Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – 11-15

Jung-Gi and his family gradually adjusts to being poor with Maru turning into a part-time-job-aholic with Bom. However, this new partnership leads Bom into running into her older sister and just as Ahran is hiding creating a new artificially sweetened wine from her mother. Things don’t end up well – Bom gets fired and Ahran ends up running away in disgrace.



Bom enters the restaurant just as Mi-Dal declares that she’s a wicked step mother. Jung-Gi sees Bom and drops all of the rice cutting the conversation. Jung-Gi goes to get a new bag of rice where he wonders how Bom had this story to her…

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At the same time, Sun-Young accuses Jiah of planning everything. Jiah snaps back that it was all Sooho’s idea and he asked her for help getting money for a new guitar. Jiah even trips Sooho as he tries to run away… So he ends up literally locked in his room with a box of water bottles.


Bom runs into Maru and then brood together in the park about how hard it is to be a young person in Korea. Bom notes that their generation is known for being “7 give up percenters”… They have to give up their dreams, love, job, etc. Maru smiles and thanks Bom for helping out. He gives Bom a box of chicken in gratitude.


Bom brings her box home to eat with Mi-Dal and Bae-Dal. The adults are left the hook since Bom explains that she was angry about how badly her mother treated Jung-Gi and she didn’t hear something weird.


At the same time, Jung-Gi apologizes to Maru that he could not protect Maru’s inheritance… Maru had to give up everything so that they don’t inherit the debt. Maru smiles that the land was never his in the first place; so, he does not mind losing it.


Jung-Gi’s sister fails at getting her mom to leave the house and runs to get Jung-Gi. The grandmother cries that she’s only there to help Ahran who is second in Gookhee’s eyes. She even drags Jung-Gi in to see Ahran when Ahran works on her project. Ahran tells her father that the only way he can help is to disappear from her eyes…


Gookhee comes home and tells everyone to leave. Jung-Gi promises to not go come back and live at the house but asks Gookhee to file that Paran has gone missing. He adds that they cannot let Ahran live a lonely life any longer and Ahran hears it all…

Jung-Gi takes the paperwork to the police station but turns away at the last minute…

Meanwhile, Bom finds her hair pin from her dad’s uniform. She does not recognize it but takes it anyways assuming it was for her little sister.

Things take a turn for the worse when Jiah uses Bom’s shower and then takes Bom’s new jacket to borrow. Mi-Dal sees this and asks about the deeds she saw the other day. Jiah answers truthfully that they lost all of their land and properties because they were covered by liens. So, Mi-Dal realizes that her guests were not secret millionaires and tears into Jung-Gi for the cost of room and board. His children have the chance to overhear this and we see how this may become a plot tension later on.


As for Ahran, she broods on what her father yelled to her mother about and goes in to ask her mother to file that Paran is missing…Then at the office, she takes one of Taeho’s colleagues aside and asks him to develop his idea, which was to use non-organic sweeteners to make the next line of their wine. By not being limited to organic sweeteners, they can lower their prices and compete against a larger market. The only problem? It would be against their company’s ideals.


Later that evening, Bom and Maru go on a high-paying but difficult project job – cleaning Gookhee’s company. Bom is responsible for cleaning Ahran’s office and someone told her the wrong instructions that she can clean the coffee table but not Ahran’s desk. So, Bom ends up tossing Ahran’s precious bottle of sample wine, which was made by tossing their company’s tradition of natural fermentation.


Taeho is unaware of this and decides instead to take Ahran on a rooftop date where he set up the whole place with candles and a tent. He reminisces about when they were first hired and how they got drunk up their to prepare for their job. So, Ahran gets an idea to test the new wine on him and he offers to grab it.


Taeho finds the office empty of bottles but runs into Bom. They realize that there was a mistake and end up digging through the company’s main trash room for the bottle. In the interim, Ahran gets worried that Taeho is not returning and finds Maru in her office looking for Bom. She asks him for the bottle and gets more frustrated when he cannot answer her questions about what happened to it since he did not clean the office. She ends up yelling at him and accusing him of being a corporate spy.


Taeho returns to the office with the bottle and saves Maru. Unfortunately, Ahran does not even apologize. He and Bom trudge home after this hard day’s work and it’s already the morning.


When they arrive at home, Mi-Dal assumes that they spent the night together and slaps both Maru and Bom. What the two children did not know is that Bom dropped her phone before work started and no one knew where she was all night.


Bom tosses her pay at her mom crying that she was digging through the trash all night so that she can help pay the loans. This calms her mom down and Mi-Dal almost apologizes by telling Bom that Bom should have said that first.


Meanwhile, Ahran does a blind test of the new wine with Taeho’s team. Everyone picks the new wine as being their favorite except for Taeho who wonders that it tastes too easy, making him feel like it’s different than the characteristic taste of their wines….Ahran decides to launch the line at their new branch opening.

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Time for some romance! While Gookhee originally picked up Ahran’s phone, her secretary offers to return it to Bom and it winds up in Taeho’s hands. He and Bom are pleasantly surprised at the coincidence and agree to call it even since Bom helped find Ahran’s wine and Taeho found her cell phone. Taeho notes that the job must have been hard and offers to give her a job in the new opening branch, which Bom eagerly accepts.

Ahran chances on seeing the two acting friendly and it rubs her the wrong way. She recognizes Bom as the girl who begged for another chance even though she never it made it to the mandatory intern training. She glares at both the memory and jealousy.

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Just in case we forget about Jiah, she gets her own scene where she throws another tantrum. Jiah sees two ten dollar bills on the floor of the restaurant and jumps at the chance of free money. However, Jung-Gi sees this and berates her for basically stealing from the restaurant.

Jiah turns to Jung-Gi and screams that life is so hard for her now that she’s resorting to taking free money. She runs out barefoot crying about her hard life.

The ever faithful Maru goes after her and talks her down in the neighborhood. He patiently listens to her crying about how weird their family is because she’s still registered as Gookhee’s child instead of her own mother’s since Korea goes by the father’s family registry. Of course, she also complains about being poor. Maru calms her down and promises to make things better since he and their father are working hard to get back on their feet. Once she’s calmed down, he also tells her not to be so hard on their father.

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The next day, Bom goes to the part time gig where she barely stays awake to stalk up the new branch store. She continues to call Maru since they were supposed to do it together and ends up only getting through to Jung-Gi. Since Maru is still fast asleep, Jung-Gi decides to go and help Bom out on Maru’s behalf…

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Then Bom chances upon Ahran’s new line of wine. She reads the label and gasps to find out that it was not prepared in the traditional manner. Being that this is a drama, Bom even sighs out loud that the company disappointed her since it was known for their traditional wine fermentation.


Ahran overhears Bom and recognizes Bom as the troublemaker who was flirting with Taeho. She tells Bom off as a disgruntled ex-intern and orders that Bom leaves. Bom tries to defend herself but it only makes Ahran madder and Ahran tries to shove Bom… Ending up falling while pulling some of the new wine bottoms down with her.

And, thus, Jung-Gi runs to his elder daughter’s rescue at the expense of his younger daughter. Bom has to walk off in shame as both of her biological parents fuss over Ahran. Gookhee notices the wine bottles but Ahran just states that it’s nothing and tries to get up. She ends up putting her hand on more broken glass and Gookhee gets distracted.


Everyone returns to Ahran’s home where the grandmother cooks porridge and Jung-Gi refuses to leave. Jung-Gi fusses over Ahran until she falls asleep.

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In the morning, Jung-Gi tells his mother off for continuing to stay over at Gookhee’s place. He also tells Gookhee that she might not have any right to say anything but Ahran looks lonely. Gookhee angrily responds that Jung-Gi has no right after leaving their family and Jung-Gi walks home dejectedly. He sees Maru and Jiah cleaning up the restaurant and yells at them for doing something no one asked. He tells them to pick up their pride as he will figure out a way to send them back to school.


Meanwhile Sooho finds his way to the restaurant and tells her to take responsibility for making him lose everything to his parents. He barges into the restaurant to eat some free food. Jiah is not a fan and gets her revenge by calling Sooho’s mom to their restaurant.

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As for Ahran, the webs tighten around her. She’s happily blooming among all the attention she’s receiving for her hurt hand when Gookhee hears from the factory that Ahran ordered the production of their new wine line which includes artificial sweeteners. Gookhee confronts Ahran but Ahran lies that it was just a test run for the employees not for sale.


At the same time, Bom and Maru get a new project. The only problem? The job is carrying boxes up six flights of stairs because the elevator is broken. Maru tries to cancel it but Bom refuses because the pay is good. She tries her best but ends up having to stop. Maru smiles and tells her to rest as he finishes up. Afterwards, the sweetie gives her half of their pay explaining that they agreed to go 50/50 on the pay. Bom chastises him and gives him back some of the money so that she only takes one third of the pay since he did most of the work.


Then Mi-Dal finds a picture of Bom when she was a child in Jung-Gi’s room. She does not think much about it and reminisces about what Bom was like when she was little. Jung-Gi later realizes that his picture is missing but does not even think Mi-Dal took it.  The plot thickens!


Back at the company, Gookhee hears from the factory manager that Ahran ordered the production of the new line. She confronts Ahran who tries to lie her way out of the situation by saying that the factory manager misunderstood. Gookhee storms back into her office and remembers each instance in which Ahran lied to her…


Ahran runs in after Gookhee and tells Gookhee that she only wanted to prove that she could succeed with the project. Gookhee replies that Ahran was thinking in the wrong way. Ahran cries back that her mom does not understand; she only did this to save their company. Gookhee tells Ahran that Ahran was not thinking about the company but her own greed.


In the short interim, Taeho runs in to take Ahran to the the hospital. Ahran screams at him that she does not know if he fits her since he did not help her on the new project… Which led to this huge mess.


An emergency board of directors meeting is held. One of the directors asks Gookhee to make Ahran take responsibility for all of her actions which could have ruined their company. But then Ahran interrupts to declare to everyone that the research shows that consumers are satisfied with wine made with artificial sweeteners… Gookhee does not listen and only orders that Ahran is dragged out of the meeting.

So, Ahran leaves her resignation letter on her mother’s desk and leaves.


Meanwhile, Mi-Dal finds the lost diamond ring in her daughter’s clothes and tries it on. Instead of giving it to Bom or Maru’s family, Mi-Dal happily waltzes around wearing the diamond ring… Oh no…


In a short side subplot, Sooho’s credit cards are cut up and his father tells him to go live out his dreams without the support of his family…

Back to our little spoiled princess! She has no where to go; so, she ends up screaming at the top of her roof while people search for her.


Things are bad for Bom as well. She is so stressed about the debt that she looks into job fliers for scamming companies that rip other people off. Maru sees her and yells at her in disappointment that she would even consider a job in such places. Bom screams that Maru does not understand and stalks into the restaurant. Maru follows her to apologize but we all know it takes time to cool off.


Maru runs into Mi-Dal who yells at him about all of their electricity and water use to give her time to take off the diamond ring…


He sees Bom again when she’s off to run to a part time job that a friend introduced her to. Maru’s first reaction is to worry about which part time job Bom is going to. However, Bom does not react well because she’s so sensitive. She tells him to stop getting involved in her life and to stay out of her sight. Maru gets hurt and offers to move out in response.


Maru suggests moving out to his family but Jung-Gi tells them to reconsider… To save up more and make their situation better before taking extreme reactions. Then Jung-Gi gets a call from his sister that there’s an emergency and immediately runs out.


Jung-Gi arrives at Gookhee’s house to find out that Ahran ran away. He begins shouting as soon as Gookhee walks out of her room for not taking Ahran’s feelings into consideration. The grandmother also aggravates the situation by accusing Gookhee of being the problem – losing both Paran and Ahran.


Gookhee has no idea where Ahran might have gone to. So, Jung-Gi goes through Ahran’s things and finds a family picture from the past when they were at a beach. He rushes over while calling the emotional and crying Ahran. But Ahran does not pick up.

screenshot_2016-01-21-23-42-38-resized-640 screenshot_2016-01-21-23-42-08-resized-640

Jung-Gi shouts for Ahran as he walks around the beach. It isn’t clear from the scene if Ahran hears him… She just keeps on crying.


Enough plot development and character introduction to chart out the preliminary subplots and character motivations!

First the subplots:
– Bom/Maru romance
– Ahran /Taeho / Bom love triangle
– Sooho / Jiah side romance
– Ahran/Bom rivalry in/over the company PoomGilDang
– Corporate takeover / Traditional values v. New values being played out through Gookhee v. Ahran
– Bom’s birth secret
– Bom’s debt / complicated relationship with Mi-Dal
– the lost/found ring (might actually just be a short tangent for the Bom/Maru romance)
– Kilsoo’s responsibility for losing Bom

Next, main characters and their motivations/predictions for the future:

– Bom… It’s unclear if she’s going to stay the happy and optimistic protagonist or if she turns into the I-Need-Revenge protagonist. She was fortunate enough to have a loving adoptive father who instilled values and gave her a sense of security and identity. She is still vulnerable because her mother has anger management and insecurity issues, which could make anyone question her values. One thing that might turn the tide would be a serious and sad loss or if Mi-Dal betrays Bom for money before Bom can find her parents.

– Maru… He’s your average good tempered and good looking male lead. Additionally, he and Bom definitely seem to have a cute, muted chemistry when they are together. Their smiles are similar as well as their physiques. However, he does not seem to have that much depth of character yet. We have not seen anything to wrench our hearts in his favor. I hope that the future episodes show us his growth from this naive and sheltered boy into a man who steals the viewers’ hearts away.

– Ahran… I cannot tell if she’s the antagonist or of she’s going to be another Heejung from Everything Will Be OK. So far, Ahran’s character and acting leads me to guess that Ahran will turn into a simple female antagonist…Even though we feel a little bit of pity for her because she obviously felt like her mother never paid her enough attention after the loss of Paran, Ahran really has not suffered or gone through adversity for us to root for her success. It just feels like a grown woman who has not finished growing up and is throwing a tantrum for attention. Even in the end of Episode 15 when Ahran cries at the beach, I felt like her reaction was unnecessary. She made a mistake and the worst that would happen is that she starts from the bottom of her company or gets fired. Either would be great for the plot…

-Taeho… though he has better specs than Maru, there is something dry and missing from his story and acting. I’m not sure if his acting is too muted or if the writing has cornered him into this performance. The jury is still out on Taeho. For now, I definitely feel more empathy toward Maru and hope that whatever conflict rises between Maru and Taeho, Maru wins!

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey E- 9-10

Jung-Gi’s family starts to pick up their lives while living in Bom’s restaurant’s storage room.  Meanwhile, Bom loses an internal political battle with her mom and agrees to take on her father’s debt.


screenshot_2016-01-18-15-38-51-resized-640 screenshot_2016-01-18-15-39-02-resized-640

Bom manages to hide Maru’s family from her mother by promising to do all of the prep work by herself. However, she has to wait awkwardly until one of Maru’s family members come out to ask them to be a bit more careful since her mother does not know the family is using the room. Maru begins to apologize but then gets annoyed when Bom comments that Maru should be more understanding of his sister. He angrily notes that Bom should stay out of other people’s business since she also made it worse for her family by taking his ring and then losing it.


Meanwhile, Ahran deals with her insecurity by working herself to death. She begs Taeho for help in getting the new project. She complains that everyone treats her like she only got the title because she’s her mother’s daughter…and even gets shoved aside for her dead sister. Ahran even accuses Taeho of getting engaged to her so that he can take her position.

Taeho quietly walks off hurt. When he returns to his office, we find that he had his whole team stay overnight researching the new project…Ahran realizes that she overreacted and comes in minutes after and looks up in surprise that there are so many people at work so early. The employees are pretty honest in that they had to come to work to research the project.


Ahran regrets her harsh words and takes Taeho to the rooftop where she apologizes and confesses that she’s lonely everywhere…at home … and at the office. Taeho pulls her close and cups her face. He tells her softly not to hurt and kisses her.

However, when Ahran goes to give her report to her mother, Gookhee and Ahran get into another misunderstanding as Gookhee worries that Ahran is pushing too hard. Ahran assumes that Gookhee just does not trust her.


On the side, Bom confesses to Maru that she lost the ring. She promises to find the ring somehow and return it to him since it was his mother’s inheritance. Maru sighs that she can take her time as long as she tries her best. The two sweetly apologize for being rude to each other because of their difficult circumstances and decide to be friends.


At the same time, Bom’s mom runs into Jung-Gi changing in the storage room. She assumes that Jung-Gi is a thief and kicks him out with a bowl of water. Everyone congregates in front of the restaurant. Bom tells her mom that she owes Jung-Gi’s family because she lost their ring. Though Jung-Gi and Maru still stay quiet and apologetic, Jiah turns aggressive and declares that she will not leave without her mother’s ring.


Meanwhile, Sun-Young cries about the fact that her younger son Sooho is missing. From her sobbing rants, we find out that Sun-Young particularly obsesses over Sooho because she raised him close to her while her husband ignored her. Kilsoo tells her to calm down since they know Sooho is running around singing.


Later Bom’s mom asks Bom to take over all of her father’s debt. Bom asks why they can’t just give up the inheritance and the debt along with it. Mi-Dal answers that they would have to give up the restaurant and the home if they wanted to clean the debt. Bom answers that she’s only 22 and beginning to join the young professional world – they might as well give up everything and start with an empty slate. She runs out.


Bom walks out to find Jung-Gi also depressed in their restaurant. She invites him to a drink. Jung-Gi asks if he looks pathetic in her eyes since he cannot take care of his children after their mother died. Bom tells him not to think that way when he’s trying his best to protect his kids. She reminds him that at the very least, Jung-Gi is keeping the family together. They drink until Jung-Gi falls asleep drunk at the table. Bom ends up helping Jung-Gi into the storage room before leaving alone to brood about how long it would take for the family to pay off the debt…She would be around 50…

screenshot_2016-01-18-15-42-18-resized-640 screenshot_2016-01-18-15-42-36-resized-640

Bom goes home to find her uncle Bae-Dal doing laundry in cold water. He tells her to ignore her mother and to take care of herself. Bom agrees before going inside to find her mom eating. She asks her mom how all her mom can talk about with her is money. Mi-Dal angrily tells Bom that all her father did was leave them with debt. So, Bom cries that it was not her fault for being born into the family. Mi-Dal snaps back that Bom was not born into the house…

Bom demands to know how Mi-Dal can always say that to her. Mi-Dal back-pedals and lies that she means that Bom should live like the poor people that they are. She begs Bom to take the debt and they can pay it off together. Bom screams back in frustration that she cannot become liable for the debt when she cannot even find a part-time job…Mi-Dal screams that they can live separately and Bom stalks out.

Bom returns to her room where her little sister throws a tantrum that no one is paying attention to her when she’s a senior preparing for college…

At least Mi-Dal is consistent. Bae-Dal goes into the room to tell his sister not to think about giving all the debt to Bom while taking all of the inheritance. Mi-Dal hits Bae-Dal for not helping at all and stalks out.

screenshot_2016-01-18-15-42-55-resized-640 screenshot_2016-01-18-15-43-05-resized-640

The next morning, Mi-Dal screams out her frustrations on Jung-Gi and Bom. She accuses him of even stealing from them and goes into the storage room to check. However, she finds the envelope of deeds to Jung-Gi’s wife’s properties (which all have liens)… All of a sudden, Mi-Dal assumes that the family is legit and hiding for some other reason than money and begins to treat Jung-Gi like a guest.

On the side, Maru gets fired from work. The boss even refuses to pay him his partial pay, which Maru confides about to Bom. She tells him that he has to demand his rightful pay.


Meanwhile, the grandmother continues to live like a prick in Gookhee’s house. Ahran demands that her mother kick the grandmother out but Gookhee refuses since Jung-Gi’s mother is Ahran’s biological grandmother. Ahran corrects Gookhee noting that she declared that she has no father or grandmother. She asks her mother to be nicer to her than to strangers and asks again why even her dead little sister has more stock than she does…


Jung-Gi’s mother runs to Jung-Gi and tries to tell him that Ahran needs him. She tells Jung-Gi that Ahran is acting colder to him because she wants his attention…Ahran is living a life where she plays second fiddle to her dead little sister and is ignored by her mother. The grandmother tells Jung-Gi to file a case about Paran’s disappearance so that they can get closure – to file that Paran is dead.

Jung-Gi’s heart is moved and lurks around the company when he sees Ahran and Taeho. He hides behind a tree and does not manage to get the courage to go talk with Ahran.


Bom loses to her mother and decides to take on the debt even though her uncle warns her not to. Bom goes to her mother and asks her to sign a declaration that Mi-Dal promises to pay half of the debt and support Bom in her quest for find a job. Mi-Dal happily signs and promises to be better.

screenshot_2016-01-18-15-43-56-resized-640 screenshot_2016-01-18-15-44-11-resized-640

Meanwhile, Jiah and Sooho decide to get some money out of Sun-Young. Jiah lies to Sun-Young that she needs to get repaid for all of the money she loaned to Sooho. Jiah promises to tell Sun-Young how Sooho is living if Sun-Young repays Sooho’s debts…Sooho lurks outside the cafe watching as Sun-Young hands over all of her cash and a debit card (to repay Jiah for Sooho’s plane ticket). However, before Jiah can run with the money, Sooho gets caught by his father who drags him into the cafe.


Bom delivers to Maru’s employer when she overhears the boss refuse to give him the payment for three days of work. Maru gives up and leaves but Bom threatens to call the labor agency and file a claim against the boss for not paying a child’s part time work. The boss throws a bunch of cash and coins on the floor and tells her to take just three days’ worth of pay. So, Bom falls to the ground and begins counting coins when Maru joins her.


Back at the restaurant, Mi-Dal happily hums while preparing ingredients. Bae-Dal gets tired of her being so happy when she just made Bom take liability for the whole family’s debt and accuses her of being a real wicked step-mom. Mi-Dal is unrepentant and yells back that if she wanted to be a real wicked step mom, she would have tossed Bom out after her father passed away but she didn’t. What the two don’t realize is that Jung-Gi is still at the restaurant helping out and he overhears it all.


Well, talk about an extended absence from the Sweet Home, Sweet Honey drama. Unfortunately, I got thrown off due to travel and then there was no time to really catch up. My current goal is to post up catch-up caps, which will be like “WeeCaps” or one recap per five episodes since I feel like this drama is worth watching until the end.

As for my impression from these two recaps, I like how the drama has coincidentally paired Bom with her father. While Jung-Gi’s mother is pulling Jung-Gi toward Ahran, Jung-Gi is in a situation where he benefited from and sees how vulnerable Bom is. Bom has no reason to lie or put up a facade, so during this time that Jung-Gi stays with Bom’s family, he gets to know how his younger daughter grew up into such a sweet and hard-working girl. Later, if a struggle arises between Bom and Ahran, Bom may need all of the help she can get. Even though Gookhee is pining away for Bom, we have no guarantee that she will not take Ahran’s side once she knows that Bom is alive and healthy, since she raised Ahran all these years… Hopefully, Jung-Gi can be a supportive figure in the future. ^^

So, onward to the next drama recap.

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E08

Gookhee tells Kilsoo that she will take over the search for Paran while Bom finds out that her little sister lost Maru’s ring.



Bom freezes for a couple seconds before pushing Maru off. She notices that he’s not moving and manages to pull him into the office where they all realize that Maru has a fever. Everyone goes to get some blankets and supplies while Bom calls Jung-Gi. Dun. Dun. Dun.


Bom tells Jung-Gi that his son is unconscious and Jung-Gi tells his daughter that he will be right over. Bom walks out slowly enough that she meets Jung-Gi outside of the office.

Bom tells him that his son fainted and Jung-Gi stumbles with shock and concern. Bom helps him up and even takes his hand to lead him in.


Jung-Gi goes straight to Maru to yell at his son for pushing himself too much. Bom gets moved and agrees that Maru should listen to his father.

Jung-Gi carries his son home to lay him down on the floor. The annoying grandma snaps that Maru is more trouble than he’s worth and grumbles that they need to get rid of Maru… As if this lady did not benefit off of Maru’s mother for years.


Jung-Gi comes out and yells at his mother not to go back to Gookhee. He announces that he’s done with Gookhee.

Grandma sighs that even though Jung-Gi is her son, he’s pathetic. She reminds him that he never took care of the family with either wife… Always going around taking pictures…he lived off of them both. She warns him that if Jung-Gi does not get rid of Maru, she will so that Jung-Gi can start his life again.


Meanwhile, Gookhee holds a business meeting about whether or not they should fold their plans of marketing the traditional wine to the younger generation. Ahran volunteers to take on the project but Gookhee passes it on to another team.


Ahran goes back to her office fuming at her mother for taking her chance away. She tells Taeho to complete the research as she will focus on the project.

screenshot_2015-11-20-09-28-54-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-20-09-28-40-resized-640

At the same time, Bom calls Maru to come pick up the ring. She tells him that she does not need the money so he should come and pick it up.

Then Bom finds that the ring is gone. She looks all around but finds the ring no where. Her little sister comes in but realizes that she lost the ring. She lies that she did not touch the ring.


Bom’s mom takes her little sister’s side and yells back that Bom shouldn’t treat her sister like a thief and drags the little sister out.

In her room, Bom’s mom tells her sister to fess up and she does.


The next day, Bom meets with Maru. She plans to confess but lies that she forgot the ring at home and promises to bring it next time.

After Maru leaves, Bom goes into the restaurant and finds the debt papers…

At the same time, Grandma goes back to Gookhee’s house and lays on the couch crying. Gookhee brings the sister-in-law into her room and tells her to take her mother out. The aunt agrees that she thinks that Jung-Gi is getting punished for everything that he did wrong to Gookhee.


But then when they come out, Grandma is kneeling and crying in front of Ahran. Gookhee gives in and allows Grandma to stay in a storage room until she feels just a little better.  Grandma decides that it’s a victory and cackles that she’s never leaving.

As for Jung-Gi, he sits in the empty house with Jiah.  Jiah tries calling Sooho but he does not pick up because he’s singing.  So, she calls the number on the sticker on case.

screenshot_2015-11-20-09-31-11-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-20-09-30-41-resized-640

When they meet in a cafe, Jiah explains that she just picked up the case and expects 30% of the value of the possession in return for her efforts.  Sun-Young accuses Jiah about being in a relationship with Sooho, successfully angering her.  Sun-Young even insults Jiah by noting that Sooho should have high standards so Sooho cannot possibly have dated Jiah.  When Sun-Young tries to ask about whether Jiah has seen Sooho, Jiah shuts up.  Instead, Jiah grabs the case and leaves telling Sun-Young that Sun-Young is not the owner and does not deserve the case.


Sun-Young runs to her husband to complain that their son might be back in Korea.  Kilsoo calmly listens and guesses that their son is probably pursuing his musical passion.  He tells his wife not to file a missing person’s report since they know that their son is likely safe.  Sun-Young bristles at this cavalier attitude and complains that Kilsoo has spent 20 years looking after someone else’s child but never pays attention to his own…Just as she says this, Gookhee pauses in the doorway as she had come to greet Sun-Young.  Gookhee decides against entering and leaves but Kilsoo follows to apologize for his wife’s words.

Gookhee answers that it’s reasonable and apologizes for making Kilsoo handle the search for Paran.  She tells him that she will take care of the search for Paran from then on.


Meanwhile, Bom drags her mother into the back room behind the restaurant and asks her mom about her father’s debt.  She asks how they are going to deal with it when she gave up her education the last time her father ran into debt.  Her mother stutters that Bom does not have to worry as they can just give up their inheritance and will not be on the hook for the debt as well.

screenshot_2015-11-20-09-32-21-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-20-09-32-40-resized-640

Jung-Gi and Jiah go to Maru’s work place as the new owner of their house had kicked them out.  They all chill in the office while eating bread but get caught by the owner.  The owner gets angry at the fact that his employee called in his family and kicks them all out as well as fires Maru…


Bom had been on her way to talk to Maru about the lost ring when she sees the scene.  She sees and hears Jung-Gi apologize to his children and remembers how her own father had apologized to her for causing her to worry about money.  She offers to let them stay in the storage room and they agree.

Bom leaves the family feeling happy but then runs into her mom.



Bom and Maru’s situation is awkward.  I feel like it might be better for Bom to come clean about the lost ring.  If we boil it down, Bom is not doing Maru’s family a favor, she actually owes them money and they are her creditors.  If the ring was a diamond ring, Bom owes the family a large amount of money that could either get them a room in a motel for a long period of time or entrance to the sauna for even a longer period of time.  Additionally, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her just because her sister lost the ring.  Bom made two huge mistakes in the first place.  If the family finds out afterwards that she lost the ring, their gratitude might turn into resentment and resentment is harder to unravel.

First, Bom decided to take a possibly diamond ring from a stranger for safe keeping because she felt that he was being immature.  Really? Normal people would have filed a claim with the police after someone took such an expensive possession away.  Additionally, even if she had not lost the ring, she has no right to police a stranger’s behavior.  If he needed to grieve over a failed proposal, then he has the right to grieve.  Maru’s heart is not going to move on just because Bom ordered that it do so.

Second, Bom and Bom’s mother’s reaction to her little sister implies that this is not the first time Bom’s little sister got into trouble.  Bom was careless in leaving what was clearly a jewelry box in her little sister’s reach.  Finally, Bom should have explained the situation to the sister to let her little sister clearly know the circumstances surrounding how Bom forcibly took a stranger’s ring for temporary keeping and has to return it.  If, at all, an explanation might have made the little sister consider twice before carelessly wearing the ring to school.

Last interesting thing about this episode is how Bom’s mother basically told Bom that they don’t need to worry about the debt if they give up inheriting from the father.  Doesn’t this mean that Bom could also just give up her legal right to the insurance money and avoid taking on the debt?  I’m not sure where the writer will go with this…Now, it seems like the only way that Bom’s mom can hold on to their restaurant and house would be to illegally accept the inheritance under Bom’s name…Sell everything…and run with the money?

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E07

Bom’s mom decides to throw her under the bus as Taeho comes to Ahran’s rescue.  And to give some fan service, seven episodes in, we get our first kiss!



The bus comes but Bom’s mom was faster. She hugs Bom and snaps that Bom shouldn’t have leave just because of a few words that she said. Then she pulls Bom home… She even stops herself from hitting Bom for being immature.


Bom sees her mother’s scraped ankle and brings her in to put on medicine. However, when Bom brings the medicine, her mother pretends to sleep. Bom’s mom only gets up when Bom leaves to sigh that Bom’s actions are making her reconsider her plan.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi’s mom continues to moan at Gookhee’s place. It turns out that Gookhee called Jung-Gi’s sister and not Jung-Gi because she races over.


Jung-Gi’s sister tells her mother to stop pretending and get up. This angers her mother so she sits up to hit her daughter about not even asking about what happened when her mother is hurt. This only confirms it to her daughter that her mother is faking and she drags her mother out.

Jung-Gi’s mom continues to refuse to leave and Ahran comes home. The grandmother runs to hug Ahran who pushes her grandmother away. When her grandmother cries that her granddaughter is heartless, Ahran snaps back that Grandma and her family should stop torturing their family.


Jung-Gi arrives and things get worse. Jung-Gi first apologizes to Gookhee but Grandma snaps that it’s not Jung-Gi’s fault since he only left because Gookhee lost a child and then took out her frustration on her husband. Grandma even accuses Gookhee of being the reason that Jung-Gi’s second non-official wife had to die without ever getting a wedding. This last bit gets Gookhee’s attention but she does not say anything.

Jung-Gi drags his mother out of the house and Ahran snaps the gate in her father’s face. And Grandma finally learns that both of her children lost their homes… So, everyone heads over to a jjim jil bang.

Grandma is the epitome of kindness when Maru wakes up to ask her why she isn’t sleeping. She calls Maru a blight and wonders why Jung-Gi is keeping Maru around.


This does not deter Maru who calls around for jobs the next day and even goes to help movers in hopes of getting a paid job.


At the same time, Bom’s surprises both of her daughter by bringing Bom some snacks and even showing Bom presents… New shoes and a dress. Bom’s little sister gets jealous and leaves while Bom cautiously thanks her mother.

Bom takes care of the restaurant even though her mother tells her to rest. She’s left alone when Bom’s mother’s brother comes in. He asks her if his sister has not said anything to her and Bom sighs that her mother has been really nice to her lately.


The uncle pauses that something is up and begins to tell her about the debt when Bom’s mother comes in and sends Bom home.


At the same time, the Board tells Ahran to take responsibility for not resolving the contract issue. Like all drama magic, the Chinese CEO arrives at that moment to announce that he wants to sign the contract because he was moved by learning about the Korean traditions. The CEO’s representative specifically attributes it to Taeho. However, Taeho tells the Board that he only did what Ahran asked him to do so that she would get credit.


Afterwards, Ahran looks at a picture of herself with Taeho. She then goes to tell her mother that it was Taeho’s accomplishment.

Gookhee smiles that it would not be out of Taeho’s character. She then tells Ahran that even though Ahran might be wary of marriage because she has only seen her unhappy parents, a lot of couples live happily together. She adds that Ahran should seriously consider getting back together with Taeho since he would make her happy.


Ahran goes to meet with Taeho on the roof. She thanks him for helping with the fallen deal and giving her credit. But Taeho responds that it was always her idea in the first place. Then he tells her that he will hold on to the engagement ring a little longer so that Ahran does not feel pressured; she should focus on what makes her happy.

Meanwhile, Jiah snaps at a young street performer who’s singing for money. But when he sees Kilsoo and Taeho, he runs behind Jiah and asks her to get the guitar case with money for him.


Jiah realizes that the performer is avoiding the two men in suits and grabs the case announcing that she will buy ramen with the money. She goes to the pojangmacha where Kilsoo and Taeho are.

Kilsoo tells Taeho that he always thought that the relationship would end by itself but they ended up getting engaged… He even confesses that he feels a bit burdened by the prospect of becoming in laws with Gookhee who has been his boss for thirty years.

Taeho’s little brother runs off while Kilsoo and Taeho drink.

Sun-Young tries calling Taeho’s little brother’s (Sooho’s) dorm but does not understand what the caller answers.


As for Bom, things go south when her little sister decides to try on the ring. She finds that it fits and decides to wear it for a couple of days.

Bom has no idea that she’s about the lose the stranger’s ring and gets sad looking at the tattered state of her mom’s shoes. She goes in to see if she can help her mom with anything making her mom jump while considering how to give her debt to Bom.

Meanwhile, Maru works hard at the moving/delivery company even though he has tons of bruises. He goes to Bom’s family’s restaurant and orders one soup rice bowl for delivery.

Bom’s uncle fusses about the delivery so Bom volunteers to go in his stead.


After Bom leaves, her uncle asks his sister if she is really planning to hand the debt over to Bom. When his sister answers that it’s the only way for them to live if at least one of them is not bankrupt, he reminds her that Bom is still just taking her first steps in society and giving her such a large amount of debt will cripple her.


Bom happily goes to deliver the order blissfully unaware of anything. The boss there asks her to call Maru in to eat so she complies. But when she goes to Maru, his vision blurs from exhaustion and he faints on top of her… Lips touching.


Well that’s it, Bom’s pair is Maru. After all, in drama land, the first kiss or the first guy to get puked on always gets the girl. In this case, it’s Maru. Only time will tell on whether Sooho ends up being Maru’s rival or not.

While I like this drama a lot, one thing that makes me pause is how they are stacking the cards against Bom. The drama did a good job in creating an empathizable normal girl in Seoul but can a normal girl make enough money to get rid of such a large debt that makes an adult lose sleep in a short amount of time? It’s like the drama train got put on a track where only Gookhee’s fortunes can save Bom, which is all great as a story. But it would be better if the drama gave an obstacle that Bom could with development, resolve herself. That would be a better message to the rising generation struggling with the uncertainties of the economy.

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E06

Maru’s family learn to be scrappy while Bom’s mom stresses about Bom’s father’s left behind debt.


Bom snaps at her mother for doing nothing but brood about her husband. She tries to tell her mom to move to be able to get over his death faster. Her mom snaps back that she never expected Bom to get into a huge company in the first place since Bom neither has a great resume or is pretty. With that complaint, Bom’s mom goes home to brood more while Bom takes care of the lunch business by herself.


Bom’s uncle comes home to find his sister staring at the bill. Surprisingly sweet, Bom’s mom complains that Bom’s dad made his two daughters suffer, including Bom…

Bom comes in to complain about having to deal with lunch alone. Her uncle tries to explain that there’s a bigger issue by showing her the bill. However, Bom’s mom snatches it back and yells at Bom to leave.


Meanwhile, Jian, Maru and Jung-Gi get kicked out of their motel room for not paying. So, they sneak back home only to find that the debt collectors took everything. Jiah takes this the worst as the debt collectors even took the purse she hid away…

screenshot_2015-11-18-09-11-58-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-18-09-11-46-resized-640

So, Maru goes to a friend to ask for a favor. His friend begins by agreeing to help out since he was helped by Maru in Boston. But, the friend sighs that he can’t hire Maru since even people with MBAs intern at their company while Maru didn’t even get his degree.

At the same time, Bom wonders why Maru is not coming for his ring. She tries calling him to ask why he has not even contacted her. However, Maru is still smarting from his friend’s refusal and hangs up.

Jiah’s aunt calls and apologizes that she can’t help… She doesn’t elaborate but it turns out that her husband had an affair and they lost their house as well…


She whines about being hungry but Maru saves the day with food bought from the friend’s money.


The next day, the uncle gets bad information. If Bom’s mom gives up her inheritance, she would not be on the hook for the debt but then she also loses the house and restaurant as well.


Meanwhile, Taeho walks in on Ahran listening to music. He softly confesses that she must be having a hard time if she’s listening to music and he had wanted to help her but he can’t…

When he leaves, Ahran takes off her earphones and it is unclear if she heard him.


Then Taeho goes to meet the Chinese CEO. He hears that they just checked out and forcibly stops the car by running in front of it. He brings them to the original location for PoongGilDang and gives them a tour of the traditional wine making facilities. Taeho’s hard work appears to pay off as the Chinese CEO’s expression lightens.


When Taeho comes home, his mother asks if he heard about their meeting from Ahran. Taeho responds by asking his mother to stay out of his engagement. Sun-Young accuses Taeho of telling her off at Ahran’s request. Taeho just sighs at goes to his room.

At the same time, Jung-Gi’s mother-in-law is hard at work. She tells the housekeeper to go home for a vacation as she will take care of the household.


When Gookhee comes home, she finds food on the table with a note from the housekeeper that the housekeeper will be back. Gookhee begins to eat but then gets up when her mother-in-law shows up and declares that it was her cooking. She goes into her room and calls someone to pick the mother up.


At Bom’s mom’s restaurant, a customer makes a fuss about the food. So, Bom jumps in to defend her mother. However, her mom responds by hitting Bom on the head.


Bom runs out and when her mom follows cries that her mom hates her…she notes that her mother always favored her little sister and never liked her. Bom’s mom answers that Bom can leave if she wants.

Bom’s mom goes back into the restaurant as Bom goes home to pack. While packing, Bom remembers how her mom used to give the ice cream to her little sister only… Likely just one example out of many.


Bom’s mother’s brother comes to the restaurant to visit and nags when he hears that his sister reamed into Bom again. He reminds her that Bom is the one keeping the family afloat… She was the one who got a student loan and paid off her father’s debt when he suddenly went bankrupt so that they could keep their house. He leaves after reminding her that if she does not pay off her husband’s loan, it has to go somewhere.

Obviously, he means that it would go to her daughter but Bom’s mom gets happy that she can just make Bom take responsibility for the loan. So, she quickly goes home but Bom’s already left.

Bom’s little sister runs in to scream at her mother for being too much. Her mom runs out.

screenshot_2015-11-18-09-15-09-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-18-09-16-26-resized-640

Bom decides against taking the bus. She goes back to look at the restaurant one more time but leaves again. At this point, her mom sees her and runs after her. She manages to find her at the bus stop, pulling Bom into a hug and calling her “daughter.”


I was wondering whether this drama would have an evil side since most daily dramas have someone you can hate. Here, Bom’s mother seems to be the likely candidate. Even though she is not a bad person, she does resent Bom for being a child out of wedlock and getting all of her husband’s love and attention. She also has a strong sense of survival, which does not include Bom… The storyline looks like it is going to shift all of the debt onto Bom through her adoptive mother.

Meanwhile, another interesting character might be thrown into the mix. In this episode, Sun-Young randomly complained that she misses her younger son who is in Vancouver while nagging at Taeho’s. Could it be that another conflict will not be a love triangle between Bom/Taeho/Ahran but that Taeho’s little brother is going to fall for Bom and we get the Taeho/Ahran couple with Sun-Young’s and Kilsoo’s blessing v. the underdog couple of Taeho’s little brother/Bom?

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E05

Bom’s happiness is dashed by her very own sister when her company fires her for not attending the mandatory training program. Meanwhile, Maru’s family tries to deal with losing Maru’s mom and their wealth.



The snappy and happy intro music finishes to show us the family moving on. The uncle and the daughters eat while the mom lies in bed and refuses to eat. She even snaps that her daughter has no sense of loyalty having an appetite so soon after her father passed away.

Bom answers that they have to continue to try their best. But then the mom even snaps that Bom’s strong attitude sucked all the good karma from their family causing Bom’s father’s death. Having heard enough, Bom yells back that she’s not going to listen to her mom verbally abuse her any more.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi, Maru and Jian hide from the loan sharks by pretending they are not at home. They wait until it’s quiet to try to run but the loan sharks were only waiting. The loan shark yells that Maru even signed the declaration so he should pay. Then the loan shark plops down on the couch promising not to leave until their paid.

Jung-Gi covers the two men with a blanket so that the three can run.

screenshot_2015-11-16-13-30-42-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-16-13-30-52-resized-640

They end up at a nearby convenience store eating one dollar rice balls and sharing one water bottle. Jiah gets angry at her father and yells at both him and Maru for not having a backup plan… Leaving them with nothing but some cash since all of their cards and accounts were frozen.


Bom also comes home with some of her mom’s favorite pastry. But her mom is moody because they don’t have a lot of money and they just lost one source of income.

Bom then finds her father’s death certificate registration. She yells at her mom for filing it so soon. However, her mother answers that they need to file it as soon as possible to get their insurance mom.


Then Bom’s little sister runs out making a fuss about everyone being loud. Bom runs after her and brings her home. She puts her little sister to bed and promises to make enough money so that her little sister can go to college.

We have a short time jump and it’s Bom’s first day at work. However, the company tells her that she has been fired because she did not the mandatory training program. Bom tries to explain that she could not participate because of her father’s funeral and wake.


Gookhee and her entourage walk by when they hear Bom begging. Kilsoo and Ahran go over to handle the matter. When they hear Bom’s story, Kilsoo seems ready to make an exception for Bom but Ahran holds firm that they can’t give anyone preferential treatment. They forcibly kick Bom out.

Meanwhile, Maru goes by the construction site and finds his mom’s stuff. He hugs it and begins sobbing for his mom. Then he goes to the river where he broods over the diamond ring.

screenshot_2015-11-16-13-32-10-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-16-13-32-22-resized-640

Bom watches him brooding over a ring and sighs that everyone has a scar whether it’s love or financial. Just then, Maru drops the ring into the river and runs into the river to find it.

Bom sees him and believes that he’s trying to suicide. So, she runs in to help him. Once they get back out, she takes the ring and tells him to get a grip on life and come back when he gets his head straight… Not thinking if suicide just because a girl dumped him. She walks off with the ring with Maru following.


Meanwhile, Kilsoo broods over Bom’s resume. He remembers how the investigator found out that Bom’s dad has two daughters but no trace of an adoption… So, he goes to visit Bom’s mom’s restaurant with a condolence gift.

screenshot_2015-11-16-13-32-58-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-16-13-33-21-resized-640

The next day, Sun-Young visits PoomGilDang to meet with Ahran. She demands to know what Ahran is thinking by bailing on the engagement party. She even reminds Ahran that when Ahran was considering engagement with Taeho, Taeho had several offers from different families.

Ahran offers to reconsider the marriage. This makes Sun-Young back off immediately. Instead, she passive aggressively tells Ahran that she understands Ahran… Ahran is only acting this way because she never received love and attention from her mother.

Ahran angrily gets up and leaves. She goes to her office only to be attacked by one of the directors who makes a fuss about Ahran not doing work well and not having a lot of power.


Ahran responds by asking him what he means… Then Ahran stomps into her mother’s office to yell about her little sister having more shares in the company than she does…

After Ahran leaves, Gookhee leaves to deal with her stress as well. They go to countryside where Gookhee sighs about how they all suffered in the past. Kilsoo answers that he is only thankful to her for taking him in as a penniless teenager. However, Gookhee remains lost in thought as she muses that she succeeded with her company but she lost one daughter and might be estranged from her other daughter.

screenshot_2015-11-16-13-33-45-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-16-13-33-52-resized-640

As Gookhee walks off, we turn to Kilsoo’s flashback. Paran is flitting around her mother who is busy trying to develop new rice wine. Kilsoo sees this and tells Paran that she can play with him. So, Paran ends up seeing Kilsoo hand over Gookhee’s recipe book to a strange man.

Later, Kilsoo takes Paran to a convenience store for a treat but Paran asks Kilsoo why he gave her mother’s treasure to someone else. Kilsoo freezes. Then he tells Paran to go buy ice cream. When Paran returns, Kilsoo is gone hiding in the corner.


Gookhee goes home to find her mother-in-law cleaning out Paran’s room. Gookhee puts all of the dolls back and demands that her mother-in-law leaves. However, the grandmother holds onto Gookhee’s leg and cries that she’s sorry but she wants to live with her only daughter in law.

At the same time, Bom’s mom gets a letter from a creditor… Her husband had debt when he died.


Soon, Bom comes home and pours her mother soju and promises to help her mother through it all. Bom’s mom starts drinking and loses herself in her memories… In them, she tried to kick Bom out… As her husband only loved and paid attention to Bom only.


It has to get dark before the morning so that we can appreciate the light. However, we need something to help us along as everything falls apart and watching Honey Pot leaves the viewer gloomy.

On a more objective level, the writer, actors, directors all did a fantastic job. I feel gloomy about the future but I don’t want to stop watching. Instead, I wish had more time to watch more. One thing that Honey Pot does really well is developing all of the story lines simultaneously without making it skewed which Everything Will Be OK has difficulties with. Here, we are able to learn more about Gookhee, Ahran, Bom, her mother, Kilsoo, and Maru in what feels like approximately the same amount of screen time. Kudos!

FYI – I used to name this series, Our Home, Honey Pot because it felt right but then KBS World is releasing subs under Sweet Home, Sweet Honey. ^^ So, I changed the name of my recaps.

Our Home, Honey Pot – E04

Lady Fate wakes up and decides that it’s time to put everyone on a moving escalator of chaos.


[audiotube id=”CcZ7kt6Dz-A”]  Joo’s Cry & Blow seemed to fit this episode recap… T_T


The bricks fall on Bom’s father and Maru’s mother as ominous music plays. Meanwhile, the security guard tells Bom to leave the lunch box at the security station as he will pass it on.

Bom happily does so and sees hiking clothes on her way home. She sighs that her parents have neither been able to go travel abroad or go hiking. She cheerfully goes in to buy an outfit for her mother and father.


But, on the bus, Bom gets a call and immediately gets off.


Meanwhile, Kilsoo checks with Gookhee whether anyone weird has called about Paran. Gookhee tells him that since they put Kilsoo’s number on the flyer, she has not receive any weird calls. Kilsoo internally sighs in relief and broods about how much Bom’s father might know.

screenshot_2015-11-12-09-27-42-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-12-09-27-55-resized-640

Bom runs to the hospital where Maru’s family just found out that Maru’s mother has passed away. Bom signs the waiver so that her father can get surgery. She then waits in the hallway replaying how she whined to her dad about worrying about money.


More bad news comes. The surgeon comes out to tell the family that Bom’s father’s breathing became unstable so they had to stop the surgery.

Bom’s mom yells at the doctor for beginning the surgery and not finishing it. However the nurse reminds them that they signed the waiver, which turns her anger to Bom. She yells that Bom lived off of her dad and finally killed him…

screenshot_2015-11-12-09-28-58-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-12-09-29-06-resized-640

At the same time, loan sharks attack Maru’s mother’s funeral. They demand that Maru’s sign a declaration that he will take over his mother’s debt. Jung-Gi tries to tell them to stop but the loan sharks push him off stating that they know he’s not even legally married to Maru’s mom. (This part was weird but I guess that it’s because a legal family member might have reasons to take over a family member’s debt but it would be hard for loan sharks to make the argument that a non-family member would do the same thing without coercion.)


In Bom’s father’s hospital room, his family sits next to him in shock. Bom’s mom worries about the hospital fees and stomps into the funeral to demand that they help with the costs. However, she sees that there are few guests and the family members are literally lying in the corner exhausted. She decides to come back another day.


However, Jung-Gi’s mom is off making trouble. She goes to Gookhee’s house but pauses in front of the gate. She does not have to ring the door bell as Ahran comes home.

Ahran reluctantly lets her grandmother in the house but demands that her grandmother leave before her mother comes home. She asks if her grandmother also came to demand that Gookhee finalize the divorce.

Grandma gets up confused but Ahran does not see it since Ahran is viewing the world through hurt eyes. She reminds her grandmother that she told Gookhee that Gookhee has no right to be with her husband since she lost her daughter… That Grandma is leaving because she does not want to get bad karma from Gookhee.

Ahran declares that she remembers even though she was only six. Grandma pretends not to remember and tries to change the topic to eggs; she jovially offers to make Ahran some eggs but Ahran tries to stop her. The eggs fall to the ground and Ahran angrily goes to her room.

So, Grandma goes to snoop around in Gookhee’s room. She spots the divorce papers and sighs that her son is an idiot.


Then Gookhee arrives at home and the housekeeper tells her that Grandma must have left. So, Grandma hides under the desk…but, then she has to use the restroom and crawls out.

Grandma begins by attacking Gookhee for being cruel and cold for even thinking about divorcing her husband. Gookhee asks her mother-in-law to leave but Grandma throws herself in bed instead.

screenshot_2015-11-12-09-31-08-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-12-09-31-12-resized-640

Ahran gets frustrated and leaves only to go back to the company. Taeho sees her and brings her ice cream that she used to like in the past. Ahran demands to know it Taeho does not have any pride. Taeho smiles that he thought about it and felt like he needed no pride in front of her… He promises to help her meet with the Chinese buyer. However, Ahran snaps that there’s more things going wrong than just the buyer alerting Taeho to the other issues. He pulls her into a hug and promises to help.

Meanwhile, Kilsoo lurks in front of Bom’s house before getting caught by the uncle. He pretends that he has no reason to be there and leaves.


Taeho also comes home to find his mom meditating and asking for the universe to help her become the center of the household. She tells him to bring Ahran home since Ahran caused the mess. Taeho sighs and asks his mom to look fondly on Ahran because she may look prickly on the outside but is really sweet and warm on the inside. Sun-Young responds by crying that her sweet son has changed.


Next, Kilsoo comes home and blows Sun-Young off to go into his room. When Sun-Young comes into the room to complain about how Taeho was slighted, Kilsoo takes out his frustration on her and yells that if she goes to Gookhee, it will just show how uneducated she is. This causes Sun-Young to cry about her fate as Kilsoo steams.

The next day finds Bom crying next to her father. She cries for her father to wake up and use the clothes that she bought him. Her mom hits her and tells Bom to leave instead of making a ruckus in the hospital room.

Bom goes out to the garden to pray for her father. She does not realize but Maru is at a nearby table crying over some legal documents. I couldn’t tell if it was his mom’s debt or if he had signed an agreement to take on his mom’s debt. She does notice that a mourner is crying and bids him well with a water bottle.

Jung-Gi’s mom visits the wake where she drags Jung-Gi out. She tells him not to sit with the family or he might have to take over Maru’s mother’s debt. She even adds that she went to Gookhee. This last mention angers Jung-Gi and he leaves.


At the same time, Kilsoo calls Bom’s dad. Bom answers and thinking that it’s a friend of her father explains how her father is unconscious.

She turns but does not go back into the hospital room because she sees that her mother is crying and confessing how much she misses him.

screenshot_2015-11-12-09-33-07-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-12-09-32-56-resized-640

Bom falls asleep on the bench outside and her father visits in her dream. He smiles that he loves her and promises to not make her suffer… He promises to always be with her…She wakes up and goes into the room where her father tries hard to speak with her and then suffers a seizure… The doctors are called but it’s too late; he flatlines.


=_= When I was watching the dream scene, I thought they might kill him off… But seeing him try to speak with Bom and then flatline was too much. Honey Pot went into a gloomy atmosphere with this episode… killing off a character just after I want him and Bom to succeed and live happily so much! I don’t even feel like rambling; I’m going to go eat sweets instead.

One note before I leave and bid everyone a happy Friday is that…we should have seen this coming.  I had the hardest time trying to Bom’s father and Maru’s mother’s information on the character family tree.  I thought it was weird.  I just realized that it was because they were going to kill off these characters… KBS that was low.

Our Home, Honey Jar – E03

Bom’s dad gets fooled by Kilsoo but then starts to realize that something suspicious is going on.  Meanwhile, Jung-Gi tries to get an official divorce from Gookhee and ends up hurting Ahran again.  Finally, Bom gets good news that she got hired by PomGilDang.


screenshot_2015-11-11-21-59-55-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-11-22-00-03-resized-640

Dramatic music plays while Taeho’s dad (Kilsoo) startlingly answers that the girl in the flyer is his own daughter. He adds that he heard that his daughter had actually died but he has not been able to tell his wife because his wife is so weak… Kilsoo even adds that his wife made the yellow hairpin herself.

Bom’s father totally believe Kilsoo’s words since Kilsoo even pretends to cry. Bom’s father consoles Kilsoo that hr understands.

Kilsoo then asks about the girl in the picture as the child looks just like his own daughter. Bom’s father explains that the girl in the picture was a girl at an orphanage. The meeting ends but we find out the missing girl’s name – Paran.


We turn to Gookhee. She tells Jung-Gi to live his life in folly but she will never divorce him… She adds that if she had a mind to divorce him, she would have put him into jail for having an affair while she looked for their lost daughter. Gookhee angrily crumbles up the paper and leaves.

Jung-Gi follows Gookhee to her car but Gookhee does not stop. He turns around to see Ahran.


They go to a park where Jung-Gi tells Ahran to take care of her mother. Ahran glares back and demands to know how he could say those things when he left Ahran when she was six… He never showed up for her school activities, when she got into a car accident, when she was preparing for college. She even adds that she just broke off an engagement because she does not care about family just like him. She gets up and leaves.


Meanwhile, Gookhee thinks about the meeting and looks at the divorce papers. Ahran stomps into the room to yell at her mother. She tells Gookhee to just divorce Jung-Gi and stop using Baron as an excuse. Gookhee tells Ahran not to speak of her father in that manner but the words fall on flat ears.


The board has a meeting with Ahran and Taeho about the lost buyer. The board criticizes Ahran for not reviewing the contract carefully and losing the relationship after all of the time and effort put into it. So, Taeho answers that it was also his fault. However, the male pigs on the board tell him that covering for Ahran will not fix the situation.

Gookhee evenly turns to Taeho to ask what his plan is. Taeho answers that he has been in contact with another distributor and the board decides to back Taeho’s plan.

screenshot_2015-11-11-22-01-53-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-11-22-01-42-resized-640

Ahran feels betrayed by the meeting and takes Taeho to the roof. Taeho asks her why she has never apologized for breaking off the engagement. He notes that he fell for her when she proposed to him honestly that she wanted a business partner and not a lover but he had hoped he could become more to her. He asks if she never thought about him as more than just a business partner.

Ahran glares and answers that she never needed love, she just needed his business acumen and support. After crushing Taeho’s heart, Ahran leaves the poor puppy on the roof.

Taeho goes back to his office where the team throws him a celebration. He coldly focuses back on work without telling that the wedding was called off.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi comes home to find his mother happily eating in the living room. She even has the gall to say that Jung-Gi better not expect to go back to his first wife after his second goes bankrupt since his first wife probably won’t accept him back.


Jung-Gi goes into his room to tell his wife that he tried again and he’s sorry that he didn’t succeed. His wife cries back that she wishes that she had just gone to jail with him so that they could just live officially and proudly as a married couple…

Meanwhile, Maru continues to work at the construction site. He gets a cut behind his ear but continues to work.

During lunch, Bom’s dad tells Maru to go back home. Maru sighs that he resents his mother for making this such a mess and telling him to leave. Bom’s dad answers that Maru’s mother is not the only resented parent and that no parent wants his child to suffer…He even adds that he knows someone who took in an orphan to make her life better but only caused her to suffer…

screenshot_2015-11-11-22-09-15-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-11-22-10-29-resized-640

At the same time, Bom worries about telling her mother the truth. Meanwhile, her mom balances her accounts in the living room and worries about the increased rent for her store and decides to ask Bom for help.

Bom comes out and squeaks out that she did not make it. Her mom immediately changes her tune and demands that Bom help her with the store.

She then goes into her room and snaps that it is all her husband’s fault… He came home with her and asked her to help raise his out of wedlock child but they never benefited. Bom’s dad thinks about telling his wife that he’s not Bom’s real father but then decides against it.


Baddies will be baddies. Kilsoo spends his time searching for orphanages and getting stressed.

screenshot_2015-11-11-22-18-02-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-11-22-19-06-resized-640

The next day, Bom’s dad opens up an old box of Bom’s stuff and decides that there can be no father to Bom other than himself. Then he finds Bom’s hairpin and remembers how Kilsoo lied that they cremated the hairpin. Picking up on the fishiness, he goes to confront Kilsoo with the handmade hairpin.


Kilsoo looks shocked when he sees the hairpin. He angrily asks what Bom’s dad is trying to get at.

Bom’s dad replies by asking if Paran is actually his daughter. Kilsoo snaps back that this is all personal family information and gets up to leave.

screenshot_2015-11-12-09-16-54-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-12-09-17-05-resized-640

Bom’s dad watches Kilsoo as he meets Gookhee and hands over the new search flyers… It’s unclear if Bom’s dad figured out that Kilsoo is lying.

Meanwhile, Bom picks up her phone from the rice cooker to see if it works. But, it seems that it was not enough. Bom’s mom continues to order Bom around… Someone seems to resent the out of wedlock daughter…

Then! The phone comes back to life and she gets a call from the company saying that she has been hired.

Bom calls her father but he does not pick up because he’s replaying the scene from earlier where Kilsoo handed over the flyer to Gookhee. So, she goes home to cook and prepare lunch for her father.


Maru gets caught on the construction site and his mom cries for him to leave. He reluctantly leaves.


As he walks away from the construction site, he runs into Bom. She demands money for the torn uniform and getting fired from her part time job. He answers that he does not owe her the money. Bom snaps back that he owes her but it’s a good day for her, so she will let him off this once.


Bom happily goes to the site… But someone steps on bricks above where bricks are loose because of what Maru and the other worker did earlier…Maru’s mom looks up and wonders what is going on when the bricks fall and Bom’s father covers her and both of them fall!


Oh dear… What a horrible development. I can see where the writer wanted to go with this, by taking out these two characters we instantly create several obstacles for our main characters. 1) Jung-Gi will not recognize that his daughter is Bom and probably act like the horrible mothers in dramas behave, lashing out at Bom because he blames her “father” for his wife’s condition. 2) Bom’s current mother will not know that Bom is just adopted and not her husband’s son… So basically no one will know until someone figures it all out. 3) If Bom is supposed to be paired with Maru, they just became star-crossed lovers. 4) This places another financial burden on Bom’s family since the main breadwinner has been taken out.

Second, this episode was quite the spoiler episode. Right away, we know that Bom is Gookhee’s daughter even though the only character that has an idea has just been in an accident. We also know that the reason why Jung-Gi has not been officially married to his “wife” of twenty years is because of Gookhee. Additionally, it was interesting to hear that Jung-Gi never sought out Ahran. He appears to be such a compassionate father of Maru and Jiah, what happened that he would cut off his own daughter? Finally, at least, Bom knows that she has been hired by Gookhee’s company.

The only thing that seems off is the fact that Bom’s dad never told his wife about Bom being a complete orphan.  I hope the writer explains this a little more because she has put Bom’s mother as almost the “evil mother” character who resents her own child because of the love the child receives from the other parent.  Even if Bom’s mother is not the most generous character, I wonder if, had she only known that Bom was not a child out of wedlock, she would have been nicer to Bom.

However, the writing is quite strong as I already feel empathetic to most of the characters. Other than Taeho’s parents, the characters all seem more than two dimensional and enough of their history has been shown to give us a hint about why our characters behave in the manner they behave. I look forward to seeing how all of our characters develop.

Our Home, Honey Pot – E02

Bom’s cell phone falls into water so that she misses the happy call from the company that she’s hired.  Meanwhile, Maru realizes that his family is about to go under as Jung-Gi goes back to Gookhee to ask for an official divorce.  Finally, Ahran becomes disappointed in Taeho and tells him that she wants to rethink their engagement.



Maru demands the box but Bom has no idea what is going on. She screams when Maru physically reaches in and grabs the box from her pocket.

He asks her why she had it as the crowd gathers around. Bom yells back that she picked it up and did not mean to steal it; she even offers to watch the security footage with Maru to prove that she’s right. Maru pauses when he sees how adamant Bom is but then Bom’s manager comes over to apologize profusely to Maru for Bom’s inconvenience.


Maru follows the manager to the side as Bom asks the manager why he’s catering to the client. The manager tells her that she’s fired and refuses to pay her for her work saying that she should be happy he’s not seeking compensation. Bom accuses him of using this as an opportunity to not pay her but she has no power to do anything when the manager walks off.


Bom fumes outside when she sees Maru walking off. She grabs him by his collar and tells him to pay for her losses including the cost of the uniform if she has to pay for it. Maru looks apologetic but explains that he’s busy. He asks for her number and Bom types in her number and calls it. She warns him not to ignore her calls before leaving.


Bom arrives at home where her mom is planning to ask Bom for her account when she starts working. Bom has no idea of how she’s going to go inside and tell everyone about losing the job when her uncle spots her and brings her in, announcing that Bom made it. Bom awkwardly eats the fried chicken that her mom prepared… Unable to explain that she did not get the job.


Meanwhile, Jung-Gi’s mother cries and moans about the situation. When Jiah complains Jung-Gi even dismisses her… Like a true spoiled brat, Jiah tries to take the red tag off her purse and gets stopped by her aunt who reminds her that it’s a crime to take off the sticker.


Jung-Gi’s wife comes home and consoles her mother-in-law that it’s only temporary because her cash flow is limited.

Jung-Gi takes his wife inside their room where he asks her for not telling him sooner. He notes that he wanted to hold a wedding for her.

However, this doesn’t get the expected reaction. Jiah’s mom tells Jung-Gi that if he really wanted to marry her, he needs to legally end it with his first wife first. She adds that all she wants is to put Jiah under her own family tree since Jiah is her own daughter but she cannot because he’s still legally married to his first wife. (Note, in Korea, wives and children follow the family tree of the father… So in this case, Jiah was probably put in the tree under Jung-Gi which still lists his first wife.)


Meanwhile, Ahran stakes out in front of the Chinese CEO’s hotel room until she physically gets dragged out by the hotel security.


Ahran goes home to find Taeho waiting for her. He pushes her against the wall and demands to know if she’s taking their engagement lightly. Ahran spits back that Taeho must think their project is simple since he made a mess of the project. She adds that she might have to rethink the engagement, breaks free, and goes inside.


When she enters the living room, Ahran gets attacked by her mother as well. Gookhee tells Ahran that she’s disappointed in how Ahran handled the engagement ceremony even if something happened at work. However Ahran angrily answers that she learned it from her mother who chose the company over their family, lost her little sister and, as a result, lost her husband. She adds that she did not want to live like her mother and tried to find a guy who would support her but she’s rethinking the engagement after Taeho’s absence in the day’s crisis.


Meanwhile, Sun-Young throws a fit. Her husband silently walks out only to be followed out by his nagging wife. He asks her if she wants to call off the wedding but Sun-Young does not want that either. Yet, when Taeho comes home, Sun-Young follows him into his room to remind him that he’s almost won, he just needs to get married and understand that something must have come up.


Later, Bom takes over another part time job that her friend quit… Washing dishes. She calls Maru to demand that he pay up and Maru confirms before hanging up. Unfortunately, Bom drops her phone in the water in anger and it dies.

As for Taeho, he tries to help by threatening to sue the contractor. Ahran hangs up the phone and declares that she will still salvage the company before leaving.


Then we see that Bom qualified but due to her phone being dead, likely did not receive the message. Gookhee apologizes sincerely to Taeho’s dad who seems to be her secretary or second in command and explains that she chastised her daughter who is still incredibly immature.

Taeho’s father gets a call and pauses. Things turn weird when it’s Bom’s father calling about the flyer. Taeho’s father lies that he never put out the flyer and hangs up.


Bom’s father tries calling again and insists that this was the number registered with the lost children’s center… Taeho’s father stutters that there is a mistake and hangs up again! Uh oh… Is he the reason that Bom was lost?

Taeho’s father walks out of the stall to see his son… Who does not suspect a thing.


Later, Ahran accosts the CEO again and even physically head bumps the security guard as she asks for thirty minutes. The CEO agrees and they go to a Chinese restaurant. Bom is their server and recommends Ahran’s company’s wine as well as barbecue beef. Customers all around start to order the same wine.

Bom brings over the wine. She happily shakes it before explaining that the wine actually doesn’t need to be shaken; it is that good. The CEO’s attorney thinks that Ahran set up the whole thing and gets up angrily. He accuses Ahran of fixing the situation and leaves.

When they leave, Ahran takes it out on Bom, blaming her for the client leaving.

screenshot_2015-11-09-16-23-22-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-09-16-23-28-resized-640

Bom goes home where her father is waiting for her outside. He tells her to buy some new clothes and rest. Bom looks down and apologizes that she did not make it…

Bom’s father tells her that she should have told him. He never expected her to make money.

Bom answers that she always worried about money… She knows that her little sister will need to go to college soon and her mother is stressed about their finances. She yells that she does not like working but she feels like she has to.

Bom’s father holds her hands and apologizes for making her feel this way. Bom just runs into her house.

Taeho’s father comes home to find Sun-Young in rage. She threatens to go and meet Gookhee herself. Taeho’s father snaps that if she does, he won’t forgive her.


Later, he dreams that he’s burning up the lost child flyers but gets caught by Gookhee. He cries out “CEO” several times and his wife wakes him up wondering how much work Gookhee is putting on his plate.

Meanwhile, Maru’s mom yells at him to go back to school. However, he worries about his mom. He goes to the construction site instead and asks for simple tasks to help.

Bom’s father tells him to go home since the construction site is no place for students. Maru answers that he won’t be able to concentrate even if he went to the United States… He asks for any task and then goes off to help another worker with construction.


Jung-Gi broods about his wife’s words on how she wants Jiah to be her daughter. He goes to meet Gookhee and asks her to sign the divorce papers.

Gookhee answers that she does not care what he does. However, she won’t divorce him. She notes that when her younger daughter returns, she wants to welcome her daughter home as if nothing changed. She then asks how Jung-Gi can go about living his life with another woman and another child.

Jung-Gi answers back that if they could have found the younger daughter, they already would have. But Gookhee replies that her daughter showed up in her dream again… Calling for her.

screenshot_2015-11-09-16-24-16-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-09-16-24-23-resized-640

At the same time, Bom’s dad meets with Taeho’s dad. He brings out the flyer and a younger picture of Bom and explains that he thinks he knows the girl in the picture.


Oh dear! What a way to end on a cliff hanger!

Two main things came to mind in this episode.  I want to say that the adopted child is Bom but it is unclear since she does have a younger sister.  The sensitive palate may be a throw-off, although, I suspect that Bom is Gookhee’s lost daughter.  It would fit the whole daily drama equation.

The next question was what is Taeho’s father’s role in Gookhee’s daughter’s disappearance?  He has to be involved considering how jumpily he reacted to the phone call and how he even had nightmares about Gookhee finding out that he’s sabotaging her search.  It provides for interesting conflict later on since I presume that both Maru and Taeho will fight over Bom, while Ahran realizes that she wants Taeho’s affection when Bom comes onto the scene…

Finally, interesting set-up regarding Jung-Gi’s relationship to Maru.  He throws away his biological family for his current “wife” (Maru’s mom) and basically adopts Maru as well has has another daughter.  Judging from the glare that Ahran gave Jung-Gi when she saw her father at the company, he has not been taking care of his older daughter either… I really wonder what happened after Bom disappeared such that a father would turn his back on not only his wife but his other biological daughter.  We know that it has to be bad since Jung-Gi tells his mother that he wants to marry his current wife legally because he would have died without her.  Regardless of what happens, the writer now has fodder to provide some angst if Jung-Gi officially becomes Maru’s legal father… Then Bom and Maru might be on the same family tree even if they are not biologically related.


Our Home, Honey Pot E-01

Our protagonist Bom applies for a makgeulli company but gets worried about her chances when her performance is so different from all of the other applicants.  Meanwhile, Ahran skips out on her engagement ceremony to chase a potential local distributor and Maru’s family finds out that they’re bankrupt.



Our protagonist Bom blind samples different types of makgeulli (Korean rice wine) to practice for some kind of corporate interview. She correctly guesses when one sample has been watered down and when another has additional stuff mixed in. This skill isn’t news to the family and the family happily cheers to Bom’s chances before getting drunk.


Meanwhile Ahran gets scolded by her mother for bringing her work to the breakfast table. However, Ahran does not seem fazed and reminds her mother how busy she is. She even does not bother to check on the dress that her fiancé delivered for the engagement ceremony later that night.


At the same time, Ahran’s fiancé’s (Taeho Ahn) parents have a small spat. Taeho’s mother is ready to show Ahran’s parents that they are no longer better than the Ahns but her husband warns her not to say anything unnecessary. They go out to the living room where Taeho is also waiting to go to work.

The two men leave and Taeho’s mom calls Ahran’s mom about Ahran’s engagement ceremony dress. No love is lost between the two as Ahran’s mom (Gookhee) answers politely but coldly.


Bom wakes up late for her interview and forcibly stops a cab in the street. She begs them to take her to her destination first but the cab driver refuses. Luckily, the first passenger is Maru Kang and he agrees to go to her destination first.

Bom barely runs into waiting room just as the interview manager is about to skip her. She apologizes profusely and goes in to the blind test.

screenshot_2015-11-09-10-16-02-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-09-10-16-26-resized-640

Although Bom gags at the first test sample, she goes on to choose what she thinks is the match. She does the same for the following tasks which includes identifying the liquid by smell.

Bom writes that she smells rice. Gookhee calls her out to ask why Bom identified rice as the main ingredient and if Bom means that the liquid is bland. Bom nervously answers that she smelled rice and believed that no other flavoring was used for the particular test liquid.

The test ends and Bom leaves disappointed that she always had a different answer than the rest of the contestants. However, the interviewers excitedly talk amongst themselves about how a person with a genius palate was one of the applicants.


We turn to Gookhee in her office as she looks at Bom’s application. An employee happily asks her about the rumors of a genius palate. Gookhee smiles that they need to send Bom to the labs as soon as she’s hired since she has a very sensitive palate.

The employee then asks Gookhee if she sees potential in Bom as Gookhee also started and excelled because of her sensitive palate. Gookhee sighs and hopes that Bom will help since her own palate seems to be aging.

screenshot_2015-11-09-10-16-53-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-09-10-17-23-resized-640

Meanwhile, at Choi Jung-Gi prepares a birthday breakfast for his wife and mother of two children. After breakfast, mom goes into her room and broods that she might need to use her wedding or engagement ring to presumably pay some debt. She then gets on the phone to yell at someone that they need to speed up the construction to meet the deadline.

At the same time, Jung-Gi and his daughter welcome back their son from studying abroad and go in to surprise the mom… The whole time not aware of pending financial doom.

At a construction site, the manager (Bom’s dad) yells at his staff that he does not care who orders them to work throughout the night. It is dangerous to work at night and his employees will not do night construction. However, he gets a call and runs home.


He gets home just in time to see Bom hold a package and he rips it from her hands. He goes into his room to open the box and we see that it’s a missing child’s flyer… The little girl in the picture? It’s the same little girl as in a picture with him… Bom?

The scene switches Ahran who is giving a presentation to the board about how they want to save the company by entering the Chinese market. They will partner will a local distributor.


Afterwards, Ahran and her coworker show the CEO of the distributor around. They then go back to the office to sign the contract.

The CEO brings out a red bottle and asks that the contract allows for use of the red bottle. Ahran’s coworker immediately refuses as they had already designed a bottle for this line of rice wine. In response, the CEO of the distributor leaves with Ahran literally running after him.

screenshot_2015-11-09-10-18-44-resized-640 screenshot_2015-11-09-10-18-17-resized-640

At the same time, everyone waits for Ahran at the engagement ceremony. Taeho’s mother (Sun-Young) takes the opportunity to snub Gookhee for not having a husband. But, Gookhee does not rise to the bait and calmly orders that someone call Ahran.

Taeho calls Ahran but she does not care at all about the engagement ceremony. She yells back that they might have lost the buyer and declares that she has to get the buyer; she won’t be going to the engagement ceremony.

Taeho goes back into the room to tell everyone that he doesn’t think that they can continue the engagement ceremony. This infuriates Sun-Young but Gookhee and Taeho’s father take it in stride.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi’s son (Maru Kang) goes to pick up a diamond ring that Jung-Gi ordered for his wife. As he walks home, he runs into temptation – a friend is going out for drinks and invites him. He decides to go for one drink.


Back at home, Jung-Gi’s mother and sister raid the kitchen. She angrily lectures her son about puttering around in the kitchen even though he’s a boy.

Jung-Gi announces that he wants to officially wants to propose to his current wife and be legally married.

Jiah happily agrees but Jung-Gi’s mom asks if Jung-Gi has finally tied up loose ends with his first wife. His silence is enough for everyone to know that he has not. Jung-Gi’s mom snaps that her son should just continue to live with his wife and not upset any can of worms.


They go into the living room where Jung-Gi asks everyone to hide for the surprise event. Except instead of Jiah’s mom, people from the government enter because Jiah’s mom was unable to pay her debts and every one of her possessions are now confiscated as part of the government’s property.

Meanwhile, Bom sighs in the bathroom about her current state of temporary work. However, she decides to do her best and goes out to advertise and give samples of the new wine.


Maru walks by and rejects a sample. After he leaves, Bom finds the ring box on the floor and wonders if it was Maru’s.

She gets pulled downstairs by her supervising employer. While waiting for him, she opens the ring box to find the ring. She assumes that Maru got it for his girlfriend and wonders how she can find him in the large bar.


At the same same, Maru spots her and smiles that he did not completely lose the ring. But just as he watches, Bom gets called by her manager and puts the ring box in her pocket to get back to work. Maru thinks that Bom is about to steal his ring and runs after her. When he gets to her, he pulls her around demanding the ring making her spill all of the small cups of sample wine on herself.


Keeper! We have a fun and slightly spazzy first episode that managed to introduce a lot of the plot lines. Additionally, the first episode hints that the atmosphere will not be a complete tear fest.

  • To summarize, we were given hints about the following plots:
    Bom may be adopted. She also has an amazingly sensitive / genius palate which Gookhee has as well.
  • Jung-Gi may not be Maru’s biological father since he has been living with his wife but not married to her for only twenty years… She is his second wife and there are still some outstanding issues with the first wife.
  • Maru/Jung-Gi’s family is currently a wealthy construction company run by Maru’s mom… But it’s about to go under.
  • Ahran and Taeho are engaged but whether there’s love on either side is unclear.

Interesting start and tons of fun storylines to explore. Though, to be honest, I wanted to give this drama a chance because the name included Honey Pot.