Heart to Heart – E04

Our reliably selfish Yi Suk follows through with his jealousy by telling Doo Soo off for playing with Hong Do’s feelings.  In response, Doo Soo responds to Hong Do’s confession with one of his own – he’s engaged.  As a result, our sweet and innocent Hong Do’s crush has a short life as within a couple of days of finally confessing to her long-time crush, Hong Do stands outside Doo Soo’s apartment, getting drenched by the pouring rain.  Having watched Doo Soo enter the apartment with his fiancee, she decides to fold her crush.  It’s in this vulnerable state that Hong Do gets Yi Suk’s invitation for barbecue and drinks at his place.  Similarly vulnerable because of his own unfinished feelings over his brother’s death, Yi Suk and Hong Do find comfort in each other’s vulnerability.


The episode preview for this episode is Hong Do in bed with Yi Seuk.  We are lead to question whether this is another dream or reality.

Back in the present time, Hong Do confesses her feelings for Doo Soo.  Afterwards, she literally falls over herself and runs back home.  Right away, Yi Suk calls Hong Do to call her out to celebrate in the nearby bakery.


Hong Do cusses at Yi Suk but reluctantly goes to the bakery.  Once she arrives, she calls Yi Suk from across the street, where she’s squatting and staring at the wall.  Yi Suk comes out and pulls Hong Do into the bakery.

Inside the bakery, Yi Suk is self-congratulatory; he explains that all of her progress is due to his genius ability.  He also guesses that her situation was triggered by a girl in the past as Hong Do seems okay with both Yi Suk and Doo Soo.

Hong Do stares off into space and finally snaps at Yi Suk that she was unable to ask Doo Soo whether he slept well…Instead, she confessed her feelings for him!


Back in his office, Yi Suk tells Hong Do to repeat her confession in his office so that he could try to guess how Doo Soo feels.  He makes Hong Do repeat the confession, “Inspector Jang, I like you,” over and over again with the excuse that he doesn’t feel her sincerity.

It’s during this situation that Doo Soo calls.  Yi Suk steals Hong Do’s cell phone and tells Doo Soo to forget about the morning as Hong Do didn’t mean any harm.


Yi Suk consults with the grandmother from the past episodes as Hong Do watches on the side.  The grandmother continues to talk to her invisible son and even pours orange juice on the floor because she thinks she’s helping her son drink.

In response, Yi Suk tells the grandmother that her son doesn’t exist and she needs to be careful about taking her medicine.

Within minutes, Yi Suk’s senior psychiatrist storms into his office and yells at him for telling the grandmother that her son doesn’t exist.  She yells that he should consider the patient’s circumstances before deciding on the treatment and warns him not to let his mother-issues affect his professional decisions.

In response, Yi Suk raises his voice to tell the senior psychiatrist that she’s the one with the mommy-issues; she doesn’t have a mother.  That’s why she didn’t proscribe the right medicine for the grandmother, because she felt bad for the old lady.  Watching all this enfold, Hong Do mutters that Yi Suk is a jerk.


Probably feeling a little bit guilty, Yi Suk takes Hong Do out for dinner and drinks.  He tells her that he isn’t going to drink the wine, but he wants to indulge.

Hong Do drinks in the wine and asks why Yi Suk chose to become a psychiatrist; he has shown no speck of empathy.  Yi Suk continues to smell the wine, but doesn’t drink any.

Instead, he asks what Hong Do likes in Doo Soo and she responds that she likes everything about him.  Afterwards, he calls a substitute driver and instructs the guy to take Hong Do home.


However, Yi Suk ends up driving with Hong Do in his passenger seat.  She’s completely drunk and cannot tell him her address or hold her head up.

The next morning, Hong Do stretches away in Yi Suk’s bed.  While she feels incredibly hungover, she does remember the prior night’s events – including throwing up on Yi Suk’s rug.  Out of embarrassment, she jumps up to change and leave.

Yi Suk calls to tease her that she has horrible drinking habits and tries to joke that she voluntarily undressed.  Since, Hong Do remembers everything, she completely denies it and gets caught that she didn’t black out.  She runs home to change for work.

We get a near miss as Hong Do arrives at the Goh household at the same time as Yi Suk leaves.  He calls Hong Do to call her out and Hong Do’s (the grandmother’s) cell rings.  Before Yi Suk can think about it, Hong Do runs into the house.

Inside the house, the head house keeper sniffs around complains that Hong-Do-the-grandmother got drunk before work.

Sero calls Doo Soo in the middle of another chase.  She called to let him know that she heard about the decision on her lawsuit against him – she lost. However, she explicitly states that she still expects an apology.  At this point, Doo Soo’s companion yells out, “dog poop,” because he stepped in the criminal’s dog poo… Sero thinks that Doo Soo is insulting her and gets miffed again.


In Grandfather Goh’s room, Hong Do keeps her hand over her mouth to keep him from smelling the alcohol from her breath.  Grandfather Goh asks Hong Do about his memoir and Hong Do just demurs that it was good.  Not satisfied with her response, Grandfather Goh asks Hong Do to return the books and find the other ones that he needs.

Before she comes near Grandfather Goh’s desk, Hong Do sprays perfume on herself to mask the alcohol scene.  However, this gets misinterpreted by Grandfather Goh, who thinks that she’s spraying it because he smells.  He roars that she’s fired.


At the precinct, Doo soo informs Yi Suk that he found the burglar.  However, only one gold heart was found in his possession.  All of the other hearts have already been sold on the black market.

Yi Suk sighs and changes the subject.  He asks Doo Soo how he felt when Hong Do confessed.  Doo Soo responds that Yi Suk can use him in any of his psychological experiments as long as it benefits Hong Do, but not to mess around with her.

This rubs Yi Suk the wrong way and he responds that Doo Soo is the one that is playing with Hong Do.  He asks if Doo Soo is actually dense enough to not know Hong Do’s intentions as he keeps her close by.

On the movie set, Sero plays a beggar, who needs to eat the food that she receives.  Except, the sauce looks just like dog poo…With Doo Soo’s words repeating in her head, she just can’t get herself to eat the food.  When she finally stuffs it into her mouth, she ends up spitting it out…to the utter annoyance of the director.

Doo Soo speaks with his fiancee on his commute home.  They discuss the honeymoon destination.  The girl continues to act lovingly and asks what part of her Doo Soo likes.  He responds that he likes a lot of things about her.  She continues to ask if he likes her as much as heaven and earth and he responds not that much.  She laughs that she got what she wanted, which was to hear that he likes her and they hang up.

Before going in, Doo Soo checks his outer food-box to find that Hong Do hadn’t dropped by with food.  He decides to go by her house, except Hong Do is returning in her granny persona.


Walking behind her, Doo Soo asks if the “grandmother” came to visit Hong Do.  Freaking out, Hong Do runs away and loses her wig in during the resulting chase.

Yi Suk gets bored and calls out his ex.  She tells him right away that she received a proposal and accepted it.  Yi Suk invites her on a farewell trip and she tells him to shut up before leaving.

At the nearby playground, Hong Do apologizes to Doo Soo for surprising him.  He laughs that it’s nothing to apologize about.  He finds it hilarious.

Hong Do confesses that she used to spend all her time with her grandmother because of her condition.  She would copy her grandmother’s speech even.  She basically spent all of her time at home, but then she met Doo Soo.  She wanted to know more about him and tried out different things, which led to this situation.

In response, Doo Soo expresses amazement that he was able to help Hong Do come out of her house.  He asks if her confession the other day meant that she likes him as a man.  Hong Do confirms and Doo Soo apologizes because he’s engaged.


Hong Do goes home to watch the quiz show as she stuffs herself…

In the morning, Grandfather Koh speaks with Yi Suk’s father.  He gives some vague platitudes about the general goals for the company.  Grandfather Goh tells him to try again the next day with specifics or go back to the United States.


Yi Suk brings huge sun flowers for the visit to his brother’s grave.  He walks into the house just in time to hear his father tell his mother that he has a meeting…The family can go visit Yil Suk’s grave without him.  Yi Suk’s mother tells his father push off the meeting and Yi Suk’s father responds that they need to let the living live.

Yi Suk interrupts to tell his father not to speak to his mother in that manner.  Sero runs down to state that she has an audition and will not be attending the visit to her brother’s grave. She complains that her mother is obsessed with her brother every day; they don’t need to visit his grave on the day that he died.

Yi Suk quietly tells his sister to shut it.  They are all going to visit the grave together, if that’s what their mother wants.  Seeing the flowers, the father asks if they bring sunflowers to the grave every year. He comments that his wife was bringing his favorite type of flower to his son’s grave every year on his behalf…

Hong Do erases her cell phone background picture, which is Doo Soo.

Yi Suk throws himself on his senior psychiatrist’s couch to complain about his parents.  In response, she tells him that his parents are just dealing with the loss of their son…They haven’t completely healed.  She also notes that he hasn’t completely healed, too.


Yi Suk takes Hong Do to speak with the grandmother again.  Except, she ignores all of his questions.  As he gets up to leave, Hong Do sees that the grandmother isn’t wearing socks.  She asks if the grandmother isn’t cold and brings the blanket to cover her feet.

At this, the grandmother opens up…When she was younger, she was so focused on making socks to earn more money.  She continues that her son came in to ask for food and she gave him 50 cents to go out and buy food…He never returned.  She no longer needs socks; she’s not cold.  She explains that it’s almost time to meet her son again.

Yi Suk interrupts to say that her son’s death was an accident.

In response, the grandmother replies calmly that a mother, who loses her son is a sinner…breathing hurts.


As they leave, Hong Do asks if Yi Suk prescribed medicine for the grandmother and he confirms.  This triggers Hong Do, who starts to yell at Yi Suk that it’s not the end of the world for the grandmother to be happy before she dies…She adds that she couldn’t go to her grandmother at the hospital, at her funeral, or at her cremation…Now, she is beginning to forget how her grandmother looked and how she sounded like…She cries that if she could see her grandmother once more, she would do anything.  Turning around, she jumps on her scooter and leaves.

Around this time, a nurse from the retirement facility comes out to confirm whether Yi Suk proscribed the right medicine; he left regular vitamins.  Yi Suk confirms and instructs her to only give that medicine to the grandmother.

At the precinct, Sero brings a bag of dog poo and dumps it on Doo Soo’s desk.  She tells him that it’s for what he did to her and walks out.

On her way home, Hong Do turns to Doo Soo’s house.


However, Doo Soo has brought his fiancee over.  He comments that he doesn’t have much food and she asks if he has ramen.  Doo Soo seems surprised as they just came from dinner and his fiancee bursts out laughing.  She comments that he must not have seen the movie.  He still has no idea and answers that he’s not sure if he has ramen.

The fiancee continues to laugh that she likes this part of Doo Soo and tells him it’s fine.

[DRAMAFEED Explanation: In the Korean Movie, “One Fine Spring Day,” which showed in 2001, Young Ae asks the guy that she’s seeing, “Do you want to come in and have some ramen before you leave?” Recently, this phrase or act of inviting the guy over for ramen has been an accepted code for “do you want to come and stay the night.” It was even discussed in Korean variety shows, where women talk about how to seduce a guy without sounding too cheap. ^^]


Hong Do sees this interchange from behind the brick wall in front of Doo Soo’s place.  She stays there even when it rains and makes the determination to only cry until that night…She also decides to never come back.

Yi Suk returns home and calls Hong Do.  He tells Hong Do that he’s about to drink, if she doesn’t come to stop him.  In response, Hong Do falls to the ground crying.

Yi Suk makes Hong Do dry off before coming into his apartment.  She asks for some dry clothes.  When she comes out in his clothes, he comments that she looks funny with her hair up.  Hong Do mutters that he can keep his comments to himself.


Yi Suk must be feeling generous.  He tells Hong Do that her insecurity triggers her blushing.  He tells her that while she’s no beauty, she could be a little more confident.

Hong Do grabs the beer to drink as Yi Suk continues that her worlds about her grandmother were good.  She needs to keep letting it out to heal.

In response, Hong Do tells him that she’s give up on Doo Soo.  She asks if he has ever separated from someone he loves.  He tells her that he recently broke up with his girlfriend; he’s still in the stage of breaking up.

Hong Do looks at him quizzically at the fact that Yi Suk said they are still breaking up.

Instead of explaining, Yi Suk tells her that he first separated from his brother…He continues that today was his brother’s memorial day…Almost in self reflection, he continues.  It’s hardest when you don’t have an opportunity to say goodbye.  Some people try their best to forget, while others try their best not to forget.  Both are symptoms of loneliness.


Sighing, he grabs a can to take a drink.  She grabs the can to stop him and he looks up.  He comments that she is really red.  Then he kisses her on the forehead…and the lips…and she kisses back.  Before we know it, they’re making out.  He pulls off her shirt and Hong Do kisses him and we all know where this leads.


Honestly, I pushed off watching this drama until I had to time on my morning commute.  After watching it, I am so pleased that I decided not to drop this show after the disappointment from Episode 3.  Something about this episode felt like a punch in the gut – in a good way.  Once you talk with people of a certain age, it becomes common adage that the majority of society is dealing with at least one emotional issues, whether it’s stress from school/work, pressure from parents/bosses, emotional scars from the past…

This drama takes that portion of society’s shared characteristic, one that is not usually talked about even among friends or family and spins a story that focuses on such issues.  I think that’s where Heart to Heart differentiates itself from it’s rival, Kill Me Heal Me (another GREAT show!).  Whereas  Kill Me Heal Me heavily focuses on the romance between the two main leading characters and Do Hyun’s issue is so extreme that it provides safe viewing enjoyment (after all the majority of society does not suffer from dis-associative personality disorder with seven extreme personalities), Heart to Heart focuses on more prevalent issues such as social anxiety/agoraphobia and insecurity.  Additionally, while watching it, you get suspicious that Yi Suk is Hong Do’s foil; her symptoms manifest themselves obviously on her face and through her resulting behavior.  Then the show quietly lulls that suspicion asleep by focusing on Hong Do’s more apparent issues. However, as the episodes continue (with a hint in episode 1), you confirm that the seemingly competent Yi Suk is even more unstable.

This can be a bit uncomfortable because Yi Suk’s main issue as Hong Do diagnosed it in episode 3 is his severe insecurity.  He’s so insecure, he has to be at the center of attention and continue to receive affirmation.  Sound familiar to anyone about themselves or friends…say the overachiever…the class clown…the stereotypical CEO?  So basically, we’re watching a show about two of the more prevalent issues plaguing a majority of society.

I look forward to seeing where the show takes this.

Heart to Heart – E03

Hong Do helps Yi Suk deal with his own physical symptoms because she hopes that Yi Suk with treat her problems.  Through this forced relationship and following patient consultations, we start to find out more about the two as Hong Do is highly empathetic but not perceptive.  Meanwhile, Yi Suk is extremely perceptive but seems to lack empathy…For better or for worse, Yi Suk begins to treat Hong Do by helping her deal with her crush on Inspector Jang.


The scene opens up with Hong Do in traditional Korean clothing bowing in greeting to Inspector Jang.  He tells her that he loves her red cheeks as they remind him of plums and they end up going to bed together 😉


Returning back to the present, Hong Do tells Yi Suk that he needs to fix her or she’s going to die in front of him.  Yi Suk turns her down right away.  He tells her that he doesn’t need to treat someone who accused him of murder and calls the cops to complain that his hospital was robbed.

The police arrive (with Inspector Jang!) and decide to check all of the security cameras.  Hearing Inspector Jang, Hong Do puts on her helmet and turns to stare at the wall.  Inspector Jang checks on Hong Do and this irritates Yi Suk to no end.


Yi Suk tells Hong Do to find the second best doctor and Inspector Jang to send a different police officers.  Yi Suk tells the police that he needs his golden hearts back; he had around 70.  He remembers that Hong Do has good memory and demands to know how many she saw on his desk.  With her help, he decides that he had 72 gold hearts.

Afterwards, he leaves and calls out that if Hong Do wants his help, she needs to follow.  Hong Do follows him out and asks why he’s such a jerk to the police.  Yi Suk responds that he’s extremely learned and demands that she takes him to his car.  Dangling the carrot of treatment in front of her, he gets Hong Do to drive him to his car.


Once they reach the garage, Yi Suk asks why she wanted to get treatment anyways.  Hong Do confesses that she just wanted to greet Inspector Jang personally.  Hearing this, Yi Suk tells Hong Do that he will help her out of charity and asks for $350/hour.  Scowling, Hong Do calls him a psycho and drives off.

Yi Suk’s senior psychologist calls him to yell at him for not coming to work.

Continuing to drive to his grandfather’s house, he starts yelling at the air in response to his ex’s radio interview of a different psychologist.

The next morning, Yi Suk checks out his office in his senior’s hospital.  It’s a mess.

A random grandmother comes in and comments that Yi Suk looks good.  She invites Yi Suk to eat dinner with her son and her.  Hearing this, the senior psychologist asks the grandmother  if she wants to get treatment from Yi Suk…Meanwhile, Yi Suk’s headache comes back.


At Yi Suk’s house, the butler complains, as he transcribes the grandfather’s words, that the grandfather is being picky for not calling the grandmother back.  The grandfather complains that she is too old and the butler responds that the grandfather’s older.  Getting miffed, the grandfather tells him to leave and the butler complies happily.

At the hospital, Yi Suk recovers from fainting earlier.  The senior psychologist muses that he might have PTSD from the patient from episode 1, who tried to commit suicide.  She orders that he takes time off from treating patients and focuses on treating himself.  Yi Suk responds that he thinks Hong Do is his medicine as he felt fine with her…

Hong Do arrives at the grandfather’s house.  Her first task is to find different English books.  I think he created this assignment just to test her… Hong Do flies around the library and finds all five books in no time.  After bringing them to the grandfather, Hong Do also recommends that he reads some other books on the same topics, which are better.  She offers to check them out of the library for him.


At this, Yi Suk’s grandfather starts to gripe that she’s showing off in front of him because he can’t read.  Seeing that she must have triggered his insecurity, Hong Do quickly starts to flatter him until he feels better.


Yi Suk’s senior psychologist goes to check on his mother, who had stayed in her room all day with the shades closed.  After quietly staring off into space, Yi Suk’s mother responds that she has to go buy her father-in-law’s birthday present and starts to get ready to go out.  Yi Suk’s senior psychologist calmly reminds Yi Suk’s mother that Grandfather Goh’s birthday was last week.

Speaking of Yi Suk, he calls Inspector Jang to demand Hong Do’s number.  When Inspector Jang refuses, Yi Suk demands that Inspector Jang tells Hong Do to come to his hospital tomorrow.

At home, Hong Do prepares salted seaweed, while speaking to herself.  It turns out, the highest level of schooling that Hong Do has achieved is Junior High.  She tells herself that Inspector Jang would not be one to judge her on something liek school and continues to prepare Inspector Jang’s lunch.

In the evening, she drops the lunch off and pauses to write him a note.  At the same time, Inspector Jang arrives and sees her writing the note.  He quickly turns off his lights and quietly gets out of his car to walk up to her.

Tiptoeing, he taps her on the back and Hong Do freaks out.  Inspector Jang asks for just a couple of minutes.  When Hong Do doesn’t run away, Inspector Jang takes her to his car for a chat.  The sweetie lets Hong Do sit in his car and closes the door.  That way she can feel a bit safer and calmer.


Hong Do responds by giving him her note and he tells her that her seaweed is one of her best side dishes.  Inspector Jang continues on that he wanted to thank her.  He also tells her that he wants to help her and she should let him know if she needs anything.  During this time, Hong Do finds herself touching Inspector Jang’s finger.  Surprised, he looks down and Hong Do runs out of the car.

Yi Suk waits for his ex.  When she arrives, Yi Suk tells her that he’s going to get back to his feet with his hospital and informs her that they haven’t broken up.  They are in the middle of breaking up.  The ex sighs and walks away.

At her house, Hong Do thinks about how she was able to touch Inspector Jang’s finger.  While day dreaming about him, she gets a text from him relaying Yi Suk’s message.  Hong Do considers texting him back, but ends up erasing her response.

In the morning, Yi Suk is changing his light when the grandmother comes back into Yi Suk’s office.  He starts getting a headache when it disappears…because, Hong Do had arrived.

Meanwhile, another naked streaker runs by and sets Inspector Jang on a new case.


At Yi Suk’s office, he  tells Hong Do that she’s the problem so she needs to take responsibility.  She can take responsibility by staying next to him as he treats his patients.  With her next to him, he can diagnose his own issue.

Hong Do asks if he would give her a discount on his consultation rates in return.  They start negotiating.  Hong Do tells him that she can’t work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday…and Yi Suk should consider trying volunteer treatments.  Yi Suk scoffs at Hong Do’s counter offer and she decides to leave.

As Hong Do’s leaving, Yi Suk’s senior psychiatrist calls and tells him to go to the Kangnam police station to see a patient.  This turns the negotiation tide in Hong Do’s favor and he brings her to the police station with him.


In the questioning room, Yi Suk corners the naked streaker to ask her questions.  The girl, however, sits without a word…just shivering.

Hong Do tries to give her a piece of candy, which Yi Suk eats.  When he starts chewing the caramel, the girl starts sniffing at Yi Suk’s mouth.  After a bit of yelling at each other, Hong Do gives her last piece of candy from Inspector Jang to the girl.  Once the girl takes the candy, she regains her sense of surroundings and asks where she is.

Yi Suk explains to the girl’s mother that the girl displayed symptoms of hypoglycemia.  He added that her symptoms were a unusual, but he lets the girl’s mom take her away.  From the questioning room, Hong Do notices that the girl and the mother are wearing the same heart ring…

Interesting to note that Inspector Jang noticed that Hong Do was still in the questioning room first.  He walks Yi Suk and Hong Do out and offers to buy Hong Do a meal.  Yi Suk interrupts to pull her away citing that they have a happy hour.  However, once out of sight, he throws her away.

Hong Do runs into Yi Suk’s hospital only to get her helmet taken away from her.  Hong Do ends up cleaning Yi Suk’s room while Yi Suk sits around.

Meanwhile, Sero visits Inspector Jang to explain that by interrupting her movie shoot, he somehow affected her chances at becoming a movie start…which was why she sued him.  At the very least, she wants him to compensate her for all of the preparation costs that she incurred for the movie and apologize.


Hong Do finishes cleaning Yi Suk’s office and asks when her treatment will start.  He sits her down and asks her how she feels.  Hong Do responds sullenly that he just needs to fix her.

Yi Suk explains that she needs to identify her feelings to help him treat her.  After hearing this, Hong Do confesses that she feels uncomfortable because of his staring.  When Yi Suk asks what about his staring makes her most uncomfortable, she answers that he probably thinks that she’s ugly.

Sigh… Yi Suk agrees about Hong Do’s guess and she angrily yells at him for having fun poking at her insecurities.  She adds that he’s heartless and insecure as well; he just hides his insecurities.  After yelling, she leaves.

Hong Do prepares fruit for Inspector Jang when Yi Suk calls her out.  She first stops by Inspector Jang’s place but sees that he’s with a girl.  She ends up meeting Yi Suk in a mood.  Their patient is the girl, who was streaking.

Yi Suk comments that Hong Do is in a mood and tells her that she should cheer up as they are about to help treat a girl’s heart.  Hong Do grumbles that their patient has a better life, even wearing a couple ring with her mom.  This makes Yi Suk pause before teasing Hong Do that she probably fantasizes about wearing couple rings with Inspector Jang.


In the hospital, the girl has developed physical rashes.  She tries to tell Yi Suk and her mother that it’s all because she’s been working a lot lately and is exhausted; she’s perfectly mentally healthy.

Yi Suk comments that the two are wearing couple rings.  He asks to play game…They will identify each person’s weaknesses.

When he asks the mother about the daughter’s weakness.  She responds that her daughter is too kind.

When he asks the daughter about her mother’s weakness, the mother responds that her daughter loves her too much to answer.

Yi Suk upsets the balance by accusing the girl directly about knowing that she would go into shock after taking insulin without eating…The daughter starts listing all of her mother’s faults…and there are a lot…The girl adds that she doesn’t want to end up like her mother and feels suffocated by her mother’s kind act.


After the consultation, Hong Do and Yi Suk debrief.  Hong Do confesses that she finds Yi Suk slightly respectable.  Yi Suk lights up at the praise.  He tells her that he will help her ask Inspector Jang, “Did you sleep well?”

Cue Hong Do staying up all night…or waking up extremely early. She wakes up and practices to the air, “Did you sleep well?”

Yi Suk interrupts to ask Inspector Jang’s address.  He tells her that he’s coming to watch her talk to Inspector Jang.

We end up with Yi Suk yelling encouragement at Hong Do, who’s standing next to the wall.  She walks halfway before turning back around.  She gets near the building before getting interrupted by a kid running to school…

However, Hong Do turns around and takes off her helmet.


When Inspector Jang comes out to pick up his morning newspaper, Hong Do starts…”Did…Did..Did you… I like you Inspector Jang.”

Yi Suk wonders whether she was able to say it before laughing out loud.


I was a bit disappointed with this episode as it didn’t have the same zingy addictive quality as the first two episodes.  However, it might be because the story is starting to set the foundations of the main plot and conflict.  Just something was shallow about this episode.  We get a little bit of introduction and development into several characters, but none of the development is thorough.  We get a glimpse into Yi Suk’s mother’s situation…we see Yi Suk fainting because of his headaches…and we see Hong Do being Hong Do…Yet, nothing else.  It was almost as if this episode existed purely to show us that Hong Do accepted Yi Suk’s offer to treat her in exchange for Hong Do accompanying Yi Suk on his consultations.

Hopefully, the next episode will be better.


Yi Suk is cleared of the charge of attempted murder, but public opinion has turned against him.  We also find out why Yi Suk is Yi Suk – his family has some serious issues stemming from mom and dad… Meanwhile, Inspector Jang and Hong Do try to grab a meal together, which is prevented by his job and her anxiety issues.


Preview? – Hong Do runs through the park with Inspector Jang following.  At one point, her beret falls off and she stops to pick it back up…


Hong Do walks into Yi Suk’s office to find him dangling.  She tries to hold his legs up but his kicking throws her off balance.  She uses her head and pushes the desk toward him.  With scissors, she cuts the tie and sends them both falling to the ground.

Yi Suk walks straight to the phone to listen to the voicemail again. He shouts that everyone played with him.


Inspector Jang calls Hong Do only to have Yi Suk pick up.  Yi Suk starts threatening to sue the whole precinct for defamation.  Yi Suk also demands to know what hospital the patient is in…He wants to get his fountain pen back.

After Inspector Jang refuses, Yi Suk yells at Hong Do for causing him so much stress.  He tells her to just live in her helmet forever and never come outside. He totally blames his suicide attempt on Hong Do.

Yi Suk drives off with Hong Do following in her velo to get her phone back.  She follows him to the hospital and the room before hiding outside the door.


Yi Suk starts out grumpily asking why the patient did it.  Soon, he’s acting funny again.  Having difficulty breathing, he opens the window.  Outside, the patient’s daughter finds the room cold and walks in to close the window.  Seeing Yi Suk, she asks what he’s doing in her father’s room.

Hong Do follows the daughter into the room and whimpers that she wants her cell phone.  Yi Suk grabs her to throw her out and feels better immediately.  However, when Hong Do is out of the room, he starts feeling dizzy and nauseous again.  Unconsciously realizing what’s going on, he pulls Hong Do back into the room.  He then kicks her out.  Right afterwards, he feels uncomfortable and has to leave the room again.  [DRAMAFEED – Interesting that every time Yi Suk holds the daughter, the father glares…]


Outside the room, Yi Suk asks why Hong Do is following him.  She yells at him for having her cell phone and basically calls him a psychotic quack.  He comments that she can say her mind when she wants to.  Then he grabs her helmet to see her blushing.  He tells her that he’s the best at curing people with similar disabilities and promises to help if she helps him first.

That’s how Hong Do gets dragged into the patient’s room again.  He sits Hong Do down and keeps his hand on her helmet as he talks to the patient.  Seeing that the patient is getting ready to sleep, he tells the patient that he will return another time.


The patient tells Yi Suk that he doesn’t want Yi Suk visiting again.  Yi Suk takes this in stride but asks why the patient tried to suicide in his office.  The patient smirks and motions Yi Suk over. He grabs Yi Suk by the collar and asks if Yi Suk is curious now that he’s seen his daughter.  Hong Do takes the opportunity to run out of the room and Yi Suk starts feeling uncomfortable again.  The patient warns Yi Suk not to get near his daughter ever again.  Outside, Yi Suk tosses Hong Do’s cell phone back to her.


The next morning, Hong Do begins her complete makeup routine.  She comments that it’d be nice to work at a normal company and she’d be able to stand in front of Inspector Jang proudly…


Hong Do arrives and overhears CEO Goh grumble that he can’t work with a grandmother.  CEO Goh tells Hong Do that he didn’t expect the grandmother to come to work and he’d give her money for coming today.

Hong Do tells CEO Goh that she thinks he’s biased.  She explains that the only thing that older people can’t do is have kids.  She asks for a chance to be his typist.

Afterwards, as Hong Do walks down the stairs she sees Yi Suk’s picture.  She asks the housekeeper, who confirms that Yi Suk is CEO Goh’s grandson.  Luckily for Hong Do, she gets called back in to CEO Goh’s room.

Yi Suk is dealing with a hangover when his mother calls him.  She reminds him that he promised to come over today.


Hong Do types away furiously as CEO Goh talks.  He takes the paper and dismisses her. Hong Do tries to ask if he needs his reading glasses.  Hong Do tries to help with a cell phone app, which magnifies letters.  She offers to download it onto CEO Goh’s phone and realizes taht he doesn’t have a smart phone.  She comments that non-smart phones are easier for “elders” and CEO Goh responds that’s he’s not older than Hong Do!  [DRAMAFEED – I think the CEO cannot read…]

Hong Do walks out when she sees Yi Suk walking in with his mother.  He ends up holding her and carrying her in.


Inspector Jang eats with his colleague, who compliments Inspector Jang’s food.  Inspector Jang worries about Hong Do and begins drafting a text to her.  The two get distracted by a naked lady, who runs by.


Hong Do gets a text, which basically says that he enjoyed the meal and if she’s okay, “me–.”  Hong Do wanders around her house wondering what the interrupted word was.  She happily texts “what about restaurant…”

Meanwhile, the two cops chase after the naked runner.


On set, Sero keeps messing up the scene that the cast is filming.  The leads continue acting when the naked lady runs by and jumps into the pool.  The main female actress shouts that she can’t do this anymore and the director decides to cut the whole scene from the movie. Sero whines that they can’t cut this scene as this is her only scene.


Yi Suk goes to his lead professor’s office.  She asks him what happened.  Yi Suk updates her that the man was depressed after his wife left.  However, he believes that the man’s obsession with his daughter was the main issue.  He knows because the man threatened him in the hospital.  The lead professor notes that Yi Suk should stop drinking.  She also adds that he’s lucky that his license wasn’t suspended after this incident.  Yi Suk protests that he’s the victim.

As for the naked lady, she gets returned to the custody of another woman.  Turns out she’s a curator. No explanation as to why she ran around naked.

Inspector Jang wonders if he should call Hong Do back and decides to just text her.


Meanwhile, Hong Do hides next to Inspector Jang’s apartment building again.  She wonders what she would do if he actually asks her to meet him.  Then she sees to people’s shoes.  They look like they’re dancing.  At one point, the shoes suggest that the owners end up kissing…

Inspector Jang texts her back and apologizes for the cut off message.  He explains that he wanted to buy her a meal.  Hong Do runs and dances around in happiness … in her mind.  In reality, she just laughes to herself.


The next day, she puts on makeup and a beret.  The night before, she had planned her route.  She would reserve a cab with a quiet driver.  Unfortunately, the cab company calls to tell her that there’s construction going on.  The person asks her to walk to the end of the street to meet the cab…


Yi Suk has his own issues. All of his patients have canceled their reservations.  Even his front desk assistant quits.

As for Hong Do, she decides to use an umbrella, instead of her helmet, to meet Inspector Jang.  She also pretends to be sleeping so that she doesn’t have to talk to the driver.  However, the passenger before her left his/her phone and the driver asks her to pick it up.  She ends up giving the driver the phone, but the car gets pulled over for driving while being on the phone.  The driver asks her to explain the situation to the traffic cop.  Hong Do throws her money at the driver and runs out…with the driver following.

Inspector Jang waits for Hong Do at the restaurant.  Before Hong Do can arrive, he realizes that the person-of-interest that he and his colleague are looking for is in the same restaurant.  The suspect catches the inspector looking and runs.  Inspector Jang commences a chase and finally gets the suspect.


The Goh family celebrate CEO Goh’s birthday.  Everything is happy as Sero invites the housekeeper and the butler to join them.  CEO Goh asks Yi Suk what he’s going to do with his hospital.  He heard that Yi Suk was in trouble for treating patients while drunk.  Sero tries to defend her brother and gets yelled at for trying to be an actress.  He also lectures Yi Suk’s mother for being drunk.

All of a sudden, Yi Suk’s father arrives and Yi Suk’s mother looks like she’s going to have a nervous breakdown.  After the celebration, Yi Suk goes into his grandfather’s room to declare his opinion.  He states that he doesn’t think that his father has a right to live in the family home and should return to the Nonhondong villa; he abandoned his family 20 years ago to play with other women.


Yi Suk goes to his mother, who’s sobbing.  Yi Suk promises to protect his mother from his father.

Hong Dong arrives at the restaurant after it closed.  She looks in as Inspector Jang also arrives again.  Once he’s told that the restaurant is closed, he leaves.  Outside, he gets a call from the station.  Someone tells him that Hong Do got hit by a bike and off Inspector Jang goes, without seeing Hong Do on the side of the building.

Hong Do cries and goes home.  At home, she decides to wash her blankets.  She comments that she washes them every two days, but they’re smelly again.  She’s running around when Inspector Jang calls out.


Quickly Hong Dong turns off the lights.  Inspector Jang smiles and notes that she can just listen.  He tells her that he brought Hong Dong’s cell phone, which the bike rider had brought to the station.  He shouts that he will leave the phone in front of her house.  He also asks for another chance to buy her a meal and tells her that he will wait for her call.


Yi Suk goes straight to his head professor about his father’s return.  The professor tells him that CEO Goh called and she told him everything.  Yi Suk is fine about it since he’s already heard the lecture from his grandfather.

However, the professor isn’t done.  She tells him that not only does he need to quit drinking, he needs to work under her supervision at her hospital. Yi Suk comments that he doesn’t want to work at such a shabby hospital.  The professor asks if he doesn’t want to become a true doctor, who can cry with the patient.

Hong Do gets up in her room and declares that she will meet Inspector Jang again.  Except, when he goes to see Inspector Jang, she will go out without a helmet or an umbrella.

In the morning, Inspector Jang gets a defamation lawsuit summons.

At the same time, Hong Do gets on her velo to go to Yi Suk’s hospital.

Yi Suk’s hospital is totally empty, robbed of everything.  Yi Suk asks if she’s the one, who stole everything.


In response, Hong Do takes off her helmet.  She asks him to fix her…if he doesn’t, she threatens to commit suicide…and then begs him to fix her.


Well the attempted murder charge got cleared quickly.  However, I do wish that the writers would explain more clearly why Yi Suk has no memory of the 2 hours and why he can’t breathe around that patient.  I want to know if this issue is particular to that patient.  Another light-hearted episode.

I loved episode one.  However, episode two seemed average. I think episode two’s purpose is to set up the stage for the story.  I feel like this drama took such a wild turn in episode one that I cannot predict how and where the story will end up… So, I’m going to hope that episode three brings back the zingy drama from episode one.

Heart to Heart – E01

Switching it up with a straight up romcom!  What happens when you get a famous psychologist/police consultant/author (possible alcoholic) who ends up involved in a attempted murder of a patient?  Throw in the fact that the psychologist totally blacks out and loses his memory for the two hours prior to the attempted murder and an eye witness, who suffers from social anxiety, which manifests through uncontrollable blushing…Yep, complete and utter unbelievably smooth drama hijinks and a fast first episode.



A girl stands at the top of a roof ledge, humming to herself, as police officers inflate the suicide prevention thing.  Yi Suk runs up to find out that the  girl has been up there for 2 hours… The girl hasn’t told the officers why she wants to die.  She just stands there.

Yi Suk grabs another officer’s coffee and gets on the ledge with her.  The girl  tries to keep Yi Suk from getting up on the ledge and spills the coffee on Yi Suk.  He almost falls off and the girl grabs him.

Sitting on the rails, Yi Suk comments that she doesn’t really seem like she wants to die.  He also wants to return the favor since she grabbed him when he was about to fall.  He asks her what exactly is the issue and the girl starts sobbing.

Between sobs, she states that it’s a guy…it was after drinks…she tried telling other people but no one believes her.  They all say that she provoked him.


Yi Suk sighs that the other guy is a arsehat.  He pulls her into a hug and lets her sob it out, while he signals to the other officers to approach and take the girl into safety.


The head housekeeper is giving a test for determining who would hire.  It is the household of Mr. Goh, the inventor of the bicycle in Korea.  One of the contestants is a 60 year old grandmother.  She comments that she could probably clean the house herself and joins the cooking competition calmly.


CEO Goh is dictating his thoughts to an intern/secretary.  It turns out that he was typing quickly, but he just marked with letters the words that he didn’t get.  CEO Goh yells at the guy for his incompetence.

After the competition, the head housekeeper notes that the first two dishes don’t make the cut.  The first one seems like it’s playing with food and the second one would be hard for Mr. Goh to eat.  The two other contestants leave in a huff because their prides are hurt.  The head housekeeper tries the last dish and notes that it’s perfect to Mr. Goh’s tastes…but, she’s not comfortable leaving the house to a lady older than her.


At that time, CEO Goh comes down the stairs wielding his cane at the youngster.  It turns out he was a part timer.  The part timer complains that no matter how many different temps the CEO hires, no one will understand him.  Luckily for our grandmother, she raises her hand and guesses the correct word.  CEO Goh hires her on the spot and asks her to come back next week to be his scribe.


Yi Suk gets ready to go on a talk show about his best selling book, Heart to Heart. The hostess starts with the incident from the beginning of the episode.  Yi Suk humbly reports that it was nothing.  The girl didn’t want to die.

The second question is how does he know who is mentally ill and who is not?  Yi Suk replies that it’s hard unless the symptoms are obvious because one has to see the other person’s heart.  An example is someone, who has obsessive compulsive disorder and uses 10 boxes of wet napkins?


Meanwhile, Hong Do runs out of her apartment, wearing a helmet.  She drops a thermostat of pumpkin porridge and side dishes into a person’s mail box.

As she’s putting the thermostat into the mailbox, the guy (Inspector Jang) comes home.  Hong Do runs to the side of the apartment building and hides.  The guy walks up and sees her note, which identifies the contents.  He turns to the side of the building and asks if she’s still there.  He tells her that he feels bad that they haven’t really talked when he’s been taking her food for over seven years.  He can tell that she’s there and asks her to come out, but Hong Do continues to hide.  The guy gets a call from his parents, who tell him that he has an arranged date with someone who graduated from Seoul National University.  Hong Do takes this opportunity to run away.

Walking home, she mutters to herself…844 couples get married every day in Korea. 398 couples get divorced every day in Korea. There’s a lot of sunset divorces in 50-60’s, but there are also lots of honeymoon divorces in the 20’s and 30’s.  First reason of divorce – differences in personalities. Second reason – extramarital affairs.  Third reason – domestic abuse.

She wonders why he’s trying to get married so early and grumbles that he’s already done 100 arranged dates.  She continues to mutter that he must not be that busy.


Meanwhile, Yi Suk brings his girl friend a bouquet of flowers. They toast to his successful talk show appearance and a waiter comes with champagne.

Right away, the girl complains that she’s not sure if he thinks about their relationship seriously.  She wonders if he expects that she will go home with him every time he buys her champagne.  Yi Suk jokes back that they could go to her house instead.

When the girl continues to gripe, Yi Suk gives her a Russian doll with a necklace inside.  He explains that he’s serious even if he can’t express his emotions that well.  The girl seems placated and the guy asks whether they should head to his house or hers.

Hong Do arrives home to find a notice taped to her door.  The landlady wants to raise her junsae by $5,000. [DRAMAFEED – For readers who do not follow Run, Jang-Mi.  Korea has a temporary ownership system, which is also rental, called “junsae.” Instead of monthly payments, the renter gives a large deposit, usually half or more of the apartment price.  They then live in the apartment for a year or more without monthly payments.  When the renter leaves, s/he gets her whole deposit back.]


Hong Do yells her frustration and decides to cook ramen.  She gets a leek from her garden and starts cooking.  Hong Do looks at her account book and comments that she needs to move.

Hong Do calls out the answer to the quiz program before the contestant and calls someone called Ms. Kim to ask about CEO Goh.  She talks in the old lady voice and gets no information from the other lady.

Hong Do takes a bite before wondering what would happen if Inspector Jang gets married like this.

Yi Suk gets dressed and his girlfriend asks if he’s leaving.  She tells him she will go home or he can sleep on the couch; it’s his house.  Yi Suk apologizes but seems determined to leave.

The girl blows up again and notes that she’s sold her body for a bottle of champagne again.  She asks if he has some childhood trauma like he wasn’t loved by his mom or something.  Why else can’t he sleep with a woman?  Yi Suk sighs and leaves.


Meanwhile, Hong Do washes her ramen pot to find Yi Suk’s face stuck to the bottom.  Being a normal person, she matches it Yi Suk’s book and sits to give it a read.


Yi Suk has a call with his sister.  She’s been back in Korea for a week and wants him to come and see her.  She explains that their mom went shopping and is in a good mood.  However, two weeks ago, their mother stayed in her room with the lights off and refused to come out.  Their head housekeeper was going to go down to see her grandchild, which would leave them to starve.  However, she couldn’t find a replacement and decided to stay.

Yi Suk comments that he feels bad that the housekeeper couldn’t go see her grandchild.  He tells his sister to cook instead.  She replies that she got casted in a movie and the filming starts next week.  She’s quit school to pursue acting.


Hong Do reads Yi Suk’s book throughout the night, even taking it into the bathroom with her. She sighs that Yi Suk would be able to fix her easily.  She claps that he must be a gift from God.

Yi Suk wakes up on his couch in the office.


First patient of the day is a lady who thinks her husband is cheating.  Second lady hates all men.  The third patient is a student, who cries that she wants to die.  Yi Suk asks for a moment and goes back into his office to take a drink.


He next sees a man, who seems depressed.  Not sure if it’s the alcohol, but Yi Suk has trouble focusing on the man.  Yi Suk comments that the next time the man should come with his daughter.  However, Yi Suk starts to freak out as the man continues to talk that he didn’t realize he told Yi Suk about his daughter…


It’s probably in his head, but he hears a buzzing sound and the man’s voice sounds like it’s getting farther away.  The man mentions that his child takes after his wife and Yi Suk lunges at the man with his pen.


Hong Do comes into the office just as the secretary runs out because she has to go to the bathroom.  She hears a man screaming and opens the door to see Yi Suk stabbing the man in the neck with a pen.

The man loses consciousness and Yi Suk returns to normal.  He yells at Hong Do to call 911.  She crawls around in shock before calling 911…except, she can’t tell them where they are even though Yi Suk is yelling out the address. He orders her to throw him the phone and he explains the man’s condition and their address.

He then tells Hong Do to bring a hot towel, but Hong Do can only focus on the fact that the pen came from the doctor’s desk.


Inspector Jang finds his colleague at the soda motion.  The colleague is frustrated beyond words because he has Yi Suk’s case.  He complains that it’s so frustrating because the doctor keeps saying he doesn’t remember anything from the past two hours.  To add to the situation, the only eye-witness refuses to take her helmet off!  Inspector Jang sees Hong Do and seems to recognize her.

Inspector Jang goes to question Yi Suk.  Yi Suk sticks to his story.  He has no reason to hurt one of his parents. He is frustrated because he doesn’t remember anything.

Inspector Jang asks if Yi Suk has a mental illness. Yi Suk yells that it can be anything! The brain can erase memories due to trauma or several other factors.  He adds that if he really did stab his patient, he would have said he didn’t.  He wouldn’t say he doesn’t remember.  Then Yi Suk starts threatening the police if word gets out and his hospital gets affected.


Inspector Jang comes in to grab some paper and something else before going into the room with Hong Do.  He smiles and talks to her softly that he knows her.  He comments that he’s happy to see her face to face.  Hong Do blushes extremely red and asks him not to look at her.

Inspector Jang tells her that he won’t look at her.  He asks her to either write down everything she saw today or even draw it.  He offers her candy and explains that candy is supposed to help calm people down.  Taking out his cups, he explains that he’s just going to be doing his thing so she can write down what she remembers as she remembers it.  Inspector Jang continues to build a pyramid with his cups between him and her.

Hong Do starts drawing something on the paper.  After she’s done, she passes the drawing through the cup tower.  Inspector Jang happily takes it and runs into Yi Suk’s room.  Hong Do sneezes and all of the cups end up falling.


When Inspector Jang confronts Yi Suk with Hong Do’s picture, he runs into Hong Do’s room.  Yi Suk pulls the chair against the door and follows Hong Do around the questioning room.  He keeps asking her if she even saw him stab the guy.

Yi Suk then tries to get the helmet off of Hong Do.  When he succeeds, she hides under the table.  He asks if she has any friends.

Angry, Hong Do accuses Yi Suk of stabbing his patient.  She clarifies that he was holding the pen and the patient’s hand was on top of his.  Yi Suk laughs that she doesn’t know who actually did the stabbing.  Hong Do screams that the angle of the pen was toward his chair (doctor’s chair).


Yi Suk pauses and Inspector Jang forces his way in.  He punches Yi Suk right away.  Yi Suk is set free.  On his way out, the reporters are waiting for him.  Yi Suk tells them to leave as the guy is still alive and he has no comments.


Meanwhile, Inspector Jang walks with Hang Do.  They walk steps apart and Hang Do walks while facing the ground.  Inspector Jang tries to make small talk.  He asks if she washes her helmet and then thanks her for all of the meals.  He tells her that he will buy her a meal.  He asks if she remembers his number and she recites it back to him.

Inspector Jang comments that she has a great memory and walks toward her.  She runs off in embarassment.

The reporters are waiting for Yi Suk at his apartment so he drives to his girlfriend’s. Yi Suk is in his car when he sees his girlfriend come out of another man’s car.  She’s holding flowers and he even kisses her on the forehead.

Yi Suk runs out after the couple.  The man trips him and the girlfriend walks into the building, saying that she will call him.

Yi Suk ends up driving away as he shouts in the car.  He pulls out some alcohol from the passenger’s side…

Hong Do runs into her covers and yells at herself for not being able to talk to Inspector Jang.  Then she remembers that she left her cell phone at his hospital.

Yi Suk drives into a parking lot and reams his car into the wall.  He pauses and wonders if he’s a murderer…He tries to comfort himself that he’s Yi Suk Goh.

He goes back into the office to see his office phone ringing off the hook due to the reporters.  He gets a call to his cell phone from a Yeonwoo.  He ignores it.

Yeonwoo texts him to ask if she doesn’t even have a right to explain herself.  She complains that he’s always running away and that she’s exhausted.  She tells him that it’s over.  Yi Suk throws his cell phone at the wall and pulls out the office phones.


Sitting down on the couch, he remembers seeing his patient’s face as the patient lost consciousness. He pulls out a couple of ties from his desk. He then ties a noose after piling books on top of a chair.

Hong Do arrives outside the office.

As the noose is finished, Yi Suk puts his head in.  All of a sudden he gets a voice message from the police station.  The patient woke up and has confessed that he stabbed himself.  Yi Suk takes a step in surprise and accidentally kicks some of the books off the chair – accidentally hanging himself.

He coughs out for someone to save him as he chokes…and Hong Do arrives.


I do enjoy watching cable drama series…but, I was shocked to see them go there. Yes, we saw Yi Suk actually prepare his own noose with a tie…I was shocked.  I literally could not believe that they were going to kill off the main character in the first episode AND that they would be so explicit on a series that is shown in Korea.  Sure, it’s shown on separate pay per view channel, but still! I am so glad to see that in the previews, he is a live and Hang Do manages to save him.

As for my first impression of the series, I was pleasantly surprised.  I know that a lot of psychologist dramas came out this year and was afraid that this one would be a repeat.  However, Heart to Heart managed to be different.  Rather, Yi Suk reminded me of a mentally ill Castle (for those who watch the U.S. T.V. series Castle).  It was clear that mental illness runs in the family with the talk about their mother.  Additionally, the writer wrote in smooth transitions to Yi Suk’s drinking problem.  Add in the fact that he either has commitment issues, sex issues, or women’s issues in general… We have a very messed up psychologist running around the drama world as a successful doctor.  I’m actually thankful in this drama world that this attempted murder happened. It’s like a wake-up call for Yi Suk.

Now, the Hong Do/60 year old grandmother situation. LOVE IT!  Obviously the girl is talented as a cook and as an actress, if she has successfully created a separate personal and reputation as said persona.  I feel like it’s the perfect set up.  The only thing holding this girl back is this immense social anxiety.  I can’t wait to see how it gets healed.

Also, I must say that I also think Inspector Jang’s character will be a sweetie pie.  He’s been on 100 arranged dates and, yet, it doesn’t seem like he’s seriously developed a relationship with any of them.  However, he remembers every meal that Hong Do has prepared for him and even left grapes for her in return… I think he’s interested in getting to know his meal fairy….

Finally, I can’t tell if I think Yi Suk stabbed the patient or if he was just traumatized because the patient tried to stab himself out of guilt…  Well played writers!