yeonmi had a few suitors but she turned them all down because of her family.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo goes home where Bitna is cutting potatoes. For some reason, she can’t even cut potatoes in a small size. Instead of telling her to cut her pieces twice more, Mrs. Yoon tells Eunsoo to take over.

However, Mr. Yoon comes in at that moment and asks why Eunsoo is helping out when she takes care of breakfast. Mrs. Yoon begins to explain about Bitna’s inability to cut the potato pieces again before stopping and deflecting to ask if Mr. Yoon wants water. He takes a cup and tells Eunsoo to come out as well.

Eunsoo offers to give Mr. Yoon a shoulder massage. And, then as she massages, Eunsoo asks Mr. Yoon to stop ordering Mrs. Yoon to get him water. She offers to do it with Bitna for Sunyoung.

Mr. Yoon asks if that is so bad. Er?! He explains that he’s been doing it for 30 years so he did not realize. No wonder your sons think it’s normal for their wives to cook and clean but they don’t!

Eunsoo smiles that she does not mean to insult him but just felt that Mrs. Yoon is now old enough to pass on that burden to her daughter-in-laws. Mr. Yoon tells Eunsoo that he will and thanks her for speaking up. Since, we still need to convince the viewers that the Yoon’s aren’t that bad, Mr. Yoon even adds that the reason that he wanted to live with his daughter-in-laws is so that fresh eyes could see and comment on their negative practices. Oh man, Mr. Yoon, if you really want an objective third party to explain how backwards your family is, DRAMAFEED is here!

Since Eunsoo has been toiling away, Sooho decides that it’s finally time to go see his mother-in-law…Or he was forced to since Soonjung told Eunsoo to drop off the dry cleaning but Eunsoo went home first to make sure Sunyoung isn’t blaming Eunsoo for Bitna’s inability to cook. He asks her out to dinner, which Yeonmi happily accepts.

Afterwards, he comes back to give Eunsoo a shoulder massage as well. Bitna walks up to see the sweetness. She goes into her room and sighs that she wishes she could combine Sooho and Soohyun. What, so breaking another family was not enough?

That night, Jaewoo texts Yeonmi that he wants to meet her in the morning as he has one final thing to say.

Grandma Kim asks if she should go down to the countryside after Eunho gets a job. Yeonmi asks why Grandma Kim would leave her house and go somewhere else. Grandma Kim tells Yeonmi that she should find someone nice…Yeonmi interrupts to say that she never wants to hear about it again and walks out.

In the morning, Jaewoo visits the dry cleaners and tells her about the position he was offered. He explains that if they were dating, he would have refused but he thinks this might be a good opportunity for both of them to take time off.

Yeonmi tells Jaewoo to take the position. Jaewoo asks Yeonmi to see him one more time on Saturday evening – the same time that Yeonmi should be meeting the Team Leader friend.

Meanwhile at the Yoon house, Bitna gets jealous that Mr. Yoon is happy with Eunsoo making him green juice every morning. So, she goes into the kitchen and adds salt to both the side dishes and the soup.

Eunsoo walks in to see Bitna hide the salt behind her back. She confronts Bitna who denies it even after Eunsoo grabs the salt from her hands. Bitna’s answer is to question whether Eunsoo even saw Bitna add salt.

Eunsoo sighs and asks if Bitna is trying to sabotage her and pretend to play the victim again. At that moment, Mr. Yoon walks in and asks angrily what Eunsoo is doing to Bitna.


Another filler, which main purpose is to convince us that Eunsoo can live happily with the Yoons. The main point was that Sunyoung blended into the background with a smaller role with even her menopause episodes forgotten. It appears the director felt that her character is a lost cause.

Instead, the focus shifts on Mr. Yoon to frame the conflict as not Eunsoo having to deal with a backwards chauvinistic and ignorant family but one where it’s just Eunsoo adjusting to “a new family’s customs” and Mr. Yoon sincerely open to a third party’s views on their family traditions. Considering that people don’t change over night and Mr. Yoon’s objectively did not even last one full episode before he decided to get involved in the fight of his daughter-in-laws, I wonder if the best answer is for both parental units to fade into the background?

After all, what reasonable father-in-law with a life would get involved in every conflict of not only his biological children but his in-laws children…as if the thirty year olds are not old enough to resolve their conflicts themselves. Now, if a 30 year old does not know how to resolve conflicts by herself and has to call her parents, we have bigger issues since clearly the parents failed to raise an adult.  Here no one asked Mr. Yoon to intervene.  He just had nothing better to do with his life than get involved.  Might I suggest that all of the Yoon family start volunteering like Grandma Kim? Korea has a lot of societal issues that could use some manpower to help!
More interesting than DRAMAFEED’s rants about this drama normalizing some of the worst aspects linger of Korea’s outdated culture, here’s a selfie of the leading actresses:
Still Loving You Episodes 76 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E75

Peace is found in the Yoon household when Bitna and Eunsoo agree to split up the chores in half. Whoopie.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 75 RECAP

The Yoon family sit around the living room as Mr. Yoon demands to know what Bitna was thinking by lying to the family like this. Sooho is laughing at the ridiculous situation and Soomin wonders how secretive Bitna was if Soohyun did not even know. Bitna apologizes.

Unsprisingly Sunyoung chimes in to tell her husband to let it go since the girl apologized. After all, she doesn’t want her ticket to expensive presents to be so sad, Bitna leaves. Mr. Yoon snaps at Mrs. Yoon for not being reasonable and then thanks Eunsoo again for preparing Mrs. Yoon’s birthday meal in Bitna’s place. He declares that Bitna will clean the rest of it up and storms into his room.

Sweet Sooho giggles his whole way into his room declaring that it feels so good that Bitna got into trouble after making life hard for Eunsoo! Awwww! What a husband <3

Eunsoo smiles as she’s thankful and then tells Sooho softly that he should not embarrass Bitna in front of everyone next time. She also adds that she made Bitna help out a lot, which surprises Sooho that Eunsoo knew and kept quiet. Sooho jokes that Eunsoo must be an angel and she gets embarrassed, going downstairs to help clean up. Yep, Eunsoo-as a representative of the modern young woman, you are definitely walking in thin ice of Candy-land.

Then Eunho calls Sooho as Yeonmi’s fever is getting worse. Sooho immediately runs downstairs to tell his parents that he and Eunsoo need to go visit Eunsoo’s family as Eunsoo’s mother’s sick. Kid’s definitely got the new-husband attitude right!

Meanwhile, if we aren’t convinced that the Yoon’s are unfairly choosing the Confucian customs that they want, the next scene confirms it. Hyunshik runs out of ideas for his webtoon and calls Soomin to pick her brain and memories. Soomin picks up the call in her room as she lays around reading a magazine and eating fruit. Because, daughter-in-laws aren’t people; they are servants while daughters get to indulge being respected as a member of the family in the Yoon’s system. Seriously, who would date a Yoon family son if they knew the family was so messed up? Got to sort out the bad apples before you develop a relationship!

Soomin agrees to meet since she isn’t doing anything and jumps up to put on makeup.

On the side, Jaewoo gets a call from an old friend. A smaller hospital in the country-side has a position available for a new head of the hospital. The friend had floated Jaewoo’s name and the directors are interested. Jaewoo smiles and agrees to think about it.

Soohyun continues his texting counter attack by letting Grandma Choi know that Bitna finished dinner and is eating fruit. Grandma Choi begins to show frustration at the multiple texts and grumbles that Soohyun is too stiff.

Eunsoo and Sooho arrive at the Oh residence just in time. Yeonmi had only taken two spoonfuls of the porridge before declaring that she cannot eat any more and laying back down. When Eunsoo comes in, Yeonmi smiles to see her daughter and agrees that she needs to eat to keep up her strength…eating when Eunsoo feeds her. Ah, the symptoms of a cursed love. Too bad the curse here is easily remedied by Bitna facing the music.

On the side, the Team Leader stops by Soonjung’s cafe for his usual coffee. She’s still bitter about her one-sided love and does not smile or chat with him as usual. When he asks why Yeonmi’s dry cleaners is closed, she almost yells at him saying that she has no idea.

Hyunshik and Soomin also meet in Soonjung’s cafe to talk about funny hospital and life episodes for the webtoon. Soomin tells him that one random happening was when she thought she saw a streaker in the park and kicked him. Hyunshik looks at her intently and asks if it turned out the guy was not a streaker.

Soomin confirms while laughing and then wonders how he knows. In seconds, she realizes that Hyunshik was the guy and she runs out of the cafe in embarrassment.

Back at the Yoon house, Bitna dries the plates in the kitchen. Soohyun comes in and sighs that she should have known better than to lie like she did. Bitna only snaps back that Soohyun never tries to understand her position even though he’s her husband.

The rest of the younger generation enter the kitchen at that moment and Soohyun directs his frustration on poor Sooho. Soohyun yells at Sooho for outing Bitna in front of the family instead of telling Soohyun separately. Then he leaves the kitchen without giving Sooho a chance to respond.

Sooho doesn’t bother brooding about it implying that Soohyun is prone to outbursts. He instead turns to Bitna to ask if she has some time to talk…

Cue Bitna sitting across from Sooho and Eunsoo upstairs. The talk is about how to split up the household chores between the two daughter-in-laws because it makes no sense to the Yoon family raised by Mr. and Mrs. Yoon, why Soomin/Soohyun/Sooho should all share in the burden since everyone eats and has clothes to wash.

The three agree that cleaning and washing clothes will be every other week while Eunsoo prepares breakfast and Bitna takes care of dinner with Mrs. Yoon’s help. Soohyun is even proud at the end of the negotiations that Bitna’s work got cut in half. Bitna sniffs and tells him that if they lived separately, they would have hired help and she would have none of these responsibilities…Instead of her work getting cut in half, it technically doubled.

Soohyun’s only answer is to ask Bitna to wait a couple more months… They will be able to leave soon.

The Yoon’s can’t even say it’s because Soomin works late or is busy. She’s off sitting on her bed mooning over Hyunshik. She then decides to read his webtoon.

Sooho finds Eunsoo in the room calling Eunho to look in on Yeonmi. After the call, he tells Eunsoo that he is sad she kept Yeonmi’s health and Bitna’s fake cast from him. He wants her to keep no more secrets from him so he can help her. Awww, puppy <3 Although, you were trained wrong by your parents, you’re too sweet to hate.

At the same time, Grandma Choi gets ready for bed when her cell phone keeps beeping. She looks and finds messages from Soohyun letting her know that Bitna showered, put on a face mask and fell asleep. She sighs that she needs to sleep and puts her cell phone on vibrate…only for it to continue to vibrate as she lays back in bed.

Suddenly, Soomin is in her office when Hyunshik walks in. He does not say anything as he approaches her desk. He leans over and then pulls off her glasses before pulling her into a kiss…and, Soomin wakes up! She slaps herself lightly and remembers that the scene was similar to the one in the latest webtoon chapter that was uploaded.

We turn to Grandma Choi who gets more messages from Soohyun about Bitna getting up and noting that she had a good dream. Grandma Choi snaps and texts back that she thinks Soohyun must be doing well as a husband and hopes he will stop reporting everything to her by text. She also promises not to keep texting him as well.

In the morning, Sooho wakes up early enough to taste test Eunsoo’s soup for breakfast. He also refuses to go up and rest while Eunsoo has to cook.

Later during the day, Team Leader Lee gets a call to deliver some documents to Mr. Yoon at the restaurant. Usually, they send Eunsoo but Hyuna stops her since Eunsoo is working on an assignment rested by Bitna…

So, Jiyoon goes to the restaurant. Before she leaves, Sooho stops her to taste his new soup, which was created for those with high blood pressure. She tries it and comments that it still tastes good and not watered down.

Sooho happily goes back into the kitchen and Jiyoon wonders about Sooho’s cooking skills to one of the serving ladies. The lady laughs that it’s because Sooho takes after his dad and Mr. Yoon is known for his cooking. She then gasps and asks Jiyoon to keep Sooho’s relationship to the Yoons a secret.

Jiyoon rushes back to the office to tell both the Team Leader and Hyuna. Hah!

On the side, the Team Leader visits Yeonmi’s dry cleaners to ask her on a date that weekend. She tries to turn him down. Then, she sees Jaewoo in the hallway and loudly agrees to go.

Jaewoo goes back home to drink wine by himself. He gets a text from his friend at the hospital asking him to consider the new hospital position carefully as the hospital has a college and Jaewoo can even teach.


Nothing much to comment on in this episode either.  The writer somehow thinks that equality and fairness is achieved by having Bitna and Eunsoo split up the chores between just the two of them.  Why not Soomin? Because she’s a doctor? Well Bitna is a director of a company.., Why not Sooho or Soohyun? Because they are guys? If they had lived separately from the Yoons as most newly-weds in Korea do, then the husbands would have helped with the chores.  The logic does not hold up unless you assume that Mr. and Mrs. Yoons insistence that only the daughter-in-laws do all of the household work makes sense.

You readers probably know my view on that.  So, I won’t say anything else other than Eunsoo is really starting to get on my nerves with her subservient attitude.

Please see pictures of the actors and actresses instead.  As always, thank you to those who are working hard to bring us this story!

Eunsoo who started out as such a role model – working hard to become a teacher. Getting back up to become a cooking teacher and then obtaining an office job! Now, meh.

Bitna with her makeup artist. I really like this actress and I hope that one of these dramas will cast her as the main lead.

Sooho eating?

Soohyun posing.


Still Loving You Episodes 75 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.