Still Loving You – E77

Another episode of calm bought by Eunsoo giving up her weekend to serve her in-laws.


Without asking what the dispute is about, Mr. Yoon declares that Eunsoo has to always be respectful to Bitna since Bitna is above Eunsoo in the family hierarchy. Because, clearly, right and wrong does not matter. What matters is this socially constructed hierarchy.

Mr. Yoon leaves after Eunsoo apologizes to Bitna.

Bitna smirks and skips up to the room where she whines to Soohyun for being so busy all the time. He sighs that he’s trying his best. Bitna asks sarcastically what it would have been like had he not tried. Well, you forced him to marry you even though he was already engaged…

Soohyun leaves and Bitna goes to work only to call Grandma Choi and complain.

The next scene, sad music turns on in the background. Eunsoo calls her mom and lies that she thinks she married well and she’s so happy. Yeonmi tears up saying that she’s happy as long as Eunsoo is happy.

On the side, Hyunshik brings sandwiches to Soomin’s office. Except, she’s not there. So, Hyunshik offers to share with the nurse. Over sandwiches, Hyunshik wonders at how he and Soomin have opposite tastes as she gave him her meat the other day. The nurse looks up weirdly. He notes that Soomin loves that part of the chicken…

Meanwhile, Soonjung goes to work and gets flagged down by Yeonmi. The dry cleaning is done! Even though Yeonmi is doing it for free, Soonjung sighs that a coffee stain has not been taken out. Yeonmi agrees to do it again. Soonjung smiles and agrees to be nice to Eunsoo.

Later that evening, Bitna prepares soup for dinner as only Sunyoung, Eunsoo and Bitna are eating dinner at home. Bitna tries the soul and sighs that it’s so bland. She ends up using ramen soup…Eunsoo stops by when Bitna does and catches her in the act. However, she smiles and does not tell Sunyoung.

At the same time, Sooho and Mr. Yoon close up. Half of the proceeds were from Sooho’s Well-Being Soup. Sooho preens saying that he thinks creating the soup was the second best thing that he did in his life after marrying Eunsoo. Mr. Yoon smiles and tells Sooho to keep it up now that he’s starting his own family.

The next morning, Sunyoung walks into the living room where Mr. Yoon is reading. She asks if he wants water and he gets up himself. She’s so shocked that he would get his own water.

Mr. Yoon smiles that it’s all because of Eunsoo. She asked him to stop ordering Sunyoung around. Sunyoung sniffs that she’s being saying the same thing for over thirty years but he never changed. Now, he’s changing just because their daughter-in-law said one thing.

The scene changes to show Soohyun and Bitna in their room. Soohyun agrees to go to the spa with her that day as she’s been whining. He’s even going to tell their parents that they will spend the night.

Then it’s time for breakfast. The family eats without Soonjung who is sleeping in. Sunyoung muses that it’s because spring is finally here. Soonjung probably wants to wear a dress and go on a date. Soomin laughs and asks if that’s not what Sunyoung wants.

Cue Sunyoung sighing that it’s been forever since she’s been on a date. Eunsoo pipes up and tells Sunyoung to rest with Mr. Yoon since she can help out at the restaurant with Sooho.

Mr. Yoon begins to say that Eunsoo should be tired as well from working. But, Sunyoung does not give it a second thought. Since Sunyoung accepts, Mr. Yoon does not bother rejecting.

Meanwhile, Bitna elbows Soohyun as he needs to his parents that they won’t be coming home that night. Soohyun just awkwardly elbows her back feeling embarrassed that his brother’s wife is more “dutiful”.

Sooho notices all the elbowing and asks if the couple is worried that Eunsoo will be overwhelmed with the extra work and thinking about helping.

Bitna decides to get ahead of t and calls out to the parents. But, Bitna is unable to say that they are going to the spa as Soohyun interrupts and announces that they have spa tickets so the parents should go to the spa.

Sunyoung quickly agrees. Mr. Yoon wonders how they can leave all the work to Eunsoo. Right on cue, Soohyun announces that he and Bitna can help out as well.

Mr. Yoon announces that he’s so happy he raised his kids since he can rest like this with their help.

Bitna complains the whole time she’s helping while Eunsoo gives it her all with a smile. Eunsoo keeps asking the customers how they like the Well Being Bean Paste Soup and looks lovingly at Sooho when each customer reacts positively.

Later that night, the two men wait for Yeonmi who walks briskly…to meet with the Team Leader. They go in to the concert together.

At the same time, Jaewoo sits on the side next to the stage of a karaoke restaurant. All of the other singers go first as Jaewoo only checks his watch…It’s already over 9:30p.m. and he’s up.

Jaewoo begins singing. It’s a ballad about how the lover seems so sad. Jaewoo’s voice rings out singing his heart out that he knows…she does not need to be sorry as it’s not her fault. He wants her to go.

Unknown to Jaewoo, Yeonmi arrived to listen and watch from the entrance. She leaves when he finishes and he does not see her.

Meanwhile, the second generation cleans up while Bitna rests. Eunsoo even offers to let Soohyun and Bitna leave first. Bitna agrees but Soohyun rejects their offer and stays to help.

Yeonmi arrives at home to fall against the gate. She stares up at the sky trying not to cry.

The next day, Eunho wakes up with his muscle issues. He cannot move his neck without his shoulder and neck hurting. Grandma Kim takes him to Jaewoo who treats Eunho sincerely. Then, he tells Grandma Kim that he’s leaving his practice to take up a job in the countryside. He also promises to give her a referral.

Grandma Kim is saddened to hear that the doctor she liked a lot is leaving. She goes to Yeonmi to tell her about Eunho and the doctor. When Yeonmi hears that the doctor is leaving, she drops her cup.


Somehow the focus shifted and it’s like the drama decided to focus more on Yeonmi/Jaewoo. I support it since the Eunsoo plot went haywire with the character turning a 180 against what she stood for in the beginning. Now, it’s as if Eunsoo’s dream had to get married and be a housewife…The job as a teacher and joining Yoon Ga Foods were just hobbies until she got married.

I hope that once the Yeonmi/Jaewoo line is tied up, they rehabilitate Eunsoo’s character. Currently, she’s not a good role model for young girls at all. I really hope I don’t regret watching and following this drama.

As for the Yeonmi/Jaewoo loveline, I don’t know how they will get to happiness within 25 episodes that they have to share with the Eunsoo plot line. Somewhere along the line, Jaewoo has to find out about the connection between Eunsoo and Bitna. There may be some noble idiocy thrown in. Then after Jaewoo and Yeonmi get over it, we need to see how Grandma Choi and Bitna react. Considering their track records, they won’t be reasonable and it would take a couple of episodes or some magical drama plot device to keep them from ruining Jaewoo’s happiness.

So, Shine Brightly Eunsoo, get to it! You are on the clock!

And mini-Eunsoo:

Still Loving You Episodes 77 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E76

Eunsoo continues to try her best to be the best daughter-in-law fully catering to the Yoon family needs.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 76 RECAP

Eunsoo wakes up to see Sooho happily staring down at her. She stretches and asks what time is it. Sooho answers that it’s 6:30AM.

Eunsoo panics as she has not prepared breakfast. Sooho laughs and tells her not to worry as he’s already prepared the rice and soup.

He explains that she looked too tired; he turned off her alarm so she could rest. Eunsoo smiles back that he shouldn’t do that in the future since it’s her job…She’s been brain washed!

Sooho laughs back that his job is to make Eunsoo happy.

They go down where Mrs. Yoon finally woke up as well. She asks where Eunsoo went after preparing breakfast. Sooho is about to lie that Eunsoo came up to check on him for his stomach and Eunsoo interrupts that she overslept so Sooho did everything.

Mrs. Yoon smiles that she appreciates Eunsoo for telling the truth. She had thought it was weird that the rice was a bit dry and the soup wasn’t like Eunsoo’s other soups.

Eunsoo ends up running to work with clothes to drop off at her mom’s dry cleaners from Soonjung. Jiyoon snaps as soon as Eunsoo walks in that Eunsoo is the latest out of all of them even though she’s the youngest. She also wonders about the clothes prompting Eunsoo to apologize and go drop them off in the storage room.

After Eunsoo leaves, Hyuna and Team Leader Lee ask why Jiyoon is being so mean to Eunsoo all of a sudden when she knows Eunsoo is part of the boss’s family. Jiyoon announces that they should not have to be nice just because Eunsoo is part of the Yoon family and she’s going to just act the way she used to.

Hahaha! Hyuna and Team Leader Lee sigh that Jiyoon is too young to truly understands the complexity of corporate life.

Bitna drops by Soohyun’s office to ask that they go to the spa that weekend. Soohyun agrees without paying attention until Bitna asks if they can sleepover the night. He sighs that his parents won’t like them sleeping out of the house so soon after the Jejudo trip.

Bitna sniffs that the trip was all messed up anyways with Soohyun working all the time and their hotel reservations being wrong. Soohyun tries to defend himself by saying that it was because he planned it suddenly after Grandma Choi ordered him to.

Bitna stiffens when she hears that Soohyun only went to Jejudo with her because Grandma Choi told him to. She’s about to yell at Soohyun and he tells her that they can discuss the rest at home.

On the side, Grandma Choi visits Jaewoo in his office. She tells him that she heard about the offer to head the hospital and asks why he never told her or why he’s even taking so long to think about it. She notes that a reputation and position are everything for men and Jaewoo has nothing to worry about in Seoul. He awkwardly thanks her and agrees to think it over.

At the restaurant, a group of customers come in and ask about the “Well Being Soy Bean Paste Soup”. Sooho smiles that they added lentil beans to decrease the sodium while keeping the taste alive. When the men worry that the soup won’t taste as good, Sooho tells them that if they don’t like the soup, they don’t have to pay. They order one for each of them.

Mr. Yoon sticks his head out of the kitchen and notes that none of the people refused to pay so far. Sooho smiles that he feels really proud.

Later, Grandma Kim stops by the dry cleaners with lunch. The realtor friend is there and Yeonmi gets called away for a pickup.

The friend takes this opportunity to tell Grandma Kim that Yeonmi had a few suitors but she turned them all down because of her family.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo goes home where Bitna is cutting potatoes. For some reason, she can’t even cut potatoes in a small size. Instead of telling her to cut her pieces twice more, Mrs. Yoon tells Eunsoo to take over.

However, Mr. Yoon comes in at that moment and asks why Eunsoo is helping out when she takes care of breakfast. Mrs. Yoon begins to explain about Bitna’s inability to cut the potato pieces again before stopping and deflecting to ask if Mr. Yoon wants water. He takes a cup and tells Eunsoo to come out as well.

Eunsoo offers to give Mr. Yoon a shoulder massage. And, then as she massages, Eunsoo asks Mr. Yoon to stop ordering Mrs. Yoon to get him water. She offers to do it with Bitna for Sunyoung.

Mr. Yoon asks if that is so bad. Er?! He explains that he’s been doing it for 30 years so he did not realize. No wonder your sons think it’s normal for their wives to cook and clean but they don’t!

Eunsoo smiles that she does not mean to insult him but just felt that Mrs. Yoon is now old enough to pass on that burden to her daughter-in-laws. Mr. Yoon tells Eunsoo that he will and thanks her for speaking up. Since, we still need to convince the viewers that the Yoon’s aren’t that bad, Mr. Yoon even adds that the reason that he wanted to live with his daughter-in-laws is so that fresh eyes could see and comment on their negative practices. Oh man, Mr. Yoon, if you really want an objective third party to explain how backwards your family is, DRAMAFEED is here!

Since Eunsoo has been toiling away, Sooho decides that it’s finally time to go see his mother-in-law…Or he was forced to since Soonjung told Eunsoo to drop off the dry cleaning but Eunsoo went home first to make sure Sunyoung isn’t blaming Eunsoo for Bitna’s inability to cook. He asks her out to dinner, which Yeonmi happily accepts.

Afterwards, he comes back to give Eunsoo a shoulder massage as well. Bitna walks up to see the sweetness. She goes into her room and sighs that she wishes she could combine Sooho and Soohyun. What, so breaking another family was not enough?

That night, Jaewoo texts Yeonmi that he wants to meet her in the morning as he has one final thing to say.

Grandma Kim asks if she should go down to the countryside after Eunho gets a job. Yeonmi asks why Grandma Kim would leave her house and go somewhere else. Grandma Kim tells Yeonmi that she should find someone nice…Yeonmi interrupts to say that she never wants to hear about it again and walks out.

In the morning, Jaewoo visits the dry cleaners and tells her about the position he was offered. He explains that if they were dating, he would have refused but he thinks this might be a good opportunity for both of them to take time off.

Yeonmi tells Jaewoo to take the position. Jaewoo asks Yeonmi to see him one more time on Saturday evening – the same time that Yeonmi should be meeting the Team Leader friend.

Meanwhile at the Yoon house, Bitna gets jealous that Mr. Yoon is happy with Eunsoo making him green juice every morning. So, she goes into the kitchen and adds salt to both the side dishes and the soup.

Eunsoo walks in to see Bitna hide the salt behind her back. She confronts Bitna who denies it even after Eunsoo grabs the salt from her hands. Bitna’s answer is to question whether Eunsoo even saw Bitna add salt.

Eunsoo sighs and asks if Bitna is trying to sabotage her and pretend to play the victim again. At that moment, Mr. Yoon walks in and asks angrily what Eunsoo is doing to Bitna.


Another filler, which main purpose is to convince us that Eunsoo can live happily with the Yoons. The main point was that Sunyoung blended into the background with a smaller role with even her menopause episodes forgotten. It appears the director felt that her character is a lost cause.

Instead, the focus shifts on Mr. Yoon to frame the conflict as not Eunsoo having to deal with a backwards chauvinistic and ignorant family but one where it’s just Eunsoo adjusting to “a new family’s customs” and Mr. Yoon sincerely open to a third party’s views on their family traditions. Considering that people don’t change over night and Mr. Yoon’s objectively did not even last one full episode before he decided to get involved in the fight of his daughter-in-laws, I wonder if the best answer is for both parental units to fade into the background?

After all, what reasonable father-in-law with a life would get involved in every conflict of not only his biological children but his in-laws children…as if the thirty year olds are not old enough to resolve their conflicts themselves. Now, if a 30 year old does not know how to resolve conflicts by herself and has to call her parents, we have bigger issues since clearly the parents failed to raise an adult.  Here no one asked Mr. Yoon to intervene.  He just had nothing better to do with his life than get involved.  Might I suggest that all of the Yoon family start volunteering like Grandma Kim? Korea has a lot of societal issues that could use some manpower to help!
More interesting than DRAMAFEED’s rants about this drama normalizing some of the worst aspects linger of Korea’s outdated culture, here’s a selfie of the leading actresses:
Still Loving You Episodes 76 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E75

Peace is found in the Yoon household when Bitna and Eunsoo agree to split up the chores in half. Whoopie.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 75 RECAP

The Yoon family sit around the living room as Mr. Yoon demands to know what Bitna was thinking by lying to the family like this. Sooho is laughing at the ridiculous situation and Soomin wonders how secretive Bitna was if Soohyun did not even know. Bitna apologizes.

Unsprisingly Sunyoung chimes in to tell her husband to let it go since the girl apologized. After all, she doesn’t want her ticket to expensive presents to be so sad, Bitna leaves. Mr. Yoon snaps at Mrs. Yoon for not being reasonable and then thanks Eunsoo again for preparing Mrs. Yoon’s birthday meal in Bitna’s place. He declares that Bitna will clean the rest of it up and storms into his room.

Sweet Sooho giggles his whole way into his room declaring that it feels so good that Bitna got into trouble after making life hard for Eunsoo! Awwww! What a husband <3

Eunsoo smiles as she’s thankful and then tells Sooho softly that he should not embarrass Bitna in front of everyone next time. She also adds that she made Bitna help out a lot, which surprises Sooho that Eunsoo knew and kept quiet. Sooho jokes that Eunsoo must be an angel and she gets embarrassed, going downstairs to help clean up. Yep, Eunsoo-as a representative of the modern young woman, you are definitely walking in thin ice of Candy-land.

Then Eunho calls Sooho as Yeonmi’s fever is getting worse. Sooho immediately runs downstairs to tell his parents that he and Eunsoo need to go visit Eunsoo’s family as Eunsoo’s mother’s sick. Kid’s definitely got the new-husband attitude right!

Meanwhile, if we aren’t convinced that the Yoon’s are unfairly choosing the Confucian customs that they want, the next scene confirms it. Hyunshik runs out of ideas for his webtoon and calls Soomin to pick her brain and memories. Soomin picks up the call in her room as she lays around reading a magazine and eating fruit. Because, daughter-in-laws aren’t people; they are servants while daughters get to indulge being respected as a member of the family in the Yoon’s system. Seriously, who would date a Yoon family son if they knew the family was so messed up? Got to sort out the bad apples before you develop a relationship!

Soomin agrees to meet since she isn’t doing anything and jumps up to put on makeup.

On the side, Jaewoo gets a call from an old friend. A smaller hospital in the country-side has a position available for a new head of the hospital. The friend had floated Jaewoo’s name and the directors are interested. Jaewoo smiles and agrees to think about it.

Soohyun continues his texting counter attack by letting Grandma Choi know that Bitna finished dinner and is eating fruit. Grandma Choi begins to show frustration at the multiple texts and grumbles that Soohyun is too stiff.

Eunsoo and Sooho arrive at the Oh residence just in time. Yeonmi had only taken two spoonfuls of the porridge before declaring that she cannot eat any more and laying back down. When Eunsoo comes in, Yeonmi smiles to see her daughter and agrees that she needs to eat to keep up her strength…eating when Eunsoo feeds her. Ah, the symptoms of a cursed love. Too bad the curse here is easily remedied by Bitna facing the music.

On the side, the Team Leader stops by Soonjung’s cafe for his usual coffee. She’s still bitter about her one-sided love and does not smile or chat with him as usual. When he asks why Yeonmi’s dry cleaners is closed, she almost yells at him saying that she has no idea.

Hyunshik and Soomin also meet in Soonjung’s cafe to talk about funny hospital and life episodes for the webtoon. Soomin tells him that one random happening was when she thought she saw a streaker in the park and kicked him. Hyunshik looks at her intently and asks if it turned out the guy was not a streaker.

Soomin confirms while laughing and then wonders how he knows. In seconds, she realizes that Hyunshik was the guy and she runs out of the cafe in embarrassment.

Back at the Yoon house, Bitna dries the plates in the kitchen. Soohyun comes in and sighs that she should have known better than to lie like she did. Bitna only snaps back that Soohyun never tries to understand her position even though he’s her husband.

The rest of the younger generation enter the kitchen at that moment and Soohyun directs his frustration on poor Sooho. Soohyun yells at Sooho for outing Bitna in front of the family instead of telling Soohyun separately. Then he leaves the kitchen without giving Sooho a chance to respond.

Sooho doesn’t bother brooding about it implying that Soohyun is prone to outbursts. He instead turns to Bitna to ask if she has some time to talk…

Cue Bitna sitting across from Sooho and Eunsoo upstairs. The talk is about how to split up the household chores between the two daughter-in-laws because it makes no sense to the Yoon family raised by Mr. and Mrs. Yoon, why Soomin/Soohyun/Sooho should all share in the burden since everyone eats and has clothes to wash.

The three agree that cleaning and washing clothes will be every other week while Eunsoo prepares breakfast and Bitna takes care of dinner with Mrs. Yoon’s help. Soohyun is even proud at the end of the negotiations that Bitna’s work got cut in half. Bitna sniffs and tells him that if they lived separately, they would have hired help and she would have none of these responsibilities…Instead of her work getting cut in half, it technically doubled.

Soohyun’s only answer is to ask Bitna to wait a couple more months… They will be able to leave soon.

The Yoon’s can’t even say it’s because Soomin works late or is busy. She’s off sitting on her bed mooning over Hyunshik. She then decides to read his webtoon.

Sooho finds Eunsoo in the room calling Eunho to look in on Yeonmi. After the call, he tells Eunsoo that he is sad she kept Yeonmi’s health and Bitna’s fake cast from him. He wants her to keep no more secrets from him so he can help her. Awww, puppy <3 Although, you were trained wrong by your parents, you’re too sweet to hate.

At the same time, Grandma Choi gets ready for bed when her cell phone keeps beeping. She looks and finds messages from Soohyun letting her know that Bitna showered, put on a face mask and fell asleep. She sighs that she needs to sleep and puts her cell phone on vibrate…only for it to continue to vibrate as she lays back in bed.

Suddenly, Soomin is in her office when Hyunshik walks in. He does not say anything as he approaches her desk. He leans over and then pulls off her glasses before pulling her into a kiss…and, Soomin wakes up! She slaps herself lightly and remembers that the scene was similar to the one in the latest webtoon chapter that was uploaded.

We turn to Grandma Choi who gets more messages from Soohyun about Bitna getting up and noting that she had a good dream. Grandma Choi snaps and texts back that she thinks Soohyun must be doing well as a husband and hopes he will stop reporting everything to her by text. She also promises not to keep texting him as well.

In the morning, Sooho wakes up early enough to taste test Eunsoo’s soup for breakfast. He also refuses to go up and rest while Eunsoo has to cook.

Later during the day, Team Leader Lee gets a call to deliver some documents to Mr. Yoon at the restaurant. Usually, they send Eunsoo but Hyuna stops her since Eunsoo is working on an assignment rested by Bitna…

So, Jiyoon goes to the restaurant. Before she leaves, Sooho stops her to taste his new soup, which was created for those with high blood pressure. She tries it and comments that it still tastes good and not watered down.

Sooho happily goes back into the kitchen and Jiyoon wonders about Sooho’s cooking skills to one of the serving ladies. The lady laughs that it’s because Sooho takes after his dad and Mr. Yoon is known for his cooking. She then gasps and asks Jiyoon to keep Sooho’s relationship to the Yoons a secret.

Jiyoon rushes back to the office to tell both the Team Leader and Hyuna. Hah!

On the side, the Team Leader visits Yeonmi’s dry cleaners to ask her on a date that weekend. She tries to turn him down. Then, she sees Jaewoo in the hallway and loudly agrees to go.

Jaewoo goes back home to drink wine by himself. He gets a text from his friend at the hospital asking him to consider the new hospital position carefully as the hospital has a college and Jaewoo can even teach.


Nothing much to comment on in this episode either.  The writer somehow thinks that equality and fairness is achieved by having Bitna and Eunsoo split up the chores between just the two of them.  Why not Soomin? Because she’s a doctor? Well Bitna is a director of a company.., Why not Sooho or Soohyun? Because they are guys? If they had lived separately from the Yoons as most newly-weds in Korea do, then the husbands would have helped with the chores.  The logic does not hold up unless you assume that Mr. and Mrs. Yoons insistence that only the daughter-in-laws do all of the household work makes sense.

You readers probably know my view on that.  So, I won’t say anything else other than Eunsoo is really starting to get on my nerves with her subservient attitude.

Please see pictures of the actors and actresses instead.  As always, thank you to those who are working hard to bring us this story!

Eunsoo who started out as such a role model – working hard to become a teacher. Getting back up to become a cooking teacher and then obtaining an office job! Now, meh.

Bitna with her makeup artist. I really like this actress and I hope that one of these dramas will cast her as the main lead.

Sooho eating?

Soohyun posing.


Still Loving You Episodes 75 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E74

Life normalizes for Eunsoo and Bitna as they tailor to their in-laws for approval.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 74 RECAP

Bitna hides her “sprained”/”broken” arm against the door and hunches over. Eunsoo notices Bitna and asks why she’s up. Bitna quickly runs into her room whispering that she’s going back in.

The next morning, Soohyun continues his attack. He texts Grandma Choi first wishing her a good morning and noting that Bitna already went in to shower. Grandma Choi smiles that Soohyun is learning.

Over the breakfast table, Soohyun places food on Bitna’s rice bowl for her to eat. Sooho sees and quickly gives some to Eunsoo. Sunyoung does not miss a chance to grumble about losing her son. She sniffs that she went through all the trouble of raising sons only for them to indulge their wives… Because, you know, in Sunyoung’s mind, a mom raises her son to get something out of it and not out of inherent motherly love.

Sweet Eunsoo perpetuates this social custom by quickly thanking her mother-in- law for raising a wonderful son. She also places some of the side dish on Sunyoung’s rice bowl. Mr. Yoon smiles and announces that Sunyoung must be happy that she’s reaping the benefits of raising a son right and the family laughs.

Eunsoo goes to work where her coworkers continue to vie for her favor. Hyuna left her a cup of coffee with a note and smiles when Eunsoo looks up. Team Leader Lee also left Eunsoo small candies in her drawer with a note to munch on them when she gets tired. Only the youngest coworker has no idea that Eunsoo is part of her boss’ family.

Meanwhile, Grandma Kim stops by the dry cleaners to find Yeonmi going through the day as a zombie. She comforts Yeonmi that Eunsoo lives in the same city so Yeonmi should be able to see her daughter more often.

At the same time, Eunsoo stops Bitna in the hallway to ask that Bitna come with her for grocery shopping. Bitna complains that she cannot due to her arm and walks off.

Then we get some more mysterious light into Hyunshik’s family. His sister sent clothes for the kids, which they eagerly try on. Hyunshik thanks his sister and tells her that she does not have to continue sending such gifts. His sister answers that it’s her choice and reminds Hyunshik that the kids are legally her children. What? Are they not his kids but his sister’s?

Eunsoo continues to act unprofessionally at work by announcing that it’s 6pm and she wants to leave even though the others are still working. Jieun asks if Eunsoo is taking after Sooho in acting out. But Team Leader Lee and Hyuna quickly take Eunsoo’s side with Tram Leader Lee telling everyone to leave quickly instead of staying late for no reason.

So, Eunsoo leaves to buy all the ingredients for Sunyoung’s birthday brunch by herself and Bitna leaves with Soohyun’s car. Bitna is in such a good mood that she can take off her fake cast and go home, she blasts Kpop while singing and dancing along.

Eunsoo finishes her shopping and crosses an intersection presumably near the house where Bitna is stopped at the light. Eunsoo looks over and sees Bitna dancing with both arms and pauses.

Bitna doesn’t see Eunsoo at first and dances for a few more seconds before she registers that the girl in front is Eunsoo. Bitna ducks under the steering wheel and quickly puts on her cast.

Cue Bitna and Eunsoo walking into the house together with the groceries. Sunyoung worries about Bitna over exerting herself while Soonjung blames it all on Eunsoo biting off more than she can handle alone. In trying to attack Eunsoo, Soonjung ends up attacking Sunyoung by sniping that it’s not a good thing to be getting so old. Sunyoung accepts the fight immediately since patience and grace is not her strongest characteristics…leaving Bitna and Eunsoo looking awkward as Sunyoung and Soonjung snap at each other viciously.

Eunsoo calls Bitna up to their room to speak privately. Bitna comes in unrepentant and asks if Eunsoo is going to tell the others. Eunsoo just asks with another question of if Bitna hates her so much that she keeps lying. Bitna sniffs that she offered to pay for a hotel celebration but Eunsoo forcefully volunteered them into this. She announces that Eunsoo can tell the others if she wants.

Bitna only gets a few steps towards the door when she stops after Eunsoo threatens to tell Soohyun. Eunsoo smirks and orders that Bitna help out with the cooking preparations without another complaint and she won’t tell the others.

As for our older love line, Grandma Kim inadvertently reminds Yeonmi of Jaewoo when Grandma Kim prepares tea with the gift from Jaewoo. Yeonmi is unable to do anything other than fall back into bed and hold down her tears… Meanwhile, Jaewoo comes home to find Grandma Choi ironing his handkerchief from Yeonmi and coldly snatches it from her.

Back at the Yoon residence, Eunsoo prepares most of the dishes while tasking Bitna to cook seaweed soup. When Eunsoo checks in, she sees that Bitna used too much soy sauce instead of salt and impatiently snaps at Bitna to move to the side so Eunsoo can fix it.

It’s at this point that Soohyun comes into the kitchen. He pointedly asks if Bitna’s arm does not hurt and then tells Eunsoo off for making Bitna work when she’s hurt. Eunsoo is unable to say anything since Bitna is “higher” than her in the family hierarchy and Bitna gets to go up and rest.

Grandma Kim calls Eunsoo to tell her that Yeonmi isn’t feeling energetic. She asks if Eunsoo can stop by… Eunsoo apologizes that the next day is Sunyoung’s birthday and promises to drop by within the next couple of days…

After Eunsoo hangs up, she pauses as she fights back tears thinking she never prepared the birthday meal for her own mother. She declares that she will for sure prepare her mom’s birthday meal this time around. (DF- Just saying, this is why expecting the daughter-in-law to do what the sons are clearly not doing is a rude, ignorant remnant of a chauvinistic culture. I don’t see Soohyun and Sooho cooking for Sunyoung even though Sooho is training to be a chef! Why is it expected that Eunsoo and Bitna cook and clean?)

The next morning, the Yoon family is ecstatic and happy because Eunsoo fit right into the role of indentured servitude. The family wakes up to find the dining table overloaded with home cooked dishes and a cake. They praise Eunsoo for doing a great job toiling away while everyone else rested.

Then Mr. Yoon surprises Sunyoung as well. He asks her to pull out a coat for him. But, when Sunyoung opens the closet, she finds a bouquet of flowers! Mr. Yoon smiles and pulls her in for a hug wishing her a happy birthday.

While the parents are having a romantic moment in the room, the rest of the family eats fruit in the living room. Sooho asks about Bitna and is told by Soohyun that she’s resting. He decides that since Eunsoo is cleaning up, the least that Bitna can do is hang out with the rest of the family.

So, Sooho goes upstairs to call Bitna down. When Bitna heads Sooho knocking, she panics because she was resting with her cast off and only had seconds to put it back on before Sooho might walk in…She opens the door within a couple of minutes with the cast on the wrong arm.

Bitna does not realize it at first and she raises the wrong arm to feel her own forehead…As she’s doing it, she realizes her mistake and runs back into the room shouting that she will be right down.

Sooho turns to walk off wondering about Bitna’s weird behavior. He takes a few steps and then pauses thinking about which arm Bitna had hurt…

Bitna comes downstairs with the cast on the right arm but Sooho’s suspicious. He pretends to take a piece of lint off her cast while putting on a fake hug left at the restaurant earlier. Bitna spots the fake bug and freaks out shaking her “hurt” arm furiously in front of everyone.

Not sure how to comment on this subarc as the daily drama progresses into socialization that goes directly against my values.  I’m trying not to be too negative as I review it but we have gone way too off base of the original storyline.  All of a sudden, the focus has shifted into how does Eunsoo and Bitna adapt to the Yoon culture and family because as the guy’s family, it is only “proper” that the girl changes.  For the avoidance of any uncertainty, DRAMAFEED is being completely sarcastic here.   To be clear, why are the two DAUGHTER-IN-LAWS preparing Mrs. Yoon’s birthday instead of her BIOLOGICAL SONS OR DAUGHTER?
DRAMAFEED Cultural Quickbit! – This is exactly why the current 20s/30s to early 40s believe in “self-hyodo” or “self-duty”.  Daughter-in-laws started getting annoyed with the whole once you are married, you are the slave of the husband’s family ideology and started pushing “self-hyodo”.  In other words, expect all you want from your own biological children but not strangers, whose only mistakes are to love your children.  Basically, this generation of wives told their husbands to do whatever duty they feel they owed their parents and stop expecting their wives to do it.  Several factors went into why women started asserting their self worth.  This is not based on research but I would guess that the change resulted because of  women generally becoming more educated, more families turning into double-income households, women holding similarly respected positions in society.
Instead of my bitter commentary (because I truly believe that women are equal to men and should be treated as such), I will leave you with some additional photographs.
Still Loving You Episodes 74 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E73

What happens when you have around 30 episodes to rehabilitate a whole family? Take the most awful character and give her a medical out.


Yeonmi broods in her room about the earlier conversation. Jaewoo had stopped her asking why she’s breaking up with him before they even really dated. He tells her that for the first time in a long time, he felt like his heart was beating again just for living.

Yeonmi tells him that she didn’t want to say everything. She wanted to only leave good memories…she doesn’t like Jaewoo anymore. She doesn’t like that he lied to her about his job, his financial background, and the fact that he has a daughter. She asks if he could give up all that including his daughter for her.

Jaewoo only calls Yeonmi by her name in his shocked state. Yeonmi coldly brushes him off and sighs that this is why they cannot be together. She leaves.

In the morning, Eunsoo finds Sunyoung in the kitchen. Oh! She has a heart? Sunyoung has already prepared the rice to be cooked and snaps at Eunsoo to make soup.

Eunsoo goes to look for the right pot but as she sorts through, they make noise. Our favorite mother-in-law takes offense that Eunsoo cannot find the right pot in this stranger’s kitchen on her first try without shifting through the rest. She demands to know if Eunsoo is doing it on purpose because she does not want to cook.

Dear Sooho comes in at that moment and asks why his mom just cannot stop attacking Eunsoo. If Sunyoung begins the day by taking issue with everything that Eunsoo does, how is Eunsoo supposed to have a good rest of the day?

Sunyoung screams that she raised her son for no reason; after all, moms only raise their sons to have life-long servants when the sons get married-not out of motherly love. Then she yells at Eunsoo for not waking up earlier and preparing the rice.

Sooho tries to be the voice of reason asking why Sunyoung only blames Eunsoo when Bitna still has not come down. (Not to mention Soohyun or Soomin!)

Bitna and Soonjung come into the kitchen at this point asking for breakfast. Sunyoung snaps at them to figure it out for themselves and leaves. And, Soonjung joins the makjang fray as she wonders out loud how her quiet family became so loud and messy after Eunsoo joined.

Poor Eunsoo, she can only apologize… for not being the perfect slave.

Sooho yells at his aunt for being unexpectedly unreasonable. Soonjung gasps and angrily asks if Sooho is yelling at her.

Eunsoo quickly drags Sooho into their room. She tells him that a husband’s role in establishing the relationship between his family and his wife is important. So, Sooho has to stop defending Eunsoo at every little thing. She will understand if Sooho takes his mother’s side once in a while for the trivial issues to appease her as long as he makes sure to take her side and defend her when it really matters. Sooho smiles that he is always on his pretty wife’s side – he will always be there for her when it’s important and Eunsoo happily laughs before going back downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Meanwhile, the staff decide to salvage Sunyoung’s character by blaming it on menopause. Sunyoung stares into her mirror wondering where all of the wrinkles came from before musing if she should get some Botox. Mr. Yoon laughs that even if she got Botox, it doesn’t change what she looks like. Sunyoung angrily snaps at her husband to return her youth to her and jumps into bed.

Mr. Yoon gets kicked out and Sooho pops in. He apologizes for earlier that morning and invites her to breakfast. Sunyoung relents a little when Sooho apologizes. But, she sniffs that she does not want breakfast.

Sooho changes his tactic by calling Sunyoung “mother” instead of “‘mom”. Suddenly, Sunyoung screams at Sooho that she’s his “mom” not his “mother”. She begins sobbing afterwards.

Sooho runs into the kitchen to tell Soomin that something is wrong-their mom is crying all of a sudden! Soomin laughs that it must be menopause. She explains that women on menopause can go from happy to furious about every little thing.

Then at the office, Eunsoo works in the recreation room waiting for Bitna. When Bitna finally comes in for coffee, Eunsoo asks Bitna what they should do about Sunyoung’s birthday that weekend. Bitna is surprised and pushes off the discussion saying they should focus on work at the office.

That afternoon, Soomin brings Nara and Woori to Soonjung’s cafe for a snack after Soomin accompanied them for a parent’s day. When the kids leave, Soonjung grabs Soomin and anxiously asks if Soomin is dating a widow. Soomin laughs that it’s not what Soonjung is thinking.

Then, Eunsoo drops by the restaurant to pick up Sooho. But, first, she tells Mr. Yoon that she wants to celebrate Sunyoung’s birthday by cooking the birthday meal for her. Mr. Yoon approves and Eunsoo also reminds him to buy Sunyoung a present.

However, at the same time, Bitna arrived at home before Eunsoo. She finds Sunyoung watching television. Sunyoung sighs that she didn’t prepare dinner so the people who are hungry can cook.

Bitna smiles that it won’t be an issue. Then, Bitna asks if Sunyoung doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday at a nice hotel restaurant. Sunyoung immediately cheers up at the idea of a fancy birthday party at a hotel.

Mr. Yoon, Eunsoo and Sooho arrive minutes later. Sunyoung springs up from the couch to gush to her husband that Bitna offered to throw her a fancy birthday party at a hotel.

Mr. Yoon frowns.  He clears his threat and announces that Eunsoo had mentioned having a quiet family dinner handmade by the daughter-in-law’s. Bitna’s first reaction is to ask Eunsoo if she told Mr. Yoon without discussing it with her first.

Mr. and Mrs. Yoon, Eunsoo, Bitna and Sooho stand in the living room awkwardly.  Eunsoo tries to explain that she wanted to show her sincerity by cooking the birthday meal herself.  But, Mrs. Yoon sniffs that she understands what Eunsoo is saying…yet, she wants the party at the hotel.

Mr. Yoon decides to intervene.  He tells her that it’s better to have the celebration at home with a home cooked meal from her daughter-in-laws.  Sunyoung does not have a chance to confirm it before Mr. Yoon tells Eunsoo and Bitna to prepare as such.  Then, the children go upstairs.

Eunsoo stops Bitna from going into her room to ask her to help plan Sunyoung’s birthday party.  Bitna sighs and tells Eunsoo to deal with it herself since she had the bright idea to do a home-cooked meal, which would require more effort.  She hands over her credit card and offers to pay for the whole thing.

Eunsoo stands firm and replies that they can pay for it half and half.  They should also split the work half and half.  At Eunsoo’s insistence, Bitna is unable to say anything.

Bitna goes to work only to call her mother and complain.  Grandma Choi ends up texting Soohyun that she expects Soohyun to treat Bitna like a princess… Five minutes later, another text comes in.  Soohyun exclaims in frustration with all of the texts.

Then Team Leader Lee comes in with a proposal for Soohyun to sign.  He’s reeking of alcohol and clearly is still hung over.  Soohyun asks if Team Leader Lee drank.  Team Leader Lee explains that he went out with one of the vendors.  Since the vendor kept talking drinking, Team Leader Lee went out stronger and won! Hah! Soohyun realizes that he could do the same with Grandma Choi.

At the same time, Joohyun and Hyuna discuss Hyuna’s last date in the recreation room.  Hyuna had been late so she lied that she broke her leg…Hyuna explains that during holiday season, fake casts are really popular as daughter-in-laws want to avoid work at the in-law’s family.  Bitna hears this from the doorway…

Then, suddenly, Bitna comes home with a cast on her arm.  She explains that she had a car accident when a cat ran into the road.  Sunyoung fusses about Bitna and declares that Eunsoo can go grocery shopping and prepare the dinner by herself.

Sooho comes home exhausted.  So, Eunsoo gives him a shoulder massage.  After a couple of minutes, Sooho jumps up and trades places with Eunsoo.  They are really cute..

That night, Bitna waits until Soohyun is asleep to take off her cast and scratch her wrist.  She also walks out to stretch and scratch more.  But then, Eunsoo comes out of the bathroom and sees Bitna.


The Sunyoung menopause plot-line seemed to come out of no where.  The only logical explanation that I can see from a story-teller’s perspective is that the writer realized that it is impossible to have an organic retreat from how far Sunyoung went…Being a selfish and crochety/rude mother-in-law is one thing.  Telling your daughter-in-law to quit her job?  That really walks over the last line of decency even in Korean society.  There is no young woman or any parent of a daughter who would watch this drama and take Sunyoung’s side for this.

It’s unacceptable in today’s standards and the writer only has 30 episodes to provide us three important things: (1) Bitna’s comeuppance for what she did to Eunsoo and her family, (2) a happy married like for Eunsoo, and (3) a happy relationship end/marriage for Yeonmi and Jaewoo.  Probably, the writer decided to throw in menopause with the excuse that women go crazy during menopause (which is pretty sexist if you ask me)! My mother went through menopause and she was not nearly as witchy as Sunyoung.  Sunyoung is just nasty and selfish.  Blaming it on menopause is clearly a plot device and a simple out.

But, we will roll with this wave and hope that once we delegate Sunyoung to minor-character land…Lady is not important just menopausal…Then maybe the rest of the story can be resolved.

The only other substantive thing that occurred in this episode was the background on Yeonmi and Jaewoo’s breakup.  I totally understood where she was coming from and I do not think this is an example of noble idiocy.  Her family was pretty wrecked by Bitna’s decision to attack Eunsoo and then run away from all responsibility afterwards.  Even if Bitna had accepted the apology and they resolved it – it might not have gotten this far.  But, Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s career.  She also traumatized the Oh family so much that they all remember it 8 years later…Still not having apologized for the mess that she made.  How could she then introduce Bitna’s father as her new love?

Watching it made me feel really sad as I hoped Yeonmi and Jaewoo could find some happiness.  Even though Jaewoo had not really raised Bitna well, he did his best.  He lived with his mother-in-law and continues to live with the lady in respect of his wife’s memory.  You have to give the guy credit.

Similarly, the fact that Yeonmi raised two fine children while living with her mother-in-law? Amazing.  These two deserve a second chance at happiness.  It’s really sad that Bitna has no idea that she is blocking her own father’s second chance at happiness with her selfishness and unwillingness to be an adult and make things right with Eunsoo’s family.

To end on a happy note again… Did you all know that Lee Young-Eun has a daughter? ^^

And a goodbye from the cute couple:

Still Loving You Episodes 73 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E72

DRAMAFEED took a break because Still Loving You went too makjang as a daily drama not plotted as a revenge drama to destress.  But, we are back and still hoping that things will get better for Eunsoo in this situation that does not have an answer.


Sooho is aghast and asks his mother what she is saying. At the same time, Eunsoo tells Sooho to calm down and apologizes to Sunyoung for upsetting her early in the morning. But, Sunyoung? She just repeats that Eunsoo should quit her job and stay at home to take care of the chores.

Eunsoo manages to stay calm and quietly asks if they can discuss it after work that day…

Later, trouble hits for Eunsoo. An annoyingly rude customer is demanding a refill with whip cream while Soonjung’s policy is that refills don’t get whip cream. The Team Leader is there and he gets annoyed listening. He interrupts to tell the rude customer to find another cafe and even pulls out a $10 bill to refund her purchase.

Soonjung sees stars and hearts everywhere since the Team Leader saved her. She offers to buy him dinner but he excuses himself saying that he had no ulterior motive other than being an annoyed entrepreneur himself.

Soonjung laughs that the Team Leader must be extremely shy. Then she watches from the door as he goes to Yeonmi’s dry cleaners.

The Team Leader first tries to give Yeonmi a gift since Eunsoo got married. However, Yeonmi refuses saying that it’s burdensome to her. When the Team Leader tries to insist, Yeonmi snaps. She tells him that she thinks of the Team Leader as a friend and nothing more. His actions are making her feel really uncomfortable.

So, the Team Leader wilts and leaves with his bag of clothes that are fully dry cleaned… All while being watched by Soonjung who thought that he had a crush on her this whole time.

Soonjung is unable to handle the truth that her crush actually liked Yeonmi. She falls into a chair sighing.

Meanwhile at work Eunsoo runs into Bitna in the recreation room as coffee times seem to overlap. Bitna muses that living with the in-laws is hard and they might actually end up developing affection for each other if they continue to see each other at home and at work. Instead, Bitna suggests that they unentangle their lives. Bitna will leave the main house and Eunsoo can leave the company.

Eunsoo frowns. But, she’s no longer the girl who just listens to Bitna suggest crazy things. She snaps back that if she has to quit, it will be her decision and not influenced by having to make a sacrifice for Bitna’s comfort. Yea! In your face Bitna!

Eunsoo thanks Bitna for the coffee and leaves first.

At the same time, Soomin and Eunho walk back to Cafe Soonjung after lunch. They find it closed since Soonjung went home to cry over the death of her one-sided crush. As they stand around wondering where to get coffee, Yeonmi pops out her head and invites them into the dry cleaners for some instant coffee and fruit.

Over coffee, Soomin tells them not to worry as Eunsoo is doing fine and her father likes Eunsoo. Eunho asks about Sunyoung and, to Soomin’s credit, she does not like. She just laughs awkwardly and comforts them that Sooho is always by Eunsoo’s side protecting her.

Our lovely Sunyoung? Gag. She’s laying around on a couch laughing to herself. She decides that Yeonmi did raise her daughter well. But, she wants Eunsoo to stay at home to make her life much easier. Someone toss a bucket of toilet water on this lady!

Then, it’s time to face the horrible music. Eunsoo finishes her work and asks the Team Leader if she can leave first.

When Eunsoo gets home with groceries, she runs into Soonjung in the living room waiting for her. Soonjung tells Eunsoo to wash all curtains since it’s now spring.

Then, after Eunsoo finishes cooking a bean sprout soup, Soonjung announces that she doesn’t like bean sprouts and demands that Eunsoo cook another soup. Eunsoo frowns but forces a smile and agrees. Sunyoung also comes along to announce that all of the guys are coming home late so it’s a girls only dinner.

The tirade continues through dinner. Soonjung finds all of the dishes less than satisfactory and accuses Eunsoo of putting in less effort because she knew Mr. Yoon won’t be joining.

Eunsoo denies it and promises to do better. Then Sunyoung attacks asking if Eunsoo thought about what Sunyoung suggested that morning… It’s probably too hard for Eunsoo to both deal with work and household chores.

Eunsoo stays calm and explains that she began her new career at an older age. She finds satisfaction in her professional development. Although, she might not be able to balance everything perfectly at first, if everyone could help her out a little…

Soonjung jumps in to ask incredulously if Eunsoo is asking them to work. Soonjung and Sunyoung immediately state that they can’t help out with the house anymore. Soonjung even adds that Bitna has studied a lot… It would be a shame to have her stay at home; they should have the less educated person sacrifice. Wait for it. The DRAMAFEED rant will appear below.

Soomin actually manages to jump in and weakly add that it’s not fair to say that someone who studied more should work outside the house while someone who studied less works inside. Hear! Hear!

But, Bitna joins the fray. She notes that the last time everyone tried to prepare the memorial dinner with Sunyoung, it was a complete mess. It seems logical that the person who is good at household chores takes care of it.

Sunyoung and Soonjung approve of this packaged implication that Eunsoo handle the household chores. Sunyoung even adds that she won’t be asking for parental allowance; so, Eunsoo can quit next month.

Mr. Yoon arrives at the tail end and asks what they are discussing. Cue everyone sitting in the living room having a further discussion. Mr. Yoon tells Sunyoung that she’s misunderstanding something. She is Eunsoo’s mother-in-law but not the CEO of Yoon Ga Foods.

Sunyoung whines back that it’s only because she’s thinking about Eunsoo. When Eunsoo was exhausted trying to handle both work and the household chores, she had a nose bleed and Sooho blamed it all on her. (Rightly so if you ask me!).

Mr. Yoon turns to Eunsoo and tells her that the decision to quit work is up to her. But, she should not forget that she is an important employee of the company. He also tells Bitna to share the burden with Eunsoo. Then, he turns to his wife to order that she also demands Soonjung and Soomin to help out. Mr. Yoon goes into his room.

Sooho comes home and hugs Eunsoo. This annoys Sunyoung to snaps at them for displaying their affection.

Eunsoo takes Sooho to their room and asks him not to hug her so much or always be on her side. It makes her embarrassed.

At the same time, Yeonmi meets with Jaewoo in the park. She apologizes but tells him that they need to break up.


This attack by the Yoon family women on Eunsoo? I don’t know where to start. This is so wrong that it actually leaves me speechless. Sunyoung has gone so far into the makjang mother-in-law territory that I have to consciously remind myself that this is not a revenge drama… this is a family daily drama. So, in the next 30 episodes, this drama has to convince us that Eunsoo’s decision to marry Sooho even though that means she’s living with a makjang mother-in-law and her life enemy who ruined her life was a good decision…

Also, what is up with the discussion afterwards only being between Mr. and Mrs. Yoon, Bitna and Eunsoo? What Soomin does not have any responsibility to cook or clean? Honestly, if this were a truly traditional family, even if Soomin is a doctor and the daughter, she would still be helping out with her mother.  The Yoons are picking and choosing what old-fashioned Korean customs that they want to apply to their family.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am all for modern traditions.  But, if we want to be fair… To the extent that  Soomin does not help out, she should at least pay for a housekeeper to come once a week.

I am sure that I don’t have to remind everyone that Bitna’s actions are still having visible repercussions on Eunsoo’s life but Bitna has not had her comeuppance. Had Eunsoo been a high school teacher, would Sunyoung and Soonjung still insisted that she quit? Probably not.  In other words, Bitna’s actions, which she still has not properly apologized for are following and ruining Eunsoo’s life still…after 8 to 9 years. Wow Bitna, good job.

On a note unrelated to the plot, I am pretty amazed by the acting in this daily drama.  I feel so empathetic towards Eunsoo even though Eunsoo is clearly not an annoying “Candy” that I want to throw into the window.  She walks that line where I feel like she is buying her own misery but it’s still not so bad that I want to move on to another drama.  As for the actress playing Bitna, she’s got the selfish, rude, prick down to a part.  I would love to see her play a different role to see if she can be flexible.  Soohyun’s acting feels a bit stilted at some times but that could be because of his character as a stiff/awkward fellow.  Finally, Sooho’s sweetness feels very natural and I truly believe that he’s sweet enough to do everything for Eunsoo and Eunsoo is his 100%.

On the brighter side:

Lee Young-Eun with longer hair v. her now.  Totally different image, right?

Our lovely but immature Park Hana:

Still Loving You Episodes 72 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E71

Get your ice cream out. The Yoon’s go full out makjang in-laws.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 71 RECAP

Eunsoo wakes up at 4 AM to make breakfast for the Yoon’s as part of a throw back to the oldfashioned and male chauvinistic Korean culture where the daughter-in-law is a maid…

She has breakfast all prepared and even brings out vegetable juice for Mr. Yoon and Soohyun in the morning. Mr. Yoon’s only response is that he gets to try different juices with Eunsoo and Soohyun looks uncomfortable as Bitna is not doing the same.

During breakfast time, everyone eats happily. Sooho manages to let everyone know that Eunsoo woke up at 4 to prepare all this. But, Mrs. Yoon’s response? She doesn’t like other people going into her kitchen and making a mess.

Eunsoo promises to cleanup and Mr. Yoon just remarks that Mrs. Yoon can do everything herself then. Of course, the rest of the family protests since Mrs. Yoon sucks at cooking.

After breakfast, Sooho hugs Eunsoo in their room thanking her for acting like their family’s indentured servant. After all, how is it fair that when everyone in the family works, Eunsoo is the only one who wakes up at 4AM?

On the side, Grandma Choi goes to see Jaewoo and ends up sitting next to Grandma Kim. Grandma Choi peers over Grandma Kim’s shoulder on the couch to peek at the magazine and both are shocked to see each other. Grandma Kim is called up first and tells Grandma Choi to take care of her health.

That evening, when Eunsoo comes home, Bitna and Mrs. Yoon are laughing over a magazine in the living room. She announces that she’s going to cook and no one looks up. Hence, Eunsoo ends up cooking alone.

Over dinner, Soohyun asks for another bowl of rice to Bitna. Eunsoo jumps up to get the bowl. And, Sooho barks at Soohyun to get his own bowl next time.

Bitna smarts from Soohyun’s praise of Eunsoo’s cooking and wonders out loud if Sooho and Eunsoo should not trade jobs since Eunsoo cooks so well. Mrs. Yoon is happy to jump on board as usual. But, Soomin enters the conversation to say that it’s wrong to think that a woman should be in the kitchen just because of her gender when Eunsoo got her position fairly. Mr. Yoon ends the conversation by taking Soomin’s side.

Afterwards, everyone leaves and poor Eunsoo is left doing the dishes for 8 people. Sooho at least has the decency to help Eunsoo by drying the dishes instead of sitting in the living room watching television as if it’s normal for the new family member to be a maid.

Of course, our cultured Mrs. Yoon comes in to snap at Sooho for helping with the dishes when he should be tired. Sooho does not realize that his mom is in her crazy mode and tries to reason that he just wants to help since Eunsoo worked all day as well but no one helped. Mrs. Yoon’s response? She did it all by herself until the night before! (Well, they are all YOUR kids.) Sooho just laughs and notes that Eunsoo made him mature. However, since Eunsoo is standing there uncomfortable, he ushers his mom out.

At the same time, Jaewoo tries calling Yeonmi again only to be ignored. He runs into the Team Leader instead…and, they get into another work out competition.

Later, Sooho and Eunsoo drink beers in the area outside their room. Sooho lays on her lap and then pretends to be a baby causing Eunsoo to burst out laughing.

Bitna overhears in her room and gets jealous. She bursts out to tell the couple to quiet down. Sooho snaps back at Bitna that he was patient with Bitna and Soohyun’s honeymoon antics and even their fighting. She should be patient in return.

Soohyun quickly comes out to apologize to Eunsoo for Bitna’s rude behavior. Eunsoo just awkwardly suggests that they go in and peace is returned.

Bitna sighs that they are also newlyweds but they don’t act like Sooho and Eunsoo. Soohyun picks up on Bitna’s jealousy and suggests that they do it, too. He tries to lay on her lap but cannot get comfortable and Bitna sniffs that her leg is falling asleep. They decide that it doesn’t work for them.

The next morning, it’s Eunsoo alone in the kitchen again…Sooho wakes up later and walks downstairs to find his father in the living room and Eunsoo alone in the kitchen. He asks what his mom and Bitna are doing. (What about Soomin?!). Eunsoo calls him down to make juice, which he brings out to his dad.

Sooho then sits down next to his dad and asks if this is fair that Eunsoo is doing all of the work. Mrs. Yoon comes out in the middle and asks if Sooho is tattling. Sooho answers that Eunsoo does all of the cooking and cleaning. Mrs. Yoon’s response? She has two daughter-in-laws, so she doesn’t want to cook and clean any more. (DRAMAFEED- And, this makjang selfish behavior is why the current custom is that newly weds live separately from the groom’s parents. More on that rant below.)

Sooho’s chauvinistic response to ask about Bitna. Mrs. Yoon again has a ridiculous answer that Bitna is a protégée because she studied in the United States. She sniffs that Bitna is an entry level employee and is different.

Mr. Yoon clears his threat and ends the conversation in a quite chauvinistic manner. He tells Sooho that Sooho isn’t helping Eunsoo by defending her and causing harm to their precious family peace. His only remark to Mrs. Yoon is that she act like a proper adult.

Meanwhile, Bitna takes a long lunch to go whine to her grandma. Does this girl work at all? Her issues? She’s jealous that Eunsoo is cooking and falling into the Korean daughter-in-law role so easily. Me thinks your well of insecurity knows no end.

Bitna then gets the brilliant idea that she will be a better “Korean daughter-in-law” than Eunsoo so that Mr. Yoon will let them move out. Right.

Jaewoo visits Yeonmi’s dry cleaners because she’s still ignoring his texts. Yeonmi just answers that she has been busy. Before Jaewoo can push, Grandma Kim comes in. She exclaims in surprise to see her doctor and makes the introduction.

That evening, Eunsoo is cooking dinner for the family with Sooho next to her in the kitchen. Unclear if he’s helping but at least he’s not sitting in the living room watching television. He remembers to call Eunsoo’s mom and offers to hand Eunsoo the cell phone. But, Eunsoo declines.

Instead, Eunsoo tears up as Sooho hangs up. Sooho turns to ask why she won’t get on the phone with her mom and Eunsoo just answers while holding in her tears that she’s cooking. (DRAMAFEED Rant – Well, you took someone’s precious daughter and made her cook and clean for a huge family when her mom did that for her at home. Obviously different cooking for two and cooking for 5 plus people most of whom are strangers. Eunsoo’s probably thinking of how she never did all this for her mom but YOUR mom clearly expects it in addition to just making sure your family is happy with her adjusting to your family culture? Enough to make any girl homesick.)

Sooho doesn’t pick up on everything that’s wrong but he decides that Eunsoo must be homesick. He tells her that they should go to Eunsoo’s house over the weekend. Eunsoo says they can do it later. Sooho suggests that Eunsoo be more confident like Bitna since she does what she wants and says what she wants.

Eunsoo’s answer is that she wants to be as good to Sooho’s parents as he is to her mom. Sooho declares that Eunsoo is beautiful and hugs her.

At the same time, Yeonmi stares at Eunsoo’s wedding dress and sobs.

The next morning, Eunsoo gets up at some ungodly hour again. By the time that Bitna comes down, there’s three people in the kitchen – Eunsoo, Mrs. Yoon and Sooho. Can we hope that the lady decided to get off the makjang horse and help?

Sooho remarks that Bitna sure woke up early. She apologizes that she set her alarm but could not wake up. And, Mrs. Yoon jumps in to say that Bitna’s thought alone is sweet.

Eunsoo suddenly gets a nose bleed and she runs to the bathroom to clean up. Sooho turns to his mom to say what we are all thinking. How is this fair when Eunsoo also works but she has to wake up at dawn to make Mr. Yoon’s juice and prepare breakfast for the whole family? Then she goes to work and comes home to clean and make dinner. It’s too much for one person.

Mrs. Yoon’s response? All women do it. Say what? Then she tells Eunsoo as Eunsoo comes in, that if it’s too hard for Eunsoo, Eunsoo can quit her job.


Well, I warned you all that this is an anger-inducing episode. My commentary that follows will be a rant so I suggest you skip it unless you want to read furious commentary on the unfair lingering social standards of Korea.

First, I think Eunsoo was stupid. Sunyoung has clearly shown that she’s neither logical or fair in the past. Capitulating to such selfish people who know nothing but to protect “their peace” only increases their demands. Which is why with Eunsoo trying her best to manage all of the household affairs on top of her work has not resulted in Sunyoung appreciating Eunsoo’s efforts and suggesting that they split up the workload fairly… But, rather this illogical step that Eunsoo quits her job to be an upaid maid. Eunsoo should have set her boundaries, which is one thing that Bitna actually did tremendously well.

Second, it’s incorrect to say that all women work and take care of the household chores for the in-laws family this generation in Korea. Currently, the social norm has shifted (at least where I can see) so that newlyweds never live with the in-laws to prevent the possibility of the daughter-in-law turning into the defacto maid. This is one of the biggest issues for mothers of brides-to-be, whether the groom’s family will provide a separate residence. Usually, the groom family provides it but if they cannot, it is not unheard of for both sides to pitch in to get a rental so that the kids can live separately. Hence, the new bride only has to take care of herself, husband and later a kid. A wife taking care of her husband is vastly different than her having to cater to a mother-in-law/father-in-law and possibly sibling-in-laws.

Finally, telling Eunsoo to quit her job? That is unheard of in proper society. Her flimsy excuse that it’s for Eunsoo’s benefit doesn’t convince anyone.  To say the least, Yeonmi did not raise Eunsoo to be a teacher just so that Eunsoo would give that up when she got married to be the Yoon family maid. No one raises their daughter dreaming, “Oh, when my daughter grows up and has a job, she can get married and just quit to be the unpaid housekeeper and indentured servant of her husband’s family catering to the mother-in-law’s flippant mood swings.” It’s one thing if Eunsoo’s dream is to be the perfect homemaker. But, that is Eunsoo’s choice and Sunyoung demanding it like that? Sunyoung totally overstepped one of the cardinal rules of being a normal or decent mother-in-law and I do not know what to say other than – WRONG.

Do I have a more fair alternative? Yes.  Mr. Yoon should get off his male chauvinistic high horse and allow the family to use a housekeeper that comes once or twice a week.  Each person or couple (including Soomin) should pay an equal amount to pay the housekeeper’s fees.  Additionally, Korea has great banchan service.  If everyone is so busy working, they can split the banchan and housekeepers fees equally.  If the prorated amount to be pitched in is too much, the couple can decide to cook/clean.  However, I think the cooking/cleaning should also be split evenly between everyone (Soohyun, Soomin, Bitna, Sooho and Eunsoo).  Why, goodness, since there are 5 of them…It’s like one per day! How convenient!

Caveat – Don’t misunderstand.  I do think that mother-in-laws have a right to say something if the daughter-in-law is selfish and ridiculous.  For example, if some young newlywed wife (who hasn’t worked in the past two years, had no kid, was not going to school) was spending like 3 months in a different country without her husband…spending her husband’s money to go on trips and shopping luxury brands with her mom… Well, if I would be an annoyed mother-in-law and would ask said daughter-in-law why she did not want to live in the same country as her husband when she isn’t working, going to school, or raising a kid.  To be fair, I’d also be annoyed at my son. However, this hypothetical selfish daughter-in-law situation is clearly on the different extreme than Eunsoo.  (I admit that this hypothetical scenario sets a low bar…) So, Sunyoung has no ground to stand on for her makjang behavior.

Still Loving You Crew… You gotta rehabilitate this family because I’m starting to get stressed watching this drama. -_-x

Still Loving You Episodes 71 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E70

As Eunsoo tells Soohyun, if a girl is upset on a trip, it goes at least 50 years… Cue a sweet honeymoon where Sooho continues to build hope in the viewers as he’s the same pre-engagement, engagement, and post-wedding.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 70 RECAP

Sooho and Eunsoo hit a nice lunch place first near the coast. Sooho is surprised to find out that it’s Eunsoo’s first time and promises to make it a trip that Eunsoo will never forget.

At the same time, Soohyun and Bitna are told that Soohyun made a mistake in reserving the room. They actually booked for next month.

Sooho and Eunsoo make it to the villa room and Sooho jets around the room  while Eunsoo first calls her mom and Grandma Kim. Then, Eunsoo calls Mr. Yoon as well. Sooho is having too much fun jumping on the bed that he doesn’t even want to talk to his dad. Another point to Sooho who didn’t suddenly change into the dutiful son after marriage, which is a recurring problem in Korean society.

Sooho whines at Eunsoo for taking too long calling everyone and suggests that they take a break instead. He pointedly pulls her to the bed but Eunsoo quickly answers that she’s not tired and wants to go sight seeing first. They cutely bicker until Soohyun calls…

Sooho answers the phone cursing at his holder brother and finds himself sitting across from Soohyun and Bitna. Sooho laughs his head off at the mistake until Soohyun’s stomach growls. The Soohyun/Bitna couple confesses not having eaten yet.

So, Eunsoo takes out the kimbap that she bought with Sooho to share. The kimbap has a fish head sticking out of it. Bitna immediately declines saying that she cannot eat it after meeting the fish’s eyes. Meanwhile, Soohyun pets the fish?! And, then, takes a bite! Omg. Psychopath.

On the side, Jaewoo tries calling Yeonmi. But, she ignores it.

That night, the two couples drink wine in the living room. Soohyun toasts Eunsoo and Sooho telling them that he sincerely congratulates them and hopes that they live happily since the start was so rocky. Sooho answers confidently that he will live happily as long as he’s with Eunsoo.

Soohyun smiles and turns to Eunsoo. He asks if she did anything before joining Yoon Ga Foods since she’s on the older side of entry level interns (30 years old). Eunsoo pauses and stares at Bitna.

Sooho does not pick up on the awkward atmosphere and answers for Eunsoo saying that she was a high school teacher but got fired after she was unfairly framed. Eunsoo, bless her heart, sees Bitna nervously gulp down her wine and, as the older woman, gently puts her hand on Sooho’s shoulder shaking her head to stop him from hurting Bitna. But, Sooho smiles and just responds that they are family now so there’s nothing that should be hidden-a family should protect each other. True that Sooho. True that.

Bitna quickly jumps in and suggests that she and Eunsoo buy some snacks.

Soohyun offers to go with her but Bitna insists that she goes with Eunsoo and calls her “dong-suh” or younger sister-in-law, pulling rank.

After they leave, Sooho begins chugging the wine giggling about that night…This of course leaves Soohyun confused.

When they reach the pool, Bitna turns around and screams at Eunsoo for telling everything to Sooho even though they agreed to leave it in the past. Isn’t it always the one who’s embarrassed and guilty that’s afraid to tell everyone? Eunsoo just looks back and asks if Sooho would be calmly sitting there if he knew anything. Bitna gets the point since Sooho has been consistent in his intent to protect Eunsoo from everyone. I doubt he would have left Bitna or Soohyun alone if he knew what Bitna did.

Eunsoo continues that she’s thankful for Bitna playing at the wedding. Bitna asks if Eunsoo is playing with her. Eunsoo answers that that day is her one day that she will never forget. Regardless about how they feel, Bitna is a part of that day and Eunsoo will always remember Bitna playing the piano. Also, we have to give her props… Bitna could have gone all makjang and tried to ruin the wedding or refused to attend and go on a trip or something but she did not. It’s a low bar for giving praise to an antagonist but I’m glad that Eunsoo acknowledged that Bitna did conduct herself with a minimal sense of decorum.

Eunsoo asks Bitna that they not fight. It’s still her wedding day and she really hopes that she can have a happy wedding day for her memories. Bitna is decent enough to understand and empathize with this universal wish. Even though she looks like she has more to say, she agrees to drop it.

The two women get some snacks from the lounge and return to find the guys sleeping. They cover each of their husbands and Bitna asks for an extra blanket.

Eunsoo responds that there weren’t any. But, she also offers that Bitna comes and sleeps with her. Bitna refuses.

Then, Bitna finds sleeping on the couch with her coat as a blanket too uncomfortable. She does her Bitna thing, and goes to the master bedroom to climb into bed with Eunsoo… She also tries to take all of the blankets, which wakes up Eunsoo.

Bitna grumbles that she’s just accepting Eunsoo’s earlier invitation and Eunsoo smirks but lets it go.

The next day, the two couples have breakfast together in the hotel restaurant. Sooho only has eyes for Eunsoo feeding her all of the dishes that taste good. Eunsoo sees Bitna glaring and lovingly feeds Sooho back.

Bitna gets jealous seeing the two lovebirds and grabs the plate to feed Soohyun who is stuck to his phone. He manages to take a bite but no matter how many times Bitna elbows him pointedly, Soohyun doesn’t pick up on the hint that Bitna wants him to feed her back. She pouts and begins to eat herself.

Sooho is oblivious to all this as he continues to feed Eunsoo but she looks a bit awkward about the public display of affection when it’s clear that Bitna is not getting the same treatment.

Sooho then asks what Soohyun’s plans for the rest of the day are since they should travel separately. Soohyun offhandedly answers that he has a conference at one. Everyone stares in surprise with Bitna even glaring. Soohyun apologizes that he was going to tell Bitna earlier. He asks if she could just travel by herself for three hours until he can leave the conference.

Bitna angrily sighs and storms away from the table. Eunsoo quickly tells Soohyun to follow since there is a saying that when a woman gets angry on a trip, she will remember it for at least 50 years. Soohyun turns to Sooho who is also motioning for Soohyun to follow and decides belatedly to chase his wife.

After they leave, Sooho tells Eunsoo not to worry about another couple’s fight. It’s their honeymoon and he has a fun itinerary all planned. Awwww, Sooho.

Cue drive alone the coast, pictures in a field of flowers, and drinks by the poolside.

Back in Seoul, Jaewoo stops by the dry cleaners as Yeonmi has not responded to his texts. Jaewoo smiles and asks her about all his unanswered texts. Yeonmi sighs and gives him monosyllables for answers.

Jaewoo picks up that Yeonmi is angry and asks if he did anything wrong. Yeonmi asks him one question, whether he’s really a driver or not. Jaewoo is unable to quickly answer and Yeonmi responds that it must mean he’s not really a driver…

Jaewoo stutters as he tries to explain the circumstances that led to the lie. But, a customer comes and Yeonmi coldly dismisses poor Jaewoo who has no idea that the real problem is that he’s the father of Bitna.

Meanwhile, Bitna and Soohyun sit in a car fighting. Bitna stays angry at Soohyun for not telling her about the conference. Soohyun answers back that Bitna should at least understand his schedule. Then, Grandma Choi texts to ask if Soohyun went on the trip with Bitna or not.

In the afternoon, the two couples get together for some barbecue. The girls sit as the guys cook and Eunsoo smiles that it looks good to see the two together. She offers officially that they try to live happily together when they return to Seoul.

Bitna looks up suspiciously at this request and asks why Eunsoo is acting this way. Eunsoo explains that the siblings have such a good relationship, they should not make them fight because of their wives. Bitna answers that it will depend on how Eunsoo behaves. Eunsoo responds back that it depends on how the both of them act from now on.

Then Sooho comes back being all cutesy and Eunsoo tells him to stop. Sooho whines that Soohyun can just join the festivities but Soohyun’s too stiff and embarrassed.

The day ends and Sooho and Eunsoo finally get some time to themselves.

The next day, the couples take a group picture before flying back.


Unfortunately, I have seen the next episode.  So, I know this episode was just a calm before the storm.  Sooho has his priorities straight but one person cannot mitigate the makjang of many.

Instead of being angry about the next episode, which will come with time, I leave you readers with a pic of the group from behind the scenes!  The actors and actresses together. Aren’t they cute?


And one of our main couple:

Still Loving You Episodes 70 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E69

Sooho and Eunsoo get married.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 69 RECAP

In an empty cafe, Yeonmi stares at Bitna intensely. Bitna grabs her bag and announces that she’s leaving if Yeonmi has nothing else to say and demands to know what this is all about.

Yeonmi sighs that everyone tried to understand Bitna for her ridiculously selfish and harmful actions in the past because she was a high schooler…But, Bitna is an adult (probably 25/26 as they mentioned 8 years past from Bitna’s junior year) and nothing has changed.

Yeonmi tells Bitna that even if Bitna was just a high school kid who didn’t know better, the consequences were too harmful on Eunsoo. Bitna sniffs that they both agreed to forget it.

Yeonmi continues that she doesn’t blame Bitna since it was Yeonmi’s own fault that she couldn’t protect Eunsoo. But, being unable to protect Eunsoo when Eunsoo needed it will be a life scar and a life regret. Bitna gets up first saying she has nothing left to listen.

Yeonmi fights back her tears as she grabs Bitna’s hand and bites out that she hopes Bitna never hurts Eunsoo again. (DRAMAFEED- and, we also expect some cathartic dramaland payback at one point. Bitna still hasn’t paid for all the harm she caused.)

Bitna struggles to pull her hand out and Soonjung comes in. Yeonmi immediately releases Bitna’s hand and turns around to wipe away a rebellious tear that fell.  Bitna runs off saying that she has business to attend to and Yeonmi stalkingly walks out.

Grandma Kim comes in to find Yeonmi brooding over the iron.  Grandma Kim sighs and tells Yeonmi to let it go since she approved of the marriage.  Yeonmi sighs back that she’s worried because the two have such a strained relationship… She’s not sure if the relationship can be healed.  Grandma Kim tells Yeonmi not to worry as even the person you hate the most might be less reprehensible if they live together.

Meanwhile, at the company, Team Leader Lee and Hyuna give Eunsoo their wedding gifts in the recreation room.  Looks like they need to brown-nose now.

Then Soomin calls Eunsoo out to meet at a cafe.  Soomin sniffs that she does not want to be bossy but she asks Eunsoo not to break their family peace, to treat Sooho with respect even if he’s a year younger, and to respect their mom.  Since this is the first time Soomin is being rude, Eunsoo just smiles it off.  Soomin does not get a chance to say anything more because Sooho comes in.

His first words? He asks if his sister said anything to Eunsoo since he will fight for her. The episode can stop here as a daily drama.  That’s all that newly married women want to hear from their husbands anyways.

Soomin sniffs at Sooho for being an idiot and walks out. And, I sigh that my girl-crush on Soomin just died.  I did not expect her to be the unreasonable sister-in-law when she knows what her mother is like.  >_< But, alas, Soomin dropped off from the amazing sister-in-law pedestal to a normal Korean sister-in-law.  Not bad but not good either. Oh well.

The next day, Soohyun announces that he’s going to Jejudo with Bitna the next weekend. Sooho frowns…Then, he realizes that it’s the same weekend as his honeymoon which was also to Jejudo! Sooho yells that he does not want to see his family on his honeymoon.  But, Mrs. Yoon tells her son to stay together lovingly since they are family.  After all, what’s the big deal about having your brother and sister-in-law on your honeymoon, right? -_-

Since it’s a holiday, the two kids have schemed together. Sooho cooked for everyone and each invited their mom’s.  Of course Sooho is on his best behavior to try to win points with Yoenmi.  He gives everything to Yeonmi first.  He even debones fish for Yeonmi first.

Suddenly, Sunyoung throws another tantrum. Le sigh.  She yells that she raised Sooho with such love and care but all he does is become a good son to his mother-in-law. She’s already lost her son and she regrets it all.

Yeonmi sighs at this selfish talk and snaps back that Sunyoung is not the only one who lost a child.  Yeonmi looks at Eunsoo and snaps at Sunyoung that Eunsoo hasn’t even been able to eat a bite of meat while watching out for Sunyoung’s temper.

Sunyoung screams at Eunsoo that she did not say anything to Eunsoo so why is Eunsoo choking? Yeonmi decides not to lose and yells at Sooho that she didn’t ask Sooho to prepare all this.

Sunyoung glares at Yeonmi and cries that Yeonmi ignored her words that Sooho is so special to her.  Yeonmi sighs and decides to be the mature one.  She asks the kids for some alcohol and the two jump up to get soju.

Yeonmi pours Sunyoung a glass as the kids go into the kitchen to give the moms space.  Sunyoung mutters about it being a waste to pour your love into raising a child when they just betray you and Yeonmi laughs.  She agrees that it’s all a waste.

However, Yeonmi notes that Sunyoung did raise Sooho right.  Sunyoung perks up at this and agrees that Sooho has the best personality out of her three kids and grudgingly acknowledges that Eunsoo is not bad as well.

Hearing some reason from Sunyoung, Yeonmi asks Sunyoung straight up to please treat Eunsoo well and look on her in a positive light.  Sunyoung sighs and asks the same for Sooho.  And, we have a truce.

In the kitchen, Eunsoo pulls out a small bowl and explains to Sooho that she does not fall into a firey and quick love.  However, once she warms up like a stone pot, her love stays hot for a long time.

Sooho looks up in surprise and asks if Eunsoo is proposing.  She smiles that it’s her answer to his proposal.  Sooho opens up the lid and finds two rings inside. Wedding bands?

Cue traditional wedding festivities.  Jong-Min and Hyunshik make a fuss for money and food on behalf of Sooho.  After a couple of envelopes of money being passed, Jong-Min agrees to come in.  Everyone gathers around the table having drinks and dinner with the bride’s family for the last time before the wedding.  Aw, am I so biased as a woman? I love how Sooho blusters around calling Eunho little-brother-in-law and just the moment of family time on the bride’s side before the wedding.

Then, it’s the wedding.  Eunsoo asks her mom to walk her in.  Hence, Yeonmi walks Eunsoo in as Bitna plays the wedding march. Heart. Breaks.

Yeonmi hands over Eunsoo’s hand to Sooho’s and even my heart freezes… Sooho, please don’t break Eunsoo’s heart.  Warm music plays and I hope… I hope that the remaining 50-ish episodes will bring Eunsoo and Sooho happiness.

At the calls asking for Sooho to kiss the bride, Sooho picks Eunsoo up and gives her a peck. Mr. Yoon frowns but then grudgingly smiles.

Until the very end, Sunyoung sniffs and tells her husband that her heart is like at a funeral. Grrr. Lady. As a viewer on Eunsoo’s side. MY HEART IS LIKE A FREAKING FUNERAL, TOO!

After the wedding ends, Jaewoo manages to come to the wedding a bit late due to an emergency hospital patient.  He goes to give his platitudes to Mr. and Mrs. Yoon when Yeonmi spots him.  She pauses.

Then, Bitna walks by calling for her dad and Yeonmi’s expression changes. You see the shock and betrayal flood through her face as she quickly turns around and her hands grasp her lovely hanbok.  The man who melted her frozen heart after all these years? Yes, he is the father of the young woman who ruined your daughter’s life and caused your family so much heartbreak…The woman who still does not believe she’s wrong for stomping over Eunsoo, rejecting her apologies twice, and running away like a coward.



I feel bittersweet about this episode.  While, I know that weddings happen so quickly in Korea, it feels so sudden.  It’s been like three episodes?

I am not Eunsoo’s mother, but I do feel like Eunsoo is a younger sister after watching her for 69 episodes.  She’s already suffered enough with Bitna coming out of no where and attacking her like that. And, Sunyoung’s character has been unfortunately stable as a makjang mother-in-law.  While, I’m happy for Eunsoo as she got to marry the man whom she leaves and who seems to have his priorities straight…I cannot help feel nervous and worried about her life as a Korean daughter-in-law with Sunyoung and Bitna.  I really hope for a happy ending for Eunsoo.

However, to end my impressions, kudos to the drama staff for the scene where Yeonmi creates a truce with Sunyoung.  It’s not only the men who need alcohol and a clear truce on what are the defining rules governing their relationship.  Women can also benefit from them as well.  I like that the drama gave the two moms an opportunity to draw that out instead of having Sunyoung pretend that there is nothing wrong and not talking about it. Having the two women confront it makes them both respect each other.

Still Loving You Episodes 69 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Still Loving You – E68

Predictability gets thrown to the wind as dramaland’s time line shows flexibility and characters suddenly change.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 68 RECAP

Sooho walks Eunsoo home but pauses in front of her courtyard. He tells her to cancel her request to live with his family. He sighs that his mother is stubborn and has a temper. He’s certain that his mom is going to make Eunsoo’s life difficult! Awwww, I love how Sooho admits his mother’s fault honestly so he and Eunsoo can frankly discuss what to do about possible problems.  The worst possible thing is to tell the girl that it’s not a big deal and imply that it’s all in her head.

Eunsoo is warned and she smiles that she will try her best. She thinks Sunyoung will warm up to her after knowing her.

The next day, Eunsoo’s teammates wonder who to give the wedding gift to, Eunsoo or Sooho. Then when Eunsoo arrives, the Team Leader asks if Eunsoo has already found her venue.

Meanwhile, Sunyoung drops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners. She’s clearly there to apologize but she never says that she’s sorry. However, we can give her points that she promises to not be a horrible mother-in-law like Yeonmi said. Yeonmi gracefully doesn’t demand an apology and agrees to let bygones be bygones.

Then Sunyoung goes home to meet with the wedding planner with Eunsoo. The planner is the same one that Bitna used and Eunsoo frowns at the estimated costs of everything. Even though Eunsoo’s family and Sooho’s family agreed to go half and half, she worries out loud that the wedding is a bit expensive.

The planner suggests lowering the costs of the studio/makeup/dress portion and offers to rerun the quote while leaving the venue alone. Eunsoo agrees.

A few minutes later, Bitna arrives with a bunch of catalogues for Sunyoung for Sunyoung to pick out what she wants as bridal gifts. (Cultural background: In Korea, when two people get married, the parents usually do some weird negotiations tango to decide what the bride’s family is giving to the groom’s family and thew newlyweds and what the groom’s family is giving to the bride and the newlyweds. This is usually done by the mothers and most people find it easiest to do this upfront since it’s part of Korean culture while dancing around it usually leads to more awkwardness or hurt feelings later.)

Sunyoung suddenly turns to Eunsoo and sighs that she cannot control her curiosity. Why did Eunsoo quit her wonderful job as a teacher? (Cultural background: In Korea, families loveeeee professors and teachers because they assume the mom who is a professor/teacher can raise smart kids. It’s also a matter of prestige as everyone still respects the teacher in Korea where your college decides so much of your future.).

Eunsoo pauses as her mouth opens but no sound comes out. Across from her, Bitna also freezes. A long couple of minutes pass and Eunsoo begins to answer…But, Bitna jumps in that Sunyoung is SOOO elegant and refined, she wouldn’t be the type to pry into another’s personal past. Sunyoung is like putty in foxy Bitna’s hands and laughs that she is pretty refined. She agrees not to pry.

At the same time, Yeonmi worries with Grandma Kim about Eunsoo agreeing to live with the Yoon’s. The two are adamantly against it and tell Eunsoo when she gets home. Girl… from my experience, when a majority of elders warn you against something, ignoring it is at your own peril.

But Eunsoo smiles that she agrees with Mr. Yoon. Living together and bumping into each other will be the only way to become a family. Yes, if you are willing to live like a domestically abused daughter-in-law if you have a foxy witch like Bitna around… Mr. Yoon’s remark only works if everyone in the family is willing to work and adjust to each other. The Yoons were forced to work with Bitna because of her money. But, Eunsoo, you don’t have have protection and Bitna will still be scheming in the background…

Yeonmi and Grandma Kim are not convinced as well. Eunsoo’s explanation only elicits sighs from the older folks who warn her that people don’t change. In other words, once a selfish witch, always a selfish witch…And, poor bearish Eunsoo… You aren’t cunning enough to fight Bitna head on. (Cultural tip: Koreans categorize women into foxes (cunning/manipulative/sexy types that can hide their feelings to manipulate others) and bears (sweet, earnest but honest/blunt and unable to hide ones feelings type). Being a bear myself, I agree with Yeonmi and Grandma Kim. When bears fight foxes, the most likely reaction from the others nearby are people asking the bears why they are overreacting because clearly the foxes didn’t mean any harm.)

Eunsoo goes to her room after reassuring her mom and grandma that she is confident that everything will go well. Then she sighs as she looks through the catalogues that she brought home from Sunyoung which is a list of what Sunyoung wants… including a fur coat and a television just to begin… Eunsoo sighs and gets a call from Sooho who is petulant that she left without seeing him.

Eunsoo and Sooho hang up after promising to meet with the two of them in very different emotional spaces. Eunsoo is already drained while Sooho happily dreams about the honeymoon giggling to himself and hugging the honeymoon catalogue on the sofa between his room and Soohyun’s room.

Soohyun and Bitna come up to see this scene and Soohyun asks Sooho what he’s so happy about. Sooho responds that he’s just happy. Bitna looks down and asks if Sooho proposed. Sooho enthusiastically answers that he proposed but was declined. Then he realizes that he should propose again.

Sooho asks what Soohyun did for his proposal. However, Soohyun doesn’t understand the question. He asks if giving a ring isn’t the proposal leaving Sooho shell-shocked at his brother and Bitna laughing maniacally on the side. Bitna quickly controls herself and adds that she didn’t want an event so the topic is closed but you can see in her tone that she’s lying.

Our beacon of maturity and graciousness – Sunyoung laughs to herself that Yeonmi must have been shocked by the gift request list. She thinks to herself that if Yeonmi asks Sunyoung to decrease it, she will out of pity. This lady… really.., No words.

The next day, Sooho and Eunsoo meet at a sunny cafe and have juices. Sooho is still in the just-engaged happy mode but Eunsoo is noticeably serious.

Suddenly, Eunsoo tells Sooho that she has something to say. She was engaged before but the guy left her when she needed him most. Sooho pauses. However, he quickly regains his smile and asks if that wasn’t when Eunsoo mentioned that everyone didn’t believe her. He adds that he’s fine with that.

So, Eunsoo haltingly begins that she also has another confession. She was a teacher but she got her teaching license taken away. She begins to explain why but before she gets two words out, Sooho shouts out for her to stop.

Eunsoo looks up and Sooho looks straight into her eyes. He tells her deliberately that he does not care what happened in the past with her job as he will protect her from now on. Heart flutter. Swoon. >_< Aw, Sooho… how did a guy like you grow up under a woman like Sunyoung?

Eunsoo continues that she has one more request. Sooho doesn’t even blink an eye as he asks her what. Eunsoo tells him that she wants a smaller wedding that she and he can afford. Even though Sooho had previously told his parents that he wants his wedding to be as grand as Soohyun’s, he immediately agrees that he would be happy with anything Eunsoo wants.

The girl continues! Dang… this is like Eunsoo’s naming day or something. She tells Sooho that she doesn’t want to do the gift exchange. She adds to make up for her demand that she doesn’t need a diamond rig either. Sooho responds that they should at least do the diamond ring but Eunsoo shakes her head. She just wants Sooho to love her forever.

Sooho finally talks his position. He tells Eunsoo that he has one request, too. He hopes Eunsoo’s heart will never change. Well kiddo if you keep your promise and always protect her, why would her heart change? The two smile lovingly at each other admits the violin music.

It’s unclear if time passed but we check in on the other characters. Bitna whines to Grandma Choi back home that she’s jealous about how Sooho is doing everything for Eunsoo when Soohyun did not. Girl, you stole him away from Chaeyoon! Let’s not forget ourselves.

Then, Yeonmi exercises with Jaewoo who asks if he can stop by the wedding even if unofficially to see her daughter. Turns out the wedding is in two weeks! Korea and their quick engagements, yo. Considering that everyone’s wearing the same clothes, we can’t have jumped several months.

Jaewoo frowns that he has to go to his son-in-law’s younger brother’s wedding that day and asks Yeonmi to send his regards to her daughter.

Suddenly we rehabilitate Mr. Yoon’s character. Two weeks away from the wedding (assuming all invitations went out), Eunsoo and Sooho tell Mr. and Mrs. Yoon over tea that they want a smaller wedding, which they will pay for themselves. Surprisingly, Mr. Yoon immediely agrees! Gasp!!!! I expected him to put his foot down as many a fights range over the guest list and Eunsoo isn’t the first person who offered to pay for it if they can do a smaller wedding at a venue of one’s choice.

Mr. Yoon overrides Sunyoung’s protests and agrees to the small wedding with just family and a few close guests. Then, Eunsoo asks them if they can not do the gift going and coming and Sunyoung whines that she doesn’t want it. But, again, Mr. Yoon agrees that if the engaged couple doesn’t want to do it, they don’t have to. He even laughs as he thinks that going for the smaller wedding is quite practical and likes where their heart is. This sudden change in character is making me nervous… we need continuity of character! But, I’m starting to move Mr. Yoon to Team Sooho (with Soomin and Sunyoung – or the modern family/ reasonable family team, in which a Korean woman doesn’t have to dread becoming the three words “daughter-in-law”).

On the side, Grandma Choi texts Soohyun for the second time. The first to warn him not to make Bitna lonely and the second to let him know that Bitna wants to go on a trip. If Bitna weren’t some homewrecking coward, this would be cute and sweet.

Then it’s Eunsoo’s turn to tell her family. We ignore the fact that the wedding is in two weeks and invitations should have gone out. The Oh’s are happy to hear that the kids will have a smaller wedding even though Yeonmi and Grandma Kim worry that Bitna won’t regret it later since girls dream about their weddings from when they are kids.

Eunsoo smiles that she won’t and asks her mom to make her wedding dress. Yeonmi immediately worries that she doesn’t have the skill (or time in the next two weeks?!). Sweet music plays in the background telling us that this is a sweet moment even though you stare at the fact that Eunsoo is asking her mom to suddenly make a wedding dress within two weeks even though the lady works…. Yeonmi agrees happily.

Before we start thinking that the Yoon family might be okay after all Sunyoung does her thing. She gets up from lying in bed with rage and whines to her husband that they are the family of “Yoon Ga Foods”, how can they accept no gifts at all when if they put Sooho on the marriage market, they would get better women than Eunsoo?

Mr. Yoon snaps at his selfish wife and tells her to calm her bottom down unless she’s willing to go out and help the kids financially.

Mrs. Yoon’s response? To run off barefoot after yelling at her husband for showing off…

Mrs. Yoon goes off to the kitchen where she downs a glass of water and then complains to Soomin that she cannot believe she’s being so disrespected and ignored by both her husband and her son. Her son? He doesn’t care about her if it has to do with Eunsoo. (DRAMAFEED-Why lady! He’s getting married. The basic transaction is that a NEW family is forming. And, this is why Korean dramas are focused on the family issues between daughter-in-laws and mother-in-laws while American movies less so.)

Soomin pauses and then tells her mom that she will meet with Eunsoo separately to say something. Mrs. Yoon immediately brightens up at the thought that someone will lecture Eunsoo and I am reminded why I disapprove of Eunsoo’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Eunho comes upstairs to tell Hyunshik that he has an idea for the webtoon. He finds Hyunshik preparing the kids’ books for the semester and asks why Hyunshik is writing “Kim Nara” and “Kim Woori” when Hyunshik’s last name is Park. Hyunshik smiles and begins that when he was 22, there was a woman that he really loved to death…

Then the day breaks and Soonjung asks Yeonmi to watch over the cafe as she runs an errand. Minutes after Soonjung leaves, Bitna arrives with some travel brochures that Soonjung had requested.

Yeonmi greets Bitna who doesn’t even look Yeonmi in the eyes. Lack of a proper upbringing I tell you. Yeonmi asks if Bitna has a moment to talk.


I’m not sure what to say about this episode as it felt off. It was like the staff woke up one day and realized “oh shoot, we are nearing the 2/3s point and we don’t even have Eunsoo married!”  They tried to fix this by randomly playing with the dramaland timeline, Eunsoo/Sooho’s wedding is set for “next next week” but no invites have gone out or anything and everyone is still in the early planning stages. Over all, as a viewer, the lack of continuity was jarring.

Another lack of continuity was Mr. Yoon. He went from being a male chauvinistic father who really only cared about the peace in his household to a beyond reasonable future father-in-law out of the blue. As his past character was the type to approve of his son breaking an engagement and getting married to another woman within two months, silently consenting to his wife’s humiliating episodes, and generally having two standards for his daughter compared to his daughter-in-law, I am not sure where this reasonable character came from? Why was it so weird? Usually, the number of guests is a big issue in Korea for the parents. It’s not one that people give so easily (even if the future daughter-in-law’s family offers to pay for it all, which is a commonly used tactic). He also agreed to no gifts without a second thought, which was surprising since it was clear that his wife did not agree. This is so different than him willing to disapprove of the wedding completely just to save his wife’s face.

The only really shining scene in this episode? The cafe scene between Sooho and Eunsoo.  It’s a difficult feat but the drama managed to take a sweet and goofy Sooho, who really has not succeeded in any kdrama-sense, and made him into a real male lead.  Sooho’s response to Eunsoo’s confession in not judging her but telling her that regardless of what she has to confess, he will always be on her side and her protector… That scene conveyed why Eunsoo fell for Sooho and is trying to marry him even though she knows that Mrs. Yoon is a crazy makjang mother-in-law and Sooho’s sister-in-law is Bitna.

So, what’s going on Shine Brightly Eunsoo? Are you trying to convince viewers that the Yoon family is not a horrible in-law family picking and choosing traditions of the past that they want to keep?


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