Still Loving You – E67

Yeonmi falls and we have to brace ourselves.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 67 RECAP

Eunho and Hyunshik refresh just as the next chapter of Hyunshik’s webtoon is published. Eunho congratulates Hyunshik and wishes him well. In turn, Hyunshik thanks Eunho for his help and his mind wanders to Soomin again…

Then Eunho gets a call from Yeonmi asking him to come and help. Cue Eunho and Hyunshik carrying Sooho into Eunho’s room and unceremoniously tossing him into bed.

Eunsoo and Yeonmi have tea so Eunsoo can warm up. Eunsoo thanks Yeonmi for letting Sooho come in (instead of calling the Yoon’s to pick up their son). Yeonmi sighs and tells Eunsoo that Yeonmi is sorry as well… She had never imagined that she would disapprove of her daughter’s marriage. This soft confession hurts Eunsoo who begins to cry that she’s sorry for making her mom hurt.

Yeonmi just smiles reassuringly at her daughter and muses that this won’t be the first time Eunsoo has to apologize for that. Yeonmi also tears up that she only wanted her daughter to see good things and experience good things… Like all moms, really! Who wants to send her daughter to start a new family where the non-nuclear family has shown that they are rude and respect no boundaries except their own?

Eunsoo tells her mom that she still wants to get married. She explains that she loves Sooho and she feels like if she has to give up Sooho because of Bitna, Bitna wins again.

The next day, the Ohs invite Sooho to join their breakfast and Grandma Kim is sweetly doting. Yeonmi begins quietly but announces in the middle that Sooho should go home after breakfast and ask his parents for a date to set the wedding. (Generally in Korea, once weddings are agreed upon, the ceremony is held within 6mo to a year as its traditionally frowned upon by the older generation to have a long engagement. Additionally, the Korean wedding industry is set up so you can literally get engaged and married within three months as every vendor is streamlined through planners.)

Sooho and Eunsoo look up in surprise. Sooho asks Yeonmi if this is what he thinks it is. Yeonmi nods (that she’s approving the marriage) and Sooho jumps to his knees to bow. He grabs Eunsoo’s hand and announces to the Oh’s that he will always love and protect Eunsoo so that she never has to feel down or cry again. Aw, the puppy’s mind is at least in the right place. Meanwhile, Yeonmi looks on quietly unable to smile.

Sooho goes home and announces to his family. Everyone but Sunyoung, Soohyun and Bitna congratulate him. Mr. Yoon decides to hold the greeting dinner soon since both sides had their feelings hurt- there is no point in dragging things out. They also decide that since the Oh family is around 4 people, they will also only take two (Soohyun and Bitna) as is polite to match numbers.

Suddenly, we fast forward to the meal. Mr. Yoon introduces his family including Bitna… While, the Ohs seem neutral or happy to meet everyone, Bitna’s introduction elicits a sigh and frowns from the Oh’s who are still hurting from how Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s life eight years ago and ran off without resolving the problem.

When none of her family members say anything, Eunsoo jumps in to introduce her family members. They move on to dinner where Mr. Yoon and Yeonmi take turns complimenting Eunsoo and Sooho.

They then lightly touch upon details. Mr. Yoon and Yeonmi discuss how both don’t want too big of a wedding. Then, Yeonmi asks if she can say one thing. She was under the impression that Soohyun and Bitna live at home for the year. She asks if Sooho and Eunsoo can live separately until Soohyun and Bitna leave.

Sunyoung immediately jumps in to ask tactlessly if Yeonmi has a problem. Yeonmi just diplomatically answers that there is an age gap (Eunsoo having been Bitna’s high school teacher) and everyone knows that living together can only lead to disputes. It might be better if the two couples can live separately until they get to know each other better and become closer before they live together. Yes, especially if they are life enemies because one girl is a spoiled, selfish, insecure witch?

Sooho jumps in ready to defend Eunsoo at all costs heartily agreeing that he wants to live separately. After all, he notes that his sister-in-law has a temper.

With Sooho jumping in to protect her without thought, Eunsoo is able to stay the polite future daughter-in-law, calling Sooho’s name and shaking her head that this is not the place for them to join the conversation. (Note- even though these two are 29 and 31, because of Korea’s view that you are not an adult until you are married (gross simplification) even the discussion of where and how they will live after marriage is handled by the parents. The “children” are not supposed to add their opinion unless asked. Yes, it is a different concept than in the United States.)

Mr. Yoon answers respectfully that he can see where Yeonmi would worry as the mother of a daughter. He promises to consider her request. Yeonmi thanks him and then sips her tea while she glares at Bitna. Go Mama Tiger!

Then after the dinner, Yeonmi and Bitna both stop by the bathroom. Bitna tries to leave when she sees Yeonmi. But, Yeonmi runs out after Bitna and grabs the girl’s arm to stop her.

Bitna turns around in the hallway in front of the bathroom. Yeonmi repeats to Bitna that she’s Eunsoo’s mother. She will protect Eunsoo until the very end, even after death. She warns Bitna that if she messes with Eunsoo again, Yeonmi won’t stand aside for it. Yeonmi <3 considering that no one in Bitna’s family is actually disciplining her, which has led to such ridiculous behavior, Bitna needs to know that people won’t just stand around as she goes around ruining other people’s lives because of her insecurity. Pretending that it didn’t happen and avoiding reminders does not fix anything once you leave elementary school.

Yeonmi let’s go of Bitna’s arm and storms off. Meanwhile, Bitna looks down and bites her lips as if she’s about to cry. No pity here, you had your chances when you made Eunsoo apologize when you were a student and then when you guys met again at the supermarket.

The Yoon’s go home where Sunyoung pouts angrily that her friend dared requested that her friend’s daughter only lives with them if they send out Soohyun and Bitna. Lady, are you really friends? How could you not even consider what your friend might be worrying about?

Soonjung laughs at the request saying that she knew Yeonmi wasn’t a pushover. Mr. Yoon is a voice of reason as he tells Sunyoung that he feels like he should think about it… Bitna is Eunsoo’s boss at work and would be the elder daughter-in-law at home. Of course, Yeonmi would be worried. Soonjung adds that they all know Bitna’s temper, she’s probably not going to hold back against someone who’s the younger daughter-in-law like a gracious elder daughter-in-law.

The next day Grandma Choi gets a random package. She opens it up and finds a bunch of hand written letters and home baked cookies. The letters are from children at the volunteer center. They thank her for a range of things from a new backpack to food. Finally, it includes a letter from the administrator thanking her for her donation. Grandma Choi tears up cursing Grandma Kim lightly for the attack of the feelings.

Meanwhile, Bitna continues her attack. She slinks up to Sunyoung in the kitchen asking if she can help cook for once. Why is she being nice? Because she wants to suggest that instead of Sooho and Eunsoo living separately until Bitna and Soohyun leave, Bitna and Sooho can just leave right after Sooho and Eunsoo get married. Sunyoung seems to like the idea.

At the same time, Yeonmi finally texts Jaewoo about meeting. He jumps up with joy and even kisses the phone.

Back at the Oh residence, Eunsoo wonders if she should really live separately. Her mom, grandma and brother all advise her to think about it carefully. Her mom specifically notes that a marriage won’t be all happiness just because Sooho does his best. Amen, sister.

Eunsoo goes off to work to ask if she could take some time off sometime soon even though she just joined the company. The Team Leader asks why and Eunsoo smiles that she’s getting married. (Again, because once the decision is made Koreans usually hold the ceremony within months. So, Eunsoo needs to give notice now.)

The Team Leader asks who and Eunsoo answers that it’s Sooho.

We give the older generation some screen time as Yeonmi even goes to a salon to get her hair done. Then she meets with Jaewoo at a fancy seafood restaurant for sushi.

Jaewoo is all smiles, and over sushi, he asks about Yeonmi’s daughter. Yeonmi smiles that she decided to give into her daughter.

Jaewoo asks if Yeonmi can also give him an answer. Yeonmi looks at Jaewoo in his eyes and smiles that she also wants to meet Jaewoo officially. Jaewoo thanks her and she thanks him back ūüôā How cute!

The cuteness continues… Jaewoo picks up a piece of sushi to put on Yeonmi’s plate. Then he even sings out loud in the car as he drives her home.

They pause on what looks like a bridge. Yeonmi returns his handkerchief with a new one as a gift. Jaewoo busts out a box from no where and explains that he has a present, too. Pink sneakers so she can exercise for her health!

We turn to the Yoon household where Eunsoo came over for dinner. Oh simple Sunyoung…she sniffs over dinner that they should send Soohyun and Bitna out. Mr. Yoon asks everyone’s opinion. Soohyun answers that he doesn’t mind either way. Bitna confirms that she wants to live separately. Then Sooho firmly protests that he wants to live separately as the adults promised. Finally, all eyes turn to Eunsoo. She smiles that she would prefer to live with the family if they would allow it.


Since my prior comments were all negative, I want to take the time to praise the sweet moments in this episode. First, I loved how Yeonmi was polite but firm in her requests to have Eunsoo live separately from Bitna. I thought her polite an calm words were a huge contrast to Sunyoung’s blunt and tactless words both during the dinner and elsewhere.

Second, I loved how Yeonmi pulled Bitna aside and gave the girl a clear warning. Yeonmi is still taking the high road here. She could technically have told the Yoon’s everything from her perspective, which is that Bitna ruined Eunsoo’s life and then physically ran away from the consequences like some makjang coward. Yeonmi would be more than in her rights to explain the history as a background to her seemingly aggressive requests on whether Eunsoo lives with the Yoon’s or not. But, she didn’t. Instead, she even respected Bitna to the end by giving Bitna the warning directly and not outing her. Props as this is more than I could have done.

Finally, I love how Sooho continues to be so¬†obviously on Eunsoo’s side regarding everything. Sure, he’s not settled yet but at least he knows a husband’s two main jobs – (1) love and (2) protect your wife against everything and everyone. If a guy does that, what wife wouldn’t respect and love her husband? She doesn’t need to protect herself since he’s already got that covered. Here, Sooho knows his mom and dad wouldn’t want them to live separately but he could care less since he knows that would make Eunsoo uncomfortable. And, he’s making his perspective loud and clear. Good for you Sooho!

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Still Loving You – E66

Yeonmi stands firm as the last line of defense.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 66 RECAP

Sooho announces that he wants to marry Eunsoo starting the family discussion by even kneeling in front of everyone for their blessing and approval.

Mr. Yoon sighs that marriage is not a simple thing as someone is reborn through it. Sooho declares that he knows that he’s not perfectly ready but he’s sincere.

Mr. Yoon agrees to consider it and asks Sooho if he got approval from the Oh family. Soonjung jumps in to begin a vote-she approves. Soomin does too.

Soohyun only asks if Sooho has thought this through since he has not saved money and just started developing his career. Soonjung asks Bitna but Bitna stays silent.

So, Mr. Yoon decides that he will approve. He overrides Sunyoung’s protests and orders that she joins him in the bedroom to discuss.

Once they are alone in the master bedroom, Mr. Yoon tells Sunyoung that he thinks Eunsoo is too good for Sooho. It was less than a month ago when he was living off of his parents money without a job and being arrested for getting into drunk fights. He tells his wife to focus on who changed Sooho for the better, which they couldn’t do.

Meanwhile, the discussion is quicker at the Oh family house. Grandma Kim approves quickly and even Eunho gives his blessing noting that he will change his mind if Sooho makes Eunsoo cry again.

Before Yeonmi makes her decision, Eunsoo pauses and takes a deep breath. She confesses that she has one more thing to disclose… the student who made her get fired from the school is Sooho’s sister-in-law.

This changes everything. Yeonmi tells Eunsoo that even if everything is perfect and both families are happy, marriage is something that causes cracks in families. In this case, Eunsoo wants to get married into a family with a crazy mother-in-law and her life enemy. Yeonmi declares that she can never bless such a marriage and gets up.

Grandma Kim looks at Eunsoo with regret and adds that she also cannot approve of this marriage anymore.

Meanwhile, Bitna asks Soohyun if it looks like Sunyoung will end up approving the marriage. Soohyun responds flippantly that it looks like it since Mr. Yoon approved and Sunyoung should be worried about Sooho acting out again.

The next morning, Sooho begins by texting Eunsoo about Mr. Yoon’s approval. Eunsoo has to apologize that she has yet to get approval.

Then, the broker friend drops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners as Yeonmi sighs. The friend asks if Yeonmi is sighing over the Team Leader or the gentleman with glasses. The broker friend adds that she supports the gentleman with glasses since Yeonmi always smiles when he’s around.

The conversation is cut short when Sooho arrives. Yeonmi sits down with him. She tells him that she knows he’s a good guy who loves Eunsoo. But, she cannot approve of this marriage.

Sooho asks if it is because of his mother. He apologizes on her behalf and asks for one chance to show Yeonmi that he can make Eunsoo happy.

Yeonmi stands firm. She explains that this is not an issue with Sooho but the situation. Even if Sooho tries his best, there is no guarantee that the situation will change. She cannot bless a marriage where she knows her daughter will suffer.

Yeonmi gets up and asks Sooho to leave. Sooho gets up and stands there looking like he will say more. So, Yeonmi adds that she’s about to go out for delivery.

Meanwhile, Jaewoo broods over the fact that Yeonmi has not contacted him after his confession. He texts to ask if she has time for dinner. Yeonmi responds back curtly that she’s busy and will contact him.

Then, Mr. Yoon drops by and the two go to Soonjung’s cafe where Mr. Yoon officially introduces himself. He first apologizes for everything that happened including the actions of his wife Sunyoung. At Mr. Yoon’s gracious acknowledgement of fault, Yeonmi immediately responds that she was no better and Sunyoung probably acted that way as they are friends.

Mr. Yoon smiles and continues that he always thought Eunsoo is a lovely woman who changed Sooho for the better. He declares that he and his wife have agreed to accept Eunsoo as their daughter-in-law. He asks if Yeonmi could also forget all of the past and bless the kids marriage. Le sigh. Another incidence of the aggressor asking the victim to forget the past and move on. If scars were so easy to forget we wouldn’t have many television series.

Yeonmi answers calmly and politely. She notes that she thinks they should think about the marriage more while the children continue dating. She explains that she likes Sooho who seems like a fine young man but marriage is a complex thing and there are still things she is worried about.

Mr. Yoon asks if it is because of his wife, whom he can take care of. Yeonmi denies it saying she knew Sunyoung from when they were kids. She knows Sunyoung is not a bad person. But, she cannot bless the marriage. She apologizes for not giving him the answer that he probably wanted.

Mr. Yoon tells her that it’s fine and he feels more confident about his evaluation of Eunsoo after meeting Yeonmi. Yeonmi excuses herself.

After Yeonmi leaves, Soonjung comes by to ask what happened. Mr. Yoon is not a complete idiot and asks in return if Sunyoung had been that ridiculous. Soonjung answers objectively that Sunyoung was ridiculous.

Then we turn to the volunteer center where Grandma Choi stops by. We continue with the theme of the “evil” characters using force selfishly as Grandma Choi insists Grandma Kim sees her outside. When Grandma Kim doesn’t get up, Grandma Choi grabs Grandma Kim’s arm and yanks her up. The other grandma friend sees this and quickly gets up announcing that the two can talk there… She was just about to leave.

Grandma Choi’s urgency is the fact that Eunsoo might marry Sooho. She yells at Grandma Kim once they are alone to remember their status. She also threatens to tell the Yoon family exactly what Eunsoo did to Bitna and how she got kicked out of teaching. Please do! Let’s finally get the truth of the matter out!

Grandma Kim sighs that Grandma Choi has not changed a bit from her volunteering. She reminds Grandma Choi that Eunsoo is a precious granddaughter as well. She snaps that she hopes they never meet again even after death.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yoon comes home to find Sunyoung laying around in bed. She sniffs that Yeonmi should be happy hearing that they approved.

Mr. Yoon sighs that Yeonmi didn’t approve. Sunyoung laughs that it’s for the best and they should just forget about the marriage. So, Mr. Yoon reminds her of Soonjung. They disapproved of her first love and she never found another match…Who can guarantee that the same won’t happen to Sooho?

Mr. Yoon suggests that Sunyoung go see Yeonmi. But Sunyoung only glares asking if he wants her to beg for forgiveness. (DRAMAFEED -Yeah, that might be a start!) But, Mr. Yoon just explains that if they are friends they should be able to make up and leaves for work.

Instead of reflecting on what she did wrong, Sunyoung sarcastically answers “of course, it’s ALL my fault.”

We turn to Yeonmi who’s cleaning up the dry cleaners. She finds Jaewoo’s handkerchief and calls him.

Jaewoo happily picks up and Yeonmi apologizes for calling back so late. Jaewoo understands that she must be busy with her daughter’s issue. Yeonmi also asks for some time to think and Jaewoo agrees. There’s a cute subdued calm between the two which is sweet.

When work ends, Eunsoo gets a call from Eunho calling her home…

It turns out Sooho is kneeling in the courtyard with Hyunshik, the twins, Eunho and Grandma Kim watching. They sigh that he followed the kids in when the twins came home and has been kneeling there since.

Grandma Kim tells Sooho to get up and go home but he insists that he will wait for Yeonmi. So, Grandma Kim gets him a seat mat to kneel on.

Eunsoo arrives only a few minutes before Yeonmi. Before he can say much other than it’s all fine, Yeonmi snaps at Sooho to go home. She then has the family go inside and Eunsoo close the door.

Eunsoo reluctantly closes the sliding door as Sooho smiles at her reassuringly. Awww man, why is it always that the children have to suffer for their selfish and thoughtless parents’ actions?

Eunsoo follows her mom into the master bedroom to ask if her mom can’t just relent just once. Eunsoo promises that she can handle everything that Yeonmi is worrying about. Yeonmi asks if her daughter is crazy for wanting to join the family of a life enemy and a crazy mother-in-law.

Eunsoo sighs that she loves Sooho more than she hates Bitna. But, Yeonmi reminds her that they don’t know what Bitna will do if Eunsoo joins the family.

Eunsoo repeats that she’s also changed. While, she couldn’t fight back when it happened the first time, she won’t just be a victim if Bitna does anything.

Yeonmi doesn’t change her mind. So, Eunsoo goes out with a blanket to ask Sooho to return home. He insists that he cannot leave…

Cue Eunsoo joining Sooho in the courtyard on her knees and Yeonmi looking through the door crack to see her daughter smile at Sooho.


I am completely with Yeonmi on this one. Usually, I side with the romantic kids but this episode showed that Mr. Yoon doesn’t even understand the extent of damage that his wife did on the Oh family which was why he was surprised Yeonmi did not gleefully accept his offer to take Eunsoo as a daughter-in-law. Add the fact that Sunyoung is not even a bit repentant and you know that the Yoons don’t have the same values as the Ohs. They only value their own selfish desires. (Sunyoung wanting some fancy daughter-in-law and Mr. Yoon just wanting quiet in the family…) Finally, noting the hidden crazy wild card of Bitna? I don’t think Yeonmi should relent.

Sooho has not shown us how he will protect Eunsoo from his crazy mom. And, Mr. Yoon’s promises are empty as well. All he did is suggest that Sunyoung think about talking to Yeonmi. How about acknowledging that going to another’s work place and making a scene is wrong and apologizing? Not rocket science just basic manners. No, I am not convinced that Eunsoo can get married and have a happy life.

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Still Loving You – E65

Eunsoo decides that she cannot give up Sooho.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 65 RECAP

We jump a  couple of hours? Sooho and Eunsoo are sitting on a park on the hospital grounds.  They are surrounded by peaceful breezes and trees as Sooho teases Eunsoo about whether she worried about him.  Eunsoo stubbornly answers that she did not worry.  However, Sooho has a bunch of missed calls and voicemails from Eunsoo.
Eunsoo sighs defeated and asks him not to listen to the voicemail.¬† She asks what he’s been doing not returning her calls.¬† Sooho sighs that he was trying to get some fresh air because he did not feel confident that he would stop bothering Eunsoo…
Sooho also adds that during the accident when he thought that he might die, all he could think of was the memories of being with Eunsoo.  He knew then that he would be able to live without her.  Sooho grabs her hand and asks if she would be with him.
Eunsoo smiles in return.¬† She tells him that she’s sorry for giving up so easily.¬† She had thought that she loved him but she had not been prepared to handle the difficult situations… She promises to endure the difficult incident with Sooho.
Eunsoo walks Sooho back to his house and tells him to go in.¬† Sooho tries to whine that Eunsoo should spend more time with him.¬† Eunsoo responds that she needs to go back to work since she’s not part of the family.¬† She warns him to be careful his his fractured rib needs time to fully heal.
Sunyoung is sighing in bed about her poor 29 year old son who must be in danger when Sooho announces that he’s home.¬† She hits him in the chest at first in anger about how worried she was.¬† But, she stops when Sooho tells her to be careful as he slightly fractured his rib.
Eunsoo returns back to work when Bitna calls.¬† Eunsoo stops by Bitna’s office first.¬† Bitna stands up to yell at Eunsoo for acting so irresponsibly, leaving work early without telling anyone the day before and then leaving work in the middle of the day again.
Eunsoo sighs but remains silent.
Bitna asks if Eunsoo met with Sooho.  Eunsoo confirms it.  So, Bitna freaks out and asks if they are seeing each other again.  Eunsoo corrects Bitna that she agreed to marry Sooho.
This elicits the expected response.  Bitna starts yelling at Eunsoo asking if Eunsoo really wants to become family.  She asks why Eunsoo wants to become part of the Yoon family?
Eunsoo continues to answer calmly that she loves Sooho.  She also does not like the idea of becoming family with Bitna but she loves Sooho more than her anger and bitterness at Bitna.
Bitna begs Eunsoo to think about it again.
Eunsoo apologizes that this time she cannot help it.  Bitna is free to do what she wants.  Eunsoo walks out.
Bitna storms straight into Soohyun’s office where Soohyun seems relieved that Sooho returned home.¬† He leans back in his chair after telling Bitna that Sooho returned and everything must be done.¬† Bitna pauses.¬† She thinks to herself that everything isn’t done but does not bring it up.
Meanwhile, Sooho heartily eats food while sitting across from his mom.  Sunyoung asks if he is really her son.  Sooho might have caused trouble in the past.  But, he never rebelled against her.  Sooho apologizes for making her feel hurt but adds that he was hurt as well.  He knows that she was worried about him.  However, he never wondered if Sunyoung is his mother.  Even if she disapproved of his relationship, he always felt that she was his mother.  Sunyoung opens her mouth but nothing comes out.  Schooled by her own son in maturity.
At the same time, Hyunshik drops by Soomin’s office with a canvas drawing of her.¬† Soomin sniffs her gratitude and enters her office leaving Hyunshik with the assistant wondering if Soomin liked the gift.¬† Hyunshik sighs that he had the drawing printed on canvas so that Soomin could hang it in her office. The assistant shakes his head that Soomin is not the type to hang the canvas drawing.
Of course, Soomin is looking around her office for the perfect place to hang the drawing.  She decides on a spot and smiles as she looks at it.
On the side, Bitna’s grandma is told that it’s her last day.¬† She stops by the recreation room and looks around for Eunsoo’s grandma (Grandma Kim).¬† When the other grandmas tease her about looking for Grandma Kim, Grandma Choi snaps at their foolishness.
At the same time, Jaewoo broods anxiously about Yeonmi.  He ends up texting Yeonmi to meet in the evening.
Grandma Kim notices Yeonmi look at her phone without answering and asks who it is. ¬†Yeonmi answers lightly that it is a friend. ¬†Grandma Kim realizes that it’s the possible boyfriend and gets up huffily to leave.
Yeonmi has no idea that Grandma Kim is worried about Yeonmi finding a new love, which may lead to Yeonmi leaving her. ¬†She asks Grandma Kim to stay a little longer. ¬†But, Grandma Kim only snaps that she’s not Yeonmi’s friend.
Yeonmi backs up in surprise and asks if Grandma Kim is still angry about Yeonmi coming home drunk. ¬†She apologizes and promises that it won’t happen again. ¬†Grandma Kim pauses feeling guilty and awkwardly explains that her knees hurt…
As for our main couple, Sooho meets with Eunsoo for dinner at a soup restaurant with sprite.  He wines that they should be having a glass of wine but Eunsoo laughs that he should avoid alcohol until he fully heals.  Sooho happily moves to sit next to Eunsoo and grabs her hand for a lovey dovey dinner.
Soohyun ends up going to Bitna’s home alone to have dinner with Grandma Choi as she bought some abalone for Soohyun. ¬†Bitna had decided¬†to go home first since this is the first day that Sooho is back.
Grandma Choi and Soohyun awkwardly eat in silence until Soohyun is saved by a call.  He goes to the living room to answer and Grandma Choi sighs that Soohyun is too stiff. She gets up to walk to the living room? And, ends up slipping on water on the floor.
Grandma Choi cries and is unable to get back up. ¬†Soohyun rushes over to carry Grandma Choi to Jaewoo’s office on his back. ¬†Jaewoo gives her an exam, which shows that her bones are fine…her muscles were just a bit strained.
Soohyun calls Bitna to give her the news and she sighs with relief that nothing serious happened. ¬†Her eyes then land on the worry doll, which she picks up. ¬†She wonders out loud to the doll that the one lie would turn her life upside down…She wonders if she had the courage to tell Grandma Choi that she did not like playing the piano or if she had the courage to confess that Eunsoo ahd not beat her… Would her life be any different? She confesses that she’s worried and scared that Soohyun will no longer love her if he finds out.
Then Bitna laughs at herself as she knows that Soohyun does not love her.  She holds the doll with both hands and wonders how this would even help.
At the same time, Jaewoo drops by the dry cleaners.  Yeonmi thanks him for being her friend since she was able to drink and confess her feelings.
Jaewoo asks her to go with him somewhere as he has something to say. ¬†But, Yeonmi sighs that she’s a bit busy and tells him to say whatever he wants there. So, Jaewoo tells Yeonmi that he no longer wants to be her friend. ¬†He wants to be a guy next to her.
Yeonmi pauses.
Meanwhile, Sooho and Eunsoo decide to “do it tonight.” Sooho asks Eunsoo if she can trust him. ¬†Eunsoo smiles that she won’t run away anymore.
Eunsoo goes home and finds her mom and Grandma Kim in the living room.  She calls Eunho out as well.
At the same time, Sooho comes home to find the whole family waiting for him in the living room.  They had been worried that he left home again.  He smiles and tells everyone to sit down as he has something to say.  Once everyone is seated in the living room, Sooho announces that he wants to marry Eunsoo.
At the Oh family house, Eunsoo tells her family as well…She wants to marry Sooho.
Here we go!
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Still Loving You – E64

Sunyoung continues her crazy and Eunsoo finds out that Sooho was in an accident.
Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 64 RECAP
Sunyoung holds Eunsoo’s arms tightly like a crazy woman she screams at Eunsoo to give Sooho back.¬† She demands to know where Eunsoo hid Sooho.
Eunsoo looks back in surprise and asks if something happened to Sooho.  Mr. Yoon comes over to literally pull his wife away from holding on to Eunsoo.  He coughs and explains calmly that Sooho has left the house and asks if Eunsoo has heard anything from Sooho.
Eunsoo confirms that she has not.¬† Mr. Yoon asks Eunsoo to let them know if she hears anything and she agrees.¬† Mr. Yoon lets Eunsoo leave even as Sunyoung is continuing to insist that Eunsoo is lying.¬† He tries to remind her that they are in public and there are customers…
After Eunsoo leaves, Mr. Yoon reminds his wife that it cannot be Eunsoo’s fault that their son left the house. Ya think?¬† He reminds her that this whole situation reflects more on them than on Eunsoo.¬† Again, right on the mark though he seemed more like he’s emphasizing that Sooho betrayed them by leaving.¬† But, oh wells, what can we expect?
Eunsoo wanders around in the streets as she calls Jong-Min.¬† She asks him if this has ever happened before.¬† Jong-Min confirms that Sooho never left home but promises that he did not hear anything…
At the same time, Bitna’s grandmother continues her makjang and unlearned behavior.¬† When she arrives in the resting area, Eunsoo’s grandma is eating rice cakes with her friends.¬† Bitna’s grandma joins them just as one of the other grandma asks about Eunsoo’s grandma about her granddaughter’s upcoming marriage.¬† Eunsoo’s Grandma tries to avoid the question vaguely.
Bitna’s grandma smiles and triumphantly announces that she knows the Yoon family well.¬† And, Eunsoo will never be able to marry into the family as the family disapproves so the two broke up.¬† The two friends gasp and then snap at Bitna’s grandma for being so rude and inconsiderate.¬† She didn’t need to announce it to the world and gained nothing form it.¬† Of course, Bitna’s grandma’s reaction is to ask what she did wrong.¬† Ah, the unlearned – how easily you live through life hurting others and not understanding why your actions are wrong.
On the side, Hyunshik happily drops by Soomin’s office to announce that the webtoon was published and the public loves it!¬† Soomin coldly answers that she doesn’t usually read online comics.¬† So, Hyunshik comes over to favorite the link.¬† He tells her to read it.
But, he’s so close to Soomin that when he turns to face her, Soomin’s face is inches away from his.¬† They pause for a couple minutes with the electricity charging through the air.¬† Then, Soomin pushes Hyunshik away.
Later that evening, Jaewoo stops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners as he wants to give her a present of linghzi mushrooms which he heard is good for health.¬† He finds the dry cleaners closed and goes to the bar where he drank with Yeonmi last time…and sees her there drinking alone.
Yeonmi is already a few drinks in.¬† She smiles to see him here and begins confessing that she is glad she does not have to continue drinking alone.¬† She tells Jaewoo that she should be so happy that he has such a great son-in-law…She had not approved of her prospective son-in-law…But, she agreed because her daughter liked him so much…
Yeonmi takes another gulp as Jaewoo sits down.¬† She sighs that she feels like she’s a burden on her family.¬† She doesn’t have enough to protect her family and that’s why her daughter… Yeonmi breaks down into sobs.
Meanwhile, Eunsoo stands outside Sooho’s house thinking about how she yelled at Sooho when he brought her home to meet the family and it was clear that the Yoons did not approve.¬† She had lashed out in anger and hurt.
Bitna arrives and storms out to ask angrily why Eunsoo is around the house when Eunsoo broke up.¬† Bitna grabs Eunsoo’s coat (another unlearned woman).¬† What is up with all of the evil women in this drama physically pulling and pushing?! You’d think Korea is still an uncivilized society!
Eunsoo does not put up much of a resistance and her eyes clearly tear up.¬† Bitna shows a little bit of humanity as she drops Eunsoo’s coat lapels.¬† Bitna’s voice softens despite herself.¬† She tells Eunsoo to go back home as Eunsoo knows that the relationship would have failed.¬† That’s why Eunsoo broke up, was it not? She tells Eunsoo to let things play out as Sooho is just acting out more dramatically than others while dealing with the breakup.¬† Eunsoo should know that everyone gets over breakups.
Bitna sighs and leaves Eunsoo standing in a daze as she presses the intercom to the Yoon house.
At the same time, Jaewoo walks Yeonmi home.¬† He tells her that he will always be around if she needs someone to talk to.¬† Then he explains that there is a concept of “free hugs” which is just a hug to remind someone else who needs a hug that there is comfort out there.¬† He gives Yeonmi a nice big hug reminding her calmly that things WILL work out.
Yeonmi comes home to find Grandma in a mood…mainly because Grandma overheard the broker friend tell Yeonmi about the Team Leader.¬† She snaps at Yeonmi for coming home drunk when Eunsoo is dealing with all this mess.¬† Then, Grandma goes into the room to get into bed first.
Yeonmi follows her in and tells Grandma’s back that she’s sorry…She just felt so frustrated that she turned to alcohol.¬† Sunyoung had come over during the day and made another makjang scene.¬† She could not handle it.
Yeonmi leaves before Grandma turns back around sighing that she knows she’s acting moody for no reason…
Eunsoo comes home and tells Yeonmi that Sooho left home.  She asks her mother what she can do.  Yeonmi firmly tells Eunsoo that it is no longer of her concern.  But, Eunsoo starts crying and Yeonmi breaks down.  She pulls her daughter into a hug.
At the same time, Sunyoung is protesting for forcing her son to leave the house? She’s refusing to eat even though Bitna came in with soup and water.¬† Soomin and Bitna stand by Sunyoung’s bed begging her to eat… Um, I’m sure she will eat if she gets hungry enough.
Anyways, Sunyoung cries that she’s SOOOO worried aobut her (29 year old son) out there alone (in developed Korea with money, working credit cards, a cell phone…).¬† Mr. Yoon snaps that Sooho is an adult and walks out of the room as Sunyoung cries out that her husband is heartless. ¬†(Again, it’s been less than 2 days and Sooho has money/credit cards/a cell phone… He’s also a full grown adult old enough to be a baby daddy.¬† What is the problem?)
As for Sooho, he’s in a bus staring out the window.
The next day, Eunsoo gets yelled at by the Manager for leaving in the middle of the day without telling anyone and not returning.  He asks her what her excuse is and Eunsoo stays mum.
Then, Eunsoo gets worried and tries calling Sooho.  A woman picks up and explains that there was an accident.
Eunsoo grabs her coat and rushes out, running into her coworkers without stopping…
Eunsoo runs into the emergency room where she asks a nurse where Sooho Yoon is.  The nurse points to her right absentmindedly.  Eunsoo looks over to a bed where a patient lays fully bandaged.
The tears start falling as Eunsoo cries for Sooho to wake up.¬† She sobs that even though she said that she could live without him…She cannot.¬† Suddenly, Sooho’s voice ask if Eunsoo really means it.¬† Except, it’s not coming from the body she’s crying over.
The patient whose hand she’s holding puts up his arm and points to the bed to his right.¬† And, Sooho opens his curtain.
Eunsoo looks up in surprise to see Sooho basically unharmed although probably suffering from whiplash.¬† Sooho smiles as he accuses her of holding a strange man’s hand.¬† Eunsoo drops the patient’s hand and turns to Sooho.
Since most of my comments were inserted in the recap, there’s not much to say other than I am tired of the uncivilized grabbing/pushing/pulling of Sunyoung and Bitna. ¬†Nothing shows a lack of class more than an adult resorting to physical violence to throw a tantrum.
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Still Loving You – E63

Sooho realizes how selfish and makjang his family is and picks his love over their selfishness.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 63 RECAP

Let the makjang commence! Mr. Yoon regally announces that he ALSO disapproves of Eunsoo now. Sooho laughs with the rest of us. Laughing an crying, Sooho shouts back that it doesn’t matter anymore. Eunsoo has broken up with him. He shouts at his father if he’s happy now.

Mrs. Yoon realizes that things are getting out of hand and orders Soohyun to take Sooho upstairs before Mr. Yoon eats him. Because you know, the cultured Mr. Yoon would happily debase himself to beat up a child.

Soohyun drags Sooho shouting into Sooho’s room and throws him on the bed. Sooho screams that he wants to hear an answer from his father. But Soohyun snaps back that Sooho is acting like a child; Sooho needs to realize that you don’t have to marry the person whom you love. Well, if your family is as crazy as yours, I agree. Please save the poor innocent women from being tainted by your family’s lack of values!

Sooho laughs. He sneers if that’s the reason that Soohyun threw away his fianc√© and married Bitna without love. Soohyun doesn’t realize that Bitna had come up after the two and stands outside the door. She was about to knock when she heard Sooho ask Soohyun if he married Bitna without loving her. She pauses.

Soohyun answers that he can say the world goes on even if you marry without love. Sooho continues to laugh maniacally as he finally sees how horrible his older brother is. He spits out that for the first time, he pities Bitna.

Soohyun notices that Sooho has calmed down and won’t run back downstairs. He turns to leave and runs straight into Bitna who stands there letting the seconds pass in front of Sooho’s door frame as she stares at the husband who just declared to another family member that he doesn’t love her.

Bitna suddenly turns and goes into her bed. Soohyun follows and sits on the edge of the bed asking Bitna to talk. Bitna doesn’t turn around. She tells him that she’s tired and she knows that he didn’t love her when he married her so let her rest.

Soohyun quietly tries to reassure her that it’s because he didn’t have time to love her yet. They can start now. Bitna closes her eyes as a tear rolls down. (Now, before we get all sad for her and swept away by the music – Bitna chose this for herself as she manipulated Soohyun into breaking off his engagement with money.)

Meanwhile, Mrs. Yoon goes into Sooho’s room to tell him she cooked soup for him. She apologizes that she didn’t mean to go crazy at Yeonmi’s house…She promises to introduce him to a better girl than Eunsoo.

Sooho screams at his mother to leave and give him some time alone. Mrs. Yoon starts to beat him up for “betraying her for a woman” even though she raised him. (Uh raised him to be a 30 year old failure who hasn’t held a single proper job or have any skills? Good going Mrs. Yoon!). She hits Sooho and cries out that they should both just die together.

Sooho stays silent…

Then Hyunshik randomly sees his drawings turn into Soomin with flirty music. He shakes his head and decides that he needs some beer.

He walks out to find Sooho sitting in front of Eunsoo’s house just staring at the ground.

Hyunshik texts Eunsoo to ask her to come out if she’s not sleeping. She does and he explains the situation.

Eunsoo tells Sooho to get up and leave. At the sound of Eunsoo’s voice, Sooho finally looks up and focuses his gaze on her. He stands up and tells her that he wanted to see her.

Eunsoo snaps that she didn’t miss him. She’s moved on so he should stop coming.

Sooho asks why she looks so thin. Is she sick? Eunsoo’s voice gets louder as she tells Sooho that she doesn’t like him anymore. She also doesn’t like men who would destroy themselves after a breakup.

Sooho asks in a shaky voice if Eunsoo can live without him. Eunsoo yells back that of course she can live without him; she’s not going to die. She’s going to live better as a result of this experience. So he needs to leave her life.

Eunsoo goes back into her courtyard and closes the door. She quietly sobs right in front of the door.

Sooho stands in front of the closed doors and tells the doors that he’s so sorry for being naive, for loving her and for making her get hurt. He then finishes that he still loves her.

The day breaks and our makjang selfish family which doesn’t even realize what they are doing wrong (again lack of values!) gets ready for breakfast. Soomin tells her mom that Sooho is gone. She asks her mom to rethink Eunsoo since she seems like a nice girl and Soomin also knows Eunsoo’s little brother. The family seems to be a good family.

Mrs. Yoon snaps that Eunsoo’s family, education, profession are all subpar! And she wants Soomin to get married first. She also tells that Soomin should not go around seeing Eunsoo’s family.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo stares off into space at work even not hearing the Team Leader when he calls. Hyuna has to get Eunsoo’s attention. Eunsoo goes to grab coffee.

Bitna is already in the recreation room brooding about Soohyun saying that he doesn’t love her. Eunsoo opens the door but then sees Bitna. She turns to leave and avoid confrontation but Bitna stops her by saying that it looks like Eunsoo came for coffee-she shouldn’t go empty handed.

Eunsoo walks in and Bitna begins her venomous tirade because what would Bitna be if she didn’t always say mean and hurtful things? Bitna tells Eunsoo lightly that she better not harbor any hopes as Sooho announces to the family that he broke up with her the night before. Eunsoo pauses and then forces a smile. She notes out loud that it’s a relief that he’s moving on.

Bitna notices that Eunsoo doesn’t have any spirit to fight back today and shocks us all by backing off! Wow, a bully that actually backs off?! Bitna quietly tells Eunsoo that the offer still stands; she can help Eunsoo find another position should Eunsoo want it.

Eunsoo tells Bitna to stop. She just cannot handle it right now. Bitna sighs and adds almost as a defense for what she has done so far that she warned Eunsoo to stop in the beginning. But she leaves to give Eunsoo space.

Bitna goes to her office where Soohyun is waiting for her. He asks her if she’s still angry. Bitna asks what he’s talking about – him not loving her or his telling his little brother that?

Soohyun sighs that he didn’t mean anything. He just said it to get Sooho to focus.

Bitna chuckles. She tells him that she knew she loved him more. But, if he cared for her at all, he would have preserved her pride in front of the family.

Soohyun reminds Bitna that he just doesn’t believe in love. He told Bitna that from the beginning. Bitna sighs. She tells him that she’s going to her family house that night; he doesn’t need to come – just tell his mother.

At the same time, Grandma muses to Yeonmi that it looks like Eunsoo cried all night long. She sighs that emotions cannot just be cut like that.

Yeonmi sighs. She turns around and yells at Grandma that she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t think that Sooho is that great (you and the rest of us waiting for convincing) and she cannot stand Sunyoung disrespecting Eunsoo like that.

Bitna’s grandma drops by Soonjung’s cafe to get some information on Sooho and Eunsoo. She coincidentally brings up how the family is doing and Soonjung spills everything including how Sooho is a wreck and left home.

Meanwhile, Bitna drops by her father’s office. He asks about Bitna as she looks sad. Bitna smiles that she’s fine but she just didn’t realize how much a man who loves work makes his wife feel lonely. Jaewoo pauses and apologizes to Bitna for being a workaholic when she was younger. He just realized how lonely it would have made her feel. He picks up the worry doll and gives it to Bitna telling her to give it a try as he knows she probably has worries that she cannot tell him.

They decide to go on a father/daughter date but Grandma calls as Soohyun came by the house. So, Bitna and Jaewoo go home but Soohyun gets called home…

Sooho doesn’t come home all night with the family staying up worried. The next morning, Sunyoung wants to call the police because she’s afraid that something happened. She confesses that she told Sooho to die. Well, I mean the whole issue is currently happening because you decided to be an ignorant, selfish makjang ajumma. I don’t feel bad for the family at all. I hope Sooho finds a temporary job and stays in a jjim jil bang until he can move into a rental or something.

Sunyoung continues her ignorant and uncultured makjang. She goes to Yeonmi’s dry cleaners to accuse her and Eunsoo of hiding Sooho. Yeonmi sighs and takes Sunyoung home to check for herself.

Sunyoung checks and then comes out crying. She tells Yeonmi that this is all Eunsoo’s fault! Sooho was such a sweet child until Eunsoo came along. Right, he was a 29 year old who took an extra 2-3 years to get into an average college and didn’t have a job…who also went out drinking with his friends almost every night. Model citizen right there.

Yeonmi doesn’t just quietly take these ridiculous verbal assaults. She looks Sunyoung in the eyes and asks how this is Eunsoo’s fault. Isn’t it Sooho’s fault?

Sunyoung screams that she won’t ever approve of Eunsoo. Yeonmi laughs that she won’t take Sooho as a son-in-law either.

Sunyoung goes to the restaurant where Eunsoo was sent to deliver a package. Mr. Yoon begins to mention Sooho but doesn’t bring himself to say anything. Yet, Sunyoung arrives. She clearly doesn’t care about basic manners.

Again, like someone who knows no base civility, Sunyoung immediately resorts to physical violence. Ignorant woman. She grabs Eunsoo and shouts at Eunsoo to hand over Sooho.


Well, Sunyoung is complete makjang if I ever saw one. It’s weird because it’s not like her family is chaebol either. Remember how the company almost went bankrupt when they couldn’t get additional funding? In other words, the Yoon Ga Foods is a small/medium sized business without much liquidity buffer. And, it sounds like Sunyoung was raised in a poor household that rented from Yeonmi’s family. So where did all these pretensions of grandeur come from? I can only guess insecurity and megalomania?

And, Mr. Yoon? He made a decision to save his wife’s face despite knowing that she’s wrong. ¬†So, he’s willing to hurt his son, Eunsoo and Yeonmi all to save his insecure and ignorant wife’s pride. ¬†Is this romantic? Is it romantic if you are hurting three innocent people for your greed?

On a side note, I thought this episode highlighted an interesting difference between the Korean culture and American culture. In Korea, adult children live at home until they get married hence their maturation/leaving the nest appears to be delayed. The parents also have a bigger influence on these 30+ year old adults treating them as if they are but high schoolers or college students? If the parent says something even if it’s wrong in society’s eyes (e.g. Sunyoung’s disapproval of Eunsoo out of pure greed), the adult children are expected to accept it. Hence, Mr. Yoon backing up his wife to save her face even when he knows that she is completely wrong and behaving in an embarrassing manner.

In contrast, in the United States a majority of people begin living separately starting from college. Then after college, the kids move out and live with roommates or alone (depending on financial situations) in the city where they get their jobs. Hence, once they get near 30, they have been living separately from their parents for nearly 12 years (college on). The process of “leaving the nest” and becoming independent adults is more gradual. (12 years yo. That’s 1/3 of one’s life!). After not having lived together for 12 years, parents still see their children as babies but they wouldn’t think that their word is unquestionable law without reason or rational to back it up and convince their now adult children.

Which cultural tradition is better for society? I don’t know both systems have their benefits and disadvantages. This episode highlighted one of the inherent disadvantages of the Korean system – parents going makjang. Food for thought.

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Still Loving You – E62

Eunsoo breaks up with Sooho and Sooho finds out why after a long episode.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 62 RECAP

Jaewoo takes Yeonmi out for some barbecue beef and alcohol.  He cooks the meet while sighing that it must have been hard on Yeonmi to hear such words from a friend.

Yeonmi sighs that she didn’t mind being disrespected for running a dry cleaners on her own. ¬†But, she could not stand the attacks against her daughter. ¬†Yeonmi then notes that Jaewoo is different from all of the people she met through her work. ¬†Many people disrespected her because she clearly did not have a husband. ¬†Men would try to approach her thinking she would be easy. But, Jaewoo has always been comforting while keeping a respectful distance…She wonders if she can grow out her hair again and wear dresses.

Yeonmi half-laughs that she’s a horrible mother. ¬†On one hand, she feels so angry because of her daughter but she kind of feels happy…Yeonmi finds Eunsoo sitting on a bench in their courtyard just staring into space. Yeonmi sits down next to Eunsoo asking why she doesn’t go in.

Eunsoo fights back tears as she turns to her mom. She ekes out that she broke up with Sooho and begins to cry. Yeonmi pulls Eunsoo into a hug and cries as well that she’s sorry… While, Eunsoo cries back that her mom shouldn’t be sorry… She’s sorry for making her mom hurt.

Meanwhile, Soohyun wakes up to the sound of a loud thud and groans. He walks out to find Sooho passed out in the hallway. Soohyun quickly takes Sooho into his room before waking up Bitna to help with some wet towels necessary to clean Sooho up a bit. Sooho stays unconscious throughout the whole thing only mumbling, “don’t go Eunsoo.”

The next morning, Mrs. Yoon continues her starvation protest against her son marrying the daughter of her friend (who in the past was so rich that Mrs. Yoon’s family rented a room from Yeonmi’s family). I guess Mrs. Yoon doesn’t care about family history or roots.

Mr. Yoon stoically announces that it doesn’t matter since Mrs. Yoon will eat when she gets hungry and Soonjung sniffs that the atmosphere really kills her appetite. Mr. Yoon then orders that Bitna clean up after everyone before she leaves.

After breakfast, Bitna schemes by giving Sooho a credit card. She explains that he should use it to date since all girls like being pampered. Sooho doesn’t answer so she stuffs it into his pocket. Then, she explains for our benefit that Sooho’s spending should tell her more about what’s going on in the relationship.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi is still fast asleep. Eunsoo’s grandma watches over her sighing that Yeonmi must have been emotionally affected by everything. Then she wonders who Yeonmi drank with. She finds the handkerchief from Jaewoo in Yeonmi’s pocket and sniffs it.

At Yoon Ga Foods, Bitna corners Eunsoo in the hallway to see if she could get anything out of Eunsoo. ¬†She notes how Sooho was black out drunk and kept throwing up. ¬†She asks if they fought since Eunsoo’s eyes are swollen.

Eunsoo is unable to say anything.  She just excuses herself and goes into the recreation room where she checks her text messages.  There is a flood of texts from Sooho frantically asking why Eunsoo is acting this way.

At the same time, Hyunshik continues to interview Soomin. ¬†He asks her what she does when she’s not at work. ¬†Soomin snaps that she reads, attends seminars, etc. ¬†After a pause, Soomin adds that she also does yoga. ¬†Hyunshik asks that they go to yoga.

Eunsoo is sent on an errand from Soohyun to deliver something to the restaurant.  Mr. Yoon and Sooho are both on the floor when Eunsoo comes in.  She explains that she was sent to deliver the file.  Mr. Yoon accepts it and dismisses her.  So, Eunsoo leaves.

Mr. Yoon tells Sooho to attend to the customers but Sooho runs after Eunsoo.  He catches up to her on the bridge and grabs her arm.  He yells at her for pretending not to see him and asks that she speak with him.  Eunsoo turns to look at Sooho.  She tells him that she has nothing to say to him other than that she wants to break up (because your family is crazy red flags yo).  She walks off without looking back.

Meanwhile, reporters are interviewing the grandmothers at the volunteer place. ¬†Eunsoo’s grandma takes the opportunity to tease Bitna’s grandma even more. ¬†When the interviewer asks about Bitna’s grandma, Eunsoo’s grandma whispers something.

Later, we find out that she told the interviewer that Bitna’s grandmother is a rich lady who came to volunteer and later felt moved by the cause so she donated the money with Eunsoo’s grandma. ¬†To add to it, Eunsoo’s grandma had noted that Bitna’s grandma planned to donate $50,000 more! ¬†Bitna’s grandma is horrified but she’s unable to refute it as it’s in front of the cameras. Everyone gasps and claps Bitna’s grandmother for her generosity. ¬†HAHAHAHA.

We turn to Sooho who never returned to the restaurant. ¬†Instead, he went to a fancy bar and opened a tab to start drinking. ¬†He also called Jong-Min so he doesn’t have to drink alone with Bitna’s card.

Jaewoo also gets some screen time. ¬†After seeing one of the patients, he looks at the worry doll and remembers Yeonmi’s drunk confession that she is thankful that Jaewoo is around…and how she feels like she can grow her hair out again. ¬†She feels giddy like a young woman.

Jaewoo drops by the dry cleaners only to find it dark. ¬†He’s about to turn around when Yeonmi arrives. They go in and Jaewoo tells Yeonmi to relieve her stress with other hobbies instead of drinking. ¬†Yeonmi shyly answers that she doesn’t have the resolve to do it alone. ¬†Jaewoo smiles that he would join her!

As for Soomin, she took Hyunshik to Soonjung’s Cafe because the yoga class was closed until the afternoon. Hyunshik notes that Soomin sometimes seems like an amazing elite male but then other times seems like an innocent girl who has never dated…Then, both try to leave first without paying but Hyunshik wins.

At the same time, Sooho is completely drunk. Jong-Min asks if Sooho cannot think of anything that he did wrong since Eunsoo does not seem like the type who would just cut it off for no reason. ¬†Sooho begins by insulting Eunsoo as a cold woman who stayed unflirtatious even though he tried so hard. ¬†But then Sooho’s voice wavers that she would help everyone around her…and is so pretty.

Sooho puts his head on the table. ¬†Jong-Min sighs and tries calling Eunsoo with Sooho’s phone. ¬†Eunsoo doesn’t answer. ¬†So, Jong-Min tries with his phone.

Eunsoo answers and Jong-Min hands the phone over to Sooho who angrily asks if Eunsoo forgot his voice. ¬†Eunsoo quietly tells Sooho that he’s drunk and should go home soon. ¬†She tells him that it’s not his fault and hangs up.

Jong-Min drags the drunk Sooho home and Soonjung carries the episode! As Sooho lays half-conscious on the sofa, Soonjung snaps that this is all Sunyoung’s fault! Sunyoung went and made a huge fuss at Eunsoo’s dry cleaner’s.

Soomin asks Soonjung what she’s talking about. Mrs. Yoon isn’t even repentant. ¬† She yells that she only said what was the truth that she did not approve of Eunsoo because of her family background of being the daughter of a dry cleaner owner. ¬†She adds that she did it for Sooho since Eunsoo was likely planning to fix her life style by “marrying up.”

Sooho opens his eyes and yells at his mom asking if it’s the truth. ¬†He asks how his mom could do this to him when this whole time he was starting to hate Eunsoo for being so cold. ¬†He gets up to go and apologize to Eunsoo and her mother but Mrs. Yoon tries to stop him.

Sooho pulls away and Mrs. Yoon falls into the other couch. ¬†Suddenly, Mr. Yoon who had been watching from the back rushes over and shouts at Sooho. ¬†He tells Sooho to stop this instant if he’s going to act in this manner. ¬†He can bring Eunsoo home but even he (Mr. Yoon) won’t approve.


Wow. ¬†Are any Still Loving You¬†viewers on the side of the Yoons at this point? ¬†While we already knew that Mr. Yoon was a male chauvinist (the way he disrespected his wife, got angry at Soomin for her specialization choice, and has different standards of expectations between Bitna as his daughter-in-law and Soomin as his daughter), he still seemed to have values so I did not want to rag on his character as he was fair when it came to his company…

Yet, in this episode, Mr. Yoon joined the red flags flying highly behind Sooho in the whole – should Eunsoo give Sooho another chance decision. ¬†He has seen Eunsoo at work and knows that she is a sincere and enthusiastic employee who also has great cooking skills (winning the recipe competition). ¬†He has also heard the whole family argument and knows that his wife literally went at least once to make a makjang scene at Eunsoo’s mother’s house. ¬†If anything, he should be embarrassed to meet Eunsoo’s mom as his fellow in-law. ¬†Once he finds out that his other in-law that he respects (Bitna’s father) has a thing with Eunsoo’s mom, I’m sure he will regret the day that he decided to indulge and protect his wife even though she was clearly behaving in an unacceptable manner.

The only saving graces in this episode? I thought the comedic relief of forcing Bitna’s grandma to donate to charity was a cute way of getting revenge from Eunsoo’s grandma. ¬†Also, loved how Soonjung continues to call out Mrs. Yoon so that Eunsoo’s noble idiocy doesn’t have to go long. ¬†I’m happy that the drama painted Soonjung with a characteristic that a lot of Korean Americans have – honesty and sincerity. ¬†We judge objectively whether you are family or not – if your actions are incorrect, you should be called out and your actions corrected – not swept under the rug under the cover of “protecting family and image.” ¬†Now, all of the Yoons know exactly how low Mrs. Yoon fell. ¬†Each character’s behavior forward will be ripe for judgment or praise ūüėČ

Personally, I know that Eunsoo has to end up with Sooho but I currently am turned off by his family. ¬†If Eunsoo were my girlfriend and I heard about these red flags, I would be so stressed for her. ¬†I don’t know how the drama is going to convince me that the Yoons deserve a second chance.

Still Loving You Episodes 62 Recap ¬†by DRAMAFEED¬†| Copy & Paste Guidelines ‚Äď Always put a link back to the¬†source.

Still Loving You – E61

Mrs. Yoon continues full out makjang forcing Eunsoo to evaluate her relationship.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 61 RECAP

Mrs. Yoon turns around and yells back that she told Eunsoo not to block Sooho’s future when he has such a bright future ahead of him. ¬†She screams that Eunsoo is so much older, she should have known better.

Yeonmi tells Mrs. Yoon to leave.  She does not want to give her daughter to the Yoons.  Mrs. Yoon storms off and Yeonmi yells at Eunsoo to stay and not follow Mrs. Yoon.

Mrs. Yoon arrives at home to stress out and complain to Bitna who’s happy to fan the flames. ¬†Bitna asks about Sooho studying abroad and promises to help Sooho from making a horrible mistake.

At the same time, Eunsoo and Yeonmi arrive at home. ¬†Yeonmi tells Eunsoo to keep it a secret from Grandma and warns Eunsoo to think carefully. Marriage is not a thing that only involves two people in Korea…(Yeah, and Eunsoo, you found out about the crazy before you’re engaged. It’s not like it’s the night before your wedding. ¬†Whatever happens from now, it’s your responsibility.)

The next morning, Sooho wakes Mrs. Yoon telling her that he cooked breakfast so Mrs. Yoon could sleep in more. ¬†Mrs. Yoon gets angry that her son who never helped set the table actually cooked because of Eunsoo. ¬†She whines that Sooho will regret not listening to his mother and marrying a younger girl from a richer family. ¬†Sooho smiles but insists to his mother that he loves everything about Eunsoo even if she’s not cutesy or flirty. ¬†So, he hopes that his mother would also see Eunsoo in a good light.

At work, Hyuna finds Eunsoo in the recreation room.  She confidently tells Eunsoo that they started off on a bad footing.  She suggests that they move forward agreeing to ignore the past and start over. HAHAHA! Eunsoo stares at Hyuna for her ridiculous behavior but politely agrees since Hyuna is at least trying.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi continues to have movement on her romantic front.  The Team Leader drops by with more work as well as a small present from the mall.  He explains that he had some time thought of Yeonmi when he saw the present at the mall.

Yeonmi looks up at the Team Leader and asks if he also sent the flower basket in the past. ¬†The Team Leader smiles and agrees. ¬†Yeonmi takes a deep breath and asks the Team Leader to stop doing this as it’s burdensome for her. ¬†She wants to be friends with the Team Leader but his actions suggest other intent…

Jaewoo arrives toward the end of this conversation. ¬†It’s not clear if he overhears or if he leaves because Yeonmi is with the Team Leader. ¬†But, he turns around and leaves with what looks like his own gift.

On the side, Hyunshik finds out that his webtoon as been approved!

The Team Leader has coffee at Soonjung’s cafe again to brood about the newest development with Yeonmi. ¬†Soonjung happily joins him and notes that she heard he’s moving into the neighborhood. ¬†She smiles that she lives nearby as well. ¬†So, maybe they can grab a meal or drinks together.

The Team Leader is taken aback but he agrees. ¬†He tells her that her cafe is quite comfortable and he likes the name. ¬†Soonjung giggles that it’s her name. ¬†She also adds that like her name, she believes in innocent and pure love that does not care about a person’s specs.

At the same time, things have changed in the office. ¬†The other coworker Jieun asks Eunsoo about a project that Eunsoo is doing for Jieun. When it’s not done, Jieun snips that Eunsoo should stop staring at her phone during work hours ¬†Suddenly, Hyuna jumps in to tell Jieun that it doesn’t help to hover around subordinate employees, managing employees should manage graciously.

Eunsoo is sent to bring coffee to Soohyun’s office where Bitna nad Soohyun are getting photographed and interviewed. ¬†The interviewers note how they were surprised at the sudden announcement that a fund manager would marry the CEO of Yoon Ga Foods. ¬†Why was this surprising? Who knows?

Anyways, it gives Bitna a chance to smile that the Yoons were so welcoming that everything happened smoothly.   The questions then move on to whether other Yoon family members will be involved with the business.  Soohyun answers that his younger brother is learning from his father and Bitna adds that Sooho will be going to study abroad.

Eunsoo looks down at this information.  She walks out leaving the  coffee and Bitna follows.  Bitna smirks after Eunsoo in the hallway and asks if Eunsoo finally understands why her relationship with Sooho would never work out.  She voluntarily explains that the Yoon family is a mess with Mrs. Yoon in bed moaning about the relationship.

Eunsoo turns around and glares at Bitna. ¬†She tells Bitna to shut it because she knows Bitna isn’t doing this out of care for the family. ¬†Bitna is doing this for selfish reasons.

Eunsoo goes off and calls her mother to check on her. ¬†Yeonmi sighs that she’s fine but then Mrs. Yoon (Sunyoung) storms in. ¬†Yeonmi forgets about her call with Eunsoo and puts down the phone. ¬†Sunyoung immediately screams at Yeonmi for betraying her. ¬†She yells that she helped Yeonmi out at the mall and then at the dry cleaners always bringing more business. ¬†How could Yeonmi then even do this?

Yeonmi sighs and tells Sunyoung that she’s been fine with Sunyoung coming to brag about her wealth. ¬†However, she won’t stand for Sunyoung attacking her daughter. ¬†She tells Sunyoung to leave.

Sunyoung yells that Yeonmi better not even dream about marrying Eunsoo to Sooho to make her a Cinderella.  Yeonmi throws the bag of clothes at Sunyoung as she leaves.  Sunyoung pivots and throws herself at Yeonmi but Soonjung and the broker friend enter after hearing the commotion and pull the two apart.

Soonjung closes up her cafe and takes Sunyoung home. ¬†Soonjung does some amazing meta by asking Sunyoung how she could act so embarrassingly rude and ignorant? ¬†She sighs that she hated how some Korean women would go all makjang crazy when it came to their children’s love loves but now she is seeing Sunyoung do the same thing. ¬†She asks if Sunyoung met with Sooho’s girlfriend and gave her an envelope after throwing a cup of water in her face. HAH!

Meanwhile, Yeonmi closes her store as well. ¬†She keeps the lights off and cries there. ¬†But, Jaewoo drops by and hears her sobbing. ¬†So, he walks in and announces his presence so that she’s not scared. ¬†He tells her that he won’t turn on the light but he wants to come and sit with her so she doesn’t have to cry alone.

At the same time, Eunsoo seems to have made a huge decision after seeing how crazy his mom is. ¬†She redoes her makeup and agrees to meet with him. ¬†They first go get dinner. ¬†Over dinner, Sooho hands over a notebook where he’s been taking notes from their cooking sessions to create their special recipes. ¬†Eunsoo tears up while looking at the book.

Sooho is surprised at her tears. ¬†Eunsoo pretends that she was just moved by his effort. ¬†Sooho goes to sit next to her and uses a napkin to wipe her tears. ¬†He tells her that this better be the last time she cries, he won’t allow her to cry anymore.

Then Sooho takes Eunsoo to a place that he wanted to go with with her. ¬†It’s a couple destination in Korea. ¬†Sooho has even prepared padlocks with post-it notes. ¬†Couples write their wishes and then lock the padlocks together.

Sooho happily shares his wish – Eunsoo, I love you forever. ¬†However, Eunsoo doesn’t show him hers. ¬†She asks him for a warm drink as she’s cold. ¬†Soooho doesn’t recognize the weird atmosphere agrees to run nearby for a cup of coffee.

When Sooho comes back, Eunsoo is gone. ¬†Her padlock has been hung near his. ¬†Her post-it – “I’m sorry.”


Two things of the things that I hate in real life as well as in dramas are: (1) guys who make their girls cry and (2) guys who knowing let others make their girl cry. ¬†Here, I feel bad for Sooho because he barely avoided being added to one of the two categories. ¬†He’s doing what he can with the information that he has to help push the relationship. ¬†He has no idea that his mother is going off on Korean ajumma makjang mode. ¬†Had he known that his mom is going full ajumma makjang and did nothing? I’d have written him off as useless trash – we would need some major character rehabilitation. ¬†But, having a guy who’s not protecting his girlfriend/fiance/wife from his family even though he knows his family is attacking her and his family being crazy is a worst case scenario. ¬†No girl deserves that except for the Bitna’s of the world. ¬†I mean if Bitna is going to steal the engaged guy from another girl – by all means let her deal with the crazy.

However, back on topic, it’s unfortunate that Sooho is going to hurt because Eunsoo received this information in time to make an informed decision. ¬†Sooho’s sister-in-law is crazy. ¬†Sooho’s mom is major makjang. ¬†The lady not only verbally attacked Yeonmi but she actually physically grabbed at her. ¬†Physical grabbing/pushing of Eunsoo’s mother? That goes below base civility and shows a lot about their family values (or lack thereof). ¬†Those are¬†two huge red flags. ¬†Even if Sooho and Soomin are decent; this is bad for Eunsoo. ¬†I have only been physically shoved like that once in my life (that is, after growing old enough to know that physically attacking someone is wrong, i.e., after kindergarten) and never will I forget the uncultured trash who did it; how will Yeomni forgive and forget Sunyoung’s makjang behavior?

I fully support Eunsoo’s decision to stop the relationship right now. ¬†If Sooho is really serious about creating a new life with Eunsoo, then he needs to fix the situation with his family. ¬†Unlike in the United States where parents on both sides respect both children after a marriage (e.g., it’s acceptable and expected for you to stick up to yourself if a parent is going crazy, stepping over boundaries, or being rude and ignorant), in Korea, in certain families still stuck behind on times, the daughter-in-law is supposed to suck it up and deal. ¬†For example, I heard from a friend in the United States that a mother-in-law overstepped her boundaries by organizing all of the girl’s closets while the girl was at work. ¬†She calmly explained to her mother-in-law, that her mother-in-law was a guest in her house. ¬†She does not appreciate her mother-in-law going into her room and touching/moving her things around without first conferring with her. ¬†Her husband backed her up. Her mother-in-law respectfully backed off and apologized. ¬†If that situation happened in Korea with these makjang families, the mother-in-law, would probably yell at the girl for “being disrespectful” for “having the nerve” to “talk back to her mother-in-law”. ¬†It’s an unfortunate legacy of the whole the daughter-in-law lives 7 years blind, 7 years deaf, and 7 years mute. ¬†In other words, the first 21 years, the daughter-in-law has no say and just has to be a victim. ¬†Full disclosure, from what I hear most of Korea has evolved from this backward point of view with a lot of families now having global exposure, being educated and being cultured. ¬†Rather, such makjang mother-in-laws are few and rare in between. ¬†Even other mothers and fathers-in-laws judge and laugh about such women for their behavior since most families expect their own daughters to be respected after marriage. ¬†However, there are a few pockets of hypocrisy here and there – leading to juicy tidbits for our daily dramas.

Therefore, this falls on Sooho to fix. ¬†Eunsoo can do nothing but cut off the relationship. ¬†Right now, Sunyoung does not respect Yeonmi or Eunsoo at all. ¬†Her behavior is unacceptable as a woman of the 21st century and I am so proud of Eunsoo for sticking up for herself and Yeonmi. ¬†Sooho, once he finds out that his mother is acting in a socially unacceptable manner, must establish boundaries for his mom. ¬†If she won’t respect minimal social norms, then her son has to establish that he will not stand for it – she cannot go and verbally harass and attack Yeonmi at Yeonmi’s place of work. If he cannot protect Eunsoo right now,he doesn’t have a right to marry her.

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Still Loving You – E60

Sooho forces a meeting with his family and Mrs. Yoon goes makjang.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 60 RECAP

Sooho has Eunsoo sit down on the chair even as her breath manifests in fog showing how cold it’s in Korea. Eunsoo is so surprised that the first thing she asks is if Sooho didn’t go out to meet Bitna’s friend. Sooho pulls out a throw blanket to cover Eunsoo’s legs as he smiles that he has no time to meet with other people when he doesn’t have enough time to spend with Eunsoo.

Sooho then continues that he’s sorry that it’s not at a fancy restaurant. Eunsoo quickly chirps that they should do it again at the fancy restaurant later…

But, Sooho true to his character pushes on. He gets on his knees and pulls out a box with a diamond ring. Explaining that he loves Eunsoo too much to not ask her to marry him, he asks her to marry him.

Eunsoo frowns and asks if they can’t just date and not marry. Sooho finally frowns and asks if Eunsoo doesn’t want to marry him.

Eunsoo stands up and pauses. She haltingly explains that they can date with just the two of them but marriage is an issue where both families must agree. She adds that she doesn’t think that Sooho’s family would like her.

Sooho protests that his parents will like her; his mom likes everyone that he likes. But, Eunsoo only shakes her head. She notes that she’s not prepared and Sooho backs off graciously. He forces a smile and orders that Eunsoo eat dinner with him and walk him home for his troubles.

Sooho’s game plan is to ask Eunsoo to walk in with him. Eunsoo refuses. However, she doesn’t leave fast enough because Mr. Yoon, Bitna and Soohyun arrive.

Suddenly, the whole family is in the living room. Sooho announces that he wants to marry Eunsoo. Everyone is surprised but no one is smiling or welcoming. Mrs. Yoon asks Eunsoo if she agrees with Sooho.

Eunsoo only apologizes for visiting unexpectedly and causing stress. Sooho stops her saying that they aren’t done talking. But, Mr. Yoon agrees with Eunsoo. He dismisses her saying that they can speak again.

Eunsoo dutifully gets up and leaves with Sooho following. She snaps at him that she can walk home alone. Sooho doesn’t want to let her go.

So, Eunsoo asks what he’s thinking trying to push it through like this. She notes that no one seemed to like her. Sooho just smiles that everyone was shocked; they will come around.

Back inside, Soomin repeats Eunsoo’s name wondering where she heard it. She remembers the scene at the police station and unconsciously flinches realizing that Eunsoo is Eunho’s sister.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Yoon sighs in exasperation that she doesn’t approve of the wedding. The girl is bad whether you look at her age, job or family. Soomin sighs that her brother is not better other than having the luck of a rich father. Mrs. Yoon insists that Sooho is still young (uh 28/29 y’all too young because it’s only the age where you would have graduated grad school and or worked your way up into management) and can end up the CEO of a company.

Mr. Yoon asks for other opinions. Soohyun adds that he thinks that Sooho isn’t ready for marriage since he hasn’t gotten financially independent. But, Soonjung declares that she supports Sooho. She explains that one of the worst things is not being able to get married and creating your family. Soonjung looks pointedly at Mr. Yoon and asks if she wouldn’t already be married with her own family had he not disapproved her wedding when she brought home a guy at 22.

Mr. Yoon dismisses the family and goes into his room. Mrs. Yoon literally runs to follow and insists that this wedding cannot happen as Eunsoo is her friend’s daughter. Her friend is a widow barely getting by with a small dry cleaners.

Mr. Yoon glares at his wife and asks why she’s so materialistic. She sniffs that it’s the same for every parent to want their child to marry someone amazing.

At the same time, Eunsoo gets home. She quietly goes into her room to cry.

Only Sooho is gleeful. He goes home and finds his sister in the kitchen. So, he joins her for a cup of water and cannot help laughing.

As a side matter, Bitna waits for Sooho to yell at him for subbing his friend in the matter of showing her friend around. Sooho just laughs and thanks her as she gave him the opportunity to propose to Eunsoo, which he wouldn’t have had the chance otherwise.

In the morning, Mrs. Yoon pulls Sooho aside to tell him that his curfew moved up to 11pm. She doesn’t care that it only gives him one hour after closing to come home. He doesn’t need time to do anything and he can stop dating Eunsoo because she doesn’t approve.

Mrs. Yoon decides to take matters into her own hands. She throws on a garly blue fur coat and visits Yeonmi.

Immediately, Mrs. Yoon declares that she’s sorry but she cannot approve of the marriage. Of course, Yeonmi is blindsided and has no idea what Mrs. Yoon is talking about until Mrs. Yoon snaps that Sooho is her son. She wonders out loud bitterly why Eunsoo didn’t tell Yeonmi about coming to the Yoon residence to ask for permission to get married.

Mrs. Yoon goes on to say that Eunsoo should have known better since she’s a full year older than Sooho! How could she think of dating someone a WHOLE year younger? She insinuates that Eunsoo only dated Sooho because he knew about her family.

Yeonmi has had enough. She interrupts to snap that Mrs. Yoon needs to stop. Just as Sooho is a precious son, Eunsoo is her precious daughter and Eunsoo dated Sooho without knowing about his background.

The two women are yelling at this point and Grandma walks in. Mrs. Yoon leaves and Yeonmi calls Eunsoo to drop by after work.

Then Eunsoo gets called into Bitna’s office. Bitna’s important meeting is to threaten Eunsoo to give up or she will tell the Yoon’s about Eunsoo’s history. Eunsoo snaps back that Bitna can go tell all she wants as Bitna’s past will come out, too.

Meanwhile, Yeonmi tells Grandma. Grandma wonders how such a sweet son could be the child of such a doltish woman. She then laughs and tells Yeonmi not to worry too much as Eunsoo will take care of it.

Yeonmi sniffs that Eunsoo already made a mess making Yeonmi gear such unreasonable stuff from Mrs. Yoon.

Things get complicated when Bitna’s grandma lurks around Eunsoo’s grandma and her friends during her forced community service again. When one of the friends mentions that a son of a friend is getting married, the topic turns to Eunsoo and how she should get married at her age. Eunsoo’s grandma happily brags that a guy came asking for approval to date Eunsoo seriously and he’s he heir to Yoon Ga Food.

Bitna’s grandma rushes to Bitna’s office to confirm the truth. Bitna reassures her grandma that her mother-in-law is completely against the union.

Meanwhile, the restaurant has some quiet time so Mr. Yoon calls Sooho over to discuss the recent events. He tells Sooho to think carefully about marriage, which is a life-changing decision. Sooho answers that he doesn’t have to think any more as he loves Eunsoo and Eunsoo is the one who made him feel like living respectably instead of just frittering his life away. Sooho asks Mr. Yoon if Mr. Yoon doesn’t think Eunsoo is a good person.

Mr. Yoon sighs that being a good person is different from what he wants in a daughter-in-law. He also muses that Sooho might feel differently when the urgency of his feelings fade away.

Sooho doesn’t bat a beat and answers that his feelings might fade but his trust in Eunsoo won’t. He explains that trust is most important and he believes that Eunsoo will always be on his side supporting him. Mr. Yoon loses his words. Did anyone else’s heart just stop at the fact that this naive boy knew exactly what is the most important thing for marriage? Trust that your spouse will always be on your side?!

That evening, Eunsoo goes to the dry cleaners to meet with her mom. But, Yeonmi steps out for a moment.

At that moment, Mrs. Yoon walks in and announces that she had something to say to Eunsoo. She doesn’t like Eunsoo. She doesn’t like that Eunsoo is both older and has nothing good to show otherwise. She also adds that she thinks that if Eunsoo truly cared for Sooho, Eunsoo would leave him since Eunsoo blocks his future progression just like she took his spot as an official employee in the company.

Yeonmi arrives to hear the tail end of this ridiculous tirade and storms yelling at Mrs. Yoon.


And, the makjang started. Surprisingly, Mrs. Yoon is spearheading the makjang without any manipulation from Bitna! This is unexpected.

I do think that this reaction is helpful for Eunsoo. Eunsoo will know exactly what she’s getting into if she decides to pursue the marriage instead of everything looking good and then life turning to hell when Mrs. Yoon is manipulated by Bitna after the wedding is over. If Eunsoo decides that she can accept the ridiculously hypocritical, rude and ignorant Mrs. Yoon as her mother-in-law, Eunsoo makes an informed decision.

Turning to why I thought Mrs. Yoon’s reaction was overboard and makjang. While I had expected Mrs. Yoon not to love Eunsoo as a candidate for her daughter-in-law, I thought that her friendship with Yeonmi would at least make her ponder the decision to disapprove of the wedding on such shallow grounds. I expected that she would disapprove in private but not do the go yell at Yeonmi and Eunsoo in a ridiculous blue fur coat.

Also, Mrs. Yoon’s anger seems a bit ridiculous when one evaluates Sooho objectively. He’s around 29, most young professionals that age have gotten into positions of management and he is a guy. It’s more embarrassing that he’s just starting to learn how to be a chef and doesn’t have anything on his resume to brag about. The only way he would get a decent position is if he gets a management position in his family’s company since he neither has a MBA or 5 years work experience like his aged peers. So, what kind of daughter-in-law does she think that Sooho deserves?

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Still Loving You – E59

Trouble in paradise causes Sooho to turn to interesting measures.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 59 RECAP

Eunsoo pops out with her coat and surprises Jaewoo. Yeonmi awkwardly asks Jaewoo if he has any clothes to leave. He answers that he doesn’t and just wanted to return the containers for the porridge.

Eunsoo picks up on the weird atmosphere and invites Jaewoo to dinner. Yeonmi agrees that he should when he seems hesitant.

Suddenly, they are having some barbecue with Jaewoo happily cooking and cutting the meat. Eunsoo apologizes that she should be doing it as he youngest and he answers that a man should be the one cooking the meat. Yeonmi also explains to Eunsoo about all of the times that Jaewoo helped her out.

Eunsoo steps out to go to the bathroom. Doc Jaewoo tries to explain that he’s not a driver but Yeonmi cuts him off. She tells him that there’s nothing wrong with being a driver. Rather, if he had several degrees or were rich, she would have felt uncomfortable and unable to approach him. In the face of this confession, Jaewoo decides against coming clean about his true position.

That night, Yeonmi asks Eunsoo to keep her friendship with Jaewoo a secret from Grandma since she doesn’t want to unnecessarily worry Grandma. Eunsoo tells her mother to stop worrying about her, Eunho or Grandma and think only about her own happiness.

The next day, Eunsoo runs into Bitna in the recreation room again. Bitna tells Eunsoo to remake her coffee in the cup that Bitna always uses. Eunsoo smiles that she heard from a cool guy that they aren’t paid to make coffee. She tells Bitna to wash her own cup and mak coffee.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo’s grandma teases Bitna’s grandma by giving her gloves to help her with the recycling. Bitna’s grandma makes a big fuss for the camera that she’s feeling ill and shouts that she will rest for five minutes.

At the same time, Hyunshik and Eunho go to Soomin’s office. Eunho had plans to grab lunch together. Hyunshik immediately notices that Soomin is wearing makeup and heels. He wonders if Soomin has a crush on Eunho.

By the time that Bitna’s grandma wakes up in her car and returns to the center, she finds all of the recycling done! Before we can be too curious, a coughing Eunsoo’s grandma who smells of trash tells us clearly that it was she who helped Bitna’s grandma out so Bitna’s grandma didn’t get into trouble with her probation officer.

Back at the office, the manager asks Eunsoo to drop something off at the restaurant. Soohyun is there and quickly offers to do it himself. He tells the manager to minimize the employee rant tasks to the restaurant making Hyuna pick up on the fact that Soohyun seems to disapprove of the relationship.

Then work ends and Eunsoo walks out to find Sooho waiting for her. They run into Bitna in the parking lot and she offers to give him a ride. Sooho agrees and brings Eunsoo on with him. He unabashedly flirts with Eunsoo in the back seat.

During the ride, Bitna asks Sooho to meet with her friend the next day. She made reservations at a nice restaurant and wants him to show the friend around. Sooho agrees as long as Bitna comes to the restaurant to take over his work at 2.

Then, Sooho smirks and asks if Bitna’s friend is pretty. Bitna smiles that her friend is really pretty and an international lawyer. She’s confident that Sooho would be surprised, too.

They arrive at Eunsoo’s house and Sooho sends Bitna home first. Eunsoo clearly is depressed so Sooho asks if she now knows how he felt when she went on the blind date.

Eunsoo asks Sooho if he can live without her. Sooho laughs that it’s such a weird question. Eunsoo sighs that she thinks that he can live without her and she feels worried and nervous… she started to like him more and more.

Meanwhile, Bitna comes home to find Soohyun already there. He asks why she’s not talking with him. She sighs.

Soohyun then apologizes for flaking the night before. Bitna responds that she doesn’t care since he’s just saying it without meaning it. But, Soohyun then takes out a bracelet. He explains that he heard from the manager that this bracelet is very popular right now. It’s a gesture of his sincerity.

Soohyun clasps the bracelet on Bitna’s wrist and pulls her in for a hug.

Meanwhile, Eunsoo broods in her room about the words from Soohyun and Bitna. She sighs that it’s clear that their relationship won’t go anywhere and wonders if she should end it.

Back at the Yoon house, Sooho consults with Soomin again for a friend. He asks her what it means if a girl asks the guy if he can live well without her. Soomin first guesses that the girl wants to break up.

When Sooho answers that he’s certain the girl doesn’t want to break up, Soomin then muses that the girl must be pushing the guy to show how serious he is about the relationship. Sooho jumps up announcing gleefully that his sister should have been a psychiatrist and runs out.

Later, Bitna gets a call from her friend who checks in that she’s having fun with Kim Jong-Min. Bitna, who’s already teary and sniffling from the onion, realizes that Sooho tricked her and bites into an onion to silence her scream of frustration. When Mr. Yoon walks in to check, Bitna snivels that it’s really hard and her hands are cold. Mr. Yoon helps us all out by responding curtly that he does this every day and reminds her to quicken up the pace so that the ingredients are ready in time for dinner prep.

On the side, Jaewoo stops by the dry cleaners where Yeonmi is out for deliveries. Grandma is surprised to see him and he lies that he came to drop off clothes but he forgot the clothes…

Then, Soowoon drops by with coffee. He recognizes Yeonmi’s mother-in-law as the mother-in-law and introduces himself as Yeonmi’s friend who worked with her at the mall. Grandma is noticeably less happy about this guy who makes it clear that he’s kindof interested in Yeonmi.

Later, Eunsoo wanders around in front of a bridge as that’s where Sooho asked her to meet him. She’s about to get frustrated because she doesn’t see him when she hears a click. Eunsoo turns around to see a bridge lined with lights and a pavilion decorated with rose petals and couple pictures. On a table stands a large picture of Eunsoo with Sooho in front of block letters spelling out “marry me.”

Music starts playing and Sooho walks out with a bouquet of flowers. As he sings, he walks toward Eunsoo to hand them over.


So, to get this straight, Sooho met Eunsoo a month before their three month internship which ended a couple of weeks prior… In other words, Sooho has known Eunsoo for approximately four to five months maximum. Of those, five months, they spent the first month as strangers learning and teaching cooking. Then, they gradually turned into friends in the next two-ish months. This leaves two months to fall in love?!

While Sooho had been on an amazing character rehabilitate trajectory, this decision is definitely a blimp on his record. I find it difficult to believe that two months is enough to fall in love and really get to know someone to make an informed decision about the counter party being one’s life partner. (I caveat those who go on marriage blind dates where the sole purpose of the date is to find a marriage partner. Usually, those processes are faster and love is not the main measurement in deciding marriage. Rather, both people and families make the decision based on a number of factors ranging from family compatibility to finances. But, it’s clear that love isn’t the issue so time for love to develop is not necessary.)

Here, the whole point is that Sooho and Eunsoo love each other to contrast the loveless marriage of convenience and obsession between Bitna and Soohyun. This seems a bit forced and more like a push from the production team to jump to a point of restaging the conflict between Bitna and Eunsoo as sisters-in-law within the Yoon household.

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Still Loving You – E58

It’s still calm…

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 58 RECAP

Since this isn’t a makjang, no one tells Eunsoo to speak “respectfully” to Bitna or apologize. Rather, Sooho worries about what Bitna said to Eunsoo. Yay, for Shine Brightly Eunsoo showing us a relationship where the guy isn’t afraid to stand up for his girl!

Even though Eunsoo says it is nothing, Sooho notices that Eunsoo is depressed and brings up the fun fact – his mom and Eunsoo’s mom are friends from school. Eunsoo is ready to ask her mom but Sooho asks her to keep it a secret for an amazing surprise! Me thinks the surprise might end up being a bit bad…

Bitna goes home to fume but since she’s surrounded by normal people, she’s unable to do anything. Soohyun is too busy growing his company to care or partake in Bitna’s crazy (things always get messier when the husband also has nothing better to do and decides to support his wife’s crazy). And, Sooho comes home humming happily.

Bitna even glares and asks if Sooho is so happy. Sooho confidently answers that he is!

Meanwhile, Eunsoo asks her mom if she knows Mrs. Yoon. Yeonmi laughs that she does and tells grandma Mrs. Yoon is the one that grandmother dislikes for bragging about her kids.

However, it’s not all good, Eunsoo goes into her room to wonder if it is fate… She worries that her mom might be hurt if Yeonmi recognizes Bitna. After all, what mom would forgive the girl who ruined her daughter’s life and ran away to another country without acknowledging it? Without the family acknowledging the clear makjang of it? I dunno Eunsoo, if I were Yeonmi, I’d be against your marriage, too.

The next day, Eunsoo lovingly videochats with Sooho when suddenly Sooho stops and talks about cooking. It turns out the Manager was behind her and saw. The other girls come in and the Manager doesn’t say anything but he continues to tease Eunsoo about her use of “bubble bubble” which is clearly a substitute for something on the likes of “I like you.”

At the same time, Mrs. Yoon drops by Yeonmi’s dry cleaners to offer to set Eunsoo up with the blind date that came in for Soomin. Yeonmi declines as Eunsoo is seeing someone. Mrs. Yoon immediately asks what he does. Yeonmi responds that he is a kitchen aid.

Mrs. Yoon doesn’t realize that it’s her son and tells Yeonmi to break the two up. At the guy’s age, it would take forever for him to become a chef. Yeonmi smiles that she’s fine as long as the direct parties are happy.

Bitna’s grandma continues to act like a little kid. She has a cold and body ache while at volunteering. Yet, when Eunsoo’s grandma comes over to offer some porridge, Bitna’s grandma refuses. Bitna’s grandma goes home before ordering that her housekeeper make her the same porridge. The housekeeper apologizes that it takes hours to make…

Then, it’s time for Sooho to stop by and meet with Eunsoo’s mom and grandma! Grandma is on her way to buy some black pepper. Eunsoo tells Sooho to stay with her grandma as she steps out.

Eunsoo steps out and runs immediately into Hyuna. Eunsoo explains that she’s Eunho’s older sister and asks if Hyuna is there to meet him. Hyuna gasps before accusing Eunsoo of telling Eunho that Hyuna was interested in other men because Eunsoo was jealous of Hyuna. Wait, what?! Lady, what is there to be jealous about you?!

Eunsoo is just as irritated. She apologizes that she’s going to speak as Eunho’s sister instead of Hyuna’s staff/team member. She tells Hyuna that she wanted to tell Eunho but Eunho believed in Hyuna completely that she couldn’t bring herself to hurt her little brother. Eunsoo tells Hyuna to never come by again or call Eunho again. Eunsoo promises to not leave Hyuna alone if Hyuna tries again.

Then, Sooho walks out and is surprised to see Hyuna. He smiles that it’s an opportunity and declares that he’s dating Eunsoo. Before the girls can say anything, Eunho arrives. Sooho introduces Hyuna to Eunho as Eunsoo’s supervisor… Eunho continues to pretend that he doesn’t know and the group goes in with Hyuna leaving.

The meal commences with Sooho having fun. He announces that he loves the food and calls Eunho “brother-in-law”. Everyone freezes. Eunsoo is embarrassed and Yeonmi stoic. Eunho bristles but Grandma laughs that she likes it. So, Sooho continues calling Sooho “brother-in-law” despite Eunho’s protests.

Back at the Yoon house, Bitna continues scheming. She pulls out a pamphlet and suggests that they send Sooho to study abroad in France at a famous cooking school. Bitna even adds that she thinks that it would be best for Sooho so everyone can recognize and respect him.

Poor, simple Mrs. Yoon. She gets all excited without thinking it through. When Sooho comes home, she runs up to suggest it to Sooho.

Sooho sighs and says he cannot. Mrs. Yoon asks why. Sooho reminds her that the school is in France and she cannot speak French. Mrs. Yoon pauses and seriously asks if the French don’t speak English. Oh! The! Horror! Such simple ignorance!

Sooho then asks if she thinks her son can speak English. She pauses and realizes where there’s problems in this far fetched plan.

At the same time, Soohyun runs into Eunsoo in the recreation room. He pauses and then asks Eunsoo if she really likes Sooho. Eunsoo answers that she does.

Soohyun sighs and apologizes if his following words are too forward. He explains that his brother is impulsive and asks Eunsoo to think about whether or not she might be blocking Sooho’s future.

Eunsoo is unable to answer…

However, she decides to feel better by taking her mom out to dinner. Coincidentally, Jaewoo comes over to take Yeonmi out, too.


What to say about this episode? It was another light-hearted filler that shows the growing relationship between our main couple. Eunsoo clearly continues to depend on and care for Sooho who does everything to make her happy and is seconds away from defending her from anyone and everyone.

There were some hints of less happy-go-lucky undertones but they stayed hints. The Hyuna/Eunho relationship got a nod but I mean Hyuna is messed up. Then, there was the nod to Mrs. Yoon’s materialistic and simple evaluations… some blind date isn’t good enough for her doctor daughter but too good for Eunsoo… how will she react to Sooho bringing Eunsoo home? Finally, Soohyun’s not too subtle warning to Eunsoo.

Stash up on the sweet snacks. Looks like we will get some major disapproval from the Yoon’s, which I’m sure Bitna will flame.

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