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Creative Commons License DRAMAFEED is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.  In other words, you may share DRAMAFEED posts as long as (1) you attribute the material to both the author and this website, (2) you don’t change the posts in any way, and (3) the post sharing is not done commercially.  Sharing links to our posts or excepts such as sentences are fine ^^

If you would like to share DRAMAFEED posts without following the above three rules, please first contact DRAMAFEED through the CONTACT page.  We can discuss exceptions to the above rules and we will give express written permission and consent when we think it is appropriate.

Why the (CC BY-NC-ND)? Because the people writing the posts for your convenience at DRAMAFEED take their free time to do so.  We are doing it because we love Korean drama and we want to recap/summarize/comment on the same.  Each of the  posts is colored by the author’s voice and perspective.  However, we are not doing this so that other people can copy our work.  Please respect that.


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