Reset Episode 2 – Target Murder

Let the game begin. Not everyone is who s/he seems.

The second episode continues to set the chessboard up. More people die as the person pulling the strings starts establishing a modus operandi. Additionally, if you weren’t sure that the murderer wants Woojin involved, it becomes extremely clear in this episode that Woojin is an end target. The question is why? The newfound memories don’t answer this.




We open up with Woojin gaining back all of his memories happy and not. His office staff are outside like a bunch of hens in a coop during a fire with worry.  There is talk that he should stay in the hospital for at least a couple of weeks to deal with the trauma of being so close to a near-death-explosion.  Then our workaholic Prosecutor appears. He wants the papers done so he can leave the hospital. NOW. (What is exactly the allure of workaholics? – Almost ALL of KDRAMA male leads are workaholics…to be explored further below…)


Woojin finds himself at one of the many private memorials of Korea. (Korea does not have enough space for graveyards. Most of the private citizens pay to leave the ashes of their loved ones and memorabilia in a shelf space. That way, the surviving loved ones can always visit and have a place for the heart to pause and remember.)

This is the memorial of THE GIRL. What strikes the viewers as odd, though, is that he pauses at the cards left on the memorial’s glass. It was from THE GIRL’s little sister.

We see more flashbacks to learn that he was singing the song in the woods (Girls – don’t let the guys talk you into thinking that a tent in the random isolated woods is a good date idea. Stay safe…in the city! ^^v) when they hear something.  They look up and Woojin is getting beaten up by the unseen aggressor. Then we see that THE GIRL is knocked out on the ground. The next thing we know, shes crying in the hospital and then commits suicide. It’s left to our imagination that most likely she was raped.


Woojin wakes up from his recollections to tell the psychologist everyone. The psychologist confirms that this was the suppressed memory and advises Woojin to get treated since a normal person would need treatment after digging up such a traumatic past.  Woojin leaves brusquely after he confirms that there are no other hidden memories, denying the possibility that he needs treatment.

What is interesting is that our seemingly incompetent psychologist is not what he seems. After Woojin leaves, he calls someone with a serious expression. Is he on the team of the MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL?

Woojin drinks with the investigator under him and confirms his suspicions that the aggressor from his past is back. We get a nice background as the investor tells Woojin to back off. The fact that the previous father-turned-murderer knew the song that Woojin was singing when he and his girlfriend were attacked does not mean that the MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL is back. He also reminds Woojin that the statute of limitations on the Woojin’s own attack had passed seven years ago and he nearly went crazy trying to find the bad guy the first time.  It was so bad that he told his staff to never mention the case again.  Woojin tells hims that if he’s not going to help him investigate, the investigator can step aside and Woojin will find someone else to assist. Looks like our lead has taken the bait and the game is on!

Woojin goes to check in on the little sister (Younhee) and tells her that the murderer is back. Not sure about the importance of this scene. She seemed pretty normal and tells him to stop apologizing.  She also seems to not be completely over her sister’s death…but she does say that she understands both why he didn’t visit for over seven years and that he had forgotten about the sister.  She mentions sadly that life must go on…but then she also takes his cup of coffee and tells him to leave as she has to get back to work.  This scene kind of seems forced.  Unless it is supposed to give us the background about the whole 7 years fact, our little sister is involved in the GREATER MYSTERY.


Now we get to our murder of the episode. A guy texts with a presumed prostitute or lover who tells hims to come stand in front of a building on a “X” mark. He follows the instructions when a large air conditioner is dropped on his head and kills him.  To confirm our suspicions, our favorite investigator finds a the back of the burner cell used to call our father-murderer in the case from Episode 1.  It went off the grid at the same time as suspected death of Episode 2 – Sangtae Park. The investigator calls Woojin to let him know that Woojin’s theory that there is a MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL pulling the strings may be true.

Sangtae and his brother Kitae are loan sharks that made a lot of money and created a front company. There are many people who would want them dead. However, they supposedly hold a secret log of all of the people who borrowed illegal/dirty money from them. This log serves as an insurance (in addition to their gansta guards) to keep them safe.

Woojin muses that then the log might also be the reason that Sangtae was killed.


Thanks to a favor from Woojin, we get to know Eunbi’s backstory. At first, she had stuck to her story that she has no legal guardian. Under protocol, she is then placed under the protection of the state (in jail). However, Woojin asks for a favor so our investigator looks for Eunbi’s father’s place. Turns out they moved.

Awkwardly, when they get to the house, a lady answers the intercom but doesn’t open the door when our investigator says he brought Eunbi home. She asks what is the reason behind the visit and our investigator asks her to open the door. Eunbi smiles and tells him that his job is done and closes the gate doors. A minute later, shes back out with a backpack and a tote. Luckily, the investigator is waiting for her at the end of the alley. Turns out, when the dad moved, they tossed all of her stuff.


Woojin visits Kitae, loan-shark-turned-CEO. We find out that the two loan shark brothers had received threatening letters from someone.  The letters clearly stated that they would both die on “X’s.”  Woojin does his hypnosis and convinces Kitae to turn off the cameras. We don’t know what happens after but within a couple of minutes Kitae shows Woojin the door and seems back to normal.

Meanwhile, the investigator takes Eunbi to the secretary’s house. She refuses to take Eunbi in at first and Eunbi gets up to leave.  But then our foxy investigator agrees and tells her that he’ll just make Woojin take care of her…it shouldn’t ruin Woojin’s reputation since he’s an all star prosecutor to take in an unaccompanied minor…and the girl will turn into a fugitive.  The secretary tells Eunbi to stop and Eunbi pauses to hear that she’d turn into a fugitive. Queue, Miss Secretary’s demand that Eunbi sits back down and her lecture to Eunbi that all men are the same and should not be trusted…just because you study hard doesn’t mean that you will find a decent guy…


Woojin gets home. We see that during his hypnosis of Kitae, he somehow brought the Park Brother’s Secret Logbook home. He also found out their key for the code to what written in the log. As he is trying to decipher the log. Younhee visits. She drenched by the rain and Woojin invites her in.  We get a crazy turn of events as THE GIRL’s younger sister (Younhee) decides to take off her trenchcoat/dress and she’s naked in front of Woojin.  He puts his robe around her and she cries.


Kitae is frustrated out of his mind that none of the high up hoity toity politicians are answering his calls.  Finally, Assemblyman Kim responds by text asking to meet. Following the text, Kitae is lead up to a building under construction.  He goes up to the sixth floor and is led to an “X” on the floor by texts, where he is killed by a wrecking ball.

Interestingly, we see a woman with a pony tail watching this occur from the bottom. Is she the MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL? If so, why did she attack Woojin and his girlfriend way back when they were still in high school?


At Woojin’s place, Younhee confesses that she did this because she was afraid Woojin would forget about her again. After her sister’s death, she felt like she only had Woojin oppa but then he suddenly forgot about her. She didn’t want that happening again. (Am I the only one freaked out by the fact that the younger sister legit tried to seduce by sex – her dead older sister’s boyfriend?! This screams psychopath to me…)

Woojin leaves because he’s called away to Kitae’s murder scene. We find out that Woojin’s secretary is literally Woojin’s neighbor. (Methinks there is a secret crush here, too.) Eunbi had snuck out to smoke when Woojin comes down. Curious, she goes up to his door when Younhee comes out. Eunbi hides behind the door to not be caught gawking in front of Woojin’s apartment and enters the apartment before Younhee looks back. (Maybe, I am just cynical about Younhee, but note also that Eunbi is wearing white while Eunbi is wearing a black dress and carries a black handbag. It’s like the writer/producers are screaming that while the younger sister has/will/is going down the wrong path, Eunbi (while she quit school and smokes) is the actual innocent one…)

Conveniently, Eunbi takes her liberty to check out Woojin’s place and spills coffee over the Park Brother’s Loan Shark Notebook. Freaking out she takes it out with her when she can’t find a hairdryer in Woojin’s apartment to dry and bring back…Then she remembers that she doesn’t have his keycode…

Back at the crime scene, Woojin notices that Kitae Park was also killed on the X.  Woojin gets a text message from the MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL. We then find out that Woojin (in the elevator) is also standing on an X. However, it’s a joke from the MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL.  Whoever the MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL is, s/he takes her time playing with Woojin, calling him naive as ever. S/he tells Woojin that they will meet and that Woojin is welcome to find him/her.


I liked this episode as well. I think Woojin’s staff provides a good breaths of comedy into this mystery. I love how the secretary starts into this rant about guys when she’s saddled with Eunbi. I am really interested in learning more about Eunbi’s backstory. I mean what kind of father moves and tosses out his daughter’s stuff? Did Eunbi rebel after she was thrown out? Or was her father driven to wit’s end by a girl’s serious rebellion? Even so, how could it be that she literally is not welcome at home? Normally, playing hooky from school and smoking is not enough for a parent to turn his back on his own blood.

The Eunbi/Younhee angle REALLY intrigues me. Younhee just creeps me out. At first, I thought her appearance was just random filler to give us some more background. But then she shows up and drops her clothes like a madwoman. Something is not right here.

A little tangent off to the Korean obsession with workaholic main leads. Generally, these leads are male… Why? I can’t help but think that this obsession is an offshoot off the surviving Cinderella dream? After all, why does it appeal to women that a man is a workaholic? Probably because the workaholic factor signals that he is successful or eventually will succeed big. Why is that important? Because he can provide a Cinderella/princess lifestyle. I don’t know, just felt that this cliche is extremely tenacious in that it doesn’t die. And it affects male leads more than female leads…Female leads are tenacious in spirit but they are less frequently depicted as being workaholic at work.

Finally, I know the MURDERER-BEHIND-IT-ALL is a horrible murderer but…at least s/he is murdering the bad guys? First a spoiled murderer suffering from afluenza and now two loan sharks… For all we know, we are dealing with a vigilante here. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why s/he went after Woojin and his girlfriend when they were in high school.

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