Reset Episode 3 – The Countdown to Death

The cat can’t stop playing around until the mouse is dead.

We have a name! He is Murderer X. This episode was a zippy episode of more murders. Not as much deep development into the main mastermind but a good quick episode/hour of entertainment as Mastermind X warms up.  The pieces are starting to get into place.


Recap Episode 03


We open up with a bunch of people in suits and even people with stars on their shoulders (army officers) trying to open the Park brother’s safe. When they crack open the safe. The secret log isn’t found.

Then we go to Eunbi and Secretary Han. Secretary Han is about to leave and she’s telling Eunbi not to smoke in the apartment when men in black run up past and break into Woojin’s apartment. Secretary Han calls Investigator Goh, who is with Woojin as they walk back into the station. They are stopped by another man, who asks Woojin to come with him to an investigation.  Investigator Goh bristles but Woojin goes in willingly.

At the house, Eunbi hears about the “notebook” and realizes that its the one that she spilled coffee over and took home with her.

In the interrogation room, Internal Affairs tells Woojin that he is under investigation for obstructing justice by hiding the secret log book of the Park brothers. It turns out that IA had been watching the Park brothers carefully because they believe (and correctly so) that once the log book is found, they can put away a lot of corrupt officials.



The interrogation goes swimmingly. Woojin denies having the log book and when he’s shown the video clip of him leaving the Park’s company with a notebook in his jacket, he defers that maybe he went to get a loan.

But then the questioner asks, “Deeply sad and blank blank…above a hurricane like ocean…blank blank…tired of being alone…” He looks at Woojin who looks shaken up and accuses him of hearing this before the Mancheul Kim (father-murderer) committed suicide. He accuses Woojin of following the orders of mob boss Kim (from episode 1) and forcing Mancheul Kim to suicide…or being the mastermind behind it all.

“In my dark sea, there is a deep sadness and useless dream hurricaning, sadness and worries whirl around. The you that stands above that sea…even when I am exhausted to cry… I close my eyes and fall asleep… My sea… That calm and silent place…” Woojin sings.

Woojin’s supervisor barges in and throws out the interrogator. He calls off Director Choi, who isn’t convinced. He grabs Woojin by his jacket and tells him that will see each other again.


When Woojin comes outside, Investigator Goh tells him that he looked into Woojin’s chat logs. The interesting thing is that while there is a record of him accessing the messenger server, the chatroom itself has been deleted. Woojin is surprised as he didn’t delete the room. This can only happen if he was hacked or it happened through the messenger service. Even more interesting, the same thing shows in Sangtae and Kitae’s cellphone log. The only way they can try to find the murderer is if they get a warrant against the messenger company and find out every single person who accessed the messenger server at that time. Investor Goh frets but Woojin tells him not to worry, the cat won’t stop messing around until the mouse is dead. And he’s the mouse.

Woojin heads home to check on the log book and finds the apartment a mess. Where the logbook was, he finds Eunbi’s lighter. Thankfully our main prosecutor is a smart guy and he goes straight to Secretary Han’s apartment to get Eunbi. Eunbi is outside eating an ice cream when Woojin asks her if it was her. She denies it and states that it wasn’t and that she doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.  Our capable prosecutor sees a flicker at the corner of his eye and spots a gigantic lens on a dslr camera out of a van…knowing that he’s being followed and likely bugged, he fakes an accident with the ice cream and forces Eunbi to come to his apartment to “clean his jacket.” There he tells her that they’re bugged and turns on music before asking her where the secret log is. She answers that she has it but she’s keeping it safely.

Then our girl tells him that if it’s that important, he needs to give her something in return. Nothing in life is free and if it was, you shouldn’t take it. What she wants in return is for him to find her father.  She gives him a paper with his name (Bong Hak Jo) and social security number.  This rings a bell in Woojin’s head but he’s not quite sure why. He promises to do it and she promises to give him the log book when he finds her father.


We get some bonding time! Secretary Han and Eunbi bond as they spend another night together. Secretary Han gave Eunbi an old pair of PJs and we also hear that Secretary Han, Investigator Goh, and our own Prosecutor Cha Woojin live only a couple houses apart because this is the neighborhood for the police single houses kind of like graduate student housing at universities.  Secretary Han muses that the IA are totally off since Woojin isn’t the type to hide a secret notebook and Eunbi can only stay silent as she knows that is just what is happening. We also get some good girl time as Secretary Han  has bought a new sleeping mat and pillow for Eunbi and Eunbi feels emotional about this treatment that she tears up when Secretary Han turns off the lights.  Additionally, we’re told that Eunbi has to go back to school starting tomorrow.


Woojin’s supervisor takes him out for a drink to see if Woojin has the notebook. His logic, the notebook is not something new leaflings should handle but rather something the old crowd should deal with. Woojin denies it and Woojin’s supervisor seems to buy his answer and they drink cheerfully. Then the supervisor drops his happy-go-lucky demeanor and states, he knows that a prosecutor wouldn’t go ask for a loan from loan sharks. He asks Woojin to consider it one more time since this is not a personal issue but an issue about whether the old guard can survive.

Things get tense but our Investigator Goh interrupts. There’s another person who wants to turn herself in…she says she killed the Park brothers but she wants to talk to Woojin first.


The murderer stands at the edge of a ledge on a roof when Woojin arrives.

She starts off…”It’s a lie that if you can’t see the ground you won’t be afraid. Fear occurs because you can imagine it…just like someone can feel itching after you amputate a limb…just like that … my breast where my baby used to suck also tingles…”

In order to pay for her child’s medical costs, she took out a loan. To pay for treatment, she said she sold her kidney… However, the baby that was getting better got worse. The baby needed an emergency treatment…There was no doctor. When the doctor finally showed up, she smelled alcohol on the doctor but she couldn’t say anything.

“They are the gods who decide our life or death…We can’t say no to their blessing just because they are a bit drunk…But regardless of the god’s blessing, my baby didn’t get better. To save my baby, I sold my cataracts…but this time my baby didn’t wake up…And they found that the drunk doctor was not guilty.”

She states that she was lucky because she found someone who helped her kill her devils. The person who helped told her that she has to suicide after. Woojin asks if the person is holding a hostage. She says it could be a hostage…there is one more person who needs to die… the doctor.

Meanwhile Investor Goh is with an electrician to cut the antenna in the area for mobile communications in the area.  Woojin gets on the ledge with her and tells her not to jump. He informs her that the person who is helping her might have helped her kill her demons but he’s a demon to Woojin that took away his first love…In the end, her dying just means that it’s another person the demon killed.  However, the woman states that she’s too tired. For her, revenge is worth more than her death.

The woman tries to jump and Woojin jumps after her.  They both land on the firefighter’s balloon but Woojin bounces off and hits the ground.

Back in the office, Woojin’s supervisor worries that Woojin might really have the secret log. They decide to execute a plan to get the log from Woojin, which will be executed by the Frenemy – Prosecutor Kim.


At the hospital Woojin has flashbacks of Younhee (THE GIRL) and he wakes up thinking that he sees her like a ghost hanging in front of him. She opens her eyes when he wakes up to see Eunbi.

Director Choi comes to visit Woojin at the hospital. He states that he had fun watching the show but he’s not completely convinced. However, the way they talk, he seems convinced. He asks if Woojin knew he was bugged and Woojin admits that Director Choi’s underlings were just too efficient for him not to notice. He also asks that IA just stands by until Woojin can find the mastermind’s identity. Then they can strike since an official investigation would just scare the culprit away.


Meanwhile Investigator Goh went to speak with the last victim, the doctor. He’s a sleezeball who pretty much deserves some pain. He keeps denying that he was involved and that he was even drunk. Investigator Goh states what we are all thinking when he says that he wants to just leave him to die, which gets the doctor’s attention. When he’s told the others have been killed he goes with Investigator Goh.

They get into Goh’s car but are followed by a cab driven by a guy who just got out a prison. The guy cuts off Goh’s car and stabs Goh in his attempt to get at the doctor. The guy finds the doctor and drags him to the middle of an intersection, where he stabs the doctor and leaves him to die.

At the hospital, Woojin visits our lady murderer to apologize that the world is like this. She wakes up to say, “In a world where only revenge flows like a river of honey, that is how ball rolls.” Woojin is taken aback and he leaves. He passes our latest murderer on his way out where Eunbi comes running to get him because she received a call from Investigator Goh.  They hear a scream from a nurse. Woojin runs back to the room to find the lady murderer dead, stabbed.

Woojin goes back into the room. By the time Eunbi runs after him, the murderer is about to stab Woojin who is looking out the window. Eunbi takes her knife and stabs the murderer in the back of his calf turning his attention to her. The murderer greets Woojin as, “Long time no see,” but Woojin doesn’t seem to recognize him. The murderer jumps out the window and ensues our chase!


There’s a random scene of product placement as the murderer runs into a couple that just bought Toms shoes. Eunbi jumps over before coming back to commandeer the shoes for Woojin, who ran out of the hospital bearfoot. At one point the murderer also runs into an employee of a cellphone store that was going to set up a display and loses his cellphone. Finally, Woojin corners the guy on the bridge.

He lets Woojin beat him up and Woojin gets angry at him. Woojin pushes the guy against the rail to ask what the heck the guy is doing.  Our clumsy murderer answers curiously, “I’m thankful I get some time to say goodbye.  Please take care of my family.”

Then he jumps off the railing and Woojin tries to hold on to him. The murderer tells Woojin to let go or else he might also get hurt. Woojin refuses. The murder says, “Hyungim, I love you,” and lets go.



This was almost the backwards of a mystery drama episode. The killer from the last episode calling the cops to confess being the main point of the episode. Yet,the writer did a good job in raising questions. It seems that the “victims” of these crimes are all bad people in way one or another that is out of reach of normal people in society. So why is it that Mastermind X killed Woojin’s girlfriend Younhee?

Why does he keep bringing Woojin back into the game by having a message for all of them to deliver to him. Finally, why did the latest murderer seem to know Woojin?

Also, as with all Kdrama…Who the heck is Eunbi’s dad and what is his role in all of this?

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