Choi Siwon to Star in Chinese We Got Married


Choi Siwon will be joining the Chinese remake of the variety show We Got Married.  Titled, We Decided to Love,  this show will be a joint project between MBC and the Chinese 강소위성TV.  The first episode is scheduled to air on April 19, 2015.  Siwon’s TV wife is the top model Liu Wen.  Looks like Siwon is seriously attacking the variety world of Korean entertainment!


Source:  Naver



Kwon Sang-Woo Reveals His Adorable Daughter


Kwon Sang-Woo revealed his adorable daughter Riho on his facebook the other day.  Baby Riho’s first public appearance is one in which she yawns at the world’s concerns like a boss.

As a background, Kwon Sang-Woo married Son Tae-Young in 2008.  Their first child, Ryukhee was born in February 2009.  However,  Riho did not join the family until January 2015.

Source: Chosun

Kingsman Popularity In Korea Continues to Soar and Beats The Chaser

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Speaking of Infinity Challenge parodying Kingsman… The movie has rose up to the top three within the Korean box office. Moreover, with over 553,914 admissions as of March 28, 2015, it has beat out Korea’s 2008 hit movie, The Chaser.

Watchers currently wonder if the plot that appeals to youths with turning a loser into a Kingsman would propel this film above the high grossing hit film, Ajusshi. Just as a refresher, this was the one where Won Bin went on a revenge rage to save the adorable girl, who lived in his building.

Information from Chosun Ilbo.

Infinity Challenge Parodies Kingsmen: The Search for a Sixth Man

For all of the Infinity Challenge fans out there, there has been a change in the series in the recent episodes this month.  As a background, Infinity Challenge or Muhan Do Jun is a Korean variety show that has been around since 2009.  Yet, it is one of the most popular shows nabbing 13-17% of Korean viewers in its 6:30 p.m. weekend timeslot.

Recently after Kingsmen had a stellar performance in Korea and Noh Hong Chul’s drunk driving scandal that occurred on November 7, 2014, the show has run a series parodying the movie plot Kingsmen.  Specifically, Infinity Challenge has always been a series about six men going through an impossible task per episode.  With Noh Hong Chul’s withdrawal, the show has been left with five members and now the series is looking for a possible sixth man to join the team.


To add spice to a show that has been running for over 7 years, the show asked its fans for potential candidates through texts, postings, etc.  March 28, 2015, was the date that all candidates were narrowed down to the eight finalists: ZE:A’s Kwanghee, comedian Kang Kyun-Sung, Super Junior Choi Siwon , model Hong Jin-Kyung, comedian Jang Dong-Min, writer Yoo Byung-Jae, announcer/host Jun Hyun Moo, and past basketball player Seo Jang-Hoon.

This episode was hilarious as each candidate appeared on the show with their best comedian selves.  I think all eight members were strong contenders for the sixth spot on MUDO.  As a female, I must admit that I was particularly happy to see model Hong Jin-Kyung making it into the final round.

Truly each of the members has their special quirks, for example Kwanghee was in his usual qwirky twatty mode, Kang Kyun-Sung is supposedly a comedic genius (which can get lost on the non-Korean natives), Siwon dazzled in his good looks, Byung-Jae seemed to enjoy just being on the show as a participant rather than a writer, and Dong-Min did give Myung-Sook Park a run for his money as the “angry character.”

As a side note, I don’t think that Jin-Kyung was particularly funny, but it was refreshing to see a non-guest female member of an usually all-male comedy show.   She also has her funny quirks.  In the middle of the show, she starts looking around for the producers because she wants to do what makes the producers happy.  She’s also pretty willing to throw away her self image and has literally begged to be on the show.  Last but not least, she arrived with makeup, looking like a man! FYI, she’s the third one down on right column.  I think she’s worth watching longer.

If you ask me, the first two episodes were kind of boring…the members went to interview the numerous candidates that were nominated to join the team.  I’d recommend skipping to the March 28, 2015 episode where each member has to go through a “scary entrance” and then has to interact with the other finalists.

Hyde v. Kill Heal Round 2


On January 23, 2015, Cartoonist Lee turned to his blog to declare  his view on Kill Me Heal Me stealing his idea.  His main point boils down to the fact that the two dramas are premised upon the romance of a woman falling in love with a man who is suffering from multiple personalities disorder.  He supports his position by quoting his legal team, who had advised him that idea theft can be a legal problem in this age.  Additionally, Cartoonist Lee even argues that by saying that the extent of similarities not being found as theft or plagiarism is insulting to the webtoon industry.

Cartoonist Lee continued to point at the scandal between You From Another Star and Cartoonist Kyung Ok Kang.  From a quick search, it seems that Cartoonist Kang accused You From Another Star of copying her manhwa Seolhee.  While there was a lawsuit about this issue, it eventually settled out of court so there is no precedent on whether stealing ideas from webtoons/cartoons is considered a violation of copyright or what standard is used to judge such violations.  Currently, Cartoonist Lee states that he believes this is a pressing issue facing the manhwa/webtoon community and the community will review the issue accordingly.

The producers of Kill Me Heal Me have responded that there is no reason to respond to such groundless allegations.  They argue that there are a lot of stories around multiple personality disorder.  They also point to the fact that Cartoonist Lee has not identified specific and detailed similarities other than the fact that the two dramas are airing around the same time.

The response from viewers has also been varied.  Part of Korean viewers believe that this is just Cartoonist Lee making a big deal out of nothing.  They point to the fact that multiple personality disorder romances have been around for a while since the original birth of Hyde and Jekyll.  Additionally,  some people people point to the Hollywood film Me, Myself, and I as an example of the hackneyed premise of romance with a man suffering from multiple personalities.

Others have argued that this is a time to start reviewing the drama community for plagiarism, which is rampant.  For example, TVN’s drama, Reply 1994 was premised on the same theme as Michiru Yagumanha’s Japanese drama.  Additionally, MBC’s drama Best Love was also accused of plagiarism after it aired from a romance novelist.

It’s true that there have been issues of plagiarism and idea borrowing in the drama world for a while.  I think regardless of what happens to this situation, the Korean legal community or broadcast regulations agency should establish a standard for evaluating such issues as well as a resolution process.  It’s not fair that the original authors of great ideas should not get credit or financial compensation for what ends up being a lucrative drama.


DISCLAIMER: Information was taken from Chosun.  However, the views expressed in this article are not endorsed by any news outlet or Wikipedia and are solely the musings of DRAMAFEED.
Source: Chosun

NEWS FLASH – Kill Me, Heal Me Accused of Copying Hyde, Jekyll, and Me



The original webtoon author, Choong Ho Lee has accused MBC’s drama, Kill Me, Heal Me of stealing ideas from his webtoon.  Lee posted on his personal SNS that Professor Hyde (in the drama Hyde, Jekyll, and Me) will protect his idea of a romantic comedy surrounding a man suffering from multiple personalities disorder and his romance.  To make his challenge clear, he also linked an official announcement from the producers of Kill Me, Heal Me.

He expanded in his post with the question of whether it truly is coincidence that 3 to 4 years after his webtoon with Professor Hyde was published, such a similarly premised drama would be created.

Of course, the producers of Kill Me, Heal Me stands behind the defense that this is an unfounded accusation.  Their position is that they had no idea about the webtoon.  They announced their intent to air Kill Me, Heal Me in January of 2014 and only heard about the drama of Hyde, Jekyll and Me during fall of 2014; they found out about the webtoon after they heard about the drama.

The writer of Kill Me, Heal Me is the same writer of the drama Moon Embracing the Sun, Soowan Jin.

MBC has made no official response.
Looks like Lee was disappointed by the less than blockbuster response to episode 1 of Hyde, Jekyll and Me and has taken to the internet to vent his frustration.  I feel like I can’t blame him.  There is no confusion that these dramas are competing with each other in the same time slot with the same basic premise – man suffering from dis-associative personalities disorder deals with life and love.
Specifically, with respect to the plot:
  • at least one of the multiple personalities falls in love creating the possibility of a romance and comedy;
  • at least one of the personalities is a version of an uptight stickler;
  • the suffering male character is financially well off and has to control his disorder to conduct business; and
  • both female characters are bright, cheerful, and bubbly – providing an instant foil to at least one of the male personas.
Both dramas are have impressive actors.  Nope, this is a direct duel of two dramas for the greater market share of viewers.  While Kill Me, Heal Me had an advantage of launching first, both dramas will have to try their best not to lose any fickle viewers.  In the end, it will be the combination of everything from acting, chemistry, writing, and directing, which results in an impression that each viewer gets from each drama that decides which drama wins out.
DISCLAIMER: Information was taken from Chosun.  However, the views expressed in this article are not endorsed by any news outlet or Wikipedia and are solely the musings of DRAMAFEED.
Source: Chosun

NEWS FLASH – Jan 12 Weekly Ratings

Continuing on to see what the Korean viewers thought of public programming for the week of January 12, 2015.  The following is a chart of the  9 dramas that made it into the top 20 watched segments for last week.  Top 1-5 are all dramas.  We get some news programming and comedy shows starting for number 6 in the Nielsen chart, which were taken out.  Looks like Love an Secret dropped 1% this week ~~~

chart 0120

All information was taking from AGB Nielsen Korea.

NEWS FLASH – Goh Hyun Jung: When Reality Hits a Marriage of Two Social Classes


According to Chosun Ilbo, the Korean comedy show, Dae Chan Insaeng (Fulfilled Life) featured Goh Hyun Jung’s actual life story on its January 13, 2015 Episode.  I figured Goh’s life is an interesting one for non-Koreans to know about as well.

Unfortunately, Goh’s life is a Korean drama of power-play between the rich and the powerful.  Goh debuted in 1989 after winning Miss Korea as a popular show host.  She impressed and won over the hearts of viewers through her performance in Love on a Jujube Tree.  From there, Goh played various roles including her famous role in the unforgettable-legendary drama, Sandglass.  As most would agree, Goh got married at the peak of her career.  She married Chung Yong-Jin, the vice chairman and co-CEO of Shinsegae Group, who was also the grandson of Samsung’s founder.  With the marriage announcement, Goh also announced that she would retire from acting.

Yep, we had the drama-esque normal girl (albeit a celebrity) marrying into a chaebol family.  They had two children, a boy and a girl.  According to Chosun, rumors followed that the chaebol family did not like Goh and did not treat her well after the wedding.

Unlike most chaebol power-play related dramas, Goh ended up getting a divorce in November 2003.  In this divorce, Goh (the mother!) lost complete custody of her two children.  I could not confirm, but it is rumored that Goh continues acting because she is not allowed to see her kids…Therefore, she acts as much as possible so that her kids can see her. According to Wikipedia, Shinsegae even passed a policy that none of the huge department stores were allowed to display any materials related to Goh.

Goh returned to the television screen in the drama Spring Day, which was followed with What’s Up Fox and H.I.T.  In 2009, she captured the hearts of viewers everywhere as the legendary royal femme fatale Lady Mishil in Queen Seondeok, who in the days of Korea’s three kingdoms dreamed about governing a kingdom in her own right as a female ruler.  Some would (including I) say that the drama ended up becoming Lady Mishil’s story rather than Seondeok’s ^.~ The drama achieved ratings over 40% and Goh won the highest awards at the MBC Drama Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards.

According to Wikipedia, Goh began teaching as an adjunct professor in Dogguk University in 2014.

I do not know what is going on in Goh’s personal life, but I salute the fact that she didn’t run away.  Even after making a public announcement to retire, Goh came back and soared in Korea’s entertainment world after the messy divorce with one of the most powerful families in Korea.  Cheering you on- Goh Hyun Jung!

DISCLAIMER: Information was taken from Chosun and Wikipedia.  However, the views expressed in this article are not endorsed by any news outlet or Wikipedia and are solely the musings of DRAMAFEED.

NEWS FLASH – Jan 5 Weekly Ratings

Curious as to what how the viewers in Seoul (and beyond) match up with the readers of DRAMAFEED? ^^ Wonder no more!  The following is a chart of the 9 dramas that made it into the top 20 watched segments for last week – January 5-16, 2015.  Guess what readers, Korean viewers seem to appreciate the norama (novel-like drama? ^^v) Love & Secret as much as we do.  It was actually fourth on the list of top 20 shows, which includes comedy shows, news, and music shows. Way to go, Love & Secret!

viewership 0105

Run, Jang-Mi viewers, don’t despair.  Run, Jang-Mi started later than Love & Secret.  Moreover, our younger romantic comedy norama is inching up the ranks as well.  It steadily appears in the top 10-15 spots of daily viewer rankings.

All information was taking from AGB Nielsen Korea.