Unknown Woman 53-55

Halfway through the series and we go back to square one.  Jiwon strikes and Yeo-Ri is sent to prison.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 53-55 RECAP

Jiwon sports a new haircut and perm as she fumes over the incomplete video.  Then she gets the bad news that Do-Chi’s first project has been a smashing success.  Jiwon surprisingly laughs and invites Mooyeol and Haejoo to join her in congratulating Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri.
Jiwon hands over a plotted flower.  She adds that he will be moved into management and will accept Yeo-Ri into the family fold.
Her behavior makes Yeo-Ri especially nervous. So, it’s good when she hears from Kidong that they found someone in Japan who may be able to restore the full video feed.
Do-Chi also tells Maryun and Kidong that they will get married right away.  They can move into Jiwon’s house so they don’t need another place to live.  The wedding will also be a quiet affair.
Maryun frowns and storms into her room.  Her voice cracks as she tells Yeo-Ri that she does not feel good about Yeo-Ri going into Jiwon’s house since that family is crazy.  Yeo-Ri promises to move out when they find Bom.
The next day, Do-Chi finds out that he’s been placed as a Vice President. Haejoo has been moved to Senior Manager and Team Leader.  Do-Chi thanks Jiwon and announces that he’s getting married that weekend.
Mooyeol follows Do-Chi into his office and sneers that Do-Chi only got the position because of his family as if Mooyeol didn’t get his position by marrying Haejoo.  Mooyeol tells Do-Chi to move out when he marries Yeo-Ri.  But Do-Chi smile and tells Mooyeol to leave instead since that his house.
Jiwon also calls Yeo-Ri into her office.  She explains that she wants to do something as the future sister-in-law such as send the two on a honeymoon.  Because, society expects that a sister-in-law at least pretends to be polite and not a complete crazy selfish witch 24/7.  In return, she wants to see the full video feed.
Yeo-Ri declines the honeymoon present and remains firm that she will not hand over the video to Jiwon.
Random scene where Enok finds out that Yeo-Ri is getting married. After everything she did including betraying Yeo-Ri and Bom for the richer daughter-in-law, Enok tears up and says she’s sending Yeo-Ri off when she thought that Yeo-Ri would be her daughter-in-law.  Yeo-Ri hands her an account book telling Enok to get a residence to live with Yeolmae.
Enok pretends to decline it.  But in the end accepts it. Ugh.  Her excuse? She will protect Maya.
True to her words, Enok actually does something for someone else other than herself and money.  She barges in with luggage to the Koo residence.  She also declares that she is going to live there from now on.  If Haejoo kicks Enok out, she will tell Yeo-Ri the truth.
Enok goes up and finds Maya sniffing.  Maya cries that she is being sent to study abroad. Enok confronts Haejoo who just warns Enok to keep her mouth shut or Mooyeol will end up hating her.
On the side, Do-Chi goes ring shopping with Yeo-Ri.  He lets her pick out the rings and encourages her to pick out nice ones since he knows that women have a romantic ideal about wedding rings.
Then, Enok sneaks Maya out to have some time with Yeo-Ri before Maya gets sent off to study abroad.  They have cotton candy at the park, Yeo-Ri teaches her to ride a bike and Yeo-Ri even draws a portrait of Maya.
Yeo-Ri brings Maya back late because of traffic.  So, Haejoo sees Yeo-Ri dropping Maya off. Immediately, Haejoo hits Maya and yells at her for meeting Yeo-Ri even though Haejoo and Jiwon had told her not to. Yeo-Ri intervenes and tells Haejoo to stop hitting the child.
Haejoo glares that this is all happening because of Yeo-Ri.  She tells Enok to take Maya inside. Enok declares that Haejoo will be punished by the heavens for what she’s doing but does not tell the truth because that means Enok and Mooyeol would be kicked out on the streets penniless. After all, an act like that would be decent and selfless and how could we expect that from Mooyeol’s family?
Yeo-Ri goes home where her parents are happy about the fact that the people in Japan said they might be able to restore the video by tomorrow…the same day as Yeo-Ri’s wedding.
Yeo-Ri shows the rings and Maryun frowns that the rings are so simple and plain.  She immediately states that they should go get new rings not realizing Yeo-Ri picked out simple ones since this marriage is of convenience and not love.
Yeo-Ri just smiles and pulls out another box of more beautiful and elaborate rings with diamonds.  She explains that the rings are for Maryun and Kidong. She remembered how Maryun said she was too embarassed to exchange rings when Maryun married Kidong.  These rings are for them so that they can live happily and healthily for a long time like the diamonds.
The next day, following tradition, Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri go pay their respects and greet Yeo-Ri’s parents.  Then, they receive a package from Jiwon – it’s white flowers symbolizing a funeral.
At the wedding, Mooyeol’s manager comes over to film Yeo-Ri’s pre-wedding message.  But, the he gets called out by a vendor and leaves the camera running.
Cue wedding! Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi walk down the aisle together.  They pause when they see Jiwon, Mooyeol and Haejoo.  But, they continue walking up…The rings are exchanged.  The pastor announces that they are husband and wife under God.
Then, the police barge in.  They announce that they heard that there was an escaped convict and accuse her of being Yeo-Ri Son who escaped from prison.  Yeo-Ri looks back at Jiwon who smiles.
Jiwon stands up and yells that the bride is the escaped convict Yeo-Ri Son.  Yeo-Ri is dragged out by the police.  They refuse any leniency even when Do-Chi asks for a few private moments as a newly married couple.  Maryun and the family also trail behind crying.
Maryun is ready to kill Jiwon for all of her treachery.  But, the police arrive again. They tell Maryun that they are arresting Maryun and Kidong for aiding and abetting an escaped convict.
The Koo family goes home triumphantly.  And, Jiwon announces that Maya is not going to study abroad.  She also pulls Haejoo on the side and tells Haejoo to deal with Maya for Gaya.  Because keeping a child around in an unloving house in case her bone marrow is needed is normal for this family.
Meanwhile, the Yeo-Ri family deals with the police barking at them. But, Do-Chi comes to the rescue. He remembers how Yeo-Ri asked him to file the lawsuit against Yeo-Ri if she gets caught.  He files it and goes to the station with a filed copy as proof.
Maryun and Kidong come out to hug Yeo-Ri. She snaps them away and tells them to leave.  She even sneers that she had been exhausted pretending to be their long lost daughter.  Do-Chi pulls Maryun and Kidong out.
Maryun goes to the Koo residence with a trash can and Kidong brings a fire extinguisher! HAHAHAHAA! After Maryun empties the trash, Kidong fires the extinguisher at them. OMG, I love this! For once in life, those who live a life of lies get a tiny taste of their own medicine. Best scene ever. Only small blip is that Enok was not there.
Haejoo yells back that they will call the police for trespassing but Do-Chi comes in.  He warns Jiwon that he cannot let this go.  They are repairing the video right now and they will give Jiwon what’s coming for her
Do-Chi then goes to visit Yeo-Ri.  He’s still wearing his ring.  Yeo-Ri sees that and tells Do-Chi that he needs to act carefully since he just got placed into management.  She will go back to jail and serve the rest of her time.  When she comes out, Jiwon will no longer have anything on her.
Yeo-Ri also tells Do-Chi that their partnership is over. He should forget her now and become stronger to protect WID Group.  She takes off her ring and apologizes.
However, when Do-Chi goes to work, he’s still wearing the ring.  Jiwon tasks Mooyeol to tell all of the directors about Do-Chi’s relationship with an escaped convict.  Yet, he’s supposed to stop all of the news articles as they can hurt the company’s image.
We go back to square one in the fight.  Jiwon goes to sneer at Yeo-Ri in jail. Yeo-Ri yells at Jiwon that one day she will get out and return all that she received. Jiwon just laughs that Yeo-Ri can do nothing now that she cannot even be a lawyer.
Then, Jiwon meets a man at a cafe.  He’s the one who’s been fixing the video feed. The man hands over a USB and takes an envelope of money.  Jiwon drops the USB in a cup of water.
Enok does her stupid evil thinking out loud thing.  The only difference between Enok and Jiwon being that Jiwon is smart enough to plan revenge. Enok decides that it’s better for Maya to live with a rich family than with a convicted felon as a mother.
Then, Maya and Gaya come up because they are hungry.  Maya ends up tripping and Enok sees the band-aid covering the place where the birthmark was removed. She goes to pick up a piece of Maya’s hair from her bed and drops it in a plastic back.  She then calls Yeolmae to help her write an anonymous letter at a computer lab.
Meanwhile, Do-Chi comes home and finds his stuff from the wedding ceremony, which includes the video camera that Jjang-Gu had used.  Yeo-Ri had actually recorded a message for him.  She had asked if he remembers how they first met…She had been so thankful that he would help her and not ignore her.  She also explained that while Seollee would use Do-Chi, she will regain her original name and love him as Yeo-Ri.
Do-Chi then rushes to the police station.  He tells Yeo-Ri that they agreed that there would be no lies between them. He will never let her go again.
Yeo-Ri’s sentencing occurs. The fact that she had lost a child and lived a quiet life in prison helps.  The judge announces that she only gets two years in prison.
Yeo-Ri ends up going to the same cell as she had originally been in.  She gets Enok’s letter with Bom’s hair…Then the cell leader returns.  She demands to see Yeo-Ri’s letter but Yeo-Ri refuses.  The cell leader attacks and grabs the envelope.
The cell leader orders that Yeo-Ri kneels and begs for it.  Yeo-Ri kneels and begs for the envelope as it’s the only evidence that she has about her daughter being alive.  The cell leader tosses it to Yeo-Ri.
On the side, Maryun and Kidong brood about Yeo-Ri.  Kidong suggests that when Yeo-Ri comes out of prison this time, they give her back her real name.  Maryun cries that it sounds good.
Then, it’s time for visitors.  Maryun, Kidong and Do-Chi all show up.  Yeo-Ri shows them the letter.  Kidong agrees to take the piece of hair and get it DNA tested.
Then, Kidong and Maryun go out to give Yeo-Ri some time.  Do-Chi sits down and pulls out a rose. OMG >_< He explains that he’s also matching her schedule until she comes out.  While, I hate Candy’s – what about Do-Chi’s willingness to be with Yeo-Ri even after she loses everything and cannot help her just gets me? Awwwwwwww…
Do-Chi then goes back to work.  He tells Haejoo that her proposal to create a new line by having a competition open to the public is good but the requirements for participants are too high.  They should allow anyone to participate regardless of certification or education.
On the side, Maryun and Kidong meet with an older man who wants a job. He explains that he has been recently fired and has a wife and kids…
Next thing we know, the DNA test comes out positive! It’s a match – BOM!
Maryun immediately calls Yeo-Ri to let her know. Yeo-Ri tells her friend from before and the cell leader watches from the shadows.
Someone (cell leader? friend? employee?) calls and reports the news to Jiwon.  She decides that it has to be either Mooyeol or Enok.  Jiwon and Haejoo go to confront Mooyeol in his office.  He denies it since they are his life line saying that he wants to get revenge on Yeo-Ri more than anyone else.

So, Jiwon and Haejoo go straight home.  Because CEOs and Senior Managers don’t need to run the company.  They find Enok in the kitchen and begin yelling at her for betraying them.  Enok immediately denies it.  She pretends to know nothing and even states that they can go have a confrontation with Yeo-Ri.  Jiwon backs down at this suggestion.

On the side, the man that Maryun and Kidong hired pretends to work hard.  He lets them go home first and then starts pouring some kind of powder while recording it…
The next thing we know, there’s an anonymous whistle blower that the chicken restaurant uses expired shrimp.  This is broadcast on television and the investors who back the chicken restaurant charge in.
Later that day, Yeo-Ri is walking back to her cell when the cell leader snaps at her again.  Yeo-Ri refuses to rise to the bait explaining that all she wants to do is live quietly and leave soon to find her child.  The other girl raises her hand to slap Yeo-Ri.  But, Yeo-Ri doesn’t back down and tells her to slap since Yeo-Ri won’t do anything.
The other girl lowers her hand and asks Yeo-Ri to be her minion.  Yeo-Ri refuses stating that she hates people who take advantage of those weaker than them.
When Yeo-Ri goes back into her cell, her friend starts going crazy.  The friend slams her own head into the table and the wall.  Then, she also uses Yeo-Ri’s hands to grab at her hair even after her face is all bloodied up.  The friend apologizes that she is so sorry but she has to do what she can for her child as well.
The guards come in and send Yeo-Ri to isolation.

I was worried that the series might start dragging at one point but the series managed to resolve the tension in a way that just leaves it simmering for next time.  By taking the USB out of the picture, Jiwon clearly has the upper hand.  However, there is still hope for viewers since the USB plot device can always be brought back to life.  Additionally, Do-Chi is still in the company and available to take it over…Finally, we don’t know if Doyoung will ever wake up and suddenly side with Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri against the scary monster that Jiwon is.

One final note is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kidong/Maryun fire extinguisher scene.  The way I see it is if the evil in-laws get to be all makjang in your face gangster liars all the time, then the good guys should get to use the same makjang tactics here and there.  It felt SO good watching that scene, I laughed like crazy 🙂

Here’s to an enjoyable two-episodes run that brings us back to Yeo-Ri v. Jiwon.  Game on.


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Unknown Woman 51-52

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri get a break in selling the reformed clothes while Mooyeol’s mother finds out about Maya.

Woman Without a Name Episodes 51-52

Jiwon cautiously asks Doyoung if he’s awake. Her face not showing even the hint of a smile.

Doyoung’s eyes look up and then his heart rate skyrockets. The change in vitals calls in the hospital staff. When they arrive, Doyoung’s eyes are closed again and Jiwon is ushered out so that they can examine the patient.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri declares that her stomach really hurts and she has to use the bathroom immediately. The driver pulls over to the side. Yeo-Ri uses the opportunity to hit Mooyeol with the car door and make a run for it. Thanks to some drama-help and well timed tripping by Mooyeol and goon, Yeo-Ri manages to get into a cab that’s parked a few feet away.

Back at the hospital, the doctors come out and declare that Doyoung is still unconscious.

Haejoo does some thinking for herself when she hears that Yeo-Ri was last seen leaving with Mooyeol. She decides that the timing is too suspicious and her mother must have been involved. So, she goes to the hospital.

Right before Haejoo arrives Mooyeol calls to report that they lost Yeo-Ri causing Jiwon to shoot back in irritation. Haejoo overhears and asks why Jiwon kidnapped Yeo-Ri.

At that moment, Yeo-Ri decides to fire a warning shot. She texts Jiwon the clip that she has which Jiwon sees and tries to hide from Haejoo. However, Haejoo snatches the phone from her mother and plays the clip.

Then, when Yeo-Ri calls, Haejoo answers silently. She hears Yeo-Ri warning Jiwon not to cheat or break their agreement again or she will send the clip to Haejoo so Haejoo knows that her mother was the one who hurt her father.

Haejoo storms home with Jiwon following.  Jiwon explains away the video by saying that it was just an accident.  Yeo-Ri had installed a secret camera…Jiwon had been having a small fight with Doyoung since he blamed everything bad that had occurred on her and wanted a divorce.  Since Yeo-Ri was threatening to release the footage to the police and the world, Jiwon could not turn Yeo-Ri in.

Haejoo suddenly realizes that it’s weird that the video footage did not include the moment when Doyoung hit his head.  She tells Jiwon to demand the whole video from Yeo-Ri because Yeo-Ri might not have it.

Jiwon calls Mooyeol and has him install cameras and recorders around the areas that Yeo-Ri frequents.

Jiwon calls Yeo-Ri into her office the next morning.  She demands to see the end of the video since Haejoo requested it. Yeo-Ri deflects by answering that she has no reason to show the whole video to them.  If Jiwon wants to see it, Yeo-Ri can hand it over to the police and everyone will see it together.

Yeo-Ri walks out and gets grabbed by Haejoo.  Haejoo first demands the video and then Yeo-Ri refuses, Haejoo attacks.  Haejoo asks Yeo-Ri how Yeo-Ri thinks that she has the right to look for her daughter.  Would her daughter who is living happily want to know that her biological mother is an escaped convict?

Later that day, Mooyeol’s mother goes to try to get a part time job at Maryun’s chicken restaurant. Since she had a bad run in the first time that she had come in for an interview, she lurks around for an opportunity.  The restaurant is so busy that Mooyeol’s mother jumps in and volunteers to help with deliveries.

Mooyeol’s mother then sees the missing child poster in one of the bags.  She recognizes the photograph of Maya … She connects the dots and realizes that Maya is actually Mooyeol’s biological daughter.

Mooyeol’s mother rushes over to the Koo residence.  Coincidentally, Yeo-Ri is there at the same time to drop off a small dress that Yeo-Ri helped design while reforming the unsold stock.

Mooyeol’s mother starts crying and asking how Yeo-Ri is there.  She then grabs Yeo-Ri’s hand and sobs that it’s all her fault because she lived a hard life and did not know any better. She should not have tried to split Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri up when Yeo-Ri was pregnant.

Then Jiwon, Haejoo and Mooyeol come home.  The children go downstairs and let the adults know that Mooyeol’s mother is there.  Mooyeol immediately runs up just as Mooyeol’s mother is saying that it’s a relief that Yeo-Ri’s daughter is …

Mooyeol interrupts and drags his mother out before she can tell Yeo-Ri about Maya’s true identity.  Haejoo and Jiwon then go up and accuse Yeo-Ri of trying to kidnap one of the kids.  Maya comes up and defends Yeo-Ri that Yeo-Ri is a nice woman who is engaged to Do-Chi.

So, Yeo-Ri explains that she only came to bring Maya her clothes. Haejoo rips up the dress that Yeo-Ri designed. Maya cries that she does not like her mother and runs out with the ripped dress.  She tells everythign to Do-Chi.  Cue Do-Chi coming up and drawing the clear line. He snaps that Yeo-Ri does not need to listen to Haejoo and Jiwon any longer and lets her leave. A guy actually protecting his woman against his crazy makjang family? *Swoons!*

Meanwhile, Mooyeol tells his mother at a park that everyone in the Koo family knows about Maya. He tells her to keep the information a secret from Yeo-Ri since he’s trying to live with Haejoo again.  He also tells his mother that if she lets everyone know, he will be penniless.

Mooyeol’s mother puts up a shadow of a fight asking how Mooyeol can keep such a huge secret from Yeo-Ri – the identity of Maya.  But she lets Mooyeol leave since she’s the one who failed in raising Mooyeol with values in the first place.

In the end, the lady lives her usual life- She goes to apologize to Yeo-Ri on behalf of Mooyeol but she does not tell Yeo-Ri how Bom is Maya.  Because, who cares about the huge sin of lying to her granddaughter’s mother and the fact that her son is the one orchestrating the lie.  This is why it’s best to leave people with lack of values out of your life – they never change and only add stress and negativity.

The next day, a small blip in Haejoo’s world occurs. Gaya keeps feeling weird that he’s seen Yeo-Ri before.  He then remembers that he saw Yeo-Ri on television.

Gaya tells Maya that he saw Yeo-Ri on television with Maya’s baby pictures.  Haejoo luckily walks on them and smiles that Gaya must have had a dream.  She has Maya go downstairs and then tells Gaya to keep this a secret or Maya will leave them.

Haejoo gets nervous and meets with Mooyeol’s mother again.  She hands over a deed to the apartment and tells Mooyeol’s mother to act carefully.  Mooyeol’s mother suddenly has values and standards.  She tells Haejoo that Haejoo should be careful how she lives her life under heaven.  They can’t keep a biological mother from her child and expect karma to leave them alone.

Haejoo frowns and pulls out another envelope with money.  She tells Mooyeol’s mother to take the money and stay quiet.  Mooyeol’s mother for once in her life turns down the money and the apartment. GASP!

Then, we switch to Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri who try asking the WID Group Home Shopping Division for another chance to sell the reformed clothes line on the channel.  The representative refuses since Mooyeol had instructed her against it.

However, on their way out, Yeo-Ri bumps into a popular hostess carrying a cup of coffee.  The hostess fails to wash all the coffee out and Yeo-Ri offers to switch outfits with the hostess since the hostess has to begin broadcasting soon.

Thanks to Mooyeol’s installed spy recorders, Jiwon overhears Yeo-Ri agreeing to meet Mooyeol’s mother (Enok).  Jiwon dispatches Mooyeol to intervene.

Now for some good news! Since the hostess is popular, people started looking into her outfit and realized that it’s also WID Group.  Orders start pouring in for the dress and WID Group’s Home Shopping Department requests to put them on air.

Yeo-Ri dropping some files gives her an opportunity to see the hidden recorder under the desk.  She quickly goes and searches her car and has Do-Chi search his finding more.  Yeo-Ri storms into Jiwon’s office and slams the recording devices on her desk.

Jiwon just asks for the full video. Yeo-Ri responds that Jiwon can turn her into the police first and see if her bet wins.

Later, Yeo-Ri puts he phone down in the bathroom to wash her hands. A random girl comes in and takes it.  She walks outside and texts the video to Jiwon.  Then the girl returns to the bathroom and explains that she picked up the wrong phone.

Jiwon views the video and smiles that she will send Yeo-Ri back to jail.


The most interesting conflict in these two episodes seemed to be Enok’s dilemma about whether or not she can tell Yeo-Ri about Maya.  The drama may want to portray her as a victim who actually has a conscience.  However, the dilemma seems facetious.

Enok knows and helped Mooyeol betray his pregnant fiance who stuck with him and the family for so long.  She knows that she and Mooyeol were wrong.  She also knows that Yeo-Ri is back so Enok has a chance of sincere redemption… Enok can tell Yeo-Ri about Yeo-Ri’s biological daughter. Yet, Enok does not.  Why? Because her son said that if Enok tells Yeo-Ri, he loses his money bag. So, she chooses her own greed at Yeo-Ri’s continued suffering.  Is this really a dilemma or just another drawn out example of showing us that Enok really has no values?

Unknown Woman Episode 51-52 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman 46-50

Do-Chi wakes up and sides with Yeo-Ri getting engaged again.  Meanwhile, Doyoung ends up in a scuffle.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 46-50

Yeo-Ri calls the police and Maya walks out sobbing. Yeo-Ri realizes that Maya must have seen the whole thing and hugs the child close promising that Do-Chi will be alright.

Do-Chi is taken in an ambulance with Yeo-Ri and Maya following in Yeo-Ri’s car. Yeo-Ri asks who did it. Maya stutters but is unable to answer.

At the same time, Jiwon arrives at home without the brooch which Gaya notices and points out disappointedly since he was the one who recommended it. Jiwon goes back to the scene of the accident but the brooch isn’t there. So, she takes the memory card from Do-Chi’s car’s black box instead.

Yeo-Ri then calls Doyoung and Jiwon to the hospital. They randomly don’t see Maya sitting on the bench and accuse Yeo-Ri of being suspicious for being at the scene of Do-Choi’s accident. Yeo-Ri cuts it off by letting them know that there was a witness – Maya.

Doyoung and Yeo-Ri both ask Maya what she saw but the girl just shivers and cries unable to talk. Jiwon takes the opportunity to protectively hug the girl saying that Maya is suffering from shock. She notes that she will take Maya to get something to drink.

Jiwon then asks Maya if Maya saw Jiwon. The girl is unable to do anything but make sounds. Suddenly, Yeo-Ri shows up and tells Jiwon not to stress Maya out. Jiwon just snaps at Yeo-Ri in return not to interfere.

The surgery ends. They stopped the bleeding but Do-Chi remains unconscious.

Jiwon takes Maya home to threaten her more. But, Haejoo walks in and comes to the rescue of her daughter right as Maya refuses to give up the brooch she had picked up earlier.

At the same time, Mooyeol wonders about the missing child poster musing that it’s Maya when she’s younger. He calls the number but Maryun ignores it assuming Mooyeol just wants to demand his shares back.

Next thing we know, Doyoung isn’t completely horrible. He wins points again for the first time since he had the basic common decency to tell his daughter to apologize for her rude makjang behavior when he tells the comatose Do-Chi to get up as a young man shouldn’t be spending his life lying down. Then, he goes home where Jiwon absentmindedly notes that it’s lucky that Do-Chi is unconscious instead of prying into the modified will. Doyoung immediately glares and yells at her that even if he hates Do-Chi, Do-Chi is family so he doesn’t want Do-Chi hurt. Perhaps this guy is forgiveable and not a murderer?

The next day, the police investigator arrives to ask Maya questions about the “hit and run”. However, with her mother and Jiwon in the background, Maya does nothing other than staring at the floor.

The next skirmish occurs. Dooshik got Yeo-Ri a chance to be on the missing children’s search show. However, Jiwon’s lackey overhears them discussing it.

Jiwon goes to offer to sponsor the program from WID Group with the condition that they cut Seollee’s search for Bom. The program administrator agrees even though Yeo-Ri was supposed to be on a live broadcast that day.

Yeo-Ri comes home defeated for the time being. Yet, family to the rescue! Because family is about supporting each other not sabotaging them out of power play! Dooshik had just made a phone call and he tells Yeo-Ri to go back to the broadcasting network.

Then, Do-Chi wakes up. He remembers his last conversation with Attorney Kim and calls him. Attorney Kim had just fled his captors and agrees to meet Do-Chi at the hospital.

Of course, Jiwon is very active in this subarc. She had come to check on Do-Chi and overhears. She has her secretary arrange for Attorney Kim’s wife’s surgery at with a famous doctor and waits for him at the lobby doors. When he arrives, she calls Mrs. Kim on speakerphone to ask about the planned surgery and gives Attorney Kim an option – his wife’s surgery or supporting Do-Chi.

At the same time, Maya wakes up from a nightmare about Do-Chi getting hit. She decides to tell someone about Jiwon before Jiwon hurts Do-Chi again.

Then, the network searches for Yoon Kidong (sorry name change folks! I thought Maryun’s husband was Dooshik but it’s Kidong). Kidong answers the call from the PD apologetic that he cannot make it in since his restaurant caught on fire. He offers up his daughter as a substitute for the broadcast… which is Yeo-Ri waiting on the sidelines.

Back at the hospital, Attorney Kim apologizes to Do-Chi. He confesses that he cannot abandon his wife so he cannot give Do-Chi the original will. However, he promises to stand by Do-Chi when Do-Chi gathers enough strength to actually fight and win over Doyoung.

Time for things to get tense! Jiwon goes home where Gaya is excited to watch the Searching for Children show. They turn it on to see a picture of Maya/Bom in the background with Yeo-Ri tearfully explaining that she is looking for her niece, who was treated at Kangnam hospital for pneumonia and then disappeared. She also adds the identifying birthmark.

Gaya recognizes Maya and exclaims that it’s his sister just as Haejoo walks into the living room. Jiwon panics and then turns off the television ordering Gaya to go to his room.

Mooyeol also sees the show at his restaurant and decides to skip out on work even though it’s the first day. Because, responsibility is for non-loser snakes.

Do-Chi comes back into his hospital room to see Yeo-Ri and it’s unclear if he saw Maya’s photograph. He then gets distracted because Maya comes into his room sniffling. She is still unable to talk but she hands him the brooch and Do-Chi guesses that it has something to do with the person who caused his accident.

Do-Chi asks Maya if she saw the perpetrator’s face. The girl opens her mouth but no sounds come out and tears fall. Do-Chi quickly puts two and two together thinking out loud that it must be someone Maya cannot tell on. He hugs her tightly and tells her that it’s alright.

At the Koo residence, Mooyeol arrives and lies that he agrees to divorce Haejoo. However, he first wants to talk with Haejoo. Then, he asks for a glass of water. While Haejoo goes downstairs, he steals a photograph of baby Maya.

Mooyeol then leaves telling Haejoo that he will never agree to a consensual divorce. He also makes it clear to Jiwon that he suspects about Maya.

Jiwon follows Mooyeol just in time to see Mooyeol hugging Maya who comes home. Jiwon orders that Maya goes inside. Then Mooyeol smirks asking if Jiwon is surprised that he recognized his biological daughter. Jiwon is shocked speechless. Mooyeol tells Jiwon that he will keep it a secret from Haejoo and Yeo-Ri but Jiwon better give him something in return.

Things are on fire! Do-Chi storms into Doyoung’s office with his bandages still on. He demands to know if it was Doyoung who ordered the hit and run just like Doyoung needed Do-Choi’s mom to pass away in order to inherit the company. Doyoung denies it.

So, Do-Chi slams down the brooch. Doyoung stutters seeing the brooch but insists that he doesn’t recognize it. Do-Chi declares that he will just have to ask Jiwon herself.

Do-Chi rushes home in time to interrupt Jiwon yelling at Maya to handover whatever she picked up at the scene of the accident. The little girl still isn’t talking and only crying.

Do-Chi bursts in telling his sister-in-law to stop attacking the child. He holds up the brooch asking if she’s trying to find the brooch from Maya…and, they take the rest of the conversation to Doyoung’s study.

Jiwon denies that the brooch is hers and implies that it was Yeo-Ri. Do-Chi isn’t convinced and accuses her of also kidnapping Attorney Kim who was going to show her the original will. He tells her that he didn’t expect her to confess and tell the truth because a person who has a habit of resolving problems with lies will continue to lie. He warns Jiwon not to attack Maya anymore as he won’t let her be.

Do-Chi leaves and runs into Doyoung outside the door. He walks into the study with his wife and asks how could it be her. She tries to deny it but Doyoung was the one who gave her the brooch as a birthday gift. Jiwon finally confesses saying that it was ALL for him of course. He asks if she was willing to hurt people ALL because of him and Jiwon screams that she did all the dirty work BECAUSE of him.

Doyoung pulls out a small box with Mr. Son’s old phone. Jiwon is shocked into silence asking how he has it. But Doyoung only asks why she has the dead Mr. Son’s phone? Was she at that accident scene as well? Jiwon screams that these were all NOT her fault! They were all accidents!

Doyoung declares that he cannot stand this vile woman as his wife and leaves.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi goes back to Maya and gives her a cell phone. He tells her that he’s saved himself as speed dial #1. If she is ever in trouble, she can call him.  Maya also asks for Yeo-Ri’s number saying that Yeo-Ri is also hurt. She calls Yeo-Ri and tells her about the new phone.

Next thing we know Do-Chi holds a press conference declaring that he’s quitting acting and going into his family’s company. He then goes to Doyoung’s office explaining that he’s entering the company to protect the company and his parents’ wishes. Surprisingly, Doyoung reacts reasonably. He sighs and promises to give Do-Chi a position.

Do-Chi walks out and meets first Jiwon who is furious at him and then Yeo-Ri with Maryun. Maryun walks on ahead to give the two space and Yeo-Ri asks about his health. Do-Chi answers coldly that it’s none of her business.

So, Maryun and Yeo-Ri head up to Doyoung’s office with a decorative plant. He’s unable to kick them out since they are a major shareholder and the two leave the plant as a gift.

Then, Mooyeol decides that he can wait no longer and fixing his life by his own abilities is not in the question. He calls Jiwon to ask if she’s decided how to keep him quiet about Bom. Jiwon smirks that he’s the type of trash that will continue to extort her even if she pays him off unless he has something to offer as proof of his sincerity.

Mooyeol tells Jiwon that Seollee is Yeo-Ri. Maryun and Yeo-Ri were in the same prison at the same time…

Jiwon furiously rushes to Yeo-Ri’s apartment and immediately confronts her with a slap. Yeo-Ri owns up yelling back that she will never forgive Jiwon for taking away Bom.

At the same time, Haejoo visits Doyoung with Gaya who watches television on his cell phone. After the meeting, Gaya leaves the phone there allowing Doyoung to pick it up. When he sees the scene that Gaya was watching, Doyoung realizes that Maya is Bom.

Back at Yeo-Ri’s apartment, Jiwon calls the police to turn Yeo-Ri in. Jiwon also threatens to put Yeo-Ri’s parents in jail as well. Yeo-Ri falls to he knees and begs Jiwon to leave Maryun and Kidong alone.

Then, Jiwon is interrupted by a call from Doyoung. He asks who Maya really is. When Jiwon is unable to answer, he declares that he wants a divorce.

Cue Jiwon rushing to Doyoung’s office with Yeo-Ri following to beg for Maryun and Kidong. Jiwon gets there first. Doyoung calls Jiwon a monster and states that he will divorce her. Jiwon screams back that she will never divorce him.

Doyoung tries to throw her out of the office and a scuffle ensues. Jiwon overpowers Doyoung in her panic and he slips backwards hitting his head on the edge of the desk. He falls and a pool of blood begins to flood near his head.

Yeo-Ri walks in and stops. She stares at Jiwon in horror while Jiwon orders that Yeo-Ri call an ambulance. Yeo-Ri does.

Haejoo also returns for Gaya’s phone and sees the two women around her unconscious father. She immediately accuses Yeo-Ri of being guilty and screams at Yeo-Ri asking why she hurt Doyoung.

The ambulance comes and Haejoo leaves with the paramedics.

Then the police calls Jiwon about not finding the escaped convict. Yeo-Ri grabs the phone and hangs up. She picks up the plant that she and Maryun had left there throwing it on the ground. In the pieces, she picks up a memory card from the hidden camera.

Yeo-Ri tells Jiwon that if Jiwon calls the police back, she will handover the memory card and everyone will know Jiwon for the monster that she is. Jiwon purses her lips and agrees on the condition that if Yeo-Ri ever gives the evidence to the police, she will also tell them about her and her parents.

Mooyeol sees the news about Doyoung’s accident and declares that he’s quitting. Because ya know the rest of his family ain’t working why should he? He then goes to the hospital but stays back in the hallway to eavesdrop on the family conversation among Haejoo, Jiwon and Do-Chi.

Haejoo blames Yeo-Ri for the accident on the grounds that there were only two other people in the office with her father – Yeo-Ri and Jiwon. However, Jiwon suspiciously stays mute and Mooyeol realizes that either Jiwon was guilty or Yeo-Ri has something on Jiwon. He goes back to the company.

Back at home, Yeo-Ri and her parents review the memory card footage. It shows Jiwon physically fighting with Doyoung but cuts off as it was damaged when she broke it. They don’t have enough evidence to end Jiwon but they have enough to pretend to Jiwon otherwise and keep her at bay.

Do-Chi corners Yeo-Ri at her house next demanding to know if she hurt Doyoung for revenge. Yeo-Ri answers that Doyoung was already on the floor when she arrived. She had come because Jiwon knew about Yeo-RI’s true identity and threatened to turn the whole family in.

Do-Chi goes back to Jiwon to ask her. But Jiwon insists that Yeo-Ri was there first. When Jiwon entered the office, Doyoung was already unconscious.

Doyoung goes back to the company building to check the security feed. However, Mooyeol was already there. Mooyeol took a copy of the feed and then deleted any other copies.

Mooyeol takes the memory card to Jiwon and offers it to her. He explains that it’s time for Jiwon to run the company. Since the footage shows Jiwon going into the office first and Yeo-Ri entering after, it means that Jiwon has to be guilty. Jiwon can destroy the only evidence of her guilt as long as she takes Mooyeol as her assistant.

Do-Chi arrives shortly later. He sees the memory USB drive and demands it. But, Mooyeol runs into the bathroom. His hand hovers over the toilet but it’s unclear whether he really flushes it.

Do-Chi is ready to fight more but Jiwon gets a call from the hospital. The surgery is over.

Mooyeol’s mother continues to prove how classless she is. When she tries to see Gaya after school, she finds Haejoo already there. Haejoo tells Gaya never to follow this strange woman and tells Mooyeol’s mom to leech off of Yeo-Ri instead. Of course, this leads to a verbal spat that Mooyeol’s classless mom escalates by shoving and grabbing Haejoo. Ugh.

Later, we see the difference between Jiwon and Mooyeol’s mom as compared to Maryun and Kidong. Yeo-Ri had treated them to a nice lunch and gave them cruise tickets telling them to take a nice long vacation for all their efforts. She also gives them an envelope with a lawsuit petition from them against her for scamming them and using their daughter’s identity without their knowledge and against their will. She explains that if Jiwon decides to turn on her, she wants Maryun and Kidong to file the papers so that they don’t fall with her.

Maryun cries following Yeo-Ri into her room and Kidong is not far behind. Maryun tells Yeo-Ri that they think of her as their daughter. They aren’t going to leave her and blame her when things get bad because that isn’t family.
Awwwwww, the meaning of family from a daily drama if only everyone adhered to such basic tenets.

Next Haejoo arrives to throw a petty tantrum. Yeo-Ri decides that she’s tired of getting abused by this loser and pushes Haejoo away when Haejoo shakes her. Yeo-Ri tells her to find out the facts before being so rash.

So, Haejoo goes home where Mooyeol waits for her in the bedroom. After all, the guy lacks class or conscious. Why would he feel guilty at all?

Mooyeol smiles that Jiwon already recognized him as family again. He adds that he loves her making her scream.

On the side, Do-Chi coincidentally finds divorce papers on Doyoung’s secretary’s desk as he walks by. The secretary confirms that right before Doyoung fell, he had ordered the divorce papers get drawn up. Doyoung takes them.

In the parking lot, he sees Yeo-Ri and asks her once more if she didn’t hurt Doyoung and if she can prove it. Yeo-Ri shows him the video that recorded Doyoung physically fighting with Jiwon.

Do-Chi faces Yeo-Ri and asks her why she hates Jiwon so much. Is there anything else that she’s hiding from him? Yeo-Ri sighs and explains that she was Haesung’s donor and the family’s adopted child. Then, Haesung needed another donation but she was pregnant at the time and could not give up her baby…That’s when she met Do-Chi and went to prison where she had Bom…and, Jiwon took Bom away. Finally, she adds that Jiwon was at the accident scene of her father.

Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri that just as she used him, he wants to use her. He asks her to marry him and they will get revenge on Jiwon. He will trust her since he knows that her hatred for Jiwon is as strong as his. Yeo-Ri agrees.

Meanwhile, Jiwon tells Haejoo at the hospital that the real Yeo-Ri is back. As such, they should hold on to Mooyeol.

Haejoo suggests that they just tell the police. Jiwon stops her saying that Yeo-Ri knows too much. But, Haejoo doesn’t want to listen and pulls free leaving. Jiwon calls Mooyeol to stop Haejoo.

Mooyeol tries to stop Haejoo in the lobby. This extra time allows for Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri to arrive. Haejoo glares and announces that she’s going to turn Yeo-Ri in.

Yeo-Ri smiles and asks Haejoo if she has Jiwon’s permission. Then Do-Chi snaps at Haejoo to be polite to her future aunt. The two leave Haejoo in the lobby and go to Doyoung’s hospital room. Do-Chi tells the unconscious Doyoung that he is marrying Yeo-Ri and will protect WID Group. He also adds that he will find who did this to Doyoung. Yeo-Ri also announces that she will get revenge on the person who did everything to her.

Jiwon snarls that the two youngsters are idiots declaring a challenge in front of an unconscious person. She asks Do-Chi if he’s considered what would happen if Doyoung passes and the company falls into her hands. Suddenly, Doyoung’s vitals go crazy.

The hospital staff kick them out to stabilize Doyoung’s vitals.

The next day, Jiwon moves first. She distributes a notice to the shareholders asking to convene an emergency meeting to vote on making Jiwon the interim CEO. Yeo-Ri’s family fights back by calling the company and changing the topic to a vote between Jiwon and Do-Chi since Maryun is one of the largest shareholders.

We skip to the vote as the names are called out one by one. The result? It’s a tie.

However, Jiwon has another card up her sleeve. Her team pulls up a PowerPoint that displays a copy of Doyoung’s will regarding having Jiwon take over the company if something happens to him. Even though Yeo-Ri reviews it, she finds it authentic.

The shareholders who support Do-Chi don’t back down declaring that they cannot accept Doyoung’s succession plan when the original CEO’s son is still there. They threaten to fight it.

Jiwon smirks and declares that she can negotiate with them. She is willing to accept Do-Chi if he proves himself first. So, she will give him a position in the company to let him prove himself.

The first thing that Jiwon does is fire Yeo-Ri.

Then Jiwon and Haejoo come home to find Gaya sick…

At the same time Do-Chi is shown an interest office that looks like it’s being used as a storage room. It’s overflowing with boxes of the clothes that they could not sell. His first task is to sell it all at no less than 20% discount.

Back at the Koo residence, Mooyeol comes home and sees Maya being treated like an unwanted child again. He hugs her and tells her that he’s so thankful that Maya is his daughter.

Jiwon happens to see this and pulls him into the study. She glares at him and demands to know if he came back into the house not to help her but to watch over his daughter. She orders that he never shows that Maya is his real daughter.

Mooyeol asks in return why Jiwon brought Maya home even thought Jiwon hated Maya so much. Of course, Haejoo overhears the fight. She bursts in screaming at Jiwon asking her how Jiwon could bring Yeo-RI’s daughter into their house and not tell her?! She sobs realizing that she loved Maya not knowing any of this.

Haejoo continues to freak out saying that she cannot forgive any of them. She storms up to Maya’s room.

She throws random clothes into a luggage bag and grabs the crying little. Haejoo then pulls the little girl and drags her downstairs toward the doors despite Gaya crying and following.

Do-Chi arrives with Yeo-Ri minutes later. Do-Chi finds the scene suspicious with only Maya having her bags packed and demands to know what’s going on. But, Haejoo glares at both Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri and takes Maya outside.

However, during the drive, Maya cries to her mother that she’s sorry. Haejoo loses herself in a flashback where she lost the original Maya. Haejoo had been so depressed that she sat in a corner in the nursery not doing anything but crying.

One day, Jiwon brought the current Maya home as a toddler. Jiwon had told Haejoo that the little girl lost her parents and Haejoo finally looked up.

Haejoo ends up leaving Maya at an orphanage. But, luckily, Mooyeol arrives minutes later. He tells Haejoo to go home since Gaya fainted. Then he comforts Maya before bringing her home.

After checking on Gaya, Haejoo turns to glare at Jiwon asking how Jiwon could betray her like this. Jiwon looks back stoically asking Haejoo how she still doesn’t see it when Gaya just fainted. Doesn’t she realize the risk? If Gaya falls to the same illness as Haesung, they may need Maya to be a donor.

The next day, Jiwon goes to work. Her first order? Fire all of the directors who opposed her.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi submits his first proposal. Slightly reform all of the unselling stock and try to sell them again. Mooyeol refuses on the grounds that the design team is busy.

Then Maya comes home. She went to school alone since Gaya was resting. No one waits for her in the living room or welcomes her. She goes to Gaya’s room to check on him where she finds Haejoo fawning over Gaya.

Maya announces that she’s home and asks if Gaya is fine. She automatically reaches out her hand to check his temperature but Haejoo snaps it

Haejoo angrily orders Maya not to touch her brother with her dirty hands. Maya looks down and apologizes before leaving.

Then Haejoo sighs that Maya doesn’t deserve this. She goes into Maya’s room and apologizes for being sensitive since Gaya is sick. She even promises to bring snacks up. But, she looks over and sees Maya’s drawings. Suddenly, Yeo-Ri’s face floats in front of her. Haejoo frowns and leaves.

Haejoo goes to the hospital to whine to Jiwon. She cries that she cannot deal with not Yeo-Ri and Maya. Jiwon answers that Yeo-Ri is looking for her daughter, even going on television. If Yeo-Ri gets her daughter back, what happens if Gaya gets sick.

Haejoo narrows her eyes. She asks Jiwon bluntly what Yeo-Ri has one Jiwon which makes Jiwon pause from turning her in. When Jiwon doesn’t answer, Haejoo decides to ask Yeo-Ri for herself.

Jiwon calls Mooyeol to stop the meeting. So, he goes and pulls Yeo-Ri from the company building lying that he found someone who knows about Bom. However, where he drives out to only has Jiwon’s goons.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jiwon gets the report and declares that she has to do something. She cannot just leave Haejoo to meet Yeo-Ri. The heart monitor begins beeping and Doyoung’s eyes open.


Well…well…well… Another fast paced subarc satisfying our need for short stories in this era of dwindling attention spans.

I like how this is playing out because I cannot be sure how long these alliances will last or what will be the smaller outcomes that lead to the end result. For example, I didn’t expect that the Yeo-Ri/Mooyeol facade would torn so quickly and Mooyeol would extend his hand to Yeo-Ri.

Another thing that I didn’t expect was that the drama would pit Doyoung against Jiwon. Are they trying to rehabilitate his character so that he/Haejoo/Do-Chi/ Yeo-Ri can become a happy family? That is a high gamble considering that Haejoo is a girl who’s values include seducing married men and Doyoung locked his elementary school brother in the storage room so that the kid couldn’t attend his mother’s funeral. I feel like too many lines were passed for this to be easily forgiven without an actual sincere apology and some actions evidencing the sincerity in addition to time.

Another thing that surprised me was the revelation that Mooyeol knew Maya was adopted. That fact that Haejoo and Mooyeol loved Maya despite adopting her might be the only thing that I have seen in the past 40 episodes that seems remotely human or decent for these two characters. Of course, both disappointed me in the same subarc. Haejoo actually physically driving her child that she raised for ten years at an orphanage instead of freaking out like the rest of us but leaving the kid alone at first. And, Mooyeol who used his own biological daughter as currency to barter a job and lodging.

And, that’s it for now. DRAMAFEED out.

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Unknown Woman – E41-45

Haejoo signs the divorce papers for Mooyeol. Yeo-Ri breaks up with Do-Chi.  There’s a vote to fire Doyoung and Mooyeol gets charged with manipulating the stock market.  My, oh, my!

Woman Without A Name Episodes 41-45 RECAP

Haejoo refuses to agree to the divorce. So, Mooyeol signals for the gangster to come out. Haejoo tries to explain that it’s all a misunderstanding but Mooyeol isn’t listening to her excuses.


Haejoo goes home and finds stuff all over the place. She hears that Mooyeol was by and immediately realizes that he took the kids. She rushes to Mooyeol’s mother’s apartment but the lady refuses to open the door. She pettily gloats that she has no daughter-in-law assuming that Mooyeol will take care of everything.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that she does not want to marry him and goes to the company where she meets Jiwon in the elevator. Jiwon follows Yeo-Ri to the office and begins throwing everything on the ground ordering that Yeo-Ri leaves. Well, you know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If the daughter is a rude ignorant gangster, the mother is probably not that different.

Yeo-Ri sighs and tells Jiwon that she has no reason to leave the company; she’s an employee. Jiwon should leave.

Haejoo then remembers how Mooyeol’s mother told Haejoo that Haejoo should have been more feminine… because blaming the victim is what aggressors do. She calls Yeo-Ri out and slaps her. Yeo-Ri smiles that she will take one slap since Haejoo is divorced. But, then Haejoo slaps again and Yeo-Ri glares that Haejoo has no right to be so furious – she took Mooyeol from his family as well.

Then, it’s time for the shareholder meeting. Maryun and Dooshik walk into Doyoung and Jiwon’s horror. Doyoung even refuses to shake Maryun’s hand.

The beginning of the meeting starts off badly for Doyoung as Mooyeol speaks up first saying he supports Doyoung being removed for working behind the shareholders’ back and trying to sell WID Fashion.

The vote is completed. Then, prosecutors interrupt as there was an anonymous tip that Mooyeol manipulated the stocks for his own gain. Mooyeol runs out like he can run from the law.

It’s unclear what happened with the vote as everyone ends up going home. Jiwon finds out that the children were taken away and goes to Mooyeol’s mom house. She keypad opens the door when Mooyeol’s mom doesn’t open and grabs Gaya.

At the same time, Do-Chi goes to Yeo-Ri’s house because he cannot accept breaking up. Yeo-Ri has to walk out and take Jiwon’s call, which gives Do-Chi the time to spot his old camcorder that he lost to Yeo-Ri. He absentmindedly opens it to play the video and sees the childhood video of himself.

When Yeo-Ri walks back in, Do-Chi demands to know why she has it. She stutters that the camcorder was switched…Do-Chi stares with disbelief realizing that Seollee is Yeo-Ri.

Meanwhile, Jiwon pulls over and tells Maya to get out of the car. She drives off. However, she has the decent to feel guilty and turn her car around in.

Yeo-Ri begins to explain who she is to Do-Chi. But, he gets a call from Doyoung about Haejoo going crazy. He stops Yeo-Ri telling her that he has to leave.

Switch to Jiwon yelling around for Maya who is no longer at the place she was dropped off. Then, Gaya wakes up and Jiwon lies that Mooyeol’s mom came to pick up Maya while Gaya was still asleep… The lie starts to fray when she gets home. Confronted by the family, Jiwon lies that she left Maya with Mooyeol’s mom since it was too hard to bring both children home.

Yeo-Ri decides to go meet with Do-Chi and come clean to him about everything. She goes to the Koo residence just as a taxi with Maya arrives. The driver explains that he found the child crying in the streets and no one was picking up their phones. So, he brought Maya to the address that she gave.

Yeo-Ri thanks the man and gives him some money. When he awkwardly answers that she doesn’t seem like Maya’s mom, Yeo-Ri hands over her business card. Feeling comforted, the man leaves.

However, Maya cleans to Yeo-Ri crying that she doesn’t want to go inside… Her grandmother will discipline her… Yeo-Ri feels bad and brings Maya home for just that night.

The next day, Mooyeol calls Yeo-Ri from a payphone. He asks her if she was the one who turned him in. She answers with a question if if he doesn’t trust her. Then Mooyeol spots some police and has to leave.

Yeo-Ri goes into work only to get attacked by Haejoo who is gangsta at always. After all, shoving is just the beginning. Haejoo grabs Yeo-Ri by her hair and accuses her of stealing Mooyeol. Yeo-Ri sighs and pushes Haejoo off.  All I can say is if you ever have the bad luck to run into someone who is not intelligent enough to use her words and resorts to shoving … RUN from the makjang of it all.

Then Mooyeol calls Yeo-Ri to meet. She agrees to meet him at Chaplin and allows Haejoo as well as Doyoung to follow.

Yeo-Ri comes home to find Maya pouting. She refused to eat and continues to cry as no one seems to be worried about her. Yeo-Ri tells Maya to eat and even feeds her.

Suddenly, Do-Chi arrives seeking the truth. Yeo-Ri confirms that her real name is Yeo-Ri Son… just as Jiwon hears from her secretary that he found Maya and Maya is with Yeo-Ri. Music becomes tense as Jiwon jumps into a car to get Maya before Yeo-Ri sees Maya’s birthmark.

Yeo-Ri also explains how she was the one who was betrayed when she was with child…She was the one who was in jail.

Do-Chi just wants to know one thing. Is Mooyeol the father of Bom? Yeo-Ri agrees but then she adds that Mooyeol has no right to call Bom his daughter. She decided to have Bom by herself… She also tells Do-Chi not to forgive her since she intended to use him for her revenge.

Then Jiwon arrives. The fight stalls and Maya comes out to run into Yeo-Ri’s room.

Yeo-Ri opens the door and Jiwon accuses Yeo-Ri of kidnapping Maya. Yeo-Ri sighs that Maya didn’t want to go home.

Jiwon denies it. She goes into the room and locks the door. She then tells Maya that no one even looked for Maya other than her. No one cares about Maya other than her. So, Maya needs to follow Jiwon’s instructions and Jiwon will love Maya. She asks Maya if Maya understands and the poor girl nods.

Jiwon then finds Yeo-Ri’s board with the master plan, she bring sit out as proof to Do-Chi about how terrible Yeo-Ri is. Do-Chi leaves without another word and Jiwon also leaves with Maya.

Jiwon’s then takes Maya to a plastic surgery clinic to get Maya’s birthmark removed. Maya says that she does not want to get her birth mark removed and the doctor suggests that they wait until Maya is older. But, Jiwon insists.

On the side, Doyoung has Mooyeol beaten up before giving him to the police.

Mooyeol uses his one call to call Yeo-Ri to ask if she’s ok. She tells him that she’s fine because Maryun did not have time to sell the shares as they planned.

Do-Chi comes home and gets yelled at by Jiwon for being sad about Yeo-Ri. He goes to check in on Maya who has a fever he asks her if Yeo-Ri kidnapped her. Maya explains that Yeo-Ri only took her home because she asked Yeo-Ri. Do-Chi asks why Maya didn’t want to come home. Maya covers her mouth and refuses to answer since she’s afraid of Jiwon.

Time for Mooyeol’s mom and Yeolmae to get their comeuppance. They being movers and kick Mooyeol’s mom and Yeolmae out. Of course, suddenly without nothing to their name, Mooyeol’s mom changes her tune from “not having a daughter-in-law” to asking Haejoo how she can do this to her mother-in-law?! As if she ever acted like a mother-in-law or even a polite acquaintance.

Mooyeol’s mom cries on the streets until Mooyeol arrives. He was let go because although there was an anonymous tip, the investigators don’t have proof that he actually manipulated the stock market and then profited off of it. He tells his mom that they can live well after selling his stocks that he got from Haejoo. He tries to sell the shares at a computer lab…But, it doesn’t work.

He suddenly remembers that he used his shares as collateral for money. He had until today to pay Maryun back. Since he didn’t pay, Maryun had foreclosed on the stocks.

Haejoo finds Mooyeol as he walks out of the computer lab thanks to Jiwon tracking his phone. She throws the signed divorced papers in his face. When he asks if Haejoo turned him in, she laughs that it was all Yeo-Ri.

Meanwhile, Do-Choi cannot get over the fact that the painting that he has was signed by “Yeol”. He even asked Doyoung and Maryun who confirmed that Yeo-Ri is old Mr. Son’s daughter.

Mooyeol goes to Yeo-Ri’s apartment. Because, once you have illegal trading charges on your record and pennies to your name with two greedy family members, the best thing to do is blame someone else. He catches her as she’s walking in and demands to know why she’s not answering his calls.

Yeo-Ri smiles that she even has to tell Mooyeol. She got what she wanted, which was revenge.

Mooyeol grabs Yeo-Ri by her collars because his family never taught him manners. Luckily, Do-Chi arrives in time and punches Mooyeol. He tells Mooyeol to leave Yeo-Ri alone. He’s trash that left his pregnant wife to marry someone for money. Now, he’s tying to leave his family again.

Mooyeol glares back that Do-Chi is an idiot. Mooyeol is the one who told Yeo-Ri to seduce Do-Chi. He punches Do-Chi. Do-Chi falls and hits his head.

Yeo-ark tries to run to Do-Chi but Mooyeol pulls her away. He tells her that he can forgive her if she forgives him. She snaps back that forgiveness is not for everyone.

Then, Do-Chi comes over to beat Mooyeol. Because a real man protects the woman he loves.

Yeo-Ri hears that the police came and arrested Do-Chi for battery. She goes to the police and asks Mooyeol to settle the case. He refuses and Yeo-Ri even kneels.

Mooyeol tells her that he will settle the battery claim if Yeo-Ri returns to him. She quietly agrees.

So, Do-Chi walks out. And, Yeo-Ri tries to help Do-Chi one last time. She tells Do-Chi that the rumors of the sale of WID Fashion is true. He should stop believing everyone and protect what he wants with his own strength.

Mooyeol is trashy as usual. He goes to the chicken shop and demands that they give him his shares. Maryun crosses her arms and answers that he never repaid her so she does not have to.  Because, why should she acquiesce the demands of a boy who cannot even keep his promises? Clearly – not a man.

Mooyeol turns to ask Yeo-Ri that she promised to return the shares in return for letting Do-Chi go. She smiles that she promised to leave Do-Chi not to return his shares.

Mooyeol then threatens to tell the police about Yeo-ark being the escaped convict. Yeo-Ri smiles and plays the recording of Mooyeol telling the representative from Blanc that they will pay twice the amount if he allows rumors to spread that Blanc is considering buying WID Fashion. Yeo-Ri adds that she would be free in one more year anyways. But, he has at least ten years for insider trading and would lose any chance of custody of the kids.

Dooshik kicks Mooyeol out and Maryun throws salt on him for added affect.

Mooyeol decides then that his other option is to go back to Haejoo. Because, he didn’t ever do anything himself. He just married for money. Haejoo ignores his texts.

So, Mooyeol goes to the Koo house. Jiwon answers to tell him to go away. Doyoung arrives and tells Mooyeol that Mooyeol is an idiot for losing his shares to Maryun. He goes to the one room in a motel that he was able to rent for his parasitic mother and sister.  His sister is her lovely self as usual.  She complains about the situation without really contributing anything.

The next day, Yeo-Ri finds her painting torn apart in front of her door. She sighs and tells the air that Do-Chi did well. He should forget her and move on.

Do-Chi then goes home to confront Doyoung again. Doyoung manages to push Do-Chi away by just yelling louder. But, Do-Chi overhears Doyoung panic and tell Jiwon to send Attorney Kim on vacation. Attorney Kim was close to Do-Chi’a mother…If Do-Chi wants to join the management, he might reach out to Attorney Kim. Also, he adds to make sure Attorney Kim keeps quiet about the will.

At the same time, Haejoo goes to work deciding to make Yeo-Ri’s life difficult. Yeo-Ri pretends that she doesn’t care if Haejoo takes over Mooyeol’s job.

Jiwon also follows Yeo-Ri out and asks if she found anything else about Bom. Jiwon also sneers that Yeo-Ri should be nicer. If, Yeo-Ri is nice, she might give Yeo-Ri a hint if she knew anything about Bom.

Ah, revenge is sweet. As expected, no one wants to hire Mooyeol after the insider trading and share manipulation charges.

Mooyeol’s answer is to try to get the recording. He calls the keypad lock maker company and lies that it’s malfunctioning. They tell him how to reset it and he starts rummaging through Yeo-Ri’s stuff.

Yeo-Ri remembers that she forgot her bag and walks in just as he finds the recorder in her bag. Mooyeol makes a run for it with the recorder and even makes it into a cab.

He then calls Yeo-Ri and threatens to tell Jiwon about Yeo-Ri’s identity if Yeo-Ri doesn’t give him the shares that he never paid for… He then tells Jiwon to wait thirty minutes…

Yeo-Ri refuses to show up. She tells him that he can even put her on speaker phone if he wants. He gloatingly does. Then, Yeo-Ri plays the copy of the recording that she had on her laptop.

Jiwon and Haejoo glare at Mooyeol asking if his big news was to play proof of his illegal activities. He gets kicked out by additional security guards.

The next day, Attorney Kim meets with Doyoung. He complains that Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri keep calling…Doyoung asks for the original will and not the modified one. Attorney Kim refuses since without the original will, Doyoung could always turn on him.

Doyoung then tells Attorney Kim to go live abroad. Attorney Kim refuses so Doyoung threatens to blow the lid on all of the funds that Attorney Kim siphoned off of the company. Attorney Kim frowns and answers that it would be mutual destruction. If Doyoung gets Attorney Kim in trouble, Attorney Kim will reveal the original will.

Do-Chi comes home in time to see Jiwon leave with some guards. He quickly follows with Maya still in the car.

Jiwon tells Attorney Kim to go abroad. Attorney Kim refuses and gets up telling her to stop threatening him. Jiwon tells someone in the car to get ready.

Do-Chi calls out for Attorney Kim as he leaves and they go back into the cafe. Do-Chi asks sincerely why his parents wanted him to go to Attorney Kim if they died.

Attorney Kim confesses that he altered the will. Do-Choi’s parents wanted Do-Chi to inherit the company.

At the same time, Maya gets bored and calls Yeo-Ri with Do-Chi’s phone… She tells Yeo-Ri where she is and gets out to meet Yeo-Ri. Maya then sees Jiwon telling her lackeys to beat up Attorney Kim, even if it means breaking his bones.

Do-Chi comes out with the attorney and gets punched in the gut by the men who take Attorney Kim. Do-Chi gets into his call and follows after telling Maya to put on her seatbelt.

Do-Chi cuts off the other car. He even tries to block them with his body. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri calls Maya as no one is at the cafe and Maya explains that they moved, trying to explain their new location.

The men in black refuse to back down. In the end, they drive through Do-Chi…

Then Jiwon arrives. She freaks out and begins calling for the police but then stops. She leaves dropping her brooch and Maya sees everything.

Maya then gets out and picks out the brooch…right before Yeo-Ri arrives.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol and Jiwon separately are the missing child posters with Bom’s old picture when she was taken out of jail as well as what she would look like now. Jiwon quickly pulls down what she can. And, Mooyeol recognizes Maya.


Another week of episodes and another subarc where many things happen.  I really like how this drama is not dragging at all.  The timing is a bit worrisome since this is supposed to be another 100 episode drama but we are only halfway. Hopefully, it won’t drag later on.

Now on to my thoughts about the story in this subarc.  I love how Yeo-Ri is not your average helpless candy. *Cough*Cough* Like Eunsoo in Still Loving You.  Yeo-Ri knows that Mooyeol is a traitorous snake that would turn on her when her revenge.  So, she plans in advance to keep enough evidence of Mooyeol’s illegal activities as insurance for Mooyeol’s inevitable threats of turning her in.  The best part was when Yeo-Ri has Mooyeol put her on speakerphone as she plays the recording of her illegal dealings.

An interesting twist that I did not expect was the car running through Do-Chi.  Will he regain consciousness quickly? Or will this mean that Do-Chi will become an unconscious part of the storyline that frees Yeo-Ri to take over the company?

Final thoughts are we know what the next part of the plot will turn on.  Mooyeol has no cards left up his sleeve. However, he recognizes that Maya is Bom.  Will he be a decent human being and let her know that he’s found the daughter she has been pining for? Or will he continue to be a snake? I am not really hopeful.  I guess that since he has nothing and he’s trying to provide for a family of three on a kitchen/restaurant helper’s salary, he’s going to try to use this information to extort money.

Unknown Woman Episode 41-45 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman – E36-40

Yeo-Ri and family find Bom…Or do they?

Woman Without a Name Episodes 36-40

Mooyeol looks uneasily at Bom since it’s too dramaland coincidental that his daughter would befriend a girl with the same name as his other dead daughter. Jiwon decides to throw an all out temper tantrum and demands to know Bom’s English name. Bom answers that it’s Kelly. So, Jiwon orders that everyone calls the girl Kelly and glares at the little girl.

At the same time, Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri that he got her a spot on a program so that they can make the search for Bom public. He is surprised when she lashes out at him for acting without asking first. But, then, he assumes that she does not want to go on television as his family might find out that she had a child.

When Do-Chi comes home, the music gets tense implying that Kelly might be the real Bom. She does look like the montage that Yeo-Ri received.

Do-Chi goes to meet the friend but Jiwon gets there faster annoyed that the two girls would play loudly at home. They run into Maya’s room to hide under the covers from Jiwon’s ceaseless nagging and Do-Chi laughs that he will have to meet Kelly the next day.

The next day, Yeo-Ri joins her father who is staking out the nurse’s (Juyoung’s) apartment. He sighs that no one has come in or out and Yeo-Ri also found out that Juyoung took time off. They end up checking the electricity odometer which shows that someone is inside.

The two then go to shout “fire!” in front of Juyoung’s apartment. When Juyoung comes out to check, they corner her.

Unable to run, Juyoung kneels for forgiveness and confesses that she gave away the doctor’s password to an anonymous person on the phone who had offered a lot of money. She knew that it was wrong but her mother needed money for her surgery. All she remembers is that the person was a woman.

Yeo-Ri asks about the other nurse that Juyoung had begun to mention. Juyoung explains that she doesn’t believe the other nurse was the one who bribed her for the code but it was weird. The other nurse was infertile and really took to Bom. Shortly after Bom visited their hospital, that other nurse quit. Recently, she heard that the other nurse was spotted in England with a child.

At the same time, Kelly has a reaction from something in the food. Cue mysterious music.

We turn to Yeo-Ri who continues to move her own plan in Mooyeol’s plan for revenge. He has her bump into the representative from Blanc, who came to discuss acquiring WID Fashion. She is to switch brief cases so that the representative takes their brief case filled with money and one post it with their number.

Then they meet the representative again in a public cafe. Mooyeol explains that the money is the representative’s if he can make it seem like Blanc agreed to acquire WID Fashion for their asking price. At that point, Mooyeol even promises to give two times the amount in the brief case. Unknown to him, Yeo-Ri records the conversation.

Then Doyoung calls Yeo-Ri to check on his offer to buy Maryun’s land in exchange for the asking price and 2% of his stocks as well as the Vice President position. Yeo-Ri agrees.

So, that night, Yeo-Ri arrives and accepts the stock certificate in return for the land deed? The group also has dinner, adults only downstairs and children upstairs.

Suddenly, Do-Chi calls. He had been looking for the nurse that Juyoung had mentioned and found her as well as the child. He tells her that he even has a recent photograph.

At the same time, the idiot makjang in-laws continue to wreck havoc. Yeolmae had visited Mooyeol earlier to tell him that their mother wasn’t eating, which is not completely true. The lady is pretending not to eat.

Mooyeol had answered that if Yeolmae holds on a little longer, he will come home and live with them alluding to coming home with Yeo-Ri. Yeolmae assumed that this meant Haejoo was kicking Mooyeol out like he deserves and rushed to tell their mom.

Their mom decides that instead of waiting for Haejoo to kick Mooyeol out, she will bring him and the children home. She conveniently forgets that Korea is a land of fault divorce and unreasonable overbearing in-laws that clause strife as well as adultery are causes for divorce that allows the remaining spouse to avoid spousal support. Since the apartment is also under Haejoo’s name, the idiot greedy threesome would be out on the streets until the mom finds another guy to live with like she did in the past or Yeolmae finds an idiot to marry. After all, it’s not like Doyoung would not fire Mooyeol.

Do-Chi arrives at home and immediately beelines for Bom. In his room, he shows her the picture of Kelly and her mother explaining that it’s the nurse with her daughter “Bom”. Yeo-Ri tears up exclaiming that it must be Bom.

Of course, the kids are right out side waiting to meet Do-Chi. But then, Mooyeol’s mother comes and Haejoo takes the kids upstairs.

Mooyeol’s mom declares that she is there to take her son and grandchildren. Because, Mooyeol will be able to make enough to feed five people in Seoul! Hahahahaha! She even throws the apartment deed down and tells Haejoo that she’s giving it back.

Mooyeol is predictably horrified. At his mother’s rude behavior or the prospect of feeding and housing five people without any connections, we will never know. Haejoo sighs at this repeat ignorant behavior and matters that it is really crass.

The comment gets to Mooyeol’s mom who then attacks Haejoo asking if she were so proper when she seduced Mooyeol even knowing that Yeo-Ri was pregnant with his child. Jiwon sighs and steps in at this point telling Mooyeol’s mother that she crossed the line and needs to be polite since Doyoung is at home, too.

The ruckus goes upstairs with Mooyeol’s mom yelling for the kids. Yeo-Ri comes out and excuses herself since it seems like a family matter is at hand.

Mooyeol also does damage control by dragging his mother home and promising to never leave her…which, in itself is fitting revenge. I hope that when Mooyeol is kicked to the curb, he gets stuck without WID Group and has to cater to his family’s exorbitantly showy life on only his own earnings while Yeo-Ri can live with Do-Chi and her child in comfort.

The next day, Dooshik goes to England to search for the nurse while Mooyeol’s plan is placed into action. The false news that Blanc is acquiring WID Fashion has hit the runout outlet. Mooyeol is ecstatic assuming that his takeover of the company is near and Yeo-Ri smirks that his falldown is near as well.

The other directors meet with Doyoung to confirm the rumors since Blanc won’t officially confirm or deny. Doyoung lies that it’s all a misunderstanding. Then he tells Mooyeol to connect him directly with the Blanc representative so that they can finalize the sale quickly before the other directors move to block it.

Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri run to meet with the Blanc representative when he leaves his hotel and ask if he really intends to meet with Doyoung. The other guy answers that there is no reason he needs to avoid the meeting and states that he will tell Doyoung that Blanc has no intention of buying WID Fashion at their asking price.

Mooyeol decides to give the representative another bribe to keep his mouth shut. Otherwise, Doyoung would find out that Mooyeol lied about successfully getting Blanc on board with the sale and when the news leaks out, the WID Fashion stocks will also fall. Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri have already bought of the stocks in preparation for this jump in price and cannot afford the hit when they fall.

Since Mooyeol does not have any money, he borrows the amount from Maryun using the shares he got from Haejoo as collateral.

They then go to the cafe where Doyoung planned to meet with the representative. They stop the representative before he goes in and successfully bribes him.

It’s also the day that Kelly goes back to England. Maya and Haejoo take her to see one of the palaces. Then, Haejoo gets called away by work where an angry customer demands to meet with the boss. She calls Jiwon who is in the shower. So, she calls Mooyeol. Yeo-Ri picks up and answers that he’s in a meeting and gets asked to watch Maya and Kelly for 2 hours.

Haejoo leaves before Yeo-Ri arrives telling Maya and Kelly to stay put at the meeting spot. However, it is so hot that Maya offers to go buy ice cream for them. Then, Kelly sees a KBC van and runs off to see if she can find Grandpa Do-Chi at work…only to get lost.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri arrives to find Maya worried about Kelly, they go around the palace everyone they can see if Kelly was seen.

Then some strangers see Kelly crying on the side and take her to a cafe. She doesn’t know anyone’s phone numbers…But, she knows that the actor Do-Chi is Maya’s family so the good samaritans call Do-Choi’s agency, which gets Do-Chi and Haejoo the alert.

Kelly goes straight to the airport since her flight time is near while Yeo-Ri takes Maya home.

Then Dooshik arrives and tells Maryun what he found. The nurse Soomin Kim lives alone with one child. She doesn’t have a high salary but lives in an expensive apartment making those around her wonder if someone in Korea is sending her money. Right now, she sent her daughter to visit a friend in Korea and went on vacation herself.

Maryun calls Yeo-Ri to update her. Yeo-Ri is dropping off Maya and connects the dots. She asks Maya if her friend’s name is Kelly Kim. Maya confirms and adds that the friend’s Korean name is Bom.

Cue frantic chase by Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi for the airport. They arrive after Bom has gone through security and beg the agent to let them through to find Yeo-Ri’s daughter. The agent refuses and Do-Chi illegally pushes past.

When he returns, Kelly is with him. Bom cries as she hugs Kelly close.

Kelly had to go to the bathroom so Yeo-Ri takes her and checks to see that Kelly also has four dots on her side.

At the Koo house, we get another scene of Jiwon favoritism. Gaya throws a tantrum that Maya only played with Kelly while she was in Korea. He keeps pushing Maya and tells Maya to go live with Kelly.

Maya gets angry as well and pushes Gaya declaring that she can push back. Gaya falls while knocking over a flower vase and Jiwon runs out. Gaya immediately starts crying and Jiwon yells at Maya for hurting her older brother. She is about to drag Maya into her room to discipline her when Do-Chi arrives and smooths over the situation bringing Maya to her room instead. He listens to her side of the story making the little girl feel a little less wronged.

Back at Yeo-Ri’s house, Yeo-Ri sighs at the state of Kelly’s clothes and assumes that Soomin did not love Kelly a lot since most of the clothes are worn down. Yeo-Ri tells this to Maryun to advises that Yeo-Ri get proof that Kelly is her biological daughter. So, they take Yeo-Ri’s and Kelly’s tooth brushes to send in for a DNA test.

Then Kelly’s mom, Soomin calls. Yeo-Ri lies that something was wrong with Kelly’s passport and Kelly’s legal guardian has to come to pick her up. Soomin agrees.

Then, someone texts Jiwon that they are coming to Korea and will visit.

The next day, Yeo-Ri calls in sick for the morning. She then takes Kelly out shopping for new clothes…which, Mooyeol sees when he’s surprise visiting different vendors who carry their clothes. He asks Yeo-Ri if she went to the mall but she denies it.

Do-Chi sees another article about the sale of WID Fashion to Blanc. He rushes to Doyoung’s office where Doyoung denies the rumors. He promises that he wouldn’t make such an important decision without consulting with the directors and major shareholders. Do-Chi is not fully convinced and threatens to return to WID Group if Doyoung sells off WID Fashion, which Do-Chi’s mom and dad developed.

That night, while Yeo-Ri goes to ask Haejoo if Maya can come visit Kelly, Dooshik gets the DNA test results! Kelly is biologically Yeo-Ri’s daughter!

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri realizes that Jiwon is up to something since when Yeo-Ri dropped by Jiwon dropped a suspicious black brief case in shock. Yeo-Ri follows Jiwon’s car but Jiwon sharply pulls over and confronts Yeo-Ri.

Yeo-Ri asks if there is some place Jiwon needs to go that Yeo-Ri cannot know about. The tension mounts as neither woman wants to back down. But, Haejoo’s frantic call interrupts since the family is freaking out about Blanc’s declaration that it is not purchasing WID Fashion.

Yeo-Ri is about to follow but she gets a call from home that Dooshik and Do-Chi brought Soomin to the house. Yeo-Ri goes home instead and takes Soomin into her room where she confronts Soomin about illegally doctoring medical records without authorization so that it looks like Bom Son died.

Doyoung, Jiwon and Haejoo meet up. Doyoung sighs that they don’t have time to find another company to buy WID Fashion as they won’t make the deadline for raising funds to buy Maryun’s land at that point.

Back at Yeo-Ri’s apartment, Soomin denies Yeo-Ri’s accusations. So, Yeo-Ri brings out the DNA test results stating that she and Kelly are biologically related.

Soomin bites her lips and then forms up. She confesses to have worked at the hospital where Bom was treated. But, she insists that she adopted Kelly legally and even agrees to bringing in the police.

So, Soomin, Yeo-Ri, Do-Chi and Dooshik troop over to the adoption agency where Soomin adopted Kelly. She comes back out with Kelly’s record showing Kelly’s biological information, which is different than Bom’s.

Yeo-Ri cries that she does not believe it. Since Soomin was able to modify Bom’s medical records illegally, she could also alter the adoption records.

Soomin snaps that she is going to charge them with kidnapping. Then she even calls Haejoo to ask why she let Yeo-Ri and Co., take Kelly.

Yeo-Ri pulls the phone away and quietly confesses that Haejoo does not know that Maya did not leave Korea. She asks Soomin to keep it a secret.

Soomin goes home to pick up Kelly. Yeo-Ri tells Soomin that she does not believe Soomin since Kelly has the four dot birth mark on her side. Soomin turns to tell Yeo-Ri that she doesn’t believe the DNA results. She had randomly seen Kelly at an orphanage and saw the birth mark…Since she liked Bom, she thought it was fate and adopted Kelly. They all agree to do another round of DNA testing.

The next day, Mooyeol tells Yeo-Ri to buy all of the WID Group shares since they sold the WID Fashion shares at an all time high.

Meanwhile, Yeolmae and Mooyeol’s mom happy go house shopping for a new place to live for six people. They are ecstatic at moving to a new place on someone else’s money.

Back at the office, Mooyeol announces that they have enough shares to control WID Group – more than Doyoung.

Then, it’s time to get the DNA results. Everyone goes to the testing place to view the report…which says that Yeo-Ri and Kelly are not related. Soomin simultaneously gloats and glares at Yeo-Ri and her family. She even declares that she will sue them all.

Yeo-Ri cannot believe it and runs into the lab to ask if it was a mistake but is told that the report is accurate. Yeo-Ri comes back out defeated and falls to her knees in front of Soomin asking for forgiveness for kidnapping Kelly and accusing Soomin of being a kidnapper through tears. Soomin continues to glare saying that Yeo-Ri and her family deserve to be punished for everything that they did to Kelly and her. But, Kelly runs to her mom and asks her mom to forgive Yeo-Ri who has been nothing but nice to her.

Soomin relents declaring that she’s only letting it go because of Kelly (and the fact that Yeo-Ri actually apologized probably).

Then we turn to the kids through a flash back… In the chaos of the morning, Kelly and Maya had switched tooth brushes as Kelly’s brush had the white tip and Maya’s brush had the pink tip…

Back in the present, Maya begins changing and we see that she has a four dot birth mark as well.

Yeo-Ri faints from the trauma of losing Bom again. Do-Chi has to carry her into the taxi, where she opens her eyes and then declares that Jiwon stole Bom.

Even though her family tries to stop her, Bom pulls free and jumps into a taxi. She arrives at the Koo family residence and yells for Jiwon to come down.

Jiwon asks why Seollee is there. Yeo-Ri screams for Jiwon to give back Bom. Jiwon stiffens but then lies that she has no idea about what Yeo-Ri is talking about.

Yeo-Ri glares and yells at Jiwon to give back the child that she stole from her twin Son Yeo-Ri who ended up in prison because of Jiwon. She declares that she’s there to get revenge for her poor twin sister and to find her niece, who is alive since she found proof that Bom’s medical records were doctored. The child never died.

Jiwon snaps back that Seollee has no proof. Seollee cannot do anything without proof. The yelling seems to have calmed Yeo-Ri down. She quietly agrees to find proof and take Jiwon down before leaving.

After Yeo-Ri leaves, Jiwon has her secretary find the nurse that gave the doctor’s code and goes to meet her.

At the same time, Doyoung is told by a few directors that they want him to step down for trying to sell WID Fashion. He refuses so the directors press for an emergency meeting of shareholders to discuss his position.

Doyoung demands the list of shareholders from Mooyeol and finds out that Haejoo gave half of her shares to Mooyeol. Suddenly, the man is all polite asking if his son-in-law also thinks he should step down. Mooyeol smiles that they are family and he will try his best to convince the others.

Meanwhile Jiwon asks the nurse who gave away the doctor’s password to his medical records about Bom. The nurse assumes that Jiwon is with Yeo-RI’s group and sighs in exasperation that she told everything she knew last time – she needed money and sold the medical records password. She does not know who bought the password.

Fortunately, Yeo-Ri had followed and smirks that Jiwon also found the same nurse. She goes in and dismisses the nurse.

Jiwon lies that she was only curious as to what happened to Bom. Yeo-Ri asks how Jiwon knew that the nurse who sold the password is Jieun. Jiwon presses her lips but answers flippantly that even if she only knew about Jieun because she was the guilty party, Yeo-Ri has no proof.

Jiwon then goes home and immediately heads toward Maya. Grabbing the girl, Jiwon declares that she’s going to take Maya to get her birth mark erased.

Maya cries that she doesn’t want to as the dots are lucky. Fortunately, Haejoo is home and comes in to pull Jiwon away. In Haejoo’s room, Haejoo tells her mother to stop treating Maya so horribly. After all, it was Jiwon who brought Maya to Haejoo as a baby suggesting that Haejoo adopts Maya.

Jiwon snaps that she only did it since Haejoo was going crazy when Maya died. She didn’t expect Haejoo to actually come to love the child. Haejoo just frowns and suggests that Jiwon can find Maya’s true parents then. Jiwon yells that she cannot because she does not know who they are.

Jiwon awkwardly changes the subject saying telling Haejoo to be careful. Seollee came for revenge on behalf of Yeo-Ri.

Jiwon tries to tell Do-Chi to break up with Seollee next. She tells him that Seollee is only using him for ulterior motives. But, Do-Chi refuses.

Yeo-Ri calls him out and Do-Chi happily goes to see her. However, Mooyeol gets worried because he has not seen Yeo-Ri all day and goes to check on her. He arrives in time to see Do-Chi go inside.

Mooyeol calls Yeo-Ri and asks if she is sleeping with Do-Chi. She denies it but then tells him that he’s in no position to control her affairs since he’s still married to Haejoo. So, Mooyeol says that he’s going to divorce Haejoo on the day of the shareholders meeting.

At the last minute, Yeo-Ri decides not to break up with Do-Chi since he has a work trip starting the next day for ten days…

Back at the Koo house, Doyoung explains the whole meeting to have him step down. He decides that he needs to bring the shareholders evidence that the resort plans are developing. For that, he needs Maryun’s land.

Doyoung asks Jiwon if the can use her building (under her name and Haejoo’s name) as collateral to get some liquidity. The deadline to fund the purchase price is the next day and if they don’t fund, Maryun does not have to sell but Seollee keeps the shares she received. Jiwon agrees.

Jiwon comes out and sees Yeo-Ri for a second. Except it’s just Maya and Jiwon yells at her as usual.

The next day, Doyoung gets his money but runs into another glitch. Maryun has closed her account due to a voice fishing incident.  They need another way to pay Maryun…and Yeo-Ri did not come to work that day.

Doyoung runs to the chicken shop only to find it closed.  And, the family does not open the door at their apartment…They leisurely eat fruit and wait for the banks to close before calling Doyoung.  Maryun laughs gleefully that Doyoung was inexperienced enough to breach the contract like this.  Since he breached, she’s no longer selling.

We jump forward to the day of the shareholder meeting.  Mooyeol takes the kids to school and brings a filled out divorce petition…Except, he does not take them to school. He brings them to his mom and tells her not to open the door if Haejoo comes.  He’s preparing to fight for custody of the kids.

We turn to Do-Chi who’s excited to see Yeo-Ri.  He’s even bought a diamond ring for her.  They decide to meet at lunch.

Without further ado, it’s lunch and Mooyeol tells Haejoo that he wants a divorce. The scene immediately changes to Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri at the Chaplin restaurant.  Yeo-Ri is about to say that they break up but Do-Chi tells her to stop as he has something to say first.  He pulls out the ring and asks her to marry him.


One thing that the daily drama has on main dramas is timing.  What a fast subarc! Were any of you guys successfully led astray by the red herring?

I have to admit that I was a bit suspicious but even I doubted that Maya is really Bom.  With all of the suspenseful music playing whenever Kelly came on the screen and Yeo-Ri’s family rushing to keep her from leaving Korea…Then, the DNA test showing that Kelly is Yeo-Ri’s daughter? I was hooked.  I figured that Jiwon is just a horrible grandma that truly treats her grandson differently than her granddaughter.

One twist that I did not expect was the revelation that not only is Maya Bom but Haejoo knows that Maya is not her biological child.  I had wondered if one of the twins died and Jiwon had switched the babies like other makjang dramas.  But, no! Here, Haejoo had actively decided to adopt another baby and then fell in love with that child unlike how Jiwon could not.  Now, the question remains – does Mooyeol also know?

Finally, nice development in pushing Doyoung into a corner so that Doyoung breaches the land sale contract.  It was very organic and general.  I totally wondered if they would be able make the deadline for the land sale.

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Unknown Woman E31-35

Yeo-Ri gets shocked when she finds an empty urn at Bom’s memorial. Meanwhile, Mooyeol teams up with Yeo-Ri to get revenge among revenge.

A Woman Without a Name Episodes 31-35 RECAP

When Do-Chi walks out to greet Yeo-Ri, Mooyeol follows and sees Do-Chi hugging Yeo-Ri. He immediately walks over and pulls Yeo-Ri away. He tells Do-Chi to stop bothering women.

Do-Chi glares back that it might look weird but they have a reason to be hugging. Yeo-Ri quickly jumps in and cuts Do-Chi off. Then, Do-Chi gets a call from work and has to leave

After Do-Chi leave, Mooyeol asks Yeo-Ri if she likes Do-Chi as well. She denies it and gets saved by Haejoo walking out.

The dinner goes on during which Jiwon asks about Do-Chi showing up at the shop a lot. Maryun answers that Do-Chi has a one-sided crush on Yeo-Ri and asks to push them together. The Koo family gets awkward and asks what Yeo-Ri thinks. Yeo-Ri dodges the question by saying she thinks Do-Chi is not a bad person.

After dinner, Haejoo asks about Maryun’s eye mask. She answers that she used to be a big loan shark. When she decided to leave the business after having her child, the people on the industry kidnapped Dooshik. She gave up her eye in exchange for him.

Once Yeo-Ri and her family leaves, the Koo family convenes because Doyoung decides that he wants to support Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi dating so that Maryun will sell her land. They don’t want the two getting married and will stop it right before the wedding. But, until then, they will support the relationship and even offer Yeo-Ri a position at the resort so that she does not tell Do-Chi about the impending sale of WID Fashion.

Then things get more complicated as Do-Chi visits Yeo-Ri right before Mooyeol arrives to plot their own “future.” Yeo-Ri takes Do-Chi to her parents and lies that she’s getting some drinks.

Yeo-Ri then goes down to meet with Mooyeol in his car. Mooyeol tells her that the family plans to support her relationship, so, she should date Do-Chi and take his shares in the company. When Yeo-Ri expresses concern about manipulating Do-Chi’s feelings, Mooyeol reminds her how horrible the Koo family is while conveniently forgetting that he took the Koo family side like a cowardly snake.

Afterwards, Yeo-Ri goes home just in time to pull Do-Chi from her room so that he doesn’t see the mirror outline of revenge.

The next day, someone calls Maryun to say that the land which held Bom’s ashes was sold. Maryun tells Yeo-Ri who immediately rushes over…

They dig up the urn. However, Yeo-Ri walks in a daze and trips. She drops the urn…only to find it empty.

To make things really clear-the scene shifts to Maya coming home. She had an accident and her leg is in a cast. Jiwon gets angry at her as usual but Haejoo whisks Maya up to the room so that Maya can pull out all of her gifts including an angel doll for Yeo-Ri! Is Maya actually Bom?!

The next day, Jiwon’s lack of love for Maya is even clearer. Maya wanted some ramen and Gaya made some ramen…but, he drops it and Jiwon finds out. She offers to make ramen for him and Gaya awkwardly confesses that it was for Maya.

Jiwon storms up to Maya’s room and even pulls the cables from Maya’s monitor. She then yells at Maya for ordering her brother around just because she’s hurt. Haejoo has to come in and pull Jiwon out.

Dooshik comes home and tells Yeo-Ri and Maryun that his investigation was futile. No one had dug up the urn before now… Maryun muses that this means the urn might have been empty from the beginning. Yeo-Ri gears up to meet with the social worker who took Bom but Maryun stops her reminding her that Dooshik and Maryun should do the leg work or people might get suspicious.

Later, Mooyeol brings Yeo-Ri out to meet Maya at a coffee shop. The little girl walks over in her crutches and hugs Yeo-Ri tightly. Then she gives Yeo-Ri the angel doll and explains that she named it Bom.

Yeo-Ri freezes and tells Maya that she has to leave first. Mooyeol follows Yeo-Rib out and asks why Yeo-Ri is being so cold. Yeo-Ri screams back that her daughter is dead and now lost, how could Mooyeol expect her to be nice to Maya.

Later, Yeo-Ri and company go to meet with the old social worker who’s now in a nursing facility. The social worker remembers taking Bom out of prison but doesn’t remember Bom dying. Yeo-Ri rushes over and asks for more information confessing that she is Bom’s mom.

The social worker answers that she knows where Bom is. But then, an employee comes in saying that the social worker needs to go through tests.

Yeo-Ri runs out after the social worker. But, it’s too late. She has dementia and she no longer remembers what she said.

At the same time, Mooyeol overhears Doyoung and Jiwon talking. Doyoung tells Jiwon that he wants to bring Haejoo into the main company so that she can prepare to take over. He adds that he never thought of Mooyeol as the successor-Mooyeol is not family.

On the side, an employee from the cemetery calls Do-Chi to pick up Yeo-Ri’s cell phone. In all of the shock and chaos, she had left it.

Do-Chi finds it weird that Yeo-Ri would go all the way out into the country side and visits the cemetery. He walks around and spot’s Bom’s memorial, the name triggering the memory of Yeo-Ri’s earlier meltdown. He also remembers how Yeo-Ri had told him that she had to confess something when she told him her feelings but got called away…

Then, Doyoung and Jiwon call Yeo-Ri into the office. They tell Yeo-Ri to officially date Do-Chi and ask her to keep the sale of WID Fashion a secret since he cannot do anything. In return, they offer to make her the Vice President of WID Resort. Yeo-Ri evades by saying she needs to think about it.

Mooyeol’s attack is next, facilitated by Yeo-Ri. He invites Haejoo out for a nice dinner. However, as they begin to drink, they overhear coworkers talking at a nearby table. The coworkers scoff at Mooyeol who doesn’t have any equity in the company even though Mooyeol’s children even have equity…

Mooyeol stops Haejoo from exploding and pretends that he is not affected. Then the two men leave and get envelopes of money from Yeo-Ri.

When Mooyeol and Haejoo arrive at home, Haejoo tells Mooyeol that she wants to give him half of her equity. She doesn’t like that he’s being disrespected outside because they assume that he’s disrespected at home.

That night Do-Chi visits Yeo-Ri at home. They meet in front of the apartment building where Do-Chi suddenly hugs Yeo-Ri and tells her that he wanted to hug her all day. He also adds that he does not care what kind of secrets Yeo-Ri has; he loves her and hopes that he can be her fresh water.

So, Yeo-Ri tells him about having a child who died of pneumonia. Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri that he suspected as much. He also confesses honestly that it’s a shock but it doesn’t change anything. He still loves the woman in front of him.

Do-Chi goes off to buy some drinks when Dooshik gets a call that someone found at the orphanage who remembers Bom. They call Yeo-Ri who decides to leave with Do-Choi’s cell phone since this isn’t something she can wait.

Yeo-Ri and her new family meet with the employee who remembers Bom. However, the employee remembers that Bom was sick and died. They ask what hospital Bom was at and hear that it was Kangnam Hospital.

When Yeo-Ri hears that, she immediately leaves for Jiwon’s house. She knows that the hospital is controlled by WID Group and assumes that Jiwon had something to do with Bom.

At the same time, Haejoo tells her parents that she wants to give half of her shares in WID Group to Mooyeol. Jiwon and Doyoung assume that Mooyeol tricked Haejoo but don’t get to discuss it as Yeo-Ri arrives.

Yeo-Ri announces that she has something to ask Jiwon and then Maryun arrives. With Maryun’s arrival, Jiwon smiles and excuses herself and Doyoung to get dressed since both were in their pajamas offering the office for Yeo-Ri and Maryun to discuss.

In the study, Maryun tells Yeo-Ri to snap out of it and think straight. They have no evidence that Jiwon was involved with Bom’s death. If Yeo-Ri confronts her right now, Yeo-Ri will go back to jail and all those that helped her will become accomplices. They need to find proof so that they can take care of Jiwon without risking everyone…Maryun also tells Yeo-Ri that Bom wouldn’t have wanted Yeo-Ri to give up everything.

This calms Yeo-Ri down somewhat. So, when the Koo family is presentable, Yeo-Ri and Maryun lie that they came over to tell the Koo’s that Yeo-Ri will date Do-Chi. However, Yeo-Ri adds that she needs comfort that Doyoung will keep his promise about making her Vice President if she keeps the sale of WID Fashion a secret from Do-Chi. She asks for 1% of Doyoung’s shares.

Then the talk about Haejoo giving Mooyeol half of her stocks to Mooyeol is taken up again. Doyoung and Jiwon stick to their position that they are adamantly against the gift. Doyoung adds that a couple becomes strangers when they divorce.

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri goes home where Do-Chi was waiting for her. They have some time to discuss in his car and Do-Chi tells Yeo-Ri to lean on him; he wants to visit Bom with her from now on. Yeo-Ri then confides in him about finding the empty urn and Do-Chi offers to look for Bom together.

The next day, Yeo-Ri calls Kangnam Hospital as a lawyer for WID Group and lies that they are conducting a surprise regulatory check on whether the hospital is keeping records according to policy. The representative on the other side tells her that they do and that she called on a date where they purge documents that are over ten years old. Yeo-Ri quickly asks them to wait until she can do a cursory review and rushes over.

At the hospital, Yeo-Ri accidentally spills coffee on the hospital employee buying her some minutes of privacy. Then, she searches and prints out Bom’s record.

Yeo-Ri gets back the office but has no time to brood over the new information as Doyoung comes in and asks to talk. He offers 2% of his shares in exchange for the land deed for Maryun’s land. Yeo-Ri evades answering by asking for a chance to discuss it with her mother.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol enters the empty office and sees the report. He’s still holding it when Jiwon walks in and demands to see what he’s holding as he looks so startled.

Mooyeol has to hand over the report and lies that he got a call from Yeo-Ri in the past telling him about his other daughter. Jiwon glares at him and tells him to focus on his current family instead of those who have already passed on and stop asking Haejoo for her shares.

Then Yeo-Ri comes back and we get the details of corporate takeover. Yeo-Ri’s 2%, Mooyeol’s 7 % if Haejoo gives him half and the shares of the children get them near 20%. Mooyeol tells Yeo-Ri to also take Do-Choi’s 5% and have Maryun buy more WID Group stock to counter the Koo family’s remaining 30%. His additional plan is to temporarily raise WID Fashion’s share prices before having them fall, that allows them to sell when prices are high and buy more of the shares when the prices are low.

Mooyeol announces that they can then get back together. Yeo-Ri smiles thinking to herself that it will be at that time that she will make Mooyeol fall to his knees.

Then Yeo-Ri gets a call from her parents because they found Bom’s doctor who signed her death certificate.

Off the family goes to track down the doctor.  Luckily, he remembers seeing a child patient with a birth mark in the shape of a four leaf clover on her side.  However, he does not remember signing her death certificate.  The child was healthy at the end when he saw her…He also tells the family that only the doctor or the nurse with whom he works has the ability to adjust a doctor’s report.

At the same time, Mooyeol and Haejoo arrive at his mother’s apartment to celebrate her birthday.  However, since Mooyeol’s mom and Haejoo were celebrating with William, who they tried to get to rent Mooyeol’s room and broke his back while he was changing the light, the two women have William hide.
Mooyeol immediately assumes that Mooyeol is a scammer who plays off of richer older women.  Haejoo sighs on the side that she cannot believe Mooyeol’s mother would bring a man into her house.  Of course, the description of “her house” angers Mooyeol’s mom who conveniently assumes that Haejoo gave her this second apartment instead of just letting them live there.
Mooyeol’s mother blames the whole mess on Haejoo.  She says that this all happened because Haejoo cut her allowance and stopped the cards.  What ever happened to Mooyeol’s mother and Yeolmae working to get their money instead of blaming everything on their daughter-in-law? Sigh, makjang.
Mooyeol’s mom announces that Haejoo would not act so audaciously to cut off her mother-in-law from her credit card unless Haejoo wants to divorce Mooyeol. Righttttttt… Haejoo snaps back that Mooyeol can decide since Haejoo is tired with dealing with all this mess.
Mooyeol knows that if he leaves Haejoo now, he has nothing because he’s a talentless little snake that has nothing other than what his in-laws provided him.  So, he chooses Haejoo and pulls her out of the apartment.
To add cherry on top, Mooyeol even arranged for a motorcyclist to drive dangerously close to them.  Mooyeol pulls Haejoo out of the way and falls dramatically on the ground.  He then tells Haejoo that he’s fine as long as Haejoo is fine.
Then, Haejoo decides that she does not want to wait any longer.  She goes to the office and tells Yeo-Ri to help.  She wants to give 10% of of her shares to Mooyeol.  She smiles that she wants to help save her husband’s pride.
We turn back to the search for Bom.  Yeo-Ri enlists William for help and he calls up the old doctor’s nurse and lies that he’s scouting nurses.  He promises better pay and asks for a meeting, which the nurse agrees to meet.
At a cafe, William asks if the woman remembers a child named Bom with a four-leaf clover birth mark on her side.  The nurse accuses William of lying and gets up to leave.  So, William tells her to sit down or he can call the cops on her for modifying a hospital report.
The woman sits down and bites her lips.  She starts to say that there was another nurse who could not have children…And, then, she runs away and jumps into a cab before Yeo-Ri can stop her.
Do-Chi then calls and invites Yeo-Ri to meet him at this company that he found out through one of his earlier projects.  They take an earlier child photograph and sketch what the child or person looks like after they age.
At the same time, Maya’s friend from soccer camp in the United Kingdom arrives.  Her name is Bom and music gets crazy suspicious…
And, Yeo-Ri receives a sketch of what Bom would look like now.  Basically any other young Korean child?
Dun. Dun. Dun.  All of a sudden, there is another ten year old girl named Bom from the United Kingdom? Is she Yeo-Ri’s child or is Maya Yeo-Ri’s child? Is Jiwon horrible to Maya because she’s Yeo-Ri’s child whom Jiwon could not kill? Or is Jiwon just a nasty woman who hates the sight of her granddaughter? I am of the view that Jiwon is raising Maya who is Yeo-Ri’s actual biological daughter.  Why? Jiwon was never this nasty to Haejoo even when Haejoo was nothing but the older step-sister to Jiwon’s son.
Unknown Woman Episode 31-35 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman – E26-30

Eep! Just as Yeo-Ri decides that she has feelings for Do-Chi and might be willing to give up her revenge, Mooyeol finds enough circumstantial evidence that Yeo-Ri is Seollee.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 26-30

Mooyeol appears in time to see Haejoo slap Yeo-Ri who looks down hurt and shocked. He rushes over yelling at Haejoo at what she is thinking.

Haejoo just scoffs and asks if Mooyeol is really defending Yeo-Ri in front of her. Mooyeol tells Haejoo that Yeo-Ri isn’t Yeo-Ri and then turns to tell Yeo-Ri to leave first. Yeo-Ri happily starts to walk away but Haejoo grabs Yeo-Ri’s jacket like a gangster and rips it in her attempt to pull Yeo-Ri back. It’s the little things like the pushing and shoving that show you a person’s true character and family values…

Yeo-Ri glares back at Haejoo for her ripped jacket while Mooyeol immediately takes off his own jacket to drape over Yeo-Ri. Apologizing for Haejoo, he tells Yeo-Ri to leave first. She does and quickly disposes Mooyeol’s jacket in the trash where it belongs.

Meanwhile, Haejoo screams at Mooyeol that they are over and leaves as well. She goes home to throw all of Mooyeol’s clothes on the ground announcing that she will kick Mooyeol out. Please do!

Jiwon tries to calm Haejoo down but she is hysterical. Mooyeol’s arriving makes it worse. So, Jiwon tells Mooyeol to go to his mother’s house for the night.

When Mooyeol comes home, his mom immediately hides in her room and apologizes for telling Haejoo about the girl who looked just like Yeo-Ri. Mooyeol sighs and asks if his mom is trying to make him a beggar since if he gets divorced right now, he has nothing. Of course, Mooyeol and his family would not be thinking of the kids or the love…It’s all about the money for this family.

Then Yeolmae worries about the girl who looked like Yeo-Ri as everyone knows Haejoo’s uncontrollable temper. Mooyeol remembers his kindof mistress and drives over to Yeo-Ri’s house to check on her. He even calls her to let her know that he was worried. Yeo-Ri answers sweetly but hangs up muttering that Mooyeol has not changed from the past – ever willing to betray the girl who trusts him.

That night, Jiwon has drinks with Haejoo. She tells Haejoo about how Maryun said that Seollee Yoon was a twin. Jiwon is certain that whether Seollee is Yeo-Ri’s twin or not, the girl is here to get revenge on Haejoo by attacking her family.

In the morning, Mooyeol returns home and consoles Haejoo with more lies that he never betrayed her.

At the same time, Do-Chi shows up without his car bringing coffee for Yeo-Ri. He tells Yeo-Ri that he grounded the beans himself and he hopes that she will think of him as she drinks the coffee.

Then Yeo-Ri arrives at work. She tells Mooyeol that she lost his jacket because she was so shocked. He tells her that it’s fine and then gives her a pearl necklace to show how sorry he is.

When Mooyeol leaves the office, Yeo-Ri calls the company and asks about exchanging the necklace that Mooyeol bought for his wife for a smaller size… The employee agrees to look into the inventory and call Mrs. Koo back.

Later, when Haejoo decides to overlook Mooyeol’s shady behavior for the kids, she gets the call from the jewelry store. She realizes that something is weird since Mooyeol could have given her the necklace in the morning if it was for her.

The jewelry store calls Mooyeol about the confusion. He turns to Yeo-Ri and asks if she called about exchanging her necklace for a smaller size and she confirms. She pretends that she had no idea that it would cause any problems.

However, since the necklace was a limited edition, the shop tells Mooyeol that they just sold the other one in stock…

Yeo-Ri helpfully takes off her own necklace and tells Mooyeol to give it to Haejoo. He accepts and rushes home to lie that he bought the necklace for her but did not give t to her in the morning since she was still furious at him. Haejoo falls for it embracing Mooyeol while wondering why she ever doubted the snake.

Later, Yeo-Ri gets a call that Do-Chi showed up at the chicken shop and began an impromptu fan signing. She smiles and decides to go check in. But, she sees Haejoo walking in the lobby and changes her mind.

Yeo-Ri rushes to the elevator where she pulls out the other necklace and puts it on. Then she heads back to the office and asks Mooyeol to review one of her files because it just makes sense that a lawyer would be asking a business person to review?

When Haejoo drops by the office to surprise Mooyeol, she is officially introduced to Yeo-Ri as the attorney that has been solving all of the problems for the Koo family. Yet, Haejoo’s eyes zone in on Yeo-Ri’s necklace.

Yeo-Ri knows that the necklace is spotted and decides to leave to give the couple some time. Haejoo follows immediately and then does her thug thing by reaching and pulling off Yeo-Ri’s necklace spraying pearls everywhere. Yeo-Ri expectedly glares back and demands to know what Haejoo is doing as Mooyeol rushes out to stop the cat fat.

Haejoo huffs at Mooyeol dating Yeo-Ri in front of her eyes and pulls off her own necklace declaring that she won’t forgive either of them. What will she do? Faint.

Cue someone letting Doyoung know that his daughter made a scene at the company and fainted. Everyone returns home where Haejoo is hooked up to an IV before she wakes up and screams for Mooyeol to get out of her sight. She tells her parents everything that she saw and we convene a Koo family meeting where Doyoung asks Mooyeol if he bought Yeo-Ri a necklace.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri sidelines Do-Chi. She sees him arrive at home and calls him to meet at Chaplin now.

Then she rings the doorbell and joins the meeting explaining that she realized her Team Leader looked like he was in an uncomfortable position because of her necklace. She came to explain… Yeo-Ri pulls out a receipt noting that she bought the necklace herself; Mooyeol has no reason to buy his employee a necklace and she has no reason to accept such a gift.

Since Doyoung is the evil bad but he has base manners, he turns to order that Haejoo apologizes. Because, it’s ridiculous and really even more makjang than makjang to think that it’s too much to ask a 31 year old to take responsibility for her actions and apologize instead of running off to another country because she’s embarrassed and does not want to own up for being an idiot.

Anyways, Doyoung yells at both Haejoo and Jiwon when Haejoo does not apologize because common manners suggest you apologize when you’re incredibly rude. Haejoo bites her lips and refuses because she’s the makjang antagonist. Common manners? Nah, they don’t apply to the makjang thug female antagonists. She decides to go upstairs instead.

In this case, since Yeo-Ri technically instigated it, she pretends she is the benevolent non-existent human who does not need an apology after being treated in such a makjang manner. She tells Doyoung that she did not come for an apology but to explain the misunderstanding.

Cue flashback to explain how Yeo-Ri went to the jewelry shop right before Mooyeol to buy the last necklace.

Then Yeo-Ri meets Do-Chi in a park to tell him again to stop. She derisively adds that she is repeating her intent since he did not understand her the first time. She does not like him and she wants him to stop trying.

Do-Chi is hurt as he turns back to his car. He sees a father leaving a screaming child in the car, which triggers his own trauma. He demands that the father open the car and address the child before the child gets traumatized for being locked up by trusted family. The man refuses and a fight ensues.

Yeo-Ri is nearby talking to Mooyeol explaining the cover story that she loved the necklace so much that she bought one when they had to give hers to Haejoo. Mooyeol promised to make it up to her.

She overhears passerbys gossiping that Do-Chi is in a fight and rushes over to see him telling the man why he shouldn’t lock the kid up. Do-Chi takes the man’s keys and opens the car door for the child who runs over to his dad…

Next, it’s Haejoo’s turn to attack. She decides that the best way to get evidence that Seollee is Yeo-Ri is by having an apology meal, which Yeo-Ri would have to attend to keep up appearances.

They go to a fancy restaurant and the food comes out pre-ordered by Haejoo – all seafood. Why? Because Yeo-Ri was allergic to seafood. All eyes zone in on Yeo-Ri who smiles and happily eats a decent portion of all of the dishes before excusing herself to go back to work.

However, Yeo-Ri barely makes it to the bathroom where she tries to throw up all the food. The allergic reaction started to kick in and her face gets splotches as it becomes hard for Yeo-Ri to breathe.

Luckily, Do-Choi’s manager saw Yeo-Ri walking in before lunch and had told Do-Chi who was filming a few floors up. Do-Chi decides that a few strike outs cannot stop his game and goes down to the restaurant. He walks into the lobby to see Yeo-Ri clutching the wall as she stumbles unable to breathe.

Do-Chi runs over and pulls Yeo-Ri up asking what happened. An employee also appears and is ordered to call an ambulance. Then Do-Chi carries Yeo-Ri to an elevator deciding that every second counts. He makes it to the ambulance where Yeo-Ri gets strapped in before fainting himself as a reaction for riding the elevator.

At the same time, Haejoo and Mooyeol almost hit a real gangster in the parking lot. Mooyeol gives the gangster his card and instructs the man to call if any complications arise.

The gangster recognizes Haejoo and follows them home. He waits until Mooyeol leaves and cackles evilly that he cannot believe the little girl who ordered his group to do a skit grew up.

Haejoo is confused at first but when the man reminds her about her buying Mooyeol’s debt and asking them to go threaten to sell his mom and sister into slavery, she remembers. She tells the gangster that they have no additional business but the gangster muses that her husband would be surprised to know that his wife was the one who blocked him from attending the job interview and threatened his family.

Meanwhile, Do-Chi wakes up and rushes over to Yeo-Ri’s side. He’s there when she opens her eyes…along with Do-Chi’s manager who’s making a fuss about Do-Chi risking his life for Yeo-Ri by taking the elevator despite his own trauma.

Do-Chi pulls his manager out and tells him to go home. The other guy hugs Do-Cho saying he was so worried and Do-Chi responds that he was probably worried about his livelihood. Hah! Do-Chi tells the guy to leave and stop hugging him or others will think they are a couple.

Do-Chi goes back in to find that Yeo-Ri left her bed. He runs back around and finds her near the doors.

Do-Chi demands to know if she got out of bed to avoid him when she should be resting. Yeo-Ri glares back and asks why he’s doing this…then, her glare falls and she chokes on tears crying that she doesn’t deserve Do-Choi’s kindness or feelings…and the feelings are making it very hard for her to forget about him no matter how hard she tries…She keeps thinking of him. Yeo-Ri continues to cry that Do-Chi might be disappointed in her…

Do-Chi pulls her in for a hug and tells her that she does not need to try to not like him then. She can just give him a chance to show her that she can trust him.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol feels nervous about Yeo-Ri not coming into work. He calls the restaurant to ask about when everyone left. The employee answers that one woman fainted due to a seafood allergy and had to be taken to the hospital by the actor Do-Chi.

Mooyeol decides that Seollee is Yeo-Ri and rushes to the hospital.

Yeo-Ri, of course, has gone home with Do-Chi. In front of her house, he hugs her again and asks for a chance to prove that he can help her get over her trauma and scars from the past. Yeo-Ri asks for some time to think about it…The couple has no idea that Mooyeol arrived and has been watching the two looking close from his car.

The next day, Mooyeol is cold towards Yeo-Ri because he suspects her real identity. He directly asks her if she did not have to take off early the other day due to her seafood allergy and even implies that had he known lunch would be seafood, he would have warned her.

No matter how nicely Yeo-Ri acts, Mooyeol is cold. But, then, Haejoo saves Yeo-Ri as Haejoo has tasked the gangsters to follow Yeo-Ri. When Yeo-Ri and Mooyeol go to a meeting, a black car follows and Yeo-Ri spots it.

She tells Mooyeol about the tail and deliberately calls the other people that they are meeting to change the location to a hotel room.

Cue Haejo rushing to the hotel after getting a call from her spy. She manages to bully an employee into opening several hotel rooms until she finds one where Yeo-Ri is holding a conference with five other men. Yeo-Ri glares at the intrusion and demands to know what is going on.

At the same time, Mooyeol hid in another room to catch their tail off guard. He pulls the gangster into a stairwell and threatens to call the police if the gangster does not explain who ordered him to follow.

The gangster barely puts up a fight and quickly tells Mooyeol that calling the police will only make his wife’s life harder since Haejoo tasked him to follow Yeo-Ri.

Mooyeol recognizes the man as the loan shark that threatened to ruin Mooyeol’s life and sell Yeolmae and mom into prostitution. The gangster denies responsibility for that as well to get out before Mooyeol really does call the cops. The gangster tells everything about how Haejoo had paid for him to do that in the past as well.

At the same time, Haejoo begs Yeo-Ri not to tell Mooyeol about Haejoo going crazy. She even kneels. Because, why not? If pushing, shoving, ripping off necklaces like a gangster with no manners does not work – might as well try begging?

Meanwhile, Jiwon visits the chicken shop to offer twice the going rate for Maryun’s land.  Maryun answers seriously that instead of money, she wants Jiwon’s equity shares in WID Group.

 Jiwon bristles and Maryun laughs.  She tells Jiwon that she was just joking.  However, she will talk to Seollee about Jiwon’s offer since she does not want to just gain money and see Seollee fired.
Turning back to the hotel, Mooyeol walks toward the two girls.  Yeo-Ri pulls Haejoo into an empty room and agrees to keep this from Mooyeol as long as Haejoo stops suspecting her of being Yeo-Ri.  She explains that she does not want to break up a family and she knows that Haejoo is only doing this to protect her family.
Then Yeo-ri lets Haejoo run away… But, when she turns, she runs smack dab into Mooyeol watching.  She smiles and asks how much Mooyeol saw.
Mooyeol walks over and tells her to stop acting. He calls her Yeo-Ri.  Yeo-Ri denies it but Mooyeol tells her that he has evidence.  He heard from both the restaurant and the hospital that Seollee was hospitalized from an allergic shock after eating the seafood.
Yeo-Ri changes her story and tells Mooyeol that she’s actually a twin.  She had not known before either but she learned recently after Jiwon visited her parents… Then she lays it on thick.  She knows how unbelievable this is.  Even if she is a twin, how could both girls fall for the same man?
That shuts Mooyeol up and Yeo-Ri excuses herself to rest.
Then things get bad for Do-Chi.  He walks in on his manager getting yelled at and being hit by the director for Do-Chi skipping out on a filming because Do-Chi had taken Yeo-Ri to the hospital.  Do-Chi tells the director to yell at him directly and apologize to the manager.  The director? He decides that Do-Chi is being cocky due to his money and fires Do-Chi on the spot.
Do-Chi isn’t too down but he goes to explain it to Doyoung anyways.  When he sees Yeo-Ri in the lobby, he even takes the elevator saying that he can go anywhere if it’s with her.
Doyoung yells at Do-Chi for damaging the WID Group name as a cocky actor who doesn’t care about professionalism.  But, Do-Chi keeps his mouth shut about how he was at the hospital with Yeo-Ri because Yeo-Ri had asked him to keep it a secret.  Doyoung tells Do-Chi to go abroad until everything quiets down.
The next day, as Do-Chi prepares to leave the country Mooyeol coincidentally runs into Jiwon’s secretary/Doyoung’s driver.  He has the background check results on Yeo-Ri’s parents.  Mooyeol demands that the guy hands over the file to him once he hears that it’s for Jiwon.
Mooyeol opens it up and sees that it shows Maryun being in the same prison as Yeo-Ri at the same time as her.  He assumes that this information means Seollee is Yeo-Ri.
On the way to the airport, Do-Chi stops by Yeo-Ri’s apartment building.  She had just heard from Maryun about Do-Chi leaving thanks to Oliver 😉 The DRAMALAND grapevine is live and well.
Yeo-Ri walks out just as Do-Chi is about to leave.  She calls out for him and tells him not to leave her.  She wants him to stay by her side.  Cue Do-Chi pulling Yeo-Ri into a hug.
They go sit down and Yeo-Ri tells Do-Chi that she likes him a lot.  Do-Chi smiles that that’s enough for him.  He does not need anything else… Their moment is broken when Mooyeol calls.
Mooyeol has Yeo-Ri meet him at a nearby police station.  He accuses her of being Yeo-Ri and if she’s not, she can get her fingerprint tested to see if she is not an escaped convict.
Yeo-Ri takes Mooyeol to the side and tries to deny it.  But, then, Mooyeol pulls out the investigation results on Maryun… Now that Yeo-Ri knows that Mooyeol has enough circumstantial evidence to make things bad for her and her new parents, Yeo-Ri changes her tactics.
Yeo-Ri lets her tears fall.  She tells him that she is Yeo-Ri and came back to get revenge on Haejoo as she lost Bom… But, she couldn’t when she saw Mooyeol…
The information about Bom dying gets to Mooyeol.  He hugs the crying Yeo-Ri close and tells her that he’s sorry.
The next thing we know, Yeo-Ri rushes home while Mooyeol is driving somewhere else.  She finds the old ring that Mooyeol gave to her when he proposed to her.
Fate is on Yeo-Ri’s side.  When Mooyeol gets back to the company, Doyoung is in a mood because Mooyeol was not at work when they need to sell WID Fashion while Do-Chi is gone.  As soon as Mooyeol walks into Doyoung’s office, Doyoung’s tissue box goes flying and hits Mooyeol’s face with Doyoung yelling.
Then Yeo-Ri shows up at work wearing her engagement ring.  She tells him that she never forgot about Mooyeol…She always thought about Mooyeol and dreamed about the day that they could be together. These dreams were the only ones that kept him going.
She even threatens to go tell Doyoung off for hurting Mooyeol now that she is not afraid to go back to prison.  She only wants Mooyeol to know how much she cares for him.  Her words get through to Mooyeol who pulls her into a hug again.  He tells her that he’s sorry for leaving her and for suspecting her.
Then, Mooyeol gives Yeo-Ri the background check results.  He tells her to get rid of it.  Yeo-Ri asks about Haejoo.
Mooyeol declares that he’s going to get as much as he can from the family and then divorce Haejoo since it was never meant to be in the first place.
Yeo-Ri calls Do-Chi afterwards but she’s unable to tell him anything…She does tell her new parents about Mooyeol and Maryun curses that Mooyeol never does anything good for her and keeps ruining Yeo-Ri’s life.  Now that Yeo-Ri just found real love, Mooyeol has to come around and find out her secret.
That evening, Maryun’s family is invited to Jiwon’s house for dinner about the land. Cue possible shenanigans.
The whole theme of my commentary for this subarc is summed up by Maryun’s amazing line, “That guy does nothing good for you other than ruin your life!” Definitely explains Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri’s relationship.  We finally get to a point where Yeo-Ri has moved on a bit from her traumatizing past and was living in the moment when she is with Do-Chi.  She even confesses to Do-Chi to keep him from leaving the country.
Yeo-Ri’s confession shows how much Yeo-Ri has developed thanks to Do-Chi’s sincere feelings.  She is not tied up by the scars of her past.  Mooyeol’s betrayal.  Jiwon/Haejoo’s evil antics.  The loss of Bom.  Instead of calculating what she needs to do in order to achieve her revenge, she is living in the moment of being with Do-Chi.  That is amazing.
Of course, timing would have it that Mooyeol finds enough to make Yeo-Ri confess just as she’s about to embark on a relationship that could have healed her so that she no longer needs revenge.  Of course, Do-Chi comes with his own boatload of baggage – the Koo family but it looks like Do-Chi knows when and where to draw the line against them.
Now that Mooyeol knows, will Do-Chi find out? Will it then be love or revenge? =___=
Unknown Woman Episode 26-30 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman – E21-25

Jiwon helps Yeo-Ri get into WID Group only to freak out when she sees Yeo-Ri.

The Woman Without a Name Episodes 21-25

Yeo-Ri drives to Jiwon’s house and then calls Jiwon.  She asks for more information on what the threat was.  She also promises to keep everything confidential as a lawyer.

Jiwon explains how she was threatened for being at the scene of an accident of her driver.  She did nothing wrong and even tried to save Mr. Son but she could not because of the fire.  She is adamant that she did nothing wrong and would have made the same choices if she returned to that night.

Yeo-Ri keeps in her sobs and promises to figure it out.  She then calls her now-father to ask that he looks into who investigated the accident.

Yeo-Ri meets with the investigator who lies that Jiwon Hong was not at the accident scene 13 years ago.  However, he’s clearly uncomfortable and lying.  Yeo-Ri realizes that something was covered up.

That night, Do-Chi calls Yeo-Ri to check on her.  She apologizes for not calling sooner after melting down the other day.  He asks if she would come to his ad shooting the next day…Yeo-Ri agrees since she will be at the company for the legal department interviews.

After hanging up the call, she tells the BOARD OF MASTER PLANS that she will take over the company. Then, she will decide whether or not she can give it back to him.

The next day, Yeo-Ri calls Jiwon to let her know that everything was fixed.  The person who threatened her was guilty of other scams and will be jailed for the next five years.  Jiwon happily promises to do anything that Yeo-Ri wants.  Yeo-Ri answers that there is nothing that she wants at the moment.

Jiwon decides that she will hire Yeo-Ri and make Yeo-Ri their family lawyer.

Later that day, they have the official press conference about Do-Chi’s family ties.  Do-Chi broods about the lies that he is supposed to tell about how it was his desire to stay abroad and hide his family ties.  He frowns throughout the conference and only apologizes for hiding things from the public.

Doyoung answers questions on behalf of Do-Chi but Do-Chi ends up confirming Doyoungs words.  He even answers suspicions that Doyoung pushed Do-Chi out because of fears of Do-Chi taking over the company with a strong statement that Do-Chi believes the true owner of WID Group is Doyoung.

After the press conference, Doyoung tells Jiwon of his plans to get rid of WID Group’s sale of WID Fashion.  WID Fashion was developed by Do-Chi’s mother and Do-Chi’s father.  As long as WID Fashion is the face of WID Group everyone will continue to push Do-Chi into business…

Fate is on Yeo-Ri’s side.  When she arrives for her interview, she goes toward the set for the ad shooting.  She sees Doyoung standing under a shaking light and throws herself at him.  They both safely fall to the side though Doyoung falls unconscious from the impact of falling.  Yeo-Ri is even slightly scratched so her forehead bleeds.

Do-Chi finds them and takes over Doyoung’s care while Yeo-Ri runs to her interview…Except she was sent a text that the interview location moved.  She goes to the interview location only to find no one there.  Mooyeol had led her astray.

Doyoung is unwilling to hire Yeo-Ri because she missed her interview. However, Do-Chi strongly supports Yeo-Ri and Jiwon continues to lobby on Yeo-Ri’s behalf.  Jiwon insists that Doyoung hire Yeo-Ri separately since Yeo-Ri helps out their family so much and Yeo-Ri only missed the interview because she was saving Doyoung.  Doyoung agrees and Jiwon calls Yeo-Ri herself.

Cue the shenanigans! Yeo-Ri arrives on her first day of work to freak out Doyoung.  He stammers that he’s seeing “Yeo-Ri”.  Yeo-Ri laughs that she must really resemble the other lady since Mooyeol first mistook her for this “Yeo-Ri” woman as well.

Mooyeol takes over since Yeo-Ri made it clear that Mooyeol knew of her before.  He convinces Doyoung that “Seollee Yoon” is not “Yeo-Ri Son.”  He checked into Yeo-Ri’s background himself.  Doyoung tells Mooyeol to handle it.

Mooyeol begins coldly with Yeo-Ri.  However, Yeo-Ri turns the tables quickly asking Mooyeol if he knew what made her most excited about working at WID Group – working beside Mooyeol.

Then Doyoung goes out to meet with the landowner who is standing in the way of WID Group building a resort in a perfect location – Maryun.  She comes out strongly that she does not want to sell the land.  But then, she obviously looks at the buyer’s proposal and exclaims that Doyoung should have told Maryun before what company he represents.  Since her daughter just started working for WID Group, she needs to think about this carefully.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri declares that she will be suing the company for wrongful termination if they are firing her just for looking like some dead woman.  She storms out.

But then, Doyoung calls Mooyeol to cancel the firing of “Seollee Yoon.”  Mooyeol runs out to stop Yeo-Ri’s car.

When Do-Chi hears about the good news, he sends Yeo-Ri a surprise gift! An outfit set for her first day of work! Swoon! >_<

Next, it’s time for Jiwon to know about Yeo-Ri being back.  On Yeo-Ri’s first day of work, she coincidentally gets into the same elevator as Jiwon.  Jiwon stumbles when she sees Yeo-Ri and then rushes home…

Except, Jiwon had invited “Seollee Yoon” over for lunch to meet with her new talented lawyer.  It’s Yeo-Ri sitting in the living room waiting with a smile.  Yeo-Ri even brought yellow roses to show her sincere gratitude.  Jiwon backs into her room and locks the door.

Yeo-Ri decides that she has done enough for the day and excuses herself since Jiwon seems to be having a bad day.  Jiwon manages to run out to stop Yeo-Ri but Yeo-Ri is gone.

Yeo-Ri goes back to work. Mooyeol asks Yeo-Ri to come with him to see the resort land.  On the drive there, Yeo-Ri turns on music only it’s her CD.  Mooyeol quickly moves to turn it off but Yeo-Ri stops him.  She smiles that she’s happy it’s not her one-sided feelings.

Then when Mooyeol stops by a cafe, Yeo-Ri picks up Mooyeol’s cell phone to rattle Haejoo’s nerves.  She tells Mooyeol that she only did it because she was curious about Mooyeol’s wife.

Yeo-Ri’s new position is good for her plans as Mooyeol tells her immediately about Doyoung’s secret plans to sell off WID Fashion and focus on developing the resort.

Things start to heat up when Jiwon goes to the company to demand that Doyoung fire Yeo-Ri.  He refuses since he needs the land that Maryun owns.

So, Jiwon storms out to run into Mooyeol and Yeo-Ri in the parking lot.  She accuses Yeo-Ri of deliberately infiltrating the company.  When Mooyeol tries to calm Jiwon down, Jiwon slaps him.

Yeo-Ri asks for a chance to explain.  So, Jiwon agrees to give Yeo-Ri ten minutes at a cafe. The two women face off behind smiles as Yeo-Ri gives her cover story and Jiwon thinks to herself that she won’t be fooled. Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri dares Jiwon to look into it all she wants.

Later that evening, some random trouble makers come to the chicken restaurant.  The man then makes a fuss about finding a piece of hair in the food.  When Maryun goes over to look into it, he plucks a piece of her hair and leaves.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri and Do-Chi have a date at the Chaplin restaurant that cultivates at the top of a park.  She asks if he truly has no regrets about walking away from the company. Do-Chi answers that everyone has a role in life – management is not right for him but is right for Doyoung.

Yeo-Ri asks if Do-Chi is only just pretending that management does not interest him since Doyoung is his only family.  Do-Chi’s smile freezes and falters. But he just repeats that he likes acting.

As they walk away, a guy on a motorcycle attacks to get a piece of Yeo-Ri’s DNA as well.  But Do-Chi senses that something is up and pulls her to the side with both o them falling…The creepy motorcycle guy runs up to grab the hat that Yeo-Ri had been wearing and rides off.

Thanks to the accident, Yeo-Ri’s heel is broken. Cue hot offer from Do-Chi to piggy-back her home. Because what would a guy be if he can’t carry his girl when she cannot walk?

Of course Maryun is behind the motorcyclist as she has the two hair pieces sent in for DNA testing.  The report comes out that the two are a match as mother/daughter.

Why? Because Yeo-Ri’s new father Ki-Dong.  He knew that something was weird and Jiwon would be suspicious after seeing Yeo-Ri.  So, he had someone tailing Jiwon’s personal secretary.  One of his minions accidentally “ran into” Jiwon’s lackey and switched the report results.

Then Jiwon takes the short cut by telling Yeo-Ri to leave at the office. Yeo-Ri refuses since she is an official employee.  So, Jiwon grabs all of Yeo-Ri’s stuff and throws them down to the floor on the lobby.

Yeo-Ri yells back that Jiwon officially hired her. Therefore, Yeo-Ri cannot accept being fired just because she looks like another woman. Jiwon screams at Yeo-Ri to leave immediately!

However, Doyoung was walking by at the same moment.  He walks over and tells Yeo-Ri to go back to her office. Then he pulls Jiwon back into his office. He reminds her that they have to save their face in the public.  They need Yeo-Ri in order to successfully develop their resort plans.

Jiwon agrees to stand down.  But only after she goes into the office to announce that she will find out the truth eventually.  When Mooyeol tries to tell Jiwon to stay polite she only turns to him and ask if he forgot who took him out of the slums.  She only let him rise in the company because of Haejoo.

Mooyeol goes into the bathroom to tell the mirror that Jiwon cannot be like this to him when Haejoo loves him so much.  After all – his best asset is not his ability but the fact that Haejoo is stupid enough to love him.

That night, Yeo-Ri invites Mooyeol to go out for drinks since she just started at the company.  They should welcome her.  But, Haejoo calls at the same time to say that Gaya is hurt!

Mooyeol rushes home only to find Gaya healthy. Haejoo had set up wine in the room.  Mooyeol angrily accuses Haejoo of using their kids for the wrong reason and drives back to the company…

In the parking lot, Mooyeol sees Do-Chi walk into the company…

Do-Chi goes into the office to announce his feelings for Yeo-Ri.  He tells her that even when he closes his eyes or when he opens his eyes, all day, he’s only thinking of her.  He knows that he’s still not worth her but he just wants an opportunity to become a better man for her.  AWWWWWW.  Is this a guy that we can actually trust to protect Yeo-Ri?

Yeo-Ri pauses and apologizes.  She tells him that she’s not the right girl for him or deserves him.

Do-Chi answers back that if either of them are not deserving of the other…It’s him since he showed her how low he can fall with Sora.

Then Yeo-Ri sees the door open slightly as Mooyeol had come back.  She tells Do-Chi that her heart is already filled with something else.  She cannot accept Do-Chi’s feelings.

Yeo-Ri walks down with Do-Chi following.  He stops her in the parking lot and asks for a chance to convince her otherwise.

Suddenly, Mooyeol appears and tells Do-Chi to stop bothering Yeo-Ri.  After all, Do-Chi just broke up with Sora.  Do-Chi should not just play around with every woman out there.

Yeo-Ri tells Mooyeol to stop. Do-Chi also grabs Mooyeol’s arm and demands that Mooyeol apologizes for questioning his sincerity.  Just because Mooyeol can enter into insincere relationships, not everyone’s feelings are insincere.

Cue fist fight.

Meanwhile, Jiwon visits the chicken shop to check out the story further. Maryun happily greets Jiwon as Yeo-Ri’s boss.  She also “opens up” about how Seollee used to be a twin.  However, they lost one of the twins…Seollee does not know since this would only hurt Seollee.

After the fight, Yeo-ri goes with Mooyeol to keep up her ruse.  He tells her that he overheard the tail-end of the conversation when she told Do-Chi that her heart is filled with something else. He asks if that something else is him.  Yeo-Ri just nods.

Mooyeol pulls Yeo-Ri into a hug.  Yeo-Ri falls into it and then remembers how she sincerely fell against Mooyeol feeling safe in his embrace in the past. Then Mooyeol had betrayed her.  So, she turns her face into his shirt and leaves a kiss mark.

The next day, Haejoo finds the lipstick stain on Mooyeol’s shirt and demands to know what happened.  Mooyeol answers that they had drinks for the new employees.  It must have happened by accident.  HAH! Like a lipstick stain on someone’s shirt occurs by accident? He laughs that Haejoo is being overly sensitive and asks for her to pick out his outfit for the day.

At the same time, Yeo-Ri gets ready to leave for work.  She walks out where Do-Chi is waiting in his car to drive her. Even when Yeo-Ri ignores him to grab a car, he insists promising that he won’t even bother her by talking… On the ride, he taps her shoulder and points to the glove compartment where he even prepared a breakfast with a note for her.

They arrive at the company where Do-Chi gets out with Yeo-Ri.  He apologizes for trying to force his feelings on her and tells her that he understands how she would have been startled.  He promises to give her time and space but he still believes that she is his fate.  OK, where in the universe is my Do-Chi?

Yeo-Ri goes into the office where Mooyeol is waiting as he saw Yeo-Ri get out of Do-Chi’s car.  He demands to know why Yeo-Ri got into Do-Chi’s car.  Yeo-Ri answers that it was just for convenience.

Mooyeol states that he does not care of the reason – he does not like seeing Yeo-Ri with any other man.  Yeo-Ri walks up to him close.  She then tells him that she feels the same way.  She does not like seeing Mooyeol with another woman but she cannot let her feelings be known since that would make both of hem uncomfortable.

Later that day, Yeo-Ri coincidentally sees Jiwon talking with the chief legal officer.  She walks over and overhears Jiwon telling him to find a way to fire Yeo-Ri.  So, Yeo-Ri calls her father and asks for him to look into the other guy.

Finally, it’s time for Haejoo to join the fun.  She’s at work when Mooyeol’s lovely mother stops by to get some free bedding and linens because what would that woman be if she’s not sucking things out of her in-laws?  She announces that she’s so glad that Mooyeol married Haejoo instead of Yeo-Ri.

When Haejoo frowns at the mention of Yeo-Ri, Mooyeol’s mother flinches and blames seeing “Yeo-Ri’s ghost” even though Mooyeol told her not to mention it to Haejoo.

This triggers Haejoo’s suspicions.  She decides to visit the office and texts Mooyeol that she’s coming.

Mooyeol had stepped out of the office so Yeo-Ri answers the text by calling Haejoo out o the wine bar in front of the office.  Then Yeo-Ri leaves a note for Mooyeol to join her at the wine bar for their “drinks”.

Haejoo arrives just after Mooyeol at the wine bar.  Yeo-Ri smirks and goes to the bathroom with Haejoo following. Haejoo corners Yeo-Ri in the bathroom, where Haejoo accuses Yeo-Ri of seducing Mooyeol on purpose.

Yeo-Ri smiles and parrots back Haejoo’s words back to Haejoo…There is no owner in love as in Yeo-Ri is not guilty of seducing anyone since no one owns Mooyeol.

Yeo-Ri shoves past Haejoo into the hallway.  Haejoo quickly follows and then pulls Yeo-Ri around.  She slaps Yeo-Ri, which Yeo-Ri returns. Haejoo pulls back for another slap.  Yeo-Ri stops it by grabbing Haejoo’s arm and glaring until Mooyeol appears. Then Yeo-Ri lets go so that Mooyeol sees Haejoo slapping Yeo-Ri.


The same sweet cathartic feelings as when watching A Wife’s Temptation. If we did not have the background of Haejoo and family taking Mooyeol from Yeo-Ri and their child when she was Mooyeol’s fiance, I would be horrified by how Yeo-Ri is seducing Mooyeol just to ruin the family. However, since Haejoo and family are living so happily after ruining Yeo-ri’s life – it only feels drama-right that they get their full comeuppance.

Additionally, while Yeo-Ri is horrible to attack a less than happy family, what is up with Mooyeol.  He is the proverbial antagonist. He switches from his love and child for money.  He sticks around just for money and greed. And now that he thinks that he can have that greed with a side of mistress (that relieves his guilt), he goes for it.  What did it take? A few empathetic words and declarations of feelings from a woman who looked liked his fiance and suddenly Mooyeol likes the woman enough to be angry that his wife would want him home early for a drink.  He and his family really stress me out when I watch this drama.

Unknown Woman Episode 21-25 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

Unknown Woman – E19-20

Do-Chi and Yeo-Ri begin to develop closer bonds as Haejoo and Jiwon hit problems.

Woman Without a Name Episodes 19-20 RECAP

Haejoo stands there shocked at Yeo-Ri kissing Mooyeol. She drops her shopping bag and faints after calling out “Son Yeo-Ri.”

The sound of the bag hitting the ground gets Mooyeol’s attention. He stops kissing his ex-fiancé and runs to pick up his wife. Hoisting her, he runs off.

Back at the Chaplin, restaurant Do-Chi cuts and dices vegetables happily. Then he gets a call from his secretary; Sora is in the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Do-Chi rushes to the hospital. Sora has her wrist wrapped up and she throws herself at Do-Chi as soon as he walks into the room. She sobs that she cannot imagine a life without him… She has been abandoned by her parents and the world – she doesn’t want to be thrown away by Do-Chi as well.

Do-Chi sighs but tells Sora that time will heal everything. If they give each other time, they will come to a point where the separation doesn’t hurt. He pulls away and leaves with Jiwon trailing behind.

Jiwon stops Do-Chi in the hallway and asks him to consider it one more time… Doesn’t he feel bad for Sora?

Do-Chi answers that it’s worse to let Sora have hope. He leaves and even begins to drive away. But, then, he feels bad when he thinks about Sora crying in his arms and turns his car around.

Do-Chi returns back to Sora’s room…only to see her wrist wrap off. She’s stuffing her face smiling and telling herself that Do-Chi will return because he’s too kind hearted.

Do-Chi sighs that he did not think Sora was that low. He walks out. Jiwon also tells Sora that she’s out.

Meanwhile, Haejoo is resting with an IV attached at home. Jiwon gets home and asks Haejoo what happened. This triggers Haejoo’s hysterical fury. She screams that Mooyeol was kissing Yeo-Ri at the company.

Mooyeol, the snake that he is, calmly tells Jiwon in an apologetic tone that he has no idea what Haejoo is talking about. Jiwon pulls Mooyeol out into the living room where Mooyeol paints Haejoo as relentlessly jealous – installing a camera into his car.

Haejoo then decides that she will prove Yeo-Ri’s existence herself. She goes to the company where she screams at the alley and then storms into Mooyeol’s office throwing things everywhere. What happened to just running the security footage?

Do-Young comes in at this point and orders everyone home – finish the personal fights at home.

So, in the living room Haejoo tells her father about seeing Mooyeol kiss Yeo-Ri. Mooyeol denies it and even Jiwon notes that Haejoo has been overly sensitive these days.

Doyoung brings Mooyeol into his office and asks if Mooyeol has another woman. Mooyeol answers that he doesn’t. Doyoung tells Mooyeol that if he makes Haejoo hurt because of a woman, Doyoung won’t leave him alone.

Jiwon comes in and announces that it’s not Mooyeol’s fault; Haejoo has an issue with jealousy. She then goes to tell Haejoo that Haejoo needs to stay strong for her kids.

Then Sora calls Jiwon out. They meet in a restaurant. Sora demands that Jiwon turn Do-Chi’s heart or Sora will tell everyone about Jiwon planting Sora next to Do-Chi.

Jiwon smiles a hard smile and asks if Sora’s child is doing well. The girl was left with Sora’s aunt and Sora has not even tried to look after the child. Jiwon warns that if Sora does not leave quietly, she will make sure everyone knows what kind of human Sora is.

Unknown to Jiwon, Sora had recorded the whole conversation. She plays the recording for Yeo-Ri.

Yeo-Ri snaps at Sora to leave her office. Yeo-Ri refuses to work with people who would abandon their children for greed and then use marriage as a tool for financial gain. Yeo-Ri also grabs the recording and announces that she will keep it as insurance. If Sora doesn’t stay out of Do-Chi’s life, Yeo-Ri will use the recording.

That night, Mooyeol apologizes to the traumatized Haejoo. Then he goes into his car to listen to Yeo-Ri’s CD.

The next day, Jiwon takes Haejoo to a psychiatrist. But, Haejoo angrily snaps that she does not need any help and they return home.

Then Jiwon gets a call from Sora. Sora tells Jiwon to turn on the television for Sora’s last gift…which is Sora announcing to the public that she is splitting up with Do-Chi after finding out that he’s the heir to WID Group.

At the same time, Mooyeol visit’s Yeo-Ri’s office and demands to know why Yeo-Ri kissed him. Yeo-Ri apologizes saying she did not know what came over her – she did not mean to make things difficult for him.

Mooyeol gets a call from Jiwon about the Sora announcement and leaves.

Within minutes, Do- Chi arrives with the first meal that he completed from Chaplin. He wants to share it with Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri smiles at his sincerity and sniffs the soup. She announces that it smells decent. Do-Chi tells her that she should assume it’s edible so that her expectations are not too high.

The two laugh and Yeo-Ri dips the spoon in for a bite. However, Do-Chi’s manager calls frantically asking Do-Chi to come back since the entertainment agency just got wind of Do-Chi being the WID Group heir.

Do-Cho apologizes as he has to leave. He asks Yeo-Ri to wait for him so that they can eat the meal together. Yeo-Ri smiles and agrees.

Meanwhile,Doyoung calls an emergency family meeting. He tells everyone that now that it’s public knowledge they can no longer pretend Do-Chi is part of the family. He also decides to call Do-Chi back home.

Do-Chi rushes to answer his brother’s request that Do-Chi stop by the house. Then, Doyoung and Jiwon tell Do-Chi to move back in after making a public announcement explaining the situation. His official stance? He felt that his family background would give him an unfair advantage so he hid it from everyone. He also has no interest in running the company.

For side coincidences, Do-Chi recognizes Yeo-Ri’s resume for the WID Group legal team on the desk. He tells Doyoung that he recommends Seollee Yoon who helped him with the baseless threat. Jiwon is also in the room as she brought in juice and notes that Seollee also helped with the Gaya/Maya incident.

Do-Chi then remembers Yeo-Ri and the meal. He rushes over to find Yeo-Ri working as she waits. They take the food outside for a picnic.

Suddenly, Yeo-Ri hears someone call out for “Bom.” She automatically gets up and runs over to see a girl around Bom’s age had Bom been alive. The little girl leaves with her mom and Yeo-Ri runs after them crying.

Yeo-Ri loses them for a few minutes but then a car pulls out of the park…Yeo-Ri recognizes that it’s the little girl and blocks it so that it is forced to stop.

Then Yeo-Ri opens the door while the mom freaks out. Yeo-Ri reaches in like a crazy woman checking to see if the little girl has the clover birth mark on her side. The girl doesn’t.

And, the mom has gotten out of the girl to pull Yeo-Ri away from the child. Why hello cameo from A Wife’ Temptation – Yoon Sohee!

Sohee slaps Yeo-Ri and pushes her to the ground. Yeo-Ri apologizes and falls to the ground sobbing.

Do-Chi finds himself at the Chaplin restaurant brooding because he feels awful after seeing Yeo-Ri so sad.

That night, Yeo-Ri strengthens her resolve for revenge. She texts Mooyeol a flirtatious text saying that she misses him more since she cannot see him.

The next day, Jiwon suggests that Haejoo try running a branch home decorations store to keep herself busy.

Then things get worse for Jiwon. She gets called in to meet the company lawyer. He tells her that Doyoung wanted to decrease her equity ownership from 20% to 5%.

Jiwon immediately leaves to confront Doyoung. However, he does not change his mind. He reminds her that she was supposed to take care of the Do-Chi issue but flopped it. If she had been an official employee, she would have had to resign.

So, Jiwon reluctantly accepts and goes back to meet with Lawyer Kim who has additional bad news. The building that had been under her name is being changed to joint ownership of hers and Haejoo’s.

Jiwon goes home after losing the battle but not the war. Then she gets a call from an anonymous caller telling her that he was at the Pyontaek Bridge 13 years ago… the same one where Yeo-Ri’s father died.

Jiwon hangs up on the man but he texts her a location to come and meet him if she doesn’t want the news to hear about what she did 14 years ago.

Jiwon ends up taking the bait and going to the park where a fellow from her orphanage waits. He laughs when she recognizes him instantly as he too recognized her back then and now instantly. He tells her that it could just be coincidence that Jiwon was at the accident scene. However, when you add that the victim was an orphan from the same orphanage, things seems off. He offers to disappear quietly if she gives him money.

Jiwon decides to call Yeo-Ri for help. She asks Yeo-Ri to look into a man and find out a way to keep him quiet. Yeo-Ri agrees and asks for the man’s information.

Yeo-Ri receives the information that Jiwon had on the threatener quickly. She notices the fact that he was from the same orphanage as her father and asks for her current “father” to investigate it.

Luckily for us, the scammer has a history of playing on the wrong side of the law and Yeo-Ri’s current dad recognizes the name. He picks up the guy and the guy tells Yeo-Ri about seeing Jiwon at the scene of the accident of his other friend from the orphanage… Yeo-Ri’s father.


First, that cameo by Jang So Hee from A Wife’s Temptation?  I loved it! Considering how much this drama seems to draw inspiration from A Wife’s Temptation with Yoon Seollee and Yeo-Ri…   It’s only fitting that the original comes in to give an approving nod or an unapproving slap ^_^

One interesting aspect of these episodes was the back-story on how Doyoung still treats Jiwon.  It appears that he does not love her even after living with her as his wife for over a decade… He gave her the 20% of equity only to decrease back down to 5% at his earliest chance.  He then ties all other assets under her name to multiple owner-ship with Haejoo.  Does Doyoung have a reason to not trust Jiwon?


Unknown Woman Episode 19-20 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.


Unknown Woman – E18

As Haejoo starts getting jealous, Yeo-Ri steps it up.

Woman Without a Name Episode 18 RECAP

Haejoo takes the spy camera from Mooyeol’s phone and gives it to Jiwon to review. Meanwhile, she plans to see if Mooyeol found out about the spy camera.

At the same time, Do-Chi stops Sora and pulls off her sunglasses. He demands to know Sora is at a hotel restaurant when she’s supposed to be in a different country.

Sora grabs on to Do-Chi and cries that it’s all a misunderstanding. She suddenly had some filming scheduled so she canceled and returned. The guy is just a friend whom she’s meeting for lunch.

Do-Chi shoves Sora away and she drops a hotel room key. Everyone stares at it since it makes a sound when it hit the floor.

Do-Chi growls that they are over and turns to the emergency stairs. Yeo-Ri begins to follow. But, Do-Chi yells at her to leave him alone since he’s furious and humiliated.

Yeo-Ri goes back it and takes the elevator down. In the lobby, she gets hailed by Sora who accuses her of being the other woman.

Yeo-Ri answers that they are just attorney and client grabbing lunch. But, Sora screams back that Yeo-Ri is lying. Do-Chi cannot take elevators because of his claustrophobia. He always lives on the floor that he can walk up to and doesn’t even travel abroad because of his fear of planes. He would not walk 25 floors to just grab a meal with an acquaintance.

Yeo-Ri pauses at hearing this. She then tells Sora that it’s still a misunderstanding but Sora really has no right to accuse Yeo-Ri of anything when she’s hitting a hotel with another plan after marriage. It’s just human decency. Yeo-Ri hands Sora her business card and tells her to get in touch if Sora needs anything legal-wise.

Meanwhile, Mooyeol tells Haejoo to open his briefcase. She pauses imagining finding another spy camera there with Mooyeol accusing her of spying. When she actually opens the briefcase, however, she just finds a perfume.

Mooyeol smiles that it was the perfume that he could not give her the last time. He noticed that she put in an air freshener in his car and he wanted to thank her.

Haejoo hugs Mooyeol overcome with gratitude and guilt. She thanks him and leaves to tell Jiwon that it was all her imagination.

Jiwon looks up from her computer and also tells Haejoo that the video feed shows no one getting into Mooyeol’s car. Sneaky snake Mooyeol. I mean if the guy is willing to throw away his pregnant fiancé, lying to his current wife and mother-in-law is like eating breakfast in bed.

Sora calls Jiwon for help and tells her everything. Jiwon is frustrated to hear how stupid Sora was and tells Sora to stay silent and out of this. Jiwon will try to get Do-Chi to turn back.

At the same time, Do-Chi goes to the Chaplin restaurant and asks Oliver to have a drink. Oliver agrees seeing how Do-Chi looks frazzled. Over drinks, he tells Do-Chi about how he decides to open the jazz bar and the restaurant because he realized doctor’s treat the body but not the heart…He wanted to help people heal their hearts as well.

Do-Chi asks if Oliver also has a scar on his heart…If he’s been betrayed by the woman he’s dating as well.

Oliver picks up on the hypothetical and asks if something happened with Sora. Do-Chi answers that he’s not sure if he’s feeling betrayed, disappointed or just angry. He just knows that it makes him infuriated because Seollee saw this side of him.

Oliver asks Do-Chi what Seollee is to Do-Chi. Do-Chi answers that he does not know.

Oliver calls Maryun’s husband that Do-Chi is drunk. So, Yeo-Ri goes to the restaurant where the guy is barely able to sit mumbling drunkenly about being embarrassed to see her.

Yeo-Ri tells him not to be that way as they are friends and none of this is his fault. Any rational person would react when being attacked by scum (emphasis added by DRAMAFEED). Yeo-Ri then takes Do-Chi home and drops him into his bed.

She pauses staring at him and tells the drunk unconscious Do-Chi that she’s sorry he’s going through this. She tells him to hang in there because if he manages not to quit, fresh water will inevitably come.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Yeo-Ri sees Jiwon in the intercom camera. She turns around in a panic looking for some place to hide.

Then Do-Chi grabs her and tells her to hide in the bathroom. He also hides her shoes and opens the door.

Jiwon comes in and tells Do-Chi in a voice dripping with concern that she heard about Sora. But, she adds that it must be a misunderstanding. Sora might be a bit clutzy but she’s not a woman without values who would betray Do-Chi. She tells Do-Chi that it’s too harsh to break up with Sora without giving Sora a chance to explain.

Do-Chi refuses to change his mind until Yeo-Ri’s cell phone rings from the bathroom. Jiwon asks if anyone else is at home and Do-Chi blurts out that it’s his manager.

Jiwon turns to check out the bathroom. So, Do-Chi calls Sora and agrees to meet.

Jiwon backs on and smiles. Then she sees the painting of the ship hanging on the wall. She stops and asks how he got this painting.

Do-Chi answers that he got it from Mr. Son as a present. Jiwon’s voice gets strained as she asks if he’s in contact with Mr. Son’s family. Do-Chi sighs that he heard Mr. Son had a daughter but Do-Chi never met her. This placates Jiwon who finally leaves.

Do-Chi meets with Sora in her car. She lies that it was all a misunderstanding as she was in the hotel room with other staff members. However, Do-Chi isn’t convinced.

Sora then accuses him of having a thing with Seollee. She tells him that his inability to believe her is like her inability to believe him.

Then Do-Chi sees a part of a tie hanging out of the compartment of the passenger’s side. He opens it to find a guy’s tie, razor and other toiletries. He sighs and gets out.

Sora follows Do-Chi out of the car and even physically clings on to him begging for another chance.

Do-Chi pulls free and leaves a maniac Sora declaring that she won’t leave Do-Chi so easily. When all you have is your look and you need to get married to a guy as your main plan-you do not give up easily!

Back at home, Yeo-Ri debriefs mom and dad. She sighs that she now knows Do-Chi has his own scars. She wants to continue with the revenge plan but not use Do-Chi.

On the side lines, Mooyeol’s mom goes to the Chaplin cafe in order to get a part time job. She’s turned down since William wants someone younger for the part-time position.

Then Do-Chi arrives and asks William for help learning to cook for a new role…

Meanwhile, Yeo-Ri drops by Mooyeol’s office to leave him a present. She’s recorded a couple of jazz songs and thought they could comfort him when he is going through hard times. She leaves the CD and walks out.

However, Mooyeol gets a text that Haejoo is in the building. So, he runs out and pulls Yeo-Ri into a corridor in hopes of getting her out the emergency stairwell. The door doesn’t open.

Mooyeol pushes Yeo-Ri against the wall and uses his hand to air-cover her mouth as Haejoo walks by. The moment is charged with Mooyeol being so close to Yeo-Ri in the compromising position. He leans in. Yeo-Ri begins to close her eyes but then turns away at the last second.

Haejoo happily walks until something pricks her intuition. She turns around and walks back to see Mooyeol having cornered Yeo-Ri in what looks like a make-out embrace.

Yeo-Ri looks up and her eyes lock. She smirks and in slow motion puts her hand on Mooyeol’s neck pulling him in for a nice long kiss.


Well, well, well! Looks like the Mooyeol/Haejoo ship has entered choppy waters! Most girls would flip after seeing their husband kiss another girl. I only know of one girl who would not flip in a situation like this as she herself declared that even though she’s married, she would only go clubbing without her husband since clubbing with her husband would be boring. Then again, the girl’s value standard is questionable since she’s also aware of her best friend’s younger sister being cheated on by a long-term/live-in boyfriend and supports it.

So, even if Haejoo were not the crazy jealous type, we have a situation that would make most girls crazy. If and once Haejoo’s parents find out, even if Haejoo does not toss Mooyeol to the curb, does this mean the end of his ambitions? His main plan was to take over the company as Haejoo’s husband. But what parent would let a cheating son-in-law inherit?

On the side, it was interesting to see how far Yeo-Ri has come. She changed from a girl who knew nothing except for Mooyeol… a truly loyal girl who would at a moment of a charged kiss turn her head away. Her heart has moved on with her hate of Mooyeol being greater than her love. Good job Mooyeol, your accomplishment in life – turning away the girl who would have done everything for you!

Unknown Woman Episode 18 Recap  by DRAMAFEED | Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.