Reset Episode 1 – The Encounter with Memory

“No one is a friend or enemy forever.”


The first episode sets up the chessboard for the battle between our Prosecutor Cha Woojin (Chun Jung-Myung) and the serial killer from his past.  The premise seems interesting.  Watching the episode felt like I was watching a mystery novel. I’m disappointed it’s not being subbed but here’s a recap for those who have similar tastes in drama as me.


Episode 01 – RECAP



The episode starts off with Woojin waking up from hypnotic trance.  We get to see tranquil flashes of a girl in the forest before things turn dark and its obvious that the girl was killed. She also seems to come toward Woojin in the vision in a ghostly rapid-suddenly-close fashion.

The psychiatrist tells Woojin that some has triggered his forgotten and buried memories. The memories are trying to surface but since they were repressed by his brain the first time, there is a conflict with the body trying to suppress the memories and the memories trying to surface. That’s why Woojin’s having nightmares every night.

Woojin asks what exactly is the forgotten memory and the psychiatrist stutters that it was obviously repressed the first time. It might be better not to dig them up.  Woojin gets annoyed and gets up to leave.

The doctor stops him and asks whether Woojin might find it better to just put himself in a trance since Woojin is a better hypnotist. Woojin retorts that it is uncomfortable for him to have a psychiatrist that used hypnosis to rape a girl look into his memories but he needed to find someone who can be controlled. Woojin also warns the doctor to never mention the fact that Woojin is a hypnotist again.


At the police station, a detective is interrogating a murder suspect who is taking the fifth. The supervising detectives watch from behind the mirror only be be stressed that their allowed 48 hours is about to run out and the suspect isn’t budging. Additionally, it might take up to 30 minutes for their ace Woojin to make it into the office. Then they hear that the suspect’s attorney has arrived. Cue supervisor kicking assistant to vent his frustration.



The head of the office tells everyone to go into stall mode. Another officer “bumps” into the attorney to slip a pair of tweezers into the attorney’s pockets so that the metal detector would be triggered. The attorney has to go through a search and then has to walk up to the 8th floor because the elevators are conveniently “undergoing testing.”

During this time Woojin enters the interrogation room. Woojin lulls the suspect into a trance by silently clicking his pen in a rhythm, making the suspect focus on the sound. Afterwards, Woojin retells the details of the murder back to the suspect who confesses the murder and provides mroe details. Basically, he was dating a girl who was two-timing him even though he provided her the apartment and a monthly allowance. When she refused to fess up, he got frustrated and choked her. However, she wouldn’t die so he grabbed the dumbbell next to him and smashed her head with it.

At this point the defense attorney arrives in the room and tells him not to say anything. However, the suspect is still in a trance and focuses on the pen. When Woojin asks what he did with the dumbbell, the suspect answers that he threw it out the window. The head of the office quickly orders a search of the apartment and the suspect into custody.


The next day the suspect gets out on a technicality due to his high profiled defense attorney. This leads to a night of drinks for the prosecutors side as the head of the department tries to drown his disappointment.

At the same time, the suspect and his attorney get a table at a restaurant across from the prosecutors. They try to ask the Prosecutor jumps to their ship. When asked why, the guy tells Woojin that he was taught from his father that there are two camps of people: friends and enemies. He requests that Woojin doesn’t become an enemy.

Woojin responds that there is no such thing as an eternal enemy or an eternal friend and leaves.


Outside Woojin and his frenemy prosecutor have a heart to heart while the frenemy smokes. Woojin tries to tell the frenemy that there is no problem since the case was processed by intake under frenemy’s name because Woojin doesn’t have high political aspirations. Frenemy calls Woojin out on his cowardice for excelling while pretending to lack ambition.  Woojin seems to be undisturbed by most of the frenemy’s words until he calls Woojin a coward.  This gets a rise but, heir conversation is interrupted by THE GIRL.


the girl incident

THE GIRL’s name is Jo Eunbi.  She walks over to them flicking a lighter – a movement that has Woojin stunned as she triggers his memories about the girl in his dreams.  His frenemy tells her to pipe down and she basically cusses him out.  He talks down to her patronizingly due to her highschool uniform and she lands a kick on his nose.  Frenemy is inclined to fight the girl and bring her in when she brings out her knife but Woojin drags him away – reminding him that fighting a neighborhood girl will not look good for his career in politics.

However, this is scene by the girls’ pimp.  He approaches Woojin and friend and offers to take them to a nearby bar with the girls. He tells Woojin that the girls don’t even have a place to go so if they buy drinks, they can play all night.  This is also seen by murderer #1 from above.

Woojin asks if he can have some time to talk with Eunbi and the guy is ready to accommodate until he gets Woojin’s card, which identifies Woojin as a prosecutor.  Cue pimp’s hasty exit.

At this point Eunbi cusses about the annoyance of the pimp for wanting them to wear high school uniforms when they quit school so long ago.  Pimp comes back around and promises to buy them more drinks and they all go dancing down the street – followed by murderer #1 in his car.


Next morning, Woojin is shocked to see Eunbi brought in with handcuffs. Murderer #1 was found dead and she’s suspect #1. He was dead from being hit and stabbed from behind. First impression, seems to be Eunbi (her kick and knife).

Frenemy is interrogating Eunbi, who crying is ready to tell all. She didn’t mean to kill him! She states that she did remember kicking him with his knee but she doesn’t remember killing him! She also cries that might have taken drugs as after she came back from the bathroom, the beer tasted weird and her friends were out. So she stopped drinking and tried to leave but he chased her and tried to hit her. So she kicked him.

Frenemy (man, am I starting to hate this guy or what…) basically keeps using leading questions until Eunbi agrees that she might have also stabbed him, but she’s not certain.  Poor girl breaks down in sobs, leaving me to wonder where the hell is her public defender lawyer?! Isn’t she a minor?!


Meanwhile, pimp from last night is brought to a warehouse. Pimp looks up to see mob-boss dad of the recently murdered murderer #1. Pimp begs for forgiveness as he was not the one who killed dad’s son. Mob boss agrees that he knows that the pimp isn’t the murder, but he did bring his son to the place where he died. Mob boss tells the others to hold him and gets out his golf club to begin the beating.


Woojin gets ten minutes to talk to Eunbi, whom the department has decided is the murderer and has conveniently confessed to kicking and killing the rich-kid-murderer. Woojin gets out his clicky pen and they go down memory lane.

Eunbi remembers getting drunk as the rich-kid-murderer listens to the girls sing and dance. Afterwards, when she was drunk the rich-kid-murderer came to her and said, “So you’re Woojin Cha’s type? You’re pretty…Before I give him to you, should I have a taste?”

Woojin pauses when he hears this.  His face shows that it is harder to hear how the murdered murderer followed Eunbi to slap her.


Luckily, our girl can take care of herself. She gets up to give him a knee-kick.  He falls and she runs into a cab with him following. In the cab, she sees a man with a hat and a large spot on his face.

Woojin wakes her up out of the trance and tells her that she did not kill the guy allowing our girl to cry in relief and frustration. She cries that she knew she didn’t kill him but no one believed her.

Woojin leaves the cell/interrogation room and asks the head of the department to look for the real murderer. The head reminds Woojin that the victim/murderer #1 is the son of CK Group, who is a CEO in name but a mob-boss in reality. The head notes that sometimes, it’s better to not leave the house when it rains and tells Woojin to stay off this case for his own safety since the mob boss is out for blood.


Woojin goes to the CK Group CEO, who’s covered in blood. Woojin tells the CEO that he will find the murderer so to leave Eunbi alone. The CEO responds that it is the job of the police/prosecutors to find the bad guy; that is nothing new. Additionally, he’s going to kill everyone who’s involved and everyone that is related to anyone who was involved. In the end, he will have killed the murderer.

Woojin reasons that the CEO will never be certain he kills the murderer this way. How could he? However, he can find the murderer.

The CEO gives him 48 hours or Eunbi dies.

Woojin and Co go to the original Victim #1’s apartment. There they find a family picture with a guy that has a large spot on his face. It appears that the real killer was the father of the girl that murderer #1 killed. Seems like justice was done after all, right?

This father makes a farewell call to his family and then tells the police that he’s turning himself in.


When the father drives his truck into the police station, he tells the police officer that he has something to tell to Woojin.  Everyone backs away because the father has a gun. Woojin walks up to the truck to speak with the father.  When Woojin comes up to the truck, the father sings, “In my ocean, a deep sadness, useless worries tumble like a hurricane…you know this song right? Even if no one else knows, he said you would know this song.”

Woojin remembers back to singing that song on THAT DAY. He freaks out and grabs the father to ask how he knows the song. The father calmly says that the delivery was finished and lights a cigarette and then drops it in his car, which was already doused on the inside with gasoline. Woojin tries to stop the fire to no avail and the truck blows up. Honestly, this scene kind of broke my heart. Yeah, he killed the guy who killed his daughter…but who wouldn’t empathize with this man?


At this point Woojin sits there stunned as the memories flood back. The night. The funeral…the cremation. Her suicide. His members of HER.


Woojin starts off as a sterile no-nonsense male lead but it’s this mystery of his past that makes him interesting. Without his past, he would be the type of guy everyone hates. He’s a star prosecutor with a gimmick – hypnosis. He closes more cases than anyone else at his precinct and he doesn’t even have political ambitions. However, we see that he lacks this career ambition because he is so obsessed with the lost memories from his past when he lost his girlfriend to a murderer.  It’s almost as if his humanity was erased when he suppressed his memories.

My biggest question is WHY. Why is the murderer returning after all these years and why toss the glove at Woojin? He obviously orchestrated this whole situation so that he could remind Woojin of himself with the song. WHY?

Additionally, are they ever going to explain what is Eunbi’s role? Was it a coincidence that she caught the murderer-turned-victim’s eye? Or was that also planned?

I can say that I will be watching and continuing to follow this series.


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