Reset Episode 4 – False Charge of Murder

“I wish that we could just go back to before you loved unni, so then you could see me.” – Younhee

Woojin regains more of his memories and we find out that our squeaky clean prosecutor may not be as squeaky clean afterall. What exactly did he do 7 years ago? And why is X after him?

Recap Episode 4


We open up in the hospital with Investigator Goh, who although lying on the bed drugged up, is playfully making jokes at his own expense. The staff is relieved that he will survive but it looks like he’s out of commission for a while. In his place, Investigator Park will assist Woojin. When the others leave, Investigator Goh pulls Woojin aside to let him know that it was clear that the murderer Changsung stabbed to wound and not to kill. Judging from the kill wound on the dead doctor, Changsung knew how to use a knife. Investigator Goh flags that it is weird that Changsung inflicted a nonfatal wound to him and also did not even bring out the knife when Woojin cornered him.

Woojin goes home and sees Eunbi at the park. He joins her on the swings and gives her medicine to put on her knee, which got scratched. Eunbi feels thankful and Eunbi tells him that she loves melon ice cream because that is what she was eating when her dad left her. Woojin apologizes that he hasn’t be able to work on finding her dad and Eunbi says that she understands.  Investigator Goh is in the hopsital and the case is top priority.

Eunbi asks Woojin why he’s so nice to her and asks if Woojin likes her.  She’s been an orphan for a while and he’s basically the only person who’s done anything nice. Woojin is taken aback and Eunbi tells him to wait 3 more years. Woojin laughs it off and asks her for her knife.  Eunbi asks who will protect her without the knife and Woojin states that he will. Eunbi hands over the knife.

Woojin asks her for the secret log book back because it’s not safe if she’s ever found out to be holding on to it. Eunbi counters that since no one would expect her to be holding on to the book, she is the safest person to hold on to it.  Additionally, she states that if she becomes that much more at risk, that is the amount that Woojin become safer.  It shows a lot of the relationship of trust that is developing between the two.  It’s cute. They go back home and we get a sweet moment where Woojin gives Eunbi a piggyback ride because she limped when she was walking.


At the headquarters, Woojin’s Supervisor checks in with Dongju (Frenemy)  regarding the status of their secret operation.  Dongju updates this disloyal group by saying that he thinks he’s on to something.  He heard from another police officer who was at the scene that the murderer Yoo Changsung  said, “Hyungnim, I love you,” before jumping off the bridge.  Additionally, Woojin was the primary prosecutor in the investigation against Changsung.  Seven years ago, Changsung   was accused of killing a man for raping and killing his girlfriend.  At trial, everyone expected Changsung   to get the death penalty or at least life in prison.  However, we see in a flashback that Woojin recommended a 7 years sentence. [Dramafeed Note – In Korea, the Judge doesn’t actually choose the sentence unless its an atypical occasion.  Usually, the judge gives whatever sentence that the Prosecutor recommends.]  Woojin became the subject of an internal investigation because of the recommended sentence.

Dongju thinks that there’s something to this. Woojin’s supervisor warns Dongju that he needs to accuse Woojin with an in-the-bag-case. If Dongju accuses him without a strong case, he is the one who will be in trouble since Woojin is such a star Prosecutor.  Donju confidently says that he will take care of it and leaves.


Dongju freaks out when Woojin stops him after his meeting with Woojin’s supervisor and acts suspicious when Woojin asks what’s going on.  Dongju cryptically tells him that he’ll find out soon and Woojin goes to the jail that Changsung was in to investigate.


Most of the prisoners who were interviewed are dead ends. Then comes along this one prisoner that seems to have known Changsung. He gets nervous and starts hiccupping. When Woojin starts clicking his pen to use hypnosis, the prisoner has a seizure.  As he’s being pulled out to be taken to medical help, he slips Woojin a paper.


It is unclear what this paper says since the letters and number look to be in a code.

Dongju takes the prisoner’s seizure as a catalyst for officially arresting Woojin for investigation.  He meets up with a prisoner that Woojin had interviewed and tells him that he can get the prisoner out if the prisoner gives the statement that he wants.  Woojin is pretty comfortable with Dongju’s subpar investigation until Dongju pulls out his “witness statements” from different individuals.


Basically, Dongju’s story is Woojin was hired by the CK Group CEO to investigate and get revenge for the murder of his son. He then found the son’s murderer (Mancheul) and when the murderer wanted to turn himself in, gave the murderer a lighter to commit suicide in retribution. Dongju’s spin is that if Mancheul was to confess, it would come out that Woojin is a dirty cop.

Woojin then threatened the Park brothers and got the secret logbook. To avoid being found out for being one of the names of the dirty cops, he burned it. Then he went off and killed the woman going after the Park brothers who knew that he’d be in the book. Woojin then killed the doctor to make it look like he wasn’t involved.  Finally, he killed Changsung because he was a loose end – a hired killer by Woojin.

Woojin gets amazed because he realizes that this is what X wanted.

Dongju does get through to Woojin when he shows Woojin video footage of Woojin passing Changsung without recognizing Changsung even thought Woojin had been the primary prosecutor on Changsung’s case 7 years ago. At this point Woojin takes the fifth and calls in the defense lawyer.  The defense lawyer gets Woojin out but warns him that he has basically declared war on the prosecutor’s department.


Woojin goes home.

We get a visit from Investigator Goh and find out that Investigator Goh’s name had also been in the book. Investigator Goh asks if Woojin burned the book to protect him. Woojin tells him that he didn’t burn the book and asks why he did it. Goh replies that he has no excuse and will take responsibility when the time comes. However, for now, Woojin is making too many enemies and he can’t do this alone. He offers to help. Woojin tells him to run but in a show of loyalty, Goh refuses. If Goh runs, people will accuse Woojin of helping Goh escape.

Meanwhile, Younhee gets a text message from someone. The person apologizes that he forgot and to meet her in the same spot as 7 years ago.  Younhee replies that she will.


At Woojin’s house, they have dinner and then start discussing the problem. Woojin has realized that while he thought he regained all of his lost memories. He hasn’t. He doesn’t remember much from what happened 7 years ago.

At a park, a police officer closes it off for the night and turns people away.


Eunbi is told to leave because she’s so young and they realize that discussing X is dangerous. On her way out, she sees that Woojin gets a text message and swipes his cell. However, she turns back when she realizes that Woojin’s cell is responding back to the text messages by itself.

We find out that Woojin’s cell has been the one messaging Younhee. Conveniently, when Younhee arrives at the park’s entrance, the police officer is called away. She slips through because he hasn’t closed off the entrance with a closed sign.

Eunbi comes back into Woojin’s apartment and they realize that Woojin’s phone has been hacked. X confirms Woojin’s suspicions that X is creating all of these crimes to highlight something from Woojin’s lost memories. X tells Woojin that he needs to remember what happened 7 years ago if he wants to save Eunbi.


Eunbi keeps walking further into the park as Woojin wracks his brain trying to remember. Finally, in his room, he looks up at the constellation thing on his ceiling and starts remembering. He remembers the park…and … kissing Younhee at a particular tree. Meanwhile, someone is watching Younhee from behind the trees.


Woojin and Goh drive like mad to the park to save Younhee and presumably alerted the cops near the park.

Younhee is attacked and she screams. It’s some random guy who is attacking her for her bag, mumbling something about getting his money back.

Woojin gets there and hugs Younhee and takes her home. He watches Younhee sleep on his couch and we start getting the memories back. Woojin had met Younhee at the park 7 years ago…the year when the statute of limitations ran. Younhee confessed that she wanted everything to return to when everyone was happy.

Woojin apologies because it was his fault. Younhee responds that she wants to go back before Woojin loved her sister…so that Woojin can see her.

Woojin replies that they cannot go back because life doesn’t ever reset.


We get a flash back from Secretary Han’s perspective. It turns out our resident psychologist told her that not all of Woojin’s memories had returned. Woojin had used hypnosis to bury his memories. There had to have been a reason for him to take such drastic measures. If the memories had returned, Woojin would be a lot more traumatized than he is now.


Back in Woojin’s room, Woojin is have an inner fight. We see an evil version of him asking him if he is sure he is ready to unlock his memories. Then we see an angry Woojin beating up someone as Goh tries to stop him. Goh tries to reason that the statute of limitations is over and Woojin responds that it isn’t over until he says it is… Then we see Woojin pointing a gun at someone and shooting.



From the previews and teaser, I did not expect this. I have to admit that Reset has exceeded my expectations in a storyline in the sense that we have this crazy twist that our main character may actually not be a hero but an antihero. I still wonder who X is and what Woojin did to tick him/her off. Additionally, the question remains who was the person that first attacked Woojin when he was a child and caused his girlfriend to suicide?

But now, the question opens up. Is our own prosecutor Woojin a murderer?

Additionally, I take back everything I said about Younhee. She isn’t crazy. Obviously, she had a thing for Woojin for quite a while and the kiss from his flashbacks would give any girl mixed signals…

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